The Times from London,  on February 16, 1887 · Page 12
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The Times from London, · Page 12

London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1887
Page 12
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12 THE TIMES, WEDNESDAY; FEBRUARY 16, 1887. JUBILEE HONOURS SOU INDIA. SEW ORDER OFENIQHinOOD. (TVaUtlMiMCnOk.) vtae office, m. is. vsa. Tb Qnen, taking into ber Kojal consideration th cxfwlieocjr oC making certain change in th conatuouoa 01 voeirraer ot utuaunuipin, m wall by altertntr the ilesimation of th Ordr u by fcddmjp thereto mi additional class, o rs to enabl iter AUty, herTieir mnd saocanvsor, to reward greater nwnber of poroont who, br their services, official or other, to Her JiAjesty'e lndixn Empire, bar inwiUd the Royal favtmr, hu beyo crcioalT plMaod, br Letter Patent under the Great Seal of theUnitod Kingdom of Great Britain and Inland, bearing date tie econd dar of Angwt last, to revoke and abrogate ao much of the RoYal Warrant bearing date the 31st day of DeceinW, 1877, by which the aaid Order was instituted, aa limiu" the aama to tho Sovereign, a Grand Matter, and one class of Member or Com naniona, and at ia inconsistent with or contrary to toe proruiona of the now recitod Letters Patent. And to ordain, direct, and appoint that the aaid Order of Knighthood shall henceforth be atyled and deilfcnaUd in all acta, proooedinga, and pleadinca aa " The Mott Eminent Order of the IndianEmpire." And to ordain, direct, and appoint that the aaid OnUr shall consist of the Sovcreirn and a Grand Master and such Ordinary Companions or Member to be divided into two classes, together with iuch Extra and Honorary Member aa Her Majesty, her ho in and successors, ahall from time to time appoint. And to ordain, direct, and appoint that Her Majesty, her heira and aocoeaor,Kin or Queens Repiant of the aaid United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Emperors and Empresses of India, ahall be succoasivolr the Sovereign of the aaid Order, and that the Viceroy and Governor - Ueneral ol India tor tne tune being snail be urand thereof be the First and lVincipaJ Knight Com mander ot the Order. And to ordain. direct,and appoint that the aaid Members ahall be divided into two classes, and that the first or higher of the two classes ahall be composed of 60 members, to be stjled and designated Knights Commanders of the said Order, and that the second or lower daaa ahall constat of such Members as Her Maiestr. her heirs and sncoeaaors, shall appoint, to be styled and designated Companions of the said Order ; provided, nerertneieaa, ana tne vnoen tnereby ordained, directed, and appointed, that it should be competent for Her Majesty, her heirs and successors, to appoint at her or their pleas are any Princes of the Blood Royal, being deacendanta of Hia late Majesty King George the Firat, as extra Knights Commanders. And to ordain, declare, and appoint 1 that in all solemn ceremonials, and in all places and assemblies, the Knights Commanders of thk Order shall hare place and precedency next to and immediately after the Knights Commanders of the Moat DUtlnguiahed Order of 6t. Michael and St George, and that the Companions of this Order shall have place and precedency next to and immediately after the Companions of the said Mont Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. And to ordain, direct, and appoint that the aaid Order ahall continue to be governed by Statute and Ordinances, to be from time to timo made and ordained by Her Majesty, her heirs and succoisors, Sovereigns of the same. In pvtuance of the power to vested in the Sieen as Sovereign ot tho Moat Eminent Order of e Indian Empire, Her Majesty has also been pleaaed to issue New Statutes for the government of the skid Order, and therein to ordain', direct, and appoint that it shall bo competent for the Sovereign of tho said Order to confer the dignity of a Knight Commander upon such persons who, br their services, official or other, toiler Majesty's Empire in India, have merited the Royal favour, and upon such distinguiahed representatives of Eastern potentates as. ller Majesty, her heirs and successors, may think fit, and the dignity of Companion of this Order on such persons as would, according to the before - recited provisions, be qualified for being nominated to the Firat Class, or Knights Commanders of the said Order. The Queen bat boon further pleased in pursuance of the Statutes aforesaid, to make the following appointments to the said Most Eminent Order of tne Indian mpire : To 11 Knights GontlXDZU. General Sir Frederick Sleigh Roberts, Bart., G.C.B.. C.I.E..V.C..Commanderin - Chief in India. The Hon. Edmund Drummond, late Member of the Council of the Secretary of btate for India. Sir Alfred Comrns Lrall, K.C.B., C.I.E.. Bengal Civil Service, Lieutenant - Governor of the Kortb - YTest Provinces and Chief Commissioner of Oudh. Robert Anstruther Dalyell, Esq., C.S.I., Member of ue Council of tne becretary ot eta to lor India. Maxwell Melvill, C.S.I., Bombay Civil Serrica, Member of the Council of the Governor of Bom - , bar. Major - General Alexander Cunningham, R.E., CSX, C.I.E. Thakur Saheb Bhagwut Singh of Gondal. Rana Shankar Baksh Singh, Bahadur, CLE.. additional Member of the Council of the Viceroy ana uovemor - wenerai 01 inuin ior maaung jabots and Regulations. Dietrich Brandis, Esq., CLE., late Inspector - uenerat 01 1 o rests in xnoia. Sir Monier Williams, CLE., Boden Professor of Sanscrit in the University of Oxford. Maharaja Pasupati Ananda Gajapati Raz' of Viri anagram. Alexander Meadows Rondel, Esq., Consulting Engineer to the India Office. Donald Campbell Macnabb, Esq., C.SJ., late Bengal Civil Service, and Commissioner at - Peahawur. Xawab Munir - ud - Daula Salar Jung, Bahadur, Prime Minister of Hyderabad. Sir George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood, MID., CSX, Special Assistant in the Statistics and Commerce Department of the India Office. His Highness Raja Ranjit Singh of Rut lam. Snrpeon - General Benjamin Simpson, M J)., Sanitary Commissioner and Surgeon - General with the Government of India. Albert James Leppoc Cappel, Esq., Director - General of the Telegraph Department of the Government of India. ISawab Ali Kadir Sayid Hasan Ali, Bahadur, of Moorshidabad. 