The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
Page 3
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AUGUST 26, 1933 BLYTHEVJLLfe. (ARK.) COURJRR PAGE Where Storm Marooned 4,000 In Maryland Resort F;iniou« I,awvcr Has Hone For \Jew Deal Bui Ife- mains Pessimistic. '""llY WIU.1S THORNTON SI-A Service Writer • KINSMAN, O., Aug. 26. — Clari Darrow brushed back wlih a >.:i-.iibv hand the long thin wisps •>! hair i"hich ihe brce/.e blew into lii.s i-yi-s. He leaned back against n ].«•>'. Mippoilins the front of the m-ndsi.iinil ui the fairground. He) \.:i'. fiu-i'w Ihe ]>eo|i!e in the j ,-ii.nd.s. and s[jciiktni!. H w:is the j f;,mili:i" Dnr.-ow altitude, a law- ;.-r nddressiiig a Jury. 11 was a Jury, too, in :i sense. l-'ur whTO Clni-tnco narrow returns K: hi", hlilhplacc, this little eastern i (Jlilo fnrm town of BOD. he is in a I .•inse "on trial" before the lean- f<ii-i-d formers who can not help liiiiixhiK of their nsost ni sen. dosnile his) success and fjime. a.s _!;ihc village athelsl." Ilu-:«ful. but Fuwlrd ,. HIP' Da:ro'.v, fresh from :i visit j ',•'1, Wushiirjlon. was lo lei! them ot j lhc Nev, r Dtal. His words commander! rer.pcclful attention, but ijille enthusiasm for the man who! Jias swayed ; .o many juries. •"hie president Is brave, honest. ::nd pretty intelligeni," he said. "I am hopeful, bill there is much I t!o not understand. How can it help to destroy food, and cotton, DeSfto Built Huge Crost on Indian Nhimd Here is a striking airplane view of'Ocean City, Md., th° island resort on which 4,0(10 residents were streams inundated ihe city. Cut on from gas, telephone and marooned when waters irom I "They're going to pay formers not 10 farm—you'll all Jump at Uial! They're txAng lo brine back prosperity to Ihe country if they have to kill every he*; in it. II i mean the kind of hogs lhat are ! Kcod for xomelhinc—thai von can • <-•:»'.!) T'lCvYc plovinp under cot: ton. as if there could b'c too much. RiH I'll bc-L there are people right i here in Ihis ftand who could use ! :omc notion clothing i ; "Nr.'hii'.'.' thai, is u--:*si"ful or ev- i ncvnnnn' ".in possibly brins back light, refugees 'I'ore reported waiting in ro-.vboals with their pottessions until the waters .subsided. erf is n rinnle nf annlnu™ al almost s,hp oniv one. -Those ers ire trer' mid nourished i— I'icv imdTfton'l. But. for i (he luosL pavL home-town remain slouy-foced. They retain NRA News To help Ihe people of "this community ,lo understand and co-operalc in the national recovery program Ulis column will appear daily or as.occasion demands, Persons uncertain about any reouirements of the President's Rc-emp'.oymem. Agreement o r other features of the recovery movement are Invited to .submit inquiries. —three thousand .of them—and will be distributed by the committee to those persons who sit;n Ihe consumers pledge. NoUilng more remains to be snid about this campaign. Everybody (should Ix: entirely familiar with its purpose. The only thing now remaining lo be done is see thai it operates in Blytheville und thai Is what the committee exiiccls to do from this time on. 'Contlniifd from P«g» One> mound, nnil Ihf Iudl»ns aswmb>d around It in vast numbm. nl- lenlly KM rcverfntly gating on til* sacred symbol. "Spnnltmls and Indlniw, lo Hie number ol isvo Ihonsond ualliereil tuttl kncli around the cro.w. and uinid the [nrni the .sublime strains of te drum Inuiiintuis broke HIP tllliifs.s of itiui hoi. drv day In tun*. IHl. ^FlflJs lll«sfa by Riln "A kno»iodii' of Ihe locality, the ilglilaml' of Clilckasawba, and the great mo mil and the broad heel i of vii er to tlie norlh brings llil- scene of Spanish soldiers fiml hospitable Indians, con- ttrcgutcil lojelher 318 years ago, like a irfi-inre to the mind. Soon they ven' limiklnj; up and dispersing from their rellslous ns- .':<mib)y, Siwnhud.s and Iiiillnns loBeiher conversing by liullan maidens and chil drcn (Jiylv looking at the splen did specimens of Spnnlsh manhood,., lu ilit'lr helmets, breast plates ni'.il arms ijlltterlng In the ; sun, as tlu-y Munlered In . grnupfi ' Uirougli Hie town. No <loubt there could tx- seen the thoughtful, uii- easy looks nf llw old men und wcmen ol the tribe, feeling In- itlnctlvelv ihe far renrhlnic effects (hat musl follow Ihls armtd Invasion by u sntwrlor nice from beyond Hie tea. The Cacique presented lu-o blind- men to