The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1934
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Served by the United, BEYTHEVIIIEjCOUKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWBfAk'En OP NOli'THftAH-r AUB-AMU*. AM » -*T^' • <•• m> «*., ^ •• ^ T T K^-7 *_^ ^ ^ * u * A-EvtvAHOAB AWL) OOUTHXA9T iflb&OUHl ^"^ HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 2.11 Blythevlllu DillyNewi Blythcjllle CcurUr — -f . ,.,„ ~*-_ UJ «ik,n» *jij uii^r me \_^_ ui ici nix'n^lTiivri _MlM.fcslppMteliey under uiythevilln >Ter»w M.i I IIKV1),),K, AIMfANSAS, THURSDAY, DKOR.MHRR- 07 |0'M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' / Mine Workm .Victims ol West Virginia Accident J oday. POWELLTON, W. Va., Dec. 87. (UP)—The locomotive ol a mlm-r, work train exploded as it np- proaclicd llic Elkhoni Pinny Coal company mine here loda.v. The explosion,- followed bs blasting jet of .sLearft Ivani I'm broken boiler, killed l.'J im.-n nnd Injured 42 others on (he four coach Irain v;htch v;a.s ownrd n ' operated by Hie- mitiln" company. There were :)50 workers in 1! _ eoMhes-. 53 of them in th- fit t, car, which bore the Immt of tin lixploslon. The locomotive boiler shot upward ns the crown shield 1m away and descended with ji resounding roar on the lirst passenger coach, bursting us it struck anrt sending clouds of live stenin into the ears. Seven ambulances and many private cars rushed to Ilia SL i from surrounding mining communities and took the (lead and injured to .1 hospital at Montgomery. Train Runs Through Switch COLUMBUS, O., Dee. 27. (UP) —A Cleveland to Cincinnati passenger train of the Pennsylvania liiias was wrecked here today when its locomotive ran tlnoiisli a swilcli iocked for a spur sidetrack. Two persons were killed and at, least ten (iijined. The dead: H. 8. Bead). Columbas. engiiieijr: A; li. Eckles, Cleve- _i£>iid; road foreinun-of engines for • llic Cleveland, divlslon-of the lo^d Tiie accident occurred at "lii'c outskirts of Colurahvis. 11\e torn- motive rninnisd into a'string of freight cars derailing nnd slmtler in/niiMn mid turjiijig onto Us side crosswke-of the track. : All the passenger : cars were derailed but remained upright. n Blameii TpRONtO 1 , Oiit..- Dec. '27 (UP) —B'rakemnii E.'L,ync)i of the holiday -excursion train struck' by a Canadian ,NntIontil flyer near Dundas and. in which 15 persons were killed threw the switch that caused (lie fatal accident, railway officials announced today in a formal slnteinenl. Lynch, thinking Ills train, idle at the station, was on the main truck, threw the .swilcli to shunt the spading flyer.'lo oilier rails. t!ie statement snid. His ''mistake' brought the flj-er .smashing Into the rear of the excursion train KJrterj with holiday seekers. *l *c ^ \~"&%S " ' irWra <t* /.AM-, ^%j KUls Sister and Herself HOT SI'IflNtt!., Alt;., (Ill'l — Clirlslliii- fni inrrlj :i Mi- laii;c-. llou-.toti, nun-niigiisi 27, yriiplifr- 1'iir . :i 'IW., Ih ill, fill . '-vei-u r, ' ""•''• »""M'»I, H-V., IIIJII. nil- Diinks Will Kenorl In' :lll > sl " >l >">' f.-ivuritu .v«imy' \y; i • , sl>.lir, ('hue. i|. t,,,i;,y Ilii-n vyashmjiton. filially sin,i Nit mollw I'm- n.vrulril. A _ yp]... i Consolidation «1 all stnll.'.llciil ami! 'lo«n economic research acilvities ol llii reserve system lulu a ivn- iral W:ishinelon ai;i-ncy iHn-stly responsible lo Ihe federal u-.wivi; hmml will he effected, it' was Irimiwl todny by UK- Unlii v :li Press. i The move was Interpreted ;v;j another Indication of the ijiowin;; [lower of llic federal reserve' board 'over Hie. American economic slruc 1 - II. will ivsnll In tlis nvr-lvuj ,regional federal reserve l.