The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 25, 1937
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. G Blythevllle Ccuricr Blythevllle Herald Blythcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader KLE,' ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 25,' HI37 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CSNTSl SKERS END THEIR SIT-DOWN Relaxation Supreme Interest Now Britain, France and Russia Appear Determined to Block Fascists By United 1'ress The rearmed nations of Europe, equipped for conflict if somebody ttnrls one, divided into two hoslih camps today over the Spanish civil war. ' D2mocratlc Britain and Prance, iillied with Communist. Russia, appeared determined to prevent Mussolini from winning the war for the Spanish rebels and : creating a Fascist state in Spain. :; Italy and Germany resisted efforts to block their undercover intervention. The crux of the matter lay in Mussolini's prestige. He has' not openly committed himself to insuring victory for.t'he insurgent Francisco Franco, but no nation in Europe believes anything to the contrary. ~ , Prestige at Slake Therefore, if Franco loses, fingers will 1)0 pointed at Mussolini for starting something he cou!:ln't- finish. The reverses of the Italian forces on His Guadalajara front already have caused an ill-concealed burst, of derision and "l" told you so" attitude, especially in France. It therefore may bs necessary for Mussolini to send more troops to bolster the Insurgents In violation of ttie existing 'non-intervention agreement. France and Britain arc trying desperately to avert the crisis which such action by Italy would precipitate. ' Says Kalians "Demoralized" .. .VALENCIA. Spain, Mar. 25.,<UP) Senator Burke Advances Suggestion (or National Vole • WASHINGTON, Mar. 25 (UP) -Senator Edward n. Burke (Dem,, Neb.), foe of President Roosevelt's Judiciary plan,-, today proposed '• n compromise constitutional mnend- mcnt i (pr compulsory retirement or supreme "court Justices. 16 be ratified. . u'i the manner of a national referendum.. • j 'Burke sold he believed his' new proposal would allow Mho' nallpn lo decide the controversial question within six months. •His proposal was advanced'.as' n new element was Injected Into the Judiciary 'dispute by White House that Federal Judge revelation Robert t. Williams pledged I support to the president's court plan ...nnd .had agreed to retire at the.'- nge. or TO. Williams' views wore , made public accompanying his nomination tp a post on • the Icnlh 'United Stiites circuit court of; appeals. •Burke advanced his compromise pliin 'after.,a similar suggestion had been made, (o the Kennt'e jurjiclary' 'committee by Prof Yoimg B.'Smfili of Columbia mil-' versa ry. " . .The Nebraska Democrat already - : | has . pending a resolution for a constitutional ' amendment that cast of Madrid after their defeat The loyalist official told the United Press that the Italian troops fighting with" the Spanish rebels •were taken out of the lines in the Guadalajara sector because of "demoralization" following government victories. He said the Italians had been replaced by Moors, civil .'guards and iihnlangists (crack nationalist troops). ••• Menial Laziness Assailed KENT, O. CUP)— Much of the present cynicism toward religion is traceable to intellectual laziness Killicr than to a conflict with science, believes Dr. W. J. Burner, Maybe President Roosevelt is worried about the outcome "of Ills struggle to.'enlarge the' Supreme' Court', but you'd never know it from this unusual picture. • He lolls on the porch of v his 'cottage • at Wn'rirt Springs, Ga., completely relaxed, happy and .carefree, apparently as remote from the strain of-'his B(jfi '". ••', ..:>•' pendous job as' ! he Is from the White House. Omnibus Rivers Bill Wins Committee 0. K. WASlUNQTCW," • Mar: 25',"(UP)— The house rivers and .