The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1933
Page 3
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1 Served United by the Press EKTHEWtLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 139 D*lly, Me**- Blythertlle Oooritr. v»lle» U«der Blytheyllle Herald. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1933 ' Keeps in Shape Challenge In • Speech Yes\ terclay .Civcs Allies New Food for Thought. UKIiUN. AUK. W (UP>—Ch-lll- fi-llov A:lo!ph HUU'i, iihrady the C'.-nlcr of :i diplomats wliirl|;<,ol, lA.'tause of tin Austrian Nazi threats against tlic Austrian k' (rnmtn'.. save allied ):owe:s lood .or more anxious thoughts uxliy wilh the stiueim-iit that r.miiany (i(-\f:r would consent lo ^ivt- up tlu 1 lich Saar territory. Flying to Rudehchn. 5U miles Iran the Saar bolder, aftc:' ccrc- lu'Jtiles in honuv til President Paul von Illndonbui-ji, Hitler said in a .•.peecli to 150,00!) persons. "Tlie Saar musl be returned to Germany. Germany never will renounce the Saor district. If tlie Ver.stillles treaty is holy to us it r ust be holy also to our enemies." He referred 10 "lies" outside oi Oi-nnany that Ills government was ": upressini," . Germans. "1 am always ready to appeal 10 the nation again." lie said, "if 1 do more than live-sixths ol the : i.tlun will b? behind us.'" Miss New York a Milking Champion! Planned New Magazine .for j Years Says Hull's Assistant Moley. ' Ex- : Price Increase in Cotlon Imperative to AvoicJ Calastro'plie—Pankheac' 23 States Favor Repeal As Texas Enters Parade - DALLAS, Aug. 28 '(UP)—Texas | today was number 23 in the par- iHle of wet ."I;Irs. Latest rcturm oj Ihe 'Ir:-..:-. fje-nton bureau from r.atinday's election gave: For re|n-:il 279.M7: Againsi rsp:al 1C5,- j Vfi. \ Tor iejaliKiiion of beer 2B3.- *;^5; Agairst !e°ali?.atton of beer Seventy counties still v:ere dry, ciiid 53 were wel as the result of Ihe local option election, giving _ it majority in llie incomplete tab- i i-liUion of 17 tounti:i; in which | :»les of bc;r will be prohibited) •vhen it bncumej le.,al elseulieii: I September 15. I J r.\'i: VLASEK, above, cue or .Iliillywonrt's lovollr-sl yoiiliu intjvii- [iluvera, t:avK sin: lias [ihiyera. t:ayK slu lii-i:n keeping in »h;i|io liils mer by plnyinf ilaily :n ln-jrh. And «»W picture c to Drove i(. IlLTH'BEEB NEW YORKV. ! AU$. n (UP. —. liiiymoixl V.oleyy dt.sertlng '. .llio! f.cld ol 1:111011™! politics for iii:i_t-' •izKlni! piiblislllnp., mildly denied (oday that his .resignation from •he state de.pair.-mMU was caused by friction with his chief. Si'cre- Uiry of Siai* Curdc-ll Hull. On the othti liaiut he asserted •iltli Ihe vigorous-support of Vincent /.stor and W. Averlll Harrl- mnn, his associates in a forlh- coming polllUiil-i'-oiifMiili- weekly lidiie, that his plans for^ cs- blimenl ol the new journal of thought had been in the making for years with the blessing j 01 President Roosevelt. In a mtis.s inionlev. 1 in tnc ol- ficcs of Aslov. tli_> liiiei- editors enthusiastically outlined their p'ans for printing a thoueht-com- VflliiV! magu/iife which v;l!l baek llie liberal RnoifviOllan theories, "In plain English which will bei i-nderslood by the man on thci _' street, and the man 0:1 the farm". What? Miss New York winning a milkmaid contest! Well, it sur- Allrilmle Death 01' Walrhmah To Slioc.k Of rfohluj Wceilin Maj Kr Xrvt HYDE PA11K. K. Y.. Alia. 28 (U P) -.prrsid^nl lioosevelt real-hed the parting of llie ways today 7':lh Professor rtayinond Moley, [prised western com|>etltors, loo, when Miss Viola Henry, of Norwlcx N. Y.. a Cornell University co-ed, captured top honors at the mllkin? contest, at A Century of Progress In Chicago. Here she's shown the champion's cnp alter she hud Illk-d her .pail with 1(3 pouncls anu six ounces of milk at the end of three minutes allowed In the contest City Revenue From New Beverage Not Expected To Exceed $500. "Continue In School" A flat annual privilege license: ot $15 was im|>osed on beer re- ] Callers by an ordinance, with Movement Is .Urged ^^^^.