The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1954
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 19M BIYTHEriLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU WHO LSPT THAT IRUlOKFUU Of A GOLD MKffi STOCKS? OK WAS HE THE CMS -< VJKO UMED-ON WHV, YOU JACKALS/ goy " HOOPLE, ROOMOS WITH SULI.V SVtH6 DAY 86•* iV FORE THE FISS.THS BLACKSMITH.'-- US COULD RING A CHORCHB&LL WITH HIS PIST/ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami | u. .a x o ^T^^iSgKfe/ ** 'ffSSSr* W-R^' :? BEei ">.T HE VVbMA«ls CRAWUW' UP LIKE THA A PITCHER. OM ''OUR SAL'S MOVIE PILM.«3U BETTER 6if THEM SPURS OFF QUICK.' WITH SPURS RATTLIN 1 THEY'LL THIMK. YOU'RE A RATTLER TDO--AW IM A - IlFFy LOOK LIKE A SAPPLE BLANKET/ Telivition — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channtl 5. I WHBQ Channtl 13 WMCT Ckannel ft Wefineiflay Night, Oct. U 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 8:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Cisco Kid 1:30 F&vorite Story 8:00 TV Theatre 9:00 This is Your Life 9:10 Mr. D. A. 10:00 Dear Phoebt 10:30 News 10:40 Weatherman 10-.45 Rocky King 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Olf Thursday, Oct. 14 6:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather 7:30 Today MORE 7:55 Today in Memphis 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 Exercises with Cathy gtfQ Ding Dong School 9X0 Storyland 9:45 Shopping »t Home 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Betty White Show 11:30 Feather Your Ne»t 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 3 Steps to Heaven 1:15 Charm with Cathy 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Greatest Gift 2:15 Golden Windows * 1:30 One Man's Family 2:45 Concerning Minn Marlowe 3:00 Hawkins Falls 3:15 First Love 3:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romanes 4:00 Pinky Lee Show 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Time for Trent 5:25 Weather 5:30 Wild Bill Hlckok 6;00 Evening Serenade fl:15 News Reporter 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Mant 7:30 I Led 3 Lives 8:00 Dragnet 8:30 Theatre— Color fl:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Playhouse of atari 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Dollar a Second 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off *M*el It Wednesday Night, Oct. 13 6:00 Hartoon Time 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 Doug Edwards 6.45 Perry COmo 7:00 Godfrey & Friend* 8:00 Inner Sanctum 8:30 I've Oot a Secret fi:00 Best of Broadway 10:00 DO You Know why 10:05 Weather 10:10 News 10:20 Late Show Thursday, Oct. 14 7 -.00 Morning Show 8:55 Newe 9:00 Garry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike it Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search lor . Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding; Light 12:00 Kitchen Mftglo 12:25 News 12:30 Welcome Traveler 1:00 Robert Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 2:00 Big Payoff 2 ;30 Lady of the House 2:45 Bob .Crosby . 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Portia Faces LIf« 4:15 Early Show 5:30 Mars Patrol 8:00 Freddie Burns 6:15 Weather 6:30 News 0:30 Doug Edwards 0:45 Jane Froman 7:00 Ray, MUland 7:30 Climax 8:30 Four Star Playhouse 8:00 Public Defender 8:30 Death Valley Days 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Do You Know Why 10:20 Life With Father 10:50 Late Show EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2M5 ~ Call PP. 3-3531 ~ BAD PICTURE TUBE? ONE OF OCR MANT EXTRA SERVICES Our neit process will repair and restore it (in most cases) —at no additional cost! ELECTRONIC LAB 111 W. Walnut - Blytheville Huge House Mrs. Sarah Winchester believed that death would never take her as long as her home remained unlinished, so she kept adding rooms to it. On her death, in 1S22, her Santa Clara, Calif., home contained 160 rooms. TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 2 KIRBY DRUG STORES $$$ SAVE $$$ SEE ALVIN Before you buy new furniture—Before you buy used furniture—Before you sell your used furniture for cash —For liberal allowance on trade-ins . . You Will B« Glad You Did I ! ALYIN HARDY FURNITURE CO 113 E. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone POplar 2-2302 SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelaoa L««iwc> IM NU bn«^ W. THE STOHYi Jim Dunn, pri- vnte drleciivf. IT ho wiih hi* Inker n-hilr doini; sonic m>rk tor his clfrnf, MTU. Kit CnrUoii, tins juM illsjcoveroil thr body of .tii-n. AtiKHIrji Jono.t. nisier-Iii-ltiM of his client. In thr lnim-mcni of the mountain toiler occupied by 5Ii-.v Kit. The ill.srovrry I* I turn fil Intel 7 ruin ii Itemed hy ihr nrr.srnrr of the our of Minn VYIn- the Jim dioiiKlir Ml.