The Times from London,  on March 23, 1871 · Page 10
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The Times from London, · Page 10

London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1871
Page 10
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10 THE TIMES, THURSDAY,, MARCH 23, 1871. - - y . - ut, ui notei , ; - aa opportunity a proelaaiaUon win be ahortlr Published to the d Yill h been quickly - xhaartad. An inter. of ,&wnn tt - defnuir. works o! Miitaurtre, rI, wm 00 puouxiiea to we rectioi such u this cost a pood deal 5 the National "T"? ??.n"? mke rf "Lfl Lyon, Mamille., and Bordeaux ar Guard who support it must U paid, or ther twXJtt kjides, wh tranquil. ricade. , the soldier, who have been enticed awar The, good iateation. aikS - JrfcuZTZl ; J" "Ter" cora - mustbepaid; feed aad drink must km nrm I tad been taken to coaming .. i.i : 1 11 j .v... LAWRirOKT. cuwuaaaaoi.exmaeeauawppea. .1 4i applied u SBeDaatalTit V " . em. Cannon .tOl threaten tha Baa da la Paix and CORT Of CHAXCEXr. UkolTm - o,. iUxcu 22. taatiaUy fori, part . , lookftL!: - TwC thaRaaCaittfioae. Some few isolated group. are m V" - ' tTSl " " - 5" warnJjrdUtinZoath..pac.infrdntof6nw AS to Lara ru7Tth: iTT ! Pnt Ixure - lnferiaure. in, - tha Gorernment. " sawlTum fesT SaTLJ? : - V ther ww JTr Iathea - nbarra Ererjrthu.s i. quiet tha North. A ferity wu celebrated tolar br th. Prolan 1 "if.. - ' - SOT aat'Thta S T t i i . ... . . 1 "tuiunviL uui muni inn invuf hi tA ins uicnuti ittrmmne ha i..nri ih. fi . . .. - . I . . . rvrr u K - - t. j: 1 t 1 1 . tSlWltu wrt, w wjucb hi neara in fhn vtfH.v in 1 .. . . . . " - itmmifin th iimm d. at.m .v - r:.7 ,??"UUiaorniii' tnattha interrupted par of lowinn circular to the Prefect V.J" ' I HT . . . . . aelrea tha mtermediariea and nr&n. v. that it will be necauarr to hrk nJ r,i.t i r7T . , ' wne" uiuacant de - nmlWon, I nrr U aeh u utnt atta isron tba aaknti. . .. .. 1 " " " ... r . - r - - r . iuuLLkii.iuu3 were Teaieraar made trr tha honest im.u iK.n.;.i.. 1 v - - , - """ ucuwii wi i. .) n.:. j n . ! omu.j uauimgaiiT Tocea a Olfninea iot luuuauu voBBQi 01 liaTTO Hare W - QaT I .. . - - uuw w water, M nan, aoer Munidpal Council, and that aU the rank, of tha ?t 7d I1? fT W,at . , d firm prodamation, and it hai aasod itlf voted an addrea. to tha GoTernment and to the & JLTA'i "PHr v - - ; rt a . . . . 1 ."mcvwuw uiCTcomfli i nira ctua van twim:witii th ivaaMM.nw a. j j: : - . ..... i am imiwmw wh twt i&arL - Ta a? . w a T. 7 T I - - WmtWU UKUUlOa TaVtlAn! Itiamhlr Vammaa aan. k I Th raJUfftMI ka a 17 ; a v..; - :t 1 . .. .... I Whence do theT uTTr T? , .S the Intionafc. But there were' two" par - that of the General in tomminA. Th olorttnn I u. t,ij .1 : , i .. . - , . . - - - 1 - - ." - .uu wuv wot uuvs woica rare ua of a Alaiuapal Council at Pana. i the object of I the benefit of four Gorernmentt, including that of au deatrc. ; oonaequenUy, there u no dimcnltr ao I 1 eraaiuet. in ere wai tha Central Committee of lar. Vhere the diKcnltr bnn i. . , "J" auonai uuaro, - wnictt pro(eawd to be formed Cf opportuneheai. It U dear that te .let ftA 2,.?9to: from the battalion, who hare nerer raLi Inter rnl Jt.W L 7i - "7i.7. ET W "a themwlrea, . uui moat pan, on not knowinr any of jt piaoa, to aubcut to the, insurrection, and, these problematical candidatea. There waa the in - the aeocod, to put oural tea, at ita mercy " Committee of the Republican Federation, " which feoi to throw doubt on the truth and free - kaaor it. aim the maintenance of the Republic eren dom of the electioM. W nut wait, there - ?t the wiahe. of France, and the ccUtution " . . 7 , . T V 77 . I Zv7?T uwaarea uia uepnoucan lorm, - ooero t" v - .u niinnu 01 u xauonai I (joumcu umttti), ana wtucn attempt, to im - Guaid elective i. one ofthoaa which could only occur I P08 lioa b7 force in other word, "by .the totlie tninrl. tj thna V. iv: I Kuillotine.' The word ii not nrintMi in K DePpertbutit i. pronouncea aloud by the groups wumiuuwu wimwowuw MUW union D - ,..,..;T,.i - . tj. . , ,. .. . ,. . Uiree rrooikU L. that U taUnr am tweenthe Aaaembly and the Executife Gorern - "8M1tlon Ldendl th edute pMJSelr. frSfTaailt menU The army reorganized ia encamped around tonaMl proclamation of the Republic as the only from the rirer ; 2, that tto prepoMU Venaillea. Erary where GoTernment is offered the i of Baring Franca. f " " a orJiaaty riparia atailtanoaof tbn MnhiljM ininif namkw 1 A citizen, may be reassured." IL. Bouher was arrested at Boulogne with a aealed cheat. Ha is detained at Arras. The Go - Tummonf Vi.. Tw - .f th. .r . t - . wwmuvu v& w;ujll( CT crDl J The brothers Cherreau and M. Boitelle, who ao - compamea nun, bare returned to England. i( .any water whaterer ipariaa proprietor vaa ...;...,. - f tk. hTnKitM l i j ' RRRI.TV u 1 11 11 o nake ; aad 3, thai tba taout nwoaaad to ha ,. - . - . . . . . , , . . . lUkra was Banaaoaablt aad i jaridas to th earintioaof The aemi - omaal Prtmncud CorrtmmJrn' nt tt;. I th Ki. - r. TV. v. ' - .l. u.: morninz make, the following ramarta with twmrI I iraiitoiaaiijmactioB. Uia. of eoiaian npea, taa arUaBea to the occurrence, in Pari. : - i, ir ZZZZZIZZ. 