^S •—-'--£••-"•"• '--'Tiiphlf The ordinance goes .fn'.'j effect Immediately. It is anticipated that revenue from beer licenses will not ex•rd £5CO annually. The license will not be collected ssml-anmial - ly, as are other city licenses, and consequently beer retailers irujsT p:iy $15 for the privileee of sell- ;i_c the 3.2 per cent beverage for ihe remaining four months and lour 'days of 1933. The ordinance, prepared by Mayor Cecil Shane with the assistance ot City Attorney Sam Manait is niodeled closely after key man of the celebrated "br:\in", who Is credited with or' !:'a'in_, much of the program nl the nev. deal. Moley's reason fcr resigning as assistant, secretary of slate was (.iven as his- desire to accept the cditciship ol a nev/ nation-wide weekly backed b.' Vincent Astor, LI close friend of the president. Political observers immediately in- . icrprcted it as ,n necessary mDve|Hul! (Jump riVCS LaUSC Ut- ! hxclianue LstlfTiatCS (c keep peace in the president's' ~ • « - • - clfice family. Moley is known to 'iirve dragrerrt on miilter.s of ]K)I-I •r/ with his immediate superior,; Secretary of State Cordell Hull. The resignation led immcdiate- ^<m»*«i»««^ •«•«•• ••IrfllhBh^ U^l I bl ON HULL FlfitS OF CD™ OFF Ccimnlssloncis o'f ri !iigrl.cuHiiri! and lei.dcrs lu the coftoii/gi'awliiii hi- iliiMry from five Jo'uUii'rn stales :m-i hero today to consider a pro- IHWUI ID limit -fuliiri! ciups In U3 I.TI- cent uf Hit 1 IIVLTIIBR (or the lust live yours. Kcimwr John II, Dankhcad of Alubiitim opened the discussion with the declaration thai tin: col- »nn farmer's condition Is "csidis- tro|ihir". "I'lie [miner ij; GO' ]ier cent :bu oil under the NHA pro him he was ill IBM," Sennloi jnnkhcii'. 1 told the conference, "bo- :iuse ll.e cast of other pri) ins «on'e up. lie can -buy now v.llh ration between Oc,; and I0i more llian he could' when i was tc, A price inerease In tlu. inulh's first ranking crop Is Im I'ciiitlv;." Harry I). Wilson, Lo'ulslan commissioner of agriculture, ad vocatcd Ihc plan whereby limlta l.on would be placed -on glnnln HI order to bring about u 05 pt tent reduction from the five yet average. This, he said, wmild re mil In nn annual reduction of fi 3P9.COO bales, and should boost co lo from 12c lo 14c. The acreage reduction plan "liiuiBlcsome", Wilson declare The conferees agreed lhal despl the ncrcaec cut this year's outp vjll approximately equal year's. Wilson's plan set' n quo or every cotlon farmer In the .ovth. When he had ginned Hint rnioiint his maximum sale volume would hnvc bren reached. MRMPH1S, Aug. 28 (UP)-Thirty i hours after he wos'bomut and 8iiK6i'il and forced lo watch three yoBUS brenk Inlo Hie safe at. Wlnk- li man's llukery fur which he served as iiluht watchman, Robert c. Htfwavl. 