The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
Page 6
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R1.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 2(5, DEFEAT P1IESIEE; 60,000 Watch Summer Football Classic In- .terry's Homer Wins For Giants; Yanks Nine Games Behind Nats. The Mrtlily moving Senators defeated Ihe Delroit Tigers yesler- 'cay while the second place Yun- 't»ef. lost lo the Cleveland dians. ; The 'New York OianUs boat llie 'Plttxburgli Pirates twice and Increased their winning streak to r.cven games. Both the N a Is and Ihe Giants enjoy comfortable margins In their races for the American and Nations! buntings. The Nats trimmed the Tigers 5 10 4 at Detroit. Bad fielding und tnse running by the Tigers con-. tHbuted lo the Washington vlc- ' lot?. Burke went Ihe route for trie league leaders. Marbrrry wa,s (lie losing Richer. A unified fly- bill gave the Senators an un• earned run. i>Trie Yankees dropped a C lo < the Indians at Cleveland Th* Yanks were held In check bs Pearson who relieved Harder attcr Ihe first Inning. The" tois p» (lie Yanks nine games behind rt Senators. Penhock was the losing pitcher. -The Chicago White Sox dropped a 8 'to' 1 game to trie Boston Red Hose , at CSlcago. Daily Rhodes limited the White Sox lo seven rcsttered hits, arid nlso hit a hoin- icr 1 and Uo singles to aid liLs own 'cause. driving In three runs. Giston was the losing pitcher.' the Philadelphia Athletics iiftunpcd the St. Louis Browns at Bt>. Louis. The score was 11 to J.' ''Barrett held the Brownies to| n'ri* scattered hits while the Me.cks got 12 blows with Johnson Htting two liomers, scoring five inns and batting in four for the Athletics. The Giants whipped the Pirates »• to 5 and C to 2 at New York. The first game went 11 innings before M»nager Bill Terry of the plants hit for the circuit with two oh" to decide the game. Uique was the winning pitcher and E*etonic the loser. The second game was won over the . regulation * route with the Quints taking an early lead. Par- iririee' hurled six hit ball to protect the atants' margin. Oil and frrati hit homers in the second tarn*. • . • The Brooklyn Dodgerl son two Junes Irora the Cincinnati Reds in their fight over the National FELK1 TIK L Slxly lliousnnil Field, Chicago, to watch the east-west ertdiion classic 1 . that watched the easterners UK- boys "midsummer night" loolball, swarmed, into Boldir-r -Ilie picture .show!; .part of the huge crow« the Puclllc coasi down lo a 13-7 deftai. Touchdown That Beat West first and ecconcl, according lo l'M\r medal sran-s. EvciHl, K. Gee, vlnlj champion. Ill (Iffend his title. Joe Jlal- r;nch was the lU'sl chili champion, liyron Moif:e anil ClUford | Cavlll led one year and the titllu was never definitely decided, anil Join: Cuidlll was champion one yc!ir. Swamp Smokies In Game at New Orleans; Chicks In ,Slwtou! Win. 'I In. 1 Hfw OHcan 1 . PHIcms sunl. ll-i uood fhlp Kiioxvlllo beneath :i downpour nl b:i?.f» hits und rini-j \i-Mprdav lo Uiko the lend In (he .•i cowl half Southern Ir-asue The Pelican?, misled iho SimklM Nun Uii! leagp.a liMifli'rfililj) l>y •.-rubbing 'a It to 3 clfci.ilMi ill Ki-v: Oilcans. •llii' Blixls craflied GUI 14 lilts iihd right runs on" Adklns, .start<• Kimikli: liurtiT, anil then »<l<1 two more runs olf Cirrcn Me-.">cii»i>r limited (he Smokies to -.i-v'i-n watluicd lilts. The- Smokies :mi-lid nil thiei: of their runs Ir ini- clBlilli liming. Iloss, E. Moort ;,:,<! Wurd hit for ffjiir basr'S. At Memphis tin; Chicks defeat«l the Nashville Vole -5 lo 0 wltl Tom Swuyxe. youlhfiil Chick left hinder, applying Ihe shut-on tuat to the VoLs. Swayzc limitw Die Vnls to five .seallcrecl lilts. Th Chicks scored four runs in th ihini iiinlntj :uut uddcd out mor :n llie lil'lh. Heed was Ihe lu [•|IC||C>I". THE I2ITZ NE\T WEEK at Blythevilte's Theatres , NSWIRS" """""fjaBt^«» b today}; JUKL CUEM Offering more than twenty mod- .'i!