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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio • Page 12
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio • Page 12

Marysville, Ohio
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12 JOURNAL-TRIBUNE, Marysvllle, STATEAREA Municipal Court News frey A. Jackson, 925 W. Fifth Apt. 12, fined $1,200, costs $64, 120 days in jail, license suspended from 6-1-97 until" 6-1-99, 90 days in jai suspended; Littering from a Motor Vehicle- Michael D. Garrett, Plain City, fined $100, costs $29; O.M.V.I.- Jeffrey A. Jackson, 925 Wi Fifth Apt. 12; No operators License- Paul P. Ingram, Richwood; fined $300, costs $46, 30 days in jail, $200 in fines suspended, 30 days in E. Monson, Richwood, fined $25, costs $46; Stop Sign- Holly R. Zachariah, 520 Mulberry fined $25, costs $46; Minnie M. Johnson, 125 Second fined $25, costs $26. RICHWOOD, OHIO Traffic Control Device- Paul P. Ingram, Richwood, fined $25, costs $26. STATE OF OHIO- SHERIFF Speeding- Philip R. Burke, II, Raymond, fined $22, costs $49; Jef fc ft- Tuesday, July 22, 1997 A just north of downtown. A similar accident involving the same company and project occurred in May about 100 yards from Monday's accident. P.J. Dick could face criminal and civil charges pending a police investigation, Detective Kevin Wheeler said. "Construction sites have to be inspected to find out if the ground is strong enough to hold heavy machinery," Wheeler said. "We were that was not carried through here." The crane was too close to the edge of a nearly 6-foot-high hill of dirt that could not support its 25-ton weight, Wheeler said. "It was a case of the worst kind of timing," he said. "A split second sooner or later could have made all Ohio A Columbus police officer makes notes while investigating a fatal accident in which a crane fell onto a car in Columbus Monday. The driver of the car was killed instantly when a crane being used to build a new arena at the Ohio State University fell on top of a passing vehicle. Investigators think the driver never knew what hit him because they found the driver still clutching the steering wheel. (AP Photo) Contractor involved in fatal accident to be investigated STATE OF OHIO- SHERIFF Possession of Marijuana-Michael D. Garrett, Plain City, fined $100, costs $29; Dustin R. Lemaster, 306 S. Oak Street, fined $100, costs $29. CITY OF MARYSVILLE Disorderly Conduct- Michael C. Wood, 462 Allenby Drive. STATE OF OHIO- SHERIFF Assault- Ryan A. Stidham, 161 Hilcrest Drive, fined $300, costs $31, $200 in fines suspended; Criminal Damaging- Ryan A. Stidham, 161 Hilcrest Drive, fined $250, costs $31, 30 days in jail, $150 in fines sus-! pended, 30 days in jail suspended; Aggravated Trespassing- Ryan A. Stidham, 161 Hilcrest Drive, fined $300, costs $51, 30 days in jail, $100 in fines suspended; Underage Drinking- Dustin R. Lemaster, 306 S. Oak fined $300, costs $51, 30 days in jail, $200 in fines suspended, 27 days in jail suspended. CITY OF MARYSVILLE Speeding- Ryan A. Stidham, 161 Hilcrest fined $25, costs $46; Mary J. Martino, 22781 Wolford Maskill fined $25, costs $46; Dotty J. Stump, 324 E. Eighth fined $25, costs $46; Improper Lane Change- Charley B. Hay, 14298 County Home Road, fined $25, costs $46. OHIO STATE PATROL Speeding- Paul E. Blunt, Richmond, fined $57.50, costs Michael A. Tobin, 14181 Hinton Mill fined $25, costs $46; Larry M. Brown, Lakeview, fined $25, costs $46; Richard W. Lock, Galloway, fined $50, costs $46; No child restraint- Sarah M. Sanders, 991 Coventry Place, Apt. FRA Suspension-Richard W. Laporte, Dublin, fined $600, $46, 60 days in jail, $300 in fines suspended, 57 days in jail suspended; Failure to Control- Tiffany M. Rose, Mechanicsburg, fined $25, costs $46; Falsification-Richard W. Laporte, Dublin, fined $300, costs $26, 30 days in jail, $200 in fines suspended, 27 days in jail suspended; No seat belC- Paul P. Ingram, Rich-wood, fined $25, costs $26; Jon F. Davis, Milford Center, fined $25, costs $26; Michael G. Johnson, New Carlisle, fined $25, costs $26; James R. Cook, 530 Rah-wood, fined $25, costs $26; Richard W. Laporte, Dublin, fined $25, costs $26; Cindy L. Dillon, 23060 Wilbur fined $25, costs $26; Vernon B. Martin, Plain City, fined $25, costs $26; Shasta M. Roberts, Bellefontaine, fined $15, costs $26; Speeding-John i 0 1 tf 1 1 1 1 1 i COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate the death of a Columbus man killed when a crane from a construction site fell on his car. Deborah J. Zubaty, area director for OSHA, said her office has not had much experience with the construction company, P.J. Dick Inc. of Columbus, but said that nationally it has a good record. Marvin B. Kuhn, 45, was killed Monday as he drove by the site for Ohio State's new sports arena. The crane toppled onto the roadway about 7:20 a.m. and crushed the