The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
Page 4
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PAGfe F THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Edlcor H.' W, HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York. ChlCHgo, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kan-sas Oily, Little Rock. Published, Every Afternoon Rxccpl. Sunday. Entered as second rla^s mailer at . Hie 1W3! oilice nt nlytlicvlllc, Arkansas, under .id of Consre.'i.s O^J"--^ lober «, 1917. Served by (lie United Pros. 1 !. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of rilyllieville, 15c per week or $5.50 per yc..r in Huvaiitc. By mall within a radius of SO miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for i,\x months, 85c for three months; by mall in postal zones U'o to six, inclusive, W.50 per year, In /onc.s seven and elfiht. $10.00 per year, paytblc- in jidvaiKe. The. 'Deal' Eclipses llie . Doclrine, of Liberalism .'I'lte ulil-t'nsliiont'd Jit'-liitnl ccnisurvii- tivo is not luippy Ihcsu tlitys,_ nnd llu: extreme r;ulic<i! never IKIS hrcn hiipiiy; but it is (louiilCul it' eillu'r nl' wroiip- is LtettiiiK liitlf Ihe miscvy Unit is fiilliinf in llio hip of ;i cortiihi kind of tloL'lrinaire liberal. The- consurvjitive t-an nl kvisl ru- fietl that lii- coiitrollcd Die K'^' 1 - 1 ' 11 - meni for upwards of :i dcc;idc. The radical can always eocl( his em 1 for Uio nimliio of tumbrils down (he streets of the (iistnnt fului-c. Hut there is :i ccrtiiin kind of liberal to whom the present era seems to ht; bringing nothing hut confusion and disnpiiuinlmcnl. 'I'o hi 1 sure, llio actions that this liberal lias always demanded of his government are being taken. Thu i>ro- ffram that he has clamored for for years—or .sometliint; striliiiigly like it ^s being put into effect. The conservatives are in full retreat, nil tiloiii,' the Hue- and they Imven't yet found a rallying point. * ¥ T But the tniifcdy, to tlie doctrinaire liberal, is that all of this is bcipjj done in-the, wrong way by the WTO'IIK people. The change came before he could pronounce his blessing upon it. He had just got through proving that nothing of consequence could he expected from the present administration, when it proceeded to take the wind out of his sails by adopting his whole program. What luu. ; our liberal been demanding', all of these years? Well, he hns called for a "planned economy". He. has \v-inted federal laws to protect union labor in the leading industries. He lias wanted the New York financial powers drastically curbed. He has wanted the government to crack down on the pmver trust. ]| c | 1ilH wanted vast sums spent l.y Uncle Sam on public works. He has wanted a systematized .federal employment'service. He has wanted to see people like Frances Perkins, Ickc;-. and Uichbcrg in important government positions He has wanted an administration that would place human rights above properly rights. * * * Every one of these i/oak has linen reached. Things that until recently OUT QUA WAY luokod like remote possibilities for the millenium are now in actual operation. Kul our liberal got left at the post. Change riiiitfM him napping. Katu il«ll him a Imiiil from the bottom of the ilwk. Anil his iiiihappincss, these days, is lu.'jU'1-rwulfriiiK to- observe. —liruce Callon. Mystery In Real Life An uiHMMiiloyuil enquirer in a middle weslx-rn dly rm!iilly jjuve the police a |K!rpl(!