The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1944
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, JUNK 10, 1<M'1 Economy Group Grows Rapidly Expenditure Council Has More Than 5000 ^Members In Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Ju,, e 10.- The Arkansas Expenditure Council Friday roiwrlcci its membership hud teen Increased from 104 lo more man 5000 members, adding units of the tabltshcd in 37 comities. had been es- of the state's 75 Piling its second annual report, Steve Stahl, executive secretary decjnrccl the theme of (his year's bulletin was "to open the door to industry by closing the door to ,.Pointing out the council, since It BLYTHEV.ILLE (ARK.) COUK1EK JNK\/S E050H IN WASHINGTON D-Day Was Dull In Capital BY PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Cpriesuondeut News of the Invnsion put news Washington from Detroit by plane, canceling what ho had Intended to be some unnortmit conferences there. Bill the Win- Production *i*.tio vi nn, iiivtiaiuu JIHL, nuwa ( uieit. mil me war I reduction from Washington In its proper per- i Board's regular Tuesday meeting specllve. D-Day found the capital I Imd been called off, too, and there duller than at any time since It .'wasn't much for Mr. Nelson to do' was invaded by Coxcy's army, ami He has been planning to go to there Is every Indication it will Mexico lo give the Mexican govern- stay that way till the beachheads mcnt a postwar plan, although no- are firmly established, and then body in Washington has been able some. fn riiut mif nm-.. rinrj..[ir.i.. ...*.».* some. Mailers that had seemed Important on D-Day-minus-1, somehow have become insignificant, nig- wigs who try lo say something ap y mcng ap- am . avs s In Hawaii to nd- proprlatc somehow sound and look vise the Army on what to do about Who cares about Sewell A very of Montgomery Ward and his little ...Pointing out the council, since It fi«hl"with'the governmciirovcr"a was organized, had obtained enact-' labor union? ~ mcnt of a slate budgetary control law, establishment of a travel control plan, installation of uniform county warrant registers, and inclusion of a special section in appropriation laws, sharply restricting transfer of funds, (be rcjwrt said ils program for the nest fiscal year would be: No new or increased taxes; elimination of a large number of narrowly restricted state funds; allocation of revenues c needs to prevent soi government from piling ,,p h u ,; c surpluses while other arc handicapped from lack of fund?, Secretary of Stale Cordcll Hull was taking a vacation which, in a way, was the most sensible activity of all. Secretary of (lie Treasury Henry Morgcnlhau Jr. was gelling ready to launch Ills Fifth war Loan Drive to buy more than you did before. Secretary of the Navy James Forrcstal had a regular Tuesday press conference but emphasized "it- luimd, liny- /*«i..« t,fiin.-il.lic<_- IJLll e[i;pIIHSIiX.'U on tlie basis of | fiat this was the Army's day nnd ome agencies of the Navy had no desire lo steal the Secretary of War Henry L, Sttm- •i-ireu IIUIH jin-u 01 umiK. 'Son exercised commendable re- btrengthening of existing budget- fstraint by staying home in bed and ary control laws; Improvement in not dashing out to the Pentagon auditing and reporting of the building at 2 a. m. General Mar- slate's financial transactions, and shall had the situation in hand establishment of a merit system; MR, SECRETAKV ICKES which will provide for a classitica- I SPEAKS AND CONFERS tlon of salaries aiy which will prohibit the appointment of unqualified, incompetent personnel. Truck Driver Released vW- "POPLAR BLUFF, Ark.. June 10— Arvey Watkins. truck driver for an ice cream company, was at liberty Friday under $100D bond, following preliminary bearing on charges of manslaughter growing out of (ho death of Ronald James 20-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs Hollis James, of near llayfi. Mo. The child wns killed by Watkins' truck on Highway 84, while the fiilber ran toward the highway waving to the driver to slop. Watkins said lie saw James, but never saw the child. Home Demonstration Notes Six members and three visitors met nl tlie home of Mrs. civde O'Neal in the Shady Lane Community on Wednesday aftcrnr.on. Tlie roll call was answered by reacting a quotation. The devotional was given by Mrs. I. M. McHaffcy, concluded by rcpi- .tilion of the Lord's Prayer. •I During the business session members discussed providing Ihc home vegetable supply,' the responsibility of the homcmnkcr toward the •Jiealtli of the family, and different •y/ays of savins; fruits. Two nc>7 members were added to the club role, Mrs. dell Michael and Mrs. E. S. Mullius. Mjj'fieslmients were served durin; hour, and the meeting adjourned with repitilion of the American creed. The next meeting will be with Mrs. T. T. Campbell on Wednesday July 5. Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes had been in New York the night before, making a speech in which lie said among oilier Hold Everything "Yeah, they're cute, but they keep mc_busied buying records!" FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile &. Culvert Co. Phone 691 OsccoU, Ark. WE FH.L ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE XOTJ MONET STEWART'S OrQf Ster e »»!n A L*kc Phon« ISO. Try our "Own Made" ICE CDEAM Ole Hickory inn fr«tn BOWL for fun and health! HILL'S and GEORGE'S BOWLING ALLEY 120 N. Second things sending armies to nome, Berlin and Tokyo would do no good, and this country would make certain its own defeat^- unless religious and race hatred were wiped out. Arriving in Washington around noon, Mr. Ickes came lo his own office, then went to Capitol Hill to confer. Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard was out of town. War Pood Administrator Marvin Jones made a few extemporaneous re- his usual seclusion Secretary of Commerce stands, with a calenda: lull of apirainlmenls, seeing a lot of_people on routine affairs. Per- to find out very definitely what the U. S. postwar plan is, if nny. WLli (JltlNHS ON ,i.S VSVAI. War Labor Board Chairman William H. Davis is In Hawaii to nd- the labor situation there. In ' his ateciice, the Board wns In session, Grinding away as usual. War M a n p o w e r Commission Chairman Paul V. McNuLt put out a canned statement in the morning telling everybody else to keep on working to deliver the goods to Ihe boy s over there, Then he went on working himself, at whatever It is that a war manpower commissioner does. Up on Capitol Hill, Sewell Avery drew a poor house and hud to walk out on his own feet. Missouri Senator Bennett Champ Clark Intro- ] chiCKi a couple of amcndiuenls on flood control, and somebody else wauled lo amend something called tlie Price Control Act, which It seems will expire on June 30. Both houses of Congress, in addition to praying, seemed to want to settle a controversy of some kind aboul a couple of fellows named Kiunncl and Short, who had something to I do with a place called Pearl Harbor. At the President's White House conference, Pain the Scottle wandered about among the strange legs of 200 or more reporters, wonder- Ing, no doubt, what they were all doing there, but he didn't bile nny of them and they didn't bite him. That would have been news. WARNING OKDKR In the Chancery Court, CIIICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Maggie Eastliurn, ct al, Plaintiff, vs. No. (1602 Pearl Madson, Defendant. Get BAAF Jobs Military Personnel In Many Departments Will Be Replaced. In accordance with inslructions received from higher military headquarters, the ISlythcvllle Army Air Field will soon make a change from military to civilian personnel hi several departments, according to an announcement made lodny uy H. M. Whllchcad, of the U. S Employment Service at 118 S. Second Street, "Such units as the Officers' Club, the cadet mc.w. (he Service Club nnd Non-Coin Club, which arc not imitntnhicd by War Department funds. Imve been directed lo replace with civilians nnd enlisted men now empf.iyed there," said Mr. Whltchead. We are Interested in securing for Die field » considerable number of both colored nnd white men nnd women to fill thcfic places. Each working group will be composed entirely of one race or the other. Wages are good nnd meals will be furnished while on duty," The fuselages and wings of Mos- o.iilto bombers, which Ihc Urltlsh say arc tho fastest airplanes In the world, nre mndc of wood veneers, Onions hnve been grown In eur . dens for more thnn 4000 years. Pemiscot Flier Puts Tower Out Of Commission AN EIGHTH AAF PI Cili TEH STATION, Enijlmul. Juno 10 mere is one loss [Ink tower serv- I»B Hitler iifler Capl. Jolm it. hngland, GOO Uumnt Avo C»- riitliersvlllc, Mo. strafed it on u mission Into occupied Kuropp The p.61 Mustang flier, a flight louder swooped down <m die Installation nnd quickly put It out, ot commission. He tells Hie story: "We wore lining up to piny rol- !mv-(l)c-U'iulrr („ | K nnuliH!' nnd strafing u locomotive when I .spotted » flak tower near Ihc riillnmd tracks. NOW those uilnss cnu be flcfilrucllve to an nlnnnn, so I told llic boys to curry on with the lo- coniollye, I woulil get (i, c flak "I strafed the lower lliorouRhly, raking it W Kh ,,, y bullets. Tlicn i Joined my flight ami blasted the locomotive." "Wlilie ivc were on (lie deck ;is llRhtoi-ljomber.s we saw l\vu B(XK| examples of our power: one was n» nli-ridd that looked like a freckle-faced person, ilj has so maiiv tomb pits mt ||; u,,, Btllc| . wns u factory, which looked us If 11 Inul been combed with n hum nikp it was a total moss." dipt. England, thn son of Mv ami Airs. H. H, England, Camth- crsvllle, Is u lending fighter pilot In fcnghxt with seven Nazis destroyed lo liis credit. PAGE THBE& Chinese along the llimmi Hoiul relish Ijces ns n dellcac.y. Bond Belle The original r.lberly Hell potilcil mil Hie news Unit l)-l)ay luul iirrivcd, Here's screen nclrcss Knyp Kmcriion, posed beliind u vc'pllcn of the famous bell to rewind you Unit Hie Fifth U'm- Loan is the Invasion Loan, lladc the Invasion l>y buying un cxlni bond. i Doors Barred Against Union, Workers Say I.ITI'U.; UOCK, JUDO 10. <w>_ The I'uluskl Comil v Grand Jury Is Bolnu to hold ii special hearing Monday lo invCTllgiilc the alleged lock out, of union employes