The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1948
Page 4
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.THB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS. TUB OOUKrSR NEW* CO, • W HAINtS, Publkhw 1 iUU* L. VERHOEFF, Editor PAUL O. HUMAN, Advertising •ate Nation*] Advertising Representatives: .W»llM« Wltm*/ Co, New York, Ohicaso, Detroit, AUuta, Uemphift. Published every Afternoon Except Sunday •ntered M second class matter at [lit poit- gfflc* »t Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act oi Con- CTM*. October 9, 1917. Served fcy the United Pre« SUBSCRIPTION RATES: •j carrier In the city ol Blyincvllle or any suburban town where carrier service 1» maintained, 20c per week, or 85o nor rnonlh. By mall, within a radius ol 50 miles, 14.00 per jrear. $a.OO for six months, tl.OO III three months; by mall outside 50 mile tone, 110.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation And Hid, I beseech Die, 0 Lord God fit heaven, the great and terrible Gofl, dial kcepcth rnvrnnnt and mercy for them Hint Inve him and observe hli commandments.—Xehcmlah 1:S. O Lord, who art our guide even uiHo death, (Tint us, I pray Thee, grace to follow Thee whithersoever Thou gocst. In little dally rtutlr whldi Thou callest us, bow down our wills to ilmple obedience,—Christina RoRsclti. Barbs Tliere is no plnce like home Jf the plnre Is home-IIke.' * * * We constantly read nlicmf people' digging up prehistoric sltff evrrvvvliprc—'.im! all u> have to offer are • number of .street ears. » » ¥ Two sisters in Missouri married two brothers, making them sisters-in-law. Now they cnn fuss, more than ever. > * * * Here's hoping no Jifarh eroiis are killed this •prlnj while Jack Frost Is havlnf,' a Hide nip. * * , * Just watch people who tramp through the woods. No wonder the wild (lowers are wild. ;House Air Force Vote Shows Haphazard Planning • • After the ) louse of Representatives had voted for nn Air Force strength of 70 combat groups, Representative Case of South Dakota remarked, "This sa'ys to Stalin: Stop, look and listen." Premier Stalin has probably followed those directions already. If lie lias, he must have seen in this House action, and the events that led up to it. n demonstration of our military policy nntl planning which undoubtedly interested him much more than the proposed action of 15 groups to our air arm. The President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of its armed forces had proposed an air strength of 55. combat groups. The secretary of the newly-created Defense Department had seconded that proposal. But the secretary, of the Air Force had recommended to Congress an air strength of 70 groups. ' ' The House voted for this expansion ; without any apparent concern for the problem of finding men to operate, .service and .administer these extra 15 com-' bat groups. It would lake around- 75 000 more men to put a 70-grotip force -into the air. But the House lias made no move , toward any compulsory procurement of manpower to fill the armed services- thin ranks. If the Soviet dictator, observing all -, this, concluded that the U. S. has no real ; military policy as yet, it is not hard to , tmclerstand why. If he also concluded that America's new unification of the armed forces was not very unified there are examples to justify that conclusion In fact, , t seems pretty clear that the old fights and jealousies are still K oin K - on - The day before the House voted for example, General Bradley, the chief of stalf, had argued for an Armv of 8*2 000 men before the House Armed ScrJ- '«s Committee. Secretary of Defense torrcstal previously had proposed a force of 728,000 men. The difference of JO.OOO bcUv ccn the •tv,o ftgurc, ls nol too importam does seem important i s that the chie •of staff and the secretary of Armv can .not reach .