The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
Page 2
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two BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAV, AUGUST 24. 1933' : Social Calendar ' MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's -IliHteuiry - society, JHrit KethodJit church, 3 p.m. •: TUESDAY* EVE»!TS. . Scavenger hunt, circle 4 Woman's Mluionary soclely First ; Mejjiodisi' church sponsor, at B. A. Lynch home at t p.m., Creamy Pipnicnio Ring Makes Attractive Dish '-•••'•'*• Ma»Y U B.v \. r. V. Ittlrjr. Members of'B. V. P. U.'i Ihru'- ouf Uiscissippl- county will attend a county wide rally litre Friday night at Uie First Baptist chH«h when for the first time an officers' conference will precede the. profram. TV litest methods of B. v. P. ' U.7 work in the south, as com- pllpl by E. E. Lee, south-wide field seoftUry. will be taught by these leaden: J. P. Friend, presidents and secretaries; Miu Luna B. Wll- heto, vice presidents; MUs Pauling Prultt, Bible reader leaders; MlB Delia Purtie, group captains'; Mri. W. A. Smith, Osetola, treai- ui er; Miss Evr.lce Jenkins, corresponding tecreUrtes and social chairmen. The Wilhelm union of the First Baptist church here will be In charge of the program. .v ' •* ., • lia« BlrtMajr Party. Twenty ffrfcndg of Spencer Alexander were his guests 'last eve- ninj lor a pwty given by his mother, Mrs. Joe. Alexander, in honor.' of hl« 16th birthday. The boys and girls were dressed as . young kids In odd costumes which created m.uch merriment for th« chief entertainment. Later there'.was a treasure hunt. Fiefreshmentg were serad. ' ... PrlscllU Club Hai Tw» Partfci When Metatars, GwcU E«ttrt»ta*d, Members of the .Modern Pris cilia club and a number of guests enjoyed two parties last evening Miife Patty Shane was hostess tc a 1 jug" p»rty, a new game playec 1 with dice which is becoming very popular here, and later the girls were:guests of Miss Mary Eliza betn Borum for a slumber part; These affairs, .were in spccla compliment to Miss Dorothy Rob inin of Ueachrtlle, hoiiseguesf'O Mtis Shane, and Miss Doroth Weinberger ol Tutaa.'Okla., who L visaing Mrs. 6! S. Bternberg. Dor clhy .Weinberger's brother. Ken ncui. shared honors with them a the Shane parti'- Besides members of the club an lhe,gt(«Jte of;honor, Misses • Mar tlia .Ann Ljheh, Prances LltltearMi Ruth Dlllahunty were girls Pres eht" and the boys were Harre Daris, Jack Robertson, Jack Wl son, E, B. Rogers Hal Moore, B. ; Menard jr., .William Faugh Billy Cade and Lloyd Wise. At the Shane •'party Miss Jan Branson won' a kodak book for th girto 1 prize, and. a key ring, .th boys' prii*. went .to Billy Cade. An ice course was served. When the 'girls went to Borun ' H wy were serVed Iced watermeli for. a midnight feast and tl: inomlrn Mrs. Edgar Borum, mot; er of Miss Borum, and her motl er, -Mrs. Eltaabeth Qreen, served three eoune breakfast to 'the girls. .. •'• , , I, CHURCHES II. J. Kkindlemt, Pautor There will be no services at the Lutheran church to-morrow since the pastor will be the guest- preacher at a Mission Rally to be held In Corning, Ark. The members and friends of the congrega- Uon have been Invited to the ser vices, which are to begin at I run, and 2:30 p.m., , respectively FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Seventh Strati t. q. R*tic, puior Worship and sermon, 11 a.m. an =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON= The Story of Saul =. 1 Tnt: 1 Sao. 15:13-26 Ttfc (ateruilwul Kolfwm Bunda* Sckwl Leuon-for AW. 27. BV Wit K. G1LROV, D. D. Utter. of Hie CtmjrtjaUoiuLUt In the itudy of Saul, first king of Israel, we approach one of the meet Interesting and tragic ol all figure* in hUtory. It is a study In which a great artist in line, color, Or words might revel, (or It IB lull of Intensify, and It Is full of con- s serving a uMful purpose. Wei went with him a bund of men must not be too'ready, to associate I whose hearts Cod had touched." he name of God and'th* »lt»r o» I he Lord with acts of slaughter and engeance, and we ihould not read ucli a lesson as t bis without bear- It is regrettable that the. portion chosen for our le-sson ignores much vital of the deeper moral collapse and more o! Saul to emphasize an incident that brings us into the doubtful business of slaughter and destruction, How ever, as w« have pointed out in connection with Samuel, the age was rough arid.cruel, and in sparing the sheep?