The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1944
Page 6
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CAOB SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PubHihed Brery FWdty In theU of Ftau Families of Agricultural Section, FARM NEWS-FEA1VRES FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1Q44 Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Con[tests (sponsored by the Couriers News and Commercial Appeal. ..'I New Insecticide Proves Lasting .DOT Effective For Two Weeks Or More After Application In view.of the amount of publicity that is Iselrig given DDT, the new "miracle" Insecticide, this brier summary may be or value In answering questions,'• even though DDT will not be available for civilian use before next year at the earliest. These statements arc mnde by Dr. Charles Lincoln, Extension Entomologist. >•.-.< DDT is an abbreviation of dlch- loro - diphenyl - trlchloroelliane. Chemically pure DDT is a white crystalline solid. It was Ilrsl synthesized in; 1874, but Its Insec Held al v "jises*were not discovered . until recently. ..; ' .: '.' The most remarkable property of DDT;Ivils lasting qualities. Other contact Insecticides such as rilco- (Incjaiid rotenone are effective Colon!)';.'! few hours, or, at the most, a -few diiys. DDT, on (lie other hand, holds promise of being "an effective" contact Insecticide for twd^veeks or more when exposed to. Ihe weather. Inside buildings 11 effective for several months. Very little is known about the possible..uses of DDT, as yet. Its toxiclty;to humans Is still to be determined. DDT will certainly be widely • used (o control files and mosijulto'es in. buildings. Its most spectacular success has been as n : jouse powder to.control lice on humans. As-such, it Is one", of our chief we2tpari s : In fighting typhus fever, which, is carried by body lice. Tlie uses of;DDT as n spray or Care of Curtains More Important During Summer The machines that used to make curtain fabrics are now busy turning out comouflage materials and mosquito netting for the armed forces. There are not many new curtain materials available, so ttie old ones must be made to' last. Curtain care Is especially Important during the summer, according (o Miss Cora Lee Cotemaii, County Home Demonstration Agent. Sunlight, heat, humidity, dust, and frequent laundering nil weaken fabric, she says. Since sunlight Is one ot iiie chief causes of deterioration of cotton ciftttitn materials, Miss Colemtm suggests shifting them occasionally around the room so thai the some curtnlns will not be at the more exposed windows all of the time, or turning tliem lop to bottom-to give the fabric a more even exix>sure. Cotton curtains mnde of coarse, hard twisted yarns withstand effects of sunlight better Hum cu'r- (alns of fine-soft twlslcrt yarn, nnd mercerized curtains have proved more durable than unniercerlzctl. Bleach and dye also affect the lasting qualities of curtains —unbleached goods last longer than bleached, and dork colored fabric, because of the liirge quantity of dye, Is better able to stand effects of light nnd weather than light colored fabric. Laundering lias proved more damiiging to rayon curtains than Feed Shortage Hits Poultrymen Only Best Layers Can Make A Profit Under Conditions Tlie present unfavorable price rclalloiishlp between the return for eggs and the price of feed Is complicated by Ihe fact Dial n serious feed shortage exists throughout the nation. This means, says Cora Lee Colenmn, County Home Demonstration Agent, that poullrymen must reduce their flocks by removing the low producers, because only the best layers can make a profit under present conditions, Sonic poultrymcii are'complain- ing Hint they are losing money and under the circumstances Ibis It undoubtedly true. The v Ihreulen to sell out Iheir laying flocks completely. Hut cnrc- lully selected Hock of layers will l.rodiice eggs at n profit this summer. Therefore,. a sound program would be to cull drastically at once and to-continue weekly or bl-wcek- ly culling throughout the summer dust on crops and livestock are still to .be determined, but it will, no doubt, be a valuable new weapon for insect control. DDT is not magic and will not replace all other insecticides, , sunlight. Because niyon becomes weak when wet, rayon curtains arc easily damaged during washing, wringing, Ironing, or stretching. Investigators soy tliat cotloh fabrics are stronger wet IVmn dry, so give hotter service for curtains. •Plain weave rnyou curtains last longer If Ironed rnlher tlinn pulled on stretchers, bul should be thoroughly damp'nnd the Iron should l)c tt'arm