The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 25, (ARK.)' cntmtan NEWS New Organization Is Plan-' nmg Cily Bcautidcation of R,' P. Klrshner, long ouUtnnd- tng in flower activities of Blylhe- vlllc. was elected president of the new Blytheville Garden club in n mecliiit Tuesday night at tlie city )inll. Other oil leers, unanimously clio.srn to head the organisation arc: Mrs. W. J. Pollard, vice president; Mr*. W. L. Homer, secretary, and liodncy L. Bunlslev, treasurer. This group, which Is to have for its aim to foster the beautinca- llon of Blyllicville, to enhance interest, in the Browing of more [lowers nnrt to enjoy the fellowship of its mcmberr in (their gar-1 instructive speakers at the month- den work, made far reaching j | v programs to lie held the .second plans in. lost night's meeting nlly^ndcv niijIU In each month, ex- whicli time the organization was rept during December anil Jnnu- completcd. . ; ij al ._ Vi nn ,| to have numerous other Mrs. J. A. Leech was elected j activities, membership chairman and she For tin; next, meeting, In uddl- Negro Collects Wages Earned 37 Years Ago UAYTI. Mo. — Thirty-seven /ears ago West Hall, 55, negro sharecropper now living on the R. B. Oliver Estate cotton olantatiou at Pascola. Mo,, :even miles west of here, \vork- d for the Illinois Central ratl- •cad in Albany, Miss. He milt his job and wajkcd off, not, topping to collect his wanes. Last week he mentioned this 0 Prltco Agent Harry Hicks 1 P.iscola. who volunteered' lo rile a Ittlcr for the negro a the railroad. Wedne.scluy In'l rowlved it draft on the railroad dated In August. 1900. or Ihe sum of S'J.'JO for the •oik he had done at Uie rale »r 40 cents a day. The rail- •oad's draft was molted from ;hi:ago. will up|K>inl a committee to have membership campaign to be PAOK THREE' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Lion lo the report of the member- i and the contest | jslilp campaign concluded at the next meeting, | project committee, it will be "swap Moiulny, April 5. The member-1 night" with each'member bringing ship is open to all interested men] extra plants from their gardens to ;>.nd women of the city with the j be exchanged among other mcm- mcmbershlp fees to he $1 annu-Ujpi^ • ally- Much was accomplished at Uie ness, it was decided to have a /lower show In June and another the flower/show at the Mississippi j .in further discussing the mem- I bership of the club, it was voted ] to have members enrolling through county fair, to have contests, with substantial awards for city-wide beautilieLilir.n projeclfi, tlie details of which lo be mapped out by a special committee, to have Give some thought to Ihe LAXATIVE .H; June meeting as charter members and to Issue membership cards and with these cards will Riven copies of bulletins telling the best shrubs lo lie tiseil in this section of the country and the cu'reet methods of landscaping. rienorU given showed that there is^already much interest in tiie new organization and there is Incentive for a beautificatloti pro- yon take Constipation is not to be with. When you need n laxative, you need n good one. Black-Draught purely vegetable, reliable. It does not upset tbe stomach but acts on the lower bowel, relieving constipation. When yon need a •laxative, take purely Vegetable BLACK-' DRAUGH A coon, i,AXATiyi<; gram which will last Among other matters for token SUES TH Approval of Two Per Ceul Levy by Senate Regarded as Cerlain JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.— Til o two p;r cent sules tax bill, expected to produce revenue In excess of {SM.OQO.OCO n year, was passed In Uie house Wednesday afternoon vlrtiinlly without urBUiucnl. H now will go lo the senate for action, and Ms passage tliero Is practically certain. The vole was 105 to 27. Introduced as nn admlnUtrallon niKisiirc the bill received almost united siipiw from (lie Democratic members. II was prepared nl the direction of Ciov. Slark. the <lou- bled revenue over Dial produced liy the present one per ccnl lax being considered by. him ncce.wnry to el pnyments of old ntte pensions Off u> lilt luint. u- e, doni |>nt :ill your i^ys in one Iws "And what's vvroiu; wiih that il I keep an eye on tlie b.iskei? est Colds . . . Yield quicker to llie Poultice-Vapor action of X/ICKS W VAHORUB nnd relief cxlxmdlUires. Tilo new act contains no expiration ilnte niul will continue mull repealed or ehansi'd by some future legislature. H contains an emergency clause mid will become efrccilvc as soon as passed by the .wnnlc nnd approved by (lip governor. Clov. Stark expressed the oiilnlon Hint Ills three-cent gasoline tax proposal would also Iw Approved by both houses of I lie leulslntuni "by lime m ujorl tics." 