-and the own captured In defeat ol his enemies Sadul was not moved by the great 8 p.m. The pastor will preach at Principle of mercy, and it is doubt - thc morning hour and Rev. L. EJ'Ul whether his professed motive. Tull will preach hour. , Church school, 9:*5 a.m. at the evening > r > religious sacrifice was cither honest or genuine. Samuel had the relentlessnw rrffd for thust Sunday nlfht suppers Is thin creamy pimento ring, and waUrcrnu. You don't have to linvc a ous dining room or a vast amount space lo entertain this fall in ic- Sunday night supper way. The hostess who has a minimum I space in her apartment can' olve entertaining problems wllh Implc little buffet suppers. Don't plan elaborate menus. Tierc sftould b2 only one main i;h. While the weather Is still 'arm, let It be some norl ol a )el- ed salad. When It's cooler, have lie not d(sh. If your jellied salad Is a whole- ome, u filling one, about all you will ieed"ln addllkm to It arc sandwiches. 1 ••varied relishes, dessert and •offee. ' ' rt|)iita(ioii us a hostess who knows mayonnaise and beat with rotavy just \i-lml to do for her friends, it is easy to prepare and can be mode hours before tr-.o guests arrive, thereby avoiding last-mlnut* confusion. Here are the things you will nccrt to make creamy pimento ring: One package ot lemon flavored gelatin, ons and one-half cups of warm water, oii^-tinlf tablespoon of vinegar, one-lmlf teaspaau of egg beater. When the gelatin is slightly thickened, beat In the mayonnaise mixtur*. Then fold in the grated chew* and pimento.' Turn into ring mold and pl«e« again In ,the ice box tp chill until ftrin. When you are ready to serve, dip the bottom of the mold in warm water for a few seconds to loosen the "ring" and then turn, upsWe down, on a large platter which has Intermediate and Senior leagues 1 p.m. I Prayer meeting Wednesday, Rev. John Travis will have charge. On next Sunday at the 11 a.m. hour, an Old Folks service will be I held, a Bible will be given to the oldest person Kres«nt. one-half cupful milk, one-fourlli | been covered with lettuce or .water- of a man supremely devoted to a cause. He had hacked .'.gag, king of the Amalekltes, in pieces before the altar of the Lord, and it was natural that such a man should rebuke Saul for what Samuel deemed his weakness and his lack of honesty of purpose. In some respects Ihe lesson as Ji stands creates a dlfflculty as well ng In mind the teach lag of tue <ew Testament, and of Jesus who enjoined ineu to love their enemies: * * i? But the lesson may be a point >f departure for a 'Sttidy In the He of a man wlrase career, lllus- uratejs the fatal weaknesses and passions that may bring a man down to rtiln in spite'of his high calling and his favorable environment. The calling of Saul wias t:igh. He was summoned to be king in' Israel when to be king meant a task of ical responsibility and service. The task was not of his own choosing; in fact we see liim as a ?n of great physique und commanding presence, modest and shrinking from honor. When (he lot had fallen upon him and he was chosen to be king, they couk not find him because he had hid :kn himself among the baggage but when they brought him forth his great presence moved the people, and with one accord the; shouted, "Gcd save the king." It is true that there were sons of Belial who muttered and mur mured against him, but Sau showed good judgment In hoWin SECOND BAPTIST OH'JHCH J. L. NewiOK, f.