« compromise with their ch. an superior, .Mr. Forrestal, on this rela- support it and imco-ordinated The ] ack of co . 01 . dination a" along the line. Mr. T r um an cam to Congress a month ago a«k-oH tw -i SW r ?* ton -'»Kidu, but 3 clear that it is the blueprint of f I L» preparations is not finished th ° Se Congress is showing more enlhusi- Mm- than wisdom at the moment. The memb«ri lop «ff $4,800,000,000 of Ux r«v«nu« b*for» i budget ii-iet up. «nd then th« Houg* votes two-thirds of that missing: amount, for airplRneg alone. IVo costly wars may liavs laujrlit our government the need of being prepared. But it seems that the equal noerl of unity and plnnmng in thai preparation* is a lesson -that has still to Lie Icnmed. Chiang's Change of Heart Dispatches from China say Hint Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, who took himself firmly aiul definitely out of the running R couple of weeks ago, was elected president after all. We don't know how this news will strike the Eisenho.wer enthusiasts. But at least it indicates that the ranks of reluctant generals for president h ilv e been broken. VIEWS OF OTHERS To Save the City of Jerusalem /' There hns beet: Jnstnnl and widespread response to the proposal of Bishop Charles Kendall Gilbert or the Episcopal Diocese o[ New York that the United Nations take steps lo protect the sacred historical spots of Jerusalc|n, whatever disposition is made of the Palestine problem as a whole. Here are ihrint-s and monument sacred to Christian, jew and Moscicm alike. They are the subject of history and prophecy of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. The tides of war have ebbed and flowed about tlicin through all the centuries. Yet they have been spared destruction since the Emporor Titus razed the Temple of Solomon. But last Saturday, shells from Arab guns fell within the walls. The armed forces of Jew, Arab and Briton are all now represented In the Old city. Unless strong measures are taken, a K eneral conflict may break out at any time and destroy Hie historic landmarks. Whether or not a trusteeship is set up for all Palestine, then one certainly ought to be set. up for the Holy city, if the necessary action is not completed by the May 15 deadline .set by the British for moving out, the British Government should be prevailed upon to maiutan watch until the UN ca n take over. —ST. LOUIS POST DfSPATCH. Watchful Waiting BATLmtUY, APRIL Z4, 1948' • U)WM.M Propose^ 70-Gmup Air Force for UnitedStates Would Top Might of Menacing Russian Bombers "y p elfr Krtson laffm-rl -i ~~* ^* c ' e J" Kflson j Afford H "MisssE 1 ;s~ 3 ™ ^"s-r w<n "" p^=:s^s?i=^ The idea that thc U. S. needs ., iO-sroiip peacetime Air Force is not Long-range reconnaissance—Five groups. 36 to,group, 180 planes. Distillers Present Their Side On Anti-Liquor Ad Proposals THI DOCTOR SAYS By Eriwln r. Jordan, M. » Written fin- NBA Service Tno« who have "passed" a kidney itone usually say that this Is the worst pain they have ever had. Occasionally a stone may "pass" without severe pain, but thii i* Most Itldney stone* are formed In wh»t Is called the pelvis of the kidney, what U, the irregular- shaped space Inside the kidney which empties into the ureter or passageway leading to the bladder. Later they pass into the ureter, Into the bladder and nut in the urine. They may slick In the ure- ter where they frcqi / tly produce terrific pain and bleeding. Stones may occur at any age but are most common between 26 and 40. They often grow so slowly and cause few. If any, symptoms. Therefore, they may have existed for many years before a diagnosis. Causes Unknown' Causes of stone formation are not entirely known, but a good many explanations have been suggested. Including slowed urinary circulation, infection, vitam!) deficiency, climate and heredity. Once an acute attack of pain from kidney stones has developed, It is important to make