The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bur Infie'ci Pioblem Tooj Big a Handicap day- son Indicates Tills Is the sccmii! of 11 fi'hs of Etoriec on major league training camps Vnid 1931 prospects. 1I> 1IAUUY C.KAVSON Sporlr r.Oilor, NEA Service GULFPORT, Miss.—!'it=hln? g:n- e'allj K considered 75 per cent of -baseball, but the Cubs'couldn't win the National L°iju° pe mint wlUi I It alone In 19M, und wlial may b' 'a silendid Glint stair wlslws that William Harold . T;fry wou'3 do Mrnethin-j. about l':e other 25 per cent of Ills New York outfit A pstclieJ-iip |ii"k of Pol 9 Grounders backed Into th? wovli reries last fall, and II must. 1)3 Hint >Tcrry again i> depending up fickle Dame Fortune to smib serenely. Terry does not consider llic Car dinais, Cubs, or Pirates Improved. That makes it oven. Neither are tlis, men of yonnj Horace Stonc- iiani - Terry hasn't done much to "help the Giant?. As his principal csn'ributlons to icphce 'n:uis Ja.kso'i an! himself, long Giant stniilbV) Terry comes up with I/in Chios X til! 1 former phillj with an un'reJii able side-arm throw and little experience at third bise ami Jo'mn< McCarthy, who to date has had nl' ihe earmarks of n $40,030 bust JI P : first base Trained Too Flue Terry's'avflrlclotistieiS nnd oa-'-"- liess. lo. grab :i $15,003 guavnnt? put up bj Julio Blanco Herren Havana bicftei may be sending the Giants tiwij \\Ith a handicap tha will bs felt sorelj In Scpt^nib;" ire senior loup chimmons mi; pcler cut as the) clU in l!U4 111 r The cohlriict"callort for t!i?ni Ibe hi Hiva'ji TYta 11 CuWs In dependence Dn\ which put then In cauio t\vo weeks Mi?ad of air oilier oullit The Giants were nul- ling everjtlilnj t-oy imj inio the!' ^\ork m a nln o -lnnlng game as early as Feb 24 C-iil HiibVll si that three wels uml"i Ilnana'r burning sun is cnot"'h to co-idt lion athletes who weic f^i mil o shape Tlie-Giai]t.s.l3ft Havaim 'veil baked and further advanced tbiin 1113: clubs ar° on An'il 1 Af M i I V curient i«o-w-ek sta^at Gulfpoi lh°y 'I'll hiv •> t'o-\vfk Inri Elo niitij tour of OVhhomi T 1 a Ilii Caro mj- b»fo o teichin-; N< Yo-k | Three gDol on\\i piU-li«is \^v in and out nst s-asgn Hnl Schu macl'er had water on I-K »l'o Lefty Al Smith "'fT>red f - nithriti) S=ntica urltird a h^i Eh'r- on CHd" Caill m » Ml " p^cr foimlaols I'D\\. bit it's «tll eiih If liie" tin" -lie 1 ' as til- W5 li-s GhnU'nlll stir ir rta'ty of ttoibla d-nnlle ^'lartc In 1 "! at fi-st ind third Inyi Mrltor Impuss- l-n> Terr7 is im-rM'cd \ Ith Cll f Melton M\ f-o* Ilir-"- und i In inch coulhpiin- from liiltimore. bu- the tail OPS se°ms rilter shj o - Giant Task For Them WEDNESDAY, ItARCH 2-1, 1937 S a 1 i b a, Quellmalx. ami Friend Return From Gulfporl Training Camp BV .1. r. nn I-:M) The New York Giants and Jersey City afanls will not appeal- In exhibition games here this spring, but In all probability both will Include Uly'hevllle for 1938, William Harold (Hill) Terry, manager of the National League champions, and his right hand i:n n, Herman -'Hank" Dclicn-y, explained that the training tched- ules are arranged during the mkkllf of .the season, and, barring unusual circumstances, It \va.s almost impossible to alter the lour, Unt next year Blytheville Is almost ccrta.iu to sec the Giants. Sallba is working on the exhibition schedule which probably will Include good college teams, nnd possibly some clubs in organized ball. Mystery surrounds the manager ol the niythevillc Club, to be named Giants regardless of the monickers of other organizations in the Northeast Arkansas League. Only Terry, DeBeiry and Sallba know his Identity, and until nix contract is safely tucked away in the Hies his name will not be divulged. IDeBerry, however, did say that he was ft former big loagucr, and In his opinion, would be Just as sjood as Val Plcinlch. wlio had been first chosen. PIc- , lnlc!i rlecliticd to accept the place ! because the Glnnts were nimble to i pay much, due to the $900 salary assured Fred S. <ilock) Salllw, i limit of the NBA league. If this .secretary-business manager of the | deal fnll.i through they have In Blytlicvlllu Giants, in a long con- j mlml a former, successful minor i fcixncc at Gtilfport, Miss., whcr.c i Ic^ue nianuger with years of cx- both clubs uro In training, j iicrlence handling youngsters. Sa- Efforts tn change the appear- I ancc of Terry's chili from Helena. | whcdulcd for April 9, to Blythc- ville, fnllMl and eliminated all possible chances to bring the Glnnts here, Dellcrry said. He Joe Moor« and Mol Ott u.i]| (aki care of left nnd right fields, re- s "diver/, mill Ocorgo (icidclo) Da-, \ls still sticks aroiind. IJirry Uannin; and Roy Spen- again w il| usslst' Oils Mnncuso, who rates second only to Mickey Cochranc [is a receiver. Tommy Thcvenow ami Mickey Haslln arc experienced lillllty men. The OianLs may hobble to an- ctiier nvs. but T:rry knows better tli in iinvbotly elw that they re- (liilrc nn added punch. He liop;s lo obtain it somewhere iiul in darbt won!