The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1933
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1 Served United by the Press BKTHEVILLE C01MER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 130 Blyrherille D«lly, New*. BlythetllJt OoorW, V»Uey Le»d«f Blytbtylllt Htnkld. BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 193S SINGLE COPIESygVE :CENTS CLOSE HITLER'S Keeps in Shape Challenge I" • Speech Yes; terclay .Gives Allies New Food for ltiou»hl. BKRLIN. Ann. '20 lUI't-Ch-m- fi-llor Adcjlph Hitler, itircady UK center oi 11 diplomatic, U'taiKC of the Austrian Nazi ihreui.s against the Austrian gov- ij-mnem. gave allied rxweis 100:! for more anxious thoughts uxliy \\iih tin: statement llial (in-many Hf:\cr would ruiisi-nt In feivi up 111:- i-lch Siiai- territory. Flying to Hucieheim, 50 mile.H ircj'm ths Saar border, after ccre- iti'miiii In honor <A Pic-sidenl 1'iinl \on liimlenburg, ililler saicl in :i .'peech to 150.000 jxi-rsons. "The Saar must, be returned to Germany. Germany never will renounce the Saar district. If the Versailles treaty is holy tu us it r ust be holy also to our enemies." He referred to "lies" outside or Germany that his government was ":uprising" .Germans. "1 fim always ready to api>eal 10 the nation aoain." he said. "If 1 do more thi'.n fne-sixtlis of the : i.llcn will b; behind us.'" Miss New York a Milking Champion!" Planned New Magazine .for j Years Says Hull's 'Ex- Assistant Moley. "•'•''"' -\ NEW Y6ni£ : :'Aiij. an iUP}. — ltaymo>:d Mo!cy, : 'deserting ';,lhe f.cld of |;raeli<!5r politics for III.IK- ne publishing mildly denleu loday that Ills leslsnution fiom ic state department WHS caused by friction with his chief. Kci-re- tii-y of Stats Coicli'l] mill. On the uthci hand he asserted Sth the vigorous' tuppori of Vincent /stor find W. Avertll Ilarri- inan, his assoclaii's in a forthcoming poiitiuil-e-i.acink weekly niu^a/.liic, that his plans lor' establishment of Ihe new journal of thought had been in the making for years with the blessing j of President Hooi'evell. In a mars Interview In me ul- flcrs of Aslor, lli-j three editors ••nthuslastlcally outlined their iis for printing a thought-com- .•olliny magazine which v:ill bacK :hc literal Rnovvi-Ulan theorta, In plain English which will bei inderstood by the man on the street and the man 0:1 the farm". 23 States Favor Repeal As Texas Enters Parade J I:M: VLASEI llijllywoiiil's .-DALLAS, Aug. 28 '1 UP)—Texas today was number 23 in Ihe parade of wet .^liitp. 1 ,. Latest return", ;>: '.he Tex;:-. i-li!-:ilnn bureau from i £atuiikiy','i ejection gave: For re-j ni-al 27S,Wf: Against rjpial 105,-1 fU'J 1 YLASICK. aliovo, one 01 I'si !nveHe>! young ' mnvir- iilnyei'M, nays slir- lias lii'cn ki:ej)ii>y in »h;i|ie ilils summer by lilaviag d;iily id tli'i lic-ach. And tft'.« viclura ecems it. to i l : or Agalru on of beer 283.- *°ali7at!nn of heer ilUTU'KER Seventy counties still were dry, m.d 53 were wel as the result 01 the. local option election, giving Atlrihutu Death Of Watchman to Sliork 01' MKMPHIS, Aug. 28 <.UI>)-thir- ly ilium's after. he was -bound and BUBBed nntl forced to watch three n . • r | I VICC lllCVeaSC 111 LollOll li man's Dukri-y ' h i 'II 1 ' 1 ' us night \viit Jurat IVC to rtVOK! Htfivnrl. 81, wn: Catastrophe-r-Bankhcac! What? Miss New York winning a milkmaid cmn°st! Well. It sur- Wccdin May lie Next HYDE PARK. !.'. Y., Aug. 28 tU '1—Prr^idont noiisevelt reiu-hed the parting of (he ways today v:(h Professor Raymond Moley. ! prised western coini>elitor.'i, too, when Miss Viola Henry, of NorwlCK N. Y.. a Cornell University co-ed, caji'-uri-tl top honor. 