The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1956
Page 7
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'TOURSDAY, FEBRUARY ie, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE-SEVEN French Cabinet Okays Mollet's Algerian Policies Proposals to Go Before Assembly This Afternoon PARIS un— The French Cabinet endorsed Premier Guy Mollet's policies for Algeria today and authorized him to bring his proposals before the National Assembly this afternoon. The Socialist Premier's plan was expected to hinge on his controversial proposal to set up a' one. house Algerian legislature of both Moslems and French colonists as soon' as possible. Mollet hopes this will produce Algerian leadership with which France can negotiate lor an end to the 15 months of fighting between Moslem nattef ists and French troops. s to r To quiet Algeria's French colonists who opposed suoh a proposal last week with riots and dem- osntrations, Mollet was reported planning to offer guarantees—as yet unspecified—against their being swamped. Algerian Moslems outnumber the French 8 to 1; at present each has its own legislative house with the French chamber dominant. Presentation of Mollet's proposals was expected to furnish a respite from the filibustering and brawling in the Assembly by followers of antitax leader Pierre Poujade. They have brought the chamber to a virtual standstill for the past two' weeks battling attempts to unseat 12 Poujatiist deputies whose elections have been challenged. Open Violence The matter broke into open violence yesterday when Poujadisl and leftist deputies disrupted an Assembly session with a slugging match for possession o£ the speaker's rostrum. The session was finally suspended after six deputies had suffered bloody noses : cracked heads. Mollet prepared to address the Assembly against a backdrop ol Irench violence in both Algeria anc Tunisia French sources said 88 persons had been killed in the 24 hours ending last night. FLOOD Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Mav 3513 3515 3573 3575 May 3509 3520 3508 3519 July 3311 3397 3377 3393 Oct ..; 3194 3211 3194 3210 New Orleans Cotton Mar . 3516 3576 3573 3573 May .. . 3508 3522 3508 3522 July 3385 3398 3385 3391 Oct 3191 3210 3196 3209 Chicago Wheat Mar .... 216% 21T/ 2 216% 211ft May .... 212i/a 212% 211% 212% Chicago Corn Mar .... 129% 129% 129(4 129% May .... 133% 133V4 133'/, 133% Chicago Soybeans Obituary Willfond Child Services Held Louie Duwayne Willfond, the 19- M son ol Mr. and Mis. Louie Will- ond, was burled yesterday at Walnut Ridge Cemetery. The child died early yesterday. Survivors besides the parents are ,wo brothers, Donald Jean and ^arry, Cobb Funeral Home was in charge. (Continued from Page 1) along the street. Mercury Drops Damage estimates ranged from a "conservative $250,000" by a Hot Springs insurance executive, to IVi million dollars by radio station owner Qus Dickson, who polled the stricken merchants. The U.S. Weather Bureau at Little Rock said a squall line which moved into Arkansas ahead of a cold wave caused both the flash flood and the wind storms. Temperatures dropped last night to near freezing marks, ending a short respite from winter weather. Except for Hot Springs, only Walnut Ridge reported heavy, rainfall yesterday. The northeast Arkansas city reported 1.24 inches. .... May .... 253 254>/ a 252Jj, 253% July .... 254'A 256 254ft 255% Sept .... 241 ft 24214 241 ft 242'/ B New York Stocks A T and T 183 Amer Tobacco 78 3-8 Anaconda Copper 68 3-8 Beth Steel 147 1-8 Chrysler '3 Gen Motors 44 Montgomery Ward 87 3-8 N Y Central 401-8 Int Harvester 373-4 Republic Steel 44 1-4 Radio 42 5-8 Standard of N J 151 3-4 Texas Corp 1201-4 Sears 33 1-2 U S Steel 53 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI., W—USDA — Hogs, 11,000; uneven; steady to lower on 180 Ib up and on lighter weights no Ib down ; mostly U. S. No. 1, carrying few No. 2, averaging 200-220 Ib 12.60-75; majority of mixed lots U. S. Nos. 1, 2 and 3. 