-w \VU XIV ATISS WISTER told her story in a monotone which gave no emphasis to any particular part and no credence to the whole. "Angelica talked to me on the Iphone yesterday at the office in (Denver She was calling long Idistance. She wanted to see me. said she had something of interest to tell. I couldn't get away he/ore and I met her at Creek Junction last night. We drove part way here. I guess 1 got confused because I turned off the main road here. It was dark as pitch. I got out of the car and walked on ahead to see what was going to come along next, to see where the road went. Angelica turned my car around, drove off and left me. For a while I thought she would be coming back, so I just waited. 1 stumbled around in the dark awhile then and decided I'd better just stay put until daylight I did. When it got light I started walking, and I'd managed to reach the main road when Mrs. Ar- B3'le came along in her truck- She brought me here." Jim Dunn looked at Sheriff Agnes with both expectation and i fear. Expectation of a blast which would Jolt Miss Wister (careless holes in Miss Wister'i story. "In the basement," Jim said. "On the wood elevator." He handed over the key to the basement door. The basement door had beon closed behind the sheriff lor a full three minutes before Jim broke , , , j . ,. the silence, probably be arrested immedl- „.,, ,, ... ,„. ' .„ tc l y "Well, Miss Wister?" Instead, the sheriff asked mild- . she almo f' smiled . but thcn ly, "What time did you meet An- her (ace took on a stubborn ex- gc]ica 7.. pression. There was notlvig he 'About three this morning," could do bui let nalure lakE IUi Miss Wister said. "I couldn't course ' which in lhis case mcant make it any sooner." listening to whatever it was Miss "What did she want to see you wisler had decided to tell him. about?" \ "You may not know it," Miss "She didn't gel around to tell- ' Wister said, "but I'm a relation inq me." |°' the Carlsons. Call it cousin, Jim Dunn found that his mouth was open. He closed it, swallowed several times to moisten the lining of his throat. He realized that neither Miss Wister nor the sherifl was paying much attention to what she was saying. Both seemed to have their minds, the concentration of their thoughts, on something else. Both were going through the motions of a more or less proper attention to the requirements of such a situation. That was for his benefit • • • JJE must have made some sort of noise with his swallowing because Sheriff Agnes turned toward him. gave him a hard official glare, and used an equally harsh tone in the question, "You know this woman well?" "She works tor me," Jim managed. He showed the sherifl his credentials. She did not give any evidence of surprise, or, for that matter, of any particular inter- st She said, "All right And—the body?" The very slight hesitation be- which is close enough. 1 suppose you noticed I recognized Kit when she came into the office, and I'm sure she knew me, or of me through Angelica. Anyway when you told me to look up anything I could on Mrs. Hilton, I had a head start. I've alwayi kept track of the Carlson doings, just as a matter of habit." "Just a minute," Jim Interrupted. "Did she actually phon« you?" Miss Wister did not appreciaU the interruption. "She phoned me. She—often did. I'd just M soon not bavt U known by anyone else, but sometimes I received mail for Angelica." "Who from?" Jim demanded. She set her lips in a mulish line. "1 wouldn't care to make a guess. Anyway she'd call me up and ask, 'Anything?' That was all, because we couldn't Veil how much the local operators toady to Mrs. Oswald. But this time when she called she wanted help in getting something from The Spires Poor thing! I've alwayi liked Angelica. At least I'v« liked her the best of any of the Carlsons, But still, she is > fore the use of the last word ftvt Carlson! At any rate I had to Jim what be thought to be his clue. So that was the reason lor th« iherlff's preoccupation. She was putting 00 at long M pot- sible an examination which must be made In accordance with her come up to make a report to you, so 1 arranged to meet Angelica at Creek Junction." "How about this report?" Jin asked. from nei ;:rc.scnl state ol mmn, [official position Dreauing I *nd leu uut cut tecrcurjr would imucb, ib* o*d auu*a tbe I'm soing to wait awhile," •sojMiss u..ter *aid. a« A* r«nito.»«» A 'romut DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 BoHra: B a.m. U I p.nk with DeliTtry hi 7 »•"»• WOODS DRUG STORE 221 Wed Main SL For Genuine Parts and Expert Service See Your Ford Tractor Dealer SNOW TRACTOR CO. niythr.vtlle, Ark. Tci. POplar 3-8951 Means Less Work . . . More Income Per Acre "The Very Best Will Cost You Less." Poinf Closeouf MAM? TTPM *nd C*l*n i Price Hubbard Hardware FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gem. repairman • Alt w«rk guaranteed • Prompt Se> Hce ROSE SALES CO. 521 8. 2I»t 'Oh, buck up, Roger! 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