'Hie feovernor mude Ills stiiteincnt tn mi Interview In which he crl^.clml'tjU! uctlvlly of Hoy R lirltto'ii, prc.sUumt of the Automobile Club of'.Mlssouri; tn o])- 1 . position (o thn Inereiised tnx. Tlu' propuwd liix Increase, If up. HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY , Doctors lay your LUhicya nmlain IS mllci I proved by Ilic leglslnturn, will not become effective until December. 193S, because of the prohibition In Uie constitution of any incrensc uti- ttl 10 years nfler the passage of the , t75,000 """I bond Issue in 1092B, ' R«d coiinrr ntws Wain Ao> ' A •small nitlnicl of the Pyrncnecs," Hie desman, has tuch a long, mo-' bile nose that It can thrust it into ,"| Us own mouth. i. Sho Dt liny lube* or lillcr liny owl Howl mil Icep you liftiOltiy. hicya nmlain IS m lilch hcl|> lu jiurify be* or lillcra vlilch hcl|> lu jiurify thu | l Icep you liftiOltiy. Moil i>eoplA IIMI Jnl* iitlny or&iu'iil 3 IIOUIWB of w «io. . ntioul 3 iiJnl* iitlny or&iu'iil 3 IIOUIWB of w «io. I'n'incM or Knnly iiflMJiKEa vvilb immljui - r _ ^ flliovii tlieio nmv ho Bouii:lL.._ B VCVIIK ^111' yuiir Viilntya or tilndiler, • Au cicv-'a ol ivrliUor iiotsona In your bloc*!, «!icn due to riuu'Uouul kliJtiey itlionlrri, >nny llQifrr UiG cye5, lirAiltvi'lLrs DIM illtilncM. •' " Alk yoiit Jrui llc-n'l ill*, u? veirs. 'I'li lk V Pill*, u?nl Burcenfully liy '' .1*1 fur IJc&n'a for pv«r 40 i -• ' II, ' W.PA 1 n a u gu rates Recreation Program For Liixora People LUXOfiA, Ark.— Announcement lias been made of the opening at Luxora of a WPA recreation and leisure-time center under the supervision of . Nina Dycss Carroll. Mrs. Lilly Warren is In charge of u play room for pre-school chll- •as the selecting of a flower tori tlren, which Is open from 8 a.m. to the city, to be used to decorate all I 3:15 p.m. each day in one of the vacant lots, as well as private yards, and It will be decided at a later' meeting whether this will bo the pink, wygelia or the pink crepe myrtle. It was also decided that tlie club would be some- thins definite nl once toward gelling Elytheville's down town section clean as the First step in launching the beautification program. New members • enrolled were Paul Craig, Smith-Hughes instructor tit the city high school.. and M. A. Long, superintendent of the' Blythev'ille hospital. school rooms. Mothers are Invited to bring or send their children to the play room and an appeal has been Issued to the general public to contribute toys, books antl game. 1 ; for use in the room. A piano has been purchased for the Community Center and n free library has been started, for which books and magazines have been contributed. Softball, volley ball, basket ball, tennis and boxing teams arc being organized, under tile supervision of NYA and volunteer workers. Cro- Toklq's. metropolitan police have approved '\ the showing of news reels in -subway stations of the ' ' Read Courier Want Adi = Easter POULTRY Fryers, dress, ea. 5!)c Hens, live. Ib. . Ho Full Dressed. Ib. 24c PORK Chops, end cuts. 25c" Roast. lean. Ib 23c Sausage, pure. Ib 'JOc Ned: Bones, Ib 7!ic BEEF H. K. Tender Steaks. Ib ... 20c Boneless Stew. Ib 15c K. C. Rib Roast 19c Best K. C. Steaks Lb 32c CURED MEATS ' Puritan. Hams. : .i or whole. Ib 25c Center Cuts. Ib 35c Fey. Sli. Bacon 28c Bacon Squares, lb2Cc VEGETABLES'-& PRODUCE Celery or Lettuce, nice and -fresh, ea. ICc Rice Tomatoes'or Bell Peppers. Ib .. 12'.ic Yellow Onions, Ib 4c Garlic, pkg. 4c Potatoes, red or white. 10 Ibs 33c Grapefruit or Oranges, large. 3 for .... 10c FANCY & STAPLE FOODS Eggs, fresh country, for dying, (ton .... 23c Cccoa, pure and wholesome. 2-lb box .. 15c Coccnut. fresh shred. '«. )b lOc; Ib 19c Cuke Flour, Sno-Sheen. box 25c Finest Silk Flour, pi. or S. R. 24 Ibs .. 51 Pickles, qt .. 15c Olives, c|t .. 29o NOTIONS & NECESSITIES Pans Egg Dye, pkg -. 