81, was found dead in l:c<l toitay. Stewiirt was unharmed by tliu robbers bill relatives attributed Ills dentil lo shock ami fili;hl experienced during llie holil- >. The roljlx'ry occurred Saluiday mid he seemed none the ui :<• (or l!ie exiK'rlence Suiuluy. Hi j'L'KKS obtained only $St) In •h and 510 In stumps from tlw :etty cjish driiwris. They coukl not enk open mi Inner slronn Ixix nlnt! Salnnlay'ji rccclnls. yiuIW n:>)l. Employers Being Chrxko'l by I.oca 1 Coin- mil Ices Over U. S. Hlylhevllle's checkup committee started Us work Ihls morning. No report of lls activities had beei leceived early this aflenioou. inidduy i aln delaying returns mad by members of llie committee. fensive Odors and. Growl h 1,259,000 Bales HAYTI. Mo: — The Carulhers- v,.!e Rotary cliib of Pemiscot county \vill embaik on its counly- ttirtn "Ccntinue In School" movement soon. The object is lo yel all the rural children of tnis county wiio have finished (lie eighth grade -to continue li^nicjli the high school course. While the members do not ur_;e Ihe children to attend the Car- i:lhcrsville high school, they do net think it necessary for the i.hildren to KO out of tins sphere tf. oth?r schools. The club has bc-en divided, into seven comniit- lees. and each has a selected Lpiaker. who will address the parents nf the different rural school children. tlie state- law legalizing sale beer and light wines pas5:(i bj fol- Closinff Stock Prices A. T. ,t T. ......... .. 130 Anaconda Copper ---- — Bethlehem Steel ..... 41 5-8 Chrysler ............. 46 3-4 Cities Service ......... 31-8 Coca Cola ............ 93 1-2 General American Tank 39 3-8 General Electric ..... 25 3-8 "pneral Motors ...... 35 1-8 International Harvester 42 1-8 Middlewesl Utilities .. 1-2 Montgomery Ward . . 29 3-8 New York. Central — 52 Packard ............. b 1-2 .Phillips Petroleum ... 15 5-8 Radio Corp .......... 9 Simmons Beds ....... 27 5-8 St. Louis San Francisco 5 7-8 Standard of N. J ..... 39 3-3 Texas Corp' .......... 25 3-4 U. S. Sli;l lo a renewal of persistent re- nvts that Serrel.iry of . Treasury Vuliam H. Woodin planned to ' Smoke, Chief Declares Gentle persuasion, with a hint that rigid regulations muy be brought Into use is to be tried on Elythe\ ille cotlon ginncrs fol-1 Imung.prolestJ against fumes and. Less Than 1932. - . I Hlmlll^ UIULVQI^ ugulllol IM,llk^ 1" esign.^^ Woodin^ has beeji^ awayj ^ Q - . ro 7,,'bluing hull dumps. _. ___^ .^^ ^.^ M l)roh)emj w _j_ C |, has Iweomr somnlhins; of a repu- lar fall nuisance for city officials, is to be dealt with firmly this rom his ofllce for weeks because i ilinf:>s and the r:cent revcla- cn linn his name was on the preferred customers list" of J. P. Icrgan. brought criticism from ariots congressmen. (aims State Senator Named In Bond year,' accordlntj to Fire Chief Hoy Hcnd. head soys there'is a city ordin- NEW YORK, Aug. 28 (UP) — The world supply of all growth i' cotion thla season'will be about 1.259,000 "un!rs-les5 than'last, year ii . was estimated todiiy'by the New York cotton' exchange aer- vice. Tlie incliratrd world supply this Hnsnn was placed at 30,407,01)0 l:ales, agalnsl 40.6Gfi.OOO last season, and -10,401,000 two seasons ago. American cotton in the Indicated supply promised to be ance providing for strict rcgul.1- fmtl || er ||,| s K0 ason than last, but lions which may be enforced If u,o S np n iy of foreign cotton h ex- becomc a problem I p(:c tcd (o be larger, the service re| ported. Chief Head explained tluit trou- FUI'GRIA, Knnsns, Am;. 