3Iaharaja Laohmessur Singh, Bahadur, of Dar - bhanga. Bapu Sahib Avar, (3ommandein - Chief,Gwalior. Donald Mackenzie Wallace, Esq., Private Secretary to the Viceroy and Governor - General of India. Alfred Woodley Croft, Esq., CLE., Director of Public Instruction, Bengal. Bradford Leslie, Esq., Agont to the East Indian Railway Company. j To ex Comfakions. Carl Ludolpb Griesbach, Esq., Indian Geological Survey Department, lately on service with the - Afghan Boundary Commission. Captain Frederick Duncan Bailees, Bombay Staff Corps. Rao Bahadur' Mahadeo Gorind Ranade, Judge of the Small Cause Court, Poona. William Wordsworth, Esq., Principal of the Elphinstone College, Bombay. Captain Albert Frederick de Laetsoe, late member of the Afghan Boundary Commission. Sirdar Shore Ahmed Khan, late Native Attache on the Afghan Boundary Commission. Sirdar Mohammad Atlam Khan, late Native Attache1 on the Afghan Boundary Commission Henry Montagu Matthews, Esq., Engineer - in - Chief and Managor of tho Rangoon and Irrawaddy Valley State Railway. Palis Chenteal Rao Puntulo, Superintendent ot Stamps and Stationery, Madras. Colonel John Stewart, R.A., Superintendent of the Cairn pore Harness Factory. Syud Ameer All, of Calcutta, B arris ter - t - Law. Henry Seymour King, Esq. George Jamieson Swann, Esq., General Manager of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Thomas Beatson Christie, Esq., M.D., Medical Superintendent of the East India Asylum at Ealing. ' William James Maitland, Esq., Private Secretary to the Secretary of Stat foe India. Moung U Pe Zi Linkedaw Myo Won of Man - dalay. INDIA OFTICr, rra.15, 1M7. The Ooeea hu been graciously pleated to make tht following appointments to the First, Second, and Third Classes of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India : To?KjrwHTsGajnCoinujrMa. His Uighness Maharaja Sayajl Rao, Bahadur, Gaekwar of Baroda. HU Highness the Maharana Futtah Singh, Bahadur of Meywar (OoderpcreJ. Ilia Highness Raja Sir Shamsher Prakash, Bahadex, of Sirmur (Nahun), K.C.S.L To si Ksioirrs Coxxajtcxxs. Charles Alfred Elliott, Esq., C.S.I., Bengal Civil Service, Chief Commissioner of Assam. William Wilson Hunter. Esq.. O.S.I.. OLE.. Bengal Civil Service, Director - General of Statistics. ii im uignneu jaaaraja on anon oingoji m Idar. Colonel William George Davies, C.SJ., Bengal Staff Corps, Financial Commissioner, Punjab. Colonel James Johnstone, C.SJ., Bengal Infantry, late Political Agent at ManJpur. To ze Coicraxioxs. Charles Gilbert Master, Esc., Madras Civil Service, Member of the Council of the Governor of Madras. . Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, Esq., Bengal Civil Serrice.Chief Commissioner ,Central Province. John Graham Cordery, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, Resident at Hyderabad. Kumarapurara Sheshadri Iyar, Dewan of Mysore. Henry apierBrueeErskine, Esq., Bombay Civil Service, Commissioner in Sind. Babn Pearr Mohun Mookerjee. Additional Member of the Council of the Viceroy and G overnor General of India for making Laws and Regulations. N Frederic Russell Hogg, Esq.,Bengal Civil Service, iirocior - ornerai 01 tne 1 osi umct 01 inuia. Colonel William Stephen Alexander Lockhart, C.B., Bengal - Infantry, Brigadier - General, Com manding a Bncade in Iturmah. George James Spence Uodgkinson, Esq;, Bengal Civil Service, Commissioner in Barman. Captain Charles Edward Yate, Bombay Staff Corps, late Member of the Afghan Boundary Com mission. William Rudolph Ucnrr Merk, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, Assistant Commissioner, Punjab, late Member of the Afghan IJoundary Commission. Vswab Abdul Mai id Khan. Honorarv Assistant Commissioner and Honorary Assistant Sfagistrate, Lahore. James Wallace Quinton, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, Member of the Revenue Board, Ncrth - est JtTOTincos. Dennis FiUnatrick. Esq.. Bengal Civil Service. Secretary to tho Government of India in the legislative uepairmoni. Rao Bahedur Chatr Pati, of Alipura. Moune Kinwun Minrri. of Burmah. David Miller Barbour, Esq., Bengal - Civil Service, Secretary to the Government of India, in the Department of r inane and Commerce. Gerald Seymour Vosey Fitzgerald, Esq.. Political Aide - de - Carop to the becretary of Mate for India. WAR OFFICE, Fib. 13, 18S7. The Queen has been pleased to give orders for the following appointment to tne Juost Honour able urdor ot tho Hath : To be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Division ot the Third Class, or Companions of the said Most Honourable Order, vie.: Major Edward Law I) urand, Bengal Staff Corps. CIIANCKRY OF THK OKDKKOF BT. MICHAEL AND BT. liRURUR. DOWN'IN'O - STREET, Fk. 15, 1W7. The Queen has been graciously pleased to give directions for the following appointments to the Most Distinguished uruer of Saint Michael and Saint Georco : . To bo Ordinary Membor of the Third Claw, or companions of tho taid 2101 uistinguithod Order : Major William Hope Meiklejohn, Major Alexander Thomas Soton Abcrcromby Rind, Surgeon Charles William Owen, CLE., and Kaai Mahomed A slam Khan, for services rendered on tho Afghan frontier. WHITEHALL, Fra. 14, 1887. Tho Queen hat boen pleased to direct Let tors Patent to be passed under tho Great Seal ot the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland granting the dignity of a Knight of the aaid United Kingdom unto the undermentioned gentlemen, namely : i 1 . 1 wn. v ci :er r! - AlvANJUV( II HflUU. IIJi. DJIVilU Ul VVIlUtW. Ramaawami Moodliar, Esq., 0 J.E., Sheriff of Madras. Dmshaw Manekjee Petit, Esq., Sheriff of Bom - Henry Leland Harrison, Esq. (Bengal Civil Service), Commissioner of Police and Chairman of the Corporation of the town of Calcutta. Henry Meredyth Plowden, Esq., Senior Judge in the Chief Court of tho Punjab. WAR OFFICE,. TALL - SIALL, Feb. 15. Barrrr. The Queen has bees pleased to approv of the f ollowmr promotions being caaiemd on the undermentioned officers, in recognition of their services while employed on the Afghan Boundary Commission in 18S5 and 1886, dated February lfs 1887 : To be ColoneL Lieutcnsst - Coloael William Ironsids Basv bengal Inf snttr. To be Lieotenant - Colonels. Major Thomas Hongerford Holdich, Royal Engineers ; Msjor Felham James Maitland, Bombay Stiff Corps. To be Majors. Ospt. William Feaeorke. Royal Engineer ; Capt.. St. - George Corbet Gore. Royal Engineers ; Cspt. Alfred Fox Cotton, Bengal Staff Corps ; Capt. the Bon. Milo George Talbot, Royal Engineers : Capt. Francis Henry Rutherford Drummond, Bengal Staff Corps, DOHA OFFICE, FEB. 15. The Oneen has accroved the following nramotians among tbe officers of the Staff Corps and Indian Military rorces maae oy ine uovcrnmenu in tnaia : BtSOAX. SlATT COKTS. To be Lieutenant - Colonels. Maior and Col. Edward Stedman, Major Charles Edward Shepherd, Major John Alexander Temple, Major John Edward Paget Moaler. io De Major. Uapl. ana isrevet Major Joaian l tulip Crampton Neville. Bexqil IirrajrraT. To be Lieutenant - Colonels. Major anl Brevet Lieut. - CoLSir Jvarah West Bidgewav. K.C.8.I. : Major Leois Henry Emile Tucker. Major Charles M'Dowal Skene. Major Charles Mackenzie HaiL ManRas Stiit Goars. To be Lieutenant - Colonels. Major Wyndham Hughe Hallets. Major Robert Gnsme Blnhinstone Dalrrorile. Major Colin Charles Campbell. Madras' Cavalrt. To be Lieutenant - Colonel. Major Frederick William Buller. llAriKAS ixTMimtr. To be Lieutenant - Colonel. Major Alexander John Shaw. Bo KBIT Stavt CuRrs. To be Lieutenant - Colonels. Msjor Harrv Trerer Bulk - ! ey, Major MaeclesSeld Forbes Coussmaker. FRO DVCE MARKETS. TtaaaasEf asisax 8coAaTlamaatUr ( wruaiMt EwiwW eaaUoa, lca. IL1 Wnba4 Wa. ft scU a iaaswMka prtmm fcLCMMaa, Io aitddlbK M t4 rriWv, - Ita. to ISa. rr rri. 9? rlto aaesral tiaaaasttiai aa Ha Hada ae aiaH. BmS toaWrt U mm at sm rrUar - Ua. H, T. snar Maaeh. Seaaaasefta tnmmUn i tSe taSaad aaariaX Ti mjml, Ua. 7i. atail T.A. - St . H mmi BmUt waert :X a3sanr laMartaae arraIb4ais - r'lCkUa imSisVM Sflaw skew m oaatsWe slamlsaB. CMatorsa sossrl 1S3 ratt blackhafa, as frss tlulals - IV aaw untmn. 