The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1933
Page 2
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'fAGfe: •• r I-*—-— RL.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 2(5, |<m 60,000 Watch Summer Football Classic Touchdown That Beat West , Terry's Homer Wins For Giants; Yanks Nino Games Behind Nats. .The swiftly moving Senators defeated the Detroit Tigers yesler- •'nhy while the second place Yan- l.-'ef. lost.-'to the Cleveland In- iilam. '.' The-New York Giants beat tin Tilt'burgh Pirates iwlre and In- trrised their winning streak to riven games, lioth the Nats and the Giants enjoy comfoitable mar- Kins In their races for the American and National buntings. The. Nats trimmed the Tigers 5 to 4 al Detroit. Bad fielding and )riS« running by the Tigers contributed to the Washington vle- ' iqry. Burke went the route for ' trie .league leaders. Marberry was ilie losing p|tchcr. A mulled fly- ball gave the Senators" an un- earned run. jThe Yankees dropped o C to 4 the Indians at Cleveland. The Yanks were held in check by i'earson who relieved Harder attt-r ihe first Inning. The" loss put (lie Yanks nine games behind As Senators. Pennock was the loMng pitcher. • The Chicago While Sox dropped a 8 to 1 game to the Boston Red Cft'cago. Dusty Rliodes liii'lted the White Sox to seven .rcr.ltertd hits arid also hit a homer and two singles to aid his own cause, driving in three runs. C aston was the losing pitcher.' the Philadelphia Athletics Damped the St. Louis Browns at St. Louis. ' The score was 11 to 2.. Barrett held the Brownies to j nine scattered hits while the Mp.cks got 12 blows with Johnson letting two homers, scoring five inns and batting In four for the Athletics. TI* QlanU whipped the Pirates R to 5 and 6 to 2 at New York. The- first game went II innings before Manager Bill Terry of Ihe Oiants hit for the circuit with two oh to decide the game. Uique 7. as the winning pitcher and K,vetonic the loser. ^ overt* short-pass from Harry Newman 10 Gene Ronzanl spelled a 13 sump un Swamp Smokies In Game nt New Orleans; Chicks In 3'iiilout Win. 'I In. 1 Nr-v; Orleans Pelicans fiunk ll-« good r.hlp tCiirwvHIi' bcnenlli n downpour of basn lilts and runs yisicrdav to lake? the lend In the M-concl half Southern league tf.ce. The Pelicans ousted the K:m)i!es frun the Ittign? let.dcralilp »y vrabblng 'n llr to 3 decision fit NYv; Oi leans. Tin' Birds i-i-ashpil out. 14 hits Bolaicr huge.. crovvii aeeordlng to fiiTit and wx'ond, ,Melr medal seure.s. Es'ertll B. Gee, club champion :i fight runs oil Aclklns, starl- .Sni'jkii; hiirler. and then uil- iwo more runs olf Green Mi-vsi-iL'/i'i 1 limited Hie Smokies ui n scattered hits. The Smuklp; Ml nil thier: of their runs In Ihe dyhlh Inning. Iloss. E. Mooix nl Ward hit for four liases. At Memphis the Chlcki; defeat ed Ihe Nashville Vo'.s 5 to 0 v;itl Tom S(v:i.v/.e, yutithfnl Clilck left hander, applying the shut-on tost to the VoLs. S'.vayzc limite< thi- Vob, to five .scattered hlt.s. Th Chicks scored four mas in th tfilrd inning' and uttdrd out mor NEXT WEEK af Blytheville's Theatres NSWigS CMSK Offering more than twenty mod- M.I^C Mnr. no.-tinyhig the Marquis' sli costumes displayed by lhc d? San Marco, who Ingratiates! 'emlnlne principals, "Double Har- himself Into Ilie good graces of all •ie.<3." comeily-drnma co-r.tairlng ihe lovely ladle s while stealing Ann Hording and William Powell their jewelry. ] ni the Rlt-/. Sunday is replete v/ilh l.aiuel und Hardy ai* seen as n' cljle suggestions. • j couple of cat eft ec viigitUond!;. They! In her role of the modern mf.ld-, "'Jive saved their money.' and <tu-j on determined to marry u toclie-' <'"!