28 iU]];i L . starls when a hull pile ! — A \vrrant for .t arrest of Warren W. Fir.ney, state senator and ignited. The fire burns down to the soured hulls beneath the toy 57. New York Cotton Ihc recent legislature. It lcv:s the state law in that re trictlcns and qualifications nee- -Sfary for a state permit are con mined in the cit-y ordinance. The ordinance requires that re tr.ilers must sign an affidavit no tr> viciate sections of the measur ffnd -niLSt exhibit a -state perm \vhen applying for city license it further provides that viola lions of state liquor laws afte the licsnse has been issued wi itsult in revocation of the license Conforming v:ith the state la the ordinance also provides that only citizens who have been residents of the state for two years ?!Hl wr.o are qualified electors ir.ay handle beer. As lar as thess restrictions go however it has been indicated lhat the city will take tho exhibition of a state permit as sufficient evidence 'of qualification, since the same restrictions Ere also required before the state ci-.n issue a license. Tlie ordinance does not tax v.holesaler.s. the mayor and council deciding that under terms of president of ,;lhe Fidelity | ; ,_ cr which give olT a very of :ate and Sivinjs' liank, was is- fensive odor and smoke. While ;ed here today. I Chief Head does not aeeuse tin-] The warrant, btcst development I rm directly of isnltini! hu?. j :n the million dollar Kansas boixt | i:i!es, he says lhat a fire does' r'.anrtai. charged embexzlemcnl ol 1 lessen their problem oj disposing S70CKM) from the inst'tulfnn. i oi Ihe hulls, and since the hulls Finney is the father of Ronald » rc lhdr Properly it is their re of American cotton for the season was placed at 24,253,000 bales, a decrease of 1,931.000, and lu'.eien Krov:th at 10.154,000, an increase of 072.COO. Chattanooga Restaurants Abandon 15 Cent Meals CHATTANOOGA, Tcnll., Aug. 28 (UP)—The day of the "depression snack" is a thing of the put In "hattiiiooga. The local r«taunui| Association has ruled thit the 15- cent lunch, : must .go and that the extra cup of colfee, heretofore In great demand, will no .longer be tree. Chattanooga's hungry can. no longer order a couple of doughnuts for a nlcklc and get two or three extra, cups of coffee for the price of one. The minimum price 1 , of a plate unch was fixed al 25 cents. It hac formerly been as low us flfteei cents. All sandwiches must cost ter cents or more. Finney. young financier hsld In ,-he Topeka jail lu connection with .'•'Ic^ed forgery of moA- lhan one m"lion dollars of municipal and 'cliool bonds. Get Excited on Pretty Boy Bank Alarm HOT SPRINGS. 'UP1-H wn<; Ark., Aus. 28 v Bov" but spcnsibtlity to see that the fires do not start or that are promptly halUd if they do start. Hull pile fires resulting in complaints such as have reached his office will mean the issuance ol orders requiring all hulls to be iomo\ed outside the city Utility Chief Head declares. The fire department spent about two hours at. Ihe Roland Wo'.'ori gin Friday night extinguishing lira in a hull pile after complaints had been made to city officials NEW YORK. Aug. 28 (UP) — Cotton closed .steady, open high Oct O>-c Jan March May July JG3 %i 918 981 983 994 598 1012 101G 1028 1033 1038 low 952 971 983 991 1016 1033 close l'G2 JS1 H94 1097 1024 1038 "•ol the noted lad of the Oklahoma Flovds lhal caused Ihe police here to answer a hurried call with sun- mnchine guns. "Send a car and some officers to the Arkansas National Bank, I -mirk-" son-.rone telephoned. I f_ xcurs i on goat Captain "Thanks, boys." a smiling gen-' r tleman at the bank greeted them. "You see. the baby was lost, but Cobb to Cotton Control Program STARKVILLE, Miss.. Aug. 2fl 'UP)—Cully A. Cobb, director o the federal colton reduction cam palgn under Secretary of Agrlcul Key Industries Under €<nlf WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (UP>- Viluntrers bc;nn 5. natlon-wldn •nnvoj.s of small employers loO.iy :is the government ]>ush!d Its na- 'lonal recovery, drive Into a critical phase. Approval of an automobile code muuijhl all the key Industrie: rder Ihe blue cagl« except coal uit observers feared cumpllra- icnr, In Its application because ot i clm^e lempcratlnx the labor i:iovL':loni nl the national vecov- rv act and Ihe attitude of Henry On the eve of the drive to line un .