The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1944
Page 6
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RICE six BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 19.14 Belkas-Mlen Bout Scheduled Malone and Roberts Also On Arena Card Here Monday Night A perfect ring iccord will be at slake Monday when Promoter.Mike Meroney presents liis nll-slnr wrestling show consisting of two Individual matches. Scrgt" Chris Belkns, wre-stllnu Instructor at the Blythevllle Army Air Field : and holder of several weight lifting-records, puts his unblemished' slate on the chopping block for Roy (Egghead) Allen (he kicking artist, to take a crack at:In one of the matches. The other half of the glgtiullc card brings together "Irish' 1 Eddie Malone and "Rough Red" Roberts two heavier boys, who -also will operate over the 90-mimitc tlmo limit, two best .falls-mil of three. •IMs Kc.-vlcn AH In 1 more than a year of competing in the local ring Sergeant Belkas has not been defeated In a three-fall match. He has dropped one or two Individual single fall affairs, and has been on the losing end of a few tag matches, but. has managed to come through with victory In the Iwo-of-thrcc blue chip sellos. No wrestler who has been appearing in the Legion arena regularly can boast such a flue record. Chins' last Individual match was pebruaiy 28 when he defeated Stocky Kucllsen in a battle of small, strong men. Stocky got away to a flying start by taking the "first fall but the powerful soldier roared -back with the DeU two and the match.: Previously, Belkas had spotted Roberts some 25 pounds, or n:ore, and out-fought the ace mcnntc to take a rip-roaring mate 1 ! First Time To Meet It v,ill be the first meeting between Allen and Belkas and prom- ises''to; furnish plnnty of fireworks and action galore. Both ore nboul the same weight, though Allen ,wll have a slight edse in height. Thcj •arc-'highly skilled matmcn, fast clever and well versed in the fin arts of the mat game. Chris use. his tremendous strength and spcet In Ills devastating plan of attack He squeezes .'em, then pins 'em. Allen gave the fans an eycfu in his two' successive appearance with Joe Welch in tag matches, master craftsman with ills fee and ; legs, Roy employs a dangerous and deadly kick to either bring''Victory, or pave the way for ,<£ADE WAS SET ATJ4MA(CA» pc>fz. BETTING ON •Hoeses ornez •THAN HIS IN CAces AT (4IALEAH DOPE BUCKET BY J. P. FBIEN1) Her ho went lo work on Ihc Daily 'own Talk, Paul wrote n column nlllled "Drugging The Main". . -'. Ic did all right, with Ihc column, xcept type It. . . The machine hey assigned him evidently must mvo been a close relation to the rlRinnl. . . H was worse, had been i fugitive from Ihe Junk heap for evcrnl years. . . Knowing the nniinging editor was n tight flsled "Odger, Paul retrained from asking 'or a new one as long as he could. . . Finally, he screwed up his icrvc, (lashed Into Ihc M. K.'s of- 'Ice an ( | (old.him lhat he needed x machine and needed It had. As expected, Paul was put ofl wilh tho excuse that the budget was used up for the year, clc., clc,, (can Ihosc guys think of llic darndest reasons!) LOSES HOT AlUJUMKNT Quite a Buy to argue a |x>Inl, Paul debated Ihe' Issue wllh Ihc M. E., hut definitely got no where, and last. Finally, Paul asked It Iherc was anyway he could gel a new machine. "Only If there is an accident, or II breaks down completely", came Ihe reply. Paul thanked htm, walked hack lo the editorial room, picked up (lie groaning machine, stepped briskly to an open window and let it fall just Ihe Iwo stories lo the pavement below. Returning lo Ihe M. E.'s office, he boldly announced: "My typewriter Just had an ucci- ilenl, sir." What happened to Paul? "They fired me out of principle, then rehircd me onl of necessity." . . . Hill 1 won my point and got another typewriter", he beamed. . . . "No, it wasn't, a new one! The M. E. gave me Ills old (very) one, and he gol Ihe new one, darn It! New Ordinances Are Adopted At Caruthersville CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Juni 10— Three new ordnances wen passed by the city council at