-ank:-, im-lJVlcdialimi |lnediHtcly lransmlttin» lo ihe led- IY1Lultlll °" err.l reserve board all minute- rhaiiKC-- 1 ! In economic conditions. In which tlir: hoarrt may ho liit^rr-^- ed. ' .."• V Previously economic divisions of the twelve federal reserve hanks, tlip (i-a"j«<'i(y was iirrvous hirak- v< llurifinclK; lo ICM 1 . lic-i- in lluu>ti)li, it wiis UK \\,| l;c-eiis ilioni . „! iixWjiitliln 01 s n if Inn f M \in cem n b Hi" in in Ilirli ( nslmne<! 11 T ilm spilnj dhf Mbcie Ihry re ill HH, MI,]I Hi n nirliiei Mi = ( ttilllini ( \lc\di-> t r Tint. 1 1 tin it I ir- 1 i scattered in kuy cltic:; of Hie coun- (ry. have compiled periodical sta- tLstics on conditions- within their oim territories. • Under the new system this may bo abandoned with reports (j-Iiiu forvrarcleci tiom Washington and interpreted immediately • for tho federal reserve board by n sfnlf of economists and statlslicl.-ins. Another Reported On Its Way CHICAGO, Dec. 37 lUPi—Brief respite from siib-wro wealher Hint luis cm a wide swath of siilfji-ing ncros", the nation wiu-, pvomised :o<ttiy HK -relieC a(;encles slrusglttl :o provide food, clothing mid shelter to sufferers. ; Tinglin \Vanl Explanation by [he IS' fi f •-. .' - ' - 4 ' - - .. „ j * , lv , tvmgfish of Expulsion of College Editor. WASHINGTON, bee. 27 (UP) — Kditoi* of • daily college >ie»spa- pera today telegraphed Senator Huey p. Long (Dem., La.) nsk- iii!; an e.vplannlion of lh» expulsion of Jesse H. Cntrer, edilor of Ihe Louisiana Slate tlniversily pajwr. Promising full di5cii.=sion of-Ihe freedom of ihe press question .1-, it applies to college 'newspapers the editors also'telegraphed Cut-' ir«r. offeriiiB lo pay his .expenses I lo the meeting. I Editors of nearly (wo score dail- 'les. are-mcelins here lo found a national organization nnd consider aiTangements for exchanging college news. Formal sessions begin" tomorrow. Tingllny ears and fioit bittcivl finsere will hm-dly l;e tiia-.ved oiltl lovvever. before a new cold"wav</ sweeps down fvom (he Canadian Rockies to srnd lemperatiues down lo zero again, the weaihcv bureau reported. .Thn new cold wave will continue unabated until aflsr New Year's according to , predictions, -> Snow was expected " to 'accompany ~lli- etnrning cold in |l,,. Great IaK'1 •e-slon. . " ' ' Halmark Makes Bond Gosnell Will Expand University BATON ROUGE. Ln., Dee. 37 73,438 Cans Packed from Relief Gardens CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.— According to a report made this week by Earl Allen, district relief gardens supervisor, 73,438 cans of garden produce were put up for winter consumption by relief gar- denei-s of Pcmiscot county ihu fall. The gardens In this county were sponsored by Ihe Missouri Relief and Reconstruction Commission, and Frank WliKs. of (his city, wos countv supervisor. • * • ...*.*.nv,, iu. UUIJUM ^J,JUJ,VUU The value of Cue produce from I anticipated revenues to build a i nun gardens in this county was college of arts and science anil i at S-IO.OOO, with an average In donnilory in Balon Rous- and ""' "" —' " a dental school nl New Orlcaiis (UP)—Senator Huey Long's "plan 1 for expansion of Louisiana state University will set 'umlsnvay immediately, it was revsaled today. Oov. O. K. Allen was given authority by ihc state board of liquidation lo. borrow gnvden value of $25 per garden. The loin! value of nil products from the counties Included in the report- was $366,61'!. representing produce from 10.805 plots. The average value of the produce from all gardens was $3.7.93. A lolal of 403.302 cans of vegetables was canned. In Duuklin county 2,000 gardens produced foods worth $60,000, on average of 430 per garden, ami 82,000 cans were pul up. Threatened Walkoull.'bl Western Car Men/ ,;.