1 ; at the mllkini sti sit A Century o( Progress l:i Chicago. Here she's shown wld the champion's cup after she had filled her poll with Iti pounds and key man of the celebrated "brain I.ust", who Is credited with or- 1 Sra'ing much of the program ol the nev. dej). Moley's reason for resigning as assistant secretary of .state was L.ivcn as Ills- tU'sire to accept the tclllciship of - a uev: nalLO]l-^s l ide weekly backed In Vincent Astnr, •j close friend o! the president olitical observers immediately in- City Revenue From New ..... . . . ic majority m Hie incompleie tab- ., Mr I'laiLim or 17 cnnnti:;; in whicn j Beverage Not Lxpccleu :«!«> or ta r will be prohibited pri •vhen it become,; legal cLsowheii:] September 15. I "Continue In School" Movement Is Urged • A flat annual privilege liccns'j ol $15 was imposed on teer re- Callers by an ordinance, with emergency clause attached, passed '''••'•'••SB! ' xCitv -council - Saturdaj HAYTF. MO.-The carnthers-' fnfpSC*The ordinance goes .few v,-le Rotary chib• of- Pcmiscot I ,, , county will embark on Us countywide "Continue fn School" move- i:iL>nl soon. The object is (o yet all the rurol children of Uiis rounty who have finished ihe eighth grade to continue M"0ii<jh the high school course. While tlie members do nol urge Ihe children tn attend the Cuv- rlhersville high school, they do nol- think H necessary for the i.hildren to go out of this sphere u. otlisr schools. The club has b:cn divided Into pe.ven committees, and each has a selected f.praker, who will address the par- mis of the diirevent rnial schoa! children. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T 130 Anaconda Copper — Bethlehem Steel 41 5-8 Chrysler 4G 3-4 Cities Service 31-8 Coca Cola 93 1-2 General American Tank 39 3-8 General Electric 25 3-8 "pneral Motors 35 1-8 International Harvesler 42 1-8 Middlewcst Utilities .. 1-2 Montgomery Ward .. M 3-8 New York. Central .... 52 Packard b I -2 -Phillips Petroleum ... 15 a-8 Radio Corp 9 Simmons Beds 21 5-8 St. Louis San Francisco 5 7-8 Standard of N. J 39 3-3 Texas Corp" 25 3-4 U. S. Sti:l 57 1-4 11 is anticipated that revenue fvoai bear licenses will not ex- *ri :1 £5Co annually. The license will nol be collected sanl-annual- ly. as are other city licenses. an;l consequently beer retailers musl [jay $15 for the privilege of sell- i.'i£ the 3.2 per cent beverage for the remaining four months am lour 'days ol 1933. The ordinance, prepared b3 Mayor Cecil Shane with the as- :ir,iance of City Attorney Sun Mnnatt is modeled closely aftc ine slate law legalizing sale o Leer and light winea pass;ci b Ihc recent legislature. 31 fol lews (he state in that re six ounces of milk at the end of llnee minutes allowed In the contest TD fflRCEul110 SUPPLY ON HULL FintS'i OF COTTON OFF i-y [or which he serv- night wnlchinnn, liulx-rt C. ns found dcud In cw.h and $10 In M j in n ill uuriti vci a ji iinji;MiLHti) in- ' • f f\t i rprtled i! as .a nscrssary move] Hull Dlimn I'irCS LaUSC Ut- ExchailQe Estimates 1933 : keep pease in tho president's i , . ,-,1 • - i' • ~ rn nnr, r> i ticp family Moley is knmvn to leilSlVe DUOl'S and, Growth 1,259,000 Bales rvc disatrerd on matter?; of pol y \vith his immediate s.u{>eriDr,; ecrelary of Stale Cordell Hull. Smoke, Chief Declares „.. . ,. ... ,, . i Gentle ucrsuasion, with a hint Ihc resienation led immediate- , .,, r , glllaUons m!iy Dc tn o ^.