« ln lakc IIIc ™W- At which nlt nrst lor' rake, Miss Hafdlng makes a.meniM.!.^'^ « w £ n «J« JwM „,.„, 0 p |Kwll , .1. Hoover, Is CHIEF of TUB U. S. IH'IM.'AU OK IN- VKSTKJAT10N. 'fit- slsn la CAIMfH.'OllM'S, lln- l!oal. Till: YHA.VS-SIHr.HIAS t'.AH.ltOAD la lil.ilU'l ].:i).'i Idle. , . fashion Irlp around the 'clock. <U»- ' m ' P playing breakfast gowns, street tailored suit-,, afternoon attire, dinner gowns, evening gowns and linally pajamas. Htr evening apparel is particularly "One gown Is cut i*n simple but extremely smart llres, »'a- .shloned from Muck velvet nnil black soullle. ' Her .street »'fai- ranges from polka dot enseml'ics to mixed wool suits in contrasting coi&rs. As a filren Lilian nond wears seductive outfits. One cs'tnlng Kown is designed with a high neck ng.s. the mill. He«l wa.s the deftnd his title. Joe Ilal-j i-iicher. "i' I line in front and back. A bronn 6 • e tech v;;is the llrsl club chamiilon. Hyion Morse and Clifford^ Cavllt led one year und the title was luver dellnilely decided, and John Ci.mllll was ciiamploii one y«ir. All other Soutnern lengiw teams •vert 1 Idle. How They Stand W. New Orleans 34 Knoxvlllc 34 Memphis 33 IJttle Rock 32 Illrmlngham 29 Nashville 3d Chattanooga .., 21 Atlanta' ' 21 L. Pel 2< .5tK 25 .510 20 , ao .510 29 .500 32 .48-1 M .429 .38 .356 Today's Games Southern Memphis at, Little Rock. Challanooga at. Atlanta. Knoxvillc at. New Ortenn. 1 !. Nashville at liirjnhiKham. Nattonml [ytfftKQe Pittsburgh al New York striped velvet afternoon ensemble brings out the full-topped, slim- hipped silhouette so much in vogue. A bridal fashion display, featur- •d:iy. Ben I.yon hr-r, and Ernest Tofrence has ihe role of her father. In the Edward Small pindiic- ""und^S^he career of hWi- lllon "^ "" llle ^-^"^ lwok ^^"^^^^^•^^T^^ £,rSretkdtHr;^^ greai chief himself, Hardy soon! discovers Ills ml.stake, but it Is too It then occurs to Laurel that easier to steal than to make When It enmc time to film the an imtui-el scenes, the nim company went on location at a se- nate tlicm prisoners. Hardy is sentencerl to be hanged. And Laurel Ls given the job Obviously, Director James Cruze and his stair, the camera crew (two games). at, Brooklyn (two g Ktw York National 1/rafue W. 10 6« Chicago ............. 05 Si Louis ............ 04 Pittsburgh ............ 02 Philadelphia ........ 49 Brooklyn ............ 48 Cincinnati .......... 45 L. Pel. 43 '.019 53 .555 54 .540 58 .5M 05 .530 01 .421! .4.2 75 Philadelphia (two Cincinnati tjnmes). Chicago al ames). St. lauls at Hoslon. American l*>K«e. Washington ul Cleveland. Philadelphia at Chicago. New York al Detroil lames). Boston at. St. Ix)uis. elaborate wedding, 6"fn by a bevy of beautiful models, was al•.•0 created by Walter Plunkett, RKO studio fashion expert, and Howard Ureer, Hollywood stylisl. 'Double Harness" co-si ars Ann llardinij and William 1'owell with Lilian Bond, Reginald Owen, Henry Stephemon and George Meeker In support, An unusual predicament compels Laurel and Hardy to become members of a bandit gans; in their latest feat'.ire-length comedy, "The Devil's Brother," which OJKDS on Tuesday at the RHz Theater. '"Ilie Devil's Brother'' Is a pic- turiiallon of Aubcr's famous comii: Ojicra. "Fra Diovolo," with Den- of hangman. The comedians are I and other members of the corn- saved temporarily when they con- |1>un y kept a respectful distance as t-ent to be personal aides of the-Miss Colbert and her maid re- bandit . chief \vho Is in quest of a | treated behind the rocks to pre- bpfiutiful lady's jewels. pm-c for the scene, i In addition to the comedy team Sliding into the chilly waters, and nennli King, the supporting