The Times from London,  on February 15, 1865 · Page 23
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The Times from London, · Page 23

London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1865
Page 23
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Tfl DSFSXCS OFCAXADA. fclloiri Wtff to th SocreUnr of 8UU lot ?LS reffi - eoce to the tletVrtO of Oanad. br 'Jihwua.t - Colmiel Jerrou, R.E., C. IX, Dep - ty ilior of Fortifitka, m published Ntet J' ,CsjofBee. Jan.. 165. irA 1. Hit J eeeardee witlk jtmr Lord. - .. HL iWuumi erf lfiS, to ascertain the condition of their I , i .Tr J poinlAl al U ytwtr IxwMaMp In my report date. I SJImt eario remit of my ieapection in Canada, VT'Mtractio of certain wprit of fortifioatiaa at fjtlrJ aad tebe waa to eaehl th Rritiah .aaartl tarnl reamae j nnmM JSiir ptwp ttftnwai, AJif to your btrdaltip's fcrtWr JirraK - ns i fw iirn vu in peps - TTrf SrT last, for th rairpea of affordias; to Lord SuLk nlltollw lYovioeial liovvrameat of Canada very Lj - ntix t if Irr as to the meatarrs which, it la do. LUa w adeft tor tne ocieoc h mat colony. 1 nav now MsTftMMr U 'rrfawt foil 8 " ."I t ...varied at liverpool for North A merie on the 1 af SrVsrwihce lat. end after visiiine Halifax, Nov SLh.JU't'S throura New Rninawiek rarWelo rj. J Vrirrd tfwibe il!iIUI lb km month, lthtaBlmitioitl - with 1 - ord Moaek with reereoeo to " .VTTkivt ef vnv H'Hmmw. I 1o troeMw(l U Montreal to Ha - with Intresat - Oeaetal Sir Vi . F. WUliuu, tee ?". - .,.meedii the troone ta British North Amnio. J2IL,anl! I ' tatrrviewt "'1 nrrl nWi of th GMtnnnt f l"" - 1 - " l Qe October, to - btetttrt i the'Coaf. - renr with lb delete Ut f mm the pro - . jf4v SeHi, S'rw nruotwick, lVirco EJarJ( ? lI - .iL.VJ th rrwiof" of Britwh North Ammo. ' "0 Ik llh'"f VtjSr I h.l forbul iuUrrifw . jv iv. .kijc of the ETitiT Council, who then re - ' tf Bl u Ut avw w'" rrapyW to tht Jf w of X" I. x kf rorrruin w ith Dm Umisoil took V Ljrtop of h; itt(TM', whifh M to prr of STtlhw"' .natino rraifirj it utcemuy for tnt)to - It. auill mtyi of wrrnd rMitat ia Cnpr pj. 'I Moortia;lr rociwnaitrr.1 th craotrr atnat of Civi. ,rtnS.linj my iMwrn U t!xa que - - .f .tiA trft I iaha,ifcJ to th Uoataaat GonerU yujafr.hoij'a''lb'PproTml ia writioj of the rT ,yiiirn.)Ml thfrrin. a my rrtuta to QurbM ""T" . 1 1 f .v - f - : 'Zm iter intrTirw wi'J tha (fnor - GofTl and oTof thr ambm of th Council, I Wt;i3be for "'tAiti,',' - ',',0', wJl'c' rMrultJ front my i.ite with th - Cjtilitn (Kivrrnmrat.itrV Utn in Mwrt f thr t - Vunri'. it m bi ooaTrtiirat t!it I thoaM 'Aibrv!TialhUn:r th riwa whieh If iprouej at Biy htrrrir w witk - th Couof il. ' - i. IoWrJ.thitIth'a;h, owing to th length and tttaimf thf - frjatwrof (uU. it a impoasible to pro - KtlT!lhnrt 1,'"b0l'IJr,,V ao rnrmy moit nrr - tatbai wiair poron ofcMtiin rital point befor h ,ocU Uua u'y oVciJoi niuitsry aJraatAce ; tliat.tire are aalr i fr 3c& poisu ani.that if prcprr arraacrmroU writ BfcW fr & JVrBC of ih ia 4acn by the construe - " liaiof . - titioa. the irJiion of tnboaij; and th im - nrncRtX ewnniuaiciuora, the militia aud ro!unt?er ttXfiofthe coanlrr, if prorrl orpibiivj ai.l ailel br tr.hth tivwr. wocM be c'J.l to hold then dnrint the ri fon!y - 2yB! :s mocib id. the year) when tullitary iI'mi Urs tale could be. carried on aaiat ties. sJ tha. thov force could mist an ; attack with tte but j - ite c hance .of nreea. "I pointed out fcst mil tU View the puitions of th creaUt military fcartaaoi in the country are Montreal and (Quebec ; Mon - tml heacse. bring at the heaJ of the era narittion of the Si Larrrnar and thefocii of all oomuauisation by land ajjruer between the en'tjra and western diatrieta. it 'is fjf eoTOttTcUl and rtratejtcal capital of Canada, and, from in position oa th frontier, is, nioreoeer, the point upon rb5ti enemy could tuoa: readily make a' gm .1 attack ; Qbec 'at bnn; the "first pint of military communication - brtwtea Oiaada and Great Eritain - and th point to whSch thiBhtsh forces, mnst retire if oTerpowered. - rsUte.ltht . wsh thow two points p!acci in a condition far defence, and fee rinrbrtwrra Jloitreal aad Qnebeeooainian.led bviron - n!itl rejeels. aneoessfal rrsistaar coold b male to any tanspttonkjute'lhe ooantryao long as Great UriUin t) the eotninsnd of the sev "i. I ohaerrM at tba" aam tin that, although, looking at the jatiiea from a purely military point of riaw, the drfeoes of L'er Canada was by far the most important coesiJcraUoa. I was. nererthelesa, aware of th objections t&ai wecU be rsucd if no prorisioa were made for th da - feoeeof tfceoonitry to weiiwanl of MontrraL I remarked feat h was (jmte possible, nndrr certain condition! and witk nSaest pen and means, to deriee a schema for ' the iefenee of Cpper Cst - ida, th? con litions referred to being tut eLaPsl eom - nuniriuoa sao2ii oe eataouanea wita til wesera disthcU ; that the country brtweeu Lake SL Lonia aaj Xake Ontario - should be protected by naral in com - oiattioa with military means ; that a naral depot shonld Wreerjded at Kington, which place should b fortified as at to form a 'seenre liarboor for gunboats oa Lake (htaha. With the naral command of that lake, tps acting for the defence of "the western pcDinsulaof Caeaia inigut. if orrrpow ereit. fall back upon its shore at Inraito, where, if proper works were constructed, tliey Bitsct is coejaartion with th naral force for the defease of that portion, either until reinforcement arrired fno otier psru of the country, or. until tha winter seaaon oUinl the ese - r.y to retire. ' '"1. The pror"'' 'or permanent defence contained in ay report to" the "Canadiau Gorernment mar bediridad uler two lcs.s : First, the defence, of Canada so far as I tMT UE TIMES, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1865. I ahoali add that altbaaxk th no. Mh nteff vmU rwder ft daBgcnmi gJ - 1 l! im of war, U bUo would raLVT7Zi i'JT. . . war a urg ana amoieat r?tf o - Jlo wiU th ragaUr foroa. fivii.v l,,,a rHlr to npmrnt to yoar JnW, troops U preawat ia thlT wwatwra penia - " " ' wa . praaral wlUKlrawm, bat that, na tb y rTX """H"' at ahoaU U aJordad totha or - gaaiaauosi af U .Hliaa ia that part of tha ooaatry by th rrr?Ui"T,: M lnTi4 ragfiweat at ah UUo asthrre - IU1 Oornw - al Buy aalwt for tha fomatioa of taother bll;.M Tli MOV PaoipJo. a thoa. which har hme eaUUiakod at ToroaVo aad UiMbre. all ran ki iaeiaaira ml tl - jn. " it.tbenfor appaari that, with a " - Xaotaatioo, Urg fore could b made arailabl ..!... . '''.Prorlaos, prtrridad there war a suffl. tint ; Uff ot adueaied oOarrs aad Doa - aoanmiwuoMd oftWn v r, . B?,ll aaTtral Uttalioo aoaU fca attached ha" called ttn rr J.i. a . i: .1.. t.. . . . i poaiUoo to take to ballot, wiU Cos aist, zc)nairt of oTWs, of W,'Ji5 man. m ii afa ia g ii r 1 1 1 tk. n l 1 1 bi rtad with regard to tha applieaUoa oflind7 hkh tha roTiocw i uorernmrat of Canada may btraafter obtain from lhr lflatr for militia rarpnaoa. I aavs, tbera - 7T"' - , vxiiooat Jt Jlunlo, Uia Inspector' Goeera of olnlon 1. n.i n.i. ,li vi.l. j beg to euW th followj, g sugTeatioo. 1 ' u, , IIU propoaad thai th fore abomld Uorganbed tteougbout "o oountrT so as to bear as anaHy as poaaihle r - r" w "i ma eeTvrai luatricxa ; trtav to order - - ""v. mm men aaay a MnuatBtad Wllb sash other, lb otSeen ahoald ha .Ui . from tho. 1 ilistricta. and that their appointmaaU should ba eooditional on. thair oaalifaiaw tk.ul.u .1 k - caaoia w innrscuoa, wlxi, prod of a mock ralue, or in aar other war that mUiU.1 a. ik. A; 1 which aooulJ be taated by la !ni nation. Tb fore tho otiaaa anouta no told off ia eocapaaie aad battalions, eomewhat oa th priacipl of th admiatatTativ battalions of olotiteen la linal Rrit;. Tk - k. " - "'t' t tbeirapaetia had - qaarttv aad might ba aa - - iinniuiiiwia jor DaMaiioa tnatntctioB wimout ncMsaanly iorolriog an abaeno of th men from their "win lor mora utao a day at a lima. "'IS. Then ahouhl ba atobn. r. ou uoiauig ai u nad4uarter of tb asreral eompaniea, oiler tb ear of a ewgeaaUaatnietor. who ahoald be rer - nianenUT appotolrd to each coca paoy. Th storehouses may b of an iMXrensiT oamatrneliaa. amL fnr IK. ula nl mmrn - nty of the arms, should b lurmuBdad with a paliaad or other encliwnre. It would obriouslr b graat mlraatag tohaoarmsaailabl - at all time for tha praetio of tb mo of th aereral oomnania who might be disposed to proSt by their use. With a riw, therefore, to afford n - coarajement to officers, noo - eoaimiauooed offiorra, ami men to work, at' rill fnatrnctioa and priia - shooting there shonld also be a ran re nrorided in a - eoonnUnt t.,T;tr tr - , wr snnwi ot a oompaay, aa ui cireum - stances of tha loealitr rendered deairabl. h. lKm. .r,n. menU the men would obtain"a fair koowledg of company drill and musketry practice, which, would much facilitate their instruction aa a battalion. "191 The permanent aUff of th. ktt.';.. .k,1.1 :.t of aa ad'utant and a sergeant - major for tha battalion, with a aerceant - inatruetor for eaah imnu TT.. ., ahoald in the first instance bo ao experienced officer from the rrsuiar army, ami snooiil from tune to time risit th aereral companies at their respective localities. "liOl It . is recommended, farther. .tkl tb. Mimln should be dirided into eonrenient district for th eonoen - tratioa of th battalions into bnirsdM and ...1 uai me asrerai corps mould De assemble. 