The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
Page 5
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SATURDAY. AUGUST 2(i, 1933 BLVffl'EVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION - %„„« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj rate P«r nne rot competitive InMrtlons: (Flte «ver»ge word* to » line) One time jwr line .......... 10c Two times per line per clay 08e Three times per line per day 06c Six time* per Itoe per d»y .. 05o Mouth, rate J*r line ........ 80o Ulnlmum charge Me Ads ordered lor three or six times »nd slopped before cxplra- tlou »IH be charged lor the number ot times the ad appeared and adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising cups lubmltted by persons residing out- lide ot the city mu^t be accom panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed trom above table No responsibility will be taken tot more th&n one incorrect la ot any classified ad. Kcd's Place—H8 E. Main fill 308 for Auto Fainting Body and Fender Service 'utmrrly Mali Siiousc-l.iltlc Co, 26l>-k9-21i NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone 66 •2e 1(9-2 Auto Glass All Kinits Installed Hit Ark.Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-O-lO IMPLEMENT'S Carload of Wagons del Our Prices First Byrum 1'roducc Co. Across From Post Office FOR SALK Advertising ordered tor Irregular insertions take the one time i«te. Phoue 306 or 307 DOUGAN CAFE on North Second Will SACRIFICE on accounl 01 .sickness. 25-pk-29 Neighborhood GROCERY. Lewes rent in town. Good business. Money talks. Make otfer. "X" Courle News. 25pk2 FOR SALE — Electric Teakettle like new. cheap. Phone 030. tf $245 FOR SALE Uted Trailers', Used Trucks and Used Truck-Trailer Bodies. If You Plan To Make Money Hauling Cotton and Cotton Seed, De Sure to See Our Trucks and Trailers At Once. N A D O K S M A S T E U SPRING TRAILER, A-l Tires, 5th Wheel, 16 Ft. Solid Side Body, Ready to Go O. M C. 114 TON TRUCK, Closed Cab, Tires IJhe New, 'S3 Lirense, Excellent Condition XABORS MASTER SPRING TRAILER,'Dual Wheels, 18 Ft. Solid Side Body, A-l Condi- lior. Complete «j IT. COMPLETE TRAILER BODX, Has ' Solid Sides. A Bar- piin SEE OUR NEW FORD V-8 TRUCKS ALL MAKES OF TRAILERS fc BODIES. PHONE 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Aulhorized Ford Dealer Opposite Hospital (FOR SALE —Four wheel trnlle with bed, suitable for any pur ose. Also 12 foot lightweight fish ng boat. Call W. L. Crallon a -6D or 465. 9ckO-l REA1, ESTATE Will exchange « acres RICH LAN tor farm on highway. P. O. Bo 34, Holland, Mo. 23pK 160 acres 40 cultivation on grade highway. Daily mail, fair In provements, large orchard, Ir range. Special barirain. S600J terms. 408 acre' creek farm, 1 acres bottom. Trade. Joe Chapin, Ravenden. Ark. 3pk2-3 Camera Records Rivei Drama at Philadelphia > 4CD YORK lUl 1 ) — Tlicri! uru 400 young women here who work tor uillsb iiiul pholo Its, "when u 'model often ah much us $100 n day, but lately our fres have been grea.ll> 1 ll'lklCtMi. "No K'I| .should come lo Now York mid rotml on innkiny a llv- modcl. 