4S. OTlofc ad SB taakara Jit u nkawl sbaas m aa,. Corm - TW aMftH aaUawa SaO. AS awtloe to - iar aaaar UMar)aMwnUila.leTCrlaaalMtwwk:ZU aatka 100 aamla at two rWaUttM OrV inli. S3l U. oX! bold. Ha.; at w. sttUk aa arffiaair. (ta. U. : boM. Ma. M, t!4 ban KMllndia. iMluJlof aw ro Coon, as Ua. w SQa, ; om M. , fie patitH Mocba wtUdnwa : H tosa boocht to. (3a. ; 1.111 uuiffliu aaa vmm www bjowj rh - wv pka Tic M. ts Ha (d. 1 kola, tktt ; pW tJ auiM.SK o TU: IJClbas Km, part aotd. iTa le IQaC: ao4 t Daatoa, Ma. to ua. ft cw, as eaar mm. ha TrtaMad. Ja. to r S4. ; Xtt bi Orenaoa. ISa. 10 7Ta. 0M bat Orlo a (ood dnl boasbl ta. aaa So, aurka rami a Sja, (u lot sav SO. tt ewv ; w a laran nwi u. Xtr. - y bmk kaatoaat Sana. rtrrsn. - lack la cUL wlih Son vard tradaocr oa Um Sao. JcrmSala. ban bmtm 07 Hraltoi la attaat, aad taa saoalalree dnaaad for aerl'al kaa sabaidad. Xastta Bsnr Sat, wtU aaDatt at last wetk's ewrUtktna. nur. - RMlBavakaabMoraaSaad to ika MbUa aalaa. weal al lover vrler - Sn wd aroa, B OcUaos, Ul ; aad B to flassosd. ili. to Ua. : aawortaa ; toad anliaaHf aaataa, . la 7t. M. . AOrarorS.aaoarked.tia. to a ; battoa, Ma. to S9a. ; thlrla, 45a. to 6a. raw ert OlaiartB baa aold to arrrro at 21a (d. UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. OXFORD, Feb. 15. Mr. F. P. Long, of Epsom College, has been elected to a classical exhibition at Worcester College. TUE REPORTED MURDER OF DR. HOLUB. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, TTill you allow me spas for a word or two on the reported monier of Dr. Emit Holub.ths Austrian traveller, and hit party in the Baroutae country, In South Casual Africa f I cannot seethe faintest grounds for belief ia the rumours which' bar reached us. All who know that country will confirm tne ia the statement that it is ex - trctnrly rars for any communication to tak place between Seaheke and the outer world between the months of September and April. The reliable trades rarely reach th Diamond Fields until 1st in March or April. Any sepoH arriving earlier Is probably th usual unauthorised gossip of th Interior. Ths story which lately reached as p( the Imaginary mas aacre of Lisutenant Betbell and his party Brora how n reliable such reports are. As I probably know th neighbourhood of tbe Victoria Falls si well as any one now la Engiana, 1 venture 10 srna you my views, in to nope that thev will relieve th anxiety of aotne of Dr. llnluh'a friend. The story may be true, but it is unlikely. am, oir, tout wwucbi efrraai, RALFH C1I. AVILLlAMS. O, Ebury - s treat. 8. Feb. 12. Tna Wnrr L05DOX CoJotxRciAi. Bass:. Mr. Charles O. Cutler, secretary of tbe VTest London rer - maaent Mutual Benefit Building Society, writes, February 15 1 " la your report this day of a meeting of the creditors of th West London Commercial Bank a statement was mad by th chains a about what be called M qaestioa able rraasactloa oetwn tne nana ana uut 11 esi Loudon Permanent Mutual Benent Building society. Permit ma emnhaLlcaJlT to say that then were ao aoestion - bl tranaactioos between this society and tbe bank ; the oeietv simply withdraw its taoney ia th ordinary court cs pmiuaaa, w UBd.iealto ; Vidor1a,.CM bla: Soaik Au.tlla,0 Taaiaaata, M ala ; Xrw ZaaUad, tO balra ; Carai aad Natal balaa : landrlca. U balaa - IOUL 1LS28 lW mot W ml tit la araN aappnetod. Tba Coloaial Wool Mmiutt ftaaalHna amfMMndiM loomni "wii" wt"o naiDooroa. oataa rro. 1 : " fcUfatla or veol to Koabwd trots a3 Aoatralaaiaa roloatas aioaa the eoimmal ef lh Jalj MSSf - tj taamrra. a.7.UU Daua ; rf laiuu raaa, i.a.v imum. I.hthil blaawa. Boulcbaa. Mortiar and Ca. laoort Traah IraUar eooUDaaa Is aoaaa toroaM la modarue aeaoutr. aad vltfe aa aetlT tndo atotka axa anaO. Tba atTaneed ericM ara fully Bala - Utaad lor Eodiah aad foralfa batu : oral b aeara. and fartaer ad - lumtinam ommmh immunrn Buouom ara moiir alaerd at lata rataa, aad ara rauah waoUd. Thara la a rood daniaad li H.kt Araaama hldaa aad ahart kMra. IM rl rkl ara arra Uaaltad. Maairt HWiaa. A abort aarp'r acatn draiiis aba laat rak : ao diffar - aac la prtrei tiarrt aa raaaraauaariaetaq sua., omen art ad.dcnr. Tba oaalltr rrmalui ftlrlr rood for th lima t Mrral. - rin qaat: Mraita. 101 ta. oUI2a. M. raab. aad 41DJ la S - U to ICJ tbrea raonlta ; rorli.h iarota. lcSao 101 Coraar .Sna : oK ChUt bars soM - 39 ICa. eajh. to 40 2a. Sd. thrao noatha, t'oahtt barrrs onr 1 antWh imifli, 1 to U 10a; tailuhll; ialth. lf 12a.. Sd. Hpalur rdj : Silaaiaa. ortU aarr. ait to. to tia ia,aa. ; apaew oaaana. ,ia ia. to. ta 1 10a. Olia linarad. ZOa. Id. to SQL Sd, qal Eastiah baawa rasa, lis ICS.: Amarloaa apirlU of loa, ZCa Sd. ; peirolaaaa, d. to H,d. par laltoo, COURSE OF EXCHANGE, Ftb. 15, ttothraa aaoatbajl 4 to 11 4 Aalatrs aad Braaaala, do H &S4 . loK&P, Itamburs. M it to 20 tl Bartla and Uarmaa Baak Flaeaa, it to 20 U rarla, clwoaaa, IS 3S; ta 15 43. Imv.. tkraa vcatka. U KM to zsci4 KararlUea. do . H to 15 H Aeatna, da . 11 91 H to II (t St. ratarabarf, dot, 11 l it to ii m ktnaoew. do.. 11 Mt to it Ui utaoa, do., H tl to .( 17 Lashora. three months, 26 CTK to Nai laa. da., do, K C7VJ to K 12 Rarealeaa, dn., SJ4 to . tVltoaS Madrid, do, 4S'., to tt Saaltle, do., LK to S Malasa. do, i ta at Valanaia, do, to TaUadmid. do., tb to ad Sanlaodar, do ajr, o W RilKaa, da, 45 to 44 IJaboa. do, (t to M Il - '.l Oporto. So., US to W, CVp - tihuaa. da. II It io II 41 CVlatlanla, do. II 40 to II 45 moaabolm. do., II 4C ta 11 41 TUE CORS TRADE. I.IVmroOL, VK U - AlUa.loa I. It and a mo1aaU Irada la abaal aa tba toot, with anata Imeaiarlt la Ttluaa. the artaaa e( t'aliforalaa Data Sd. aar roalal b'slirr than ea Frldat , while tkoaa ef Amarieaa rtdt ear i, Inwrr. lud'ao raallnns fall rata. California fa'urat rarparln! effwvd, al irk pa adrasaad Hd io Id r raaul for aoai aad anoal U4. tor row t r.awk. rnalilnaa The pat eaotatioaa roreaaial waa i - vra,o ?a. td. to la rOd. : Call, foralaa. ikolea. 7 a. tL to ?. fd. U U. tola, tVd 1 So t. It. kd, to 7a. iy,l. i t - alllaa, 74 M. t 7a. M. Aariaa rad viator, ha U 7a Id. t 7a 64 : .' 1, Tt, 14. to It. 4d. ! iutwf rad, la M Ta Id. ! aorlaa. Xa L V 4S. to fa Id. t hM rtulalk. td to la Sd faaadiaa. vhtta, Ta. 14. to Ta td I tad alidar, Ta Id. in la 4d. Mint. Ta 4.1 to ta Sd. ; tloaibar. rfcaioe ahlte. Ta Id. to Ta 4d ', No Lahlta,Uld.loTalSdltofr17il (eaa M.iOalaaita. Ka. i. It lid. to K . 