1, if practicable, in camps for exercise, A brigai and dirlsion staff shonLl ba Pvtoicu lor.tois purpose. " 21. The uermanent cliarv. fr this muinlui nlJ b the pay of th adjutants, th sergeant - majors, and ser - jiMwaiiraoon ; vn cost or erecting ttorebouses, the provision, of arms, accoutrement, and clothing ; th pay of such battalions as might b called out aonually for drill : and the outlay reuisit for th education of officers and aereesaU at tha achoola of iaatraetisB aa mlrmmAm liahed. ' "H. It is for contiilrraUoa whether, when not embodied the principle of a capitation grant in proportion to tb oxr - t6d efficiency of too members of tha seTeral companies would not be desirable. (See Order la OoonciL nam M tr. "BaieeriegiuaMoni tor ureal iiniain ; also Articles 2j9 to 278 of th same Regulations as regards th rule under wmea im capitation grant is distributed.) " ZL It is be tiered that an nrniiuilnn 1. Itau ti..(. pie would afford th means of applying tha fuBila at tba 01 Mia waoauiaa uorerumens ior miutta purpose to tn best aeoount, and with tha least amount of inconvenience to the widely scattered population of the country. "21. Whether, howerer. this or anr other noasibl ar. ran genietit be made ior the organization of the militia of Canada, It can scarcely be expected that the foroa that could be mustered at aa outbreak ot hostilities would be equal to withstand the enemjr in the open field. Works of defence aro taereiorw easenuai so enaoio our comparatively ainall force to hold the points against which the main attacks would ba directed. ' It is' at the commencement of. - a war that the greatest danger is to ba apprehended, and it is sub - , mitted that it is only by availing ourselves of th adren - taget afforded by fortifications that w can provide against our troops being overpowered at tha first onset, or that time can be obtained for rendering tha militia available for the defence of the country. "Th question appears to be whether tha British foroa now in Canada shall he withdrawn, in order to avoid tho risk of it defeat, or whether tha necessary measure shall be taken to enable that force to be of na for th defence of th province. zv. iRe sum required for toe ennstructiou of th pro - there'u - eontnur.icaiiou for ocean sleamthipa It, as far P' wofk and armaments at Montreal and Qnebeo would weuaarl at Montreal ioclutiv. Second, the defeoeeof the o0,T ?D1 th regular foroa wa xttrytw.t..rlvf - Uontreal. now maintaia in Canada. . ' - ra - r' tS - tint heal it u proposed that permanent I wdeltuion to suppose that that force can b. of any worta of fortu'eiioii shall be constructed for tbelefence of w ,or the feoce of tba country without fortification to Xaaa! l Quebec I'nder the s?eond hea - 1 it is proposed i for th comparative imallness of iu numbers, tefsrC'y KinsW. and to conitruet certain irman7nt Et71 wf by the whole - of the local militia that work, f or the alefeaee of Tacoato and Hamilton acainst an 1 eould. a Pr?8?'1 mJe V"1" it would, in th event of attack frota the lake. " i war, be obliged to retreat before th supenor numbers by ' " St report a! eontsiot su j. - esOns with rcpeet to the wb!ch ??M "ck,,A J U "P"1'1 be fortunate if it frnvisioa of nnnoatj. the inrovement of cerUin commn - "ee1."! iu embarking at Quebec and putting to ea with - BiestbM. sa i the conttructioa of worts of defence which .out TKfu defeat On th other hand, if th work now Ciit he thrown in tin: u' war rtSMnmended be eonstructe.1 the vital point of the country Ihivetalnoo35cialinmitioTiof the eouraa which could be.defendo.1, and tho regular army would become a the IbvixUtlsorrreneat prvtwae to adopt With respect to nacI,ett" and apport round which the peopl of Canada trf nettions wVlch I lis 1 tho honour to sulrmit to them '; - THE SAFFHOK - niLL liVHDKR. Yesterday Gregorle Metal, UourracUy eaUad Metal Ore. Soma, the ItaUaa plctura - frame maker who itaids charged oa tU ewa eoafeaaioa with having Murdered Michael liar riagtoa at the GolJan Anchor publUhoaa, Great 8ffroa' klU, en the Bight of theSCthof DaeemUr last was aeal placed at th bar of th Clerktnwell rolioa - eourt before Mr. ITETHCxtuitT for ra - siaminatioo. if r. F. II. Lewis, barrister, atUn.led for the proeeeuUoa, aad Mr. Moatan Wmiama. barriaUr. appeared for th derBo. lastractad by otn friaads of the PrisoosT. M Oalll interpreted, and Mr. Soperintendeat Oarnoa, O Divi. aion, watched th case oa behalf of th Commissioner Polios. Mr. Lewis laid that a the magistrate had leqaMted that evuiooc should b brought befor klm .of th kiUiag of Michael Harrington in the room at the UoUea Aaehor puUichouaa he would do so, although he should bar been prepared to rest the ease for the prosecution upon the tat - tnent of th prisoner himaalf. I would state one or two feet to show the reasons which had induced th' prosecution to refrain, from calling thcao witnesses, la order to remove any Impreasioa that thers had been a desire to keep back lt enJeac of two or three of tbara. Ia th first Mace, Mr. Shaw i th Undlord of th Goldeo Anchor, aad aU the witneaae ar his nneral cttstonMra. and therefore it was like bringing witneeaea from the enemy's camp, a proceeding which it was felt micht interfere with th dna course of jnsuee. neyond that, there were love reasons why those iiHBBi a nave not oeen calico. Wr. IETXCOCKT. What raasooa dovoasar? Mr. Lewis. Love naaona. I shall show that befara Mrs. gnaw was married, ah and th condemned man, rVIusoni, were vtrr intimate. I shall call Un. Shaw befora vna. aad ah will, too doubt a - lmit it It will place both Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Shaw in a critical position, and it mtrht appear Irrelevant to the examination ; but I bold that it will show tb motive. That is the only statetneot which I have to make to you. Sir, and I wiU tell you now what I pro - pnae to do to - dar. I ahall ehow.not onl that th. .li.lorK - anoe had a enmmencemeat in the Golden Aoebor before Pelixaoni went to that poblichout. but I will call a witness to show that he fetched Pelizzioni from Bordejaa's public boos after th disturbance hail practically ceased. The loeury pc an prosecution ulnat when b got to the Uol.len Ancbnr he was anxious to ret into tba ba7aU!U'.nvm. and that he was posh! in ami knocked down, falling on the oieaoing rorm or uiehael Harrington. I will recall Moraxxi. aad he will prove - that the prisoner Gregorio was there, and u. waiy one anua was usea. i'ietro Gagiana waa then called aad xamiaed by Mr. Lewis. He said, I am a iramemaker, and reside'at 15. Evre - street - hfll. I"wai at tha Golden Anchor miblichanae oa ureas oanron - niu on tne evening at ua Ma ot IMcem - ber last I aaw the Driaoner Gre?orio there, t first saw him between 6 and 7 o'clock io the eveoing. Pelirxioni was nns .saers at trie time. I went to Bordeasa s pnblirhnuae to fetch Pelizzioni, and returned with bim to the Golden Anchor puhlichonae. Mr. Lewis. Before von went to fetch Peliirinnl.fmTn Bonleasa's pubtichouse was there any disturbance in the uouien Ancnor ; Witneaa. Yes. Sir. there was. about ten minutes before. There were a mat man v persons there, but I cannot ssv how many there were. The prisoner Gregorio was. there.' The usiuroance was in tne up or dancing room while I staved there, ami when I went out I do not know what took Place. I brought Pelizzioni Kick with ma tn tha Golden Anchor. I did not go in" again myself, but I saw Pelizzioni go in. 1 annum ny mat it woum taice roe about lour or uve minutes to go up to Jiontana's and bring back Pelizzioni I was away about that time going there and back. We walked back very qnietlv. Mr. Lewis Before you, brohght Pelizzioni back to the uohien Ancnor ma you make any statement to him 7 Yes, did. ' bit I tare the Ki rruon. for f ratios that they concur geuc - exE.v ia the whole of my ro;Mlt, and that they are ready t Oftt tie s:!ier Country i a a fair, and becoming spirit in exrrriii;oitthimearesw!.icj are requisite for the'de - fw of CarUs. . Irejarxl the works fcr tlieilefence of Montreal aid Viec u bring of tlifl must prenin importance. " I eitircite toe c of th for Q lebec at aJ.0TX) "TLosefor M.vutreal at ... ... 