It. regular meeting for Ibis month One provides for an annual liccns for operation of sound trucks o the slrccts here, setting the an mial fee at $25, and hours operation between 1C n. m, and McLish Subdues Boston, 3 to 2 Youthful Fireballer Eases Braves Down With 5-Hit Game I!y United I'ress Young Calvin Coolid«e MoLlsh tin) Choctaw Imlliia who does hi> tomahawking, for the Brooklyi Uodgcrs, won his second victory of the season last, night. The 18-year-old flrcballer l>eat lh< liaston Braves 3 to 2 with a five- hit, gnmc. The Brnvi's gave McUsl a fight till the way. Brooklyn woi in the last half of the ninth \vhei l)lxi<: Walker doubled and Mickc; Owen singled him liome. The vie lory gave the Dodgers a solid holi on nrth place, and brought, them tr within half :i game of the lourtl place New York Ciluuls. In the only oilier National League game, the Chicago Cubs and PIUs- urgli Pirates battled to a three-ail i". The game, n night contest at 'iUslmt'uh, was called after the rst half of the eleventh because f rain. Claude Passcsui dill Uiit itcliiug for the Cul>s and Pi'it/. Os- ermuciler worked for the Hues. The amc will be re-played this after- On the Sidelines RKIl HOT I'KOSVECT Allenllon, J. Mel Brooks, secretary of Ihe Chamber of Commerce. I have a red-hot prospect, for tho cily. . . He Is Paul Flowers, who conducts Ihc ";' column In Ihe Memphis Commercial Appeal. . . A former classmate of mine, Pnul recently paid us n visit alter speaking lo the graduates of Luxora High school at commencement. . . His first trip lo Mississippi Comity, Paul was obviously Impressed the finishing touches. It was. he | with Ihe alnmdanl richness and who Waited Joe Szabo with three ^ fine quality of tlie soil, the beauty of Ihc city, Inspired by the large number ot green trees thai deck Blylhevllle. . . interested in local- ing a fine place to fish at a lalcr date, Paul looked over Ihc Big Lake area and Federal game refuge will Game Warden Joe Whltlcy as Ihc well directed smacks in the kisser to clinch the lag malch last Monday night Rough Match Likely In conliast to the prospective scientific battle between Allen and Belkas,' the Mnlone-Robcrls promises to scrap all right, bul nwote a different rorl. Huge, slroiig. powerful, these two 215-pound meanles appear all set lo stage one of the wildest ring wars of the year. The unprecliclable Roberts is liable lo do almost any—and every thing—from snatching clollics otf officials j and foes, '.to slinngling wllh lo\\els. There just isu'l any guide and chauffeur. Paul ant nd began a tour dial included pa- >ev lobs at Shrevcporl, Nashville, renn.', and Memphis. . . After vandcrliig around for several years ic decided to go back to school and get bis degree. He selected Ohio State University. . . He returned to L. C. as head of Joiirnn- isin, but after a year accepted a similar post at Ihc University of >Vest Virginia. . . Chucking the school business he rejoined tho Commercial Appeal staff and started his current back-to-llic-pcoplc column, dedicated to Ihe readers. . . . Judging from Ihc vast amount of fnn mail, his stuff is well read. QUITE A FELLOW Pnnl is a regular fellow and an excellent newspaper man. . . lie has printers ink surging through his blood and knows by now there is no use to gel it out, or get out of it. It is there to slay and unless p. m. Tlie second was to grant a lowc rate (.•> the local canning plai >on. • . ;• In tlie American League pitcher :»rly Wynti of Washington snapped ils lingers at. the Philadelphia Ath- ctics. Wynn hciit tlie A's 2 to 1 in night game at Philadelphia. That mikes the ninth time lie's licked Connie Mack's crew since lie came ,nto the American League, and they ijavcu't beaten him once. Wynn added insult to injury by shigling twice nil personally scoring the winning nin flic Cleveland Indians did thcit part to tighten the American League race by defeating tiic first place St. Louis Browns 4 to 2. Allie Reynolds got credit for tlie victory when in the top half of the seventh. The tlie Indians rallied for three runs Browns now are just three and one-halt games ahead of the seventh place Washington