1 ia uxj mafu, come rrem ia IJam ; uxl tat 1CO.U0O nl - sertainly not now interfere with the) . dtf. WM qti wtici aoaU ao u taka wiik - sions of Paris and France We ahall ,,?tl'M., ,f'Hil "ritxtioa ; aad. fartW, lat Ui kn?w W tlVl I Xl V1" '" - JLJ".. that ta. u We ahaU certain internal diaaenainna ni .11 - i.t. v. v7.V7!'i . I e ai toe water was aat jasti44. aad that tha qoaatitT . " Ruara our own 1 tatra waa tsesi. Frwm tala larMea tba deVeadaat interest, and to watch orer the fulfilment of the eompan. had apmalaJ. oer - woaas Mnnimillll m.. I 1'r l ..I VT. C . . . ... . Kit for All the chi.f of the French army returning to , mtere,t 411(1 to watch oTer the fulfilment of the eompaayhadapmalaJ. II. Thiera. Kr whnm th.w k... V , : 1 : . : T ., " . J I Tto IOUD CnxycnXOK aaid taat th. e. - - M . iaroin 4. 4w,wfcuuMuiuVpr - Taui., i.r uuvorument wiu DO WUUng ana able to I "w orvUnarr njtita f ripariaa propritton. TbeCeaaarra - Tka ralL - I. taU - . - V " . , iV I - Ailia. JUacn 21. 10 r.M. . i?1011 cceed in the great task Z?!" f an'TOa. i?WM,IT,l - 'iTany, H7tetle - 4 SiffiTtS ! - ItU.UtedonreliabJl..,thoritrUutorfh 1 , tllY the return of the French pri - I Brook. . a rVrTlmprWU, 'o, X ' rjs"S?!n' ""..'Jr T'3" T oner, w ranee lor tne present. to the mind, of those "who hare learnt nothin. P11110 and fiwwrtW ni,;nw T j. . " I newspaper.outit u pronounced aloud br to refer rery far bik to diecorw thTnSPT.TS the Headquarter, at Montmartre, election ofthe .uperior cceTTiT W arlr "? th ha"4 ?f the Hotel d. ViUe. - These two il tba irrvatoat nn7M J.I J Tha TfaHnnal (lnarJ nT T. J Rt.T uig groum stance., dl. rmera aaid tha CfiTrt i ,"vmM uu. uouww vu asauu6 raru. lie Qlcl not contemplate marching on Pans., All lie demanded of Pari, was reasonable bearing, and action. That done, the . rights due to Pari, would be restored. " Let Paris open her arm. to us and we are ready to open ours.' The National Auembly adopted, an order of the oay uamea as louow. : entire po IL Thiers, br whom ther haW I JTli. I Th. Z'6kZcZZZ'Z?ZXlZ . Lord Jaatica UaiJsa was' of taa - tboacht th. Art 5 aad S VkeaT"'" " clear to admit of Mr. CW.S - T'.'S! Ua pamof taat Art map, ro art iSSLiT Copjntht Art. a, to bookaBt U Sm. ta oorraTiara. II wa. hsaibU lTi Blt aortioa of at Art aid ( Ybtf "P iadod ia it, aai i!L J Toad all qa - ttion, Uat Art tad aliraTi (a th. law .f a a. to p1 aocia Hint afcetod th prorwioat U vLLJ?!.. Oonrra III tk..k .1... ...7:. at I word. a. wwoM ratitlo tha Coart to ntoftSflllSl ..boftUdafejaat. Buia - ITT. bo tachUed among works at art, buTsh.aU kT.ZS withUterar works. ROLLS' COURT, CaixciXT - mrt. JUaciX Seftn at Harm . tit Rolls.) auurj r. Uaimmr the aide of diadpline. Thi. appeara to be the T. M1w'l0 "2 onlninn nf tha hnt L? iv. v! ' I l"e butlr, a third partr which Las no off Just appointed Vice - Admiral Saiaset to this com - 5! Kjenuy designated under the mand.'Another eanae mar bAralhV, iZSl b.U.e ".9?ttee of theLeft Bank." It is not denoe of the insurants in themwlrea, and in the f' T, two jraeeding onea, but it differ, duration of the commiasion ther hare taken noon ;a JtT'l ,lm U. f J?18 Pna free city, them. On the new. of the riot in Paris, the fntfnT?nt0ttiet,,Bof Sf008' rwwhieh U tionof the - the GermanTeaaedlTho jftenUon cexteniing the tutelary pqwer of it. Idea that they might re - enter the capital and seize imm"ne thu reToluUonary it a. a pledge for doubtful credit was not long in .1 r T'W' gaining grand, and, althonh it was TeryimproV i wK - ft. i' f " - ' S??" FeH hl anemed nlanaiMa t trJ Ttm.t I writer who u not wanting in a certain amount of ca bas They are rery Irare in the fa of soldier, who itjSCvSfc1?? - to.v '.V8 Ti,??? reran thmr mn.V.f. , th :vi i I Jnle. Yallea. It U this third DartT which & Prussians. Twentr Uhlans would hara diir,rad ft - , ."P0?.11!8 Pwiecture of Police, and has esta - themthe other day at Jlontmartre. Now. arsin I rZin least, If it claim. tncy would Cy like hares if they saw a Pruasian 1 wl i . wm to aomineer orer reshnent approach their wall Thi. terror hu 77 ao u aomeuung. prored the commencement of wiadom for them: I re the element! which compose the Go - 4n.H. 2. a - .: - m - r.i i . I VRrnmant that tV. m .1 Ti : il A u . taken es 'national i ; ' - '"7 por iwuer