>y> Mm 1 , portraying the Marquis sti co?,tumes displayed by the do San Marco, wlio Ingratiates I emlnlne principals, "Double Har- himsrlt Into the good grrtces of fill •ie.>:s," comedy-drama co-starring llie lovely ladlns wlillo stealing Ann Harding and Wllllotn Powell ilu-Sr Jewelry, | nl Ihe RHz Sunday is ic|iletc with 'Laurel :mrt Hardy nrt .vr-n as a' suggestion.'; | eoirnk- of cuicfjr-e rag n bonds. Thpyj In lier role of Iho i.icdr-n. maid- j'"»w stvccl their money, and de- , --- bache- ' die to take life tasy At which n!l ,, m .t. fiilsnr Hnovi-r, is CHIRP of TUU I,'. X. Hl'MKAU OP IX- VEsTlCi.VnOX. Th* sign lo t'APIIH.'OHXrs. ill" (!iiai. Thi; 'J'HAXS-SiHi'ii'.lAN I!AII.110AU Is Ht.'JO'i niilea IOLC. in deiermlnrd to marry lor rake, Miss makes (JOWI1S. tailored s«l«, afternoon it Is easier to slenl ihr.n lo make money hou-.stly. How They Stand Southern W. New Orleans 34 Kncxville 34 Memphis 33 Ulllc Hock Dlrmlnghnm Nuahvllle ... Clmltunoogii Atlanta' All other Soutncrn league teams '«• idle. Today's Gamei fashion trip around" ullf'cSr'dls- ' "«ni up and lake away ilwir sav- Ulaylnu breakfast isowns. street >"f s - "• ""•" <* cu ™ '<> '-""el "«" <-n>:cmbtP.s siulro, evening apparel is particularly ™ y striking. 'One gown is ciil on sim-1 jj™ H plr> but extremely .smart lines, !fi-| thloned from black velvet and black sonHli'. ' Her .slrt-ct wear ranges from polka dot ensembles lo mixed wool suits In contrasting colors. As a siren Lilian finncl wears seductive outfits. One evening Kown is designed with u high nc-ck- | line in front and back. A brown ; .striped velvet iiflernoon ensemble! brings out the full-topped, slim- hipped silhouette so much in vogue. A bridal fnsnlon display, featur-j Tliiirsduy. Hen Don plays op)X)sltP lu-r. ond I^rne.s', Torrence lias thf- mlr- of lir-r falli- In the Wwrad .Small produc- lj;\mlll chief. PrcKindlnu to be the great chief himself, Hnrdy ioon discovers Ills mistake, 'mil 11 Is too ly wants lo enjoy an ocean dip. When it came lime to film the on nalurel scene. 1 ;, the film company wcni on location nl a sc- make them prisoners. Hardy Is .senltnced lo be hanged. And Lunri:! Ls given the Jnh of hangman. The comedians are temporarily when they con- along ihc southern C:ilifortii:i const. Obviously, Dirpctnr James Cnr/e and hi.s slafT. the camera crew and other members of Ihe com- juny kepi H rcsiwctfnl distance as Pel. .58U .510 .5S9 .MX) .484 .Vi9 National A short pass 'r«»> """T Newman 10 Geiie Ronzanl spelled a 13-1 defeat for the west in the east-west game at Chicago. Ronzanl, former MiU'quelle player,.is shown running for the touchdown. W. Ktw York. 70 L'0ito:i 66 icii«o 05 Si. Louis 04 [>!lLsburgh .' 02 Philadelphia 49 Brooklyn 48 Cincinnati , 45 Pel. .0191 .555 .340 .533 .530 .42^ .421 Memphis at Little Rock. ChoUiinooga at Atlanta. Knox^'ille at Mftw Oileans. Nashville al liiimingrmin. Nat kin >1 Leacae Pittsburtsh at New York gami's). Cincinnati nl Brooklyn Kames). Chicago nl Philadelphia lininesj. St. Louis at Uoslon. American LcaKae Washington ui Clevf-laiul. 1'hiladelphl!! in Chicago. New. York at, Dsiroll amcs). lioston at St. Louis. (two ttwn (t'.vo n? garments f ro m incy linacrle to elaborate wedding dress, (jlvtn by bevy of beautiful models, ivur, al- i created by Walter Plunkelt. HKO studio fashion expert, und Howard Greer, Hollywood stylist. 