-utor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M..i c ) u( j e passage* from the Christian Tommle Bogun, superintendent. ' »-'-• - • Sermon, 11 A. M. Subject: "God his peace, and when he went horn to Glbeah, after being chosen a king, the record Is that "there No man ever entered upon' a ingdoin with a more favorable op- jortunlty. Yd we see him in the losing scene of his career a aui- ide on the battle field, in defeat- nd falling ii|X>n tils own sword. What lies between two scenes, lie one of his modesty and the 'the* tlic wreck and ruin of hi;; Ife It Is a story of inner strife, of lie demon of Jealousy coining Into he soul of a generous man and lurturcd there until It, became Ij-.e i.strunicnt o! Ills downfall. Tile kindliest thought of Saul is hat he had periods of ina'.lni'.ss when he wSis only pjritally responsible for his deeds, but thL-i nadness Itself apparently came on :hrough his failure to thrust cut ' 'rom his Uie seeds of jealousy when he found the youthful D.ivid, fresh from his triumph over Co- Hath. being acclaimed in his stead. He could not get over the singing of the women. "Saul lias slain his thousands, but David Ills l-ns of thousands." The time to conquer disrupting and destroying uas-sioiy is in the moment of their entrance into (hu sou], and the method of conquering them is to keep the soul to full to overflowing with nobb purpose that there can be no place for baser thoughts. This is the supreme lesson that comes to us from the life of Saul. Helping •B. Y. Man", P. U.'s, 7 P. M., Mrs. J. A creamy main dish Is sure to gain you a] Add milk, paprika and onion to paprika, one teaspoon '. cvess. minced onion, one-half cup of may- Put a few pieces of lettuce hi onnalse, otic-hall cup of grated I the center of the rnolcl and place a American cheese, one-third cup of few tabtespoonsful of mayonnaise ilminto—finely chopped. Dissolve I on them. This recipe serves six. It makes a very attractive, dish on » buffet table and, In addition, is L. Ncc.som, director. Sermon, 8 P. M. Subject: "The Twn Kinds of Church Members". \V. M. S., Monday. 2:30, Mrs. L'.-slle Moore, president. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 M, gelatin In warm water. Add j vinegar and salt. Set in the Ice pimento ring for a box to chill. Hearty and filling. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Snodgrass who lormerly lived here. K. V. Trcadwoy and B. S. Simmons hsyl! , returned from n <it- j ( vi(iyj ln^ the Rio .-Graiytq valley* of"' Texas"" where Mr. Simmons looked after his farming Interests ; there. ' Jesse H. Webb of Earle. Ark., attending to business here. Raymond Elder of Joncsboro, who buys cotton here cadi season, has arrived to make his home here for the fall and winter. . Miss Virginia Terry and Rcn- kert Wetenkamp will spend tomorrow in Memphis as guests of Mr. Wetenkamp's mother. Mrs. I s Harry Weinberger and children...Dorothy and Kenneth, of Tulsa, pkla,. are guests of Mrs. HOLLYWOOD ' . ; <tPSS|P ,^B| ' -' " ,- .'-1 INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS Mr. Brov:iih:g sing for us BY DAN THOMAS NKA Service Wrltrr HOLLYWOOD.—Seen suit heard around the film hamlet: lc Cantor skipping around the S. S. Stcrnbcrg and family for studio with those girls Sam Golcl- sevcral days. ' [wyn brought out here for UK cho- Rnsseli Hayncs Fair-and Mans- "is-of Eddie's rib'w picture, "no- field Washburn have returned, ""in Scandals'-..'. and these girls from New Liberty where they spent [ nr c not at all hard on the eyes in several clays with Russell's grand- any event ... ask Eddie. Oroucho Marx getlinj plenty of enjoyment out of having Ills iicncl massaged by Raqucl Torres . . . Mae West her dressing i» rents, Hayncs. Mr. and Mrs. T. H Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Mann, of Newport, Ark., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. 8. A. Lynch and family yesterday enroute to St. Louis and Chicago. Mia Fay > Mllbourn of Calico Rock. Ark., and Mr. Mann were united in marriage Thursday at Little Rock with the Rev. J. W. Mann of Warren, Ark., brother ol the bridegroom, performing the ceremony. • Mr. Mann, who taught .in the city' schools here a number ol yejrs ago, is '»»« : superintendent of the school* at Newport.-. Mostly Personal Jj Paul Wilhelm,' who has bee critically lll"al; his home.;in S Louis from sleeping disease! Is no believed to M .~piit~ of danger, r< port* from (hat city said tod a Mr* Wilhetei; lortnerly lived • her-- wh^rt he has--i.'number of rela lives. 