-.Inall businesses Administrate! Hugh S. Johnson esthnaled that 'rom 70 to 80 per cent o( the nation's : employers were operating under codes or^ llie |presiderit's re- (raployment a (Tecrrtant; •!»•- -f-< *• He (old canvassers "We cannot •ifford to fall", and besecch-.'d them Co tefralii from intlinltia- t'or, and violence during the two week drive. Indicatinu the fov- ernmenl was about ready to deii with violators of codes and agreements. He said the government Mould collect evidence arjainnl violators and present II at a public hearln?. Bandits Hold Galena, Mo:; Man Captive Until Time Lock Is Of ': flAl.KNA, Mo., Aug. 20 W')~ A'lcr nlV ull lilalit reign of Uirror i his home, Troy Slone, .cashier | of Ihe Hank of Galeno, was kld- nnued by Ihrec bundlts and forced to oiKii'thc bank vault. The bandits tied with tl.700 al- nr a Imiid-to-hani] encounter with V. B. Craig, bank president., whom they locked In the vault with Hone. • Tlie imprisoned men -set . oil it Inirnbi 1 alarm and citizens iXd (hem. A posse .took up :h<> puisiill of the bandits' autbf). The Stones were '.sitting pu td'c l-liuk |»ireli nf their, home last i.lj/ht. when three- masked men ap- ' l":iircd [IIK| ordered them to enter the house. Shortly before day? Ireak two of the men" left the,.. house ulth '.'tone and took him. ] to the bank. There, -they com.-lulled him to. lie pn the floor be- lilnd Ihe coiinter until 8 A.'" If when the lime lock on the safe" was released. As Simla was being forced .''.0' open the vault, Craig entered., TK? bank president grappled with nifc of the bandits, knocking a pistol | H cm Ills hand. Then the bandit recovered Ihe weapon and S l; one rnd Craig were forced Into fno ^null. The bandits - selied the n'oney, sjamined the door, shut ; pij | t):e tv.o men and fl;a. S!nvin'« Hearjn? Cet :'::\: For Wednesday Morning: HAYTI, Mo.—Jim Slavln 'Is-In .he county jail at paruthersviUc Toeing a charge of niurder in the first degree in connection with.] the death' of Everett Baird of this city, who succumbed Wednesday night In the Blythevllle hospital from complications resulting from .serious knife wounds allegedly inflicted by BUwln during, a;fight on I the : Winslow' place two miles north .ij of here Tuesday afternoon. Aofust '.I tnre Wallace, return to the campus of Mississippi State College where he obtained his education, to soeak at the annual visitor's dav AUR. 23. His address here will be the first of two scheduled for the Mid- south the last of this month, with another address lo be given at Arkansas'' cotlon experiment station at MarUmna on Aug. 31. when Pat Woods, Lumberman, Dies at Clarendon Hotel CLARENDON, Ark., Aug. 28 (U jj)_pal Woods. S6. w-ell known In lumber circles of the Iri-statcs. C'ett suddenly last night at the Clarendon hotel here. Woods came down lo dinner In the I'.otcl and a few minutes later hn slumped over with a heart attack and died laimedlately. The lody was being taken today to f'amden, Tenn., his native home for burial. Woods had been employed with a lumber firm at Clarendon oper- rted by his brother, fiugenf. "xVoods, of Memphis. Chief Head said after the fire j the annual field day will be held, w.if halted Wolfort promised co- (•pcralion in preveiVng sl.^.ilar oe- ! ':vrronces in the •future. alf Moon Revival Services Draw Crowdi Much interest is being 'niv.!!