The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1934
Page 3
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26, 1934 (Afefe,)' INCLUDE'TO Tl Joseph W. Bynis Uses Smile Instead of Iron Glove of Joe Cannon EG Wili.Wield Speakers Gavel JJV _ .......v Cauilfr Ntws. Wishingion Corre spOTidenl WA.SHJWITOK.—'-Doii'L r-all mo 'mister'—call me 'Jof : ' or MJnclfi Joe'!" Thai's the-' next speaker of llie ilnnsfi of Hepre.jenliitlvp.s talking —Ihe Tlou. . Joseph Wellington Byjj-ns.of Tennessee. If yon like, yoii may ul.-:ri call !j|m "gncul old Joe Ijyrns." .There WB>. nnc.r- nn "tlnele jr,i>" Cannon who was n famous speaker. . DHL he was famous for be! hard-boiled, and Iron-lmnded. -Hi e.lft Jo*" Byrns will never Iw fa mous for anylliiiig like linn. Except for .tlie seniority prece demVwhlch (ake.s members of Congress right np to the top they can get ll\f. .'voters to kre.|: ihem here -long 'enough — Joe Byras primarily owes the certain ty.tliril he will succeed the lole Speaker Henry T. Halney to i popularity bnilL up through yean of being :fciiid to fellow member: and doing • favors . for them. JOK HELKS A FRIKNU for 'instance.— i Last" year, Congressman Mark Wilcpx. of Florida-'was desperately vrarrlpl . over what Republican leader Bert Snell always contemptuously tailed "(he snakc- bill." This was a measure lo develop the Everglades Into a nice, pretty park. The np-and-coining congressman;. Ruth Bryan Owen had been defeated by Wilcox because she hadn't, been. able to get anything done, anil Wilcof said Just leave it to. him. Wilcpx would have been out of luck if it hadrrt be.en for "Uncle Joe," who was majority leader. Byras .got Ihe bill out, on the floor. The Hoiise spent a whole day nn It—and passed .11. ..As majority leader, Byras eoiilrt do .all kinds of ihlngs lo help people. As chairman of the Demo- cratlc' congressional campaign . committee' this fall, he sent, money and speakers around and helped Democratic. candidates everywhere i\fanj'' who won feel .they owe a. .debt to him—especially the new me niters. TOJO .STRONG , FOR. IlAVBlillN 'A'niovementi.staried iiKndniln- Islrattorifirants -to keep .B.vras out ol the. speakership and install Sam Rayburn' of. Texas. 'Dr. Raymond Mbley'and his pals here'were in "My party always has stood for cxnenilllurfE— and lhal.'s to rn- Local Mou Invilcd lo Pro Sl\owim> as Guests o! Memphis Branch. Nine llryllic'vllie 'men, seven of Ilifin I'inptoye.s of (he Philips Mo- lor company, lonil I'Yml .donleV, hunt heen Inviled lo Memphis In- I.IIOITOW for u piv-.slio'Nlng of (he ,l!)M Foul V-8, which .will shortly bo presented (o th«. public. l-'onl dealei-s and salesmen, -.inkers and newspapermen froju six Mules. luivfi been Invljeil lo llit> Memphis showing, which will be Ihe ilrst Inlitxlncilrm of Hit- new Ford lo (he Mld-Moulh lerrllory. i Those Ijivlted from aiyUievllle lire Hiuwll Phillips, president. B A Clowh, L. Fowler, A, A. Hanly, J. U. KinntiiBlmm nnd OlllTorO Joyner, salesmen, nml Ben Edinlas- trtii,' mechanic, all of (he. I'lilllliu Motor company, u I,. Wrinl, nnd Harry W. Hnlnes.i The. meeting will bn directed by W. 'p. niiekworlh, manager of Urn Memphis Ford branch, nnd will be addressed over long distance telephone from LMroll by Henry 'onl, Etlsel Ford, in id oilier kad- .8 of the Ford organization. l| vill be held In thn Municipal Auditorium une! will open with tt imchcou nl which the visitors will >e guests of the Memphis branch. The program will end wllh the "'"wing of the new car, which will In dealers showrooms for pub Inspection December 20. ....... 