Of uo IprmotpUa wrro aboat to withdraw froai this imporUat I faedar aa laai aa innil th. .ik;.) . v. 1 - 1 - 1 Oukstix Pnamira in r.. - .. lot water.' A .err serious ittiiTT mint mnniili In aaJ. A Talaabla anemblar of Oriaotal porealaia aad tloisoa b',nu 1ooa" u tik. the Cam. rr,ry drop fi."" P1" Urura. a.Oit, Drralii. mjSI the diatillen, a asomoraixlaa. h. dedanJ Sa?' tha kw JopoaiUd wiU UdWdl, iWU W rsbfwi tha defoaJaaU .arx, aad U Menhir U th nUiabi fat " niw irwm iaiM, wu TatgnilT DrOOgnS Blfltf I .1 m . . I " " ' tha hamavr of Ur. rI. ti.. '.j KJI ie vooaerratOrS Woo were latnistod with thaa. im - i a marej immRiiiii t . . - uucauiau. am iiwiaaiCinu Mmtm . i k.i the shortest poasibl. timemunWpTirnm eiTer' bf the Department, and Pari aa farTuTrmmiM. EiiamalaasSTA rTj, .1. l.f!r thoy had boea eoaatrtatal. Th.apwalw.ald ha diammwal - - ... - T. i.Vr..6 A tW th. base Of th. alartaH ' with black .aamallrfn - 7 "77.,?." withoosts. i" f?""? the base of the elected councils. The National Assembly will hold; a US .t . S5? "t "L birds aad .tfewer. ia iftWl t,.. - .. 1 ?!r"f?.",u witaoraaaseaUlaaoIoarsj - 0 ClOCK tO - mOrrOW. : a Hair of tanraoiia ilitta - nth (. . I . - : 1 lni i T i tu gauuat Ittouoway), Vitratt IKtfar tai Tm Jninnn 1 ... . . l a thx aiaxxLT OEDiascx coxrarr (uumi) This was an spiral (rota a deetakm of tha Ifatitr of the ; i ii. ' " . i 7i 1 , , .. I Such m tt i.8.i. ii. . I a ociock to - morrow. uiu.cvt mo wuuucucniuili ot WiaUOm lor IneHU I . . . "" mai wmpowmt UO - I . nn. . ... ,. . uieir omciai prociamanons ther hare I . . ' arans, tna. " queen ot ' - a - are aeiaim , . - - - j. i TUli wa. an aroral rvm a i i to declare that they recognixe the inter - f7 ,Jf,T. PopItioa.M th" most intelligent "T Matwnal Guard. Uhtttf u eclaain WooliToandT and another ' V - p! "t. whrtbw Mr. Alfrod Brett was reatiaa ami tha t v I ua wunu. nas Derminaa tn ln.taii ituir tv. UivnM mir wilt trnht - i r.. j i uaow to nar oaus u u. wiaa aillea," the condition, of which they propose to re - m.uniPl Pce, which they ha - e endured, not 1 b BTjert. DathavTMllwt 1.,! h.V - ;iS tv.. n I Without shame, for four dara. anrl whih ilit' " Tnen do to procure the Ere milliards which they must I aoon fall under public reprobation or under t t a perfect understanding with the Mayor, is men do to procure the fire milliards which ther must otpn fu nnder public reprobation or pay to Germany t Wm they deduct ouch a sum . f "t1 the Prussians, may plunge : from the fund, of the" International T Wfll ther new complication, and complete her di find'it In thatw 'urinM v.. i bermenL and count among their chiefs the instigator, of the Strike, men who by force prevent the labourer, from working t The heariert punishment which could be indicted upon them would be to allow municipal palace, which they har. endured, not rh" Journai Officitl of the Coaunittee aay. : ad' flowers ia eoUmi - loo roea. (UttUton 1. - 102. I JT,? ? "" Without sham, tnr tnnr A. - n vi.i :f : i j i Tha'H.. v. vi. A larr. tripod inoeaMbornr. with iniir,.!. hiwl. ..j I " f""" ..v; aXTlTO . - ,. oa tironoiaarranad , i V. I V li TjZl 1 w7. .TT. PaT Within.: Mayors u . with flowers, oa taraaoiaa nbl and a mi, - r 7S wiB.U?t np, inch , (Br Truaxara.) (noM oca .racxat coausroroEaTj Pl li.l them to hold for some time the power which they . Pri w" tranquil thi. morning, but great agita - hare - taken upon themaelrea. Ther would aoon I tton prerafled on tha Booierard. up to a lata hour ,i, WUQ lneir fwntaren," and " nigni. ine atreeU were crowded, with ex - would fall the first Tictims. If it did not entail at cited group, rtacuasing the pronea. of tha dpul Bu,th.dunSsy worth trying. "'. w tne uomite Central and ita !up. The attempt at mediationon tha cart rJ th. rpi I pevbar. Shot, were fired about 9 o'clock near tha Deputies) of .Pari, came to nothing. Without ruin - 1 foa'Drouot Nobody was touched," but a general "s loam ana. conaaenee ot tne I pama lmmeaiataiy ensued, and in the scuffle and coontrr. neither th. liwiiM.,n.n - il i . . Ti ' uuiuumcui nKunuon a lew auznt oarones 'Wonnda wntr. in. unaer , iumhimuuu wiui ine juayor. is 1 therefor, enmriallar) t timMt fV. l - . i: dismenn thout their co - operation. Aooucuuigij. ana eiecuona will be held on Thorsdar, the 23d in.t., and will be superintended vj iu juwwjm winmission appointea by the Uen - HHUUUIUlltm,. . .. " The General Commander - in - Chief of the National Guards of th. Rina Kin!.i at tj t - - - i ffcwwM ni, ibauui dn Buisson as Chief ef the general Staff, Colonel "amiw aa uiuurr wommanaer or tne tlotel aa Yille, and Colonel . Dardelle aa Military Com - HiiiiMH ui uio auuenea aaiace. rioters: W&ouT roue to for U .nfl inrtanUy ahut, and re - Coed