| WA.SII7Nr.7'ON. Dec. 27 (LfP)r- The national mediation board today settled a llireatencd strike which involved the Puciliu •Electric Hallway company, the Southern Pacific, the sanla Fc and tl'i:- Union Pacific railroads. . ; Tho three "boattl members signed agreement-: between ihe c-ii'r- rlcrs and the liiotherhood of Hnil- road Trainmen :in<l UIB vjrotiisr- I hood of Railroad Sljjiiolmeh <-pf Aincricii whereby hours were shoiv sued, and wages were raised. 1 , 'i The "cantos estimated the settlement, -.would increase opcralliif; cxpsnser, SSOO.OOO per year. ' . : The agreement provided for tlirae cents per hour wage Increases for c-oucluclors and molormeiv on ftreei. caw and six cents per hour for operator.-! on liitc-riirlion trains. The ngreemc-iH alc-o provldcil'^r a basic eight hour day Vi»')it hours pay within each sprcrtd'oi Ivyelve hours, and 'pay of tiiiit nnd, one ..half fpi- nil lV prk: .)i'i .ci;I cess of nine iiours. Ihies 26 cents lower. ,'Hie service rlinruv on set.s. French type leli-plionen, ov/ercd from -M lo in c«nt. s mon- simltar reduction!; wero ordered York Cotton YORK. .'Dec. .27 (UP) — Cotton closed .steady, open' high •ton .JM1 1245 -i -' ,, „, jMnrrli I2C1 1281 on Assault Charge' M «y 1270 1270 piiiy - 1211. 1271 W. E. tlnlmnik. residont of lhe! Ocl "1S5S • 121JG. '-"•»" commimity, made bond UCl " - '^l 12C2 low la'io 12C3 here yesterday for'iiis appearance nt a later date for preliminarv hearing, on a charge of as'-inl'l with Intent to kill.' Halnuvrk shot Arthur Davis leii- ant-on-hls place, Christiims nl»ht at Halniarfs house. Tlie shoot- ln(? followed i\ general disturbar.CD and dunking tout, oITiccrs believe pavls_ »-. 1s 5(| . 1|A . by ., load of buckshot. While not critically . ...... • ni/ if Llll 1L.UM hurt he vvns removeil to n Memphis hospual. it was reported here. brought Orleans Coltort NEW ORLEANS, Dee. 27 (UP) — The cotton miirket wo s <\ubl nntl steady today, closing practically unchanged. Most positions 'wen- one nnd two points lower but January sold nt three points high- The injured from aosnell man svngon and ••--'• II, 11 M [IV later carried lo Memphis. Eddie B. David, d.'piily sheriff, who investigated the shooting, was confined to his bed Icday, n vie- nn o exposure. He wes forced lo walk to Blyiheville in a co'd rain to .secure a wrecker v,hn- ••,•>•• hlgii low cloas J.1I1 — — IMd Jifarch Mas- July car trouble developed. ;. i. R. Johnson Installs Microscopical Laboratory microscopical laboratory 1ms be™ established by Dr j. R...rolin- ^..,... »fi. W i. !U , new urioins - 0 " '" coll »«ction with-his "-lice The Louisiana lertstalure nt- ifi "' tlK> In 8 ra '» bnlldfng. Tills l«b- !asl spscial session jxisscrt several OralOTS '' wl11 ' Mlss A!ir " Mm ""'»' new laws to provide funds for en- largcmeul of Ihe stale university's facililies. headquarters for Farm Census at Jonesboro Farm' census headquarters for Woman Assessed $100 on Liquor Charge Mrs. Buster Sweat <vns fined S100 iri municipal court yesterday on a cl 'nrge of illceal ixxve.sslon ol In- 'o-ttcating liquor. A charge of selling liquor against Will Leo Howard was dismissed. One man was nncil S10 for pub- dl 'unk(.n now with fine suspend- Anolhir - „, ft liquor lc 'l '-aoalnst,-- Roosevelt tl^t'i'i 11180 Of VI oW!n6 liic slate f'°« k ' aw «Salnst John Etl Unnnon wos dismissed. dory, wllli Miss Alice of Steele, Mo., ns technician, will be operated m addition 'lo Dr Johnson's general practice. Miss ifcDanlel. who Is a graduate of the University of Mississippi at Oxford, was in the x-ray and laboratory department of the Norwood Clinic at Birmingham, Ala., for two years. ---i— .yn.