443,000 "Aal tb.s". the anham'inM for the works at tVnej.UoM ill cost abnat. . ,.. ... - 100,000' Tkiwork'irif firtiexti.n rocommende.1 at Kingston, laeisto, saUlshi2ton wpj cwt afnut .V),0ilf, and tho "jmciiw taos pcci aN.ut lW.WWf. would rally to" resist arrressioo and to Drescrva' that con. nexion with tha mother country which their loyalty, their interests, and their love of true freedom alike make theni desirous tb maintain. "I have the honour "to be, ray Lord, your Lordship's oceaieui, unmoie - aervanL, " W. F. DUCMMOJfD JEHVOIS. " The Eight Hon. Earl de Grey and Kipon, Secretary of State for War, ka." jrXW - ROYALTY THEATRE. A aomewhat extravagant farce, perfectly original as far as tne r.Dt'Iii h staffe is concernecL. - whatever nu h&v. hiwn 1 source, nas been brought out with a certain success at th r 1 - k rM1".,.t!''; - con !iti.ih hf the local forces of Xew IJoyslt'. It it entitled Cousin, AJonu, and the plot vaiidi I Lv th - "' rwnour it state, for the information i turns on the high opinion which Major Smith (Mr. Russell), a fireeatini; officer, uewlv returned from India, has been in duced to entertain respecting the personal attractions of Bis nepoew, jir. Aiionu Known (Mr. J. ttobint). Having limit" "us nepnew ia ms ixiouon resiaence, oe goes to meet him at the railwiv bnteL rivin. - orders to hit black servant Pompey (Mr.: T. If ughrs) to watch vigilantly on the platform, and rescue the handsome youth from the crowds of heart stricken women - by whom ne 11 sure to oe persecuted. However, wnen Adonis arrives, not only does he fall short of expectations, but" he is abso. lutely hideous ; so very ugly,iiideed,that his ugliness proves a remaraanie talent in. tnaUDgup on thopart of ilr. J.' Robins. He it taken home, to th Misses Smith (Miss Kelly and Mist Nelly Burton), daughters to the Maior. who. are all anxiety to see .their handsome cousin; but if the father . surveys - Adonis with growling dis - - gnst the girls shriek at him with "terror, the ill effect of. bis appearance "being heightened by a revolting ecaneaess of manner. In vain does he attempt to - coaciliate tne one 01 tne two young lame who is unpnmded with a suitor by telling her that be is - worth 5,000. a year ; she inuignanuy repeia nis aavances. ana ncr latner,. notwiui. standing an eve to the truun chance, cannot but approve her determination. An aeoount in a newspaper of a murder committed on the road by - which Cousin Adonis" must, have come to London completes his unpopularity hv kindling the suspicion that ha is not the real cousin after all, but an aasassinby whom tha too lovely youth has been slaughtered.. The ugly wretch is now menaced with the police and only escapes by flourishing a pistol ; but be soon reappears as an extremely well - conditioned young man such as Mr: J. Robins naturally seems when not " made up" to look otherwise and all are ready to acknoa - ledce him. lie confesses that he has practised a little stratagem.' Having' beard that the young ladies of London give their banda for money only, and 'are ready to wed any hideous brute, provided only thst he" is rich, ha has resolved to make the ex - iieriment. and is agreeably disappointed to finj'that the beauties of th capital bare been unjustly calumniated. He can now marry bis cousin Sophy, and hit eoaain Sophv Is elad to take him. This farce promuet well at the beginning. Tha author, COljr 1 1 wwp mini uie western uistncu in - 1 - ur. J . sr. if ooier, wunTwten a iku ui geuiriua oomeuy tVCon"6? """etiont from this country previous to ' in hi last novelty, Lnwrenee'i Lortnit (lately - brought 'tljrUtS''0" "M;rm,'t "as a depressing effect Un out at th ' Strand), has sketched hit characters with a , . - - iw nif improvement 01 IUC nrin uaou. sua cuaraa ogij wuwj u uri - ituou wiui uiuca . It? L"" of lj militia of tw diatricU - humour, and enables" Mr. Robins to show a capacity for " Niih.dY t ,u'e.l. a militirv school lias been j character - acting which ha has rarely displayed. The hot - Wits Jjoin emmi - xion with one of Her Ma - , headed Maior, the" black servant the two young misses, are "wmihinw "i'"' aauiaciory reauii. II tne auuiauncuv irawu ana wcu piayeu, uiougu on 01 uie H,, Ic 'aeu awav - iroin tne western uistnct trv Irliriisli:p; tha'. there a!re - lv existin the principal VwMofCanaU several corj. - of volunteer militia of the i - ??t armnf theierTiee. according to the List reports acsatinz in the srejt to " - 'l.TOJ men ; thsso fro - :5se.,tara eai'or drill, aud are paid by the Government ?r ts. - .r temort. I taw trveralof the viduntecr regiments 7? rt rabcc ; tliry were well. - .lres. - l an I appointed ; rJr?V5e Vst.sdieniif, and they went through - a E. - ess very ere'.itaVy. I hv? reaain to believe that the vo.MV,r mil:tis nf Jlontrcal. Toronto, and other places are tyuX ii eacie'scv to the volunteers at Quebec, .'A r - 4 pnyrjrtkm of the oSc ri r.f these corps hive obtained - etei of .ScipTiey from niiiitarv bosrds before whom tar, ppss - nte - I tliema - lvs for ex aminatiou. :' ;wJtU mUttU.f the attention of thiPro - liiSi1 ''""eTit ha, .latin? t!i last vrtr len directed f'icSf tthee,tvhKbnDt of militarr schvils of inttruo - r.ghtly jude.1 that it it for the efficiency of the .Uliitt 4k ,ki .!.!.. .1 .... 3 . . . c'T. 1.'. military iiroietsion. ac - - s - f.y, ts schi:i of ihtniction for officen are now in 'Tersti - jn in C.n la - one in connexion with the" 17th Eegi - w at Qaelc, tue olher with the lGth Regiment at aSi" lti:''"t - cu;oneli(wbo are direetorjof tfte ) sol oZcen of these regiment tpecially tol l off. to racjirepsil fortlii service by the Provincial Govern - - Z7', CTti6ca.tea are granted by the coloneli to tb Et.U2.rnfli.'aoi'rdirgto the dcxree of proSciency they r'ort during the per ol allotted to each for in - roctMtL i f. ! . . . rm . . 1 , - imh - hw, wruucaieii rruini w at oiuccr I"'1' ntadehimt - lf acquainted with the interior economy ment,a.Iwfco i 'capable of mani - uvring a bat - - ; a teond.cUs certificate it give t one who has' i' Jn3 and Uk. command of a company On the SI. ls,, - lM nrttlat and 1ST sccon.Wsss cer - - u". granted. There were at the tame time 'roicaMfor"admiaiion. The fonnation of additional 0ril!0'! ; - """ lrineiple as those which now exist at btdkt f0'0. and for terg U ldeaire.r " " "" " if'??111.1 bm "Vetl'tt the protpecl of the with. o,l u, - j7I"al troopt from the western dittrictt in "! 01 instruction for. tli mmiUiniWu. ik rv kLIl U m Um be withdrawn, and thus a SanT " pro.lneo.1 among the people of fono - J iiT a 'ldttioaal tmm against the W wiJilrawU of the troop, from the western dis ao V?'"ed.uv Peditur of nearly 20,0001. for oe - lation of the troops in Lower Canada would be vaTJrl.n'erv. and that it would be unad - plZ ths expen4itnre at the very time when It is 7L J.l d,llUonl barrack accummodalioa in V.. - T projecte.1 works of fortification at Mou"l .!Tio,u - T" ahowed a fore of about ofu!elllU. but a larger number have been ir - anI the past rear, owing to their not &wSt'.?'?nl"itneoi desire to breom. ee. Yr ltl - V"" nnmber - - !&?.tZ MitU Act. were paaaed b, th. OaaUan 1 cru d. W 75 An Act respecting th MUiUa ; the 13,643 ! .wort Ju Volunteer Mniturere, - the So ladies might be counselled so far - to cultivate ber mncmoaia power a to secure a more nucnt delivery 01 ner words. Apiece of the higher. order, in which somothing like a development of character will take place, seems to hare "been planned, when suddenly oar expectations are disappointed by the cousin's avowal of hit stratagem, and we feel that we have reached a " lame and impotent conclusion.'' for which the moral justice done to our fair com patriots of Cockney - land imperfectly compensates. Naver - L theless, the piece, having caused laughter, prove sueceas - liu. Tux Loxdox Coal Trade. For the first month of th present year the Various railways having access to London entered, at the Coal - exchange, 2M9& tone, 1 ewt., which tonnage i largely in exeeet of that for the corresponding month of loot. Of this large quantity 104,463 tons 4 ewt it entered aa brought from van out coalfields by the London and North. Western. 