1 1. M. to (a. td I ift rrl, la 74, S ValkU it, II to ta. tld I Xiuraahea, to. M. 10 U II WIIITROB ATEL IIAT AND STXAW, r - . ll - frlm eloaar, Ka. to ICOa In fat lor. ti - . to Ha, j pnaaa bar, TX to K, , nf,rio, ia. to tU. I asd ttraa, 21a. to 41a. r l"a - t Trad tail taff dull and aiiiiUat mora atodrrale, bat prtoaa hat a atlll a droopl Uadaaea. I mail KKFEXCR UNIOH, for th relief ot persons auffarlnf from Hlestl o - rrtoa Is Irataod, 22. Chartnf - eroaa. Indon. a W. - Tra UiSD MAYuft I aa auittitol to IIBOKIVC SUtutOKlrriOXS at lbs Maaeii - h.aH. faada ara arm, ragafra ror rontiiMioi naip to taoaa oo ara prer aaaaa fr t avatiini siiiaaji of tar rot afal "oHoaaa la Iraland. I ahall ba hanM if forward mj rail to the Treasurer of roar Coat mK we. and 1 ahaU ba aioeadlnsl sltd to rrcelrt from raj faunar. altlrana aad otbart aor dooattoaa or alikaarlpilana vkleh may be tdad to mo to ba anetlad la tba Judlolaaa war la whfeh tba HoeWtr drMrlknto tkalr foada la aartofta aarta ef IraUad. 1 mat that tba raalt will aa a tart larsa Iniraaaa to roar raaoaroaa aad S aorraapoad. las laoraaaa of praaprrilr to tbnao people ko ara sow aaI7mo aa trash at lha haadt of a irraantoal and an - Knallah orpoatlloot" CXKCUTIVK CdMMITTXK. Tba KA RL of BAJtDoK. fbatrmaa. Tba Rlrht Hon. tba Lord Ma) or Tba Kicbt Iloa. A M. Kaaaaaffe The Karl ol rairoka I Mr It. r. de BaUta, Ban. ; Tba Karl of Coartoam I W. Momarm, M.l The Lonl Rowton. C,a It. n. Wada Tba Lord braaiwnll lUM. DarMaoa, Iloa. Saoratarr Itaoatlaoa will aa roealrad br tba Iord Mar or. al tba Manatoa - boaa. K.C. : hy lha Ooamlttea, at 22, "barln eria ; br Maaara. DraaiiiMmd, 49. Charlasruaa : aad 07 Vtaaara. ltobarta, Labboek, sad Ca, tt. Leeibardtraat. E.G. (Sf EMOKIAL to the LATE KAKUOLPIf CAL - V S.A, la frbraarf laaL wUk to saaeaeatod In Uwdon aa ondorlni trlhata to hla worth, aad aa Eiacatlre Oommlttas of the fellovte lealierAen haa hern cooativited Kit ht Hon A. i. Mnn.lalla, M P. SIR FkKDKRlCX LE1UUTON, Bart, P.R.A, Chalaraaa. Mr. Oaorre lloaad. Mr. Ta Slaarlrr. Mr. A. ftoatt Oatrj, Totk HaraM. and blr. T. Armatroar. Hon. Waaialair. who wtU to i lad to aaawar lanalriaa addraaaad to hha at tba SataBO and Art Dcpartraasti Roath Kaoalnftoa. II la Bropoaad. with lha roaacat ef tha Dean, toplaeaa - oral taotat la a errpt OC Bt. 1'aal . oaakla tna moooaeoi to Oralkahaak. Tha deatan. which Mr. Alfrad Oirbart, A.B.A,, i patad to Bate, aad tba taacrirttoa will, ol ooarae, aara ta ba a roittod to tha Daaa for approtaL Maorperaonala Anartra. aa well aala EnibtyLwhohadnoptf aonal aanaalataaoa with Mr Caldeati war wlab to eoetrihatt to ana Bropoaad raaaaorial, aad thtlr aoowibatlona, no Batter how saiall.atll ba , Ladif rroalaad. Tbart will, howarar. ba ao peraaoal aptUoaaloaa for aulawrlatlona. whloh win ba receiTrd aod acknw4edjtad by tha Hoa. Traeaarer, Mr. t. K. Saamaa, tha Valoo Baak of Loadon, llolbora - clraua, K.O. urautaii uuxaiTTXE. Data of tVaatrolaator. K.O. Tha Lord Teaajaoa Tha lion. Hallaat Tanaaaoa lUSBt 'ton. A. 4. atanaaua, m. r. Kir rrrdealok Lolihtoa, Bart., P ILA. Sir Jamaa Union. P.ICL Oilonal DooaaUy, E.B., CB. air. a - , a. Aooav Mr. W. Asnaw Mr. Altchaaoa, A.B.A. Mr. T. Arraatroaf w, rblnaoa Baala Mr. Ilanrr Hlaokbnra Mr. J. K. Boaaaa. R.A. Mr. O. IL Ronrhtoa, A.E.A. Mr. J. H. B. Chrlatla Walter Craaa Una Oaltla Mr. Laonard Cnertee, MP. Mr. Auatta Dobaoa I Mr. A. Eoott Gatty. Tort Barald Mr. Edajond tioaa Mr. (arlaa Rraaa Mr. Oaorra Howard Mr. Colo Hunter. A.K.A. Mr. T. Lorkar - Lamtaoo Mr. T. H. Lareoat Mr. Andrew Lns Mr. MoraeeMaaa Mr. H. rliaorf Marks, B.aV Mr. Da Manrirr Me. Oaora J. M array Mr. Alfrad Parana Mr. W. O. Rawtmaoa Mr. U Bobinaoa Mr. K. BBaaaar nianhotie Mr. Mareua Stooa, R. A Mr. L. Alma Tadtma, K.A, Ma W. L, Tnoraaa Mr. Ed'lnWaosb Ml.J. Wtttlaka. Q.a T OSDOX HOSriTAL, Whileehanel. R. Jfotlee to J Ooaeraora. - A OUARTERLT OEXERAL COURT will ba bald at tha Hoaottal. on wodeaadar. tba t Marrh bait, al 1 a'aWak Dr. eiaaly. to raooira lha raeort of tha lloaaa CommiHea for tha paat terra raontna, tea l or oi aar anairs. ts order, A. a. hauuiou, saemarj. rabraary 11. If47. QUARTERLY COURT of tha a noRPlTAL for tXTSSCMPTIOKaolDtS - XTOTICE. - A Ooaaraert ef tha CARES of tha CHEST will bo hald ha tha Board Room of tha Hoa. pltal, on Tbaralay, tha 24ih laat., at a Qaarter to S o'clock, to raadva lha Keport of tho Commlttoa of Maaafament and to Iraeavet otbar nalaaaa. IlEJiBI SOBSUI, Boo. UroBttoa, Febtatry 15th, 15T7. tha. ooixHrirs, of tit UB1TSU rXDIA. KAJIIOSS - MPERtAL SB OUMMrREfA Tba foltowtac aatliaiaa haaa)alaid too Miam i kiaai OaaiaiMlia, whloh has haaa I U" 1.1" ii nn Ikil ijialilaif aaiaii - . - j.w. ataawtatheOadUavlsa : The BJshS Bam. the LORD MATOX, Tba Kaabl Boa. Lord KothachRd TV, Bltbt Uoa. Lord Ruaalrta The Blahs Uoa. Bar Jeba Boaa, Ban.aO.lLa ZhaKlshl Boa. J. a Bahhard, ur. Tba Ooawrao, f the Baak t Xaa kad (Mr J. T. OarM Me. J. Hatbatt Trtttoa (TrmUmt af tha Iatoafhaaibaro Coat. aiaaiiil Blr Joaa Labborh, Bart, sCF. Sw rraaeta Ooaa. Bart. Aid. Blr Kohart W. oaedaa AM. Btr Th3raa Dakhs AJd.awW. MaAnhar, CtthtO. A Id Sir J. Wbiaaaar KlUa. Bt, . M.1. AM, TL E. Kalrll AM. Bit X. N. Fowlar, Bt. M r. Aid. Bvr Jaha BUalaa, K.d.M.a Mr. AH. Cowan Mr. Aid. KolU Mr. BharlS Klrsy Blr W. A. Or Hit Oaorra uT Chaaiban Mr. Liaaal Uehaa. ALT. Ms. Sasaat Meataaa. MJT. fWth aoarac to add to thair aaatbarl Denatioaa from Banketa, Manhaata. aad aturraa rrw - rally may ba adiraaaat to tba toed Mayor at tba Maatoa) - houa, or to the Baak of Eoflaad. . aa il.f ALU UA3S05, Lead M.ror. laavion. ran. u, mi. Mr. Jaam IlaCaaaa Mr. k. n. Jtartia Mr. w. taddardala . M - . W. J. Thaaipaoa, fan. Mr. Hrary Banar Car. Caody (laat, AOaroft, aad Cat Mr. Beary HVka Mr. floorsa Shaw Mc K. J. dtoaataat Mr. Oraaaaa Klot Mr. F. P. alHalaa Mr. K.CH alaa Mr. E. F. JaaUaa htr. T, Bathafiand, X.F. fChalr. naa of tha p. u4 Q. Baaaas XaatearJoa Ooaaaaaat Tba rna. aTardaa ol tba Flah - raoaswra' Conpaaw (Mr., ta. Waaaoal Tha Maaaar of tba aothworkata Ooaapaar (Ma J. Mawal Mr. F. U DUaa - Hartiaai, MT. Mr. Waitar Leal Mr. H. J. Jeordats. akCQ. Major A. J. Cnnaliad Dr. Edwin FraabSald TBS Ttl CDaVWaat Of t SIW BOOKS and JtatTT ETyXTIOlTS. VThlai I i i la laaMlatadtoaWaaaaliaalaattalllMiaaVa, trKSB3. LOfaUASSjtvatt CQ.'S USTa A - tUatTlLLKMMIdfrti JOURNAL of Ui WHUll tt QTTEHK CTOaiA.fraaai5ja.U9a uahtto CRAxXo O. F. li Ba VlUJt. dark a tha Oaaooll. 1 aak. aa.ta. TbaaaTaliaiaa aiaaai Slaaiy aaorlaa that too rrar aaada ba tr I aa Ita r.ilfab - SHE i a Hiseory of Advcntnre, Bt U. BICHR IIAOOASD. Vlth Tacatamfiaa atetthareae af tba Sbatd a aaaanaataaaoaar taaaanaaaaataal oaaa. Warn i i,saa liMar.aa tarlr EaHaataiaitallmit ai ia taarrltad. Crown taaaa. TaU 111 aad IT - Tba IT ALI AX FEISCES. 1541511 PraTl. A HI3T0RV ef the PJLTACV ttorinc tbe PEBfOD iTX of tba REFOKMAHOS.. Hr . M. CBUQHTO. aaaaity at Caoj CLL, Duia liufaam at foalaaltatlaal HartetT aa the Uaa - arwam lWUadllien. rUilaad W T. HCn&ISd tlSSL raa'aJ I A NATUMT. DESCRIPTIVE sad tiUHOlCAU By HEM RT GEAT. F.B.S. Wl - - h SO Qnatratioaa. A larra a, aponioa at taa tuaawaaioaa to traa aamoa araaatuarea. tbe attactaa baiaolaradrad. taw rauM boaa, aaaltaaaawaaayallaV 1ASTlfa8 TB9TBD GABIHBr V Taslitand Trade hUra. fiAKTEHS TBSTBD GARBHK V The Oaljaaa sVa M the Oaaaalt ta uarad (T1BTKRS TESTED GAKDEX' HEEfia, J ThoOahBoseaaaalaaeabjabaaadaTaataaaa8, TAKTERS TESTED 0ABDZ5 J TEeOalaan Baa M aaat ka ratara hjr Xa. HaaDS. 