^.o i v i, Blood tests, smears and olhcr me third census district of Arkan- 'examinations in Ifni) wl(ii loborn- :as hnve been eslablished at Jones- tory work will be taken In the lies-' 1152 U59 Spot; closed steady at 1275 "im jhanged. To Be Witness e Suhscr'lhors Will Sa ve An 'iv;limi\(<Ml $500,000 I_-at-), Year. NASHVIU.E. Tenn., Uci:. av ill '1—TcnnK.see Hnilrond nnd Public Ulilltii-.s commission today oru- '-ir-il mliicilmi-i In ti'leimim-j rule?, i-hin-Rcil by din. .yoiillu>rn l)i>il I'clcpliojic mill Ti'toirij))) cuHipuiiy which will siiv:! Ti>mii's.sec sufc- 'rlbiiis nn I'.stiinuU'd • $fiui) ilOO MII- luilly. 'I'lic. vertin'cil iiihvi w»l Vucomc flcclivc alter tin; January hillings, In ;tli=. slate's Inrpt-st cities— Kiuuvlllc. Chatlanoogn, Moniplik Uifl .Nuslivllle—eliaijou for business telc-iihonns will bo no cei'il: inonihly; slialyht line ros- Ideuce self, cents le.<w; party •hand Clplllllir;;. the compiiny. i, ?1 . ,, lore ill the May Ask Deeper Cut MEMPHIS, Dec. 27. (UP)-Mn- r Teniirasec. cities may appeal or ii 20 per .com rciluctlon In phonc 1-niD.s if tho southern l .Telephone ...nud TelegrnpH company appeals the 10 pet cent state-wide reduction ordered today. . -. Swell Mlloir was Indlcaled by Oliy. Attorney Wnller Clinndlor of Meinjrtils. -Irnrter 01" tho ,<i!irce.«riil I Bhl ,lp. gain the 10 per cent rc- iltlCliu]!. Transcript Prepared for Barnes^ Appeal A frans'crljii'of' tiie Vecoid hi the trial of Frank Unrties, coiideniiu.''d slayer of.c. A. Martin, has been prepared In .1113 clvcuij rlerk's bf- flco lifie. for appeal of the ciise lo (lie stale suprjitie court. Barms was originally sentenced tol'tlle oiii Dtctnil:or'""l5.<-l!iit 'was a si : ii;;- O f p.wcution by ' . Qovenmr Pul'rsll • unlU'. Jniiitarv The reiiricva'was-sriiiitMl In brd- er that Barnes ' liilsht . perfect mi appeal. lo v the lilyh court. A motion, for n i»\v trim, followed by the 'appeal, will /probably. be made some lime lute 'this week before n member of the supreme coltrt. ..... Hoy Kelson and finm Minn't't attorneys iipjiolntcd by the cour lo represent names. v \\\ present the motion. Three Admit Carolina Mill Payroll Robber; CHARLOTTE. N. C.. Dec. 27 <U P)—Confessions have been obtain Kec I2SO 1270 1171 1258 12<M 12S5 1270 )2Cf» 1271 1205 1259 1251 1J.C3 1L'51 1250 I2C5 1207 1255 1258 Closing Stock Prices HEW YORK:. Dec. 27 (UP) — Trading on llic stock exclmngj picked up 10 around 1^500.000 shares (oday, one of the largest sessions since Ip.te June. Prices firmed in many issues f.nd the averages which Include the lend- ed from three of four men ar rested as titsuscls In an $18 (KM textile tnlll payroll robbery Laiicoslrr. S. c., detectives nounceri here today.. Jsinos nnd Manuel Miller :iere. sue] JOIIIK Hollldny arresled here and readily that (hey halted tin nea ai liro wer, >. Judge Rules Price Fixing Void KANSAS CITY', Wo., l)(.e. M (II P)—Cnimrims lia.'i nn authority lo ill; ill-Ices even In Intel-stale com- mcrtv, Judge Merrill K. Otis hi-UI in mi opinion nled today In Hi. United -Slate.-i district court, i Ho further hold Unit tho dcnl hns no imwer In npprnvfi NHA codes which Include price fixing bccausR IH-ICO llxlns; di'slroys ; fnli' conipotltlon.. : Tho opinion \viw Immleil down la n own iiKdlnst the 'sulhi'rland Lumber company, which '| )ns i lru | qimrlcrs here anrl olllces in Om- alm and Oklahoma Clty.iT'hc company wns charged with violating price fixing provlslohs of.'thc 1 - bcr i-odi;. " . . NHA Will Appeal WASHINGTON. Dec. a?. (UP)— fU i • . . . — NfU will, likely nppenl • tlic docl- • .nil price rising handed uu™ itlny by Federal Judge MerrrN 13 Jlls ol Kansn.",- City. l-egal authorities of the rccov- iy unit Indicated that nn appeal i the clreult court of appeals and lulled Stalc.i supreme court would be the