\ini{ puzzle by being, found,, iilimgsiik- a lonely road with u series of slnh wuiiiuls in lii.s Lnel: ;.nd a of jiiiisnn in liis Mlonuicli. It looked like murder, at first; but Ihe liulicc liiwlly rundiitlutl that the man had killed himself mid .had nrranged 111in^'s to look like' murder because of .some final impish whim.. This theory, I lie officers said, wis strengthened by the fad I ha I a dcUulive story was round beside the man's Iwdy. I'lit a real doluclivc'sliiry fan might easily ni:d<r jusl the opposite de<luc- lion from this fud. There is nothing a mystery addict hates so much as the novel which presents a puzzling homicide and then, in the last chap- tor, discloses Unit it was really a suicide. If the man in this case WHS actually fond of Hint kind of literature, could hi' be expected to ape a plot which, if he found it in a hook, would fill him with a consuming rage? —N. E. A. Gen. Johnson's Future New.s that Ceil. Hugh S. Johnson will probably resign from his position as recovery administnitor sometime late this fall is likoly to provide the ordinary citizen with conflicting emotions. It is highly gratifying, of course, to learn that the general exacts the program to be so complete and well•established that he will not be needed more Hum a few weeks longer. The mere fact thai hi- i.s looking ahead lo retirement indicates thai a' greal amount of success has crowned his efforts. Hut most Americans,, undoubtedly, will he sorry to see him step down. IIu has been a tremendously useful public official; he seems, besides, to be one of the most likeable men the government has ever employed. It won't, -seem quite right, somehow, not to have hreoy.y Gen. Johnson on the job at Washington. —N. K. A. I don't ivanL a f:it ami f>0 Juliet when all the world knowK Unit Juliet, should be young, slim ami beaiilifnl. — Vrga Martlnelll, o|)era impresario. » ' * * 1 don't see any chance of ijencral recovery unless we have Inflation. — Senator Ellison I). Smith, chairman of Senate Agriculture Committee. International conferences arc the pioneers 01 a new syalcm of ro-opciatlon. the incviiablc r;- .sidl of democracy nclivc in world allalrs. —Prime Minister MncDonnld of Gical Britain. | SIDE GLANCES By George Clark . (AUK.) COURIER NKWS SATURDAY, AUGUST ao, By William "Aren't airplanes marvelous? \Ve arc only four hours iiway from mother nnw." CHURCH EXCUSES If any man teacheth different doctrines, and consenletlr not to sound words, even Hie words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine- which' Is necordlng to Godliness: h-j is pulfcd up, knowing nothing, but doling about questionings and disputes of words, whereof eometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, wrangllngs of men corrupted in rn.nd and berefit. of the truth, supposing that Godliness is a way of cam. -i Timothy U-3-5 ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Commiilee. )warfs and Midgets Often Have Faulty Bone Structure ^"5™™^,.^"*! °l ^-""Rloi, but it b bclley- hori. Moreover. v\w.\ the hand s put down Hie rinqi'is do not lie parallel but sprciul mil Because of the shortness of the egs such people walk wit), a waddling gait and. as tiiry grow olrl- :r, there is a tendency for the rack t/curvc inwards s o that the buttocks arc projccit-d backward. The head Is usually large- in 'act. it ECcm.s rxccp'.Mrmily large iii relationship to the size of the rest of the body. OM , \ OC^T AGREE ON V-COUM' , WORT acbT VOOUM', ,1l-\ER STOPPED ' FCOV.IN1'- ANOlT VJOULDM'T <=,TDP r'OOLiM'! OO»-1 HOLD OR /HOOH No one knows exactly the cause oomble world trip in j skill -mad at u Medical Association, and of lly- Mia, the Health Slaf.ihit- i AinonR the remarkable exhibits i : L the Century of Progress Ex- : arrso various tv «s'-- Bns 01 various l>i»s. . In some cases the persons ex- ibltcd arc sufTcrcrs trom n con- ition known as achondroplasia. i which there is nn absence of one formation or disturbance of le development of the bones. Inch takes place before the child s born, and continues