'Double Harness" co-stars Aim Hardiim and William Powell with Lilian Bond, Reginald Owen, Henry Siephenson and George Meeker in .support. An unusual predicament compels Laurel und Hnrdy to become members of a bandit giriS in t' 16 "" lalest feature-length comedy, 'The Devil's Brother," which opens on Tuesday at the Rlt?, Theater. -me Devil's Brother' 1 Is a pic- turinullun of Auber's famous comic ojicra. "Pi;a Diavolo," with Den- s-ent to bi- personal aides of (he, M;.S S colbprt and her maid re- bandit chief who is in quest of a, treated behind the rocks to pre- bcuuliful lady's jewels. j pn,-e for the scene. In addition lo Ihe comedy lenm' SlirtiiiK inlo Ihe chilly waters, and Dennis King, tlie supporting she look her unconventional dip casi includes Thelma Todd, James; as cameras and sound apparatus Fmlayson, Lucille Brown, Arthur recorded the action. Pier.son and Henry Armetta. It's a far cry frtim 11 luxurious Roman bath in milk to swimming 1 1 1SKS tin natural in llie Pacific. nta Jusl ask Claudctte Colbert,screen! star, for she was required to go] 1 " " ; " 6> "j through both exjicrjenccs in her iwo latest pictures. | The Gideons arc an nigiuil/allun After completing the exotic char- j of traveling men banded tot!clher acterization. of the milk-bathing: for the purpose of supplying every Roman beauty. Poppaen, in Cecil hotel guest-room with a Bible. B. DeMille's .spectacle, "The Sign Tile largest pair of elephant tusks ever taken, secured In Af- 1898. weighed 228 and 232 und were nearly 12 fcK of the Cross," Mis.s Colbert step-pi:d into the rolr; of llie very- Philharmontr orehesires E^t their names from tlie Greek which modern Julie Kirk, daughter of a I means'"loving harmony." Pacific Coast, smuggler, in "I Cov-' King, noted singer and I ev the Walerfront." coming to the Reaa Gunner Kews Want Ads. . The score of each lo. a. The Dodgers league cellar. ,-;am*'Vis 4 ^we btld to two hits Iri the sec- oj}d', tame by Silas- Johnson but limnaged' - to -'- combine bases on . balls.rinH"errors with -pppbrtune fcfcjrs''.(o. get the' .breaks. Beck .i,JE the-'winning-'pitcher of tlv fifEt garnet and Carroll ol the-sec- ciid.- ! iids'.iras .the losing- hiirler' n.thsvflirtT'gahie. . Taylor .hit for Ife'circuit in the first'contest. '.The bhlcago OUbs'and Phlladel- i rila Phillies-«pllt t*'o games at Phllailelphia, The Bruins copped tht'secoiirt 7 to 4 after the Phils bad.tekt'n the first 1 to 6. Klein, Hurst', arid Ciiyler lilt homers In :hc. opening game. Lon Warneke was the »'lnning Chicago pitcher and Rherri was the winning Philly Wirier. .'.'•'- ! I Is .something I have been, saving, for -you. not having told you until, Just now about the horn. You can j get one in n pawnshop, or borrow the horn from that, automobile operated by Ihe 'guy across the street Blow retreat, taps and reveille In turn. • Your liorse will snort and leap about. :Pick yourself iip niid go back to '.bftl;..You Jhnve • had. enoiigli cxm'ise; for tlic • day. • ponlt; overdo II " r>o •. I ii*AvxQ*(S*"n" " lii ' nit tl\)ii<ro ' t.emperat<' things. . -, ..— . . • ','i.Danj|i : .yanre; wljeh nsked to 'nnme'i' jxls successor •• 'ns " speed '" king !pf'''0ie Nallonnl. . league, picked^ Diz/.y De.on of'the Cnr-- dliuUs: ;. . Jean Borotra, thnt whlzz-b'ang Freiwh nctter, paiises-ih his strenuous nlateh: es now and then lo snulch a mouthful of sugar'. . . says 'it '.' his heart dinv 'ing the tough test- of tclmls " :'•'. That Curdjnal Inneld is •-. pretty , classy . • . .- what wltl> -.two triple ploys this year. ... ^.They're- having u tough tlmo 'introducing bnsebaU Iri England. . . A recent game drew 150 customers at the gate . '. . who read, on n printed program, Just what in yell at the players and the umpire, and ILL BKauCHEZ Ut'« Play Poto! • Come on, you tired business men! Aren't you tired of golf, tennis, quoits, croquet and hop-scotch? Have you ever considered the physical and mental benefits that would be yours if you took up poto? j Your first need Is a horse. Go to'your nearest ice house or race Emil Firpo Will Be Next Opponenl For David Open Qualifying Round 01' Anniial Club Tournament round fov thr .an '' ' ^/i^u^le^coupjry . .club *™ —!