next, slcp | n the effort to uslHln the price llxins clause In he retail luinlier code SHU a • central llfiiiro In Ilia MiKlbergli .kidnaping '-. tragedy,Holly Gow' h. hack In "Amor.reh .as n witnesp injlljo'.coming t'rfiVl .of rjrujio Hh'uii'icmnn, .'cliarg'ott '•>'ltb ilia crime.' Tlia : niirsc- ft'ald n-hn'p'ut the child to b<>il .the nielli lie'wns'tKk'oa away-to .Ilia dentil Is shown bore ax sho arrived In New York Ir'oiA Scbl- ' Ispd on IU» iqultohia. . Reformation of 1929 Was Short Lived Says Car. ncgie Foundation Map. "".S3W YORK. Dec. 27. (UP)— i- There was a change for the better ,'n (Ire conduct of American college sport rifte- publication of the Car'"Sic Pbundntloii-s Bulletin Nn. 26 con- in 1920 bill now Ihe collcees nra - In earnest D r How- Chester yeslerdA.v and escaped af- chine. slioolinj! Ihe' (Ires oil the mn- dav. :nld Ihe Sportsmanship Brother- flood at Its annual luncheon to- boro. according lo nn nnnouncc- ment by George A. Lamb, district census supervisor. ed 011 iinyment of costs, was fined $10. district In- years and laboratory. Dr. Johnsoit. ivlto practiced medicine here for 18 Is also city health . . - -.r--.---— -^*.-j 111-« JL.XJ .-> uiui >MIU is n[io cuv ncRi'ii eludes (he counties of Clay,(officer, spent some lime'in New Giesns, CrMshead. Woodriiff, Mis-1 York last year continuing his slu- siss)pp,. crlllciiden, Polnsctt, Lee, dy of (his work In preparation for r.,^ *, ^,,^ „.., „,..„._. tm , oncnmg Qt (1)e ' la £ ora|00 ._ Chinese Troops Kill 1,000 Communists SHANGHAI. China, Dec. 27. (UP/—The Central News agency rtporlsd today ihat 1.000 C«n- >r ivoundcd government Cross St. Francis and Phillips. The actual work of inking the census is scheduled lo begin .Um"ivy 2. 1935. William L. Austin,-, director of the census, ui-ges nil farmera who have HO! received a soinple copy of the schedule to procure one at the earliest )x>ssiblc moment so that they' may give careful study . lo llic questions and be prepared I ilig stocks rase slightly A. T. nnd T Ajiiiconda Copper .].... Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cilies Service Coca Cola ;..'.' General American Tank General Electric .. General Motors International Harvester 40 7-3 Montgomery Ward New York Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Coi-p '.'.'," Simmons Beds Si. Louis-San Francisco Standard of rt. ,r 41 -1.4 Texas Co .... Vl.2 U- S. Steel .. ' ijj i i McKesson-Robbtns 35-3 Zonitc 334 U- S. Smcttlnjr"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 122 101 7-3 10 5-8 30 1-2 .13 5-S 1 S-3 157 1-2 36 3-4 20 3-3 32 3-8 23 1-J 19 5-8 4 1-H 14 1-4 & 3-4 1 1-8 Wheat open 08 S-8 90 1-2 high 08 1-2 OS | The famnil bulletin and . i wholesale exiwse of football cvlL' hi! to a cleanup which lasted only about- n year and a half, Dr Savage said. The foundation has not sludlei athletic* intensively In the pas five ywnv;. Dr. Savuge said, hut In- Siudents V/ill Present Sunday Night Program Sunday ntglil 7.30 o'clock, the "...- ^w.i*. i^-. oaviigc sain, nut In- tirst Dautlsl clmrcir will observe formaltan lias been obtained "and btudent Night. Ten college stu- a lai-gc portion of it is not cheer- oents at home for Christmas vvilliful. Some institutions which secin- Piesent n prograni entitled, "The ed (o bft making notable .progress Missing i.nik." The program Is not loward clean sport have waver-' * pageant. The students will speak i in fr.eir course. Others that one out of experience as they face tlm '•-•' —-* ' ' - issues of life and put their religion through the laboratory test. them, sometimes under alumn pressure, still others have con „ 0 v ..iwrnnuijr \uat> \" t-vnn v. oiiM UIL1LT>> liaVC CO! All college students now home tlnuecl and