to rouse from their curious apathythe im - mMUuA few exception, all the craning. The menae majority of the people who wish for Order, &ob l - I,..tala wer the air to intimidate aad for that purpose to gire them a rallyinsr point the crowd, who were endearouring to press throuzh In other wnrda. a .hi.f hM A ixT.L j it.. t:. . ii. . .. . . . ? ' 7 . d tucui, ua i uw w. 4 mo wuHnim national uuard to the S'whaeerren ST JSf? a th.depoutiou of the popular the? head of the National Guard Vice - Admiral 77. Tmro,t' Mnn. genJ la - Saisaet. Stupefied form'moment, all honest men ds;ntloa 4 cannon wm alao fired. Strong reia - coneeted together, concentrated themaelrea, and foniat. from Montmartre .peedily arrired, prepared to chastise the audacious criminals upon double line of sentries secured the entrance fadi? Bueot. bodie. of the Mont - BeDeraie and Montmartre was but a fam r ther I 7" "uon1 uuaro patroueci the BouleTard, lelt as father, toward, the cannon cast with the re - 1 7" eT.rywnere oy paaure resistance aulta of their .ubscriptiona, and thought it almost I m the crowd. Entrance to the Place Vendome Vrong of the Gorernment to think of sendinz them I " forbidden. At about 1 o'clock the Boulerards back to th. Ktai. araanili wv.. v. - rT i: I J i I . hieh they claimed, the worthy Uttaliona let 9" m 7in out the Communal elec - inem oo so, but did not support them. Now " w - ay. xna party ol Order declare they 'aa ts changed. Their talk u no longer' what hare reaerred their right tooppoee to them an SVrtta18!"" na4rme1 demonstration, aad are to meet to - day astorushod thai they could hare allowed this strange t the Plane da rOnaW. Th - P - Zfl conquest of Paris to be accomplished br a band of j , fr f - Tne.. Pan VwnoZ lowriotera; Who are theae 'W.ha command dfthat Lumarck ha. announced to M. ," aaid they, " where do they come from, what do Tbun thl Prussian, will occupy Pari, on Sun - theywant r day if by that day the Versaille. Gorernment i. uat uey want taey nare Hinted at thi. morning I mi masier ot tne aituauon. ZiS.Hi - TheywMt&niraeoiri. A grand renew ia announced at Teraailles. hi. uitelligence to the position of a cWryeotV C beliered, howarer, that they could not be brought want to introauce into aoctety what ther raJl I "P"1" agamw tne national Uuard of Pari. - v. 7. ! TT .,""' "VMvu wwcai - uw uvu am uuo t ersaiue. becomes more and can be summed up in this axiom." The riahtof t"l "f - insisiea on. numerou. arresUhaT. those who hare not to take from thoao who hare.' nud " ttspected peraow. ArresU are What they want more eapeciallr is to keep the power oa this aid by the ComiU Central, i, .i? , - Tn hand, in order to draw from it though no opposition is offered to the entrr into afl th, adrantages they can for their own profit. Pari, from VeraaUle. Their apparent dlaintemtedneu b as aincera and ti a - a M true as their lore of liberty, which they riolate cannonading hat just commenced at a in au in terms Ubertr of the tuppressuv; 4arwr to u, tne cause being at. present unknown the newspapers, Indiridual liberty, by imprisoning on the Boulararda, where it is craatinff alarm.' ale, which they outraged bv the anasslnation of 71 7"" election, as an General Xecomte, of M. Clement Thomas, a former opon aorereignty of the people, aad de - commander of the National Guard,one of the earliest r" ttt though it respect, the liberty of the Pre. adept, af tha Bennbluan nitwm nA it eunnt vrm!t imh . ...1T. i ): i. . i . , , . Tt""" - g . "wuDuo wi uiouuvuienoo to police - a - enU and pnrate mdinduals who hare had it. own order, to remain unpunished, but will of luring wished to nuiacre them, with their H T?1 . aTerthelea, the 81 Journal, wire, and children, but ia the affair ofthe 18th the . mo,t nnuenaal and resectable in Pari, will per - only rictim. were oa the aide of the soldiery. Do 111 tha protest against the Communal elections, J.bow la what term, they now justify their ad if force ia used to silence them the grarest ra - cruae x will quote their own words, which will sulta may be apprehended. Sia3OT mcaaaonadingturn. out to U a Paian ye four Umes girea tha word of command oa the Place PigaUe to charge aa iaoffeaairacrowd of women and lt nunoured that the Prussians are drawing chudrea; (2) General Qlemeat Thomas was nearer "to Paris, and that many TJhlan. hare been anestedat the moment when, In plain dothea, he since seen far inside the limiu preaeribed br tha - li1 t40 t9 barricades of Mint - Trearr. pwennea by the a, anoaexwosnen.iaielaT - dalleata faRrow rixxaaut.) the laws of war, which allow neither the aa - laaaxs.) assinatioa of, woman nor eapicaage," I who . ' TZBSAIIXES, laAacx 72. found myself a, spectator of the 0f the a Gorenimtmt