1 .Unit.' "Uricle Joe" was 65;years old, rather feeble-in leadership, and'not very -New Dealish And-'dial .Rayburn \vas quite 'New Oealish. ymirig. vigorous nnd much . niore .likely'to be .able to keep •firm.-hands on Ihe House ivliile jamming through New Deil ie»- Islatlon. • • ". .-.-.. :.A loss popular man'might have lost put against such opposition, despite (he ' fact that Joe WAS being returned to the House for hU.-Wth- consecutive two-year term and thus had • till Ihe senioritj rights. -.'.'..• --.••..•.. Bin scores of members signed pledges .for -Biros aha Vice President-. Jack:'.Garner- couldn't. ei>>» much,:-ground for his ^par-sum nnd Roosevelt discreetly • kept out oivihe- fight; -Rayburn recently withdrew and -left Hie-'field (o Byms SMILE Ii} ,A WINNER . .The ' Penn.sylv.inla' Demoeralic • numbers hnd plumped for Joe in a .body and (hereby decided the Issue. They're all congressmen elected ,in. 193-1 or 1932 or 1930 Joe Byrhs is a great jelloiv for sitting down win, Kllcl , R ,. c( , n . members, listening to Mien- irou- »lea. and giving Uient saK e advice . Looking nt. him. yon can easilj maginn htm ambling down irom ms-old home In (he lied Cln* mils of Tennessee. He is long, **V" j t)l ' sl| yrbrowMl. and white- kindest, frankest smiles" ™^ * * .Along wiih in, atfnbilily. hourly, humor, and a simple siirewd- . ness are his chief characteristics: lie K a good speaker, somc- m 1 wide''!'' 1 '? S S'FlcdV'nSrwave '.'rToLSI " lc so ''* e n> C raoiinlniH5. HARASSED BY G. O r lie was slighlly ' i,,' r , jL ' „,, nn administration leader in the House perhaps because he allemptcd lo Please so'many people. Republicans Hipped him up by parliamentary tricks more Ihan once m Ihe lasl Congress nnd some- limes il was ncce.ssn.ry lo adjourn the House to get things unsnarled. When Joe was chairman ol ' ,w appropriations committee—a "1 job — he disllnguishcd by helping overturn the for House"" 01 ' 5 ralCS lnX figllt in ll " com^ llrcf c™ed high bracket in ("Ma'l, CSUUe ' an(1 lm »ry f-w InWn' i) ly Ilns alwa ys S|(VW| r " But his Cft 'h° hest I. ..... was pruning 31 ' s P ccltl1t >' [or l' car tnres ar,,i i BOverninent cs| «onom™ nn d Ud ,! y *™ 3n *W - ti* . ."iiu a balanced budget 'ie was valuable to MI* n«mnr-rni« —in his freoueiii ueinocrats fake •"•'•»''J-- ex Posures of thC year bud 'Don't' call me Mister; jusl. call me Joe or Uncle Joe. n come right In, loo And' anybody who wants to see me fe. ATrip Througli ilie Mountains - - '- in Mid-Atlantic!' Tlie-mounUHnons waves p.led up b.v Norll, Allantfo-.storms lo me,. w Ihe lives of Ihonsand.s of seamen and travellers are vividly brousl.l home by ihis photogiaph taken from (lit-bridge of Ihc S S Kuropr, which nested in Ihe rescue of Ihe crew-of the foiimleHiiB Slsto: The height 'of (he waves i< revealed .i ( y the fact Hint, while the Em-ppa's bridge is far more than' mo feet above (he watcrllne, it is •' barely possible to .si* mtr Ihc cmt of the onimhin? water. get fanhcr onl ol tolnnce nnd Joe Byms is in something of u itnzc. But; he will do his carry o ul : I he wishes of the ndmlnlslia- lion and \ite kind heart can'( slnml IHo idea of a lot of people starving to d;alh for lack of FEHA cabbages and ijotalocs. After he's elected s]»akcr, he probably will move into (he office with the same. promise he made wheii