The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1934
Page 6
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< r. 1PID-TEI BUTTLE IN .. l_ .. Stanford and Alaban . Have Traditions To Ui hole! New Year's Day 11V HARRY fiHAVKO.V Spoils i;dlldr, NCA Service PASADENA, Calif.—inspired vn Miles collide In the Rose How! New -Year's Day. Stanford bus somethinir to ll down. Alabama's Red Elephants hai much to live up to. Their illuslr OIK predecessors won two gunie and tied another to give thc Tn; caloosa institution Ihe bral'recor among schools that have gone I for the coast argosy. Three things have contributed t thc quickening of thc Stanlon pace, one that only Santa Clara which obtained a 7-7 draiv wo. able to match during the season The Cardinal Juniors arc dctc mined to wipe out Ihc blur put upon their ledger by a brave little band of Columbia Lions in that itnuixtng .upset of a year ajjo. The p.ilo Allonns are .stirred by the tumult rafaeri In connection with Alabama—"greatest team ever to come out, of th3 south, and on • that 'will slaughter Stanford." The Cardinals are tired by Ihc likelihood thai they will deploy on the short-end of the wagerlin for the first time this year. Gird for Tough Tost Nfembcre of Stanford's, official family expect the nig Red Team lo turn In Its most vicious jjaine oi the campaign. "The boys arc mud—cut lo Uic quick," asserts one of them "i only hope it lasts." ' It Is hard .to say In what physical condition Stanford will be .. Bobby Grayson. everybody's All- America, and,his understudy Stan Anderson; Monk Moscrfn', placc- ktcklng end who made All-America.,teams,-and his running mate. Keith Topping; Claude Callaway, tackle, and some others have been Injured or 111 were 111 since the :terrillc encounter with California on Nov. 24 The belief " that all will be In shape to go (ARK: 1 ) Barring accidents mid lllnr-ss, this ' Li HR> I cam Stanford llntvrrcll-y will slfirt ngalnst Alabama in the Pasnrtena Howl on .New .Yoar'.s" Day.. l,ofl to right In the line: Klflh' '/Yinplnjf, rlgM. cinl; Olniuln Callnway, right, ia<-M<>; nob ney Holds, lea tackle; Larry RonWe,. right guard; Wes Miillfr, center; Woody • Adams, left guard; Jim Moscrip, left r>ml. Hacks: )iolj Hamilton, right h'nlf; Frank Aliisllzn, <iiiitru>rr nobby Clrnyain full; ntid I-toi Van Drlle'n Banner at Pasadena the distance at least, part of agalnst Alabama. "If Grayson, Moscrip, Topping or Callaway u, out, .the team will piny all the harder," explains the member of Stanford's official family. •Stanford hnsn'l : had thc'occa-, siori to win a game for a disabled or indisposed star this season Moscrip's trick knee developed on me tve oi me California onine so unexpectedly that By Ha LTV Grayson Tne discovery of current •galvanic,'' electricity, ,-,45 ' (ientjiiy cau;cci r,y 3 ITK Kalian anatomist, Luiji f.ial-an ivss lining a dead frog in his S |,| rt Ifs n'nd accidentally touched iy nerve of ils leg with a knife that had bfcome charged with r>u>c , ^ard aooch wo^rZp^'con^fot f ™ 8 P'"' in '° V ""' nl nivth n0 |ii ( ' lo " n ' 1 , amnnt llp W .»t the-1 f- Bernard Gooch Ts Winner Oi 1 Point. Toiirne * H I - 1 r Hanley, Latest Cas- the Pace for 'i law S • • ••'* 1 ualty, Resigned Because 1 , of School Poll lies. tries, f" •",'<' hommakor of .be 1 ™» Orol, mailc-in horn CHICAGO ( nick Hanley .... football coach emphas that the turnover'in L. a .,-„ Bllu iron mentors Ls as brisk as in any other conference In the country. j.-Thls-ls In direct contradiction to the ,Big Tens'.policy: of. )>,iv|n» higher cllBlbility . requirements and more stringent riile.s .ihan any otti3r - conference. What was the outstanding ath- Uc nchtevemenl by an Indlvld- I in 1034. That's easy. U was Dizzy DeaiTs pitching the St. Louis Cardinals lo the National League iwnnanl and world championship. 