sure that the stone does not stay permanently lodged in the ureter. If it .should stay there, it can produce serious Sro" mo S t stones can be discovered by X-ray, and physicians "T HAruHH IT. nicnw* (I'nlted Prrw Staff Corrwpoiulrnt) WASHINGTON, April 74. <UP>— Most men don't give a pftt for idi about breath of geranium perfume or cold wave kits. The gall d<u^t care about clear notice*. V^ I So, said the wltneM. Nut eow to show that people read only th» ads that interest them most. The witness *a« Mr. Edward 9. O'Brien, who looked like the "man of distinction" himself In blut Jacket and stiff white collar. He spokt for the Distilled spirits Institute he- committee of the Senate. The group fore an Interstate Commerce Sub- was considering bills that would put handcuffs on liquor advetr- King on grounds It spoofs th« drinking public. The committee had heard the other side the day before. Mr. O'Brien said that his observation was (hat a person didn't lean back in his easy chair »nd flip the pages of his magazine or piper nervously until he cam* to • liquor ad. "People," he said, "aren't made that way. They thumb through their reading in an orderly manner." Some of the witnesses the day before had claimed that the liquor ads. maybe, exaggerated a tiny bit Like saying a certain brand boose was as "precious as old moiids." "Well," said Mr. O'Brien. "There is—maybe—a poetic license In ad" of'" 8 ' .. Whl ° h the courts » llow How about, he went on saying Ponds." They fix up Mrs . Vi mder- bllt or the duchess and say "lookit " ,v,Jr°-J 011 SU "P° SC -" he asked the m£!rT {(Tim ^ P °"^ Pe ° P ' e who n pau l™e P 'sVir R on'hc^face^an i means Sin first-line aircraft,. There- is .some inclination to believe th.s Isn t enough _to compete with (he' I approximately 420 planes. '' i This totals a little over 3400 I planes. In addition, there would LB 22 separate squadrons, for spcc'al purposes and trainers, to account in™- ii .„„ ,.•—"" '—>.». i.-. nuo isiii enough to compete with lh/> —.H»'O>-I= niuauiuns, lor spcc'.a before . "™. "'a"""' "«»<• way long 25,000-plane Russian aTriorce ± T" 1 ^" and traincrs ' to amount SEE <€ r -f --—-- ar^'S &M&r bthe — "11," .-| l « n «L h »'th"he P money"" I ^^1^;, ,„,„ ... ^"^ ™± ^"° n ^ Is often a difficult problem and I may involve regulating the acidity' of the urine, elimination of infections and the careful choice of diet. * • • Note: Dr_ Jordan Is unable to answer individual questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently asked questions in his column. Decrease in, Drinking High prices have 'had one cheerful effect— they have discouraged a tremendous-amount of drinking. Federal liqutv tax revenue dropped $360,000.000 between 1046 and 1947. Government officials lu Washington report the taxes on alcoholic beverages in 1046 at $2,C90.9B2,0(!5 and for 1947 $2,330.100,173. As taxes represent only a part of Hie cost of liquor to the public, (he decrease in sales obviously ran much ureatcr than the $360822,792 tax decline. The people who have stopped buying liquor are mostly light drinkers. Liquor ls now a , llxliry they figure, and costs more than It's W0 rth Also numerous articles that were off the market during the war have nwhl 1)ccome purchasablei Hn[) are successfully competing with liquor for the consumer's dollar. Though the !i nl ,or traffic will shed professional tears over the falling off of alcohol taxes the country profits Ir0m th c shrinkage In llquor'con- sumplton. Alcohol always C( , st , s lhe Oovernrnc , u more than It brings In taxes through expenditure., 't adds by way of crime, destitution, sickness in- »nnity, accidents, nnd lvss(c In B( , f|lttoll> t|]e Government lose., ils h li, e hwapacltnting of several mml(ms of inet>tMes who otnc] . wise v be productive workers. And best part O f the cut in hquor tax revenue «. of course, ,hc salutary eflect on men and women of tl,i s decrease in drinking. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. full strength with the monev allowed it by Congress, Instead ol keeping the 70-grouo organization on paper, reducing ths itreng-.h of each unit a.s the Army and Navy have always done in j peacetime, the Air Force arbitrarily decided to cut down to 55 full- strength groups. So today, the 5i- But that Isn't the complete picture. In addition to the E800 regii- wilh 3200 .planes, and a 34-group i Air Re.ierve with at least 30CO. To- ! tal. 13,0:0 planes, plus 8000 planes ' Afford It cou i-ountrj cant afford it and U5e . mportant people "It's the same thing when you use a 'Man of distinction' ad " What Mr. O'Brien was trying to point out-and said so several times -is thai-there Is no difference between that face cream stuff and ads for intoxicants." •'Take the cigaret ads," said the witness "LSiMPT, Chesterfields, Camels!! They all claim to be the best. Are they? Who knows? Same iquor ads. And the spirits QUESTION: I have been both- wi , h „„„„. . . . . - - ered with pinworms. What can be "'„",„ T lor ,,*° 8 -. And the spirits done about this? .people aren t doing anything tfc»t ANSWER: There are several me-1,™ >S! n ." lW .* d ln other adveru» thods of treating pinworms. The substance which has the greatest popularity today is a dye called J nd. I resorclnol and santonin. Self-treat-j J " n0t be enlarged, too. "" Planes on active service. In reserve arc another 10.000 planes. Nobody complained about this ' policy in lots and 1DH. But now all these planes are lapidly bccom- I Ing obsolete. The H-29 Superior- ! tress is now considered a medium i bomber. The old fighter planes I -^"A *ecp up with jets. The Air t turned on by tile so-called --r report from the pres'deiu's Air Policy Commission last January. The Brcwster-Hiiishiuy Congressional Air Policy Committed seconded the motion in .March 75 Years Ago In Blythevllle— MILS .)ane Branson entertained members of the Modern Pricilla. Club last night, at her home when she had as guests, Miss Elizabeth Ann Wilson, N. B. Menard. Rouse T , . These two j ors it wauls. The line-up will then I be 21 groups, 18 to the group. 368 in ! 3r^.^rT ^' * to! ™ ™---»on O ioi,p. 240 p.nncs. all jels. ; what It would cost to mobilize ' - SS.COO.COO.OOO a year are included I Harp. E. B, Rogers. Hal Moore and Congressional Armed Services '"'""-- "- —• "•--- • and Appropriations Committee.? -ion't seem to be bothered bv anv at ••-•• - - • figures. Secretary Forrestal '*o".^u. 'jtv.itLaij ^uiie^iiii has not produced complete jusii- Ilcation for his figures. Best information available is that the figures . . . William Faught. Mkses Amanda Thrasher and Nina Barnes are ne* members. Mrs Mary Ellen Marshall of Little Rock will be guest, speaker for u.t. mvui-ii .. 111 kJC £Utijt, ajJCad.CI 1OI Chapter D. of P.E.O. Sisterhool when they meet- Wednesday with out of want it and says the country can't SO THEY SAY '( we work lo,- war. we'U surely have war."" it *'e work for p rsc e. we'll get peace-maybe.- Robert St. John, Bm i,or. \\ha.ever the Issues, there fs no valid excuse for NIB stoppage of bituminous coal production _ C ' Preslrtc " 1 ' U ' s ' Chamber of Com- n?erc°' The ti n i tcd Sla(e , haj d cloud th»t kii,s fl nv ona who mma ln conuct ".-Glenn L Martin, airplane manufacturer. The men who S p fa!( „, re , Bns „, Ul . ror , n Eu _ "Pe *r. /,.« Iritrcdnrlng a reign of terror here at nome.-Henry A . Wallace. • • » No nation in modern history has ever occupied a position of responsibility comparable to that of hU country ,od a> - nor ha , Rny country had such ,", "'"^'"""y thru«t upon It in so short a tlmc.-secretary of state Marshall. fir* „ ° telw care of > Of Pennsylvania. h 1 * r'*"* mran *° lftkc ovcr "1 Europe. hey probably have D-Day alreadv set.