but not hot. Missco Implement Co. Find tlic Easy Way WAR or peace, the essentials of TI good farm management change very little. There are many hard ways, and ono easy way, to do every farm job. You may find that a little time spent analyzing the equipment and ways of doing things on your farm will pay big dividends in lime and toil saved. A good method to use in making a .survey of lliis sort is to nsk yourself a few questions. Does this job have to tie done? Can it be done an easier way? Can one man do it inslead of Iwo? Will chang-- ing the order of work make it easier? Is there a better tool or jiiece of equipment? Often you will find that just a little .change or some simple idea will make.a bij,' difference in saving time anil trouble. One such Men is Illustrated below. F. S. AJNews Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Frost of Dyess have proved that It takes more limn four waits to make a homo. Since coming to Dyess several years ayo, the family lias done a lot of work on improving their farm and liomc surroundings. In addition to beautifying their place, they have a nice orchard which contains a variety of fruit and berries. The family has done much landscaping and has a number of shrubs and evergreens, as well as a yard full of beautiful flowers. When Mrs. Krosl was naked about rationing she replied, "We hardly ever" use a stamp other than for sugar and .'•hoes, because I preserve everything." The family lias one son in .service. Mrs. W. C. Barrett is brightening up her kitchen by making curtains. She uses sacks and puts a flowered print around the edge which has added color. Mrs. w.. L F. Mitchell of Dyess is doing a good Job practicing n livc- ai-home program. Mrs. Mitchell has canned a number of quarts already, nnti will have beans to can this week, She says, "I try to make it :i practice to produce all I can. ami not - buy the things I can raise." Mr. and Mrs. G. w. Baker, who own n farm near Lcachville, are following n sound farm aixl home operating plan, the results of which are giving them a better standard of living. Mrs. Baker practices a rigid live-at-home program by providing canned vegetables and fruits for family use. The Bakers also have three good milk cows which furnish n substantial supplemental He»d Cvurwr wewi Income from the sale of milk and butter. Due lo this sound planning and adherence lo Ihe self-sustaining plan, it Is not necessary for the Bakers to obtain credit for home I operating expenses. Mrs Baker does not lake an aclive part in Ihe operating of the farm. Mr. Baker carries on Ms farm operations without additional labor except at pe.'ik sp.Tsoitt such as hoeing and harvesting, lie docs not depend wholly on corn for feed, but is rely-1 ing on smaller grains as well as corn. He lins about 10 acres of wheat which will soon lie ready to tlircj-li, »nd 3 acres of rye which will be threshed in Ihe next lev; days. Mr. Baker plans lo market a parl of ihis small grain In Ihe form' of hogs, for other supplemental income, each year he markets wat-t ermelons, cantaloupes, uiiri oilier, vegetables. The Bakers were not compelled to obtain credit in 1943,1 but to climatic conditions in thalj .section of the county, his crop was not sufficient lo substantiate operating expenses for 1944 in Iheir enltrely. If a normal crop year is enjoyed In 1944, nil operations of) fiv Orvlllc Wright in 1911 set a ' , tile Baker's farm and home will be 9?;-minute world record for sustained glider flight which stood Son 10 years and as the American rc<?" ord lo 1928. WAHNINO OilDKli Oeorge w. Hamilton Ls warned to appear in the Chancery Court, for the Cliictai.sav.te District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days next after the date hereof, to answer a complaint filed against him by Anne Stevens Hamilton. Dated this 25th day of May, HARVEY MORRIS, Chancery Court Clerk Reid & Evrard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Jesse Taylor, Attorney ad Litem. In Ihe Chancery Court For The Cliickusawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Carl Lawrence Pleasant, Plaintiff, vs. Ellamay Pleasant, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Ellamay Pleasant, is culled to nppenr in the Chancery Court of the Chlckasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, with aaswcr to complaint of the plaintiff, Carl Lawrence Pleasant. Witness my hand njid seal of said Court thereof, this 1st day of June 19-H. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. OJ2-0-10-23 so that the laying flack is main- lamed at Ihe maximum number of eggs per bird from now unlt'l fall, nnd so that the poultryjnSiv has at leasl some Income. , i A drastic culling means removing not only the nonproducers, but all of the occasional and oncc-a- w«ek layers as well. Skilled poul- trymen will have no difficulty toll owing this program, but others should contact their county agricultural agent for rtdvice on the mechanics of milliner. It need hardly be added thnt a drastic culling of laying flocks Is imperative from Ihe feed conservation standpoinl alone. Poullry- men have been confused for some- lime by uncertainly of the feed situation nnd by conflicting state- hicnls as to what may be done about It. The shortage is already upon us and no relief is in sight until the new crops are harvested. It Is seldom possible to make a profit wlille lending a hand toward solving one of the nation's problems, but in this case Ihe poul- Iryman can do both by culling drastically now. Swift's Mineral Supplement Provides 10 Essential Minerals Needed By HOGS, CATTLE andPOULTRY * * - * Calcium and Phosphorus Are Essential: These two minerals ore the most important bone and tooth building elements a«!-!th S ? C k £ SS . lmulate the .fa*s and carbohydrates furnished by grains and'rough- Buy Swift's Mineral Supplement And Soy Bean Meal At SWIFT & CO. OIL MILL Blytheville, Ark. in design. Fully automatic. No upkeep. No ^xpcnsive parts to renew. Smooth, even flow. Quiet |operation.\No pounding. No hammering. Easy to [install. . ~- T ...... o j High suction lift—up to 28 feet for shallow well pper- ation. Can't lose prime. Self air charging. Motor pre-' lubricated for life. No danger from excessive pressure No close clearance parts to wear. Freedom from dirt! A single convertible unit for either shallow or deep well operation. Protects you against lowering water levels in dry spells. If you're thinking of running water, sec {lie Gould* Jct-O-Matic—and see us. (Formerly Known as Tom Lilllc Hardware Co.) 126 W. Main Phone 515 DRIES IN 1 HOUR-WASHABLE! • Here are four ndvanlagei of Pittsburgh's amazing new typo ofj paint: , v 1. Ona coat of Tfcchide is usually *ufficient—may be appliedrigbt over wallpaper, dingy plaster, on basement walk, etc. 2. Comes in pasto/Sm. Add water, and one gallon of Techida pasto makes 1 Vi gallons of paint, enough to cover an average room, ,j 3. Easy to apply and quick to dry. 4. Washabla — stayi spotless with ordinary soap »nd water. Redecoratoyourrooms«t«n*Uco3t y/ith Pittsburgh Techtde. Qa lale at 'A Complete Stock of Pittsburgh Paints You don't pay for waTtr ii TechTdc. You odd il yourtelf end tavt mcncy. On> solton of Tetlikio tr.ciei US satfon. pa;nt-cm,^ forlln ovuogt room. MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE : . : ARKANSAS Kill Johnson Grass with We have a limited amount at the same price as last year. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 551 Guaranteed REPAIR SERVICE On AH Makes of TRACTORS, TRUCKS, FARM EQUIPMENT, MOTORS and CARS. Our shops are equipped with the most modern machinery. Five experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary units. WE CARRY COMPLETE LINES OF PARTS LEEWIL ARMOREL, ARK. Published By The DeSta Implement Co., Blytheville Vol 2 Friday, Jrnic 9 No. 41 The Fifth War Loan Drive officially gets under way Monday, June 12lh. A thumping fliinfa of $1,000,000 has been sul for Ihe North, half of Mississippi County. Here's a chance for each ;iml every one of us l<i do our part in hacking our invasion forces to ihe limit. DI— We've just- received a carload of horse drawn McCormick-Decnng mowers. These ' are the lightest running mowers we've ever shown. Bring us your certificates. DI E. R. Threlkcld, of Manila, has a Famuli with plow and cultivator for sale. -DI- Kquipmenl deliveries of the past week include a tractor cultivator to 0. I,. Leathers, of Rives, Mo.; a bush and bog disc harrow to J. W. Mahan, of Clear Lake; and 2-row Dixie cotton choppers to C. S. Stevens Jr., jtwl \V. A. Martin, of Doll. - DI We still have a few tractor cultivators for your F-20 on hand. Firsl come, first served tti these! J. C..Dobbs, of Whisllevillc, had his auto radiator overhauled and welded in our .shops this week. We also had Favmalls in for overhaul and • minor repairs for R. B. Weaver of Steele, L. R. Matthews, of Yarbro, and M. F. Brownlee, of Dell. ' - DI Last week the Boy Scouts "hit the jackpot" in (heir Saturday morning collection of waste paper. There'll be another collection early this Saturday morning — have your scrap paper at Ihe curb. -DT- TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T NAVI IT MUCK HALfWAY fc*sf » M» f Itri TOOAYI

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