thereafter. Occasionally thk condition oc- urs in several mcnilx-rs of the nine family. Sometimes it is as- ed to be related in some way a deficiency of the secretions of cectnin glands. Neither is ll'.erc' : nny known method of treatment thnt is worth while Thcrc a " oiiltr iu ™' s » f "™rf- 'n S whkh are dllc lo ilbscncc of t ), e SCC relions of various glands particularly the pituitary gland which .supplies the growth iior- mono, or secretion, to the body. In the absence of this secretion the entire body fails to grow sat- Ufactorily. U. S. Says Rum Runners Await Prohibition Repeal PHILADELPHIA (UP) - That rum runners, anticipating tire repeal of prohibition with an attendant decii-dw It) tli? ccxM of 1-i.ndllng litiuor, have been caching boatloads of smuggled rum [ along the Jersey coasts was indl- |C:ilcd here by fedeiul wills. '1'lic nrlci' uf smuggled liciuor to 11.i •.-oiMiiner :s reporirtl to l;e ouL $yfj u COM*, anu IML- c'o^t lo the rum runner for .shiupiny. liiickinsj am; incidentals, is an- m'oxfinatdy S13.50 u case, leaving lie cinu^li-r a piotit of »11.5<)-~ ii all sues won. (51 rice » case nf lli|iior can Ixj Imigln. In st. i'ierre ib Miimpkm !or as low us $i a case, and the heavy costs of smuggllm; v.iil b 1 .' eliminated by a repeal of lire pio- illbuion laws, ruin runneic will lie ible lo make a mucli larger prjlil by (iiinply storing a large- su|>p]y d "silling prelly", federal "gents snlti. Hooch, a term for whisky, is a contraction of the jYtasknii wci<l I licochino. which i.s applied lo a vnrii j distilled' from sugar and (lour. j The Leaninrj Tower of Pisa was! _ meant to rU» straight from the | (jround but sank on one .side when only 3s feet Irign, so Its rjnilders Just finished it that way. THIS CURIOUS WORLD *0 •'! ANARYRSAD/ V/AS ONE OP THE MOST DARING OF ALL THE. PIRATES WHO SAILED 1HR SPANISH-MAIN AND MORE THAN ONE MAN FGLU BEFORE HERSV/ORO AND PISTOL. SHE V/AS CONOEA-^ED TO HANG, Bur DIED IN PRISON/ A SEE'S AVERAGE- LO^O OF NECTAR. WEIGHS ABOUT HAIF= AS MUCH A? THE BEE ITSELF/ ^ a iR "« "Shiest wooil kiio«'ii. " hf h " rlg . °" ly sevcl1 I 10 «» (1 si»r Cllbc f00 ^ ___ BabMt -taT' obtained its .uime inlsm, whicirs due to an a:L once of the secretion of the thy- 1 iefcclivc and seldom living to ad-' a need years. , Tlic most striking future- of a icrson wllri achondrop'.iisia is the llsproiwrlion between tlie site of Brltbh Empire. WARNIXU OKDKH l.\' THE CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKASMVBA D I STRICT. TI,-. The tniuk tlwt ° rth<: lly normal in MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. '-. C. Jor.e.s. I'lanUif! vs. Xo. 5^40 imri t r fn., n »n \ - V"' ~~", Sislruiik. doc?ascd: Ynn the :n.- 1 !!? rl :.__ ltc ?. uc . nll » . bci "" "my l>«lf k.-.o«n heirs .of Will Sistrnnk. de- appcar ivithin thirty days in i!i: coi:rt named h> the caption l:crr- i f anri ai!.swcr ihe complaint o! ihf plaintiff E C. Jones. Dated this 19 day of AUJIIJ.;. 1033. R. L. OAIN'ES. Clerk By Eli/abclh Blytho. n. C. Ne:ll Reed, Alt. ylor Plnintiif. XOTHJE (>r COM.MISSIOMIH'S SALE Notice is hereby given llir.; tl:i: undersigned ns Commissioner nt ll't 1 Chancery Court for the chick- ;ifawba District of Mbsissip;!: Comily, Ai'kansa?. acting m:ricr •"-id by virt!:e of a decree rendered February '21, J933. In a ren,i;n i-aru-c ixjniilnt; In the Chancery Co'.irt wherein E. C. Robin^cii iiiimtcr Company. Inc., «as ]>l.\;:i- lifl. ami Mrs. W. P. Nations, et ••"i. "ere dcfcnriants. will, on September 9. 