-:! feel much us>t- I i if he could put his fiivjer on .the source with .some deji-ee of pisitivcness vlglit now. liba was promised the information just as soon as the contract is signed. Sallba, O. E. "Dutch" Quell- nialx, forjner jnlnor league player and manager, now a local busi- nc-ss man, nnd the writci 1 , spent Moiulny out at the spacious Gulfport park. The GlanU spent, the morning going through their paces, while Travis Jackson, former Waldo, Ark., boy, a.ssl.sted by DeBrtrry and Frank Brazil, Greenwood, Miss., manager, directed the activities of some 80 youngsters who ' will the personnel of Jersey city, 'Greenwood, and Blytheville. We were impressed at the hustle and spirit of all, as well as the apparent fine condition of the athletes, and came away with the conviction that whatever clubs finish ahead of the Giants they have a first class fight on their hands. The. Infield, composed of John McCarthy, tall rookie who is a fielding marvel at first base, Burg- sss Whitehead, second base, Dick Bartell, shortstop, and I/™ Chi- czza, third base, the Memplilan, looks like money in the bank. They arc a perfect combination of fielding skill and precision. Jie Moore, Mel Ott, and Hunk .Lelbtr, In the outfield showed tremendous hitting power. Especially was Lclber driving out long, powerful drives. The leading pitchers, Hal Schumacher, Freddy Flt7.siuitnons, King Call Hubbcll, "Clabbo" Gabler, Clyde Casllcmrm, "Lefty" Clark, and others were working hard and appear to be ready for the opener right now. Gus Maneuso and Henry Damiing give ample protection behind tlip p]nti>. The Giants Imve a bumper rookie crop that looks good, too. Many arc up for His first time. In ordaniwd ball, while cis are seasoned veterans, Class A. nnd lower league stars. Prom- Incut Is Bmead Jolley, El Doriido, i I!""" 1 *' Ark., Giant, who has been bust-1 f UK 'em for years. i '•-pciilne can dc-penii on tliat It iimy (a|:'"j HI a couple of sveck.s to get cv^ erythlng strniglitcned out as v:c j want It. but the dub we put In tllc ^.'h- • Blytheville will hold it's own," The Giant scot aim minor manager said tliul it had ic-idcd to send the vanguard Giants altci 1 the ., ... _ , ; -,^.,.^(5 of the Colton States Neither DeBeny ,lor Teny | Lc , guei wh!cll wlu , )e A] , ri , 21 . would venture n as to wlio| T Ue/ will welcome younesleVs who " "" BlyHievllle. | | : ,,)ievr, they have l):>.wb.ill lalenl to w 1 be Tlie h'slit Is .still oi»n, und If they can make the grade with class AA they will go to Jersey City. If they are a trille shy Greenwood will get (hem. Those who are not. advanced fur enou'gh will be sent here. Greenwood, in the Cotton States .League, is Class C, The Northeast Arkansas League is a notch lower. Class I), "Regardless 01 wno goes to Bly- thevillc the lon.s can expect *.-' nave ft young, hustling ball club," DcBcrry said. "We are going to give Hlj'theville K winner. You lo work out few days. with them the first Kaliblls Win in "Sii DCMII" FRESNO. Cnl. (UI'i —Hundreds cf jackrabblls in Fresno and Kings county carried out a successful .'it-down sliikc. Kings river Imv- IIIB overflown, 11 left a few islands en which the jackiab!:its t-oulU fiml refuse. They sat down on Ihem until the river Mosid Mili- sided. Head Courier News Ads NOM l.iK.iU-.] at !<•! ivorts «> 1 ADDING MACHINE & , SERVICE BUREAU ; DON FUWAKIJS, I'roprieloi nnihm of Hthullt Typfu-rlUTs. Addllli; jllnrrnrirk <*'t& If * he's bench (iliickasiiw A. (.!. Membership M;iy is n bh hcln lo the pit'clioi-: :\ 111: way of linking doub)o jilav,s. n !n,(7 i Is 1,31111; lo gel the thhd ase jcb unless hi. blows up torn Chlckasow ••(. ni" .<•.->>!.