he iKcamc appropriations chairman: "I'm going lo run (his committee in a folksy way. Anybody who wants to see me can come right in." Joe went lo a lilllc red schoolhouse nnd took n law course nt Vnndcrhilt. University between lo- bacco crops on his lomily'.s farm. He went to the legislature and for one year was speaker of (lie Tennessee House. Th voters of his district— which happens to be the old Andrew Jackson '"Hermitage district" ') —began electing him lo Congress •s fn 1908, He has' llie Nashville Demoeralic machine with him and con keep on coming here as long 'Uiiclc Joe" lives In comfoii- le' simplicity with his -wife in an upaiiiiienl hotel. They have a son in Nashville. Mrs. Byrns' belongs lo n or- GnnlKllions, including (he IX A. R. and Ihc U. D, C. She is a lot Hk3 Joe nnd says she's "kind of olil- lashioned," but looks forward to having "at homes" (or congressional women atlcr she's tin; speaker's wife. Whenever you see the speaker, just slep up and call him "Uncle Joe." Jnsl tell him who you are. He'll be Interested! Bishop Greene Of Liltle Rock Opens A. M. E. Conference Bishop. S. L. Greene of Lltlle Hock, presiding bishop ot Ihe African Melhodist Episcopal church in Mississippi and Arkansas, opened !\y: Norlheasl Arkansas annual conference • today at Enoch chapel at Ihe west Icmiinal of the city bus line. The conference will continue in session during Ihe week. Tlie annual sermon was preached by ihc Rev. Win. II. Qulrai, of Qsceola. Many leading negro churchmen from Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee are in at- leiutance. Bishop Greene, : who presides, was elected from Arkan- sas In 1028, nnd was recently sent here io preside over ' his home state. The Rev. A. O. Wilson, former president of Shorter college, will speak lonight. X!ic Rev. L. s, Overall. Thomas-.Wray and V.-M, Townsend arc Ihe presiding elders and are making Ihcir re- porls In the afternoon session Shorter college, at Norlh Little Rock, is supported by this conference, nnd a large donation was giycn at the morning meeting. Tlie Revs. J. M. Turner. A. Harris, G. T. Sims, J. D. Dennis, o. Slier man, W. T. Eskrldgc. A. B. J. Periy nrc among the presiding elders of (he slate who were In traduced to Ihc conference. The Rev. J. II. Clayborn, edilor of Ihe chiire'/.s official organ, will deliver an address <hwlng tUt'scs sion. Bishop Greene., in his own- Ing address to the, conference said: "There never was a lime when It was more necessary lo combat crime than now nnd ihe government should have the fttl) lie will preach the ordination sermon hi the Sunday sen-ice, and' appoint Ihe for the next year lc' Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 28 (UP)— lie cotton market held much of is holiday feeling today ami en's- d off slightly • under n smal mount of selling from the loi. 1 ride. o|»n high . low closL Inn I-2K 1245 1241 123!)b larch 12GG I2(i'2 }'>!>! iM'i lay IMC 1210 I2GU 12U7 July 12GB IU'l2 12GB )2tiQ Oct . 1250 1258 1254 1250 Dec 1M1 1201 12fil 12501 Spots closet! qiilol hi 1271, oil' ! New York Cotton NBW YORK, Dec. 25 (UP) Cotlon closed slendy. • open high low cfe Jan ... 1241 1243 1237 1231 Mil I'd I '" 1259 1202 125ir;i257 .May 1201 1270 1MB J20C July 12C8 1272 1200 J201 Ocl 125S 1251 125:) 12S3 Dec 1205 1205 1201 1201 S]K>(.s closed iiuiet lit, 1275, off E HM'CCMCI K^ '# / ^.^ ~ JJI.V.'IV III'HI) TOU/tX ANN )ini,i,is'ri:ii, i/ittif "0, |>rrt>kn ' lit-r f uieciKi-nilrl 'I'/tVV Mll'lil.r, «rlr Closing Stock Prices NEW YOfiK,.