13ean was the force and Inspiration that .enabled thc fled Birds to' the foremast feat, by a team—edging out the Oi- ants on the closing day of the campaign,' after the loss of a Labor. Day double-header left them ailing by .seven games. In view of .the .smooth and lively ball used last season, winning 30 games while . slightest chance'of (be Cardinals being as HsUe's as they appeared lo be at limes while ras- 1> ilcmonstrnllng Iheir vast superiority In seven out of len Raines during the past season. The CMifornhns are firmly con}'"«" fh-Uthej are to have their foiighesl, test of the campaign on m ^^ D " lv - nnti co "s«l»w»lly «ill -.deploy with both eyes wide * • * • ^ A Retort to .Mainlahi i ,. • .' Stanford Kill; have' ho advantage over Alatnma 'in this' re- specl, with Dixie Howell. Bill ixic & Co., out to emulate the glorious Rose Bo»l deeds of former \vcnr- ers of the Crimson and White Coach Prank Thomas could use any one of (he Tide's three previous performances -here .and not lack material for an entire seriss of pep talks. Thomas could point to the Alabama heroes of Jan. ], 1925-pulverizing Pooley Hubert, Johnny Mack Drown and Grant GIllls The ccnch of the Aed Elephants could picture the ]D27crop_Babe Pearce Lovely Red Barnes, jimmy Johnson and Wn Winslett. He could repeal the oft-told turf radiant tale oi the standouts of q?,»r M °= k Cam P bi?l1 . Moore, Plash suther, Smith .and Whitworlh The story of Alabama's classic three-touchdown rally in the third f-T'Sr' l h ' Ch '""I"*™" » Po"e™ fill Washington array on New Years Day, 1926 would .stimulate f^jT 6 " a " ons of n "l' bn "<l ot football men. Thomas could tell of Pearce the center, charging through the'lino to b'ock a punt with his face, and making It possible for Johnson a reserve fullback to bolt through Eo , sam ?. p *«Ws opposition for ™ , lo ! chdOTn lnal ««l .Stanford tne following year. 'The third quarter is Alabama's quarter out here," Conch Thomas ^l»ht shout, in the event that his boys trailed at the half, tor again on Jan 1, 1931, the' tuscaloosans scored three touchdowns and added a field goal for good measure In that period to smother Washington ' T/ 1 * J os e Bo»l playing field Is hallowed ground to Alabama men Algeria, in Northern , Africa, ha ? "; er ^{ '"*• Chemicals carried by the TO ers of two joining streams ™.™ a ^ Iro 'i lnk,.bl«ek Irdn.tan- nate. ,One streom flows.out of n pent swamp Impregnate .with tan- 6 J?* other comcs t with Iron deposits England's prestige In thc royal and ancient game by bagging ti, e Urit- sh Open. Huge Olln Dutra plnck- ly marched to the U. s, Open 1»- .yreen. sedatives. Winsome Vlr- ilnia Van WIe captured the U S women's championship for the ihlrrt consecutive year. Sullivan Awards SuRgestnt for Deans Qlenn Cunningham ran a mile put, the seven and taking two out of three i nthe fall fashion show Is a record comparable with those of outstanding luminaries of thc past Max Baer kept knocking Primo Camera down until the heavyweight championship was in his jrasp. B nr n e y Row became the first lightweight leader lo wear the welter- wreath. T JU1ts 'Lason Little revealed! am'B'iltfg stamina and steadiness to-take, his place alongslAe of the Immortal'Bobby .rones us Ihe second golfer lo acquire both the British ant the American iima- n 4:00.7. Jack Torrance Stan~a ¥ sATfWef shot 55 feet 1 1-2 inches. Fred Perry'* net blanketed thn tennis courts, Dorothy Round accounted for ihc Wimbledon women's, crown. Helen Jacobs regained ground last abroad by carrying through nobly In (he U S Dean's wom c»'s competition, losing But none of these accomplishments quite matches the pitching exulolt.s of .Jerome Herman Dean' "ml in listing outstanding team performances, how about thc "Me and Paul" number, the greatest mother ticl In baseball history? Ihc A. A. U. really ought to ilvc two Sullivan awards this year, niul present them to nto'/u and Dairy Dean. A lot of ' amateurs were better paid. I would say that the failure of Hob Grove with the Red Sflx was the biggest disappointment of the year on the part of an Individual. Pom- Lefty spent the belter pan of Ihe grind being