-harbors committee . today approved 80 rivers and harbors improvement projects, calling: for expenditure of $22,093,000, to be included In nn omnibus bill to be presented to the house. The action was taken n'fter a lenvtliy session of the. committee. One project was Ouachlla and Black rivers. Arkansas and Louisiana, 336.000. Community Commit'leerrien , Will Get Their/Instructions lompn'ow : Community cominitteemen, elected last week to carry out the federal soil conservation program for 1937 in the Chickasnwba district of Mississippi county, will meet at the courthouse here nt 1 o'clock Friday afternoon to elect . . . , „ „„ head of the Spanish department L™ at Kent State University ' Celn A I county committee and to re- instructions for the annual sign-up campaign, which will lie made in n series of community meetings next week. A complete schedule of next week's meetings, at which farmers in every community in the county will be given an opportunity to complete soil "conservation propram work, sheets, will probably be announced tomorrow. The first meetings will be next Tuesday night and 18 in all will probably be held before the end if (he week. Every farmer who expects to receive benefit payments under the _ .... contented, should turn a deaf ear to all wild stories Hint make us dissatisfied with our lot. Nine times . out of ten. if you git to the bottom of those wild tales, you'll find out that there's a catch in 'em. soil conservation fill out and file a work sheet, it program must •vas pointed out today by D. S. Lantrip. county agricultural agent. Bailey Tells Them to Slay Avyay From Hot Springs •During Office Hours Harry Hopkins Stops at Lit He Rock, IZn Route lo Dyess Colony LITTLE ROCK, : Ark,, Mar. 25 (UP)—Harry I,. Hopkins, national WPA administrator, hi n press conference today denied -charges, of foes, that the New Dcal'hiul completed nil of. Its objectives. ; "They are 100 IKT cent wrong In their statements Hint the New Deal's objectives have been reached," Hopkins sntd In speaking of (he testimony of witnesses before a recent congressional Investigating uroup. "There nro better limes ahead for Ihe millions of people who have been having u hard time making bolh ends meet," Hopkins declared before turning the conversation lo Dyess Colony Jn Mississippi County, which he will visit this afternoon. , Nut u Gambling Man The , national administrator, in answer 'to- questions, said he had not explored the gambling posM- illitles of Hot Springs,, whcre : iio 'ins been for the past few days. Hopkins said he was not -i gambling man. .:.'.-.• ' .j ', The...administrator.-, denied that he government,, In; b'lilJdliVg ; Colony and : similar.': projects, hod competed '.wltli private capital or Triple Murder, Suicide Reported In South Boston IIOSTON, Mnr. 25 (UP)—Four pi'isons. Including n former lltolou school coinmltteeman, wei'c killed In south Uoiilon today In what police described iis ft triple mur- itdr nnd suicide, Pellet listed victims ns: Dr. ClmiU'X :R. Mackcy, south Uoslon dentist nnd former school cutnmltlcemnn. .Jeremiah Mnckey, his brother, who was named by ixillce" as Ihe slayer. Paul Costa,. chmilTcui- 'for Dr. Mackcy. Miss Alice Costn, 19, .ilslev of the chaullcur. would permit .voluntary retirement of supreme" court justices at 10 and' require' retirement ' at 75. •• Farley Confident ' NEW pULEANS, Mar. 25 (UP) — President Roosevelt's judiciary reform - r :plan will- lie ?jia'.sseiV : by both j. hbiises/.af'' congress'! Without any difficulty," .'Postmaster General James A. Farley said today on his arrival lo dedicate post- nearby::- aretnn- rnhd '''" ' •' '••''' -• - ' offices Al-nbl. POLICE Is EiO STRi RIOT LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 25 (UP) —Gov. Carl E. Bailey loday, In a letter to all department " heads', requested that no .more state em- ployes be given tlme_off to attend the spring racing meet in Hot Springs. The governor in his letter nlso cautioned the executives and slate fHREElliill 1 employes to refrain from patronizing .illegal gambling enterprises. Intervene After Pickets Strip Clothing from Girl Workers MEMPHIS, Mar. 