'sfTABTERS' TESTED OARDEX J Tba Oataaa Bwx M always rwadj. tarrUaa fiaa. BEEDJ. rMo Ua. d,15.21a..lU d,A, S3a, Ma, JiZZ eaah tlhwaaataf lTtolCa. alhawwd, JLB aaritase SlVald. - apAnTERS' TESTED GARDEN 8EBW V ae Koyal Mat! Bor, peioa 5a. eaalaraa a taaaattoTtTT table aawia, aad m aaat Iran br aaiaal poet aa taratai ad aaZaT poaaal acdar. r'l ay fS TEACHING EVGLfsH: with DetaiW Er - ' CIK1 ?FJ. U a - d the Drftoltto. ot Faatry. B, AtRXASDE dl U rivrj'j i . paat att raeataaaf nailllian aalae 10a m '"a Qtf J TAaJ wftaLa) - aaaaaa.i a. p a a mama - laaaaaaaaaa - a : I7I5GUSH milPOSlTlOX and RHETORIC. ' BARTERS TESTED GARDES ii'pvx? Ill . - - w a. - r . aulT "TV ,,Um41 . euMMlw, o mataata aftAa .1... a wa fratla aad paat traa. " Ci Kalaraad aUtttom. ra Two Farta. IHrtL Tha lalaOartatl LlaataauadaarU. Br ALEXANDER 8AIV.IX.D. Loadaa. LaasaaaaayOraaa, aa4 Co. IMPERIAL INSTITUTE of the U24TTED KINGDOM, the OOLOSnra ul WDIA ftha Wational W.orH of tba Jak'.lao of tba Uaaaa'a Kaifal FraatuVal - UU Baaal Hiaa. nana lha rtUSCE of WAUS, K.a - Tba odloaa ef tba laatitato I ara aa ao. I, jaoau - aireai, Aaaipai. aanoo, w .u, wnara ooatmaaa, eatlooa aad robacrijajoirj aaarba addraatad to Sir Frederick Abtl C B - . D.aL,F.R.S, the Umsuinf IVawn wo Karl el loo, mar ba aaat to Ua Kisht Uoa. tba Lord Mayor, at tba Manatee heaao. X.C. and will alao aa racanad at lha touewau banka : Bank of Enflaad. ThraadnaarSa - atraat. London, CCL. aad He branebaa I, lluri i na' an (ardaoa. Lnadoo, W. ; Law Coorta Braach, Loadon, W.C; Binaiaahaav BnateL Hall, LraUa, Uaarpoot, Maa. ahaatar. Xaweaatla, riyaaoath, rortaaaontb. Barclay, Bawaa, aad Oo, 14, Loan hard - atrart, London. T. Q. Baswa. Jaaaoo, aad Ca, 22, Abchorcb - taaa. Lcndao. E.Q. ChUi and Oa, rtmlo - bar. Loadon. K.C. Coots. Biddalph. and Co., 42, Charlnr3 - oaa, Loalca, S.W. Ooatta aot Co, 5. strand, Loadon, W.C. ' 0a and Oo, Craisaooart, 8. W. Dlaudala, Fewier, aad Co, 50, CorrrhOI, London. E.0L IaalBODd 43. Charln(4roaa. Lnwdoa. B.W. Fidlar Ranhory, aod Co, TT, Iatbsyd - atreat. E.C. Olyn. Mill. Carrta, aad Oa, IT. Leabard - atraat. Loadon, X.O. lioallataaad SharM, IS. rbil aari at, London. E.C tWiadaay aad Ca, 55. ParUaaant4Uaat, London. HT. " Hrrrtea. Farjuhar and Co.. 15, Bt. Janaa aaaratt, Lao don. 8.W. Hcarra aad Co., 17. Fltat - itraaa. London, E.C. Uenrr S. kUs( and Co. 55, OorahtM. London, aad 45. Fall - Ban, Loadon, RW. Laoy. Hartlaod. WoodorHra, aad On, CO, Wrat BoUthdaU. Loodna. E.C Martla and Oa., tt Loaahardatraaa, Landoa, Z.C rraaontt. Rata, aad Co.. 12. Thraadnaadta - aiKor, Lmlen: lie Raoaoth, Boo'rna, aad Oo., I aad 2. PallnaU aaat, Lxadoe, W Robarta. Labbock. and Co., 15 Loaibard - atraal. Loo don E XI BraKh, Faraa. and Hiaitha. 1. Laathard - etraet, laad - , R.Q. fir SaaiaYi WW, Bart, aad Oa., I, Ceatliiih - aoiara. London. W. AJliaaca Bank. Limited, liartholamf w laoa, Londoa, 'aad Its hranchaa. Carital aad Cnaatlaa Bank. IJmitad. 19T1iiaaii,aIIatra.a T doa, RO, aad I at branabaa. City Baak. Uraitcd. 5, Thrradaaadla - atraat, Loadon. E.C, and Ita traachaa. Imrarlal Bank, Untiled, t, Lothbary, Loadoa, E.C. aad IU CJTEVES3 sad S0SS' LAW PUBLICATIONS yj (Oaaipaato Catoloraa featia aw appi.oaxnau ; CaVRTER3tTOM. Uayda BaraetU aad BoaaaoaaU Baak. . Limited. C2, Lombard - reat, E.O Loadoa asd OaatT Baokiaa OoaiDanr. Llmhad. IL Lombard. rtraat, Londoe, E.CL, aad Ita hranchaa. London Joint Bloat Baak. Limited. 3, rrtneaaalneW London, E.O, and Ita braocbra. Leodon and n.mta - Waatara Saak, Iimitad, T, Faochareh - atraat, Loadoa and Waatailnaler Bask, Llmltad, 41, Lotkbarr, London, R.C, an Ita hraachea. National ItoamelU Baak ef Er - iltnd. Limited, 112, Elihoptate. atraj - t, London, RCL, aad Ita bna - haa. Uaioa Koak of Loadon. Limited. 2, r rtaoaVatraa t. Loadio. EC, aad Ua hraoahaa. BOOTCIT BAKES. Baak ef RontMnd, Edlobnrfh, aad branebaa. Mritlah Uaaa Coaaanaf Uaak, Ediebarih. aad branebaa, Clydeadaia liank ILimltadl, l.laaaoa, and nraaobaa OnaunataUl Bank ef ftentlaad Lnltad, E'lahivsh, aad hraeckaa. tfatmsal Ilank ef Sootiest (Limited), JT, R Kholaa - laaa, E C, asd hraaahrt Royal Bank of Aentlend, Wlaharih. aad hnaahaa. Vetoe Bank id bcvtltad (tJa,K Ola.,aw, aad baaecbaa. IRIMH BAN KA. ' Baak at Iralasd, Dablls, and haaahaa. BallaM Baaklns Oanjpanr (U altadl. Balfttt, and braashaa, Noathara Baak. lUll.rt. and branabaa Froalnaial Bank al Iraland lLlmlla.ll. aad braaebee. L'lstar Baak (Llmitadi, Halfaat, and kraaahea. LOUiSUL aad INDIAN HAKKV Afra Ilank, Uwltad, Nlebelaa - lasa, Lomnardotraat. London, F. a Aiutraliis Joint Ntork Baak. 2. Kim WtlhamHllr t. London. F..U. Bank at Aaatnlla. Tkrendeaadle atraet. Lmdoa. tlj Baak of hntiah .NarVk Amarlaa, i, Ulaaaant t - laaa, Lota Hard atraet, Loedoe; E.O. Hank ef New Booth Wales, K Cfi Dread street London, f. C Bank of New Eaaland, 1, Uneea Vletnrlaetrea, Lnndsa. KO. Baak al Booth Australia, Uettvd, IL tmbardtraaa. I.nadoa.rin. Baak of Vletntla, 2S. Ctamanl a - lane. Lotabaratraat, ImSos, 1(1, thartrrtd altrreallle taBk et Isdls, looOua, and China, 15, Old Broad at rart. Loadon, E.C C'liaaf Mallanufia Baak. Umllad. 111. BUkoaaaalatt kl. London, E.O. Onion 11 Bant, IL Blahopaaatoslrtat within. London. Ka Oolonlal llank ef Jfew ZanUad, 12, Moor(totrrat. Laa loa. E a OMmaraial Baak at Auaualla. LI a i tad 1. Blehonaaaisaua wlthla, London, h.C. EaOiah, ftouttiah, aad Awtraliaa CharUtad Baak, 73, Corah ill. London, JC i . latadon Ohartonad Jlaak af Aaaar all a. sou fmmA .14 r. dan, S a . Mara aula Baak of AaotraMe, Umltsd, 23, Lemhsrl streai, Loadon. EC. atartaatoa Bank at BMaay. lis, Lradaohall i'raaa, London, E - C. Batleaal Baak ef Anawalaaia, 145, Laadaahallatraaa, Loadoa. R a National Rank ol Nat ZaaTaaul. II 1,1.1 Lonilon, E.CJ. Loadoa aVO1 BUk CoronUoa Uraltd. w. Tbraadneadtowtrtel, Uaaaealaavi 5atioaal Baek, LUnitad. 23, LomkarJ - aMaat. London. AC Standard Bank Ot Analh Africa ILimltadl. U. Clamaall'a - lan. Loa. baedtraaa, Loadoa, SO. Union Bank of AuauaUa. Llmltad, t, Baak haildlssa, Lethbarr, Londoa, E.U fOthar aamea win abortlr ba added.) PalaonTha OT7 V V THE PEOPLE'S PALACE for EAST LONDON. For latalleetaal and material adraaeamaoL Foe r - ar rattoo and amnaemant. ChalrmaaHIR KDMCJtD HAY CL'ttRIR. Trxmrrae SpaairtrCharrlnfton, Eat.. M.I. CONTRIBUTIOBH ara aaraaaala toatlXd Raqan - ad lee alio aad balldinaa .. .. ,. .. 1000 MilmananoeFandlaaclaoa).. .. .. .. (Cdoaolal UttO Already paid or promise! M,I9( Balance itm reeoirad 25 - 254 Danatlnaa or anbaoriptloaaaf whataaar amormt, will tw rrat - futly raoaiaad by tba cbairmaa Cheqaaa, So., ahuuld ba amaaad Loadoa aad Weatalnaser Bank. WhltoohaiieL" n ttaaamooi rraat oDooa, Waraiord - eoart, E.C. CIUY'S HOSPITAL. Special Appeal for 100.600.. T Oariac to the loan of rant, thronah tha awwaaillaar ImI. taral daarraaion. 