^Ti/iii.ll n{ t^oroLclftlll 1^1- "••"" '.b" 1 o — . , , broi.glit into use is lo be tried on Elytheilllc cotlon ginners fol- "iwllis'. prolcstj ngalnst fumes and. to a renewal of persistent re- orts that Secretary of. Treasury Villiam H. Woodin planned to csi§n. Woouin has beep, -a- rom his ofllci" for weeks because illnr^s and the recent revela- ion lhat, his name flwu • w sy fdo,'. mise I - „,. preferred customers list" of J. P. Less Than 1932. NEW YORK. Aug. 28 (UP) — The world supply of all growth i f cotton this scason'wlll be about 1.259.000 unbs less lhan'last year, il was estimated today by the New York cotton exchange aer- •s" from burning hull dumps. The "hull pile" problem, which v i cc „-,« m ih..l !las h** 0 ""-' something of a rejni-j TJ ,,, |, K ii ra(0[ i u - 01 .| t i supply "... lar fall nuisance for city olficiald. •- U.R.A. I'lUMINCHAMj' ; Alls. 2B < CumnlsMuiKTx of.'iigrlcullure and ,.ders In the coUoh-'growliiii In- _ p __ iMry from live southern stales Kl)lw ( n) [ m , ,ct here t«lay to consider a pro- ijal to limit fnturi! crops to CT> •v cent (if the avcnivje for the st Ilvi- yeurs. Kennlor John H. Iliuiklictul of Inbiinm opened the discussion Ith Hie declaration that the col- in fiirinrr'H condition I" "uitas- I i-uphlc". "The liumer Is W) ' per tent' •u:se oil under the NKA program l-iin he was In 1032," Senator laiikheir. 1 told tiie conference, "bo- aiise Hit cost of other products iu» goifu up. He cull L;iy now .itli eolton between 9c;'and lOc more than he could' when il •/its Cc. A price Increase In the oulli's llrst ranking crop Is 1m- •oriitlv;." Harry D. Wilson, Louisiana .•ormulsiloner of agriculture, ad vnuilcd Hie plan whereby llmlla- l.on would be. placed -on in order lo bring about a 65 i>cr cent reduction from the five year average. This, he said, would ro- i.iill In an annual reduction of !>,- 3!w>,000 bales, and should boast cot- t.:n (o from 12c lo He. The acreage reduction plan was "bmiglcsoine", Wilsun declared The conferees, agreed lhat desplf the acreage cut this year's outpti vjll approximately eijual ius year's. Wilson's plan set- a quoti ,r.r every collon runner In th nrlh. Whop iie hud tjliincd thn rinoiml his inaxlninm sale volum would have befcn reached. bijit today. Stewart wits unharmed by tlio robbers but relatives attributed his death lo shock and experienced during Hie holdup. 'Hie robbery occurred Saturday and he seemed none the wi lence Simdiiy. ublalned only i'M In from the. ;pLtty eash draweni. They could not bieuk o)x'n an Inner strong box eontiiinliu; Saturday's receipts. iri!<|l . Employers Being Chccke'l by Loc^' Coni- ees Ovor U. S. Hlythevlllc's checkup committee tailed Its work this morning. No eport of Its activities hud been ocelvcd enrly this ufloiiioan, « nldtlny lain delaying returns made members of the committee, Chattanooga Restaurants Abandon 15 Cent Meal CHATTANOOC1A, Tcnn., Aug. 38 (UP)— The day of the "depression snack" Ls u thing of the In ~hatinnooga. Tlie. local restaurant Associmtlon has ruled that the IB-. cent luncl; -must go and that the extra cup of coffee, heretofore In preat 'demand, will no -longer bo ' Key Industries tlndrr Code WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (Ul>)~ /iliintcnrs Ueismi -i- natlon-wldn aiiva-ss of small employers today is the government pushid Its na- ional recovery, drive Into a critical phase. 1 Approval of an automobile code VuuuKlil all the key Industrie:; nrcler the blue eagle except coal. Lut. observers feared complka- ncns in Us application because ot •i clause temiicratlns the labor f.ruvli.lairi of Ihe national vecov- vv act and the attitude of Henry Bandits .Hold Galena, Mo:,*' Man Captive Until Timo Lock Is OH. V' OAl.PNA, Mo.. Alls. 20 (UP)- A'tM ;',ii ull nl|;ht n.-l«n of tenor in lil» home. 'I'roy Stone, cashier uf the Hank of Oalemi, was kid-, iiu!