even Intensified the on vacation, high school students, I :ha<ly practices." teachers and officials" of the local | " schools will bo given special recognition In the service. The complete program \H11 be Announced later. Interior Drpaitment ai^| Army Engilieets Cnl dorse $ 15,000,000 Missouri Judge'to Receive Promoli'o.ii Under Re- liremeal Agreement; WASUINOTON4U wiis. leorned -lore Wednesday IhaL 'a tcniler of -romotlon .to the. UiiHcd^SUvlcs. Jircull Court of Appeals. Eighth Olrc'ult, will. be made to DLitrlct '•-"•- Charles B. Fnrls a -.'at'. T ni Hl that 'Presldciil Roose- Vo " J? 5 , "WP'rpveir Ihe ji.lnnJ . . 'Uiiuei" (lie "plan'-0)1 unilerslood here,-:.IiidSe". Farls'•'vvoiild'ssel-ye'-oii UicrAppclIalc' Co'iirt,"be'licii ohly'.'n shprl: time, and' w'oulil Ui3n i-ellre, lo be.suecceiled.b.rSeth Tiioiiinsof Ipwu. who.;, lin's •:iire'':b!ibk'liw;;of Se,CKfniy "qr ,'ABi;lcullure Wallace anil Scrintpr. Mu'rpliy bf.'Iovya. Tho vacancy oh :• (lib, 'appellate' bench «?m°' lllsc f' I)y - ' llc tlcntl1 of Judfie Wllllnm 3. ifenyon of'lowaj .Judge;Far)s passed the legal retirement age; 70."lii October. •'• In'the event'Judge Fnris i^ pro- inolcd,- it is understood that George H. Moore, former'United' Stal-s Collector of Internal Revenue ot 31. Louis, will ' be •. sponsored lor the'district jildge.sfilp. Thoinas, ulllmote choice for-mi. Appellate Court, Is noli' legal i>A- vlser of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. If the nrraiigenieiu as to-Judge Fans | s effectuated, he will ret 0111 (he snlmy of mi appelate Judge $12,SOO a year, inslead of Ihr, of a district judge. $10,000. Ickes Favors Housing ^and Homestead Program WASHINGTON, Dec 27 <UP)_ Public Works Administrator Harold L. Ickes said lodny lie favored low cost housing and development of subsistence homesteads ns tin backbone of the 1935 federal con truclion program. Basing his statement on thesup poslllon that congress will appro- prlnt« new funds to enable the administration fo continue Its drive against unemployment, he saM establishment of larger slate PWA organizations will play an Important- nart in administration of the neiv public R-orks program. Convention to Meet Complete and penimnenl llber^ nllon ol the &l IVanc-ls rlvei basin' from the menace .of--flood.-waters? Is nciir. Congressman W.-J.: prlv"? er tolii tho Comlri News Ihlj iiiGrnlnj us he prepared lo depart for Washington lo ttUclHl the session of congress nhlcli will opsn neU week _, >^ Authoiizntlcin of an eVpsnditura" of $10,01)0000 lo tldOWOOO foi th'd effective control ot floods on tho St. I-VancIs and its tributaries, fii; virtually assiued, Mi Drlvfi said The |irojJcli which InVolves vllt; ual rcconstinntion of Ihe entire levee ssstem hoi ah"ady rcreivBd the appiovai of the !ulcrlo( (I6- v pnrlmcnt and ol the ainiy Ln\ llnecis. (f effort* to obti\tn ail llottiienl of Piibllc Works Admirt- itrallon liinils for the utideiUfii ig fail Congressman Dii\cj hli ends lo concehtral" hh cffo'rfe UIQ forthcoming session lo ob l - ftlnltig the necessary appropriat Ion from (.ongress '' Mr. Driver said IhaL hp v<a* lopeful actual construction would >c underway next sum'iier '1 Coneiessiuan and Mrs Driver elf Osccoln b> train lotlay In order lo arrive In Washington several Iny.s lielote the op-ulng ol the cession. " ~ Tcnchcd by telephone at his o?-" flee where h; WO", packing up in ireparutlon for departure, Mr Jrly'cr n^suret! the Coilrier News 'hat he wotild take his pait In ha •'.,djsno Itic n oi the niunsrouj najor? h <tutelinm of lutbiral 1011- wlll be conhonted, 'biir Ihat he regarded the final ending of flood . " ' ' •' - - $219,824 in Loans by HOLC in County Tho Retail Department of Ih'e Homo Owners' Loan Corporation (Planters Credit Ass'n. Will Hold Annual Meeting . The Planters Production Credit 'nssociollon, organized about a year f.go to enable farmers of this The" Mississippi convention will | j meeting at tho [Sunday. Each gu In baski ' .. 