200 beds haee baaa eloaad, and nnlaaa tola aim ba tmmodutolf raiaad a farther raduction at lha boat sow opt a will be BITaataaOwlne dooatinnl haaa bean raeetTed 1 Her MaleatyTbaQnaaa .. ., 190 II R.H. lha Doha of Cambridsa .. 25 Amount aaady adrartiaad .. ..jtlT.7J3 SCCTH LIST. torran. Ban , en aonoluon that the total amoanl irnd la raiaad by lt May .. .. .. .. CA003 00 5 SO 5 50 5 60 J.BlMi raqoii Tha Loadoa aod Omnia nantin( coetpaar (Limited I .. ..210 0 0 BAlhhone,Broa,and Co. 100 0 0 L. II. .. - .. .. 50 0 0 Bloflald and "one .. 25 t 0 CarootlaadCe... 21 0 0 CoLB.IL Barlastea (2d donalon) .. .. 15 0 0 D. a L. U 10 0 a. Habbock. Kao, fnar X. Rrrant. RaoT TaraosJaaea Watnay, aaa 19 10 0 10 0 0 10 0 c .10 0 C. Finch Foster, Ean, .. Oeoaral II. A fkham - bers,aa Oraat Weatern Railway Madloal Baaerolrat Fond, Ifew Hwtndoa John Fraat, Faq. H. Braee Walkar, Eao, Mrs. W.J. Leeoora Admiral T. La IlaaU Ward Mrs. Bowatoad .. Farlhar donatioaa ara arraatlr aoilritad to eaabla tha Coaamora to ranltra Mr. Morcaa'a manlSoam premiae. Doetlona aaa ba aant dirrct to tba Treasarer at the Hoepital, ae to the Gay a lloapiul spadal Appeal Font. Baak ot Easlaad. LONDON ORPHAN ASYLUM, Watford. (Initltated 1111 lisa MAJaitTi a J u mur. The Board of Manas am have tba hononr to aanonaot that H.R.U. The FIUNCEnf WAL. ICi, Haa araciaueia oonaantad to PRVHID at ton SEVXVTT - ClORTM ANKITERM4.RT DIK.NER of tho Charity, toko held ! a Hotel MOthTpoaB.on Hatorday, 12th Mareh neit. In ooearnemorattoa Babamptlont In aid ef tba faad for admttktnf 100 erphano darlns to yew of J ubLae are aarnaatly aaqoaatad,aod wol ba duly annoaaeod too utnaer. L'ader tha FATHOS AOE of Her MAJESTY. jEAMEN'rt HOSPITAL hOCIETY (ktto Drend - J nonahu. Greaowlch. BE. bntmortad be aoraotarr anntribo - tlone, and frre to the whole marl time world Tha IXTYjl RKVERTII A.N N DAL COURT ef Ua tinternora will be helTrTPt la s Bonma, K la retreat, Bt. Jamaea, This Tar (wooaeamyl, 16th vara. 1ICT. al 1 i m nraciaala. akan MIR ANDRRW CLARK. tha araonimodatioo at lha dlapoaal ot tha Committee la IlmltadVaarlf applloatioa ia rrqaeatod, aan ha obtained on application to tha Secretory al tba uoapttai. aaataa art t pan ally ineitre to atteno. inyoroeri, a, i, at ana, Mwaiaiy. aeowlch, 15th February. 1H7. Oantlemen who ara wtUInf to sal aa Stowarda. or who are daairoaa to ha praaant al tha Dinner, ara InTitod to tend in their aamea ta the Beeretarr al tha office. xna net ot atewnroa wru oa aoaoaaorn aoorvr. Baakara, Meaara. Olya, Mllla. carrta, and Co. ASTUTE K CAFEL. Traaaarae. JAMEA KOOTR'. Hoa. Bearatarr. K. a. WALLBBIDOE. Searatarr. Offlao, 1. St, Balao'eplaoa, E.C. THE MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL, W. - Notice U herthr fl'an, that a OUABTERLY CKSEBAL COCRT of tha uoaeraars wui oa noM.n. ta tna iioara tut m, on l aaraaar, tna aut rnatanl, at 12 O'eloek al aooa preeiaeiy. to tfaaaaal tha - a 41 buaiaaaa or tnawnariay, ana aaaiaaa ana aroaenrera, Aaojaora, " wm.ij nnam, MadicaJ Conamittaa. and nahar aaul oOoara. aad to raawiaa th Traaaurr's aaoooaU of the lacoma and aspeadilara, lOfatbat with Ita balaa oe - heal and annual report ef Ih patl year. ay eraer or ise waeiry uoaro, A fTD. liABTUOLKYiln, heoratarj Supariatondael. litFebrsary, 1U7. KlrTO'H COLLEUK HOSPITAL, Portufal - atreet, I2neoa s4n.W.a - lfeUaa Isherahy titan thai lha ANNUAL rre.iiaaia, an ba halilaa la tka Hoard Roma of tha Hoepital. on Friday, the lit, laalent, at 4 e' sleek ta tba afuranna. al which Court lha aaaaal alaetlon of treaonrer aad of aieahers ef Ike aoatatlatae ef aotrtmatt sod ef auditors, will tak plaaa aeonedlai to the rre - laai et taa cwponuon, ana ise cent. Mretfcia. ate rroraary, rilttae will reaaaal a report of their eroeaedlnss, and of all raeoipM ad dlabaraemeala Mallei to tha hoapl'aJ Sarins le tat faat, and ef tba lanatal Male of ua Iroaaltal, an of tha property el tae . Dor UNITED KINGDOM CONVENTION (convened by the fJnltad Kleedoej AlliaaeaL IKIKAT MRETINO ba leier - oau, l uta ctsniiu ivtaqnaaaayi, rea. tain, laar. Chair ta be takes ill in br Ita ttlOUT HEY. th LORD) Dlnllorof LONlKIN. . . . Addraaaea ky - rUy W, Lawaaa, Hart, M.r, F. McIAran. rq , M l - , W. Johaatae. Faq, M P R. A Alliaon. Tl, M l5, T. Ttar, Kaa. M.F, a A. V. Ooeeneaee, Eaa, II P, Yf. K Calee. Box. MVP, A C Corbetl, Fan, , M F, Theodore Fry, Eaa , M.F, wTk Kowlaada, Eao Q.C., M.F., Hia Rmlnanc Cardinal Maosia. Raw. Canon wlloerforae. MA, Iter. F. tlalt, IX. B.. Bat. IL F. Una kaa. M. A, Sir W, Foetor, M P, J.F, W. Baaadere, ran,, a Foea, I1, Q.a, J. H. Raper. Rao,. Dr. F. B, taae, Kaa. S. A. eAaiathat. Ad - mlaalea rna. Deera open al I p.aa. Biariiad aaat He tele la. aaah. to ka cbtalaad traca Loadon onVaai nf tha Alllanoa. li. Qraat Uaora. sweat, AW. rpRAfJE MARK PROTECTION 80CIETY. AL CaaCe - etreet, Hal bars laatabllahad la Klntotraat, Cbaapaida, L AU parUKlaralneoenaaloa with Cefljtratloe ef Trade Marks Is the L'nrted hlaraeca, la lotctia eoaaWaa, aod hi ths Cat aalaa, see InraUhodoaeiiill mliia. IL Tba alaaattad oadlaatlaoa, ooaa prta Ine npwaada of 20.000 Britiah rasietnlteo aad the toraln aad Ooeea 11 ooUeetlaat, as aooraa at CMptlaUoa, aanf ba ntarrad to by mtanfactareri sad aaarahaaal sir I Iiti Train inliliiilmil n - - . M. t, Caetle aartat, UsOMra, XDMU2U) JOtUtSOJf. O1 SIX HtTfDRED ORFMAKS ENTIRELY MAITTAI2TKD la lha RPUAN WORKING SCHOOL. Instituted 1758. B - nlor Scaoal - Httarttook - biU, N.W. Jaalor Sahool (Aiesaadra Orphaaacal. Homaelaa. wnraieaceni noma jaarfaaa Th Commit taa haa to plaaaore of announeioc that BENJAMTX L. UOIIKN, Eao, will Praalda at th K HITSDHSU aad TWENTY - NINTH ANNIVrkMlARY FESTIVAL. THIS DAY (Wadaeadar). FahruarrtS. at Wilna't Kooma, Kin if treat. Si Jamaaa, Ladiea will din at tola f aatleaX Uanllaaaaa wiUtnl ta art aa Htowarda or wiahlns to be praaant at tha Din oar ara raapaotrnllf deal red to aommanleata with tha Secretary St onre. Madame AntolnrtU Start! nf n4H linf oa this oaraaion. Oootnbutiona araantly naaded.. Annual anbaarlptloB for one tot, 10a. td. ; ditto - for two aoaaa, 1 U. Life Snaaaina for ea tele. 5 5a.: ditto foe two eat. 10 10s. Th vote iaoreaalas la proportion to the eontrlboiioa. JOXADAB FI90H, Saerttaey. ORAMATIO snd MUSICAL HICK FUND IBenatnleat Braeehl - Tha THIRTY FIRST ANNUAL BAKQUr T, la aht ef the abate, will be held el Willi, Room tender entirely new meaeeeiaeat). Tbe chair will be taken by i ll ARLKM wYx DIIAM, Eao,, nvnelsaUy at mldalaM. en Taaaday. Ftnraary lid. The bamtuel win ba lapel am aa led by s Smatiaf Consort, asder the elraolloe af Maaara. F. Klnstborf, W. 0, Let ay, snd 0. J. llartlM. Mas daUsraiebod aieabers of the profaesioa bate aoniaalad to appear. OaetWmea a tlalHt UaelstlBd wine), Ita, eaa sew be bad ea spelt. aalioa I the Seeratary. E. A. AJf SOSf, Sorrrtary, f, Aaaavetreet, Btrasd. JT. OLA VS. Old nnrtNiTv lectttre. this a Fall. UBOROE DA VEBFoKr, Lealurae. Jewry. WEDNESDAY DAT. from 1 Ul t Sahiaev - TUB NATIONAL CMJB.No.l, Whlteball - cardeTia, aW, U open for Ue