De Soto, and asked him, nothing doubting, to restore them lo sifht. from which ciiemnstnnce can accurate- Iv be Inferred what the natives thought of Hie bold cavalier, mis taking liirn doubtless for something little. If anything, below a god. DC Soto caused another cross to be made and set up In the highest pan of the town, am I hen prccfcded lo explain lo the ravages ihe mysteries ' of the Christum ictlRton. II was slated that'll plentiful shower of rail soon b!e5-*il the parched fields o At. Dale, Switzerland, In H74, a rooster accused of laying an Monday inornln, at 9:30 o'clock BE CONTINUOUS with of course wns UJKl (0f witi . hcr ., r( ,,., the NRA Committee of Blythe- the regular periods allowed for, , u()11( , |y blirlled . ville will starl ils job ot checking! meals. Staggering of employee | The committee, composed of, hours in such manner as to cause, .sentenced which Darvow has not ; 71 l&'r"i cniivjiqe lo tnlk to them ' f/i. But Clarence Davrow never | hr-'-ort courage ..... "But. unless the wenlili of th" vm-lrt is mil back in the hands of up. — G. G. Hubbard, chairman, J. A. Leech, Jack Applehaum, M. N. lhai employee to hold himself In] Read .Courier News'Want Ads. slppl. these • Indians." According lo the old volume th exiwdlllon proceeded to the prov ince of Pacaha, or Big Lake, where they -roblnd und plundered 111 IKiopSe before continuing thft! journey, which they then made to ward the southwest. After the passing of De Soto expedition Iho Indians of Ihls sec tion suv.- r.o moit? \vhilc men unl 130 years later when they Wei visited by u .small party of French, !ed by Father James Marnnette,- the .first explorer of the Nfissis- readiness at. all hours of the day »mn Ch««r KabenT W J. Wun- "mle only working a few hour* toiehM^H Cameron. Ruwll during the day is not pennlulble; Phi I w,..Joe Kleban. Jimmle-Bell, and will not be countenanced, it, E B 'Gee-Jesse Taylor and Tom the employee Is to work four, live., Whitworth' met last night and'Six or'more hours during one Hay ' - • • such hours must be continuous. I The committee believes that it. will be able lo complete ils work 1 within a. few days and lhal it will [ find Blylheville employeis doing | in their pow-er to make' those who nvoduced it. Unkr-in" perfected the plans for the job. ]r isles';." Oarrow continues. "Pro-1 -[- llc citv W JH r>e divided into dis- uciiw wealth is Ihe eosicM. thin*, tl . icls and sub-committees will vis- r- do. T!ul Ihe captains of indus- it everj . p i ace O f biKlness in Bly•" hnw r-irihiTil vim onl of your ;u, cv ji| e w ji|, a questionnaire to be hrrtlnce bv putrid bond? and filli-d out bv the employer, which wn-ihi««s stoi'i's. They sot v onr| wm r! , cor( i 1,15 participation in the money. • and they cot mine. There | Is p"i. too mucli of anvthinir. The trouble with tliis country, and with world, is Owl hnve no't , lri"-ned t/i distribute wealth." Beneath the respef'ful. welcome _ National Recovery Program. t 1« made ol the crowd, beneath the hand- .-;;,. lin - is ' lratoj . V nd arc nol (lc5ien . .'.hakini; with old cronies of co _ J t _ ._, „,,,„ K ,, c ir,nc<i voars aco. t h ere inns a subtle current of feeling lhat this strange man. born and bred amone them. Is todav and somehow alwnvs was. alien. The crowd feels it. Darroft- feels it. But he will not sloon to : flatter, as manv a great man does fit his homecoming. . A I.Hlle Shabbier "As I dvovc up here IhrouRl! iJnl>l(, roiintv." he continues, while I I the wind sings through the oak to te able lo report to Washington that all Blytheville employers '• The committee asks that em-1 nrl , rtolr)g Uleil . fnll |JBrl | u ttl ^ movement. On completion of the check up program, the local committee will gei. inlo Its consumer campaign when it - expects lo enlist ever}' single consumer in Blylheville in ployers cooperale with them to (lie fullest extent. The questions being afked of employers are being- asked with the approval of the NRA or. and are not designed to pry into any man's business. f tl)ll!>lllmn ul „ Illl: .„ The Infonnauon contained m the , ppo t of NRA . T , conimmcc questionnaires ™ ! " - l 1% " m< " 1 ° benind the grandstand, "t i' !-?v> liouv-s needing paint, needing '. >»"air.s. Most of it was much shah; lu'cr than it used lo be, and that ! wo c bnd enough. i "I'm pretty sure nobody here | • ever uhan»eK his mind. If he over hp'l nw. I' tnk« a lon» tlm" to 'pel a'new idea through the minds of nconle. and when you do it is lit, iiiwer iriie. The truth changes. "The'-r' is no cure for any of (>!