treated from ceth lo toes. will, the result that he never did get in condition It will take another spring In inn whether the old fire ball has definitely cooled off. . Next to; Grove's Inability to turn In any parl of thc performance Kipretet of n $12(5,000 purchase, } .would list Camera's game, but helpless, showing against. the flippant Dacr as 'the bulkiest disappointment of 103-f. Then comes Schoolboy Howe's work In thn world series. -It Ls true I ml noive broke even In two starts, but the large lad of El Dorado suilcrcd badly in comparison with, the. overworked Deans despite the tact thai .spots were picked for-him-and his a.ssli'ii- mcius carefully spaced. •«.»..*• Terry Failed as Dismally as His Teajii Hobby Jones' failure to reveal any part of his old form'in the Masters' tournament -.was disap- pomnig to the public, .but: was not altogether unexpected by golf- jrs, who rcall/e that the finest touch required In any game'dls- npuears with' Idleness. Cotton Warburton, of Southern aiirormn. demonstrated how sim- ' Is for an All-America back to, tumble into thc ranks of the -un-o-mme when the blocking Mlehlgnn and Southern Califor- i a will do ns examples of team disappointment In football. The nose dive of neither was com'pnr- to thai of the Giants in the closing, days' V of' lh e < National league race, - however.: > Michigan and Southern • California.' never did get started. — slranglehold "Daffy" Dean Signs New Manage *'* ' ' ^'! '~r"I7" 1 '75'Xsxrx;-7" • -v^".n^^^-_ ' O The Big Ten will enforce rigidly such ni!es as no post-season games, no training tables, uniform date for ojje;i)jjg. «f practice, regulation of dally practice and other similar rules. lint when It comes to protecting Its coaches, , ,who should be on the same high plane as every member of the faculty, they are as backward as any other group, Hanley wasn't dismissed because he didn't win. President Walter Dill Scotl, in accepting Haiiley's resignation, said he considered Hanley one of the leading coaches In America. " Haiiley's team was on the wny back up when ho was forced to resign. HanJey .says Ills downfall resulted from his refusal to play pol- lllcs. Hanky's boosters fought for him until the end. but'.the onpo- s lion inside (he faculty board of athletic control was too much At the lime of his resignation Hnnley was the second old-si coach in the Big Ten in the point of .service. He had eight years behind him at Northwestern durhi" the lionor on the flip of a coin. J. 'P. Lcnli had >, iota) of .18 orresponuent > finishing the last ho!e with lie ousting of sivcn h!,',?/,?"'', f °T wn " l<i lmve Northwestern | 8 lent a id * lonfor _"'^ I" M( >•'"• the r-ict i , ' n - Occ were thc ^tiie fact 0 ,,| } , im |))(lyers ia scor(j an ^ n 5 jiolnts on a single hole. Acton was fourth with 37 -;•,„• " n < l ': c <*'! Shane was nfth with so ]ioint.s. : •; The ..scoring was based on ihc- following p 0 | Ilt system: 1 point for 1 over.par; .2 ,, olnL , ro ,. points for n blrdlc; 5 points foi Bob zuppke at Illinois is the oldest coach in (j,e nig Ten in Point of service. Since 1913 i]i» year Zuppke started coaching at Illinois the other nine schools have had 45 football coaches. J fiats an average of dvc each in The chajigw have been comln"- years"" fre<iuentt > r 1!lc last few The Big Ten coaches of ten years ago show manv sh tone. has a snrprJsiiiirly Soap will not Iransmit, &".