'Dr. Joe Be»siey,-'6f Steelc, Mo underwent arf"6per»tion- for !ai pen>MclUs~ today :at'the Brythevil howttal. His Condition Is vcn good.' ' ' ''• • •'.' •'•' • "Tfi. and - Mn- Ceeii Shane ha ai their guetts yesterday Ed scu lock" arid daughter, Dorothy, ' Pi««ti, Aik.;'and' Miss Mabe Pppp, of Cumberland, Md. i Dr.-; and Mra. A. E. Robinson Letchville, wiirpMtor over terrier rowr' ; «wnlng ; . for':their daughte " j: wn* Is spending th- Ui Miss Patty Shan Cope, of Tyler, Te 4 her« to-male her horn ••• daughter, Mrs. H. o t U1-. , Tprtevln has returned t '• thtce mocths tour ot U visits in >|ra. : J. Hayti Society — Personal on his usual salary basis.. Those kMs who hang around the Paramount studio selling maga ztnes all carry' .autograph books . . . and they always ask n player' to sign their books before trying' to make a sale ., too. it the evening services Sunday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth Strtelt Alfred S. IlarwcH, F.utor Bible school, »:4S A. M.. Alvin •lolley, superintendent. Sermon by the pastor,, at 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M. Subject at eleven: "Doing About Suing Good". Subject at seven forty-flvo: "Christ Became Poor That 'We Might Be Rich". . - •••. ]•:)'•;" B. Y. P. U. meets at 6:45' P.M.. Miss Luna Wilhelm, director. W. M. S. meets Monday, 3 P., M. for Bible study as follows: Circle 1 with Mrs. T. R. Shepherd, 516 South Franklin street. Circle 3 and 4 at the church. Deacons meet Monday, 7:30 P. W. Prayer service, Wednesday, 1:45 P. M. Choir rehearsal Wednesday, 8:30 P. M., Mrs. Paul Tipton, leader. Mrs. J. T. Hall at the organ. We invite you to worship with us at all onr services. Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which rr-ods: "Hold perpetually this taught— that it is the spiritual Mca, the Holy Ghost and Christ. which enables you to demonstrate with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, based upon its di\'re principle, love, underlying, oierlying, and encompassing all tu-e- being" (page 496). Christian Science Reading Room Is open Tuesday and Friday trcm a to 5 P. M., at Room 108. Hotel Koble. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. There the needs of The Rev. w. L. Qilmorc D. D., of Memphis, will preach! 'Christian' Endeavor society, 6:45 is a class to suit each Individual. Church, 11 am. Osceola Society — Personal p.m. Church, 8 p.m. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Gil more. All members are especially urged to altcnct and visitors arc always welcomed. ' The Memphis branch of the Mutual Life Insurance company had a regional meeting here yesterday which was attended by U men associated with the company in Memphis and northeast Arkansas. This company, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, has adopted the slogan "Hit the ball for Hall Year" in honor of Frank Hall, manager of the Memphis company. Those present were: Mr. Reed, Bill Maynard, Aubrey Reed, Grover C. Boys and Flippen Whlt- ner, of Memphis, E. K. Bogard of "West Memphis, M. • 'A. Isaacs'^of Blytheville, J. A. Hudson of'Hel- ena and J. L. Ward and R. E Fletcher of Osceola. A banquet was served at a local restaurant. Ancient Chevrolet Car Visits Local Distributor A "Royal Mail" 1916 model Chevrolet roadster visited Blythc- \M!e recently en route from Dq- troit to San Antonio. Texas. It was housed over night tit Die Snouse-Little Chevrolet cnmrnuy. The ancient car, owned by Kr. and Mrs. T. J. Tinerty, 1307 Austin street, San Antonio, has traveled 307,000 miles through -13 6tat-js. The San Antonio couple vvi> en oute to their home after viiicir-s hn Chevrolet Motor company's Detroit proving grounds. They said they paid $1,100 for tlic car in 1916 and have driven i' .ever fince. They claim the motor liead has never been off and that the original rings, pistons- and bearings are still in use. ;ind not n bad klca . lunching olonc in Mr. nnrt Mrs. I. D. McDcnnoll itertained , the Town and Coun- y bridge club nnd two tables of ucsts with a bridge party at their ome Wednesday evening. In the lidge games Mrs. Lenora Coiuiit nrt J. V. Gates had highest score nd they received respectively a room ... but having Ihc door wide open . . . • hoping a little breeze will slcal In . . . Verna Hll- lic bnck around Hie studio again . . . but still wearing dark glasses