«-'<! by tjircc bandits and (orc- rd to open thu bank vault. The bandits lied with $1,700 af- 'rr u hni)[|-lo-hai|d encounter with V II. Criilj. baiik president, whom they locked In the vault . with . 'The Imprbio'ncd men set oil u burghir alarm and citrons iL-li:a!.«l llu-iri. A posse took up :hr pinsiill o( Ihe bundlLV autb*;. The Stones were 'sitting on Ifc VaeX i^oreh f)f their. home last r.isht when three masked men op- I'-.nrcd anil ordered them to enter the house. Shortly before diy? I reak two of the men' left thjb house with '."tone and took htm. (6 the bank. There -(hey compelled him to. He on the floor behind the counter until 8 A." Mr when the time lock on the safe" • was released. - • 'As sum: was being forced 'tp' open Ihe vault Craig elite red,. TH? bank president grappled with ni'ib of the bandits, knocking a pistol from his hnml. Then the banlit recovered the weapon and S'.nms mid Cr'iilg were forced Into tne <.!>uli. The . bandits selied the money, slummed the door,shut;on the tv.i) men and fl?u. . *;;•• \Icrgan. broinhi criticism -arious cnngrc;:imcn. from Is lo be dealt with firmly year." according to l : lrc Chief Hoy Head. Head says there is a city ordin- C*»t. Mate f , n ason was placed at 39,407,01)0 Vales, "against 40.CCC,COO last season, and 40,4111,000 two seasons aw. American cotton In the Indicated supply promised to be i ll " cc P rovidln S f °r slril:t regu!a- fmtt ]] cr u,i s KDrl son than last, but Named In Bond Scandal 1 - , jdons v;lilch may be enforce.! if , Ilr Sll|)l)ly of forelgn cotton u ex . ' triciicns and qualifications nee cssary lor a ;tate permit are con tained in the city ordinance. The ordinance requires that re Ir.ilers must sign an affidavit no to viciate sections of the measur pud .must exhibit a state perm rhen applying for city license It further provides that viola tions of state liquor laws aftc the lic?nse has been issued icsult in revocation of the license Conforming \vlth the state la the ordinance also provides that (.•nly citizens who have been resi- cirnts of the slate for two years jpnd who ar-; qualified electors iv.ay handle beer. As (ar as thes3 restrictions go however it lias been indicated that (he city will take the exhibition of a state permit n? sufficient evidence "of qualification, since the same restrictions sre also required before the state ci'.n issue a license. Tlie ordinance does not tax v.bolesalers. the mayor and coun- u problvin . ll.'b> ginning season. ! Chief Head explained that trou- FMPORfA. Kansas. Aug. 23 (Ujiji., sllllls n \ Kn „ i m n. ,,j| e is T-A w-mm fir tl- arrest of , ,,.nited. The fire burns down to Warren W. Fir.ncy, state senator [ lhe sourcd mi | ls beneath the top and president of ; ; the Fidelity j |. n} . cr vvllich Bive ofr a vcry O f. =late and Savings' bank, was is- tensive odor and smoke. While -ucd here today. I chief Head docs nol accuse siu- Tltc warrnm. latest ('..'vclopnicn'. [ rers dlreclly of iynllhij! huT; :n the million dollar Kansas bonnj piles, he says lhat a fire does charecd embezzlement ol ] !resen their problem of disposing S70.000 from the inst'tiiliou. j or.' the hulls, and since the hulls Finney is tlie father of Rons Id Krc their Property it is their re- lo be larger, the service Stipplv of Ain'erican cotton for the scaron was placed at 24.2S3.000 Vnles, a decrease of -1.931.000, and loicign growth at lf>. 154.000, an increase of 072,000. Finney, young finaneln h^ld In fhe Topeka jail in connection with ••'Ic'rcd forgery of mori- than one T n lion dollars of municipal and school bonds. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 28 (UP) — Colten closed steady. open high low close fict Ui'C Jan March May July 95-' 978 D87 971 Ml 983 984 983 !W 998 1012 D97 1W7 IDlfi 1028 1016 1C24 1033 1038 1033 1036 Spots quiet at !)65. up "5. New Orleans Cotton SEW ORLEANS. Aug. 28 (UP)- Coiton closed steady. open high low C'Ct net- Jan Mt.rch iVay July 95S 958 948 975 '982 9G9 983 936 980 1002 11102 1001 1021 1025 1014 103Cb 976 984 I0n2b 1020 1035' Cons Get Excited on Pretty Boy Bank Alarm HOT SPRINGS. Ark., All?. 28 UPi—It wni n "PreHv Bov" but 'ot the noted lad of the Oklahoma Flovds lhat caused the police here to answer a hurried call with submachine guns. i "Send a car and some officers j to the Arkansas National Bank. I iiiiok—" someone telephoned. "Thanks, boys." a smiling gentleman at the bank greeted them. "You see. the baby was lost, but sponsibilily to see that the fires do not start or that are promptly I'-nltEd If they do start. Hull pile fires resulting in complaints such as have reached his oflice will mean the issuance ol j orders requiring all hulls lo be mioveil oiitfldc the city limit,", Cnief Head declares. The fire department spent about tvo hours at the Roland Wo'..'ori . gin Friday night extinguishing fire j in a hull pile after complaints ' had been made to citv officials Chattanooga's hungry can no onger order a couple of doughnuts for a nlckle and get two or hree extra cups of coffee for the price of one. The minimum price 1 , of a plate unch was fixed at 25 cents. -It had formerly been as low us fifteen cents. All sandwiches must cost leu cents or more. On the eve of the ilrivs lo line un .small businesses Adminhlraloi Hugh S. Johnson estimated that 'rom 70 to 80 per cent of the natCon's: employers were operating i,'nder codes' or_ the (president's n- employment a ffrentenl. 'v* -->'^- *-- ; He told canvassers "Wf' cunno'. nfford to fall", and beseech-jr! them ITj refrain from Inlhnlda- I'on and violence during the two week drive, Indicating the yov- ernment was about ready to de-il with violator.! of codes and agree- Win'« Hearing Cet ;:.;_ For Wejneiday Morning HAYTI, Mo.-Jim Slavln U 'in he county Jail at dimiUi'ersvlUe aclng a charge of murder In the i^L degree In connection with; I le death' of Everett Balrd ot this.. Ity, who succumbed' Wednesday Ight In tlie Blytheville hospital om complications resulting from i' r lolls knife wounds allegedly in- lct«l by- Slavln during. a, fight on he Winstow* plice two mtks north - f here Tutsday iftemoon Atlgiiit J ' ' ments, uould He said the government collet evidence' nnainrl vlolalors nnd present II at a rnbllc hearing. Expect Cobb to Divulge Cotton Control Program STARKVILLB, Mi;s., Aue;. 28 i UP)— Ciilly A. Cobb. director o the fcdtral cotton reduction- cam patgn under Secretary of Agricul ture Wallace, will return to the campus of Mississippi Slate College where he obtained his education, to speak at the annual visitor's dav Aug. 29. His address here will be the first of two scheduled for the Mid- south the last of this month, with another address to be given at Arkansas' 1 cotton experiment sta- Pat Woods, Lumberman, Dies at Clarendon Hotel CLARENDON. Ark., Aug. 28 (I! P)—Pat Woods, 5ii. well known in lumber circles o( Ihc tri-states, d'ed suddenly Insi night at the Clarendon hotel here. Wcods came down to dinner In the hotel and a few minutes later he slumped over with a heart attack and died Immediately. The tody was being taken today to f.'amden. Tenn.. his native home, or burial. ' Woods had been employed with a lumber firm at Clarendon opcr- rtrd by his brother, Eugene Woods, of Memphis. Chief Head said after the Tire; was halted Wolfort promised co- (•pEration in prever»'ny similar «:- rrrrcnccs in the future. ' il deciding that under terms oJ I have found him now." he state law It Is doubtful If he city can impose a privilege icensc on beer wholesalers. Every lumber of the council voted in 'nvo'r of the measure. Hold Funeral Servkes For Cottonwood Woman HAYTI. Mo. — Funeral services for Mrs. Mollie Flippo of Cotton- v.