> r>f inn in tlie Athletic club by the ting, Thursday night at T 1(1 r-Io'ock -nt the city hall, i° """(Irlrntly expected It was said -teh If tin M mplils Itnlh i fcliiy by lenders in the member- nl iml-> il tli» tilanti \vlll tn\ ship campaign. som! A t'tnl of belter tlinn -13 mcm- lllcc - I iFhins wns reported at last Thursday's meeting find since-then oilier, memberships have - been seemed daily. f'i"b officials eitlmnte tliat a ivitO'crsliin fs>e of $12 a year, will be ncce sar.v for the club to carry out activities It plans. effcrt to obliiln n large at- Har-y Edward. Ciiimtsrt. won 1 nnd lost trr-e hst \ear bu pitched only tuiee eompl»t^ gnui'" The Galveston grinder has a Mln El-y cune, but no fast bill If hf cnu'd fins 1 ! games he starts wha' little j;it"hlnT \\orrv Terry hn wou'd'hi b2:-lnd him. F-ank Gab 'er pitched well for a "trjlcli hs' •ieason.: but .is not. 'equable enou^y a rejulir starter for a major l»n°u° combination uuh p n nant asnirfltions. Fat Frrddie Filzshnmans cnjoye a phenomenal return to form !>• 193R.- bi«-ip> 1ft -•! his lust \7. stir I' Hubbell Is the same old Hub with p!cnt: of cvervtliina and more inte'li-e if thjn trat Dick Coff- m->n strictlv .is a relief worker. Terry at the outset said the first basin!! lob was McCarthy's, but now h° isn't so pisltivc SimbD lyshs wi'h hh stomach injurj hcni- Flitched by Dos Hyland t*-c St Lcuis s-ecialist en ball players, ma:- Terry announces his intention of goin-r.on the voluntarily retired Us 1 on May 15. but in the same hra^tl' f omits of playing a few "am?* which may mean 40. T?e nltchiiK 'ITf hOF" boss yets in morr than that, for, when his left, kne' is okay, fie agc-l Memphis Bill sti! 1 Ls cue -1 tfe best first bi'smcii in the business. Iteldln-; or hittins M"Carlhy. sup-csed lo b2 a; Din. ha"i't looked loo smooth in t^re field. nlthou<!li the rti* irv'n-T ^-. must show is con- fit'.ent liitti-iir. Because Terry tcok .the strap off ths "bankroll after p:r- Bonaljy scouting the Irishman In .Newark, McCarthy will be given every opportunity to make the prade. I refers Hasn't fiot It Leslie Edwin Powers, from Baltimore, batted.70 points more than McCarthy in the International League, but Terry doesn't appear to hold him In high regard Tlie jmpressipn is that,; Powers will be relumed lo th; Orioles, as only $1501 down payment has been made on him. Ine Giants arc as strong as any ciub in His wheel around second, with Dick Bnrtell and Burgess Whitehend playing as they did las', season. Whitehead,' heralded as being frail, participated in every game and batted 278 Bartell fell only Uo points short'of 300; This Chlcj-.i wlil help t::c Giant al ack. Us always .hits clos; to .300 lid'Mole' IV b:ise; last EKISUU. an •ucvatisn vvilh the Oliinf;. whore Vliilehead was the only mtin wh:i cu'.cl ret cut of his own way on he baselines. Cliioaz^ will bo an Improvement ver tin wnshetl-up Sloucj Jackin rf 103B lit the plate, but, un- '?ss the newcomer polishes up his lelding an;| steadies his throwhvj, lackron's leva] r.e.i:l anrl .nou'en'l- ibillty In the clinches will be iniss- ;cl in the field. Leiber, who wasn't on much more '.ban••speaking terms with Terry ast season, is getting (he call In enter fi?!d. Opinion as to why is 'ivldecl. One faction suspects that "eriy realizes trat Hank, on his. 935 form, is one of the f\n:st rijht- 'andcd hitters in the game, and | hat Ihc pllnt wants [o • givs the I loud Arizona collegian evcr> !han:e in hopo that he can conn 1 back. Others say Hint His move Is a :uilrt-up for a trade with Citicin- lati which might involve a Clinnt jitcher and Catcher Ernie Lombard! and Third Baseman I,ew Slggs. Charley Dressen, manaiier of he Reds, had mud. success with '.-eiter at Nashville. "tin-Is Helped Last Yrar Jimmy- Ripple mate ths Giantr. 'ast season v.'lien given an op-x>r- '.unity due to an injury suffered by I-ciber. T,;e r.xl-hcad from ,thc- Pennsylvania coal regions is not a ireat sluggsr. but is consistent. If Ripple, a left-handed hitter, ; 5 used against ri'lit-hnnders and tx-iber ajalnsl hft-lwnders, Ripple vill play three limes as msmj •ames sine? thj leajne is shy of left-handed pUcbiug talent. Naturally trc highly dependable tendance nt tomorrow night's session will be made. The Druids regarded mistletoe s an antidote for all diseases. 24 Hour Wrecker Service l?esl Joyner Motor Sales fall 1000 Storage •W- A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 157 Al>l>I,EBAUM HKOS. COTTON CO. rllf Kldg. Biythcvllle, Ark. 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