to protect tlw cy~e which was In- Junxl in'a beauty parlor. • • * Minna, Play-; Hostess Minim Gombell playing hostess to soafie visitors In the studio cafe . . . and tl:c visitors all agoj over the celebs arounrj the place Harpo Marx, over on one slda ol I.upe's New Sweater L\ipe Velcz sporting a brnnd new man's sweater that is hers alone '.. . . Johnny Welssmuller gave her' six of them because he tired'o( having her always borrowing his . they fit much better tco. . . Greta Garbo, followed by liev Scotty pup, walking right past the studio "No Dogs Allowed" sign . . . and paying not the slightest heed. . . . Lew Cody swamped with uulogrnph seekers In front of the Brown Derby. Joan Crawford, passing out bon bons to celebrate her Scotty pup-'s blessed event. . . . Kay Francl! lunching with Gene Raymond in CHURCH OF THE NAZARENF. Second :tnd Vine Sis. R. S. Rushing, Pastor Sunday school. 0:45 A. M., E. L. Svans. superintendent. N. V. p. S.. 6:45 P. M., Mrs. the studio Green Room . ana the room ovclv pair of hose and two. nice j at the far end rair ot socks. Guest prizes went Hopkins Cary o Miss Lcnnlc Borer of Los An- Scott. Bint, Orr [tics. Calif., who Is hero visiting icr sister. Mrs. W. J. Ray, and ihc received a pair ot hose, and *. O. Rainc jr., received two pair of hose for men's guesl prize. The topless tcrved the nvo tables of players chicken salad sandwich- riicjlfjcs. olives.j'lccd' lea autl 3 frozen fruit salad. Maurice Chcvaliei . . . also Miriam . Grant. Randolph Scott, Blnj Crcei>y. 'Jack Oaklc anrt Dick Arlen . '.. Harpo.the most conspicuous because of his shaved head. Juliet Ware giving a housewarming . . . and having a tiny monkey perched on her shoulder throughout, thq party Hollywoodyknow . . ing for a collar a week In looking n"He trick In her dnrk blue pajama suit. . . . Patricia Ellis going around by the cashier's wnndoiv to collect her cV.cck. . . . Bctte' Davis romping across ihc lot with ' her hat stuck clear on the bucket her head. Stilly Ellers loaning Norman Foster a dollar so he can eat lunch . . . Norman having left hon-.e in a hurry without any money . . . Lilian Harvey on a shoppicig tour along the Boulevard . . . anci ati tractjnjr plenty of attention in her After work" I re ^"* rcs5 and whllc ' J. C. Crincr, president. Morning sermon. 11 o'clock. ' Evening service, 7:45 P. M. The pastor will preach at both services Sunday. Bring along thai neighbor and friend and let us worship the Lord together. The pastor will preach at 3 o'clock at Gosncll in the revival meeting DOW bslng held under the inepices of the local Church of ^he Nazarenc with J. H. Holt acting as the evangelist. The, subject will be "The Second Comlns if Christ". There has been some 100 seekers of salvation, a^iri more ' 100 professions to dale. This irvival will continue through the coming week. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH lake and Johnson W. J. LeRoy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m., Iverson Morris, superintendent. Church. 10:50 a.m. Subject: "When God Weighs Man." Leagues, 6:30 and 7:15 p.m. Church, 7:45 p.m. Subjecl: "The Old Testament Flapper." Her special music by the orchestra. Several new Instruments have been added. You and your friends will enjoy services at this church. Bottle trees are often . used as houses in ifadagascar. Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Uly- theYlll* hospital: Dr. Joe BciV* 3t«le, Mo., operation: Mrs. Clyde Cole, Lcachville. operation: llr; Ruth Elfrank, city, operation; Mis Vark Lucas, Wilson, treatm-nt Mrs. Beatrice Stiles, city, OIK.-It.on: Mrs. K. W. Stevenson, L»i c!i- v;Mc. operatic. Patients du:mstrd: Mrs. Mabel Needham, Da Ion, Ark.; J. M. Tiowbridge, Br-.ig--;K- drcio. Mo.; W. H. Worsley". city; Miss Norvclle Humphrey, city. In Italy, there are' 329.1 persons to the square-mile. MEMPHIS IOUND - TR1 $1.50 Pennsylvania has more cities or towns of a population exceeding 5000 than any other state. HOUND - TRH" Good, for . 60 Days Buses 4:38 A.M. Leave 8:15 A.M. Blythevillc 12:39 P.M. Daily 4:36 P.M. Children A&fd 5 to 12 Half-Fare DIXIE GREY/HOUND Read Courier News Want Ads. FT" Mrs.'>J. T.