Senators. HY JOHN II. Bl'LFOIll) United I'ress Correspondent LITTLK ROCK, June 10 (UP) — When the major league baseball sea- ion opened Spring training tills season, no less than 12 Arkansuns were out on the diamond batting the ball around. Eight of those diamond regulars are natives—and the I'cst put down Arkansas as theh 1 residence during tlie olf-season. That number lias dwindled now. Bill Dickey—the Yankees' Impregnable catcher—Is In the Navy. A couple of others arc also in the service—or have retired from active participation in organized baseball. But eight of the Wonder Slate boys arc still in the game—and very much so. Of course, what these lads do (luring the remaining season,is a question strictly for the ouija board. Bui what have ilonc so far is a matter of record. For instance, there is Eiwin :;ii;ivles "Preacher" Roe—the Asli- 'lul hurlcr. Roe, long a Cardinal farmhand, is doing a line job with :he Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League. As of May 25, the Melbourne school teacher hud tossed seven games and completed 49 innings. He had won three games— and dropped two for a standing of .GOO per cent. Wysc Has 1 Wins And there is Henry W. Wysc. Wysc, the Chicago Cubs' righthand- er, hails from Lunsford. He hasn't done so good, so far—but not so bad. the pitching statistics. Out of 13 janies, he has won 4 and lost one. So much for statistics and base-' IMlll. Table Tennis Popular, Too No sooner had our item on checkers, reached print than came the loud walls of the table tennis fiends. What's the matter with table tennis, they ask. And go on to point out that table tennis is one of the fiistest and most popular indoor games ever invented. The table tennis fans are right. The game is the fastest Indoor game —ouUside of top basketball, hockey and Jai-alnl. And the dyed in the wool table tennis fan is an excellent player. None of tills ping-pong stuff for him. In fact, the game can be actually dangerous. Not so many years ago, when this writer was in junior college, lie suffered a very painful split lip and face lacerations when smacked In the face by his partner's ijaddlc. And if you don't think table tennis is popular, you should have witnessed the tournament at Camp Chalfec a couple of weeks ago. More than 100 G. I.'s from one division entered the meet—and the little celluloid ball was strictly on the move. But you can add table tennis to tiie growing list of wartime casual- tics. The celluloid used to make tlie balls is going for more important causes. AMKltlCAN LUAGUK Detroit at Chicago. Washington at Philadelphia. New York at Boston. Only games scheduled. Baseball Standings SOUTIII'.KN LtiAtiUI'. w. Memphis 24 Birmingham •. 22 Little Hock 24 Atlanta . 22 Knoxvlllc 20 Nashville 20 Chattanooga 15 New Orleans 15 AMliltlCAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis 27 22 New York 22 20 ctroit 24 23 hicago 21 21 oston 23 23 Icvclaiul 23 25 /ashinglon 22 24 liiladelphta 20 Still Time To Register For Swimming Program Any i«rsons desiring,to enroll in the safely swimming program to be I were guests at n boxing show at somelhing mighty tempting, say the Biythevlllc Army Air Field like white face cattle proposition, where he met some of llic officers comes along he will continue lo a::d enlisted men. . . He was cs- baiter his typewriter. . . 'Hie while pccially interested in the fine post, faced animals arc his one weak- band and commented such in his ness. Next to his 5-year-old coin- daily column that appears on the mando, Prank, named aricr Ills edilorlal page. [ falhcr, a well-known Baptist min- for water used in gallons any one monih. The company used as much as 1,600,000 gallons per month during its operation periods last year. The third ordnance grant,, a salary Increase of $25 per month to llic cily clerk. Mayor W. D. 13yrd nnnounc'til appointment ot W. A. Medliu as assistant city marshal, with a slight salary increase. Tlie assistant liief will work nt night, and be n charge of Ihe night force. James (night niul Roy Alnsworlh wcr re-. ippolnlcd by Mayor Byrd for another term on Ihe cily police force, as was John Caddy, as