she took her unconventional dip cast includes Thelma Todd, James, us cameras and sound apparatus Pinlayson, Lucille Brown, Arthur j rcco-ded the action. Pierson and Henry Arnietta. The largest pair of Mcphnnt tusks ever taken, secured In Africa In 1898, weighed 228 and 232 , , , „, , ., ,_ ,, , pounds and were nearly 12 feet Just ask Claudette Colbert, screen I j tenoth star, for she was rcciuired to go! "•"*"'• through both exjieriences In her two latest pictures. | 7he. Gideons arc an organisation After completing the exotic char- j of traveling men banded together H's a far cry from a luxurious Roman bath in milk to swimming au naturel in the Pacific. acteriration of the milk-bathing! for the purpose of supplying every Roman beauty, roppaea, in Cecil B. peMllle's spectacle, "The Sign of the Cross," Miss Colbert stepped into the role of the very- hotel guest-ream with a Bible. Phlllmrmonlr. orchestras i!':L their names from the Greek which modern Julie Kirk, daughter of a means ""loving harmony." Pacific Coasl smuggler, in "I Cov-[ Rimauil. for- the regulation ' roule with the defeat for the west In the east-west game at Chicago, r.ilants.taking an early lead. Par-1 nier Marqurlte player.-is shown running for the touchdown. i:ielee hurled six hit ball to pro- tin;! the Giants' margin. Ott and . , ergez hit • homers In the secorid|Is -something _1_ have_teen Caving, for -you, not having told you until, The Brooklyn Dodger! won two Just now about the horn. You can| from the Ctacinnatt Reds B«l ."™ »> » Ptt*''^>op. or 1borrow over the National 'he horn from lhat uutomoble. The scbre ol each operated by the • guy across the 3 The Dodgers street Blow retreat, taps and re- 1 '- In turn. Open Qualifying Round fM v Annual Club Tournament 'Ametkan W. iVashlnglon ........ 80 L. Pet 40 .Ml N( w York 1 10 ........... 48 Cleveland 1 ............ 64 61 Philadelphia ......... 59 60 Detroit . ............. Gl 63 Chicago ...... 1 ....... 57 G5 BKilon .............. 51 71 SI lonls ............ 4f> ,59:1 .512 AM .«? .467 .418 11) r. the ; flnt : game. Taylor .hit for the', circuit In the first cpniest. .The : Chlcago OUbs'ahd Philadel- I nia;'-PhJlllni- split- two games at !"illaH*lurda. The Bruins copped the'second 7 to 4 after'the Phils liad'.Mktn the first 1 to 6. Klein. Hurst'and Cuyler hit homers in :he opening game. Lon Warneke was the winning Chicago .pllcher and Rheiri was the winning Phllly Mirier :-•'-.'- SLIDES .ynnce; when asked to successor^as 'speed'" •"king-for"'the ^National, league, .. picked^ Dizr.y Dean of the'Cnl'-- ' dllulls' : . . Jean Borotra, that 'whlQ-banE. French nctter, patises in hts strenuous matches now and then to snatch u mouthful of sugar . . . says 'll .'strengthens-his Sinart during-, the lough test of tennis ''. That Cardinal Infield Is •; pretty, classy . / .• what wiUi •:lao triple plays this year. ... ;.They're having a tough time ''introducing baseball Iri England. . . A recent game drew 150 customers at the gate . '.. who read, on a printed program, just whnl to yell at the players and the umpire, and The',r|ilalifj-inR round toy. the nn- ni.ul.'; Blytiievnle;' !'.ciub ioiirniiu'ent.'