The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1933
Page 4
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/ -. AUGUST 28, 1935 BLYTHEVILLE,' (ARtt.)_COURIER NEWS PAGE vi tx> nv* run NRA News To he!., ihe people of this community to ur.dcreliuid and co-0]X?ratc In the national recovery program this column will appear daily or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's Re-cmptayn'ient Agreement or other features ot the recovery movrment urn lnvll- L-d to .submit Inquiries. The President's Emergency Re- <i:ii;!ojmc-nl Campaign is one of Uie activities which lias been de- vifed In order lo give efleel to tlie Nut:i,n;i! industrial Recovery Act p'Mid by tlie last congress. It i-i ;..:ii:.!emcnlary to the plan of ixii. adopted by various IndusHal mil trade giuups which hns fpi- ts i»(i'i:ose lilt elimination of un- l:ui cojiipr-liiioj). the'establishment ': luori! equable rewinds for 1&i..:-. tlie spread of.employment ,ind •i.i: coi.lrol ot production. T"-:; initials NRA (Mid the words "We Do Our 1'ait". Merchants, infinu- inclurcrs and nil others who have Jie right to display ihe insignia by reason of tlielr having cony piled with the President's Agreement, arc permitted (o hang il o> tlielr walls, or in. their wln- tcifts. or on trucks nnd tars, and, it they so dc.slrc. to Mtunj) It on liitir products or merchandise, it i". in fact, the desire oi the Ri 1 - covciy Administration that all mi'ke lilK-ral use ol this bad»e ol Cycle Rider's Death Plunge Caught By 1 Camera |.i;in for speeding business RMOV-| patriotism. t,-y Ls rapidly being made erfei-1 Any in-ison in Ihe United State* LU-. and the Blu:; Eagle Can.-1 v ho' wishes to co-oporate in the |.;.ign doc:; not menu tluil llier-;' President's Emergency Hc-employ- v..l: be the slightest let-iip In "»• i [tve lu make gen:rul the adn;i- llon of codes by IniitLslric.s imi trade groups. neKinnfn* today an intensive drive stunted throughout the. 'iijuntry to speed up Hie liluei is 1 * Campaign and makes its' "" Ls immediately elfectivr:. l.SOO.WB volunteer workers mint Ciunpalgu ami tie consider- c-l as a incmbtr of the NKA may uo 10 the authorized establishment ij) his lounlity and sign a state rienl'of cu-o]ierulkni a.s follows: "I will co-0]*ratc In re-employ by supporting nnd palron- employei 1 .'; and worker.'; who ,ue members ul the -NRA." Any such signer will then lie Julep niul boll until Itw syrup "shccls" off the spoon. Pour into Hlerlllird jelly Blesses and Hal with parnnur. Cover wltlna wcond layer of iMi'itflne when cold. Four pounds crabnpplcs, 2 1-2 cups clrtor vinegar, 1 1-2 cup« light brown sugnr, 1 tablespoon whole C'"TS, 1 stick clnnninon four tncli- <t iuns. 'I (puspooiis ground ginger. Si'ltitH jX'ifrct oruliu|>))U'S. Wusti mill Mciitn until tender but nol broken. Make syrup of vlncgnr, mid splcp.i tied In n Vine. nlM. Shmnor -gently for livthty- llve minutes. Park "crabs" In ster- tll/oil Jnrs, cuvi'r nnil .scnl. ovrr lo R«ad Oourter Mewl W/int Build Up that Skinny Child! Blood Sickly, weak, underweight children ore usually lacking In rich. let! blood. Whcnblod becomes poor, .1 child becomes runaown. Already weak, lie loser, appetite, which makes him still weaker. Take ho chances on a child gaining Mrr-iigtli by hlmsMf. Start jiving him Orove'a Tasteless Chill Tonic riphl. away. This famous tonic contains both • Iron and tasteless uulDine. Iron makes for rich, red blood while n,ulnlnc tends to purl- fv (lit Mood. In other words, you dwitli of iiViOltier of the rom-iii? mad. JIIHK-S Walklns. 'llic n in [lie fatal |ilnnt;u ill IMifllt s|>mKvi<y. Flood Causes Fatal I ] ;i-e making n blotk-to-block con- m.f.s in an clloit to get every employer .in America under the IViue Eagle and a consumer's In.•-. : ?iiia in every home. • 'Hie President's Emergency Rc- (mploymeni Campaign n:ay be de| j M.ribed briefly as a plan to add ,rim o.OOU.OOC to 6.COO.OOO persons to the nation's payrolls im- nn:dial7ly through agreements ninile with Hie president of <!