23 (UP)—Six women lost the greater part of their clothing and nine others were arrested today when Inlcr- iiiilional Ladies Garment Workers union pickets clashed with girls attempting lo report for! work In the Nona Lee Dress coin- ,pany factory. ( . A series of disorders occurred when ' SO non-striking workers at- . The letter said: "I wish that yoii would emphasize lo all employes that they should not concern themselves about the horse races nt Hot _ Springs during office hours or pntronize illegal gnmbling enterprises at any time. Improper for Etate rm Ployes to go to tile races Illinois Tourists Treatec Here for Collision In juries Three persons were injured none seriously, when two cars col- „, , - - ... lidcd on Highway or nl Unwell " c " lc principal speaker. !„»„ i . , - J JJ*io."»(,vi, \ rm,. m _.j ' I.... , Ratify Tiuce Reached Las|j Night by Chrysler and "AH of the persons bcuefltllng jyDycss colony and like project.-; were those to whom private cnp'l- lal niul banks would nol make loans because they had no collateral," he said. ,--'.. ' • "Government credit can be extended over n"'period' pf • years wlicreas, private, capital hns' to lie paid back In n limited lime." Hopkins, after meeting with business lenders of the' city nnd district-7wV:A snpei-iHsor.'CriofaVl* Floyd sharp, stale ' administrator, for iin Inspection tour of pyoss Colony. ' From there he • will' con- limie to Memphis where he "will board 11 (rain for Washington. ; If FIRE, PERISH Only One Member of Jersey City Family Escapes Flames JERSEY OITY, N. J.,,Mllr. 26 (UP) — Hie which spiead so iliilckly Hint firemen luut no chance to attempt rescue work, killed seven members of n Tamil) who were liapped on the top floor of. •«'• three-story' house here loduy. Only one of the eight persons, In llin liousa when the fire broke out was siued Ajslrong wind fanned the blaze, which firemen'said...started In a second Iloor hallway and quickly enveloped the building. The alarm was turned In by a gioup of men playing curds across the street. They heard (ho sci earns, {of Hose Burknrd, 10, llic lone survivor and saw names" shooting from.the house.. Tile victims were, overcome bj smoke. ,as , they islunt before Uie .names' 'reached them, fliemen bc- lleveciT '-»-< •**-— v~^~ ±j- >j- ^ -.&..<;,_ The idend: .'Mrs. Rasa Burknrd 54, and her cliildien. Floicnce, IB; jOltrtrlesTT 15 ; \ Philip, 13, Thciebn lli-'.Vci'ofiica, 1 JO;'• and "John Cior- hiniy60, Mrs. Burknrrt's brother. DETROIT, Mar 25 (UP)— Slit] thousand slt-do'vp strlkcis began 1 to march out" of Ohryslei corpo- mtlpn plant"! In Detiolt loday t lo clear iv pnlli for stiike settlement nagotlnllons between Jplin L Lewis and Walter P. chiyMcr at Landing, Ihe slate capita) Tho nine plants rcpicscnt $50,- COO.COO ttoith of Chrj'slei propcilyl which had been occupied 10 ilaih Ju a slilko etlccllng 00,000 , em- ployes. A trace ngiocmcnt' bclween. | Chryslei nnd Ihe United Automobile Woikere of America icqnlml nbandonmciit of llic plants Reach! rd In Oov, Prank . Murphy's of- icc nl Lansing last night, Its ' erms weic latlflcd by (hp s|t- owncii, In n plant- to-planl cruise f U. A w leaden eaily tu'dny ml tlnough the inoiiilng. One liy one the plant local's oted acceptance of the truco. I'linls itcmuln Idle • ^ , ^ In ictuin for ending theh sU- down slego, Ihe stilkcis oblnlned igrecmenl, fiom Cluyslci that ho ioutd not resume plant opera- Ions during negotiations n'or ran-sfci nmchitiei) < rirst lo leave was n small de- Will Sneak at Dycss ! 1DYESS, Ark. — AII Inspiction tour on which he will visit public buildings and the. homes of colonists and see farm operation.') was planned for Harry W. "Hopkins, national WPA administrator, expected to arrive here early this afternoon. . ' Al 4 o'clock this afternoon there Is to be n meeting of colonists hi front of- the administration building, nt which Mr. Hopkins . a-- •• —j ui it i, i>,l.