93,233 tons per the Great Northern, 21.290 tons per the Great Western, 13,745 ton U ewt per the Midland - vis., 11,607 tons 7 ewt to St Pan pot ana z,ua tons 0 ewt. to King - reros Station ; tons 19 ewt per the Great Eastern. LM1 ton ner t4 Huv, ' , volunteer Jtuin roree, - the South - Western, 1,179 too 5 ewt per the Chatham and aiu when used aloct refers to th fosmar. Dover, and 30 ton ner the JmW Tilburr. and 8ooLhaod. Mr. IVKrCOrRT. It will be assumed that the witness said something to Pelizzioni. We cannot take that statement Cross - examined bv Ur. Montnim Williams T know th. brother of the prisoner Gregorio. - His name is John Mogti, and he was at the Golden Anchor before I left to fetch relizxioni. Examination continued. The prisoner! brother wsa in uie uisiurneace at me uouien Ancnor. - 1 cannot sav what the disturbance was about I cannot sav whether it was onlv talking or quarrelling. I went outride after the noise t first heard. I did not see Michael Harrington there. I did not see uregoria. am ice me landlord of the uolden Anchor. I aaw Gresorio eo into th tanraom. I did not sea hv whii - h ooot uregorio went into ta room. I merely saw bim in the room. Maria Kinr was next examined bv Mr. Lewis. Sha said. I am the wife of William Kin, who la a ionrnevman bona button maker, and we resid at Ko. 28, Leather - lane, Holhorn. I wat in the bagatelle - mom of the Golden Ancbnr puoiienoase on tne evening of the Jlith of December Isst. I aaw Michael Harrington in the room. .The last time I recollect seeing Harrington alive and well was between 6 ana nair - past 0 p clock. I did . not see him sgam until he wa beinc taken awav and not into a cab. f aaw nnthinv done to him. I cannot aar how long it was after I saw him alive and well that I saw him bring put into the cab to be taken to the hospital, a I waa knocked down myself. It was Berafino Pelizzioni who. knocked me down.. He had not whiskers that nifht I cannot sav whether he haa rrown 01s woKsers since ennstma. Mr. Lewis. That is so. This is a verv important future in the ease. Mr. D'F.TKCorKT. Yes. it is. and perhaps it would ba better to have the witnesses out of court All witnesses on either aid were then ordered out of court Pietro Gugiana was then recalled, and in answer to the magistrate said, I am sure that when I saw the prisoner xregoiio aa mc iromen Ancnor on tne mgni 01 tne Jim ne had only a tnonitaehe, without any beard cr whiskers. He ban on a very small hat . It was not a cap. ar. u i.rscocicT. 11 it verv important that we thoulil now how the prisoner was 'dressed and - appeared on that evening. (To the witness.) How, Mrs. King, look at this man (the prisoner) and tell me whether you. see thst his appearance ia different now from what it was on that even tng. The Witness (emphsticallv). I never saw this man ftha pnaooeri o. mv jiie oeiore im morning. By Mr. D'ETKCorltT. At the moment that I was knocked down I - waa just about learinz the hantelle - rnom. I was knocked down very suddenly, as I had opene.1 the door, and was about to leave the bagatelle - room when I saw the man. Will you undertake to swear solemnlv and distinctly that this is not the man (pointing (6 the priaoper) who. knocked you down? I say thai I never saw this man (the prisoner) in my life before this morning.' Now, it has been sworn thst Pelizzioni wsa' not the man who knocked you down. Ton still say that Pelizzioni was - the man who knocked you down, the man who struck you ? Tea. " You have heard the evidence at the trial of the maa Reb - beck that Pelizzioni wat not the man who knocked vou down ? Yes, I heard that he did say so, but lam sure that it was Pelizzioni who struck me. How long have'you - known Pelizzioni ! I never taw him befora I wat knocked down, and I then ttw him distinctly. At the time that you were knocked down wat there more' than one man at the. door ! Yea, but I. aaw him distinctly. Can you not say. whether there was a ruth of two or three men at the time ? No, I cannot say, aa I was knocked down so suddenlv. . Alfred Sebbeckwas the next "witne. ITe said, lam potman to Mr. Shaw, who keer th Golden Anchor public - house. I remember.the 20th of December, when there was a disturbance at that house in the evening. Mr.'D'ErXCorRT said that aa there wat some doubt as to the appearance nf the prisoner on tho night of the affray, it might be advisable to suggest that the prisoner should be shaved. . Morezzi was recall e - 1. and stated that Gregorio only wore a moustache on the night of the 30th of December. Rebbeck 'said that he did not recollect how Grcgorio'i beard waa cut on that night The witness Dominico Cetti, upon being recalled," said that when he saw the prisoner on the night in question his chin was smooth, ne had only a moustache 'and a small piece or nair unner in lower up. ' sr. rvr.vt....w k Mr. D'EYHCOfRT directed the interpreter to ask whether the prisoner would object to be shaved, and tha prisoner re plied." Not at aU." It waa then arranged that the prisoner should be shared. - end while a barber was sent for Mr. Benjamin Georg was called to prove the plan. He said that be was a lithozratiber livinz at"47. Jlatton - eardon. Tbe plan produced was ao accurate plan of tha Golden Anenor pupucnouse, drawn upon a scale 01 nau an meato the foot By Mr. D'Etxcourt. T believe that if a challenge had been given from the bagatelle - room to those in the taproom, anyone sitting in the .bar - parlour could have heard it if there had been no noise, or a moderate noiae? but if there hal been a great noise it might have been heard if made in a loud tone. The width of the - passage between the bagatellebagatelle - room and the taproom is 3ft - (The prisoner was removed to the eaoler's room. On his return his beard hail been removed and he only ware a moustache and small tuftc - T hair on the chin.) Mrs. King was recalled, and, in answer to Mr. D'Etx COCET, said that the was - ax positive as ever that the prisoner was not the man who knocked her down. Mr. D'ErscoCTtT. Have you ever hesitated about ear ing that Pelizrioni wat the man ? Witneaa. I have never hesitated. I am tare the prisoner is not the man who hit me. Alfred Rebbeck said. I was potman at the Golden Anchor publichouae co the ntght of Boxing - day, the2"th of Decern ber last. I remember Mrs. King being struck down at the door of the bagateUe - Toom. I know the prisoner SeraSno rebxzioni very welt I am not aware that be was tb man who struck her down. I am - not sure who knocked ber down. Mr. P'ETTrrorRT. If I remember rirhtlr. tou have stated distinctly that Pelitxioni was not the maa who knocked her down. W itness. I am not snr who it was. I believe - 1' have aaidjhat it waa not Pelizzioni who knocked her "down. I knew the prisoner Pelizzioni well before' that night' I knew the prisoner Gregorio before, as I - nave seen him la the house. I had seen' bim in the taproom that night I cannot say whether he la or Is not th man who knocked down Mr. King. Croat examined bv Mr. William. I aaw Harriet - ton lvinsr on the floor ia the bagatelle room, and I pulled Serafino PrUizxioaf away from him. It waa'while I was pulling him off that I lost my senses and found afterwards that I bad been stabbed. Mr. D'Etncocrt. E careful. Wa th prisoner in th bags ts lie - room t Witoet. I am certain that the prisoner was. not there. I 'wiU nadertaks to swear that the witneaa Morazxi was Bet thee. .1 mean oartainly that be was sot there : Bet that I did ot sea Urn. I kow Orerorio't brother, but I did aot see kirn ia th batalie room. Croas - exeasiaed. I positi v.Iy undertake to say that during the time I was la the roata the prisoner wa aot there. I was lhre during th whol of lb distarbaso. I waa seat oat for itlaki before the row eoeanMaeeaV I do not know wh it was that aaat as oat It wa on of tha men ia the bejraislle - rcoca.' I want i sod told thata that there wasgoing to tea row. I treat lata th tapraosa, and oat ot th men said, Go beck, or yow will catch It." The whole of the Italian were waving their banda, asdwerein a very excited state. I was driven back. There waa no fighting ia the taoroom then. One of tha Itallane eaid to ma. New, Alt, reu had ranch better go back, or yoa will catch It a well at th others." I do aot kaow where Shaw was at that time, llarringtoa at that tim wa iu the hagtn room tinjing a aong. When I got into the bagatelle - room I told the whol of them, " Look out there will be a row." The customers said, " Never mind, are won't Interfere t let them fiehtil not amour thernaelvee.: but If tbev break ia here and do anvthinr we will protect ourselvea." Someone then said to me, " Alt. what are we to do If thev come in her with thair knivea. aad wa have only got our handa !".""' Mr. D'EmcocRT. What made them say anything about knives? Witneaa. I had told them it waa tha Italians who wen making a row. Croae - Taraination continued. I had eaid nothing about knives before that I was asked br th eustoaiere if I had got any sticks, aad I then weat and got soma. I got out of tb window into th van! and rot tb sticks. Aa near aa can recollect I got five or six sticks. I got them from the yarn, rrom ue sntcften, and th cellar. Melon; 1 got Into the barate lie - room I handed tha sticks in to tha customers through the door in the cupboard. I may have got more sticks, but I cannot aav. Havins - handed tha atieka aa through the cupboard, 1 got in to the bagatelle - room through the cupboard. I eould not get up the eteirs because the Italians were on them. When I got into the room all the Enzliah were sittinr .town ooita