raerptlna of 200 additloaal mam bat, the Srai 100 wllheot retrana fee aad th rasuladef ea aa aatraaae fee of Ire s'tlaaat (Ctarrymea twa rolaraal. The objects - ef thia emk are achBfad atx, the sialnlrneare af tbe Frotaatanl Rafnrmad FaltB. sad IboarFrevataal nrtndpla of th CenalWntlon which are tha aaot oar aaaVjelsraatoaa. Farthar parttcaUra ea applleatlaa t the bacratary. LAMBETH FREE PUBLIC LIIIRAniES. - Tb Ctomiaatoarra tor the Lamhath rabOa Libraries are baser to aaawanaa Haaauaryaarw awilltu ITOei W, a. came, tJ. M T, la Booth Lameth tar tha imeat yaar. Te Ooaamlaalaaar wtU be haapT ta reerlth donaUona nf aaonrt asd sifts ef b - e troaa paraona deairou of aldlag the mnti mast Daaatleaa or anha I Iptlaaa stay ba east to la Clark ee paid to the eesnoat of tbe Oomatleeionars, at the Lamhath Braaeh of tha Loadoa aad Waataajaatar Bank. Books sea be teat to lha Bacto (tho Chelrstao af the Oammlaeiiatal, at taa Raat try, Laaanato, ae nill ba aalird f or aa a eoaemoatealioa toias mB'RT J. RMTTS. Oark to lha Taterr - aaU. "riVrrT ZlZTTT iniARTERS 8EKD POTATOES. CUace cf PoTX r,r T r.JYtX ... , O - Mheattte. 11 at Misauona anatns ! wi" "p " a iau i ruiAiuu. Bseeisllw i.t By FRXUEIUCK rLLOCK. rt. Brrt - ar - at - sn klndaaf eott. Qlaetntad Lkta fnmm aSLr Coomon Law la the Ion af Conrt. Aa.. Author ef , . T7. Ptaarraa. - Prinaplaaof Contract. - - A Difaaa of the Lawof Fartp - rahip. ae. lARTERS' HEEDS of BEAUTIFUL FLOWP - pT fhU 4y. ailTillUoo. ryal , etoch. il lla, o U hardy tarMaraat aaay aaMaatoaa, price ha td, laaM bV: 4 DDlSON ot TORTS ; bein a Treatise oo Wronn b - ed taataaa, af aaey coJUtatioa. pre &V. tm - fral a ADDISON on TORTS ; being a Treatise oa Wrong and taair Remediea SUta edUaaa. By HORACE IKIIH. tj, Boeetarot the Middla Templa, Raaorder ef Laaeols, Editor ol Aiieiaaa e Quntrart CARTERS' SEEDS of BEAUTIFUL FLOWFpT Jaaa M.Lm af.b t aol Mml Sao.. lon - 1. ' A RMlIlT.T) nn the I.AVVnf MARINE IStTR - l A. AXOE. Mith edition. By DAVID MACLA' HLAN. Bu , BARTERS SEEDS of BEAUTIFUL FLOWFm" Brtiaters - Uv. - ' Arouold ' ItsU the laTPCtitlooaf ran waat - " , 1, Tha color boa eontalae M Urea aackata ot JiM mw naa. Tainlli ailiiln.' nwal tap i Wat tfm WILLIAMS' BANKRUPTCY PRACTICE. The Law aad Frtrtioe ij Bukrapter. FetaTtk adttioa. By tt. V WILUAkt,W. V. WILLIAMS, aad E W. HASSELL. Eara.. Barriatafa ulw. Ja pnekahad. alrhth edition, man 1 laa, claO. Ta. td., HARKIS'S HI.NTS on ADYOOAOYondnet of Caaaa. CS'il aad Crvmlnal. Claaaaa of Wltoeaaea aad Swtae. ttoaafoeCroeEsamioiathaca,ha. By RICHARD HARKU, Xetha Third a.titinn. dam I. . rlotb. lk SHIRLEVa LEADING C.VSES in the COMMOX LAW. With Notra. Fr TT. SHIRLEY SUIRLET.M - A.M. r, Eet, Barrlater - al - Law. The so, ara br no aaeaaa the laaat mentoriona part of la work. - Law JoarnnL ptaaaneaod Bon. La PaMtahraa US, Oaorary - laa. londoa. WM CLOWES and SONS' NEW BOOKS t r.. - n .iL ti. 1 ACOUSTY COURTS FtiltMOLt'sT : Belnr a Compendium et car - fuUT - ar - wara - l FraeaaaaM ht all pi ion dines In Action aad Matter wUhia. tha Janadictloaa at Coaaiy Onoraa. w,ta Practical Obaafaataon and Diractiana tkaeaoa. aad Reference to Uaaa dnndad ns to daaa of snbllcatloa Wrah a aapiena Iadoa. oy it aisitsuAU, solicitor, ttirmieasaav. "of Th false bos axrotala M larsa packets at i a w aa niaia. ewa - ai traa. ea nealpt of a oox aootaiae re una packets at aepulae au I aaa u tad aod arlatial aViwars, aad M - aana7 yt abaqna or paitil ordaa for JCa. BARTERS' SEEDS of BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. T AW5S aad LAWN - TENS 13 GROUNDS Hew JLi to Dili aad Rcaente thm. - a CARTER'S FAbtrrn rV Gratia aad post traa. C1AKTERS. Seed amen by Rojal Warrant toUjr J Th Um and B.S.U. U rMac et Walaa, 137 and CS. HaA Holbora. Lo&Joo. DEKUAM aad SONS. SO. 2, JL - W PMaW a. Lttmatm, TT. . WM fMDEN'S COMPLETE ANNUAL DIGEST of JCj a.rr Rportad Ca. in a4 tha Conrta Ina tb T - ltS In th Iriah, Scotcn, and Amarloaa. Eil by ALFRED IMDE.N. E . aowttalad by HERBERT TH'IM SON. Fl, Brrtatanaa - Lw. ' Jnat aabliala - d. crown It., cloth. Ta, td, WITNESSES (Tbe Practice reUtine to), ia all aMwi and areoeedlnca. Cell ant Criminal, aa, aftee, aad bafora, th Trial or llaanne, neah In th Pnpano aad tha lafartoe Cnawta. By WALT Ett B. biOEL, M.A. Uato Estlbitloaar of Ba'liol Coll real, of Lmoola'etnn, rrriato - at - Law Ja.t puM'tharf, roanl Ira, arwn. ene la . 1 foreign Judgments and parties out of Ih JURISDICTION t Ateeadll No. A Ootalniat Notra of l'MileHdlaoXewBleara.adnato Jaaaary. 1BT. Br F. T. F1UGOIT, M.A, LI M - Aalbor of - frlnriptta of th La of Tort.' Tfewraaly, deaae l.i.'alo - h, I tt, " " THE ENGLISH LAN l LAWS ijmtn an Aceovnt of their llletory Piwaeol Faatoraa, asd Frepoaad Rf orma. Be SAMUEL M isa, M A, UaU. of Wstceawr CeUess, vtlerd. Bairlatarwl Law. , RINK LIUENnl.NO LAWS I a aianeal of th Law a am in tba Ratailla ml latoiloalta Drlaka Wlla jlota on IstidrDlal laaa lit ClIRiflTumiH FAOE LEANE. Bolkltor. Loadoa. William Ceea and ona lUcalardl, V. FUeteraat.rC. TE.VHAM and SONS' SHOV X OfCMNET riXCES, Marbl aad Wotd. BEN HAM and SONS' SHOW ROOMS fee aTOVEA Faadar. aad Til Hearths, bvcladla maa daaUaiat and aaiaaatlad by to iaa Alfrad Car - ana. BEN HAM nn t SONS' - EOWAkDs' pAtfl ddOKrSSCMlXai SLOW OOMSCSTIOS CXAIZ. 04 BEN HAM and SON'S' SnOW UOOM3 - (o EITCHEX RAJME3 aad E1TCHXBEEA BEifllAM n4 SONS COOKING APPA - RATTJ of aaery daaorlptloa. BTSjfllAll and SONS' WARillS'U ApPI - RATTJ 8, Hot Water. Hot Air, or Sanaa. "DENIIAM and SOHS' CAUNDRY APPI - JLt RATTJBL T EN II AM sad BA1 XJ TORIEA D1 BK.SIIAM and SONS' LIFTS (Uand sU rowert - JESfHAll aod SONS, Sanitary Enctneers. TJENHAMnd - NS1 - VENTIEITIKQ CL0i J LioirrA ! ryjSS ii Ail and ' SONsJUf taEBY aoi VXffnBZ a - ' ruAxa. aENltAirTrtdSONS, Wiirraore - strvet, London! an - l I, MaaaSid - rhamhara at Aa'aoara, atajaaaaiar III V. WHITE snd Cp.' tlECEST PUDLIOA. . THIS, new ready I - BrMrTCXMFflIt.t:FRAkD A VKW Nl)VkL..l all LikraeU. ky lha Author nf - Poliey te - l Faaan," "Madia - ," - Allaltiaa, A., rilHE BONO of WEDLOCK. 2 vols. By M ZmiXXXXbl R AiF. !tA" XtflV Si TIL, t a9 lahrari By taa Anthor ef " The Laat Drawlaf Room. "The Match of th ruaron." .. DAUU11TEKS otBELGRAVIA. 3 vols. Beoond edition. By laURlE lt)N JfOaCTAEW 50YItVr2fTrjbrarU trUi Anthor of " A Moaaaaati Marriaew,' Baasiy's Qaeaa, Aa, gWEET MAUDALE.t. 3 volt. By miTTtXFiir?XtVrS(TlLiil kmlwdera. la By ui Aathoeot "The Lact of Raartac Oama. - FUrp, Mami, - A. JEVIL'S FORD, paper corer Is., cloth is 6d. (Wlataaad Trad Mark for Laam avetabwed Trad htM laa U.bL UAMUKb OLAHKE'M (Trad Mark KJ LtSfra . I (Trad. Mark " Fafry ) LIlIRTa. airy'l f IROiBY LOCK WOOD and CQ.'S NEW LIST i la 1 tot lana If. wUh ldTlhaMrMMiia, 1 a, aiWa. aiit ton, ' OUR TKMPEKAMENT9. By ALEXANDER HTF.WANT. F.R.C,Ed'n. "Tka roium la haary to hold, hot llaat toned. Taoash Mr. atewart haa taaatad b'a eahyact iaaaa - tlaely, h write la a pordar and pl - aol maaaae lha readara II attraatlteto the rami raadar. Pb..a. A SaUahtfal talama. full of rieaa tore aad ac - etia Iho - nht," Bt Jama a flacatto. ThlaVat. cmwaj Ira. orir fie. id - 1 cloth tn.wLaja'Lt L EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER.TIf a Barrister. 