.will 'begin ;'8im(tuy.. "•Tlie ; --.qimnf)j:iHg;" i 'i'ouria .will JN(iyea"~~at. 18\,.hoies : ..uietia'i play Jlie'-co'ritjslants ..liitei- : dlvkl- Tiilo" thrce'^fligiits. ehainplons, Chechoslovakia requires il-s magistrates and policemen to t«rn to drive an inilomoblle so that they Van understand the rtlfficiillle.s nf the" .wort. ' . "• "OU1 Fiilthtnr geyser spouts about .33,000.000' gallons of water dully—Henough for a city-of 300.000 Inhabitants: ' ' '•;" Codkst In Town! SKffUCHEH I.el'» Play Po»»! • Come on, you tired business men! Aren't you tired of Rolf,, tennis, riuoits, croquet and hop-scotch? Have you ever considered the physical and mental benefits that would be yours If you took up poto? . Your first need Is a horse. Go io your nearest Ice house or race track and out. The ani Sunday - Monday 'MAT.', ami NITI:— \(H-IM U'sfcaacf w,as Lrte 1 CAKEiOFJCE . ^ USE the WANT-AD they are a Sure Guide to ECONOMY and PROFI Emil Firpo \Vill Bo Next Opponent For David Dooley David Dooley. the bewhlskered House of David wrestler, who was awarded the oftlcin 1 , verdict over -Bud Carney of Seattle, Wash., here Ihls week will meet Emil. ._.,.. j i Flrpo of South America in the m»l must be light but sturdy, and [paturc aUracl i on Tuesday night If youbuy him at a race traclcbe { ; th -. MH(( , Mcronoy • • " • _. . • • . . jure that he liquor 'or drugs. not to| Do not go ton '.h«;' ,Meroney : SIrikey • promoting . • ^ u D V gov , t< L a lccfabiHi«Ubn of''Memphis and Rlp- hamess track because Ihe horse .„„•,-_.--_ . nnn , m ..j-,,.,1,.. 1 •'.7? you might pick up there would be \tsed to dragging a sulky. You don't need a -buggy for polo, nor a ' surrey, anyway. And if you can't find a suitable horse at a rtfe track or ice house, try the bathing beaches. —' * ' * • Hare I'M a MalckT As soon as people, find out you are going in, or out, for poto, your mall box i* pretty sure, to be dogged with attractive folders. Winter 1ft coming on, ind these win bf helpful to you in starting flres. (Note: It is against the 'law to bwn (town, or up, your neighbor's haute, so be sure to start your conaagratton in the furnace.) Do not play polo on Monday. On that day. I am told, folks hang out tbeir Jodhpurs. and the flapping of thif ion of garb on the ' neighborhood clothesline is .pretty sure to annoy your horse. .-• •.--.- -V .,::-. DMt Acetft Ctoeki .The ideal d»v for note ls,Sun- ">T. Walt uota the houieholds in your : rtctalty ':«'•, well wrapped »bo«t their- dtaaen and a-snore In 'dibteUi il«mbtr. . . the -word xjcnno- ley.' Tenn., announced' tod.iy. Ueroney says that Firjx) is one of the roughest and toughest, nieii in the game for his weight and will give Dooley. who appeared In the .villian role here Ihls week, in Interesting time. Meroncy waXes eloquent, declaring lhat the Dooley-Firpo match will make local fans (those who have not already forgotten) for- BCt all about the Ethridge-Barret Scramble liere earlier in the summer. In the preliminary match Carney, who In the opinion of quite a few won everything but the official decision from Dooley, will meet Oack Lewis of Louisville Kentucky . who lost lo Everett Jennings of Rip!ey here this week The Venus flytrap Is not the onl •plant which catches and eats in sects; the teasel, sarracenia an "nepenthes ore among the othe plants which do so. laM*,'tad •flB't TOO ttunlc I lmow • A rewnt sun^y. of road accident over a perl&i ol years In Englan showed that 80 per cent of the p;r sons killed were either under 1 years of age or over 50. in Double Harness Tfie slory of a (tmporaty weddin? Wi,t HINHY STIPHINSON, LILIAN SOND, GCORGI MIEKER, REGINALD OWIN. D~-.i,Jt,M.-,a;*.,i LATEST PARAMOUNT NEWS MUSICAL REEL— "ALONG CAME RUTH" WITH RUTH BITING, You'll find that every column in the want-ads is filled with opportunities for someone . . . and 'many of them are YOUTt opportunity. If you are really trying to practice economy you can nol afford to neglect the want-ad section. And not only is it profitable to read, it is equally profitable to use ... to sell, to rent or to trade practically anything. The "SSBS? 1 WANT-AD

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