chief, and Sam Hayes, as assistant enyiiie'-r of tlie waterworks plant. The audilor's report showed a balance in all funds of' $»,3G0.58, with $2.100.02 in oulstniuUng wnr- ranU iv>t being Included. The city also has $20,000 in defense bonds. excess of 300000'conducted by the local Red Cross 'chapter, who failed to register yes- rdny morning, may register Tues- iv morning, 9:30 o'clock, at the >obl, Mr/,. George M. Lee, chninmir f tlie project announced loday. Classes are scheduled lo begin - ; Paul and T sat —• and slcpl — through several classes together al Louisiana College, Plnevlllc, La. . I was a sophisticated (?) sophomore when Paul entered school and I had llic pleasure of visiting Ihe freshman's room for chats and j whatuol (?) several times. . . He bet he overlooks. Ushally, he Ivies them all before Ihc match runs out. Returning alter a brief stay, Malone appeared faster nud better than eier during the last, show, despite Ihe fact that he was on the losing side, He did keep his 'and I were members of the "Wild- team in the match, however, by eat", college weekly. . . He did forcing both Welch find Allen to features while I dabbled aficr 'the surrender in the second fall. He spoils. . . He was there but Just beat Allen in the opening match, n year when he joined the Dally enjojmg an overwhelming weight Town Talk staff, Alexandria, La., advantage. His : most effective ] - ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~ weapon \vas the overhead arm sion. chancery which he clamped onl The show gets under ilslcr. And the mention of typewrite! recalls a story they lell on hiiv down in Alexandria. . . Shortly Natives in Iraq still operate petroleum refineries built more II 2000 years ago. Washington is the westcrnmos state in the Union. considering Hie 1 'opposition. Out of 11 games Wysc had started as of last Saturday, the Lunsford hurlcr ras credited with four wins—and ive losses for a standing of .444. Over in the American League, Ed Lopat is holding down a tossing berth on tlie Chicago Cubs. Ed was witii the Travelers last season, and still calls Lilllc Rock home—even though lie first saw light in Brooklyn. Lopat—who won 10 and lost 10 wilh the Travelers—has won one and lost three with Chicago. Not good —but the season is still young. But don't despair. Jonas Berry, the Hunlsvlllc righthander, is really going lo town with the Philadelphia Athletics. As of last Saturday Berry had won five giimes and lost only'one—for the high standing of .833 per cent. On the same sciuad is third baseman George Kell the . .Swlfion school leacher. Kell has 0 o'clock Tuesday morning, so all r started 141 games, had 30 hits and icrsons dcsirini; instruction should has balled in 7 runs. His percent- King their bathing suits with them! age, as of Saturday, was .213. list, morning, Mrs. Lee said. If a Robert "Buck" Fausett, the Slieri- ilothes bag is useji at the pool, <| a!1 veteran who guided the Trav- 'ach person will lie required- to pay e ; ers n C0 uplc of seasons back, isn't 0 cents to cover cosl of launder-1 ,i 0 j n g so v;c n j n the batting spot as third baseman for Ihc Cincinnati Reels. In fact, out of 38 games, he has had only two hits. But those two hits counted—they drove in one run. His percenlaye was a dismal .071. Hot shot in the batting records is husky Pat Scerey of Little Rock, the Cleveland Indians' oiitiielder. Last Saturday was about 15th in batting honors in the hard-hitting Yesterday's Resulls SOUTH Eli N LEAGUE Memphis 4, New Orleans 3. • Nashville at Atlanta, rain. Knoxville at Challanooga, rain. Litllc Rock B-8, Birmingham 2-5 AMKUICAN LKAGUH Washington 2, Philadelphia 1. Cleveland 4, St. Louis 2. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LGAGUE Brooklyn 3, Boston 2. Chicago 3, Pittsburgh 3, called ii lllh, rain. Only games scheduled. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boslon at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at New York, night. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. t. Louis iltsbui'gh . . ! incinnati . . lew York ... irooklyn lilladclphia . loston lliicago 29 24 25 22 22 18 21 14 I'd. .585 .524 .571 .500 .385 .305 Pet. .50-1 .524 .511 .500 .500 .