24th adiitoa (1M7 raalaad ; lochatlnf Aoaamartaa o4 lha Frlaolaad Aaa af tba Laat B.aeloa. A aaafai aad aonala ipllnma af tha law." Law Maculae. " No Ea(llahmaa oashl 1 he tnlaoal Ul hope. Knilnrae. Th'H edition, rariael. with addition, la, 15. hioaiee lid , THE WORKS' MANAGEH'S HANDBOOK ef MODERN RULES, TABLES, and DATA foe anl and Macbaaioal Eaaioaara, aa By W. rt MUTTON. C.E. - Mr. II niton baa aaaimilavd hia aoUactad Information Isle ene whale, eoaparad II with hia own practice, aod aal hla taUa Into ah pa la whkh tbr aa b. aaatly appited Udaatrtaa, ' Third odtlloa, crow, fan . f Ja. U '. olota tpoatos Td C fETALUFKKOUS MINERALS and MIMING. ATA BJD.V DAVIES, F.O A." Aathor of mioeraia ana atiains. aa, in aaai at Baarnl work wo bare aawo. Mlnlnc Jonrnol. WEATn - S BERlES. - r - w fcoataswilL IRON BRIDGES of MODERATE SPAN. Their Camatraetton ant Erection. By HAMILTON W. f EXDEED. biajsepectar ot Ironwork to th Salford CarpwaaUoe - WE A f E 8ER1ZB. N wolnaa. la M. (poatoa 241, " OHORINU and Its APFLJCATItiN. A Handbook O rortboUaeotSlaleBta ByOaVROS H. BLAQROTE. Croaby Lava wood aod Ca. T. Btatioawra' aaO - ooort. Loadoa. E.C. orttrsameotaUl LitUat Draaiaa aad Bail Baaaaa. Ooaaaaaa. I e - a. Pr - eies Fataa, T l Daarttnaa Sa A.aa - I a.p - - U10 - M MUI lrlha Aayal aVrfeaU Soaiaty, al tb Etentas FV7 JandJalyT, 1IM, CAUTIONto PUltOllASKltS.' - Th nnpraoaxirnted rocora achleead by I DM " Ftwy irataia a llftviM aa ladaa - l aataret anaaniPBlaaa aa(rtarert aad daaiaea to taaeuaaaa, lor the aala of eitr a. a, orlla imituivna . lea lamp aot harms prepay tentlletMMi, tb Iwhta Stoker. rrbare ae taatliait te are that IV LA Mr bears ih aaav A CLARKE aad trad aura - Fairy. and ar aarnaatly aoaiatta L whaneaar a aO"rVa lamp I aold ar m eitarad to Ibaaa aa Fairy. to awmmaawat tak the talnaiaal who ta datarmlaad to pnl atop to tola treadelaet aanrtaa. JJ - A1RY LldHTS. for Woin ia U ' Vvrj " Lamp, bona 10 bear each. Boiaa. eentalnlaf als BihMaaah, 17 per boa Three llsnta, hsriai dratka wtaaa. are the aaat rw raaraiae la tna eairr tiampa. aai a a naaaaa neat an prraeeinshtoaratobaaawbaiitata,, aaat theeoaa UU ar eaa - alry" L h baa man alibi liable ehould aer a aaed. FAIRY t AMPSInT"" Falrv" "LIOHTlT attained tretaO) from all raapaclahaa daaarre. aad boaa 3CULAP. iI?3t;ULAP Tb moat reliable and suitable kaowa Vj Aaaatrat . - jrjig7rT j. a t Tti. maa "r ef nim't JSCULAP ConsUpetion snd Indirettion.. JJSOVLXV Th rare remedy against the remits gSTJIJLAP of aa Inaetiv liver, Ae. TaCULAP Tha prevemtiv cf fravaL gont, yJSCULAP Stone in the bladder. cU stooe, Ac iTpSCULAP The remover of eonarxiueocet of trjis Wl aaat'on to dit. Aik Tone rhaaitat foe tt t5T0 HAft DB1T; TTK V and fcON li LIST of is' a j works of ncTriny JALL in tne PitiCE of SILYRIt. BEST ILVMMEBET5 SIEVSl flPOO.V3 aod FORES. JgUY of the MANUFACTURERS. jQAROSst" STOCK In LONDON. rpiTIS DAY'S PkIcE List. ' " OLAT& - UOLbsMrfHS' ALLIANCE. Limited I Oato A, B. Saaore aod bonal, Maonftatarlas Miaaailka TXa llaid U. ComaiU. Loajo Taidio pataarn aad plain atralfhi pattara radaaad la la td, pw one ; Quran. film a, 7a Id. par ottaae. raaima,iia. a a. sit s a T I It s s UNCLE MAX. Bv ROSA N. CARET," Author of - NelUa s Mamoriaa." Sc. Now radr. In 1 tola, erowa tea. " Tba ayarita of lha aaory ara th ptoaaaatly - sowbis aamtlto aad tbe akpl laworkins apt tha maahlntloaaof the latrisaias aaaaia. AeaoVmy. ' A DAUGHTER of th PTJOPXE." "By OEofiCI - AXA M. CRAIK (Mr MayL Author of " Oodfray Halatooo." Two Women, an. Now randv. In J aot. um San. a m of aoble aalf rmODci ation. Th anthor aHelda a peaclid pea, and it ditto 29 StraryHpaootl3 ISoopLadl 4aataiias Sooraat t Fan Knife aa UTaaSpooaa InasarTons 11 4 II 0 1 11 0 159 Sot of Fiddle Fattorn .. 34 1 1 Tha Shaw Room contain ilaailiullia. hleefdprioaa TI IB1 TI It 41 11 IBI TI III ti ini 11 e - ai rh) III 11 UTaaSpaoaa Mailt 5 T4 IBaajarleacs .. . Ill aatnfOnaan'aFattam.. ATI II moat extaaatt stack af allaaeaiaa rDaaaart ditto 25 Porta 1 15 0 UDraaart ditto 25 7 lOratySsoaaal lBoap Ladle 13 1 00 aa rra. - .F.rora tha appaaranca of Maa , " T waaol b aaid that a alof ia paa m al all delL A f renhaaaa Taf cha - Fampole . prfoaa, maaleatod with 599 aarrarlocl. mat fratotes factor aad aeaary prrradaa tha whoaa. . . . Thm MorT la Terr poet f raw aa appltraaaoa. A larta aaaak mt a.iiadhaadatawapawat auceeaafnL and it la ranaialy pore la toaa aad pnrpoao. Aaademe aad forka. anlmned aonal la aew, aad bt parfaaa eoadlaaa. jaaraaae BVTUmHLuXU I IU JESSIE FOTHERGILL, J roteriuit wort. Tb. r ret w".'t" aoetanty of aerlnaptra - TUS. 11 and 12, CORBU1LL, London. Hon waa remarkable. Ia her preaaal book. whOo retainhai tbe power I i . which hararWind hat drool aa a eoeafcat. hrr plot a bat tae toe - ! straetad.and aha wrilaa mora anroothly 'Moraine Foat. i ' ... ... . . : VoM,7al liHrarlrflad BaklaW epOCKLB S COMPOUND ANTIBIU01T8 THIS. ELIZABETHS FORTUNE. By BERTHA V. 1 ...... ... . Thomas, Anthor of - The Violin Flares, - Creaaida, - A. , aOOCKLE 3 PILLS Free from mcreory. an a toia, erown sao. A BAER - rLUNDEfe - BVW E. ! PILtS - Mad. of puiarg; lro i nOlS - pILLS - For Liv - r. Bienat Bantiew ,i noa. aar Bnruajtna atrret, rabUahen la I v , - . Ordinary to Her MaWy The Qoaam. OC'KLESP ILLSForTjlIcT JQAVID DOUGLAS. 13, Castle - street, Edinbarih r j COCKLE'S PiLLS For IndlEestion. lOCKLE'S PILLS - For Acidity. COCKLES PILLS For Heartbnrn. The DUKE af ARGYLL oa SCOTLAND . As It Was and As It Is. 2 vols, dais r If. in.aatr.ted. Frlaa 18a. - ITtHK nAsTKI.I.ATKIl and iHIMKsf 111 Aftnlf T. X TWTTUKEof W"OrLAl. from lha Twalft to thaVlfMaaath COCKLE'S PILLS In U ijhtT - tIX yrsra. tecta. With ahool I.0 lllaatrakioae et O round Fiaa. oOettoa. ..tutjAte VrT TwTtPif f OC3PILL3. View, Etoeationa, aad DeUlla. 1 tola, royal Ita. 42a. aacA COCKLE b COMPOUND ANTIBILaULaaa. 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DJ, D0.Ia.LtVD., Bohop eC ' JJMrbea. Ninth Edittoa. raalaad. laa. lit. j : EMATEitaiTTo - sTuinsr F. H. STEVEN, M.A. Maaaara af th Military aadaVrlararuif i.1 r , 1 , j II, orloa m. Foralar Eifttlon, ahfCVng each. ENGLISH MEN of LETTERS. Edited by JOBX MORLXY. New pnUiabia avmabty, ta papa eewara, U. aaah. sloth bladlac. la. Id, aaah : JOHNSON. BylltMLIE aTEFHE?. XaadJ. SCOTT. ByAH - HLTrON. Ready. Maatnlllan aad (o.. London EtFNBSS and iu CURATIVE TREATMENT. Wah Aalyaia ae SS caaaa af Smfana aaa 1 I. lit wrth M. aioaet aaoi soup. Tnam ay lareaama. m urrua nsses, M.O, F RG.A r Samoa to St Aadra Ew ad Throat llMpihaJ, Walls itraat, W. H. fcaaaaaw. aaraavt, D fTTHE COMING WABTbAhlT f FIOHTINO A. anaoastitAJ AJLMT. gy se oeiaar af the Fiesta Artglary, AetbortseA iWattoa trees lie rjaasKMfcsVWfsssm Bi saiee, 71 to ft, Oswat (ntsa unit W.a bTEW"andt7eTViTirA niWUSTTf tpAMlLT BgiiEA V kALRJi TS." 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