-H. I, wwvan, prc^dcw. University of Kentucky. ' JN_ HOLLYWOOD Ky Krskine Johnson N'KA Staff CorresiKindent HOLLYWOOD (NBA) — Boris Karloff doesn't want to frighten the kiddies anymore. His agents are hoping to land him in a'straight non-horror film role as the result of his success on the Broadway sta-e. m "Thc Liuciru Tree. 1 Karlo'ffs bis reason for doing the play was to escape the tag of Hollywood's No 1 bogeyman: Another star trying to c ., C (,pe Upe cas!mg is Barbara Britton, UIID i., fee! up with those goodv- i goody cirl roles, she wants to >)» the other woman for a change. Aside to Krlc Johnston: I)e"Pite your ban on the Al Caponc subject. Columbia Is goinjc ahead wilh preparations to»film "The Chicago Story," a picture based on the story of tbe Income lax man who helper) senrl Caponc lo prison. joes? It's definite now that Al Jotson not Larry Parks, will star In "The Jolson story" sequel. I wonder it Larry will give A! Jolson a few pointers on playing Al Jolson? * • • "Knock On Ally Door" will be a Bogart action thriller, but the title seems more appropriate tor Red Ekelton's "The Fuller Brush Man- Rogarl. by the way. almost, selected Anchor Productions as the name of his independent film producing company, then discarded the id»a when L, Bacall said: "BoRie. it's a lousy name tor a film company, people .will say. 'Anchor Productions. Thev sink'" Political Switch ' Current Hollywood political rumor: That Jimmy Roosevelt Is all set !o switch to Eisenhower for president on June 1. ... Grcer Garson and Buddy Fogelson. the fabulous Texas playboy bachelor, have been bitting the niglit spots. Bob Fellows is the hottest producer at Paramount these days with three t<5p films coming up— "Sealed Verdict." "Beyond Glory," and "A Connecticut Yankee," "Yankee," » Blng Crosby special, re- Bl' ERSKLVE JOIIXSON " ^___NEA Sl.iK Correspondent ••••••••. •••••,•,««,., •7y."7T»~"~'""~"^ Ilccts Hollywood's new economy methods. Fellows brought the picture in under budget ou a slioo-- nig schedule of only 48 days. Success story: Fifteen years a^o rhcron Warth WB.S the reception c!erk at RKO. Now he's the producer of -Blood On the Moon" at the same studio. . . . Dirk Havm.s tells me he's still looking for'tint western story in which he concentrate on heroics and only a couple of songs. »"' "" MCKENNEY ON BRIDGE ^^•IXx;*"'*"*"*;;*"*;;^;*;;*;;*;;*;;^;^;^^^^ Cross-Ruff Brings \Top Tourney Score "that, The n ?ou'.-l t01 '-' or sin s Bridge L. By William E. McKcnney America's Card Auhdirlly Written for NKA Service The national tournament dlrec- the American Contract -eague seldom get a chance Owjc Nelson says he knows a Hollywood character u-lio If so un- ' talkative that when he nods his I heads. It's considered nuite nn a'tl lib. Almost sounds like Gary COOD- er. Gary, by tile way. sounds a little enib.ira.vecl in those radio spors ! he recorded to plug "Unconcvuercd ".! When Coop start* talking about' love in the first person It's all out of character. Comedy lino Stanley Kramer, prexy of Screen Plays, Li digging x ,p yarns in which Henry Nforgan and Arnold SUni can be projected as a comedy nuo. Slang's small ro!e In "So This Is New York" has been a solid preview sock and it's a cinch he would make a great foil for the Morgan wit throughout an entire picture. • * * Ths Canon city. Colo., prison break of Dec. 30 hit* the screens May is under the title. "Canon Cily. Producer Bryan Foy is taking bows Tor one of the' quickest he-adlinc-to-film transitions. • * • llandnrlllne on the screen? » A Q J S * AJ52 Tournament — Neither vul. Joint, w«| NM- 1 V Pa.