- esled in llie evangelis'llc meeting t Half Mcon of which the Rev. . Q. Rorie, pa.'lor of the FirJ' fethodist church, has charge-. There were 14 conversions lust 'flit making a total of 75 J'icc lie revival began, The Rev. Mr. Rorle preaches ach. night under an arbor he school at 7:30 o'clock. Find Increase in Food Much Interest Is being shown in] Prices Is Slowing Down his appearance in the Mid-South , n! this time when the adminlstra- |tion is preparing to announce Its 1934 colton reduction program. If Cobb'is'hot able to announce the program on this trip, he at least Ihe state law it is doubtful If the city can impose a privilege license on beer wholesalers. Every number of the council voted in ffvo'r of Ihe measure. Sp:'.s quiet at 965, tip '5. New Orleanx Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 28 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. orx?n high 950 958 975 '932 983 9W5 1002 1002 f'Ct Dec Jan Mr.rch Way Jply 1021 1025 10361) — low 948 969 980 1001 1014 976 984 10r,2b 1020 1035' rlold Funeral Services For Cottonwood Woman Sold Buccaneers Buried Rum—Not Treajure WASHINGTON (UP) —Centra! HAYTI, Mo. — Tuneral services for Mrs. Mollie Flippo of Cotton- v.-ood was held at the family residence lliere.- with Ihe Rev. D K. Foster, pastor of the Car vthersvllle Baptist church con dieting' the services. Intermen uas at Maplewcxxl cemetery. Th deceased, who was born Septetn btr 16, 1866 Is a native of Pern ircot county, having resided a Cottonwood with her family fo many years. Spots closed steady at 946, off .C. j •Chicago Wheat open high low close S'Dt 87 5-8 88 3-4 87 1-2 87 5-8 DP- (j] 92 1-2 91 91 3-3 Chicago Corn oven ' high low chso 50 M 50 7-8 497-8 SO 3-8 have found him now." U C! J 1 Cnn 1 • „. program on this trip, ne ai leasi, Has Saved I,OUU. LlVe$ j s expected to discuss prdposcd pro— .. grams to gain the reaction of cot- 3OSTON, Aug. 28 tUP)—Captain ton farmers and to listen to pro,. ^u..- posals that they may present. M>rlle liudley Packard of the Plymouth excursion boat I'as saved more than 1.500 liven . during the 4(1.. years, on the sea. | FotTA$( Cltv LOOKS to In June, 1918, as coinmaiidinifi ' ofllcer of the U. S. S. Machlgomvj| lie rescued 580 passengers from a Gala Affair on 'Sept. ,4 American Buccaneers of 300. years firkin? ship off the Delaware FORREST CITY, Ark.. Aug. 28 Del "65 3-4 50 55 1-4 K S-S I Believe African Fly Spreading Dread Malady ST, LOUIS, Aug. 28 (UP)-The bite ot tl>e dreaded African flv was being investigated by health officials here todav as the cause of an epidemic of sleeping sickness now sweeping .St. Louis. Forty deaths •and. more than. 27S cases, of the ; 'malidy hav« *>een re» porttd ' ••• - •".'.' .":• ago soent most of their time drink- ng British rum rather than bury- ng treasure, according to reports 'rom a recent Smithsonian Insti- ;i:tlon expedition. j While visitln? one of the Bay! Islands off the Hnduran coast, the Smithsonian party found the ruins if an old pirate "hideout" which .iad flourished in the days of the Kcnnlsh Main. Natives of the vil- laec, who. according to the Smithsonian, are descendants of ths Buccaneers, spend their time hunt-' inpr for treasure. Instead of treasure the sclent ists found only hundreds ot old British rum bottles scattered m 1804 he rescued 3COJ (UP)— Oov. J. Maron Futrell wli Bcston factory girls [rom the City ol Salem, grounded at the mouth of Salem harbor in a northeast WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (UP)— A slowing down in the rate of In crease of retail food prices was leoorted