-ood was held at the family residence there, with the Rev. D. K. Foster, pastor of the Car- rthersvllle Baptist church concocting' the services. Interment at Maplewood cemetery. The deceased, who was born Septen:- Ixr 16. 1866 Is a native of' Pem- b-cot county, hiving resided at Cottonwood with her family for many years. Spots closed sleady at 946, of! .C. Chicago Wheat open high low close £?pt 87 5-8 88 3-4 87 1-2 87 5-8 Dec 01 92 1-2 91 9) 3-3 Chicago Corn ooen ' high low cbsa f ept. SO 1-4 50 7-8 49 7-8 50 3-8 Dee "55 3-4. " ' ' Believe African Fly Spreading Dread Malady . ST. LOUIS, Aug. 28 (UP)-Th bite of the dreaded African fl was being Investigated by healt officials here (odav as the causi of an epidemic of sleeping sick ness now sweeping ,3t. - Louis. tion at Marlanna on Aug. 31. when the annual field day will be held. Much Interest is being shown In his appearance In the Mid-South al this time when tlie administration Is preparing to announce its 1934 colton reduction program. If Half Moon Revival Services Draw Crowdi *,*t-**ist* hortly after the -fight -«nd : H was . believed at «ver»l different times that he would recover. Death came to the' farmer at 10:15 "o'clock Wednesday afternoon. • Blavlh, .who . Is the son-ln-Uw of Balrd, hid- been arrested after the flghf »nd. 1 harged with- common a8saultLah4! *as free under a (1,000 bond: <He was arrested .-however- Thursdiy- . morning and: on a charge of tlrat! degree nmrder after wort had. : been received here! that B»lrd ruvd died. His preliiiiinary • hearing.'-^ • set for Wednesday morning' before .'I Justice of the, peace p. A. Hedge; Much interest is being ' manifested In the cvangells'i.ic meelhn; at Half Moon of which the Rav P. Q. Rorle, pa:lor of the FirJ .\fethodlst church, has charge- There were H conversions IEIS' r.'ght makln? a total of 75 ,,l!ice '.he revival began. The Hev. Mr. Rorle preachc each, night under an arbor o ;V>c school at 7:30 o'clock. •-, , _. ~ , luot tULlUII I|:UIIU^IUJI }Jlugluiil. k> Excursion Boat Captain Cobb iB ; hot able to announce the U C J 1 e/in -I' . Program on this trip, he at Has Saved l,bUU. LlVe$ \ s expected to discuss prcfposcd program on this trip, he at least programs to gain the reaction of cot- BOSTON, Aug. 28 (UP)—Captain ton farmers and to listen to proi Dudley Packard of the fciL.u..- posals that they may present. Plymouth excursion boat M)rtlej . pus saved more than 1.500 lives during the 40..years, on the sea. FoiTftSt Citv LOOKS to In June. 1918. as commanding, ' - . ., . ' _ . oflicer of the U. S. S. Machltonne bala Attatr On'Sept. .* re rescued 280 passengers (roin a . old Buccaneers Buried Rum— Not Treasure WASHINGTON (UP) -Central _ .......... f _____ _.