12.25-50 in 180-220 Ib weight spread; moderate showing. 230-240 Ib U.- S. No. 2 with end of No. 1 grade 12.25; majority of mixed lots 230-260 Ib 11.50-12.00; 140-170 Ib weights 10.25-11.50; sows under 400 Ib 10.25-75; 400 Ib up 9.25-10.25; boars 25-50 lower 6.00-7.50. Cattle 2,200, calves 600; good 1,000 Ib steers n.25; few smaller lots 16.00-17.00 about steady; best mixed yearlings held upward to 20.00 and one lot higher; bulk utility cows 11.00-75; few commercial grade 11.75-12.50; bulk canners and cutters 8.50-11.00; utility and commercial bulls 12.50-14.50; canner and cutter kinds 10.00-12.00; few high .choice and prime vealers 27.00-30.00; bulk good and choice 19.00-26.00; utility and commercial 14.00-18.00; culls 8.00-12.00; good to prime vealers mostly 1.00 lower; good and choice weighty calves mostly 16.00-18.00. Solon to Seek Amendment To Soil Bank Bill WASHINGTON W) — Sen. Hick- nlooper B-Iowa wants the Senate Agriculture .Committee's farm bill iltered so that its soil bank features —be more attractive £6" corn PROBE (Continued from Page 1> (R-NH) said 'in a statement he thought the special committee should seek Senate authority to inquire into what he called "a great deal of pressure" on senators in connection with the gas bill. The other Republican member oi the committee, Sen. Thye of Minnesota, similarly has advocated that its scope be broadened to cover all contributions "having any possible relationship" to the gas bill. Thye voted against the bill. But Sen. Hayden (D-Ariz), the fourth mtmber of the group, indicated he agreed with George that it ought not to- go beyond the Case incident. Hayden voted for the bill, George against It. Night and Day Are Clarified LANSING, Mich.'WI — State Ally Gen. Thomas M. Kavanagh has told Michigan policemen the difference between night and day. > State Police Commissioner Josep:. A. Childs asked Kavanagh to define day and night hours for enforcement of Michigan's new speed laws. The Legislature left the definition out when it adopted a 65- mile-an-hour limit for daytime motoring and 55 miles at night. . Kavanagh aaid "daylight" hours start with the rising sun and end when it sets. "Night hour's are those when there is not enough light without moonlight to distinguish a man's countenance," he said. His Fine Totals Only Two Cents LAGHNA BEACH, Calif, (fl — Convicted of catching 15 abalone, 10 over the legal limit. Charles Cleary paid his fine — 2 cents. Justice C. C. (Gavvy) Cravath, onetime Philadelphia Phillies baseball player, assessed a $25 fine but suspended $24.98 because he said tie doesn-t-approve of the methods Game Wardens Robert Decker and Robert Terwilllger employed. They testified they saw Cleary make his catches, observing him through binoculars from a distant cliff. Accident Noted Police reported an accident yesterday on South Franklin with minor damage reported to both cars. Drivers were Dewey Vance, 836 Clark, and Ralph Benton, 112 E. Mqultrie. No citations were issued. Colonel 'Stops' AWOL Soldier TEXARKANA, Tex. II) — A lieutenant colonel ran into s private last night and brought a quick end to the soldier's trip home. Highway Patrolman Doc Evans said Pvt. Robert J. Davis, 17, Y«k- ima,. Wash., was attempting to hitchhike a ride on. Highway 87 when he was struck by t car driven by Lt. Col. Clarence w. Redflin of nearby Red River Arsenal. • Davis was 'only slightly Injured Evans said that on being questioned Davis said he had left Ft. Campbell, Ky., without permission and that he was en route to hit home In Yaklma. Police are hold- Ing him for Ft. Campbell offlcar*. Not Modernistic NANTUCKET, Mass. W) — The island of Nantucket, 30 miles out the Atlantic, wants no shiny chrome or glass store fronts among its weathered buildings. The townspeople have appointed two five-man commissions to police building and^ renovations with an eye toward preserving Nantucket's early 19th century charms. REVIVAL SERVICES farmers. When the bill reaches the floor, Sickenlooper will offer an amendment proposing; 1. That the six million acres the administration wants to take out of corn planting be sliced off the historical commercial farm belt planting acreage of 56 million acres. 