calm and nnit I araa then asked for a pipe, and 1 went to the bar to get ooe. a 00 not Know what wa going on in th dancing (Up) room at that time. I did not hear any disturbance there, but I heard some of.the Italians talking. wbethsTthaprisooer wa ia tha bafatan - room wbao Har - riagtoa waa wounded. I saw the prieooer aad hat brotbat raaa a if to ge into the aaatellavfeeexw - Mr. Lewis said that wsa hUcaae, aad he should laava it to tb aiagittraU to say whether, after conaideng tha eri - awnawori iaa eoarga, a ansqais toaatiMai - iw"; u - vann: Tj 1 1 j V - l - l. tk.t 1 Mr. William Baad he eould aot help eayiog that there had iupoaitioB not ooly in thi ease, rm". aiaw ia sita witi which he had Bothlog to do, to kepbek the I was frizhuned at what had been told roe. Just as 1 returned to the room I saw Mrs. King fall, and then I ran to the door that leads into the taproom.' When I went for the pip I bad not a stick in mvhand. I had a stick when I was stsbbeiL There were onlv the Eaeliah in the hax telle - room, I was stabbed befora Harrington was stabbed. When! nulled ap to tb door I said. "I want no Here, on which Serai no feuzziooi stabbed me in th right side. It was th - n that I seized a stick and hit him 00 the head. Serafino then rushed into th bagatelle - room. Before this 1 had not seen any other Italians struck. I was not more than three or four minutes getting the tlicka. Br Mr. D'Et.hcocrt. I first saw Harrinrton in th bagatelle - room; I never saw him in the taproom. I did not bear tha English aay to the Italians, " Come on. I diil not tell Mr. Shaw that the row waa about to take place. and I did not see my master while I was going for the ticks, n nen I saw Mrs. King knocked down there were no Italians in the room. The man I bit on the head came into the room with hi head down. I struck him .at the iloor when he wat going in. His head bad not even entered theroom, nor any portion of his body. I am quite certain .aa.1 it was in me passage mat 1 uit mm. air.' D'EyMCOtrr.T. You are verv inaccurate. You ouzht to he more careful in a eaa; like this, which is one of life or death. Do take pains to think before you answer the ques tion. The witness then said. When I saw. Mrs. Kinz fall went to the bax - atelle - Monv and the Italians were then entering the door. At the moment I went to the door I was the only man there. The Engliah were behind the door then. Mrs. King feu into the passage when the waa struck. She did not fall into tha hamtelle - ruom. When I Said 1 wanted no row there 1 addressed all who were oominz in. It waa Seranno who stabbed tne, aud he it was who bad his head down. I saw no other Italian in the room but Serafino. Of that I am sure, Mr. DEr.vcoCRT. Do you mean to swear - positively mat no other man entered toe room out seranno : Witness. Ye. Mr. D'ErscorRT. Do be careful : a man's life depend! on this. Is the prisoner the man who ran into the room itn his head foam ; Witness, - No : only one man entered the bagatelle - room. and that man Khit on the head. Mr. Gurnon said that when Pelizzioni was brought to the police - station on the night in question hit head was cut Mr. D'ErxeOtntT asked if the Prisoner had. been examined to see if his head had been cut The prisoner said that his head was bruised, but it did not bleed. He waa very much hurt and what he did was in teiiiieienee. Mr. D'ETMCOCRT (to Rebbeck). Were you sober?. Witness. Yes. I had had a little drop to drink durinz the day. nut 1 was perfectly well aware of all' that too: rJaee. What I had taken to drink bad bail no effect on me. Mr. Eliza Hannah Shaw said. I am th wife of Frederick Shaw, th landlord of th Golden - Anchor publichousa. Great Saffron - hill. I remember the row at the house on the night of the 26th of December last . I. remember some one giving me two caps from tb bazatelle - room on that nirht id I threw them 00 to the counter. The prisoner took one. of them and his brother took the other. They had asked for their hat. The hat ware what are called " billycocks" wideawakes." Th prisoner, when he asked for his cat, said, " uive me my nat." 1 said, " 1 Know nothing ot your hat" Ha aai.l, VThey are in the bagatelle - room. I went and asked it there were any bat there, and soma on cav m two. After they took their bate thev went awav. Neither the prisoner nor his brother used aay threat tn m I had known th prisoner Serafino Pelizzioni for some years. He used to come very often to the house and Had assisted me in the business. Mr. Lewis. Waa he not on intimate terms with vou ? Witness. Intimate terms 1 I do not know - what you mean, tie waa never on intimate terms with me. He friendl v with me. Mr. Lewis. And did not he continue on friendly term with you up to the time of your meeting your, husband ' Witness. I had not seen him for five or six years before I had seen my husband. I am sure that I had not seen him for some time belore 1 saw my husband. Mr. Lewis. Had vou a child before your marriage ? Witneaa. A child ! a child ! what do von mean ? Mr. Lewis. Yea know well enough what I nidau. Have you had a child I itness. I dom Know what you mean, Mr. Lewis. Mrs. Shaw, you see your sister by your side. Hare you had a child before marriage ? Witness. ion bad. better ask her; she can answer for herself. . Mr. Lewis pressed the question : and the witness said that the shonld decline to answer it as she did not think had anything to do with the ease, Mr. Lewis. Since your raarriaze have you told your hat band who waa the father of that child ? Witneaa. No. I have not. Mr. D Eyncocrt. Have there been rumours about the ace about vou and Pelixzioni I Witness. There hare ; but there is no truth at all in them. Mr. Lewis. Are vou certain that vou hare not told your buttmed who was tne lather 0: mat child : Witness. I am. Mr. D'Eyscourt. I do not quite see the object of your question. .11 r. iiewis. it shows that the man anaw cad a reeling in the matter, and it was worthy of remark that all the other witoesse azainst Pelizzioni wr customers from Shaw's bouse. Cross - examined.' I was busy in the bar and did not hear' v disturbance until after mv husband a face was slapped by the prisoner. I know nothing of the occurrence that took Place in the bacatelle - room. 1 was upset in conaeauence of the slap my husband had received, but I still kept quietly the bar serving. It might have been a quarter of an hour M minutes after the disturbance that iiamnzton - was brought out I was not enabled to see into the bagatelle - room. I did not hear the knocking of atieka. nor did I see aov sticks in the handa of the Enebsh. Uy Mr. D Eykcocrt. At the time - the prisoner asked for hi bat his brother John was bleeding from the neck. ave never said that Irrezono bail a knife in his hand when he rime to the bar. .He held up his hand whence asked for his cap, but I can t aa - y whether he bad a knife an - not. and I believe that a man named Gaaper aaid - that trie pri soner had a knife in his hand. I saw Harrington before he was stabbed, and after my husbands face waa aliPDed. He. passed through the bar into the taproom. Gfegorio was then in the taproom. I saw the prisoner take hold of Harrington. He had bold of him by the collar as if strike him. and then tlamnzton was cot away by some means or the olher, and brought into the bars telle - room. They bee an ainzine after that I heard Harrinzton ssv. Some one ha slapped r red s face, and then the prisoner tooa ooui 01 Dim uj tue vauwwii aa u - to atnae 111 in. iie was verv violent. Mr. D'EritcouRT aaid that the evidence of this witness was very important It was the first he had heard of the prisoner and Harrington having been in the' taproom. ' Mr. Lewis. This only shows what the police might have brought forward if thev had pleased. This was, as Mr. D'Ejrncourt had stated, the first that had been heard of such a state of facts. . Mr. Williams. And it show the state the house waa in all that night It was in a digraceful state. Mr. D'Eyscocet (to the witness). Was Pelizzioni in the taproom at that time ? ' Witneaa. I did not see him. He bad been in - there previously, but had gone away. He went away before my bus - band's' fsce waa slapped, but whether he left th house or not I cannot say. I did not see him afterwards until ho was in custody. There was a good light, but I am certain that I did not aee Pelixzioni return. . , Mr.. D'ETffCOCTtT had Rebbeck recalled, and asked him how many heads there were at the door when he went up. Witness. There were a great many. The prisoner might hare been there, but I will not say whether - he was or not I only aaw Serafino there. Prisoner might have been one of the front row. i Mr. O. D. fearless' said, I am houaeeurgeon - at St Bartholomew's Hospital I remember Michael Harrington being brought to the hospital