-•:•> ihinas "vcenl in the iieonle | '.'• themselves. When we can get the reon'e "if understand, there will rciue fi time when there will be public property bnl will be kept in lhc records of Ihe NRA Commit'.!• ol Blylheville. The committee will not take unto itself the liberty of revoking ny Blue Eagle emblems, but will renorts violations to Washington after having given Ihe employer an opportunity to make any corrections necessary to permit his continuing to display the embleai. The question of staggering hours has been dealt with in this column on two pr>V Ions occasions but Because of continued complaints n that particular feature of thus reposition, the commlttte wants aaain call attention to what Ls ermissiblc in staegering hours. It NOT permissible to have cm- loyees come to work at certain ours, put in a few hours at work, akc two. three or four hours off rid come back to work that same ay. Hours of employment MUST rt>. rt"h and no ooor." <)!•' »?rlend<—and New 'ii-rnw has finished, and the ii».i:|n(i ojrlF' high school bane ni^ put a tune. Oldsters, like .\vttt Hoot and ^frs. Abble Da- ilvis. Ru?s Underwood, crowd about j;nnrt recited, and won prizes for at- |!)ir.': of thf Hays when Darrow i' n'.oved baseball, and swam, and I] v.-etit to school among them, fished and recited, and won for a- k-ndnnce at Sunday School, laugh : jri">ol. studied law. : Darrow recalled how he studici ln>" in a blacksmith shop (the lo cnl blacksmith was also a lawyer and first practiced in a tinner' rhop 'the local justice of the peac was also a tinsmith). "I vised t : ro over to Smiire Fitch's nnd hca :' The lawyers abuse each other. An •' ' nought to nivsclf. T want to d 1 that 1 Arid I have." Darro" < chuckles. 1 One after another, old peot) 1 .'liiifTle \m to Darrow, take h hand, recall old days. Patiently h ' "'IMS ihcm all. A chair is oftcre him nnd refund three times. HI hunched figure In the aloaca sii : nnd, black strln? Ue. wilts almos | .i 'i.-lljlv. -Eanwft young law sli :! <lfn(s hnish through the crowi' i "I've come morr'n a hundred mll< j Just to shake your hand. Mr. DH •I row." Yes. yes. Something lo le 1; the grandchildren. T shook Clai i cnr" Diurow's hand, ii A FJrhtcr Is Tired -i President Barclay Johnston fm :' nllv extricates Harrow from tl crush, 'and drives him from tl fairground lo the Colonial Te Boom, where Darrow always sta ''•> Kinsman with'the M»ekiem*iu I -friend*. Wewlly h* shuffle* i] up the stepi oC-0» I0fr7*»t-ol* cspecLs (0 „ consumer Blue Eagle on display In oveijy Blythe- villc home. These emblems arrived in Blytheville this morning "I'D LIVE IN MY HOUSE BESIDE T1IK ROAO AND BK A »H1KNI> TO MAN." My father ever strove lo bu a friend to every cotton farmer'who drove • a 'wagon • Inlo oni-'gin yard....a true, helpful friend; ...!a-friend.who would listen to your Iron-' bles or good fortune \yith an attentive ear ..-..a friend »'lio acted as your partner-: helping you to get.the best Unn-onl, the best sample, the most money for your cpt- lon I. loo. am trying to live' in- my beside Ihe rn.ul and be a friend to man. UN wrn. and slumns into a chair .ade by his own father, the cabl-1 let-maker Amlrus Uarrow,, BO ears a°o. Three ladies wait ea^••Iv. Tl'ey have a Inw suit pend-i nsc. Perhaps Mr. Darrow— A. pcr- Ulent lawyer thrusts a paper .in- o his hand. It is nearly six o'clock. A long, hard day. The man v who fought political rights beside Altfgeld. who rt-fended Big Bill Hayward. andil Gene Debs, and the McNamarail t-ovs. and Leopold and Loeb, andil Masscy. the man who crossed ( swords with Bryan, is very tlred.i UP the stairs of the inn he goes]I —the inn into whose windows he: 1 looked with wide-eyed wonder as] village bov when he wa s told that people paid money there tori JR.. food. On" the arm of an old friend. * Clarence Darrow climbed the stairs of the house furnished with his father's handiwork, to a room looking out on the village of his boyhood. Clarence Darrow was 7C years old. and very tired. CORRECTION An inadvertent error occurred in the advertisement of the Mo-Ark Distributing Co.,in last night's issue. The phone number was listed as 49 vvhere it should have been . Phone 99 for Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til 10 p.m. every night Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. KINGSBURY BEER The Aristocrat of them All Kij ihe Case and Kottle at all Dealers Mo-Ark Distributing Co. TO THE PUBLIC Wt, Ihf unnVrHlfirtfri gasoline stiition operators in Illythevilk, are signing (he I'rtflldent's Itf-tmplo.vment Agreement and are dninK our part to speed the return of |iro<«nerlty to IHythevllle nnd the nation. Our business is a servife tiusincss entirety. We serve every automobile driver in Blylheville, ;md ultempt lo ^ive him the kind of Mr- sire which IK worth the moot to him. Although we make a protll from thoj4e things *'* sell, much of our service is necessarily free service. In order to mulntain this efficient and wUislador.v service, il is neressary that we maintain, ut ull times, it corps of li'itlnwi workmen. In u'dcptinir x tod* o( prurlire and service, and 1 doliiK oiir ju«l .part i o!' I lie joh of improving business conditions and hit-reusing the buying liowor of our people, It Is necessary for muny of us to employ additional help. It him been necessary for us to shorten the work hours of ull our employees. It hits been necessary to increase the pity scale ol' muny of (iiir employe* 1 ,". We do this willingly und In the knowledge that it is necessary for ull employers tu ti^ke such action if the program of our President is 'to be u success. We are willing lo carry part of this loud ourselves, and know that il will be a re»l load for us, hut its our jo!> and we will do it. However, ' ' we I'eel that our public should unsist us, for the joli of currying out this program is theirs us well us ours. In view of our. shortened work hours und •increased puy, we have adopted the following scale of service charges which we feel to be reasonable and fair, both to ourselves imd our customers. There will be absolutely no discount given on charge accounts other than authorized by companies. .Washing Cars ....... — 75c minimum Complete Lub. Truck ____ $1.00 minimum Trailer Extra ' Complete Lub. Pas. Cars . . . 7f>c minimum Gear grease- extra . ; Grease or. pack wheel b'rings fiOc pr wheel Crank case service free. i Duco or polish car' ...... $2.50 minimum Simonize aml.polish car $5.00 minimum Repair tires on passenger cars f>0c min'm Repair truck tires, up to 32x6 75c mini'um THRRK Wll-L BK AN EXTRA OHAROK OF 2f,c WHERE UOAD .-.. SKRVI^K IS (S1VKN 1NS1DK CdHI'OKATK LIMITS, .. ; ..... A SERVICE CHARGE OF 2!ic WILL BK ADDED ON AI,I, GA80UNK DELIVERED OVER ONE CITY BLOCK FROM SERVICE STATION. AND WITHIN CORPORATE LIMITS. This .scale will go into effect in Hl.vllieville on Monday morninjr, August 28th. There, will be no reduclion in the free servicfe performed , by us. We will continue ail thut service and attempt . to nuke it even more pleasing thin heretofore. '.. • . • • • • . The dollars we are .striding -• to oor payrolls : will go into the cash , registers of many Blythevitle business houses and tend to increase the. volume several times as much as the actual number of dollars added by us. We ask all Blytheville automobile owners to bear in mind that these increased charges are fair and reasonable and made necessary hy our going all the way in thls>job and making the NRA a IIM) per cent success. We know yon will do it. WE DO OU'll I'ART. L B. Woodjjon, Agent Magnolia Petroleum Co. Tom ;W. Jackson, Independent B. F. Stewart, Gulf Service Station C. C. Crockett, Afent Phillips Service Station W. J. Wundertich, Main Service Station J. C. Helsley, Bamsdall Service Station No. 4 M. Sternberg, Day and Night Service Station J. J. Hargett, Manager Magnolia Service Station No. 432 W. 0. Reeves, Manager Magnolia Service Station No. 565 W. E. Hessie, Independent Guy Gean, Independent Bernard A. Gooch, 777 Tire & Battery Station Floyd Hargett Garage B. E. Jaggers, Manager Standard Service Station Jimmie Binkley, Barnett Auto Sales Co. M. S. Edwards, Magnolia Service Station No. 1073 J. P. Holland, Hubbard Tire & Battery Company Toby Long, Magnolia Station No. 1105 E. R. Jackson, Jackson Auto Parts Co. W. R. Ellis, Moore Bros. Store W. J. Rinnert, Standard Station No. 18 B. D. Baker, Gateway Station Phillips Motor Co. V. C. Williams, Highway 61 R. Linebury, Morgan's Garage Shouse-Little Chevrolet Company

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