1933. offer for sn:<- u> li.e highest and best bidder, upcr, R credit of three months, a dupl;* •'(fidence building located upon '.lie rear end of Lot Nine <9<. iiiock Six 16). Davis 1 Third Acldi- 1:011 to the City of Blytlrcvilic: i nd also a house located upon the front end of said Lot Nine <9'. The purchaser will be required :o execute bond with approved se- (urity. and a Hen will be retained upon the buildings until the p;ir- cl>ase price Is paid. And the pur- cl~nfrr will be given reasonable •i:ul suflicicnt time from ths date of sale within which to remove Mid fcuildjiigs. frow -the land. AT AftICA, CHIL&, THERE HAS SEEN AN AVERAGE, RAINFALL C ONLY O. INCHES A YEAR FOfS. li>-.ul UGH- Loy's eiolhiiii; ul , ., ch ; ul ,„,.[ collMm]C( , r,fia- she grew up. stie in Englnnd, und sei| .:.b!e time hi Viinous aniiits. At one lime she fell comrade and they v.ere married. - Her carter as a (lilt cf what an- i.ijl.m., j;iadc? (An.wcrs on Hack 1'age) \ ""£" Changed Meaning i Of Tabernacle Desci'iption ! SALT LAKE CITY. Utah 'UP> ; —Addition of .1 • T' to a word iriacrd n. L.. Poll: and C.imua.ny. in an embarrassing position npj'ii nublication of the 1033 city direc- :.>ry. In tellins aboi!! inc h'.n-.O'js L. j D. S. <Mnnnoii) tu<:enta'.le, a';out! s-.liii 1 !! the iicco::3t;eo are much uoasted. tlie edition read: "A pint dropped ;U ihe hi nl (he anditoriiim can IK i'.cl I'lctlnclly at the exlrem; reniT the Ijiillding." Tiic imcription sliould have "". pin dropped at Iho fiontl ;lie aiidilorimn cnn bo heard . uncily at, the extreini; rear of bu!!din-." Reati Courier in:irr f yrorrl «rvrrnl inRiiIhi ,\ i Ulmns ihr-y llltr,iM,jicr iT. TIn-T iiU n urlrl vnttili.iu nl Ilir :u- or r:vr'« ..,!Lr,-:ilx ^rk :it Ihr ollii-v MMtVl .M», t n « Ti I t* n urlivt :,r,il "Well. 1 e::v> yoilf" Arlcilt ; 'Ulbrs to make ms fcc-l like I L i::u i:;i: t ; "Ch. a few hiinclred thousand i :; r.-ln: ni'ii;:! ' :!o a loti" Eve aiiswertil airily. ;: ~^ier: ? ;«i At 2:3C she jont tlio uflice In! i.'i:^ii:= MII; -,o buy a co]iy of tbe ttoch Now V.-M:H . or nn evening iicwspai-tr. \Vli| .,,, lr ' r - ! : t "me Eve turned exciletlly lo 1 .,. !/" ':''*• ::r : '' " '" •'™t*'l :'i:is:ie!al pn S e. Pure Soap. Ii xv ell . inM gone up two points. .-;•:•••= i l-:i-c r:wde a menial r.olc ot h| '.•A. ici ;,roiii. "\Yhen ii goes up 10 [ l!a^ -l:e dcehlcfl. "I'll sell anil rcinvcl ;ina n !;o,-il s . iius!>:tm! !:^ glat! 10 bill-] nil t:?l ' I five Siui- i docs SJ:c 0| nt .11I).\A Al^.i:,\. I Iti- >irtv L-r,,,j rllcr. ilKlikr^ hrr :m.l t* irilni; vrnsf ircitUIr fnr ]I,T. le^tn.'n. if nijvrrdilrt:: injmn^cr. Il.T l.ilil 'lic prolit In somcthins else. - l;is is cuing to be tun!" I'lir.t Evening E!IO watched •"i lie liiifoldcrl tbe final cditic -.v;is always waiting for tlu' iit llic lull itoor when [bey arriv i'ome. Me scanned r^se one ai turneil to the financial .\(j\i no o.\ u'i'i-n TUT: OT CM-M'Tlill XVIII I^VU did not sleep nc!l thai ulslil. She awoke several tinier, only 10 Jrifi back into :ronhlcrt dreams o! Hixby's slorc. a slock cicliaiiE'.', itnl linaiiy her old tsonic in ibe morning she- was EC rmia Him Dick tvas worried. "You're usually filiijipSns nlioirt ill over the i-Uice My ^^o." he said. "What's the matter? Doa't von fee! well?" "I'm nl rlgii!.'' Evo a.-'-nrcd liia:. M was just t'liiikin;. 1 uKiiin'i Jorge; lo wrne to Mn;: ; cr toi!,.y. It's almusi a week sinco her I.IEI clter came." ivliicli l^ve ai:rl her nn/.lirr l.^-p; ::; :luso toncli wiili c,v.-li oilier. Oi:ee •:vcry wce!( Mrs. U:i:-!c?3 v.-rote— .0:11; letters, painfully \vriacn In ncr cruni|ie:l hnuilwi :;:aK. ijlic.! •^^h news o' the faniily. [lie tc!a. lives mid Kvc's o\f trlc:::r:5 ..\:-.-J D:ICC or twico 3 week I'.vc d:;>:A-il ^'i a reply on her lypewinc:. Her fatl:er grnmbleil, "Kvo's kito:^ rirc loo dfingcd long for any rum tj read. Tell r.c In n few words what ihe iatd." But when Ivate Unyle;s receive,1 llie letter Mvo wrote tluit t!iy ri.c ae-:!taud lo tcN l:cr'oon.l v,!;at Ke] •;.yiiW.