ha. iaroad the following circular Place Pagalle can assure you that the' crowd to the Prefect ; which thronged the soldiers did not wear petti - "The new. from all part, of France i. entirelr eoau ; taey jrera armed with rnusketa, and so little Measuring; Disorder is nowhsre triumphant, la InoAnnre did titer show themselre. that they Pari, the citixens ara orgaamng the aappreatioa ot WartAll,:totokB' the iiaurrectioo, h - - - s. - rrtJffrt'btwfl,JbT nocent gentlemen, "M Versailles the National Assembly aad the ana uto4 him, and upon the troop, who did not re - Gorernment hare collected aa army of 45,000 reli - lura their fire, sad of whom more than one soldier able troops around them, aad to - dar are master, of dropped on the parement. Butertn if their words the situation. toayare master, oi. teot they would not justify th aaaaesln. of "The National Assembly yeeterdsr held ite first esrall4coarte, wno - was doing his duty la dis - aitting, showing itaalf calm, united, and resolute, pcnia. - tha crowd, area at the point of the " JoinUy wi& the Kxecutir. power itfonaeda The Journal UfReiel nnhli.ha. an .rtl.u .nf.Mi 44 Paris is ia the rttht,'' It sara i " Where i. the aorereignty of the people T At . w h k vi a an. iu pui sucn a question u to resolre it. The Assembly that met first at Bordeaux aad that bow sits st VersaQle. has been elected under particular circumstances, and Intrusted with a - fixed mission, with a species of imperatire and restricted trust. - Elected on the ere of a capitulation, when the territory was ia the occupation of the enemy, the election, of its member, hare necessarily been held under the foreign pressure of the Pruasian bayonets. The Deputies of the Departments occupied could not hare been freely elected. Now that the preliminaries of Peace, the Deputie. of Alsace aad Lorraine could ao longer ' """J may nare uaoerstooa this, and hare resumed their aaati t.. - tyZ7i:. - hare followed their example. The Assembly is therefore incomplete. The elections of some of ita mem harm hara hain - wiH.tA 1 r : occupation and foreign pressure. This Assembly uwb uut ictcaoub completely ana un - X"""."1" - aorereigniy ot trie people. On another sida. th. mt. rJ mn .1 1. . proof of their hatred towards Paris, where they re - fnaatn ait. Tha IkJu.. . - J tr 1 11 orerlooks the serrieea rendered br Paris, and the kouwuub Byuu 01 uei ueroieu population. Its member, are not worthy to ait in the Capital. They hare shown their intense .pint of reaction by their narrow - minded wi.ara. thaw hiwa closire and rural opinions by their want of toleration far th. mmt J i.j 4.miwi. ai uituwu auions, This Pronnaal Aaaamhlw h. t. u. 1 11.. ' j iwi jiuvu wm w. present arena were beyond it reach, and that it was incapable 6f undertaking and executing anr numtin mnA l.'.n...Kl. . . 1 . . , ' safety of tha country, "It is only a freely - elected Assembly, aa Assemblr tlaetiA wrllhnntfnm: nu :i . ......, pc - no. W1U1UU. omaal reactionary influence,' and sitting in Paris, that the .whole - of France can. recognize as baring the character of national sorereigntr, and which can be intrusted with lezisUtire and eonstitnent "Without, independent, and free election there can be out of Paris but shadowy phantoms of national representation, of Sorereign assembly. vuet, taeretore, the present Assembly quietly nerformth. n1 tailr - ith ht.i. 1 v. . K " r 1 .. wiuut 1. UH VTOHQi tousled, that ia to say, of resolrinj the question of " - t - j iiiiiapiear. " It mission ia bntlimitail if nn 1 1 ... . . . , .uviciurr, without encroaching on the soTereignty ofthe people, assume constituent powers and the right of nuking organic laws. On Pari, derolre. the duty Of COmrjellinc resDaet far, tha unn.!. .( it - . people of protecting their rights. Pari, can uuuier w aepmraiea irom the xoriaces nor allow them to ha ana - ata1 fmm V... T. n. 1... v .tdl, aad mast defiaitirely remain, the Capital of uoau uu uoara ot ut jjemocratio lie - public one aad indirisible. "Paris has therefore aa Unquestionable rkht to to gorern herself as becomes erery Democratic ritr and trt 'rmt.t I11M.H v 11 v. tioaal Guards, composed of all citizens electiaj? their " uj uiuTcnai suurage. " Th. Cntral nnmmiH k. M.i: I n 5 ' . w4 umuuu uuani. in taking tha necesaary measures for the establish - wiu. w a i uu umnaoau uouncu ana ine elee - tionaof all th.rhi.fmr tV. w..t nn.. v.. therefore taken rerr wise and most indispensable measures. It ia now the duty of the electors aad of the National Guards to support the decisioas of the Gorernment, to assure the safety of France aad the future of the Republic, by returning by their rotes prored aad derated Republicans. To - morrow they will hold their fate in their own hands, and we are lready conrinced they will make a proper use of their rights. Let Pari. deUrer Fraace, and aire the Republic J "THE DXQATS OF TBK orricuL joxntnAL. a Taoquuuiy COBtlBUes. pair, zus treius pattern, on torqnoia rroand, with birds I ZZZZmZi ZZf'r . "a. STTf . oapany, a. ana nowen la eoloias 100 raiaeas (LittleConl. 