„ .._... .. ___ .merican Biiccaneers of 300. years jinking ship off Ihc Delaware FORREST CITY. Ark.. Aug. 28 j n J804 he rescued 300 (UP)— Gov J Mnron Futrell will " .... . . go spent most of their time drink- ng British rum rather than bury- 1 Bcslon factory girls from the City ng treasure, according to reports i n! c a | emi grounded at the mouth rom a recent Smithsonian Insti- 1 ( , r galem harbor in a northcnst ulion cxpediilon. While vlslllus one of the Bay 'slaiuls off the Hnduran coast, the ' Smithsonian party found the nilns of an old pirate "hideout" which lad flourished In the days of the oanfsh Main. Natives of the village. who. according to the Smithsonian, arc descendants of the Buccaneers, spend their time hunt-' lne for .treasure. Instead of treasure the scientists found only hundreds of old British ruai bottles scattered along the sides ol a creek and an alleg- Fin«1 Increase in Food Prices Is Slowing Down WASHINGTON. Aug. 28 (UP) — slowing down In the rate of in- rease of retail food prices wns cnorted today by the bureau of abor statistics. Whereas retail food increased 8 3er cent from June 15 lo July 15, he Increase from July 15 to August 15 was 2 per cent the bureau announced. Tlie figures wore based on prices n'5i selected'cities In « of which ncreases were shown. Food prices have gone up 18 per cent from April's low mark, but 59 per cent over August 15 of tost year. ed treasure cache, which they decided wns. most likely "a pirate Anniversary of Balloon FJight to Be Honored PARIS (OP)—One hundred and filly years ago at the Pare de \-, Mu:tle here, the first hot-air balloon went up amidst great con fusion and excitement. It vas In 1182 and this date will be commemorated on Novelnber 21 when another Montgolfler bal- lion will be sent up from the paidens of the Galiera museum. deliver the dedication address at Madison bridge near Forrest City on Highway 70 Uibor Day, Sept Plans have been made to accommodate and entertain o large crowd at both the bridge and In Forrest City. American' Legion Post No. 4 of Forrest City. In co- nneratlon wllh the Rotary »m Young Business Men's clubs, ls sponjorlnfr the event which mark the complication of the last link in the highway. Know as th Broadway of America, Highway 7 makes a thoroughly paved rout from the Atlantic seaboard to In Pacific coast. Slate Interest Is centered in the fact that the bridge Mrit irtll flll the lost gap in the Mttle Rock-Memplils and Hot Spring highways. Local beauties from approximately forty cities of Northeast Arkansas will compete at the dedl- furnished the ents for tlw party OHicial Family Duly Welcomes Legal Beer The advent of legal beer was celabrated' In due fashion, even though sllihtly delayed, by members, of Blythevllle's official family Saturday night. Some eight cases of a variety of brands of the 3.2 per cent product were sent ^rayo^ Shane and -'her city officials by wholesalers here. After the council pa«sed the beer ordinance early Saturday night, the official family gathered and consumed the froe beer along Confidence Game Probe Planned at Hot Spring HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Aug. 2fl (UP)—Circuit Judge Fjirl Witt and the Garland County grand Jury have. Instrueted county and Hot Springs city officers to make a thorough Investigation of alleged confidence games here and to make confidence men know that Hot Springs is unsafe for them. 'When charged by Judge Witt. officers said that they would broadcast the presence of any confidence man or crook In tlw city so that It could be determined whether he was wanted in other cities. The grand Jury will be called In special hearing on any confidence cases. Patronized by rich tourists of he entire nation seeking the benefits of the spring waters of the Spa. Hot Springs has long been a meca for confidence men looking 'or gulllbles to fleece of "easy money" with "get-rich-q.ulck" schemes. Gripek Coiirt to Arrest qi Samuel InraB ATHENS, Greece,-Aug. 28 '.lOT). : —Attorneys ;fpr "Samuel Instill, former Illinois utility magnate, i omitted today that !the' Gniek