=."Jl,: ;!;E rn n ,:e,l. -With.' . PTRn „„ rcU]rn rrom s> haiii.;.:iri:cM i:ii>:-.oy'; Well, I'll - - i .. . „ :>? ih::;eil! No. mctljor; tc-:i tier' io] ' !l Lvo llrul lrlcfl to '1:0. N'ot hv u jiiffui!" I l-'rcila Carter. She blamed FreiJ for the unpleasant incident v.-j tiic drrik v..-is in-iilc Theron Recce. Uut when Freda Invtted Kvr- a party iu her apartment tl:e n*| ovcuins tliorc seemed nothing •'-M.coicJ -at in her' froia tho llute !' fii--'! .Mrs. IJnyie:; I,r,-| rsvoj for co > '">r,~. r.nrl one more j sai-i-il-co for | :t r daughter and Evo ! i'-nl to lie ron-.ent with the amount do but accept tho Invitation. -10 .eee:veil. : tayor hnit conic to the ailvcrt,.< b.;e w, 0 to L-^ mother a Ions Id- ; office with some frocks for Jo money , lo sketch. As sho was leavln: The '-.,,,.,. i, ,. .. , -" - -I"--- •«-. ytrls co:nc.' n"--l,.,',•""•, C Wr ° lC ' " i! ' E l!ni • s " c to '> on'? a slight aciuair, ,-lo^,,M.'- r U . Vl ' ith °' Jt a:anco Kith J ">'"> Allc " ana h< -c d ih •T V. T 1ci1 *-"• E "° ish!lco W(1S tor '- vc a »" Ar!ci!e '" ',. - | ..'-I' , !° """- tlcr 1«-»-te«:l!pfore clllicr of them coiitil rep ....u I....I uo.urs. E'.ved from tbc . Moua gave Freda a melting smi and clipped and exclaimed, "Ob, bow perfect s'.vcct of you! I'd simply adore "no r.avc : party!" hal would M ollil mus ^ o.M'=etnatly. !•;• cr o! hc:s was lliinkinj, "Frcca didn't me:. Ho include ber. The invitation nio t " Dod tlie money lio to l;ccpi:;; [yr r:ia Iu tuc 'cmcrsency fu:nl.' You know how listhcr uuJ I alw.ijs saved our pennies ami nickels nnrl 1'iit ilicm In the liltle reil clcptnat iKiuks nnlll llicrc was euou?!i lo dcposil clown lown? s.ini tl:^i ^hen we gicw up wo vvouicl tnve rhat money for an emergency iuncj in case anything liappcne'l. So I v.-isli Le would let me l-.ave Hie money now tor something veiy. fcry special. I don't want hira or Dick to know about U bul I'll lei you In on Ihe secrel. I'm noi EO- lug to spend llie money—I'm solag lo Invest It," • * • DECAUSB her d.-aislitcr hvl oskcil her'10 do 11 Kale did iry to'tei ihe v money.. But Hapi Bay- ICM^jetoilfiei IrtteaailVs >'7ot*?. lli^'rfftis 1 «^ l i{K7j:SV.l. < !? e ^K n .??L •* *>*.v^ 1 ..'^ l " ~' ' ' t Q;lir wouM „.„„ w lo l.ii-i-.v v.-].:,; [j Afraid s!:c i:i: r ht kcci-inc licr ai-livi;ic-s frc:i -cm. i \Vitlioul particular cordial!- ili:'Uu;ty Freda assurcil Jlona that she w; Uiik if ; s iaj .| 1C COU [d como. Arlcuo al: . Ill ----.-. .,i,. u Cllu I.UUIU tv..."" .» UNJ u i. s,lie VfK'l lUe insrhct thro;::!i a '. accepted tho Invitation. ..rul.r-:-s o..u-e. l.-.-e In,-! ,| 0 r:dcil to j I.;,- C \ Kv \ i.- rc da but Fhe cv, ippciasc taronpli ihe- bank. She'never ho sure about Freda's frlen.! felt, honever. as tl;nu;:i she ivcre ; Tli^re was Theron llcece, for t hctns cliratc-il ol tl-.e thrill supposed ' ann/o lint Eve was certain to be'.crl witli playing the-would not bo at llio parly. Th s'.ork ir.mkct. Wils Fcb[ . |[ary am l ho ha-1 lolcl "li Vr. IJruun n:.%-c;-.r.l fo'ir slocks . ho was not duo in Lake City unL a.nili «ere r.n Hie ruinu market. . Hi* wcc i; beforo Kastcr. Uccco hr "l-o; n rpnck turnover." ho ad<-i t c(t. mentioned his Itinerary In "(bc-:-c aie as likely as any lo ad- at dinner lhat evening In Nc val '' cc " .York. GoiaB to this parly, E fcvc's funds were fo limlloil that .assured herself, would make ; It mlvi^able to co'.icentrale : easier to refuse a later liivitatli Jon one- as a btsiiuiin;. slie placed jiliiit mlsht tnclnne Uc-cce. Furlhc •Her ir.nnoy en Pure SIMP Inc. 'more Dick had annonncert that That afternoon she worked would not bo home lo dinner V swiflly. rtrftly and happily. Arlene following sycnlag. I f

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