-Dco.' 20 (UP)Weakness in^ utilities on fm-lhe govermnent ht'itfllfon .'for" lowe rales : offset. n list' of favorabl niai'-kel Items Inchnllng a slim plekiip In. 'automobile productloi and sustained hlgl'i. operallons 'ii the steel industry, - A. T. mid T. .'-.'.„• . 102 -: Anaconda Copjier: 103-4 .Bepilehem Steel ...!.. 293-4 Chrysler ;... 30 1-2 .elites Service '. i s'-8 Coca Cola .;...,....; : Oeneral American Tank 3S lr2 .Clcncral Eledjlc v.., .'.'.. 20 && rG:-Hfrul iMolors "..'..' 32 M International Harvi'sler 40 Monlgomery Ward 28 1-2 New York Central 19 1-2 Packard 45-8 Phillips I'etrolcmrr ...... 14 1-8 Radio Corp .'. 51-8 ftimmnn.s Beds SI. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J 42 Texas Co 19 7-8 U. S. Steel , 3(j i .9 McKe. c son-liobbin.s a 5 -i Zo»Hc 3:M U. s. .Smelting 125 1.4 Chicago WJieat open hi»h low C |osc Dec !)8 1-4 S'J B8 1-4 9 8 3.4 May m 5-8 1(10 1-4 9(1 5-8 09 3-4 Chicago Corn open Dec 03 May 85 high low close M 3-4 93 04 BO 1-8 09 89 7-8 Wind is believed to have caused the freak discovered by Pearl Slt- ton. in Greenfield, Mass, it con- sisls of n hollyhock bloom imbedded in n sun Dower. Life in lime ot Abraham has lo light through ex- is at Ur. Mesopotamia, carried on by (he British Museum and the university of Pennsylvania. Polrcro dc Llano No. •), one ot llie. largest oil wells ever brought in, produced S.OQO.Ogo barrels of oil In Ihc first 90 days of Us oper- nllon. The oil gushed forth at the enormous rate of 125,000 barrels a day before n lake reservoir was constriiclcd to hold it. Don't Trifle With Coughs Don't Icl. Ihrin frpf n ^tnnplp hold. Fight tl en quickly Creomu - Sion comblnes 7 he'lps in one Tow- ertul bllt barmlftK. P!ea«>nt lo gist is authorized lo refund your money on Ihe'spot If your cough or cold Is, nol relieved • by Creo- mulslon. —Adv, 8 ., .omrrr «rr Ul, f>tt'iuii.t* uf M« UrliikfMK ^B*i H r II r r ,1 1 frr*CNb)imb!l,lllli. ,'rku .itm... Juj l-l'.Vl'.ll Ki.MIUI; »vtjillh)- .mill ttrdiiklneMl,' Irurnfe l.oi, VAI.i:iUA lll-.XM;'!'!-. kU llMiu-ff, >u. an-rltrJ kllil im< IflU Lrr rtrryfbhklr U wvt^r tlt- livvru Ijir IU, .. . . - '••< ' - . -Auii uaA I'rlrr, both ' LVi-Arl-«(c)c Itlllt 4ll*lllU*loKt-J, tll«-f( UH^'<U- I'utiB ihrlr uiufuJkt unhn|il>lu^a», WLt: n l'«-(cr Uk1.ii Anu (U uiurry klin »ht UHrrcv. - - ' ' ' 'I'hl-r KU.-IU l.'lurlilu mi4 *llrnA Mt-ki-rnL itf-rk* ha^iijtlr. Thf«' Pti** 1« I t'ullrd . kunir UrrnUBM itiT/iVvkU ,11-hn. > All *>l cfcr lvf-nil>U fnmllr r>i'r|>l I'rlrr'i, «U(»r. .Mll,l,H;i; V r, • iiuL Ami. • . tlll.v. lil.'VIUI.I, »i»p<«|< tec UiiuittitCr, i:.M101,, i> In luvr \\HH H\Mll:\( I), the 1'knuffrur; nm< ill^i-hiirltr« kliu, . 4,'nrul ' ttkvt»'t iknlriiHlMx III f Mr IrJtBill 1(1 Mlunil. Ann Hera krr hi 6'oar anA U-IIIIIN Iliul 4'nrol h[|« Iua^irlr4 IKe dUi-bikTKi'J i-hnulTMir, Sk*' pnvm- .>'«>»• <;<> ojj WITH THE xx iS: UW7K'yi.) nn Ilivlliilfon, for ti " wei'k-eiul," 1'ctfr fnlil io An iu'\.t itioi ii v If yah vrauMh't accept i ."-., Ctyrol eiilil, In n low voice, "I feel unch u, b'eaht after. I ho. way—" tS» inoro of (but,", Ann sahl. ;Well, ujl.rlght I'll, accept It, Aim, ' feel jnrtolilcil to you,for- ntr. Now, f.tirry can lio perfect. happy..ovi| II " ^ They,nil,laujihei) logetliei. , "I'll l»i up In, a. week,", f/arry declared. '1 ujiilil hnvu v,oiktil oil lfl t«wr iiiit.iuiU'libblinrn, iiard- Preston Alley Driver of Car in Sunday Crash Through error Hie. Courier News Monday listed Prp.slon Matthews :is tlie driver or n car which figured in nn accident, at Davis ami Franklin i\ecls Swidny. The driver of the car was Pre.sion Alley. C. 1), Holt, driver of llie, oilier car. who sustained severe bruises is still confined. "Tho MerrlwenlhcTH. They havo n nuininei-.iilncn In lliu Connecticut ]illl:i. Dealing, uwliiiiulng', rjdlng. H'K ttlivnys great i!