today by the bureau o "abor statistics. Whereas retail food Increased per cent from June 15 to July 1 the Increase from July 15 to Aug ust 15 was 2 per cent the burea announced. The figures were based on prici tri'51 selected'cities In -16 of whlc increases were shown. Food prlc have gone up 18 per cent fro April's low mark, but 59 per over August 15 of last year. shortjy after the--fight "and 'it was' believed at uveril different times that he would recover. Death came : | to the farmer at 10:15 'o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Slavlh, uho- Is tho son-in-law ol Baird, hadKJ been arrested after the fight and charged with .common assault and,; I was free under a 11,000 bondi^He;! was arrested .• however • Thursday 1 ' morning and-on a charge of first' degree niurder after, word had. been that Baird h*d 1 ed. His prelrhilnary- hearing: : is'f t. for Wednesday morning'before || isllce of the/peace p. A. Hedge.; Confidence Game Probe Planned at Hot Springs Anniversary of Balloon Flight to Be Honored PARIS (UP)—One hundred and fifty years ago at the Pare de 1^ Mustte here, the first hot-air balloon went up amidst great confusion and excitement. It vas in 1782 and this date will on November '„ commemorated il u ed treasure cache, which they de-j"°" wl ",••..., s * nt ,, up Irom thc eldedI wns. most likely 'a pirate P ar(lelis of thfe OaUcra mllrmm ' rum cellar. So far as could bei The association of the Aero am learned noboriv ever has found any I Aeronautical Clubs of France and of the legendary burled gold. 'the Syndicate of Wallpaper Man- Thc expedition, which traveled! lecturers of France recalls llv by airplane, mule and Indian dug-n»'™ rtani - i»rt_ played by pamlcrt deliver the dedication address at Madison bridge" near Forrest City on Highway 70 Labor Day, Sept 4. Plans have been made lo accommodate and entertain a large crowd at both the bridge and in Pofrest City. American Legion Post No. 4 of Forrest City, In co- nneratlon with the Rotarv and Young Business Men's dabs, is sponsoring the event which marks the complication ot the last link In the highway. Know as the Broadway of America, Highway 10 makes a thoroughly paved route from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific coast. Stale interest Is centered In the fact that the bridge lirfft will fill the last, gap In the Little Rock-Memphis and Hot Spring highways. Local beauties from approximately . forty cltle.5 of Northeast Ar- Offtcial Family Duly Welcomes Legal Beer The advent of legal beer was celebrated ' In due fashion, even though sllehtly delayed, by members of Blythevllle's official family Saturday night. Some eight cases or a variety of brands o! the 3.2 per cent product were sent Mayor Shane and I'hcr city official? by wholesalers here. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Aug. 2 (UP)—Circuit Judge Earl Witt an .he Garland County grand Jur lavo Instructed county ' and Hot Springs pity officers 'o make thorough Investigation of ullegec confidence games here and I make confidence men know tha Hot Springs is unsafe for them, 'when charged by Judge Wit officers said that they woulc broadcast the presence of any con fldence man or crook In the cl jo that it could be determlne< whether he was wanted in oth cities. The grand Jury will be co ed in special hearing on any con fidence cases. Patronized by rich tourists of the entire nation seeking the benefits of the spring waters of the Spa, Hot Springs has long been a meca for confidence men looking or gulllbles to fleece of "easy money" with "get-rich-quick" ichemes. Greek Co^ to Ratify! ; Arrest of Samuel Iniul ATHENS, Greece, Aug. 28 : (trp>- -Attorneys ;?pr ' Samuel InsplI, crmer Illinois utility magnate, timitted today that' -.the' Gn*fc- ppellate couH'woi)ld formally. 