home-health care nurse, who was on his way to work. The arena is being built along Lane Avenue on the university's campus, Man shoots WAUSEON, Ohio (AP) A man fleeing the scene of a robbery led the police chief on a car chase and then held authorities at bay in a soybean field before fatally shooting himself and wounding a deputy. Ricardo Lerma 19, of Tecum-seh, one of three men who allegedly stuck up a supermarket about 1:30 p.m. Monday, shot himself in the head after repeatedly refusing to put down his weapon, authorities said. The bullet from his .45 pistol went through his head and grazed Fulton self, officer after robbery jail suspended. news Shirley Jo Kibbey, 22, W. Mansf field, Child Care to Tracy James Stooksburg, 31, Ostrander, Night Clerk. Sandra Dee Cole, 26, 128 Northcrest Homemaker to Alan David Menard, 32, 128 Northcrest Carpenter. Cheryl Ann Griffith, 28, 331 S. Main Manufacturer to Brent Alan Williams, 28, 14275 St. Route 38, Production. Laurie Ann Borkowski, 30, 564 Hollow Drive North, Teacher to Matthew Dale Levy, 27, 564 Hollow Drive North, Seed Analyst. Nancy Ann Ardrey, 45, 753 Lon-' don Avenue, Apt. 3, LPN, to Dorence Christain W. Rausch, 55, 630 Fourth Custodian. Thelma Sue Mendenhall, 20, 205 Woodcrest Support Analyst to Thomas Edward Howe, 27, 205 Woodcrest Assembly Line. Brandie Renee Crossman, 25, 524 Garden Drive, Teacher to David Bryan Andres, 24, 524 Garden Drive, Buyer. news for 60 days; Failure to control- Tiffanie D. Wood, daughter of Terry Wood, two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, restricted to drive to and from school and work for 45 days; Speeding- Susan M. Sigrist, daughter of Tony Sigrist, fined $15, costs $58.64, restricted to drive to and from school and work for 45 days; Failure to' Yield- Christopher T. Glass, son of Gary Glass, two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, restricted to drive to and from school and work for 45 days; Speeding-Michael A. Limes, fined $15, costs $58.64, license suspended for 30 days; Stop Sign Violation- two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, license suspended for 30 days. i i 4 i '5. i 1 1 tm a tM Courthouse Recent marriage licenses handed out in Probate Court: Connie Louise Patterson, 51, 14200 Industrial Parkway, Nursing Assistant to James Buell Griffith, 56, Equipment Operator. Sunya Marie Grace, 22, Hilliard, Daycare Teacher to Keith Michael Cordova, 23, 727 E. Fifth Yard Man. Mindy Jo Roberts, 22, Magnetic Springs to Chad Allen Fitch, 20, Magnetic Springs, Factory Worker. Anglea Mare Brosius, 30, Rich-wood, Lab Assistant to Juan Scott Sandusky, 28, Richwood, Investigator. Anne Marie Gingrich, 29, 574 Allenby Drive, Administrative Clerk to Todd Eric Jackson, 33, Twinsburg, Parts Manager. Susan Lynn Isaac, 36, 185 Residence Drive, Homemaker to David Eugene Shull, 43, 604 Parkway Drive, Grocery Store Manager. Roberta Jo Barton, 16, 19442 Northwest Parkway, Student to Jef-fery Allen Jackson, 29, 925 W. Fifth Self-employed. Juvenile court Failure to Maintain a Clear Distance Ahead- Philip R. Burger, son of Ellen Sosa, two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, license suspended for 30 days; Jayson H. Daniels, son of Douglas Daniels, two points, fined $25, costs $58.64, license suspended for 60 days; Brooke E. Yoder, daughter of Doug Yoder, two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, restricted to drive to and from work and cheerleading for 45 days; Red Light- James R. Eichemeyer, son of Robert Eickemeyer, two points, fined $15, costs $58.64, license suspended for 30 days; Speeding- Wendi M. Miller, daughter of Randall Miller, 1 point, fined $15, costs $58.64, license suspended T' ft I ft 1 Mir rr1 3 Ml the difference." The crane operator, Mark Burcher, 38, of Westerville, suffered minor injuries. He was treated at Ohio State University Medical Center. A full-time safety inspector and numerous supervisors are on site, said Jon Abbey, vice president and general manager at P.J. Dick. "There were cranes and other heavy machinery operating at the site since we started in January," said Abbey. Burcher was being supervised when he was operating the crane, Abbey said. In mid-May, a crane operated by another driver toppled after a hole 8 feet deep opened in the ground beneath it, Abbey said. The driver suffered minor injuries. Center. Janet Calvin of Fayette was starting her shift at Kaiser Market when the three suspects' came into the store, police said. She had noticed that they backed their car into the first parking space. She went into a back room, and a couple of minutes later, a cashier fan back and said the store had been robbed. Fayette Pqlice Chief Rick Kline, driving an unmarked police car, said he saw a "car flying by" him about the same time he received the call on the robbery. Confirming that the speeding car was seen at the supermarket, the