2.'That all corn farmers then be made eligible for the government's price support program at the 81 }er cent of parity level specified by the agriculture department. This, he said, would accomplish ;he purpose of reducing corn acreage and placing land in the soil bank acreage reserve and also would aring about higher average corn prices for farmers. The Senate Agriculture Committee wouldn't accept Hickenlooper's plan on the ground it would set up a special status for corn farmers. EvMifellit Ol» WoolMy at Mem- phto li wnducttm OM F«Ju.n«J IUrlv.1 Swrkw nliMly »t tht lull GMHl TrternMIe, »l the etfiwr of tllly ind Vlw. 8wr1c« btftn »t 7:3« web nfcht ««pt SuturtUy There l« »p«UI ilnftnr, itat m«- jlc, «nd d.rnnmlc (trenching »t «1 mettlnn. TM put** h ttl«* «» »Ucn4. No Date Set For New Check On Eisenhower BOSTON UP) — Dr. Paul Dudley White, the Boston heart specialist who has been attending President Eisenhower, says no future date has been set for another examination of the President's heart. Dr. White, back home after Tuesday.'s physical examination of the President, appeared last night on a closed-circuit television program learned to audiences of doctors only in 56 American cities. He told a news conference prior tot he telecast that the six doctors attending the President have agreed not to elaborate on their Tuesday report which said Eisenhower "should be able, to carry on an active life" as president "for another 5 or 10 years." But, without mentioning any names, Dr. white said some heart patients "not only can but should work. Many are unhappy if they are not working. Work is good treatment for some cardiac patients." Deposit Jailed MEXICO CITY (ft— A man claiming to be an army captain walked into a local store and bought a coat "for the wife of a general." He walked put with the coat, leaving his pretty girl companion behind as a 'guarantee he would return with the money. The guarantee was in jail today. The "captain" hadn't come back. Youth Breaks Out ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. Ufl — Playtime cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers — old stuff. Two Albuquerque small fry stampeded OFFICERS' CHOICE-Meet "Miss Naval Aviation ot 1956," otherwise known as Marcia Valibus. The 18-year-old beauty is shown at -Miami Beach, Fla., where she was given the title by Naval Aviation procurement officers. - Marcia is holding a Navy "Cougar" plane model. STEPS TO STARDOM- Pixyish Shirley MacLaine— singer, dancer, actress — has reached stardom the fairy-tale way She's one of those understudies who replaced the star only to become one herself. And she did it twice. The first, time she replaced star Carol Haney, who broke her ankle on. the third night of Broadway's "Pajama Game." Movie producer Hal Wallis was in the audience, and Shirley was soon signed by him to a movie contract. Then she stepped into Betty Grable's shoes (or a big TV show 'when Betty became UL TV stardom followed. past a startled householder. "Hi," yelled one. "Who ya chasing?" asked the householder. "Oh, we're not chasing anybody," came the reply "We just broke prisonl The guards are after us!" Why Cry Tomorrow? A better understanding of the problem drinker, his progress from social drinking into alcoholism, his rehabilitation and recovery is of interest to those of us who have gone through the same thing. We know there is a way to arrest this