8lK' models ten- inTlsb iiiul phow- , 11B us „ m(x icl. She b-.ioinu lliit <i|>hcrs and llii-lr uveiagc returns , om | pi, 0 iojrntilis ot herself to mi lion working urc W.OOO u ycniiinci'ncy which si-eks lo llml work ccordlns lo u survey imide tor|i -,• modaln. U Iho agency finds u "There . by Clcomlnim Oiuncks. "I ,|,.nmud. for this girl, Ilicn 1L nilijht [u: 11 good l(k'H lor licr lo como lo CUiilit. wiis n Ihju'," enougli moii6y lo; support herscll | loi n few weeks and pay her re- turn'fare .liomc K she ck«s not Owl enough Kork. ! "Being u good model Is like be- ' IIIK a eobd 'actress. In l«t. It is more dlfTlcult. Models receive no nppliuisc and slill less lame. Tliey ] must be conlent to remain anonymous actors on the stag* "' P n °- '.osjrnphs or canvases." MtolNcw York, Inn If she Hcnd Courier News Want Ads, OUR BOARDING HOUSE" By Aherit ABOUT THREE A.M. v^ BETTER GET AN OUNCE Yg, ^^^, ,,-,.«... ^..-. OF ETUER ON TU V WW HO(v\E m THEY'LL WfVt TH' r,tF YOU WANT 10 M BELLOWS _ _ V H/WBURGER. SUPPER TO SOAAE fAU6S f ROfYX TrV OWLS CLUB ' A SWITCH EN61NE \S AS QU\ET AS A MOTH AN OVERCOAT, Jf "SWEET " IfA HOT 60IN6 TO €>LttP \N TUKV M1LL. TONtCSHT ? TH' LAST "PARTY. ONE BUOHE ' WAV.KED OVF.R rv\E <N "BED, . . SAID WS WA& ACROSS- ^V witnessed by hundreds TARMS nnd Homes, easy pay. mcnts. Ethel B. Thompson, Ca- A roue and slippery oil barrel between him and death, ilils was the srenc wtnesse by hundreds 01 orrified Philadclptnans when Thomas Williams lell into the turbulent ScIiuylWll river and fought fran- ically to save himself from the onriuhlng stream. This picture wns inkcn an Instant before Williams reached for the rope— and missed. He tried again but failed. The barrel, now ' ruthcrsville, Mo. 8pk9-8 POULTRY ams reace or e rope— an msse. e agan . e arre, now ou o reac, and too (ircd to mak? another effort, Williams threw up his arms and \vns swept onward la his death. This photo of the tm°lc drama was made by William P. Springfield of NBA Service and Achio Newsplcturcs * POULTRY WANTED MARILYN H* 101113 ^.^ FOR RENT TIIREE room FURNISHED .apartment. 1013 Walnut. Apply ™ .Walnut. __!__ FIVE~HOOMliouse, CHEAP. Good neighborhood. 916 Holly. Cal f XPERT Typewriting and AddinB itepiiiilng. U. S. Blank. 116 E. Rose. C.H After an Algerian wedding, the I ward, holding a dagger In his lug the blade with the tip ot her | bridegroom enters his home back-1 hand and the bride follows, touch- finger. THEN MEIGHBORS VMH-L. ' 6TW\OM COMPARED TO THW <S^N<^ V BOOTSjlND HER BUDDIES W YOU CAN'T HEAT HATT1E! Martin ATrRACrn'E bedroom for men. close in. Mrs. M- T. Moan. «11 830-W. 23tuu Modern 3 room furnished or un furnished apartments, newly dec oraltd, over Kirby Drus Co. Also store huildins adjoining Ro\y 1 neater F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call 25c k9-2o i apartment. nSimtoVBll W. VValmiL^Call 313-J. STORE BUILDING and rcsiccnet combined with complete fixlure.- for meat and groceries, 040 S. Luse. Sec Dr. J. A. snllba. Nickt. ~" Krigidaire-Delco Onlv authorized Fvigidaivc and Dclco light service. B. A. Miller, office phone d-residenre 4H •IWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. Mrs. Ed Hnrdin, 1017 Walnut. 21c WASH TDHHS (JETTING A UII)E! BV Craiii Registered Spencer Corseticrc Mrs. J. J. Davis. Phone 431. 