^MJVt. lale yesterday. Those Injured were Mr. nnd Mrs. L. n. Mlkel and Mrs. Maude Frnwley. nil of Bloomlngton, III. Mrs. Mikcl was brought (o the Blythcvllle. hospital last 'night with a dislocated hip nnd cuts and bruises. Mrs. FVnwley was cut about the face and Mr. Mikcl escaped with only „ few mmor br mscs. The administrator will nnd little visual evidence of the flood which about two months ago forced evacuation of the colony. Most of the colonists returned after the water subsided and new arrivals have taken the places of the others. Houses show little sign of water damage and farm work is going ahead In Ihe fields which on afternoons when triev are -ri,, n ' presumed to be at work." ' L.T WO " C8 '' oes ' occupants- of other presumed to be at work." The letter, according lo Johnl lm; to Wells, the governor's secretary, the car. were unhurt, nccorrt- wns delivered to nl! departmental heads early today. - - " ------ ----- - "n....... .,.*t.i uu uuii-au itvuiu WOrKGlTi at- and the most convenient way to temptcd : to break through n picket '' wl " lllrm ' ''! wl " g n lllrmeh ' »«™d- ! line of 100 union members. . . married men's club Hint used to meet Wc had down home every Thursday night. You couldn't find a more happily married bunch of men anywhere They never kicked about brcakln' up early because they jest took I for granted that they had to cc^homc with their wives by ten new family moved to and the man Joined this he started - bosS in hi? He bragged that he could slay out as late as he wanted to and go ,homc whenever he pleated nnd lie showed 'em a Inlch key to o'clcck. Finally a town club. Right nway, brnggin' about heir : home. ed. Is not a contract but simply i statement of facts on which to base whatever payments may be earned. It does not bind the signer to comply with soil con- -ervalion benefit payment requirements should he Into decide that he dees not desire to participate in the program. Checks In payihent of benefits earned under the 1930 soil conservation program are being received in increasing numbers. To •late about 550 checks, amounting to S65.GCO. have arrived nt Mr. Lantrip's office. In all about S480.000 . is due Chickasawba district fanners under the 1936. program, while an - approximately equal amount is due farmers In . " miC<1 fr ° m 5lx . workere before a force .of 15 policemen was able to stop Ihe nghting. Forty of the workers succeeded In entering the factory after intervention by police. The disturbance was the second here since the garment workers union. 'an affiliate of (he C. I. o., started .an organization campaign in the South. Another small dress factory here signed a closed shop ngremcnt after a strike marked by feminine hair-pulling and dress-tearing sk prove it. Pretty soon, all the other I i v husbands started complainhV to '' their wives nbout not havin' any freedom, and they told their wives "bout this new man cam-In' the lalch key. Ihe Osccola district of Ihe-.coun- Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Ml >5" 1410 1416 13BO 1395 Ju 'y 1400 1404 1380 1385 Ocl 1351 1355 1332 1334 Dec 1344 1348 1324 1320 Jfln 1348 1350 1328 1329 Mar - 135? TJ52 1330 1331 - Spols closed quiet at 1455. off 3. Closing Stock Price? NEW YORK. March 25. <UP>- n.-03-i.viiimg KKirim^iies. .Stocks drifted irregularly in the The Nona Lee company norm-1 lightest trading of the year today Jly employs 100 workers and has' nftcr cnrl y strength resulted from refused to sign a closed shop ] developments In the Chrysler strike COM tr Act. • I A T fliiH T ii?n • i. ' The nine arrested pickets laughingly gave pieces of non-strikers' clothing to police as they were The Mlkcls and Mrs. Frowlcy were cnroutc from New Orleans to Bloom lug to n. They said fh e y », v , „ . , wcrc , traveling at a moderate l\'eW York Cotton !T C<1 lhro "8'' B »s«:lt when Hie [ oth ; r rar cut across the highway NEW YORK, March 25 (UP)—'' !