chief pursued the vehicle. Lerma ran from the car at the roadblock where the two suspects were arrested and was surrounded by law enforcement officers in the soybean field about 2 p.m. He shot himself at 4:50, just after he smoked a cigarette. Weight Loss Surprises Researcher WASHINGTON A nutritional researcher's plan to end world hunger became side tracked when people eating his "hi-tech" chewable food tablet lost weight. The reason for the weight loss is still somewhat of a mystery, but some results have been significant. The original formula was developed by National Dietary Research and has now been improved with an appetite control ingredient approved as safe and effective by government researchers. The new formula is called Food Source II and provides an effective way to lose weight fast. So why are some people losing weight with Food Source lots of weight? According to Dr. William Morris, director of research and development at NDR, the Food Source Plans allow you to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. "While controlling calorie intake is important to lose weight, with the FS Plan there are no forbidden says Morris. Dr. Morris says that he has received some incredible success stories from people who have lost 70 pounds or more with the Food Source Plan. One woman from Niagara Falls, New-York lost over 70 pounds without giving up her favorite foods which included chocolate, pizza and chicken wings. Although her results are not typical because individual weight loss varies, the FS Plan is an excel lent way to fight obesity. According to an article published in ihcAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition you don't even have to reduce the amount of food you eat to lose weight, provided that you limit the fat. Food Source is available at the follqwr ing locations or call 1 -800-634-2348: SHIELD'S PHARMACY 700 Stocksdale Plaza Marysvllle 642-3791 Convicted man tells of his addiction to Internet porn County Deputy Nicholas Rubel, 33, of Metamora, across the lower abdomen. Rubel was treated and released from St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. Lerma's body was taken to the Fulton County Health Center. The other two suspects Randy Torres, 30, of Adrian, and ah unidentified 15-year-old boy surrendered at a roadblock about five miles north of Watiseon. Torres was taken to Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio-in Stryker; the juvenile was sent to the Defiance County. Juvenile Detention Bell also sentenced Grurtdner to three years of probation, fined him $2,000 and ordered him to perform 500 hours of community service during each year of his probation. Bell issued the sentence less than the eight-to-14 months in prison possible under federal sentencing guidelines after reviewing a psychiatric report that said Grundner was not a pedophile and was not a danger to children. The judge also noted Grundner's efforts to get psychological help and his interest in warning others of the danger of pornography on the Internet. Grundner has pledged to help the anti-pornography organization Enough is Enough based in Fairfax, in its efforts against Internet pornography. Two years ago, this was Grundner's typical day: He went in to work, shut the door to his office, turned on his computer and began downloading pornographic pictures from the Internet. 8ft1 AKRON, Ohio (AP) A man sentenced on a conviction of possessing child pornography said his access to such material over the Internet became addictive. "As I was learning about the Internet, it was just something I came across. It developed into an addiction," Thomas Grundner said Monday, after he was sentenced in U.S. District Court to four months of house arrest for possessing child pornography. In addition to imposing home confinement, Senior U.S. District Judge Sam H. Bell ordered Grundner, who founded the Cleveland Free-Net computer network, to continue receiving counseling for pornography addiction. Ohio Lottery CLEVELAND (AP) The owner of one Buckeye 5 ticket with the correct five-number combination may claim an Ohio Lottery prize of $100,000, the lottery announced today. The winning ticket was sold in Akron. Here are Monday night's Ohio Lottery selections: Buckeye 5 numbers 10-13-15-31-37 Pick 3 Numbers 3-1-4 Pick 4 Numbers 8-1-0-7 Sales in Buckeye 5 totaled $331,322. The TOO Buckeye 5 game tickets with four of the numbers are each worth $250. The 3,315 with three of the numbers are each worth $10. The 36,390 with two of the numbers are each worth $1. The Ohio Lottery will pay out $1,239,566.50 to winners in Monday's Pick 3 Numbers daily game. Sales totaled $1,217,682. In Pick 4 Numbers, players wagered $358,020 and will share $99,600. The jackpot for Wednesday's Super Lotto drawing is $8 million. mi i Ais.i.i'njii j. ki fcJj

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