suffering, from a protrusion of the bowels. There waa on wound in the - abdomen and fouria the intestine. Michael Harrington died of that wound. - The knife produced (the one stated to belong to Gregorio) might have 'caused tin wound. ' The other knife (covered with blood) might have caused th wound if it had hail a point The blade of that knife .had no point Inspector Potter said the knife with the blood upon it was found by a child about four year of age aad handed to him. Mr. D'EYS COURT to Rebbeck. Had you knows Pelixaoni long? Witness. I had known him for about four or fiv Tears. There ia not the slightest reeemblaooa' between the prisoner and Pelizzioni that I can sea, and I have known them both. Th prisoner I know by his using th boose. uaspar aobs was caueo, and said. 1 wm tne last one to 11 leave th taproom. I saw: th prisoner and his brother there. When the Enzliahnsen forced their war into tha room the prisoner Peliazwni wa not there. - I do aot know Xarota - eviUoca, aad he thought thai the police were much to blama ia the matW for, so doing.' H should submit that there was no evidence, to commit the priaoner for trial 00 tha charge of wilful murder. - Havf ag called ibuhds aw m fact that to - dav was the first tim that it had been that Harrinrtoa waa avar in tha tanroom. or that the pri - soaer touched him. ha aaid it wa anite clear that a row bad been goiet 00 for 20 mm Us, and that there wa a general metre. There wa not sridenee enouxh to send for trial for the murder," although there might be for maaalaaghter, but be did not think that the grand iurrwoald find the bilL Mr. lyEYXOOCRT said he would not comment oa the disereoaacie ia tha evidence, ne should commit the pn - toner to th Central Criminal Court for trial ou the charge of murder. . ; : '. TOE COXX TRADE. . (From the Isrudm OtstU C6K.X IliroRTXD AND EXrlKTZD. An account knowing the quantities of the several kinds of corn and meal, imported into each drnaaon of the united Kingdom, and the quantities of British and foreigw corn and meal, of the" Mae kinds, exported frota tba I7aited Kingdom, in the week ended the 11th of February, l - H5 - Oammiltimm hsiMtad into loortel froal tka LUaltad KuaaaMB. Cwt lJSMSi fl f - :t!05 HS - 3) lltMi so.3t - ' men. toil' ' tJUX 1L T 3J - SVT5. torsi . S3! I X.IW ZJS? I TJS I tsa I m I in ! 131' U7.0S ltAJS. - I El . I I SI I 1 Ti - i RJjn 31.777 XOlJOi giLT. its j tza Cwt. Cwt. Cwt. - Ort j Or. 1 O - . t Cwt. 19.13 1311 U.543 S30l Ut Zl 1 - - j . Ji - n 3 - s - n S . . 6j f Ukr 1216 uia aaCSej in tu w josmit aon S3.T4I; sn.m tsw! u itt l K - ans .. fa - lian Cora Tlneswhaat ToaJ nf Onrn ; (tchniva of y Maltv.. ..j; wunaal or! 4iif - .. .. 'HtnW.. - .. I1 Meal ..I I nilUnOwnmaal Euekwhaatmaal Total of Steal .. Total nf Corn ' Meallctdualva Of MaUi ' - 1 I x.rt! - 1S74 J0HN;A. - MESSENGEB. Inewetor - Genaral. Ofrlee of the'Intpector - Geurral of Imports an 1 Exports. Custombouse, London, Feb. 13. Th following it a statement showing the quantities cold an 1 average price of British corn (impfrial me - uure) as re ceived from the inspeetnra and officers of r.xeue, conformably to the Act of the 27th aad 23th Victoria, cap. S7, la tne week ending zebruarv 11: 'Quantities Sold. Avara - e Prlos. Qnv Buah. a d. Wheat.. ..1 - .. .. A!I J ,. W a Barley.. j .. .. til 44 0 I. J The followinz is a comparative statement for the eorre spondingweek in eaeh of the rears from l$il to ISO, of the Qusntittes of tintiah corn sold m the towns from which turns are receive - 1 under the Aet of the 27th and 23th Vic toria, cap. ST, and of the average prices as ascertained under the Aet 3th and Cth Victoria, cap. 14 : vnaotinas mi: Avrrace rnoaa. 1)81 1V1 ltj 1464 .Wont. I Bariar. j Oata. iWaaas. Barbr Qra. Baa. Qra. Rua. Qra. Bua. a. 4i.01t itJtl i nui l! 51 ekai si sz.;ni o - ti.Ki 1) 57. IU ad. M 71 11 4f T ; 35 11 4 ;i'm s di'nvL r is'i nl n 1 1 n n A. WFON'BLANQUE. Controller of Corn Returns. Statistical and Corn Department Board of Trade, Feb. 13. LKKDtl, 14tb - Thava ianat a lana ahowaf arahi thas waak. AV thnash w have not had. ao ertaowva - noainaaa In wbaat avilar. atill ana trade naa naaa Brm. andlsst Toeelavt raraa qatlaavnpnrtatt. ram narler la takan at lata prioea. Baaaa ratbar dearer. Ittheranielasaa last anted. . Tba avaraca prleaa fur tha waafc emting Pb,rUwara TK V1 per nr. ;.tiri. JO td.: and oata. Tit. IVL UYrRPOOL. 14th Tha arrivals bias Ireland and anaatwtaa dnea thla riay week haa tn maiWata, ennslajnc af 2.233 era. oata, I.0e era - Indian enru. 5.3TI kw - ls meat and 3M sacks nonr. rmra forrizn ports wa have feed ft 440 irra. barlav. 377 era, peas, T.225 qra. Indian corn. 1490 aacks and 2,107 harrela Hoar. Tb evnnrta la th aaaw enemtry trade, who ahowwi a little asm illapnattina to buj than of lata, Whaat met with a hatter demand at Mdaaiwlra.oratrlnaandar tanas nf thia day werk. French flonr waa dintcnH to snova. and dt. ner aaek lowar. Aeagrtean. hoaeiar. waaflrmlv kaiil aa lata rates, fa oata and nalmnal there waa Uttl dnmtvand n - enaosv ta value to Dota. Luney. naana. ana paaa seer m zalr ranaeas ror readme as ran talflea. MOMIOCTHSIIIRE. 13th. - Tha waatVw has azala varied darlns tha last law dara. snow, treat, sod rain foDnwIn aaeb other, sad hardly anf prueraaa has been ansae with aTleiltural operation. Tba farmers ar now lookfne forward to saildar serathar. for It la raattv tatMraOy asraad that tbara has bena anteiaat enw aad trast for Both tna younz whaat and tha rraaa. AX ttotooal tsarlet thara haa bean but a aciail altra.1 spoil oi both burr ami IW fnr tbaUM fawdava. ana only a inzutaa eosnaa waa wsiaarios. I M snartaat nanar alMwadadfraspiae tandeoey. mora aanariillr foe teferiar qnaUUss. Iat TranS'a nilrt.latlnna arrra nHalna - t T - hrat irf enmarttw naHtr aaif also fnr maltiox barjev. I Khar arta wm laciklj, aa favour nf bny - f lata remain without chance, tha deaaanil haena modaraaelv aaod. Tha (oUoaia war tha strsrnuotatiaoa l - tYbaaa. 5s. 3L sit 5a M. rt Doanai ; ditto, latannr. at. to aa jd. ; Barley, 3a. td, to 3a. ttn, InfHrtor. 2 lid. to 3a. 1 4.; oaas.3s, L U ia 7.1 FEWTO.V. Uth. - Th fanaara brouaht bat a aaaall aatnlv af wheat to market to - dav. and It waa far from hams of tba heat aaautv. To enact aalaaa ans&t deeucs on lass weaas nnaea nadt - s baeanmlttail aa. Good beans and rvtchaa war both la demand as aa ailtaDra. 'Oata without chance. Tha etuTeaev la aa fallows : Whlla wheat. 19a. (4. to 72s. DersriniUa of ISIb.: red. 17a to 19a. : mrerlor. las. to 17a : rnraaan. las to X!a : baaaa. Its. to Pvi M: wI r.i. s. n 21a: Eneuah ova, aa - L ansa, par nuanet : praparaa ira, as. t. ao. xa, iM. lri.1 1 in eore. Its. lolM. CiLrar load of Taoih.: sasernna Soar. 51i to 35. Mr eaek of 2401'. : flna. 27a to 29a - eomnmn. 2ia. to 2sl American flour. 20a. so 2a' par harral of 19Qh.; savnstda, 17a to xla; oaxmam. 73a ao za per maa oc zaun. SHEFnELT). 14th. Tba onantltT nf wbaat abown tn balk small, bat samples were abnndant. Trad Was more buovant thao ditnng the last tortnlrht, an 1 tae sxtrama eneaa ot laat weak wara reaililv obtained for tha rtr dearrfotloaa of wheat. Tar other mlm. lata prices were paid, and thra was no bhang in the fries of floor. utirrenciei . an roa wiiest, - !., to iih. ; 01 - 1 wniie. 1 a to 15a. ; new rr - L 15aTtol.: new white. Ha 6.L to 17s M. : hasna, 15a. tnlaVL par load of thraa budiela : bin neat, 40a. to 42a, ; malting harler. 32a. to33a. : rrindinx harlev, 30a. to32s.: oata. 21s. to 26s. per or. Floor, la. M. to Is 2d. per tub. ST. IVVM 13th we had, a taleraN atmo'v of wheat at our mnr market tdar. and th attenitanee of tba trade waa fair. The waather haa been verv winterly durins the neat few dara. and outdoor - work has been Interrupted - - In this neichbourhood the roaax vh - t plant Is generally wall reportsd of. - Thara was a moderate demand f a - .tba beat oocvliuoneil Dareala. an - t tha ratca tor last week want tor tba 1 part maintained : for Inferior kinds the demand waa limited, and re cent ratee wr ratbar difnetilt to euDDnrt, Thara was about aa a act ahowaf bsrlir. anil aaoiplea nf a auaarior noalltr met a ataadr sals at th extreme ralna of lha week preceding. Tba demand f or coana kinilawas flat, bnt t4 - a underwent verv Uttla cheas. 