'nt- • fy the arrest pj IhsuH, crcjerfd .1 by the United States hi a-new cfTort to extradjte him.. ' .: The lawyers said ' the arrest order was In accord -with .trie fcaty recently signed with the United Stales. Question had : arts-- -J ni as lu the right of officials -.0 irrest Jnsull pending conclusion : of the' court fight to extradite ' I .'in. The prosecutor's documents from Chicago afe being translated b"ii| have not 'yet been, submitted to the court by the legation. kansas will . After tlie council passed the beer ordinance early Saturday night, the official family gathered and consumed the free beer along with the better part ot 24 pounds of mixed cold meals and cheese and five pounds of pretzels supplied by Mayor Shane. Mayor Shane, who although he Expect Over 300 Delegate at Peace Officers Sessjra JONESBORO, Ark., Aug.- 28 (OP) [ —Over 300 delegates are expected to attend the annual convention . of the Arkansas Peace, OJncets' Association here in September, .li- lias been announced by President W. C. Craig, jonesboro chief ,ot police. - '•••'— Memphis Trill send a large dele- gallon lo the meeting and a large number of events, featured by til* shooting; match, are being planned. Quaker City Dancers Spurn Old Scottische PHILADELPHIA (UP) - Phlla- dPlphlans have not shown any enthusiasm towards the revival ol such old dances us the schottlsche. square dance, polka and quadrille, according to Al White, dancing Iraclicr here since the turn of Ins century. " • Speakm* of the contrast between this city and the n'Wie west,' aS regards dancing. White Claims Features of Man Seen On Egg SheH Msndv Nash, well' known ne- gro woman, has an odd looking eg? which sh« w»s displaying today. The egg had a red reflection through the shell which WM rough. The features of a man wtw visible on the tit which is .of «T- erage size. at the dedi- furnished the eats for the party Qy airuiuuci mmc on\i muian uug-' ••-•-- * i * — — j i nm 1.900 win i.uiit}x;ii; lit **•>- *-».»•• .-....-..^.»« *•>,. — —•- ,---- -_out canoe equipped with outboard] wallpapers In the. early history ol| cation in a bathim beauty con- Is a "teetotaler," washed hl s .rye motor, later exuloreU parts of the'action. Larpe. sheets of paper, test. The winner will be awarded Honduran Jungle where they found! pninlcd uv well known jivNst- -f a free trip to the Century of Prog- sharks that IKe In fresh water SOoh'-c Pe rl(xl were pasted onto cloth ress at Chicago in the company miles up the/Patucrx River. jit, make llie first balloon bags. of a Forrest City chaperon bread and cheese down with soda pou while others present from dog catelier to city dads downed the beer, said: "A return to such old dances, which has taken place In the mid tile western states, would please dancing' Instructors ' T t would be a return to dancing lhat emphasizes grace' and mtivimrzcs action. It would restore dignity to danc- in gand remove it from the field of acrobatics." WEATHER ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy wlih -•••lored ihiindtrshowfrs tonifht. Tuesday partly cloudy to cloudy- Memphis and Vicinity—Thund- mhowers tonight and Tuertay. Somewhat cooler tonight. ^ . The maximum temperature here yesterday was M, minimum ,,71, partly cloudy, according to Sunutt F. Norris, official matter ottJe.v- er. , '- • • . , • . , I..V- .f'r .

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