•177 .454 Pel. .G5D .585 .508 /!8D .478 .•120 .428 .359 SPECIAL For A Few Days 1 CASE COCA COI,A And 75c Itoftle Phillips «G I 1 'tint it arc Polish—Both 1.39 Bring Your limply Hollies POTTER'S STATELINE SERVICE STATION [f jro» wanl 5» OKJ Bior« «on(l» SELL US TI1K FURNITUR fOD AUK NOT USING for caih Usn flhenl trxrie-tn allowance for i!4 fornllBi-e «»n new. Hardy Furn. Co. in 2. M»ln Phoa* CM) ng Ihc bag. However, this is the only charge made, as instruction ind use of the ixiol is free, accord- ng lo Mrs. Lee. • COURTS Four men were charged with disturbing the peace in Municipal Court this week. They were Elvic j American league. In 123 games. Pat Allen, Ro:dc Cameron, and George! has hnd 35 hits and batted in 22 Cooper filled $10, and Shortie Al- runs. Many of his "hits" were four- len who forfeited bond. baggers, ills last Saturday's stand- E. C. Atkinson and Gene Whit- ing was .2115 per cent, tic forfeited bond when they failed ] Harry Feldman of Ihe New York to appear in court and answer Giants, formerly of Blytlicvillc and charges of speeding. Fort Smith, isn't doing so bad i WOOD For Sale! I BB E2 '•1- welch and Allen in rapid succcs- promptly at 8:30. way WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, June 12, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestllnj Aren» In Araerlc*. Adulls, 3Gc, Tax 9c—Tolal, 45c. Reserved Scats, IZc, Tai 3c—To- Ul, 15c. Children's Seats IZc, Tax 3c, Total, 15c. Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena ETery Monday from 6 p. m. on. DOUBLE MAIN EVENT SGT. CHRIS BELKAS vs. ROY ALLEN IRISH EDDIE MALONE RED ROBERTS (Both Full-length Matches) i i i i i i i i I I il I I I I I I I I I CHICKASAW West Slain Near 2!st SI. Sal. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 •Conlimious shows Sat. and Sun. Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks All Makes & Models GULF Service Station . At 5th Main Sts. —OR WE'LL SELL Ihem for you for a small commission. Bring them in for all details. Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shibley's Best FLOUR - - - The flour that needs less shortening! Friday and Saturday Double Feuture "WEST OF TEXAS" wilh The Tc\as Rangers anil "NO HAKDS ON THE CLOCK" wllh Chester Morris .t Jean Parker SEKlAIr. "The Adventures of the I-'lying Ciulcls." Donald Duck Comedy I HI E3 73; S~l 2H Sd Rfi £2 23 EH 3B rril 0! All over the country wives and sweethearts are collect lag waste pape*. They understand that our fighting men desperately need thl* critical war material They ar« making a weekly habit of laving old nows paper*, boxes, wrapping}. They art not burning or destroying w»st« paper — they are tending it to mak« or wrap moc« than 700,000 different war articlei used by our armies. Do your part along with these patriotic worn to. Get your club*, civic and church group* behind this movement. Collect waste paper—bundle it—«nd turn it la ^ . and help ihort*a the w*r[ u.s. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Friday and Saturday The Stranger From Pecos' with Johnny fllncU Krown amid Raymond Halloa SERIAL: "King of the Hlounlics' 1 Sunday and Monday ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN' with •'rcrtcric March & Martini Scofl Universal News Shorl: "Gay Parisian" NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 • Saturday 'FRONTIER LAW" wilh Kusscll Hayden Serial ,t Short Saturday OWL SHOW 'ROSIE THE RIVETER" wilh Jane Frazcc Selected Sliorl Sunday and Monday "PURPLE HEART" wilh Dana Andrews & Richard Conic Fox News * Short Scilunhiy Midnight Show ... Slarts 11 r. M. ' Wi' The Mad Ghoul' , with Tiirlnui Hey & Evelyn Ankers Sclcclcd Shorts Sunday and Monday BEST YET! wilK Gil StiJttln • Roil E. Slrltklnd jWfflMHKi "Say" miUnd • |mu AIUMO ™^ Niitej Wilktr • 60, KISSei Screen Ptoy by Fred F. FinVlehoffe • Baiact Upon Hvilical Ploy ^'Girl Croiy" by Guy Bollon ond lacV: McGowan • Muiic by Gaora* Geuhwin' lyrici by tro Gtiihwin • D,,,,I,J b> NORMAN • lAllROC • Produced by ARTHUR FRIED ; Paramount N'cws Short

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