~ given and may thereafter use Ihe insignia of consumer membership in NKA. The lists of nil employers who tisn the President's Agreement ore displayed in local postoffices and '- is urged that nil employers who have not yet signed the agreement do so immediately and deliver them to their local postmaster. With some minor exceptions, the I United Stales by some 5,000.000 ir-rms "of the President's Agrec- individuals, employ- mem with employers is. briefly ing two or more persons each. ' :ulows: Any employer of a fac- In order that this number ol lory or mechanical worker or ar- jolis may be made available, it t'san must, not pay him less than bill be necessary, oi course, foV, 40 cents an hour or work him employers in many cases to shor- more than li hours a iveek, ex- ten working hours. Th* plan also t.ept that if the employer were provides for certain minimum wage paying less than .40 rails for that idles v.hich.also in many canes kind of work on July 15 the em- v,ili mean added labor costs for Clover can pav that rate now Hie employer. The President's however, im-lu'k-s a pledge of co- opfration irom the consuminii public, and it is thus anticipated liitl the employer, while undertaking a larger expense as the direct Jesuit of his agreement <vill (""in added patronage as ths jnst reward of his public spirited Altitude.- •• ' • The fact also is to be born? :r- mind that where all employers act together to put people tack on their payrolls .or lo raise ^.ages/ln'o env/loyer, -as the prcsi- ^-ent himself has pointed out; "will '/utter 'because relative level of competitive cost will "advance by the same amount for all." Local committees are made up ot li:e active heads of the leading Ifsiness and civic organizations ;Td includes also the ma/or in-l net less than 30 cents an Agreement, lour. As to all other employees— hose on a weekly rate—the em T pioyer will pay not Itss tlian Sib a week In •> city of over 500,population; or JI4.50 'a week in cities of between 250,000 nnd I 500.000 or $14 a week in cities • l^twecn 2.500 and 250.000 populn-. •on: or $12 a week in cities of les'r. than 2,500 population, . and the employer agrees not to work this class of workers more than •10 hours.a week. As to employees who -v;ere getting a higher wage, the employe.!-''must not reduce their '.vajjes:3bec«uie'• of a'-reduction', in their- hours and he ' should gener- keep the 'usual pay differences us between the lower and the higher paid employees. And after August 31, he must not work children under 1C years of age. Then f;re, of course, some other rules BISTER MARYS KITCHEN Timiorrnw's Mtnu linHAKFAST: Pivsh ix^ars, ccr- ctil. cii'iuii. scrnmbloil eggs wlili olvp's brains, waffles, milk, cof- tei>. LUNCHEON: Cln-cse souffle, cieamecl celery, blurlR'ny muffins,;'- 1 ' 1 ,. ,,, Ic'mniuiiU-. h" 1 - 11 Cllln ,'">"'«• .DlNNKIi: Hllves of ham linked' P»l your child on this tlm*- 'ih raljln Knuce. twice bilked' .sweet' proven tonic for n few days and slicks, 1 "•*•' the dlfrercnte It makes In him. I Ocml npiwtllfi, lots of i«p and nii.'rgy mid red rose.? In lil.f cheelts. 1 Children like Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic and lake It eagerly. p . • r> n n -it- IL ^ absolutely harmless .and hu.1 Certain tollege BUlldingS IUMI n rullabln family mi'diclne for CM. MK'COlash, fiUTOL nppks. milk, coffee. Ban Use of Snuff in IIV SISl'KR MARV NK» Strvire Writ«r DAYTON. Tf-nri., itJP sluiicnls who me luldlck'cl lo the ii-c (if .snuff ilo their "dipping" out.slile-lhe buildings of llry- tin MetniiilEil University this ycnr. The pli'il|jc, which nil matrlcii- liims must sign, sets forth llmt the use uf snuff inul tobacco cnn only take plnce on "designated places." Jlryiin iMcniorlnl University stu- ilints must further aUslnln from drinking liquor of "any alcoholic i conlent" whulsoever on penalty of hall a century. Get a bottle to- Adv.-l campus. Here is ;t side-view of the wreck of the crnck ti'.iin which plunged through :i trestle over the Eiistfin Branch of Hie Potoniiti. Hirer, near Wiifliliistni), killliiij' the ,. j-iujmeer nnd--flrwnnn nil" | v;il|i enough cold water to cover injuring 13 ulhm. The three forward cars oi me 10 making lip the I rain crashed Into the waters I frull. Cover and'cook-slowly un- of ihe swollen stream, and the engine and tender word b'lliriril ill mud. til sott - Stroln through jelly bag. Measure juice. Put juice Into kettle ai|d boil rapidly for ftvc min"'" , Slowly sill In os"n)ariy cups ,ugar as then 1 were cups of Tliese .committees in the" thousands I which apply to special cases, but ' Die terms of the agreement as outlined cover' the larg? bulk cities and tov.