«™ American W. L. Pet Washington 80 40 .657 N<w York 10 48 ,593 Cleveland C4 01 ..512 PhlhVlelphla 59 60 .49* Drtroit 01 03 Chicago '. !W 05 Boston 51 11 SI. I-onis 45 1!) .492 .401 .418 C/echoslovakia requires its magistrates and policemen lo tarn to •drive on iiutomoblli! so' that they tire (UfflciiltlfK of tuVnan> lit: will -Thc-" : (tiiiailfylpg.''rduna ; -'-"- 18V, holes ' ' be pla;.' Ith',llie.lco'nt&ia 1 n.t.« -JateV' Oivid- [1 .Into' thi-ee -iights.' chiiinptoiis, "Old Pilthtnl geyser spouts uuoul 33,000,000' gallons of water for a city of 300.000 'Inhabltan'ts: Copkst $pot. In Town! Sunday • Monday -MAT.'- anil N1TK—lOi-Sfif .ef-i David Dooley, the bewhtskerfd House of David wrestler, who was awarded the ofticlat verdict over Bud Carney of Seattle, Wash., here Ihis week will meet Emil | w,as ".Like A CAKEtQFJCE vy; ; h,en n e 14 d rn ech s h eh a d trie J<;e d fi i m /( n f 0 market af USE the WANT-AD they are a Sure Guide to ECONOMY and PROFI track and pick, one out. The .ani- j pl - of ^^ America in the mal must be light but sturdy, and f( , ?tur? . attraction Tuesday nigiit I at* the' •armory, Mike ^Meroney o't •he;' .Meroney-Slnkey > promotins 1 of" Memphis and Rlp- If you buy him at a raw track be siire that he is not addicted to] liquor'or drugs. Do noC go t harness track- becaust the horse, . ^ announced 1 today. you might pick up there would be - ifcrone ' - th!l » ^ \ mf .-^ 8 K, n L,*^Ti,'i n ™ r \« tne roughest and toughest- men need a-buggy for polo, nor | , n ^ gamfi for hU wejght Rnd will give Dooley, who appeared In the vlllian role here this week, sn interesting lime. ' a surrey, anyway. And If you can't find a suitable horse at rafe track or Ice house, try the bathing beaches. Hare YM a Match? As soon as people find out you »re going in, or out, lor polo, your ' mall box U pretty sore, to be clog- ted with attractive folders. Winter is cominc on, and these •will W helpful to you In ttartlnz fires. (Mote: It is against the law to bwn down, or up, your neighbor's house, so be sure to start your conflagration In the furnace.) Do not play poto on Monday. On that 4»y, I am toM, folks hang out their Jodhpurs and the flapping of tbit rat of C*rb on the netgh- kcrtMOd «k*he»llne Is pretty sure . to annoy your horse. :.'.-'." > • . *'•"• •M-I Acetyl Cfcetki •Rx Ideal dav for Mk> Is. Sun •'-v. Wait uolfl UK bouxrkids to JFW .Tkinlty art , well wrapped ab**' their dlnntn and K-snore - te Babtatth 'atamber. •:. : (tew-, prrJer. the word «omnc- - Mat, kad «oa>t IN think I .taotr Meroncy u'aSes eloquent, declaring that the Dooley-Firpo match will make local fans (those who have not already forgotten) for- set all about the Ethririgc-Barret scramble Iwre earlier In the summer. . ' In the preliminary match Carney, who in the opinion of quite a few won everything but the official decision from Dooley, will meet Jack Lewis of Louisville. Kentucky .who lost to Everett Jennings of Hlpley here this week The Venus flytrap Is not the only plant which catches and eats in sects; the t«asel. sarracenla and "nepenthes are among lhe'~"olher plants which do so. • A r««nl survey of road accidents over a perk*) of years in England showed thil 80 per cent of the persons . killed were either under 10 years of age or over so. H With chaivi a 'thousa «»>lnnlr>< back bl«d 0«r all on \ Double Harness The jlory of « lemporary wtc/dm^ OtU.HIMlit STI^HtNSON, LILIAN »OND, GCOKOi MHKH, REGINALD OWIN. fe»mJ6rJ^c- s ..,i . .rtr*r. ****». LATEST PARAMOUNT NEWS MUSICAL REEU-"ALONG CAME RUTH WITH RUTH ETTJNG. You'll find that every column in the want-ads is filled with porlnnilies fov someone . . . and 'many of them are YOUR opportunity. Tf you are really tryinjr to practice economy you can tml afford to neglect the want-ad section. And not. only is fitable to read, it is equally profitable to use ... to sell, to rent v or to trade practically anything. The °SSBS" WANT-AD

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