-'BilcKky'-cnteVtaihtrt g ay ang Agc '" Harrv Grcc " 's back at contract bridge .Thursday aft-1 '- ' " einooircompUmenlirig -ML«a Llniilc'-You Going Ofeat Hero?" by Jean .™, v - unt Borer of Los Angeles, Calif., house | May and. the meeting; was c!osed ' nionwnt? . , . - - - - Evai yn Knapp and Hardic Albright .- ?ucst or her sister, Mrs. J. w. Ray. Mrs. J. M.' Mllcfe received with all repeating the Lord's er In unison. In pray- too. hour | ovcr lhc respective merits of Y«Ious kinds of dogs . . . who is the society girl,who teems tc have Jack Holt captured for the I'd like to know, ........... „.,. high score and received a deck of i lemon fee and cookies were serv- ' cards and Miss -IJorcr was prc-jed th » girls. scntcd two linen handkerchiefs. I The hostess , rclrcshcrt her guests Hev. J. W. Cunningham is ron- with an' ice course of sherbet 'and J '"" --- »--••-• - cake. ducting a Baptist revival mcetinit Q+ Uaitn-n v^J ,.-!> I _1. _._,,. . ° at Hayward which win contTnuc ! next week. The G. A.'s met ?t Ihnir church Mrs. Philip Hamra and daugh- Thursday afternoon with seven members present and their 'counselor. Mrs. Scth Compere. The meeting wa s opened with the singing of "In the Garden" and then Mrs. Compere offered prayer, The Auxiliary had a unique devotional, ?What Is Christianity In the Home? Kindness—Prov. 31:26; In ; Chicago, ' Ore. the business? "Honesty"—Romans 13:17: In the Society? "Courtesy," 1st Cor. 13:5: In Work? "Thoroughness," Elites. 3:10; In play? -"Fairness." 2nd Timothy 2:5; In he Weak? "Help" Acts 20:3i; In """ "Repentance" .Psaim Strong? "Trust." 1st Neb., Kansa:i.;c.'. 13:4 and last What Is Chris- '•^lUMVjiwicftttu KepenioncC'f H|°7:.T; In the Strong? "Trust. 1 Los Angeles Keek and ttanily in God and Man? Mark 12:30-31. The theme of the afternoon's program was "G. A. tcrs.Misscs Pauline and. Helen of Cariithcrsvillc and Miss Mcrcldle Khourie of Fullon. Ky., who has been visiting In Caruthcrsville were here • Thursday evening visiting Mrs;.Wolf Khourie and daughter Miss Edna. Miss Khourie remained and visited her cousin Edna Khourie, Friday and Saturday. Mrs. VirRlnla Baker, who has been in Chicago attending the Worlds Fair, lias returned home and resumed Iwr duties st Mrs Bakcr.'s Beauty shoppc. Mfe Lavcrnc Foster and Miss loulse Golden were in Caruthcrs- vllle Friday visiting friends, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wlther- spoon of Dyersbnrg. Tcnn., arc here, visiting Mr. WHhcrspoon's grandparfBts,; Mr., and r Ebie.Janis in rants Dorothea ^Vieck and Kaili.uine DeMinc dashing into a iolz icun- Uln for a cooling drink . . joan Bennett, Katharine Hepburn, feug- l«s Montgomery and others 01 the "UtUe Women" company arrivlnt at the studio with huge lunch bis- teLi .1. . all set for a picnic !imcli whllc'on location . . . ni:,-; a considerable improvement owr ihos 1 few lunches they usually n-nc. Elsie Janis appearing 4; th,- v-o-, studio In » pair of pants she : swore she never «c thenv . . Adolphc NicnX>;> ;:oa^- ing Bcnlla Hume to a swell dinner. . . Lyle Talbol and I/i:, sUH arc dashing around place:- together . . . and Lola's "c\-'i cw Ayres, .still finds Glnscr R, comp4Jjiy very comtorllnf JljnSiy Cagnc yand-hls.wii r Ing In' Ihc Brow DcrUy : . my looking tcxlgher Mian . .Home, James. anc . VC jr niarrUges are frcwm in CHRISTIAN SClEXCi: SOCIETY "Christ Jesus" is the subject o! Ihc lesson-sermon to be read in tiic Christian Science service Sundry morning at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text Is: "No man >r.lh seen God at any time; the rrily begotten Son, which is in Ihe bosom of the Father, he hatn ;!cclf»rcd Him" (John 1:18). Among the citations from the Bible Is the following: "I ca 1 ! 'HO all things through Christ, which Ircngthcneth me" (Phllippians *:' 13). The lesson-sermon will' also in» THE AIK COOLED GEM OSCKOI.A Sunday • Monday 27 - 28 — 2 Days vSunriay .Matinee — 10c-20c N«Kht— 15c-35c Meet Your Friends At the Noble We strvc all kinds of santlvtiches, cold plates and Dutch lunches in our cool, vveil- ventilated tap room. Open continuously Afternoon and Evenings Until 12 1'. M. Ice Cold BEER AH Popular Brands

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