'Tha aaDolval oars was Ciiiw an - i the aemand on u wno:a was or a neaitnv cna - racvr, the fall nt.ea of last waek beinc readflv made. Of beane tbara only aamall ahow. an - 1 taalnouivr rated firm, niche nrtsaa aakat. bat they onald nut ba mads, and aalaa took pUea at recant eor - rendet. Peaa were tn'limited aonply. and the demand was slow at very lltue alteration in ma qnotatmna. - Fpm 0 LOXDOX GAZETTE. Tuetiay, Ittaii - WUITEHaIa Fca. Ii, The Qaaaa ha heaa pleased to .iirsat latter pakrat ta he) paaatd aader the Great Sea rraetiat the digaitr of a Kaijht ' of the United Kinrdoot of Creat Britain aad Irtlaad mate Alexandar Tavlor, Eeo, 7ietor of Uedieie, " - f FlSaCART 13. a - The Queen ha baea plaaaed to prraeut the Ber. Jotta Duocaa to th Old Chnreh atd pariah of St. ykuaTs, U Uiatfrira, ia th prreovtrry bsmI eouatr of Dumiriei, vacant hj the death of the Ber. Robert Wallace, D.D. TOEaUOX.OmCE. Txw. 4. Th Queen ha been tTacinualv pteaaed to appetat htartia Croftoa Morrison, Ei - . bow Her Ma jest 7 a Consul aa Tannhow, to be Her Majeatj't Cosisul st Kia - Kianj ; aad Mr. Robert Swi oboe, "now British Vioe - Coosul at Taiwaa, ta b Her Xsjestj's Consul it Taiwan. FiiKcaarli. The Queen ha bees pie awl to approve Xr. Friedrictt - Wilkeu aa Consul at Gporjrtown.IVinerara. for Hi Majeatw tba Kia of Pruaaia ; aad Mr. Iavtd Tbarstoa a Cocaul at Toronto, Canada, forth United State of America. DO WN'IXG - STREET. Frm. 1L . Tb Queea has been pleased to "ratify aad confirm the appoiatmeat of Jamas Uarr M'Dowell, - Ea., to bs a meavbar of the Lryialativ Council of th lalaad of Jamaica. CROVrX - OFFICE, Fr. It. UKilBERratumiI to aervs ia the present PARLIAMENT. EoitorcrUj StLroJin. John Cheetham. El.. oPlaatwood. near Sulvbridee, ta the eoontr of Cheater, ia the rws of the llirht Haa. VVH. - liam Nathaniel Maaary. who has aeceptef the office of Fiturth Ordinary Member of the Council of the Gorrmoo General aod Vioeroj of I.Iia. r BOARD OF TRADE, WHITEHALL. Feb. 13. . The Kirht Hon. the Lords of the Ctiuinittee .of Priw Council for Tmle have receive. frucn th Secretarv of State for Foreign A lairs a eopyjif a despatch front Her Majesty! Consul at Cobtja. statin" that the Br.hviaii - Government have inipmeI a dutv Of one real pernuintal on coooerorwa. and two r - als per quintal on barilla aud copper rejulus - exported from Cobija. - DISTRIBCTIO.V OF XAVAL PRIZE MONET. .S'otioc ia riven that th diatribntionr of thw tannara money of a alave dhow, name unknown, captnred oa the 5th 01 April, l - Kki, oy tier MaiostVa ship Ariel. anU commence THE CATTLE TRADE. BIRMINGHAM. Fxa. It - W wave fairly supplied with tste thia day. tba cusiartT ousHry mukllint A few prima laaaats realtrad l - tta nr.ces, otheranae toe trade waa raier. B irrp s oaolerate rippir. atevty f - vjritrT. and lata prices realized. Fat pts a rood aupnly and fair demand. - It f SSjd. tr 7V4d. per rh. : a.ithf mutton. tCd. to S'L : re ditto, 7'yL to 84. Uscon pica, 9s. to 9a. 100. pes score ; porkstdittn, 9s. 3d. to IX 3d. ST. IT FX Mth. - At bvdav'a cattla - market there was a fair mtantitv of fat beasts exhibit i. the condition and quality of which varied con - aideraKIy. Tba tooa of tb inquiry waa by no maaaa briak. not aalaa wm reneraUy mada at th currenciva of th waek prtriotu. The ahow of atore beasts wsa misientta, Tha damao - i fw the tieat'deaerlptiona waa Arm. at fully lata erices, wfaila lufertor kinds wara a'drasm - tha market, an! eonld only b diaoueed of for rather leas anerr. Tba aunply of ft abaon waa tntenabla. and the demand ruled steady Tha tmmeat lots moved oil at late nrioct. but common arts were aaita aa aaay to buy aa last wars, sjv store aneep tna. auppiy was not larca, and then waaatouraMahviairy. at prtcea similar to tbnaa of - laat martat day. . Tbrre waa about an avers - ahow of pira, foe which tha deniand was matdUcs. ami ta - rrloaa rataa mar ba qantad Tba fol.wiac am the cunvnt DrV - a Ef . i to 9a.; pork. 8s. (d. to faperstooaof itio.; aumon. ao. to i. per in. SHIP NEWS. LIVIEPOi" Fas. ltj Wind, sat Arrived. - Tha Meteor, from Bahi - - tb Milaa. from AWandrls tha Rural Ar - h. from Xaaaau tha rMiihia. tmm HS. Micluara - iaa Trio and the Helea Marahal. from Xantea - the VU. from Itottea the Alnstmas. rroni ; Kc - eroam. , Off tha P.rv - Tbe Veata. the Zwith. tht lVwd Dufform. tba laalwlla, tha Dolphin, the Cairo, and tba XorUiambattaniL. oaOoC - Tba. Braada. for Boston - aba' Wliaoos. for GaZas - tha TTnlnn and tha Fr - anan. fur Havaanah tba S - ils - ay Que an. for Liana tha Jan, for Malacs - lh SamaW. for Vtai - riflae - the .Dritlah truao. for New Yora - - tha Eaaralia. for diem Leona - tha laUhector Baera tha Atm - aohrra aad tha Psinmlsania, for Xew York tha Hubs of tea iie. ror ramambaoo to rortuw, par San rraaoaeu - tn J. .tten, w Havannah - tha Cathrrtoe Ann. for Xate - 4he Ellahrth. Lar Bio da Janeiro. 10!. Dos. Feb. 14. win 1 at boob. N.E. : strau breaaa sail clond. AaxaDESX.Fsh. 14. - TbaDavid, from Stacktno forjhit nnrt, was driven ashore this mornrac, and has become a total"wrecccrw, cx - t onahoy. atrad by tha htebnat. artTOL Feb. lt.Wtnd. . fresh. Arrhaaltha ITebr. from tauitajc ftalled,tha ReilOat,' for Drtnerara the Little Nail aad tba Btiik Bonny, both from St. Mkha."s - ths UUveira. trout St. Uses. - GBAVTSEXD. Fa. 14.: Bt Maenno TataoaArat. - IFraat Lioreral 9 Mam. - Wind. 1.; tide, f fth hoar - a aM : weather, tna. , Arrived. Tba Maaa sod tha (Worne. both from uSsdsath Britannia, from Cadis. I p a - wind. E. : twe, toira nowre nooa ; snow. Arrired. Tba Diana, fraca Atsvaaiiam - tha Concordia, boas onsaiis the Flaadna, from Imaklrk tha Cawtand. from Gaaroa - r tha Ltoane. fro - t Gnrtlmea. p o. - Wind. E.; tide, irua naart.aond ; waatthar. Baa. Wind. tada. nnh anora abb : weather, ana. Arrived. Tba Ana and Jane, tba Uttve Branca, the Forteae TaDec. andtheCarrirr. all from Antwerp. Arrived on the 13th. Th Rival, tram ."torrcarx the Daft, from Bordoaox - tbe Maria, from UdoewaUe - the a law, tram Oairnaay. DEAL Fxa. 14. ( abl WTad, t. naoderate. Paaaad. - TnrWallar - v.forMadraAaadxhOataa Chiaf. tar Fort FhOUp, bath from London. . Boon. wad, x aytk. laoilarata. PaaaHL Tba Yanraarl. for Karraehea. and aba afllamaa. for JT acaaakt. both fmm Loodnn the Waverlas; Belie, for Smcatnr. and to Dental Rankin, tor CMasttta. Wab tmm BhiaUe - tae TavtaSock. from aondetiaad tor Hoarlwrel - tha V L J B slimimarcial Ctalat ta Jtaly of ElrteT. and to aors of Jtakloa. aU basa tha north far tb wast. 1 pm. vrmd. wartarsts Peeed. - Tbai'aeltoon. traen Janaa4orI nnnVej the YL H TfCpov mmardal Uodet, from to rath fat tb weat - the Ilaathora. for Lnodoo the Mthtrtnas and tha Calcutta. . V sea fl s erasxa wrruu Th OwsannnHta, from nWaaaea tor Valpaiaaao. The Rtea Hands, froaa LtwryotS lor Ya'iaraao, Tna Yohsataar. from Mew York tor Mhanrtiai ' . . Th Aalto. from ctittla tor Usarpnsa. Ma rtass eaa. Yaa. I, 4 K. Taa Daaaor. trout Haaekoa - far Qasiiii.lnaav Fab. U. D J. at W. BIQH WATER AT LOSDaX - EalDGX TBZS.DAT. on Friday, the l?th inat.. ia the prize branch of the depart - ment of the Aceountant - Reneral ot the Xavv, Admiralty. "" Som. - set - btMiae. The Mlowint; are the share da to ao individuitl iu the several classes : Flsc 21. Cm. 4.L; Com - maniler. .W.42. Sd.; third - class. ISf. l.'n. L: fourth - elasa. 12. 1a 2.1: fifth - da. CLlts. Id. : sixfh - clts. tV.fla. T.Lt . aevrnth - clsss. 4f.0t. L : ei?hthlss. V.Ot 3 ? ninth. class. If. 3a 9.L; and tenthUss. 13. L" WAR - OFFICE. PALL - MAU. Fib. It. 4th Redact of Hnaaara tJraLllm Willie T.n. T . n Fltsilerald, Uwd de R.k to be CW rice Lirat.4Wa r H Urant.U.C.BtransfrTvdtothaStaIltceTa, . 9th Lancera - Llent - On. Sir Jamee H trm aranr" urn r the 4'k Hmaara. to ba UaL. vine Ueo. Sir Jamas WeUaee SMsa, n, Ul. (Voaeu. 11 Drarama. - Uatit frmocia Lamb P!inp W ba Capt. hv purcha' aa Toamlev fattn Flame Maortwr rila. .w, ,.,, TT, i - .I WOhant Rihert; Wills u be IJmi be nmil Mm pv.. . Ooiirad William 'Cortuix FiaseL (eat. as ba Ownet, by h iss cm aaivilru7 Uth naaaara - Onrloa rfnmnhrer v - ntfl twi . k. Cornet, by porchaaa. vine Edranl Orertlle Sartnrla. who retires.. Military Train. - Lien. E - lwyn Brmton Androa. Asa the 9Vh Foot. " toba UeaL. viceawie, who eachansva. ftrenajtw Ouanla. - The eeenn.1 Cbrlaliaa name rj Wr r.M polntad AjUcivw to th? Eacimaot on the lta alt, la jamaa." - ana John. - sa then atatod. 5! nVflmentnf Foot. . LfanA VVaoH. WCllam XTane tv ba'atSi. -vine Laeet. Jaraea H. La Coca promoted. 7th FirC. EnslmGeoifrv Btrt - et to he Tjeet. V. mKu. el. H - nry E laird H arrow, who retlrra tntlemaa Cadet Wal - lyae Wet. ' liaftiei St. fJw. frjot the Royal Military tXWe. to be purchaaa. rice Barton. - 1 10th Font. The Christian nvoe of Ovntlemaa'Calet Tnek. sa. pointed to aa Eoaiioey oa toe Xttha!t,ar " CharW Edward Amra 35cH Font. - vjent. - n'Mrar.l M ilynenv Elwart Bntuker lobaAdjtV vka Lleat. L. A. Grexwm. who reaUna the appointmewt. 4h Font. - EnVm TTifltam IM1 BeaUv to he TJent. he Tine vice OnmwaHia Wait Browne, who r - tir - . ; Gentlrataa tWtATana. - tophtr Jihn Dcltnrca, from tba Coral MiiUoCoUasA WbeEnsis - n. by porchaaa. vice Bearer. KVMFnnt. alentleenan Cailet Heorr RarrbrFSnrlaniL from tHe Rrteal Military Orallefe. as be. Eneisn. bv rmrehaaa. vtra Thotnaa t.i.l.i.t CamphaC. who retina. 