ippellate court wpqld formally ;nt- Ify the arrest of Ihsun, briJKrfd . by the United States 'in » new effort to extradite him. ' ... The lawyers said the, arrest crder was in accord with "L'the I'r-aty recently signed with the Unllccl States. Question had 'arls- - rn as to the right of officials--,o crrest Insull pending ' conclusion '• of the'court fight to extradite 1 '.m. The prosecutor's documents from Chicago are being translated b'i-| have not yet been. submitted to the court by the legation, ' Expect Over 300 Debate at Peace Officer* Session rum cellar. So far as could be I The association of the Aero am learned nobodv ever has found any! Aeronautical club s of France and of the. legendary burled gold. 'the Syndicate of Wallpaper Man The expedition, which traveled! 'ufacturers of France recalls llv by airplane, mute and Indian dug-1 Important part played by Pointed ttl(51is wlll compete y( . tut uvui-- IUHMMICU uir c«u> ivi MH: F«"-J out canoe equipped with outboard i wallpapers In the early history of | cation In a bathins bca^'.y con- Is a "teetotaler," washed hl s rye Quaker City Dancers Spurn Old Scottische PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Phlla- tWphlans have not shown any en- lliuslasm towards the revival ol such old dances as the scrjoltlsehe. square dance, polka and quadrille, according to A! White, dancing Icaclier here since the turn of IIIPI century. Epeaklni! of the contrast between this city and Hie JONESBORO, Ark., Aug.- 28 (UP) . —Over 300 delegates ire expected to attend the annual contention of the -Arkansas Peace Officers' Association here In September,. It-. lias been announced by President . W. C. Craig, Jonesboro chief .of police. Memphis will send a large delegation to the meeting and a l«rg* number of events, featured by the shooting match, are being planned. Claims Features of Man Seen On Egg Shefi Mandv Nash, well known ne- gro woman, hts an odd looking egg which she was displaying today. The egg had a red reflection through the shell which was rough. The of a man weK visible on the egg which Is of «• crage size. motor, later explored parts of the [ i«'t°"- . sheets of paper, test. The winner will be awarded Forty deaths'and 'more than- 275 Hondnran Jungle where they found j painted bv well known .irtlsf -( a f rce ^ r | p to (]lc century of Prog- c.ises, of the : malady ,^iayc been re* Jsharks that li'.e In fresh water 200! the iwriod were pasted onto cloth rfss at Chicago in the company . Wv>»»<«".«vt*3?ii v'!'.•' •'•' , i' '•>:« T-."u" •*• miles up the,Paluca River. It make the lirsl balloon bags, of a Forrest City chaperon. bread and cheese down with soda pou while others present from dog catelier to city dads downed the beer, said: with the better part of 24 pounds - W£ ,^' as of mixed, cold meats and cheese and five pounds of pretzels supplied by Mayor Shane. Mayor Sliane, who although he . . ** n < n S< "A retuin to such old dances, \vhlch has taken place In the mid- tile western states, .would please. ciariclnsr' Instructor*, ft. would h* a return to dancing that emphasizes grace • and minimizes action. It would restore dignity to danc- :n gand remove II. from the field of acrobatics." WEATHER i ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy with ; "'to'ed thundershowers tonifht. Tuesday partly cloud; to cloudy.' • Memphis and Vicinity—Thund- ' :i showers tonight and Tuetday- Somewhat cooler tonight. _; The maximum temperature htn yesterday was 94., minimum .-71, partly cloudy, according to SatrtuM F. Norris, official weather otmrv- "' ' -

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