|iort lo im there." Ann hail '_a vision of boating. nwtinn'iliiK niul rlilluj; with Peter. "Are we going?" ntie. nskeil. "I lolil Mwln I'll ask you aboul 11. Waul to BO?" "I'll ta Ihrlllfd to tlontli." ' "I tliought you would. ll'« (Iran yon wero haviiij; a lllllo fuii." "you urn KChiK. InoV" "I wguliln't mlfis." P<der coqiui- eil onlliuslaslii'. Ann fell beiHOlt tihisililni-. f'ctfir was being BWCBI. nnrlnir tti<i Innl (HIV weekfi liti luul left notlihii; nil- ilono lo innk'a her hnppy. , "Mllllcent nml Jeri-y nnd Eoiiio of Ihelr bunch a,rn tolns;. There'll ho cisbl or ten rauplc.'i In nil." " , Anu ivouile'reil If Vulfcvia would ho In "the. hunch." Kim iliiln't auk Pftter., . "When ilo wo slart?" "Tim nllior« will leavo toinorrtvr niorulliK about Id. I'll RO ilb\Vii to thn ciTlcd for, a. wlillo niiil thwi coni<i back for ynu. KvaiiFi will g^t in} bags really." .- . Aun wns dre.iseil befor« JO.neit morulug. Hlio rat down witli inagazlno In Um Ilvlug room to y for Peler. Tbo phone ranis. Carol's voice, nervous aiul Iroiiblcil, came over tlio wire.: "Ann' Vflll yon toino? lArry's III. I'm frlghtenlil." "llavo you bail a dpctor?'* . . "IIo'u on the way. You'll crmift?" "Right away." • • , - ,-, Twenty tiiluiites 'later, Atrn .s'as mounting tlio Blairs add hurrying to Carol's rooms. • • • t .. . , - ."Ann. yon angel I? Carol Krcetid her. -Tvo been worried, to death, Tho doclor carnp 'r/Elit afl6r J colled you.,He sitlil Larry Klin hat! a linril cbill and would! be i^ll rlgtl ln:a"w^k or Kn." l IU3 fovsv la'g "Keep liim in bed -and-he'll b» all rlgbt,"'A w nn" aa'iili' '• .',' '' , '. ; . "Tlial'n ttlic, .-trbiiiile.-'.HA ,iyiya he can't afforirjo be BJck. lift's Io a lernporary ' place—" "• "",'.'. • "Von can't nironl', lo 1 get- Ana fialJ. "})e aeuslble, rarry. And don't tell me .'do what I rim going to do. .So'mebCKly'-naH "to talto rare ot you cblldren, until ,yoii slop being'foollah anil go noiiie. 1 CHF! dpenofl .lier piirne.. ,"I liaio V?1.00,bcre, Carol..I cniild le.-ire a clif-ck for more." "'.'•• ' ' ' :' ' "Ann!" '__'Tlease, • C»roI!--I • would tee! ."do rlgtit nheftfl anil call nio iminF.s,.",.Carol'way olltltiK on tho heil, one hum) r'niiiplliiK lilo hloml lialr.. "If you think I'm 'going to iiin any link wllh my pei-(ec(ly Iji'Vvml-iu'W anil very baiulnoino bus* Ijiiud!" Ami tolil Oiivn fibciut tho week*ml ,trtp. "I hnln'terribly In go awny with l.arfy ill." ' '•' "lln'll/lio all. light now. K ho nlinuM really ' III, I'll 1 hard to call motlier, or. eoursn. tint I'lmto o wlillo wd're In tnfli n .Jam. 'lease, Ami, don't lell Peter yet, Yon won't?" "No.", if.Hlic, rnnhcil hack Ann .mlgnt '!el honiii Itefai-ft Slio might bo lucky. Koiiiclhlnt; could LVII ilelalncd him. Hut Pelf'r wiio walling wlioii nhe camn In—morn limn nn linur lale, lie, looked Bolter. "Tho dlreclora ht\vo called R nclliiK for lonlsht, I tulkeil to MIlIlCTiit anil ntia wallfil for you, I'll ho' out tomorrow .or Kunilny, ny." lll.s voleo fioiiMilwl dtiuiit- f| H. .: , .''.;'. "Hut Peter—" Aim Irlcil lo meet hill' eyes, lint' railed. "Tho imvty III lio.