102 - t. I X uai 01 eoauiouione - - taat In, s waa aaaeaaaodtobasaemUraor the year booro the aoanaaoomoat of tho with flowers, oa torqaoia rrooad, aad a pair of criiaaoa T" P ,rrsoas boiar. ander tha Compaaios Art, 1 8 Ka. L. S. 15i bottloa, with flower, and folSad? aolouii - llS ineas J8? O0?tr,t e"tion 01 xJ wastit laW , with plaats I , "1 v . v . t ,3 .7 'r' (HoUowajJ. lOo, A pair of no lares rasas, with plaats and ornaments U eoloura. oa tarquoii. rroaitd 120 aiUjesstain). 112 - 13. A pair of crUndrieal bottlea. th. inn .'A. 1 j.. 1. II. : . .T '1. claim andrr their aseood oqaitahl aaarra. Th d aad. aata, by tbU aaswor, sat np thrir aUexad cortoav Thi was th hearisg of th oaoae. Vi Jmn. nn ..j w. vw.. 1 . t . ... aonteadMthat,a.atooeral rala of jaity, tha lrati)a SmS . pnoniy la report of aaadi - aar r. Honkiaaaa . 9 IT. r rv. 1111 i Zi, 'a etat om of " Dana r. City of London Braworr Cmut. V. . 15 whero it waa bold that th afrjed nsvaa oootran b7fc;.yu.ii.u:r.0 Mr. Brttt cw.l taba . itr.K.r,. I tit - - - - - - - - - eaatd to b nMmbm, t . mv. KK - ufln, u Muacaai, lao fsanue ware eoatamporasewoa. and that thocsaaoswaf thoalleipd rastom waa Mtahtiab by th rrUenc " 'uj now tnas IB cosatrattje al with hntdrrl; .. .77. - 57.r . ? I th. COOIDaOT o. th. 4U of Aoi - Oat. I8T3 th rilttnlUvth necks erinuoa aad black : aSdilpair 0 eo",macJ lo0. It wa allerad that a dob t Grp. torqnoia raart, with plant, and bird la oolonrs liTJV. i"k.f .mo7tth" 10'00Ct. J iuj (Tuneaa vt irtaaoi. Uaek raoaa, with (lit tralli Blaatl ami fnliii la i.l. t - . (DlaoW)"1177 paS of toS . - ""Ei V.WI that thi ioTtrtboTtio.. ofiha a.UtaT 37 'LtZZ? qooia bottles, with flowers i eoloo ; saotW WoT P".' ' th. cwmpant woald h. taovh to M.tfc,JiJ.i: har. hlafclfJl flo - 1. Valo - wTdaik rwiTrr P""' . - .soUd by'thw: 1. a.W aTatl mwtUi.TiTT. ham). 114 A. pair of JargVhit. raoVwi iJr?, , ri1" Pkio. .TbTjTma. Nrti. pL.tifli flowws. foUac. sad ora amenta, ia colour - 200 niaoaa .ra' m lSITa'dator laauted that ilr. Mwta. nVarehaai) n - arlr Jmliar - ilO riiMa, frl!iLw.Tl 1?7 TrZ Giflrd " Aoeid.otaI and Varin Inwanc. Cor - J?? ""i"'"" V a. th. 2Jf CWW of larr. flnUd ratasfdari? rid Ground. JrJ" Ptio " (iaw JJtporta, Claa, 438); thUtWh th vt ",','n b - T b oeeroUr, afU,,M.pMr, j flowirTand foUT U brilUant obla, "!ot' dtth. Un whin m'eaber "til th. 0! SrV2 V V fvr.nh. 1 tw3 1 .. - . i:rJ7r7T7. ul"rS" I etuod to bo a m.mbor of a I. k. . appotnioa oa th Una of Jaanarr lait. Lord Koauar. whlU bottlea, with plant, and foliar eohSlf? Pid' th thar mil of th. company, fL " naas (BooT 134. A pair of UrTVircuIar ouitrwUh ,0,onf th ftor.of th. eompany. Th. Masterof thoofl; "Ut - wwu bottle, with plant and foliar ia oottraH - 134 roi - 1 v 7. ".'.r otar aaaeu ol th eompant , ' " Bea. (Boon,), m. A pair of Ur7rircular oUTwUh ,0,0nf tht f"'of eoapaor. Th.iIa.teroth. Rod; Z"" - - flrarev birds, and lotos plaaU ia 00W. o. tarottoU - "V?1? ba Mr. Brott by barin; aptb dobtaia COCET Of PROBATE AMD DITOttCZ, Kiaca XL rroaod UO roioeas (JohnaonL 12T&. A mir af 1 .a baoom. froo from aay liability to aontribato (aiM rmni - d ! ".V V 1. . - . . ' . " . " 1 - I u th. tUbtl la irnatiiM m I. ...A A - it. - . . uuutn, - im bixu. ua planum ooloors, on toranoiM I r. .TT7 r V - - j w wwnpa.y Thi wa th lart motion Ji af t roaod, and a pair of beaatif ol sa - iwcked be U ti tor - I T ew,t boammbr.aadhl Lord - a hroA 11f th - onoU. ground, with (flt trellia, andttortS, U ooW t7? "J" h. '0Piai - that th drfrt U qoostia. had not . Snif Mon th C,art .1 Fa 5"a "d, ?f. - 17. A piirMairx iSirfllaVaw iZllTj" oontraotod at that Uma. Th offl - ' y od7i W7(wJXi): e0JS, - Am arriT - V - J. J - r. Hirrias w fo, th. ap. oapru oi.wro, wim lanaseapos la colon rt, on tar - 1 1 n - """n" mmiH wtrt ?.T - ..SEr rii:,rL.:'n,,TOpprt?J.. ThTa, lohi th.h th. - . . : .. . M.ppi. 1 .. ., .... .5.. - , w a. pair ot cylindrical bottlaa, with rasa of flowrt I?.h . ZZ "T! , a,OM T 14 en la m .nn tnnnn; J . - iv - t. i..n:. . . . I Of tush imDOrtaaoO With K?ard la tha aiibl it . Jara, with flowmf aa.i om.m.Vu, in col.ura, onVtorquoim ""pf1 14 arraodbe. Kianu,aoaa pair 01 eanaictucks. form! of storks, boar - 1 1 L .1. . .. " a uy woom ins flowers f whiu and coloured cnameLou circular stands 7 . fra v,nanoauor to Sear th eat with them oa this 135 rainaat (HoHoway). 