911 TnnL - T.nTTi Charles WlTliam S. Tyvm tea to be Lleoft.. be rarehaae. vice WBUam Forbes, who retirt : (l - ntlemao CaJ William Burnett McKechnie. from tba Royal Military Collere. to be Ecaim. ne purchaaa. vice twodea. - ". . 95th Foot. Llawt.Wimam Hears aalie. from tha MOUarv Train, ta be LhsaC. vloa Aadroa. who exchaarea. 1st West In - naRerlmanl - Ueat. M. XeVin. from half nar nf tha tats Tnrlbh Cnutinrrat, t be Ueut . vice Blwsrd IIamUVt Itarlow. - traaaferredtotheJUth Foot; Limit; M - Nelaea haa tara prroiiued to retire from the service by the atla of hie eommiaaion. 1 BREVET. V, Brevet - CoL the rfrn, H. H. M invert Percr. Llent. - C4. oa ha!faa late Orentdr Gltrda to hsea tha temporary rank of Brit'adasresa. while H oommaod of,a brida. Llent - iW. rfenrr Htaanat Rnval Artillery, havme eomnleted lb etaaiifyrnr aervioe hi tbe rank ta Ltcuk - Cul - , to ba OoL, tmdar th Coral Warrant or (Jctnoer il ism. AUMIRALTT. Fib. 10. Liant, CTiarla. John 8taarter baa been thia day promote - , ta baa etlred fVriimaa ler. tmoer H er MttiMrv'a IhRtmln funell mS tat of Aurtat. lira, and the 9th of Joly. 1114. - FHRUARY 11; The folio winr ofBeert have been promoted to be EoriDeer 1 bar SlajestT1 Fleet Mr. (teniae Metcalfa, Mr. Lamhart Joba Crimea a. JaTr llmW Rtewarl I L to be aetms. Mr. Chriavspher Urad, Mr. WUllsu Baary Wirfl. Mr. John Wif. and Mr. J - weph Koitbt. ' I FEURCAItT 13. ' Mr. William Smith IA) has nana ommotad lit tha ranker Chief - '. Bnataanda ia the Fleet, with seniority nf the 1st of January. 13 Mr. Tnomas Mtanlata hat been rvomnted to the raak nf (Thief Carpenter m the Fleet, with seniority of th fat of January. Mil This Gazette contains notiaes that the foObwtax placas have beaa ,! daiv rerleicrfl fw theaolamnlrstioa of numsfq. theraia : , Ftar Chapel. Swanaea. a - i Wasltian Chanel. Cheater Is eti eat Dnrham. 1 Rotnau Cachntlc Chapel. 3C Leunanl. Urtlia. i FARTSTCWHIPrl D1H)LVXD. Holland aad WhKtam. Preston, lmen - trapers: Waefla and Ash. Tfanley. Btaffor - lahlra. pariaa mstnfacturers. O. ManerM aa.1 O. Hamllirr. RorSiUle, drapera. - Jeanlnra aa - 1 Jevses. Cdon etrrat, Flnsieiry.wholeBal ranet manofacrirerv H. K. sod J. Jarkaoa, WatnaTI, Xottinsbamahlre. FniJera. - E. Nee by. FVCaraoa. A. Emar sno. soil F. Drnaux, Orrah am - hnnes, AMcsa mertdutnta. - E "frwbf. F. Carann. and A. &aerann. 0ahaaa Iwiee. merehahta - R. and J. B. LlorV U.erporJ. ln - Uta. - Thoaj"n and r.era - AlKSur.h, Lenca - ahira. doctors of mediiina. rrica. Cnter. and CO.. Oreshaot - stiijet IV ( - it. whnleaal wonlleo warebnnaemi. - R. Cenr and W. Ctaaa, Chuillelirrl. Daeonahire. whealeils'ita, A fleUnmona and Co.. Bl PanTaaorchranL mannfactnra of baby linen. - J. Cram, an,! Hons. Button ami Maaehea - er. antsnq. eniqaers : aa far a reraMa J. Ones. Brown an.t lirehinan. rtalfiestd - era. - T. PObe and Co . E. Stamp and Co.. Anderson arl Ox, or ane eh - e vtyle mvflrm : as far aa rertrda P. J. Thomson. If arrienn anil Rohinann. near fUro. - ley. Yorkahire. msnufartoxinz Joiners. - l!slnsorth ao.1 ITn, Snrerhe. brVlie. Yiwkshire. comono ..eaasa. H. J. Myers an - 1 Oi . Ttfrminr - ham. wholeeale Jeweilera. W. Lrarne.1 and nVme. Rnddi - rf:etL faneV doth rnMttfaetarara : aa far aa argaraa W. LeamwL Jolly an I Wblva. ker, SkakenaSaw. - n - ar Aeerukftnn. - aottea mannfaetnrera. W It. ami E. L. Woods. Wstilaeev - E, and J. tVarden. Bailal - n. near2 - ., Ravtmatall. entton mwafvanrers - T Walker in. I R, Pedder, Frwann. tobaoeo manafseaiieia J. - Plekse - t and rVe.. ftradnird. Yorkahire. dealers la tohecax Oink alkl rarker. K - rth teTinev. coal Cealera - lines sal s7hahrrau, Brt - int, Ur aiaQitfao - . turn. Camra. Morxan. and Co . Little It - nh - Hne. Cpper Thamaa - sk. expnrt - Wlmen. Kmton Loan Company. Kinjstnn Bank In Company, and tha Kiaffttna Bank. KlnrWniMinna - lfatl - as - far aa rennla T. Merrtct. - RaURh 'aM Heist, Metiock. ear t pentert, Kfwe. flroUvrra, Ilalenwen. .wnree.terhir. sunbtrref mannfarturert: aa far aa rerr - 'e W. R.e If and I. R. WilmoS. HIrh - ". st,. Vewimrtno. ir.vinKiarers - Fletcher. Meoriaa, an - 1 Oa.. Manehe stsr. dvera - Barlow ae,t Aahhy. niak - at, Soothwara. bop factors. Close and Franklin. Croy - lon, plornlien. DECL - t - ElTIOT - OF DIVOCsTaV Hnront. BenJ, Rfncawraford. staff .Ishlra. brick tnarrafictorar dir. of 4a. Sd.. tn. Theradev. as Mr Kianear'a Blrminsbara, Maahewa. Hera., samlarlaod and II i. - hvo4iMSrinr..haherilaaber rat illv. ot Jt. jax. anraararity. as Mr. lammtirs, JswcaeUeiipoa. WHtht. Jaa. Phreashnry. taper - dir. of 4d, any Thuadar. at Hr. - Unneara, utrminsnam . BAXKRCTTCY ATfXL'LLtD. . - ' Tata, Francia, Asmlnater. clerk ia Ilolynrlen. BAXKRUPTA JTuticaof A - Uaeakkvit ati First M - Hinf of CValtora To H - lvender at the BrnkruotaTrtetrt. fralnn Baenn. Robvt Cans'. Dnke - sS. HI Jasper's. Feb. IS at J Uv - twtth. WiUiaei. Khtratssil - KL. carpenter. Fh. IS. at 11 Sake. V flliam. Penlooville - rL. enacb buii - l - r. Feb. 77. at IL laikrr. lienry, inn.. 'Cpper Johsvet,. Hoiton OtlTowa. oJmaa's ' l.n FK7. at II. Clark. TW. Arnert - tr..York - ft. KlnjVcrnea, carmen. March . at IV Ihtvla, Airred. v icsena - ier.. nance wwi. nera. jaeree a, aa 1 1. lie c . Thist IL. I'n - erWTitdcmaa - iX. tinrtaermaa baVer. t'ek TH. at L" rrsnev. rvlsund, M - mtpFlier - au Knijutanrtilie, axnmrreal tsa eeller. Frh. It. at 1. - Caninen - . Robert F. fleo.. T2acXftnveiL. nutrh iotas, Feh. J7. at . Gentry. John. JL. Stratford. watihBtaker. Feh. 17. at It Ilowtrd, ntrtt. Darkfriara - rd.. and Whitehart - rard, aonthwsrx. L. eurf entter. Marrk 1 at IL Joy. Henry. Rorertahridxe. .Suesrx. licenaed victosller. Feb. 21 at L L - wfat. Eotiert. Commercial aje - rnome. MloaUaT - iana, aottoa kroaar tr.l. I ,t I Moat itvnael Mosee, LewfeahalleA, and Bedfordan, Commeiciarfsl . mrrehaat, Harcaa,af it - , arr. samaetlMaiiaina. Serf iiDrwt. Hyde Park. Feb. IS, at It. P - wn as slohvler. BrLIhsmt. taWnrVsaaekaeper. March L Bt IX. Saadftra. Alfred. Weolwieh, painter. Frht 27. at L , SUennWa. fimt. Eil w. Pnrtlod - at.. SiaSo. b - itcber. Fen. V. st U. nmith. Williaia Hkiiurr. Wateen - wl. naxers - w. March t at U. axitestr. aaual Hfix ow".. aa ta. j , Ttvw.. us. nf Alds.sjat - au March L ar X. Snrhrts, Heary.' Ilarbav. Wnoraabnry. aa - 1 Lower Xwwood, r - . pentar. Mar . at H. ..",..' . fttrat&sn. John. Charles - s. St. Jamea'a F'b. 77. at IL I TftnrtxrnfHy.ItMDtoarrd . Lower Xm - wnnd. botcher, March t, at L Torabe. John Honeywlll TH g pence emtaeva, Stoke - 5wiattoa.' etitt Importer, ren. ia. aa aa. T.t anrrander fat tha CoxmVV. . Adnata. Arthur Oratie. Birmlnrhaeii. Feb. 37 Btrtuusrhaat. Ajrter. TJtai. John. Ilich Wycombe. batrber.Feh. !l OlA I atrnas. - Thomaa ahemeia. awjpavrnrr.. jaarcn . .ofTcno. Burner. Jaoarl, Marypnct, W - tssaatwaaa,. - ' DHL Robert, HOeiiekl.f3aOr. warca j - norci.u Erans. David, lata of Uvarpnol Jntnee. FeK T3 - Unn - pooL FelL James. tTi a I 'eter. - sbiwcaaksr. Fro. Tft - Wirn ettr. Flehar. John. Smethwtrk. foraaea bnilVr. Feb. K - e Wast Bromwka. . Fnwta. ranmaa Lanyd. Park near ItwtailoB, Ductor of Masts - Fata. v4iiSn?Tios. aM Gert. OJry. T - rkshtre. Jrsnera March 1 - Otlev. - Balaaa, Kilwara HsbS. Alaaater. War - aicbhire.nntelkaepar. aad Wst - foe - s. Ui ;eareiehii.fapner. Feb. X htmimx'am. . Heath. WiEtam. Dartaweuh. boot dealer. Feb, n - Tataaa HoTlaai Joto Tboa Cov - atrv. deaWm enej, March 3 - I3ra)inrnaat. Hopps. J Alax. and Ci'a - , Jao. Rahx, Uvej - nnl, Fab. IT Jantaa aataony. Wlnalow. HatasTordainrstaiTaaii in. March J Bar atrtM - kTViaaa, and Leeraint. Jamaa Marttn, Manchester, anfas - nars, FK JJ - taiirheater. Leeha, WiUlam. Rnea. Berefnrdah'ra. aoachhadloW. March t - Rnas. LttsJrVmca, John, lam of Harttaad. Bear Btlefor. Vrirh'T - Eiatar. Pia. Ju Eil. Evesham, veterinary sm - reon. March 8 - Btrssisarham: Poaraar, Thna. aaokaMtpon - Trsot. batcher. Feb. tJ - Stokerc rrtat Prassmt. AlfreiL JTnrthraptno. beervOer. March i - SorthampSoa. Paraeil. - tephen. Upton ttt. LaODanTa Gocestarahini. bavralr. fao. S - ocrstar. . Rohercs. Jnhw. Maatdrwear, nrraa beilder. Fen. T - VanebnaVr. Roberta, Robert, LWrcDy. Mertooethshire. aanne. Feb, 3S - IVsaCcr. BiawsB. Raarv. Ktn, niilaat.r. plumber. Feb, zT - Worsaatax. noMVJamee, lahaa. lkat - biocanAer.FeK. r - Lutiai . mabrlrht. oanei. AlderahoO. caupetilar. F.l i raiitTum aoaarv Gaorta. XUoebeeeer. clerk. Fsri tJ - Mandtostet ami - .a. Comeirsa. Likan si. taflor. March 4 - Lean aar. hWanVM. Joan Frederick. Alderabatt. pbamhrr. Feb. 3 - Farnhaea. TVaapana. Aiklnw. Lonztoa, aerhafiat. Feb. T3 atokeeipneTreaa. Teastaa.fMetaAJnBKsAas Dawshavy. Was lust at, Henry, ItnHmmimai.ahhiastitn, MatWt 4 - Knrtbairptoei. . WnaHry. Jaea aad aUwactL rUdaWaertttre. LenceeWre. maaafa. taarars March 1 - tfwaheaa.r. attniCX t aaTIISnW March T. U. Pnaa'l, AWWwaahary, wanfcst ssartsmaA - Mateh Tt. BTafC WsiaxaaatrDaal. arsta ta a Ttrstinr - ktaaxm t, J. It.

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