\i * ° l lllem ' In the collision ' - ' bolh ^rs were badly damaged. The Illinois people received emergency treatment at the Bly- thcvlllo hospital last night. Airs Mikel was confined to bed but was able to continue to St. Louis by train last night. Ciffarcllcs Disrupt Home SALINAS, Cnl. (UP)—Although narrlcd, Fllmore Bruce McNear. !0. has asked for divorce on a breach of promise allegation of a different sort than usual. He :hargcd that before man-Inge his Inncce promised to give up srnok- do so. A committee of wives called on "<"' husband was scltln' a bad cx- nmplc for their husbands. They vn i CV ' n h01lr " lr>t >' 0lt let jour husband carry a latch key." 'lie man's wife said "Well, yes ' < 10 let him carry a key. just lo minor him-he likes to show' it 10 Ihe boys to show how Independent he is, but Ihe key don't, fit llic door!" taken .(o Ihe station. Chicago Wheat high low- close May 141 141 3-4 139 5-8 140 3-4 Chicago Corn open 112 high low close 115 - 111 7-8 114 1-2 : __ .„ ,„ July 1077-8 109 5-8 107 3-8 109 -^— • — '• — '• —— • . i Texas has more-farms'tlwn'aiiy < cttcr slate in Ihs Union." ': New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 25. (UP) —A combination'of reports hit Ihe New Orleans cotloir exchange today nnd caused futures to react as much as a dollar a tele fit losses for the day. open high low close May 1403 140!) 1333 1388 July 1391 1397 1374 '1378 Oct 1348 1354 1330' 1331 Dec. ...... 1350 1352 1331 1333 .Ian. ..'..,. 1354 1357 1334 1334 Mar. ....... 135G 1357 1356 1335b A T and T ".. 109'1-2 Anaconda Copper ...... 631-4 Belhlchem Slcel 95 1-4 Chrysler ..-, 125 Cities Service 43-8 Coca Cola IGO General Electric ....... S7 3-8 General Motors 035-8 International Harvester !03 McKesson-Hobblns 151-4 Montgomery Ward 61 1-8 New York Cenlral 50 3-4 Packard 10 3-4 Phillips Petroleum 545-8 Radio Corp 11 1-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 4 1-4 Simmons Bed ,-;...: 53 1-4 Standard of M ,1 70 I--! Texas Corp 58 l-< U S Smelting ...-..-,.. 06 U S Steel ..'....-.,.-... H7 5-8 Zonltc .......I.. 73-' last winter were feet of water. under several OEflTH TOLL Morse Race Betting Bil Before Governor This Afternoon LITTLE ROCK, March 25. (UP] —Gov. Carl E. Bnlley today dc fcrred declion on Senate Bill 33 on which lie held a public hearing, (luring the morning In the cxeculiv reception room. The bill, passed by the genera assembly, If signed by the governo would authorize the slate refunding board to issue state refumlin bonds lo highway dlslrlcts li amc-unls equal tp the bonds of tin district uncxchnnged uudcr Ih 1034 refunding program. The dls Irlcls Ihcn could use the new bond lo cllect direct settlement with th liolders of the unrefundcd bond; Hcprescntcd nt the hearing wcr more than 40 of the slnlc's 15 cou tics, including Mlsstssl]>pi Coroner Prepares for Investigation of Illinois Highway Tragedy * -. SALEM, III., Mar. 25 (UPl — Falalilles In the' overturning and turning of a bus near here reached 20 today with Hie death of Mrs. Emily Thomas, wife of Richard Thomas, driver of the Ill- fated machine. The dead included seven women nnd one 4-year-old girl. Three — o--- —^ ..... ur.-itt,,u uiiu T-jttii -uiu (jiij. inici: after marriage failed to [others were 'in the community hospital here, seriously Injured. Meantime Coroner S. B. Carrigan prepared to call an inquest into the deaths which resulted from the overturning nnd bum- Ing of n bus transporting members of a roller skating troupe * Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. March 25 (UP)—Hogs; Receipts. 7,500. Top. to.45. 170-230 IbS., 10.25-10.-(0. Light weights, 7.50-10.OS. Bulk sows. 9.60-0.85. : Cattle: receipts, 2.200. Steers, 8.00-9.25. Slaughter steers. 7.50-9.50. Mixed heifers and yearlings. 7509.50. Slaughter heifers, 6.25-10.75. Beef COWS. 5.35-G.50. Cutters and low- cutters, 3.75-4.75. Cbbrn venom is harmless when swallowed; It is fatal only when Injected into the blood stream. from St. Louis' yesterday. ;j Cincinnati late Two Divorce Suits Two divorce suit* were filed loday In chancery court here. Harold Smith is asking a dlvorc* from Mrs, Eleanor Smith on the. ground of indignities. His attorney Is Claude P. Cooper. Mrs. Pauline elevens Is seeking a divorce from Jack Elevens. Brad- Icy and Sudbury are counsel for Mrs. Elevens. - aclnnent from the main Doclsc ilnnt who, through cnoi, match-' •id out behind n 50-piece band i little before the truce was rntl-~l led Aftci a few' hundied had left stiike leaders reall/ed theli inLstake nnd closed the gates, leaving most of the Dodge, stiik.