132. A wdrof larr. rod botSwT V th" qaMt.U0. of whathr th dtbu U qo - with lotni nliAt. - J? T. 7 I tioo w.r. coo tract! trrtha miti..W. u. (uioM. (QilU). 13M. A pair of aquar. Taam. wTthrna - ZXaV? U th lutrthat th. d to tha m.aU is colour, oa tarquoU. rrouni with metal rilt ma7k WF.?" .eoatrstadtm - aftorwarda, and that th aadriag handles; a pair of cylindrical U t U, with pUU ?K Jf? L." Mtne? W. beoanae. whrthw asd ornaments in coUor. on tarqaoia. rround ; a pa of n J11 7," r - 1ft T th eompaay Wfora Mt. won. Boia, aimuar, ana a pair or tarquoii. raw., all to I r", " . , , .7 . "" 7 " rea. lor sniU - 165 cuinea (UoUowsy). 133 - !. A paiTof crlia eoauJ'tifn. to them, aat, monortr, a drical bottlea, tarquoii ground, with flowers in eolonrsl "thonty had bewn firta to aoorpt thm bafor thai . - ww .uu uuii.iuici ana - nowars in 1 r r . - ooloojt ; and a pair of torqnoia two - handld bottles, each I Maacu witn tear medauioas of storks and rrlia. an wkiii nn.. I mnun w ... - 'raxiaea , V"' u" BI.I by Measrt. Staaoard aad ivii. iui .xw jctk itmeu v' 1 iuiwin, iiiangrapaan, aniaat air. T. W. state that ia 1S7L ap to th 7th of March, 233 smallpox 01 J" Lithosraphi Worka, Crorrcoor - m.wi, Boada Blackwell's Islaad. I piainuni oy tnrtr Ma albed tkat, after th. 5r cent. It is stated ffia of th. war betwoa FraaM and Prosma nitiint. V ii.f uu un inua wm bo ten oaa ou par cent. taat, owing to W. erowaM scat number of pati.nU 113. th. poi mnitbaT'bo.o eaormons. It rol. as soon a earns an mortal. jw to nwin t. mas aa cxaouaatioa. If it pro - res to I ? - 7 iw ot rraoe and rmati. oe a real cat 01 smallpox an ambulance is iaatantly Mat to I urroQIKI"' oountne. likely to bo InTalrod ia th ki , l""1 " tn" - otpttal. Whr tba parties ar wlu rauwars and strateao poaitios ot each hi. Ei v.. iwuijat 01 too i.nrn. dtoviaim pnooc za. To. MU aUagnl tha afterward pobliahaj a "Shillia abl to allot th ntlronDDcr floor of tha d ...1 I army, and th mat foroiaha nnraa, ia atttr Uolatioa from tb. woria, th. I rhi f;P l V1 8 - Tha Mil allot! that a - snuuag War . wakh loroian. a naraa, la atter laolatioo from , the world, the I '"""ap sold at tha nrioaof 3a. The Ml patiaot is permitted to rsmaia and th place U diaiafoeUd I ta taat ahortly afterward pabliahod aad watched, Ther are many hizhlr rassaotabl. Danoai I Paaoramie BirJVey. VUw of tb Seat of bo cannot do tail, aad t. nmars tb .uff.r.r to th J,r?T plaintifl's map, and an infrinro - patient to era ar iaolated from all th world : the aaamt 1 naxl tb dereadaat. pa Miction. An interim ininse - and frie.Jt cannot u. then. Wha death eoaoet I Va w" PataJ by' VWChaoceiW If alio, jnst beforo th th.Board of Health moa wrap th oorpa. ia double ba.ti I LX racation. Au aoplieatioa wu mad. b th. ofeadiut completely satoratod ia carbolic acid. Tb coffin i sealed I ?? "lat Asput last to Viao - Cnancallor Kioon. at completely satoratod ia earboli acid. Tb coffin i asaled 00 tb Uttt apt last perfectly tight and boxed. 'o foaeral is allowed. Th v'ltioa Judge, to diwo,. remains ar interred prirately in the familr Dior, vault, ar th.plai.nffs had not h "Dotter field." SiTKnl h... V "1 :7 suit rensterad thmuaieri , th last motion di of th preatat aittian. Tk - war, aa paoii ta Btfort Ltri FZ5Z1XCX aad a Spteial JwrfJ . aa. ua. This wis a wi.'a petition for a jadloial ospantiea. a th. groao.1 of er3.Hy. Th hubeod denied the harx Tk. in.t k. . . 1 i T.J.J TV. detail, of th. oaao ar not it th slightert Uterert xottlt' " rwuuuoeir wi respoaaeai ana l&eir lamisr. Dr. Spiaka, Q.CL. aad Mr. Inderwick anwaral for th natitinBi t Ilr. f iw... ri l .. 1 w. A.L l IK. mm pood.atC. Tat Cass or rax Ksr. Ma. Pracaas. A prtiiioa ha owipninwiu is waoiotal UMaiailto or - to rrrry Conocil by Mr. Pare ham, th minister of St. irate Chajef. Purr hat, - The application i a some, hat aartl prootaj - ing. and ha been mad. before Her Miierty otravid tb jadgmrnt proaoaneed by th dadioial rjoamittao. TV pri.eipaiqaa.tiai, it U wished to fsia i ia teareac I rajtmeet to b worn by minuter of tb. Chareb af England ia th Holy Ccxuraaoion Serrica. Th Jadirial Oe - mitte. oailmn..t Mr. Pnroh. as to tb estawnte h hai aau aiav a. to waicr prraa ana aim poaiuvw ami, th prayer of coneeeratioa. Tb ether ctarge f wtariM a M biratto" aad of eai.g holy water won so oaaadaraa prored. Ur. Purr hie wa ooademned ia the eaita bMl af - th. proceedian in th. Irinn' rVmrt ...I before le Ja.lidil Committee. The petition now rrmras - t priTS . thai IimUhina ta ifLn. IV.. .... 