|ii-ac(lrally oi'e.r tlieu." "I'll try (o iniilia It' Ratn'rrtay— loinorro'w," Peter Hnlil. "I'll riin along now. Hope you'll have a KOOI! limn Ann." All tliu Joy hail genie out (if (ho wi'ck-eml plans for Anu, • QN Hi'inilny Pe^er nvrlyeil al the ^ Mcn-lwealhei-H. Hn'linil tried . rliiR It out In ,-io\yn, liiit liail lltvcn It up. It was 'Blniply iiu- onihirabli>, going over iho Bomb ground, decliling oii'p inoment Ann wan tHiclne'Tony anil ilcclillni; Iho Jiditi (lint- sho: was tncitnahlo ol ilccell. K flho wantcil lo neo Tony, slio woulil tell him BO. Somo wom- eu hart elanilestine attorn. Ilul not Ann. Th'er.e must lio some, explanation, n !r-filllrii!ito one.," liehlnd hor Kliildcu fllghlH from lin'inci.-.riuiiECil In ; Bloom, ;rag(nK against 'hie' nl- leuce that mot bin iiucstlonlng, be p.ickeil and drovp to tlio Merrl- Woathcni'.country jilnM. Mfirlo came to'meet him. I'Polor! yon ill ii come. Wo liail ahotil given von up." '" '•;'' ' '"' ' . "Wliat could liayp liircil yoii from itie. city?" Mltllcnnt mocked, from tho doptliii of a brlflilly cushioned chair. •;".; ' •>;". ^He.jlb, o'vcn-bbily..Wliur(i'.3-Aiinl", .'-Kvefybiui ,-laugficii., -Morie'-:- Bilil, "I'ctcr.Vyoii'r'e horlMnlj 'llih.i posjiji. sire h'usb'ni'id.. No, I t'nltcthjt back, ifiisnan'ijs -ilbn't aSk "rtiiero'! tlioii wjves ..nro,these .da.Vii,. ; ,T)ioy.. wnht to know whero s'oriichody elae\i wife Is." ' _ .-.' • ; - ,-••• • . ,"Ypu'ro joo young, In c.ynl- caL, Besides I -happen." In know Roger b»reJi j-ou lo/de.-itti, (ianglng around.; .What's ebiircil'.yoii?" ••:'.. "Hbger. nnunlrig" alter .oilier men's wivcn; ris l' litiTlcil,' 'Right now be.'8'with y;6ur;wife.:Hut- then all tlie" men. lieiealionl have a yen for her." '. ' . 'Mllllcerit,' reading tlii? satisfaction • in Peler'i tyti,. said, "You uren'l .miking him JealouB. He'a inly uleAacjl" 4 IVtel usKfJ ogalu, "Wheru la Ann!" 'Out rlillng," Merlo anavyered '1 'ell d llttlo uneasy about Ann tali- log Tornado." "r*ou. mean, he/a nol Eafo?'* "Moody Hut Klin wauled lo rliio l|li(l aud Roger t'al.l «be handled lilin beautlfi'illy." , "f llilnk I'll join them," Prter ;ald. Nol. IOIIE afterward lin.waa fql- owliig thn (rail of Ilia riders. He .nraed a, cUivo ami suddenly caoift upon tlieju. Inalnntly ha rcalUfd .hern WQH confusion arooug tli^m. Anil ihen he saw the two rltlcra far ilioauV One riding like Ihe. wind, -ho oilier In close pursuit, he knew wforn he heard tlio nliont what had "Ann's hoiff!" Bomeone /elleil nt . Im na lie loilo past Peler WQR rldlnr; hard, urgliiR bis horse for- wnnl de!,|iciately. He was gihiln?. ami Roger va*i closing In on *ihe (lying flgiiro lii bmwh. Tlio Irnll narroweil as they .tadicil deeper wooils Bchlnil lilni eaiuu I tin o] utter of hoofn as oilier . t rodo to Join them. They liait passed through lliosti-ctch nfwooil» safoly and wero lu ihe open Again Ahojul (ho 1031! elided, unwound again. /(lose, very close, now WM linger/ Just hehlnil wan ' p'elcr. 1'nrnniln nwei-ved Jiint, llien. : and thcrfl was a, patch ot bi-qwh nn Iho roaitatilo. Peler reached Ami almost ris soon' i Itofier, lifted her fiom ItogA'u arniH. "Ann! Ann'" t .'Petei." ""^l,'*,i "Dailing, (Jnrllnf;!" I 1 ' I'l'lcr rodo back wllh Ann:ln:hln nritis, lilooil from (ho Jagged cul on lici lieatl htalnlug bis coat An ex- ellcil I'towil prestcil nlmnt Itlpi. "Peler, In slia-liailly hurt? Oil; poor ,'clillill" "Don't crowd around," Peler