'jSK. kO-20 L. G. Moss Bb'theville's cut rate undertaker 10-ck-9-1 r.?,EANE«S. TAILORS MODERN Five Room Furnished downstairs apartment. TOO W. Walnut. 21c k28 'Atlraclivc bedrooms for joun? men. 518 W. Main. Call 303. I6ck8-16 Have your suede jacket and other Fall clothe* made new by our epecial clwnin? process bn'o.uc Cleanlrg Service. C.11 in^HckD-17 Sni~OtSAN and REBUILD your FELT HAT. We arc sure you will like our service. NU-WA OLEANEKS. Phone 180. 12ci-J-i- NKWLY FURNISHED modern apartment. Vacant Sept. I. Call •JI2-W. " 18c Kl Mechanic's garaRC and buildimr suitable f«r ;rain. coal or beer storage. Frisco siding. Slcrnberjc Cotton Co. C»H 24- !»c-k!8 SPORTING GOODS INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Sale —You will b? surprised at the offer. Ilubbard Ildw. Co. lOck 3-10 BATTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES Ren'lal-Rccharging-Repairins 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c kB-Ul If jour battery is weak call 63V jor n'uick battery service. Wi soil New a nd Rebuilt Batteries Shoioe-LKtlc Chevrolet Co. ~ 8-lc k9-l ONE or North two rooms on Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier NCWF. fUCE LABOR bedrooms. CLOSE IN. 310 W. Walnut. 23cX8-2J MODERN furnished aparlmcn Good locallon. Call 135. 27u V.8-27 60V, JUST toov;! IT'S- SV/OLLEM SURE PICKEOA" E TO SPRA.1M AM , MA'M. WE OUGUTA HAVE SOME HOI WATER FOE HER- , FOOT. / ' -V£A»i. GOT TO SulLD \ SOME SORT O' SHELTER / FOR HCft, TOO, A"D RUSTLt SOMC'FOOD. ^ , • / 1 OON^T 6F. SlLtf. YOU'LL nisa IH£ LMT BOAT FOR NOME LISTEKI, DIZlY! UJE'RE WOT '-cftVII^O VCO HERE ALOME, NVJD THAT'S riNAsL. n UKJDERSTAMO1 THEN FIND p^-niR.-' PEtE. WE HAS r SMKC.K ABOUT &lt MILES COWW . THE BEACH, *>JO CAW COMG AFTER M6 WITH ^OOC>-TCAM , / DPI vuv«o / O'MCH! THINK WE AR£ \ A CCXJPLh \ 51SSIES? SA_LESMAN^ SAM it-l V""ci< PILOT fie To TU "o see., LO\U " ' By Sw* AUTOMOTIVE Have that broken glass Installed ii- your car while you wait. We tut ind install class In any make car. Shouse-LWle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l RUSSELL ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Gangc Ntw Van Norman Boring Machine Work Gu»ranl«d WANTED TO HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 8-ck-9-8 SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED man or woman wllh car to handle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shoppe. 31ck31 HELP WANTED FRKCK1-KS AN» HIS FRIKXUS I'UU.ING STAKES! By. BJosser 5UALEMAN wanted' to repair scale jMRM BOY VM KC.D FPCM P,\RAOl5fi REAUV 60H* 10 VACK UP AND GO HOME? WHY OOUT X) FIWD OUT WHO PHONED, FIRST ? , SOMfcBOW. PHOMEQ' AMD THEV WOULDN'T DO THA.T UNLESS 5OME.1H1MG WROW6 — I'M 6OJNS, RED! fyoui CAW STAY \i woot-ovirr Do^ 1 ,1F VDU WANT \ THOT-m, 6O, IQ U5t IM TOUR) TOO...BIJT SNAP rp* BEING /CUT OF IT SPOILED OfJ MY ) WF.B&E IT'S MOTH ACCOOWT-6EE? ) WO v- .WOKIDER WHXT'S HAPPEMED •2 _... . WHERE Id | EVERVBOOV, AROUMO HERE? 7HIM&5 HAVE ; DEAD ALL OF A SUDDEN!' FRECK1.E6 JO&T H^o THH'3 TOC> A.CAU.TO COMF_ « BAD-V^ELL.IF HCME,P«T~THE {THEY GO, I BOYS ARE. 1M61DE. MIGHT Wb WELL PA,C<IK1'UP,KOW/ LEAVE.TOO- VVE FIWD AND 6OOOBVE TO HER-AU. SET, RED.'

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