- crs inside. Thr band mturnca "af^" ratification . tlnough ||)Q four-block plant, picking up sit-downcra 'ns thousands lined the streets In the vicinity to watch Ihe paiade, ( The last plant to latlfy the* agreement was Chrysler Keiche-" vnl Striken, there said they probably would be unable ,to', abandon the plant until late afternoon since they wanted to clean it nnd leave It in perfect order Margining Is Issue ' ,Conferences between Lewis and Ohiyslcr were resumcd^pt Lansing today, looking toward setCISment od differences vhlch brought on Hie stiike Jl Governor Murphy said collQclivc bargaining was to be the principal topic for discussion it w~as tlie coi-* rorntlon's icfusnl to giant the U , A W. A sole baignlnlng rights, that piompled the union to cam the strike March 8 Since then 1 6,000 slt-doKiicrs have held the De- tiolt plants, lenving 60,000 chrssleE" emplojcs l<lle. Execution at Kennett vf Postponed for Weel? KENNETT, Mo —An organized* group of Kennett church women believe Ihelr plea lo MIB Llajd C.'Stark, wife of the Missouri governor, resulted in the fourth re^, prleve for Fied Adnms, 21, who'] was scheduled to die on the gallows March 26—Good Friday The Women's Missionary Soc- ..-..,.. 6 ......^.^...j,,,, AIIU wumens Missionary Soc- whlch has outstanding road district icty of the Methodist Church wn bonds to the amount of $180,000 ed Mrs. stark, urging her to use Mini u-nllM Iv. hrnnflltn/l I,,. n ,,™ n l_ !,._ ...„ ,? °. " lo "? a lliat would be bcneflltcd by ment of the bill. • Governor Bailey, In adjourning the public hearing until 2 p.m., announced' that the afternoon session would be devoted to the,consideration of a bill legalizing pari- mutucl bcttlnj on races nt county fairs. her influence with the governor "in the Inlcicst of Christianity > not to have the execution on Good Friday. , The goiernoi announced post-/- poiicmcnt of the evccution until '" Friday, April 2 iMeeting Will Decide on Opening of College It will be decided at a meeting in Jonesboro April 20 whether Jouesboro Baptist college will reopen, it has been announced by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, president of the board, following his re I urn from Jouesboro where a board meeting was held Tuesday. The rally will be held for all northeast Arkansas Baptists Interested In the wcfnrc of the college, which has been closed for sonic time. It will be held at the college in Jonesboro. C. A. s Bradslmw nnd Milton Graham accompanied the Rev. Mr. Carpenter lo the board meeting. •". ' Waives Preliminary on Forgery Charge E. B. Carrier waived preliminary hearing before Municipal Judge' Doyle Henderson this morning and was ordered held to await prosecu-' tlon at the criminal term of circuit court on charges of forgery and uttering. Carrier Is alleged to have given Jack Marsh a worthless check S. D. Luten was cleared of a. charge of disturbing the pcqce - ' WEATHEF Masons Meet Tonight Chickasawba Lodge, No. 134, F. and A. M., will mee',r in regular ^,,1 ULOAUHUIM wuiin:itti,uit; ner< communication tpnijht nt 7:30 yestcrd&y Mas 72, minimum Si o'clock, visiting members arc in- " nt - n - -i«.'^-. -***—"-'- •- ~- , Arkansas—Pair, colder, freezing temperatures nnd probably frost, below freezing in north portion tonight. Friday fair, continued t cold. , j Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair and much colder tonigh^ with a cold wa\e Lowest temperature 28 to 32 Fridiy fair, and,' colder. . •' The maximum temperature here ^'1 .pstcrd&y Mas 72, minimum Si, • partly. cloudy, according lo Samuel; , F. Nprrls.- official weather observer \

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