Bald hoarsely. "(!pt u doctor.' • A NN was not Bmlously hurl, tho • • plijulelan sahl. Hho wns suftft- Ing fiotn ahock. Stitches had been laken in tlio cut in lier lieail anil slio muni bo kept very quiet for a few days. Yea, It would IM sate'lo tako her boiiio lombrrow. Poter, di'Hiieiately nmlous, was at tlio iloctni'u elbou. Sho «onid gel well? Thn doctor had smiled and ts- clileil that In all hh etporlenca Peter hohl llie record as the most nnxtoun Imobaml. . Ann plept anil Peler sat walch- Ing her white face CROlnst tho pillow. Almy^aa bioitght to him bul he ECfliccly touched tlie food. Maily llie next moinlng Ann opened her cyca nnrt InokeiV Into' fetor's haggard face".'.''Whir.Peter] You hau:iii ulept" He nintlercil hoarrclj, "flosli, yoj gayo me a scare." ' ' "And au,ddenly lie Urpppecl 'do^o p.n.hh knees piill|nR bh heai^ ejose to her heart—beating strongly, ho was surprised to flnil, and very inpldly Aim put her banrt oii Jils- lien.fl, ! rumpjed bii brown hair 1 Telcr, you goose. ^V^'iou ronlly vyoiiieil?" ( .I'eter anlil, "Oh,!" vety de^ply, Very earnestly. Worried : wa's not Ihe word to describe his agony.' •lie snt back In his e,balr, holding* her haml closely in hli Anh's eyes rloseil. Sho was \erv wcik .and very, happy., I'eter'laved'.her.- She loved Peler. All nns right v,lllf the world ' , . , ' (To He CYmllimeil) i , (C'oiU'mued On Page 4) showed sample strips'of ,nliiin!mnn dyed hj n variety of colors nnd effects. James I'licklc, Englishman, patented a machine gnu on March 15. 1718. 'Hie Duke aC Hucclencli recently loaned- llie original weapon to llie Armories of Ihe Tonw of London. Ill Her whales are not himled, bc.- ing comparatively worthless. They arc fond of preying on sjierm whales, tearing Ihem lo pieces nnd making a meal of Ihc four-Ion A midshipman's warrant "was ear- lied by David Kirrngut when he nm only .0 3-rars nf.ige. At (he asc ot 12, he accompanied ihn rrl(r- ate Essex on its famous cruise of the I'Milic. ^fclal has been the only male- rial in common use in ihe past which has resisted all efforts of thn dyer, but tlie British Indlis- Iries Pair in London rccenlty LlxTh7BladdeF (!se .Iimiper Oil, Burbii Leaves, Kfc. This 25c tcs( free If it falls. If irregularity wakes you up, flush out impurities nnd excess adds. Get buchu leaves, juniper oil, etc., fn liltlc green tablets called BO- KETS. the bladder lax. Works on Ihc ulnddcr .similar to castor oil on Ihe bowels. Poorly acting bladder can cause disturbed sleep, fro- quent desire, scanty flow, burning or backache. In four days, If nol pleased any druggist will refund your 25c. Get your regular sleep and feel "full of pep." city Drug Store. —Arv. 135B DR. N. L. CISSELL GRADUATE VETERINARIAN Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable Phone 400 Blyllievllle, Art. John cabc-ll Ilrectlnrldge, of Kentucky, who became vice president of Ihe Dulled states in 1837 at UIH age of 3C. was the youngest man ever elecled to the position. The Berlin fire department : is now. equipped with port.nbl* searchlights, strnpiwd to the .'boil les of the firemen: The llghls have: n range or ion feel. CHAPPED SKIN MENTHOLATUM Ci.r. COMFORT Dj.l, TUNE IN- on FRED WARING and his Pennsulvauians Thursday, 8:30 P. M k - N. B. Announcing- the new Ford V-S for 1935 to the public in a special program. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aiithori/wl I>enler

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