disease. He have found fellowship with one another, discussing our problems and having :'a desire to stop drinking. We have been able to form over 5,000 groups and there are thousands on top of thousands who can testify how they have been accepted as normal persons again. The medical fact that alcoholism is recognized as' a disease merits the thoughtful consideration of all citizens and the possible danger signals may be recognized just as they may be in cancer and similar medical cases. Your inquiry may someday save a life, a family, a fortune, a broken heart, a delinquent child or children, a suicide, murder or a lifetime in institutions. Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful. It robs one's thinking ability, one's self-respect and is no respecter of persons. We know, for we are admitted alcoholics who are living examples on the road to recovery. Some with many years of sobriety and some with a single day—lawyers, doctors, pastors, truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, salesmen, nurses, housewives . . From all walks of .life come the pathetic stories of what alcohol has done to them and many are asking, "Do I have to go all the way down ?" We are seeing many young people who, after hearing the story of others, join us and save their home, family, money, job, self- respect'and many heart-aches. Does the word,, "alcoholic," sound suspicious? It means anyone whose drinking means misery, sickness, regret, despondency, lost opportunities, unhappy family relationships, grief arid trouble. An alcoholic is any person who can't take a social drink and quit. The alcoholic is not an incorrigable gcoundral. And the public often does not recognize or understand the problem of his special "»ll«rgy." ' ' But persons who have recovered from this disease and who are living sober can explain it and will be glad to. If intertrted, write a letter to Box 873, Blytheville. All eontacU are confidential. Wt are anonymoui. Budget Ba GE Washer Value! Over 50% More Capacity Than Other Washers! ij Reg. $229.95 Now • Full Nine Pound Capacity • Porcelain Wash Basket • Completely Automatic Action • Damp Dry Spin • Top Loading • 5 Year Warranty $10 Down — $1.98 a Week SUPER VALUE! LESS YOU COSTS LESS WHEN YOU PLOW . . . SURE GRIP - GOOD/YE AR 10x28 4-Ply Rating , TRADE YOUR OLD TIRE NOW! increase in price' TAKE A FULL YEAR TO PAY! 1. Pay MOatM? or 2. P«f wfc« jo» harvest | Here's the value you've waited for — the improved Sure-Grip D-15. Goodyear h^ added extra tread depth at shoulders AND center line. Result! More wear and more traction AND at no extra_costl- Stop in—get this sensational "more-all-tha-wity-around" tractor tire NOW! SAVE *10°° PLASTIC SEAT COVERS Tbw blight tx»«m. <*» «• h»j oare-i odd «marta«*i » am CppWQOBC* . . . OoA COol COUr fad to motoring . . . Th«f '~ 1009 . . at C* Mote potoH. (M •« today! Reg. $23.95 Television Special GE-TV M«M 14TW7 'tlghi«t TV tver—weighs only 32 Ibs. Com- pmct cabinet In cordovan fin- Mi. 14-Inch screen. Motel No. 14T007 only '99" Only $10 Down • Flne«i hi Cabinet Design • Flnett In Picture • Flnett In Listening Pleasure YM «m 9*« a braid mw, OD/YEAR TIRI for thi» down to earth prtc* Only $1^45 13 FAMOUS MARATHON VWel'l worth the price! »aw '. 'tooth "Less-Skid" Head is wider —flatter — puU plenty .of rubbor on die road Sot ex«n 1 'grip . , . extra wfctjr. Don't take chance* driving on jowolfe,3 >worn tires. Replace them withj dcpondabk Marathont NOW> $1. DOWN rtR TIM - ONIY $1.25 A Wf W FOR A PMK SAVE '60°° Regular $229.95 GE REFRIGERATOR Model No. LB77 7.7 CM. F*. "' >169 95 • Full Width FreeMr • 2 Aluminum Ice Trays t 3 Full Width Shelve* • Automatic Light • $«al«d-in System $5.00 Down-$1.80 Weekly DMIMRD THAI fcibb«nvxild lelt.drainins "of '» bright Icitehtn color*. Reiiiti h«ot, wop, gr«ot«. 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