01 " ' more, secretary. made by A. . In the §t Francis valley, which embrach much of his district ai of gieater i?nporii ante.-' lo his constituents than any oilier. Vmnttei , > ^~, •.Hill Complete HK Work, . "The cairyiug out of this program lu ill complete rnv ,\vork to safcgiuiul tne homes and farrns^o'f northeast Arl^alisis against a rep^ etlllbn . ot Hie dlsastei of ~ 1921 and- against tlm economic loss ol "" ! ' lecher 'overflows," hcvsald. ,.~.. t tl If this meant tlint lie Was thinking of reiirlno at Ihe end of his present term Mr Driver who hns ispirented this district for ;moie than a decade, sold thai It wns loo emly to consliler what he would do two years i hence but that at least he would j feel that he could utlre \vtth"tlte realization ol having carried, J,io completion nn undertaking of-the inost vllal Importance to the welfare and prosperity ofj his district for nil time to come Mr Driver was a leader In the fight foi (n> Mississippi river flood control ,($""" gram, now nearlng cpmpletion. Mr. Driver reaffirmed the declaration he mads at the dedication of the American Legion hut ffife last Armistice Day Ihnt lie vroiifd work for full and Immediate payment of veterans adjusted compensation f$f Will icrcpl No Compromised? "I will be satisfied with no corn- promise on this question and hart so Informjd Ihs president," "Ji'e said. I feel that full pajn would be not only an act of j^- , dee lo the veterans but an'im- portant, contribution to the .resib'fi- lion of national piosperity' 1 J> Pointing out that In Mississippi :ounty alone payment of the bonus .vould mean the immediate release of more than $800,000 ,'in L cash, Mr Driver faid that he felt I business oi all kinds would'M-1 celve rt very sutaautlal stimui'us from the llt)Uidation oT this debt I to the former soldiers. The SI Francis river flood con-1 trol program, the congressman c\- f plained Includes provision lor Iris three major tributaries, • Little-RNI ronza river and the I Mississippi counly.Js] particularly interested In obtain-1 ters of Little: Hiver, which h"as| (Continued.On Page -Three); r.go 10 enaoio larmcra of this £ CXaS ^nion Acreage county to avail themselves of the i Will Be Increased in crcti -nrodnclkm rrMlli rnoiiiiEiu: "".redsea m has closed 98 S-3 9fl 1-8 OT 1-4 Chicago Corn Dec May open 93 3-4 89 3-4 high 93 3-4 90 low dose 112 loans ttu wet crcp "production credit facilities of the Federal Intermediate Credit ~ v , (/u.uitvt* bank, will hold Its first annual in Missis- 1 stockholders meeting at Osceola such 92 7-3 S3 1-2 In cash for' .„, Sfl 1-1 89 1-2|es, Insurance ,. were staric.-l in September, 193.1. Tills announcement was made by C. J. Evrard, county apprniscr, anil Joe Martin, district manager of the Arkansas agency. Of this sum $25.895.95 was psld CARRIZO SPRINGS, Tex. (UP) —Tiic onion acreage this year will larger tlinn any St Louis will BK ak. - - jvvlilTo on -ihe tergrfar,',';: 1 a Each farmer who lias obtained smaller fanners have had diffi through the association is cully In securing finances for iheir yesterday a.stockholder _and Is entitled to.crops. / jclear, WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably! rain Ipnlght ,ind Friday. Warmer tonight. •-'. . .-- '••:.'.'• Memphis and Vleltilly—Increas-1 ing cloudiness, probably rain late] tonight or Friday. ' Rising temperature ionlght. . The maximum temperature here - 6« t minimum

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