<« 1 4 2 * Pass S 4 6 » Pas> Paw Opening—* K Xu* p ass Pass to play in a tournament, being busy directing and scoring. When they no play they usually are tops on hands" !rCe " lflSe irUl m « tnemallcl11 Daniel Mahoney, tournament director of the league, played today's ,' Hn kne » r when the dummy m down that many pairs would In six diamonds. How could Infectious Diseases. Mrs. Harry w. Haines will serve as president ot this group for the coming year. Others serving witn j dummy. He ruffed a club in dummy with the six of diamonds, ruffed another spade with the jack of diamonds, ruffed another club, led the five of spades and ruffed It with the ace of diamonds. Then all he had to do WHS to lead the queen of diamonds, overtake In dummy with the king, cash the two diamonds to pick up the ig. It's legal and you can't blan._ * '7" /or tryln * to P"=n the product that makes his job." / An earlier witness had mentioned strung- about liquor ads appeal. to the very young to take up a career of drinking. Mr. O'B. said it was quite the contrary—"our ads are not aimed m_ that direction." "Dp the gun manufacturers cater to th» gangsters trade?" He asked or are they more anxious to sell their guns to hunters? Same thing " A great deal went into record i the early part of the hearing concerning allegedly "dishonest advertising." One witness to reply to this was Author D. Jenkins, publisher of the Carlyle ((III.) Union Banner. The money the llttl* papers would lose, he said, would- n t pay the printer's devil H was the principal of the thing. Censorship in ads. h« said, is dangerous. Mr. O'Brien borrowed a faw words from an old Florida publisher friend, who taid: "....I don't think the distillers are benefactors of mankind—nor do I envision them us having horns, tails or pitchforks I simply see something (in these bills) that could spread to government control of all advertising." ,T? ere ' K enL % is the other itdt of the pitchers. trumps, and his two spades were good, giving him 13 tricks and a top score on ths board Dairy Firm Opens Store CARUTHBRSVILLE. Mo Apr* M.—The Pevely Dairy Co., of S^J u>uis opened a retail store in this city this week, in -the new Teroy Building on West Fifth Street. The firm will operate as a retail dairy »»fr and also have bulk merchandise and their own brand butter. George Harris Is manager. her will be; Mrs. Joe Craig. Mrs. C. R- Ba'.icock. Mrs. Floyd White, Mi's. w - C. Higginson | Stevens. and Mrs. Ros* Archbishop HORIZONTAL 1.8 Pictured archbishop. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. 14 Property recipient 16 Pace 17 Indentation VERTICAL 1 Antiquated 3 Bind 4 Corded fabric R Preposition C Surrender • 7 Sharp 8 Hops' kiln* 9 Baronet (ab.) crown 10 Whirlwinds J9 Plait IT Papal 19 Petty quarrel 11 Pacific island 20 Symbol (or 13 Be«st§ of burden 13 Compound ether IS Negative 24 Bury -£ 25 Brad* munlsl movie, "Nlnotchka He added up the ace ot spades. • • « : see of hearts, five diamonds In Clark and Warner Bro< : w'-k'" 5 ' """ thC "* ° f clllbs ' El8ht huff and ci ark i, chorK . [ ,„ ^ome *ay or other he Jad ;..™>' Pe.wolfe's pur- I m(mds a . d ° , i Dane are in a Ing out. | chase of a house" started mnrr'iaje i unpack- I've lived out of a suitcase so lone it will be strange to go . aTeL'^rl'V? ri "C 1 ,l" ve to pass • ° r '^-monds. 'cashed a des k cleik In toe hall." | c | ub , and <U KUM , , * «n the opening ,ead o, the : '" g of spatt " '" d" 1 "" 1 !', dlscard- " >sr * heart from hls hand - Now I-.- niffcd a spsrie with the five selenium 31 Son of Seth (Bib.) n Myself 2.1 Ireland 26 Heavenly' body 28 Fillip 30 Sacred buH 31 Sesame 32 Ocean 33 Depend 3-1 Hindu garment 38 Evergreent 37 Pealed 39 I am (conlr.) 40 Wind 44 Transpose (ab.) 45 Ceremony 48 Bring to naught 49 Genus of shrubs 51 Trapper 53 Redactor* 0 55 Tawdry thc ace of j 56 Times ot the ht«rt from | Tr*H 26 Lance 38 Grinn herbajt ^0 Twist int» r 'ngleli ,,,.,.*•*' 11 Onward 33 Italian s*aporl 42 Roman data 35 Resident 43 Vein Physician of 46 Light brown l«H.*f U .l' 47 Bitter vetch' I« H« i, the 49 Belong, to H archbishop of 50 Also Washington, S2 Eye (Scot.) ! "' c - S< Medical suffi»

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