of the liiown Onrjiiem Afumifncttirliig Company at l.litle Hock. f'rosixmtlng Attorney Sum Robinson says • he has received com- nlaluls MiyhiK Una some 12 cm- Wi'6 were forcibly kept, from going lo work at lh« plant. And he suys tbls u violation of mi Artan- sas del pawed by (lie 19.13 leglsia- The complnlnts charge that, nonunion employes lUli'gcdly buncd doors of the giumcm factory union workers lust, Wcd- nestlny. The- complaints wero hnscd on ullcticd violations of the Abhm- on Act. Tills acl provides u penl- enllnjy seiilcneo of from ono to two years for any person using force or violence In an iittempl lo prevent nny person from engaging In nny lawful .KTUpalton. A spoki'siniin for (he non-miion employes, Mrs, Kdtth Rollima. told liobhison that members of tho International Uullcs (iuuncut Workers Union were barred from ttic |)lniil iKTiuise (hey were .slowing down production of fatigue clothes for Ihc mined forces, Mrs. liolljius Mild that, liio pre.sldenl or Ihc coin- puny, Jerry T.-Drown, hud not glv- en Ills consent ( 0 (lio lock-out. Courii Wont Ada. Ar- Girls May Investigati i "Adult Delinquency" LITTLE ROCK, June liJ'rtj Governor" Bate Johnson . of kansas Girls' Slate asked lor Hiiuy of "adult delinquency'! in her ' "duress before th e Girls State legislature today, ' -*, The Snlluc County girl told .the Joint session of the- House 'and Senate that Juvenile delinquency stems partly fiom adult failure to imdcibtaml nnd do something about Joulhfiii problems. Moreover, Miss Johnston urged lie jilils to return to their home ocallllc^ and do their part In backing up 'the war effort by working with the Red Cross nnd kindred organizations. Couttmartial Underway Against Army Engineer THXARKANA, Ark., June 10 (UP) —The prosecution has completed its case In the general court martial of Major Jolm A. Copeland, former iwst engineer' at the Kcd River Ordnance Depot. Now the defense is presenting Its case. Mnjor Copehind pleaded Innocent to 18 charges Including tmaulhor- i/ed construction. Inaccurate record-keeping and failure to Institute proper training systems for personnel in ills department. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (UP)-Pfo. Aubrey Arnold, Eunacc, La, recuperating nt Army-Niwy Hospital here, says the soldiers In Italy will Ions remember a depression between the hills near Cosslno which Ihey nicknamed "Purple Heart Valley." "Every man who came out of that place alive was awarded the "Purple Heart'," ho said. *«»5£==,s 1 ,i--r^s«=,;; - — — appear within thirty days in the court named In Jesse the caption hereof and answer the - -- -.-«•;«•.*<.<,- UL-OW mi; aiiniuii ntTCOI ami nilSWCT UlC uTU ,' ""If l ' 5 'n° 5S Ht UlD US - '""'I' 1 '' 1 " 1 °f «>° Pontiff Maggie uai two stands, with a mlpnilnr Fact hum „» n i bb Secretary of Labor nances rcr- kins worked on her budget in the morning and had some International Labor Office people in for lunch. War Production Board Chairman Donald M. Nelson hurried back lo Eastburn, et nl. Dated this 2C day of May, 10M. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. H. n. L. E. Coleman, Ally, ad Before the United States adopted Ihe four time zones In 1881, more than 50 different zones were In Guaranteed REPAIR SERVICE On All Makes of TRACTORS, TRUCKS, FARM EQUIPMENT, MOTORS and CARS. Our shops are equipped wifh the most modern machinery. Five experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary, units. WE CARRY COMPLETE LINES OF PARTS LEE WILSON & (0. AHMOREL, AUK. CALL 20SS Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blylheville, Ark. Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkccping-Typinq MRS. L. M. BURNETT Degree From Accrcdilcd College 1010 Ucarn Phone 3Z70 WALLPAPER Reg. 22 Ho Now 15c 30c Light Fast Now 20c 36c Washable Now 24c (Soy Bean Paint) 240 HYKLASS Creosote White, 2 50 i SOUTHLAND White.... tJJ DUTCH BOY White ... 350uu, SfI AIN ;T?iP GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square-210 Pound 5.50 square E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Sen-Ice Each Bond Blow for is a Him! FIGHT By His Side! BUY EXTRA BONDS BUY MORE-DOUBLE WHAT YOU DID BEFORE The 5th War Loan Goal is $16,000,000,000 between June 12 and July 8 Our Quota For (he Drive Is $1,000,000 For the North Half of Mississippi County! / This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdett* A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mf*. Co. BIytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implement!, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Ce. Cay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick'j Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. Huddlcston & C». Tom W. Jackson JiedePi Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemoni Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Store PatO'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C, Penney Co. Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. "••'.' Rock Saliba • Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Groccn C. G. Smith , . Floyd A White ~ " '"" Zellner'i Slipper Shop

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