& Experiments with soap taken from various places, such as hotels kitchens, machine shops, etc., have been made and in 1M) instnnct ""- a single living organism Jiiiiii;, ;; 1KHJJ an oa e le and 2S pojjjts tnv n rhomas D. Campbell, American wheat king did not plant « single grain of wheat on his OSJOO-ncrc ranch near Hardln. Mont., in 1031 One of the infantes oi Spain once organized a body of unmount- ed men to go to -the aid of the king; from this, came thc name for thc infantry of the army. ; Read Conner f, c », want Ads. R OX Y Wed. and Thursday Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c Ke; wbrlo Last Time Today Mai. 2:30, ,10-25c Nile fi:45—3(M5c IMITAIIOH with WARREN WILLIAM Rochelle Hudson The O|a«i s had' f n on Ihe bunting," nria .counting the swag wheiv thcv collapsed as suddenly and? completely as the Insull empire And the tactless and cantank- ttils Bill Terry flopped as dis- -illy as his team in his first, real | test ns a leader. Beats . Wrestling-'-Feature; Little Wolf Takes Firpo. Roy Welch, tne wny veteran emerged the winner hi his first' appearance hero for a number of months and started what may ely prove another siring O f victories when he trounced Kid ?j™ Darnett in thc feature HARVEY. Ill,, Dec. 26. (UP)-! 1 wrestling card at. the armory. w'Vr ',' 1C , l>r(lliminnr y Chief Listlo Wolf (who wrestled here last smn- p lei ii w °"I. Pf ^1 uetl <» defeated Emll Firpo by taking the only fall via thc- foul route in a me'ho - - .-.,.. * VIAH; iu ii unr not tr nulch The Indian won the only fall when Referee Leon Pedretty nftcr raised llnnd «ii W ia rt allegedly committed several fouls They Id. oi southwestern Germany, nns an area of 1800 square miles. j«J? a - , av ° r "* 'Pot for tourists and derives its name from'the dark hue of the firs that grow In the region. get their malrT nourishment from, the air, not the soil. .Carbonic add ga s . 6f which-the wrestled the w i tllo « « American remaining dls- Ftrpo, Ihe con- but- ..... forced to devote more line-to wrestling than h, his last few appearances. Welch won thc final match, two out of three falls. The onc-tlme of wrestlers ... --- ~. »*mm;»o uppcannff here (finally knocked from the top by Johnny Marr last summer) an l^mas P h;re""coiSs"'onl'y' lCn thr'e, FT" C f n " sl(!d wllm he SddS- ^^rrt,F^S - ~-- tt -' i « n- la 3 ted only a traction of a .as the "door" broke una n ged through. The famous champion v?aa caught by e .l a JUH *' ber fln « er "PS » th , e « ur ' a « «t the water v » Miami Belch, Fla., pool, gl" n lll p ,| 0tt of » most insl fart hn» ls , uwlcss 1" the plnnls,' however, unless light and moisture nr nre present. American e ° 3 lnV «'«i a ' , Awe/lean ctrantrlw and , poet, bom. 1776=BatfcleofThen- ton- Wa-shiiuiton captures cicaJ department estimates 4O% of all Christmas toys 1024 ' .834 Illinois Bob Zuppke Bob zuppke Michigan Georee Little !rnrly Klpk< ,' Indifirm Ingram no McMillin Jowt " nurt Iiiewerson o «ie Solem Norlhwcstpi-n Olcnn Thlstlelhwalle No Coach Purdue Jimmy -Pheian Nohli; Ic , z2t WUcoiLSIn - 15 •lock Ryan Doc S] •,. Minnesota BUI Spaulding Bernie Biermnn Ohio state Dr. John Wilce Francis Schmidt Chicago J Clark Shaush.K-.^ . . - B 'S "en coaches of (he last few years follow: M^w' 0 ^?"' 1 - 2 Crislt ' r ' Minne.wln; Noble Klzer. Purdue. Iv'r^!. 1 ^' S nyM ' rnrtlana. Solem, IO\VA • RPI 1933-CIark Shnughnewy, cht-' cngo. 1934-Prancis Schmidt; Ohio Slate; Clark Chi >ach.^ rt ± S 'f," '^"B 'or a JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer Central Engineering Surveying. 'Ufappjng . Phone 4S8 BIjthevHI,. Art Wax Is grown on trees by Chinese, farmers, who have utilized the wax-making p r op?rtles of a small Chinese Insect. This in.wcl spins cocoons of pure wax. and its mas- orf " lli:d llow lo m! >k« It material. •. PS • • /:.'•' "•' 75 TONS ' JHAY FOR SALE Alfalfa. Pea and Mixed Hay II. C. Knappenberger Now Located at 101 North Seeotid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER ' SERVICE BUREAU DON EnWARDS. Proprietor ill makes ot rebuilt Typewritm,'Mdinf Mnohlnts.nilClltntoton Bep«lrln(—Farto—Ribboni Gem of the Ocean with Jeanne Aubert Thursday £ Friday Paramount News •I Star Comedy "Ftiller «.mh Man" WARREN WILLIAM) GLENDA_FARREH' Musical Song Hit "Mountain Melody" Novelty' Reel— "Thc Ocean Swells" On Display Saturday, Dec. 29 THE NEW 1935 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. "" " A IT r TIirkTlT'7C'r\~ T7/-^Tir«. rST^ i r •rxr* ' * AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER

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