1. La nkiafd aa A. grooad that th deeiaionaalo th eecliatical rtetmait to a ronaer jmigmeas girrn y in. vri sir. Pare Lai did not apoear ia either ajart. ear. oa oa. oocaaiaa, irom wast 01 loaus, naa a eoant af ill hi.tth .il h. ln h. K..r.l an w their Lordihipa. Th. caa. hl ba - a pendi.g eleag ttw ia th. Are bee' Court, aad Colonel Bphiaatea. kanog aid. uiwHs woe .au Owen a voiomairfBoe. .rT - a promoter, and Ur. Parcha. arpearaj trader rouir. Is qnaatioo was whether th suit had not oeawd 4y tbeeaJj ofthe prooaotar, but Lord Cral, whopreiiiiedoa tia inn at th. Judicial Ommitlee,le giris th ad(Strstaf tl fJammltla. litnart V. II'.kk . Qphtaatoaa. O. soother oacaaioa, either ia th Anlf Cunrt or before th Judicial Cwmm'ttee. had Ur. PawJ appeared to th. praowdlsgs. Th Lord Chaoeenor iiirmwl th iadrmaat ef th. Jodimal Corsiaitue, whioh sJted of th Archbiahop of York, th Biaaop of Laadoo. aad Urd Chelmsford. The petitton will shortly torn en for cooaUe - e - Uan, aad to pwat to b. decided b whrthw ther ana - a r.hjirii ..1 . IV. ntLiiJ Ti. dtSu eitor - Generil, who a ppei ml foe ilr. Pnrehas on th ferae edxaaion. wiu. wtta Hr. U BowrB, apply aa vaeir mjtu r - to appoial a day for tha r - aeariag af th Tie Ltid th. Iniaaetiaa. aa th. .mm.. - - i : - - - .. lu - MiTibiva ei to BOlt .renitarai IhitnulMi .1 U..1' i tr.n - mTritm - .r'?.! 7. 77"; ti.r irr - - .j vnuai into in. ouuainir . .,. , ;. itwi vj u. eompletely pitted. Dismay seised upon policemen and eetM)B X th Copyright Art. 5 and 6 Victoria, clerks, who scattered in all directions, some eliding down "P - 4 - Tb Vsca - Chaaoellor orrrruled this objection, ra the banuuters, some raalring out of th windows, and ,broanl that, indepoiileatly of the abor. Att, th. plaie - othtrs planging ptll - mell into cWts and loekie" the doors. V, ver "atitlad to proteetion nnder th. Acts 8 Georg ruiauy a , orar Airlcaa was bneed to lead the rufferrr to lu f - a.l i ueorge ill., rap. Zi th IfnhnTinK. BSnmikl 11 Mmman 1 . 1 Klirrn TT to. Stitit T.. ir o. 3 I reauir. anr rerutratia. at tmiinJ si.n in.. I notir. It ii twnhahia this tlialhmmiua. aa thi ford, th coroner for .AVeitminiter. asd a iqjrr helda lal 1 1 eo,pU Wlt! to trorUioti. ef those Acta. Viea - i tot rj - bearing. will b diarrUy caasUrnted to aneat at Charinrwoa. Ht.i . :. - C2,.. I Caiacellor Bacon cooaeqoantlr rsfaiel to .ii'i - l.. K. i. I oa th.orizinil hairier. wiiarw, wiu taa oeceaaea was an brother, a boiUerJaad t. JZrT 1 - houa dWator. Charles KldrslL a nai.ter. iultZ tb oaU VkChane.IIoT th ernlng of Monday week, aboat 3 i'cloek, he was pass. I Fr?r - . " P""!" - Uf tha too of th. Harmarket .a.1 ..i JilCV - ,Ti.??aT 1 4a. refers to the prermo lion under th. Acts 8 Georr I " Toial a day ler th. ro - hearing e.' the caae. Tie Lrd 11L, an, 3A which nr. a ! Cbaoetlior presided oa tha bearing of th cat, a did Lrl 1 . 1 . - 1 T7l j T (!r.i .vJ. IK. 1.1 Mtm Jl. 1. a aeW ST - tUonera MaTL Th. eliliti'. I atoter. It i probable that the Coinmitte.aa th appiicaiija waaiisaw The battaUoas continu. tcaiaaed oa the Place CfoTLoodatio rT I after th. puuog af the Act, to last for to. U7. of th ! rfM. oatoUr - a of them; aad.lf InitakaHt. . I author and th farther term of seeen Tears. Th. ittb I thu " djstiBetly stated ia the rod - neat a efcttwrntni Th coroner hari.r snmmad nnTST. rTTLtj I eetioB pToride - That aa proprietor of eoprririit ra any I T 01 iin worJ ' bcfor,i' Thus tb mlomrna la - a dif i",f, m?.?v - np' WWtarnad a rar - 1 wh .kj U first bliibi after lb. ri - n? thi. ! grounj. for both iiter.UTr. are compatible wUh - - PiTunimi xr.v m ir . . , Act ahaU maintain aay action or suit at law or ia aanitfW " n antecedent. The ward, do gorern Ue tore, of w shiDAhaakrviSiT ZrliS .TeI?XPh.) - The mcwrt of any Ufringwrneat of anch aapyright, aSSa'ia ! nM' they o.Uia twa p.U , agai.Saaa Ur. Ka - . - WU .. 'Tfif 'V 0IoOt,.n MamrsJatUr, .kaU before enme.daTmch actio. roii hT.r" I adeivded, agaUat thVother Mr. Purchas." &w':5z :jv aetaininr soma frosh rmviaiaaa k. h.i , I . : 1'J""S " amy to c Jiaran at JUrtdiao, KUetMppt, and aa to wa doTl alf The chota7 i77f ? V"" r. o . w . a - rro,wu arreted a. the irad.ary. aad w Wcg trwi Qni - ?h rorUicTlJrwi wUh aerrnftE? A.?'ZJhE?XT' ' '"j BcwmUtU. - ben TrlK a - eg - , roa tt h7.1. l. U mrV c! I lfol"', argue.1 that th. proTiamaof et 24 ws imp . Court - room aad .hot t Jad tircoh the heaO. tiEag alt, th.iMUi.m b. rrr.tx.tion of whaterrr wa. ia. him inrtaatly. Aeralrear Ty!".4 Lfw. V. ?7ZiyaWVVP? - clad aader ta. term book, as dadaad br th. Art IW. i k lu.1 in..,!. j. j.. y.' .ma ad pyright, aad rondaat politician eiKi nMBibar i th J&MitaifM 'T th. Acts ef Utoxe, who waa also a priaoner ae aeocaaorrtt. aaraiate lio. af regie - : wa. , It ia eapoomt, ruorlaUy. A meetiflg af tb."iaf oasd. wa heal, aad a taf ty caunaitU. afj!i. - - MaI IX oa behalf wiia the berUf in brsKrriu ucw - w. v. ia,. a.a jar. iiaosiajta lr!SXB

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