10c Chocolnts Easter Eggs, doz lOc Hi-Flier Kites and String ac & Be Easter Cookies, good and fresh. Ib .... -IDc Marshmallows. soft and fresh. Ib .... I5c Show Card Paints, Carter's, jar 20c 111 [). Main U'c Deliver 1'lifiiic 23! RSTE PRICE GRO. & MKT. Sec Our \Vcekly 1'rice Shed for More Specials quct Is being played In the city park. Gymnasium .classes for wolnen and girls wiH'stitrt next, week nil der the direction of Mrs. Carroll, assisted by Mrs. Frank Dcnton, Mrs. Walter Wood, agricultural committee chairman, will conduct classes in arts and handicrafts. "Regalia Highsteppcrs." wVitten by Pauline Benrden of Luxora, will be presented on the stage of the high school auditorium under the sponsorship of the Recreation Council." • • • • ' ' Mrs. R. C. Langs ton Is chalrmar of the Recreation Council. Other officers are: T. D. Wllklns, superintendent of Schools, vice-chairman Mrs. 13. O. Wllklns, secretary and treasurer. Other members are Mrs Walter Wood, Mrs. J. J. Johnston, Mrs. Frank Denton, Dr. M. Ij. Cantrell. Rev J. T. • Handle nnd Mrs Lem Stanford. 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Mr. and Mrs. Curt Benton and daughter, Sue Carol, have gone to Flint. Mich., where Mr. Benton has employment. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Kenley were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Thompson of Blytheville. Dr. E. G. Cope and J. t. Rose accompanied Miss Evelyn Rose Ui Memphis Tuesday, she entered Uie Methodist hospital for an operation. Earl Wayne Kennett of Shelbyville, nut., spsnt the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Z. Kennett. II. T. West died Monday morning at the age of 84. He leaves his wife, two daughters and tw'o sons. Miss Ruth Williams, a student in the Teachers college at Cape Gl- rardeau, spent the week end here as the guest of Miss Evelyn- Rose. R. H. Tinnin and Mr. and Mrs.- Nelson Tinnin accompanied Mrs R. H. Tinnin to Memphis Monday. "She' entered the Methodist hosuftal for medical treatment Mr. and Mrs.--Robert Hill and children of Cape ;Glrardeau 'spent the week end. here wllli Mrs. Hill's mother. Mrs. T, B.<. Kinsolvlnr TERRY ABSTRACT & , REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loan) E. M. Terry, Prts-andMgr. Phone S17 BljIhevillt.Ark. Will Honor Scientist Who Was:Born ; aSla Y e • JACKSON,. .Miss.— Dr. -George Washington Carver, bprii' In slavery, stolen as a' baby' and traded for a horse as a boy, will be one of the outstanding scientists and honored guests at the Mississippi Cheimirgjc Conference liere April 12-13. • ' : • The ngcti "scientist b director of Chemical.Research and Experiment Stations for Tuskegee jlnstl tute. He discovered nearly 300 u scful by-prod uc Is from pean u ts during his experiments, discovered n 'method of making starch from sweet potatoes, found how to make synthetic marble from wood shavings . and worked ou fcores of benefits for Southern Agriculture. Carver will deliver an address and be honor guest when thi delegates go to Laurel. Miss., to inspect the slate's ' polato starch plant. TO ROU OUT TRO\JBU$,"$TiAU ROLIERME WINTER ., fa" Bottles' J' >vJO (ONTEHTMEHT\ WITH FAISWF „ KHOWTR01WEJ FIAT- OHE BOTTlE (AHDMERRIIYYOW'U \ \ It's The Beer That's On Everybody's Tongue I FalstafT Winter Deer—the beer with the merry tingle and sparkling taste tang is making warm friends everywhere. It has that certain something no other beer has captured! You'll favor its priceless flavor! Keep a supply in your home. Order by case from your dealer or take home a handy six-bottle bag. «»'«•"->FF DRI-WTNO conp., ST. IOII^-OMAHA-NBW muTANs Canadian Group Sends $5 for Flood Relie: A $5 cash contribution to bf used for Red Cross flood relle purposes wns received here re eently by Mrs. Dan Stout from r Sunday school group in Watford Ontario, Canada. The amount wa turned over to B. A. Lynch,, who had charge of Red Cross contri bntlons in (he recent emergency. The contribution came ' Iron George Thompson, secretary o the group, who read accounts o flood condition here some tlrni ago. Watford Is the former homi of Mrs. Stout, although she is no acquainted with those who § the money. Fireplace Traced Back To King Philip's Tim MEDPIELD, Mass, (UP)—Al plionso Allen, 82-year-old farmc who still tills the soil by hand, i more proud of his fireplace, be lieved built about King Philip' timei than the 287-year-old farm house in which he lives., About 50 years a?o Allen dlscov ered there was another flreplaci behind the one already there. H removed It ind found there wis third. He removed that one an found the original one he think was built nbout King Philip's time. . . Boake Carter speaking: -'.'••'•..''.''••' •• . ' . i - ''';•''.- '' "Luckies don't catch your tliroat-they're easy and smooth" "The thing I prize mostismy reputation for saying what 1 think. Here's what I sincerely think about smoking—it's one of the greatest pleasures in the it or id, but it can be utterly spoiled by throat irritation. 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