-ns throughout the country, were formed following telegrams' and idlers' s-jnt by Na- Uuial Recovery Administrator H Jnhnson t"o the - presidents cl Chamber of Commerce, or similar i bodies In every section of the United States. The NRA emblem, known popularly 'as the Blue Eagle, is one uf cases. You will koort be wauling recipes I (] | s ,, llts .,]. . ni(s n , Mll ls ,, rouamy for criijjiipple jelly and spiced i lhu n mll uf ihe expulsion of elc- .crnbnpples. Cruuapples ni-e onu oflvcn .stutlenls lust term who were the fruity which have Hint per-1 upurehendeil in tin- act of tilting 1 fi-cl blending u t ix;ctlii and fruit u W | 11L , jm; Oll t | 1P university add Hint innki-X the Addition of commeicliil pcctlii unnecessary. Con.SL>(iueully, thpy arc very cnsy In work with and universally popular. .The flavor oi crnbapple Jelly mtiy be vnrled In several ways. Our grandmothers liked to hold n rose geranium leaf In each glass as they poured Ihe hoi jelly overi It. This gave n delictiU; nnd quite Indesciibuble flavor., to the lull}'.! Sprigs of (resli mint may be used In the same way atid if ynn like, Hit jelly can be colored u ilellcnlc green with a few drops of.vejjc-i table coloring. . : Crabapple Jelly Cut the fruit Into small pieces, culling oul blossom end and all defective parts. Put Into keltic Farmers' Iowa Railroad May Quit Operation ATLANTIC, la. (UP) — The At- of the most interesting and vital inntic Northern, a 11-mile long features of the campaign. All I rrilroad which connects Ihis lown employers ' v.-ho sign the Prcsi- «ith Kimballtown, seems destined Dent's Agreement nre entitled U) | lor. abandonment, display the Blue Eagle with the j H ivas financed by farmers nnet Uuslness .man nloug its n-uiile route •'2j years ngo. H .bccanu going concern and served communities along its trad', 1 , lo i.dvanlnge, for it offered an outlet «o si section of tlie stale that otherwise was without tr.tnsporla- t:tm. Bill with arrival ol Ihe "bus.and truck ago", ihe Atlantic Norlh- iin .soon found its affnirs racing! a crisis. The general manager rallcd together the .stockholders. "You larmcis and businessmen \sill have to give this railroi vvur business," he admonished \ them. "It's either that, cr—" That was last lal!. "Now ii appears thai it'.s going lo be 'or —.'" the manager announced.! "Pledges for business hnvc not teen good. Prospects lor continuance of the read arc fur from brisht.'" A Blofjiin «f Many Years St'mtlinp My father founded this business a aood- mnny years ago \i\a\\ the Ideals of fair, 'cousclentlous dealings and giving tlie best ginning service, possib c—Ws are ciirry- InS'dn i.pholdlna lh= Inulttlons established by lilm ut tin; Inception nf MLsstalppl Cnan- ly's largest jiinnery. ., . . TOUGH Oft mart tht t*t »»** Dodge "C" after GOO Sewn m \hr T*r*ikmntl Pit* SAVES YOU MONEY 7 WAYS "Show Down" Plan proves it. Ask your deafer IVTO wonder Dodge owners s»y this big, new Six s«ve you up to $150. Thwe noinis help to'cut dowi wonder Dodge owners s»y this big, new Six s»vcs them J150 or mote on running expenses alow. Kvery modern, advanced engineering feature in ihis sensational Dodge is planned and built to aisate the gieatest operating economy. And, lo prove that Dodge can "take U"—lo prove it is tough ami nigged as it is good looking—this new Dodge is subjected to punishment that you would never give it—no matter how tnan^ years you dtove it. Dodge offers you 7 definite points of economy tltat DODGE ff*595 WITH PATENTED FLOATING POWER ENCI M7-U9 w . Mam st. \v. T. Bamett Auto Sales style . .. with all its money-saving features . . . this big new Dodge cosis only a few dolUis more than lowest-priced care. Prove these facls for yourself. Ask ynui dealer for the sensational "Show Down" Plan. It's a new easy way to compate Dodge with other cars, You test it— try it—make it sell itself to youl Ask for the free "Show Down" Plan and Score CarJ now. Rlythetille, Ark. il Stales has ihe power to modify or Inere are otker \ good cigarettes out tney are not like v^nesteriield ( . . . . and Chesterfields are not like any other cigarette. As soon as you light up a Chest- : erficld, we believe you will notice i that they are mild. And before very long, you will certainly notice that they taste better. These things don't just happen so. There isn't any accident about it. For we put into CHESTERFIELDS all that Science knows and money can hay to make them "satisfy." Just try them! esterfield ^ : **^ " \ ci<jareff$ l/iati MILDER • t/te cigarette tnaf TASTES BETTER

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