The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1934
Page 2
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BLWHgVILLg (ARK.) COURIER a Social Calendar THURSDAYS EVENTS J4rs. : . Pverett B. Gee hostess lo . Thursday _I.-«iic)ieon c!ub ul (lie country club. Siuafti-Ttardaway' Ateddlng, ' at,. Stephen Episcopal church, 4 p. in. Many Out of Town Ouftl? Attend Dances A large \ number of out of loyvn Yiiiiora attended the two larecU dances-here Jast. jivening, the tea dance flt,lhc"coumry chib and Ihe fiffair at the. new American Legion hill." Included In these were guests from Osceola, Oklahoma City, Memphis,'.:.Capo Glrardcaii, Mo., New York cit}, St Loliia, Tucson, Aru, Jon.e5t.oro, and Ihe M-udfOU. home from bchool There was dancing at lhc country, club mill) .10 o'clock. Host of the same people went, to the Init for the later dance, where thej weic Joined by olhcis hi the younger Get. Harold Siidntiry and his South- British Style of Bidding furnished music at both enters analrs Scouts HJ\C Meeting Troop -i of lhc Langc school Girl Scouts Ciiivitniiua mo Ceii- tra! Ward scouts and then Icad- ct Miss Dorothj Goodrich, Monday afternoon al the Langeschool. Al the imcslttme ceremony the tenderfoot members were tnken into thc troop as full,flcdgcd luem- ueis Latet a C|uistmas piogram vas icndcrcd befoicjhe c\chnnj- ing of Bifti and serving of candy The Langc tioop picsenlcd its leader, Mrs Herman Kimci, with a reading lamp and i« 0 \ases \ hlcli the members lud inac|c. t * * • Operetta Given. Tlic operetta. • In Quest O f Sap- U Claus" was presented Thursday evening by 60 pupils of the Armorel Junioi high school Inclfid- ing Uie llnrd and fourth etudes Mill choruses fiom the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth Blades The Hue Yuletidc sphit of kindness, helpfulness, goo.rt_v.lll, unselfishness anil love !WM' cmpha. eijed in the Chritmas fairies aiid LilHu-jjiic who finally leached Santa'!, home The operetta was chnmcd with lhc birth of it Christ and the appearance of thc Christmas star Mrs Alice Womack directed the operetta v,j(i) Mis Basinecr '.'as Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. K. McKENNKY ' Secretary, American Bridge League For a number of years tournaV nicnt-)>lay. In England was mi- popular, but sl])cc ricveiopinbn't' of the British Bridge League, toiir-' iiiiinents now- tire almost ns 'nopu-' Inr here as in America. 1 have asked some of the British authorities In England to send me an inlerestlng hand occaslon- alty. Today's hand was written up by Capt. Kwart Kcmpson' who |)arlicl|Mlc(l in the American Bridge League tournament at Asbury Park last August. The hand was played In the Liberal Cup Tournament In a match between teams captained by Frank Nesbil and J. R. Be|l. The Biddine Tha bidding f (five Is the way 1 uelicve. most American authorities would bli| thc hand, llowever, the "ngllsh bidding'WHS '.slightly di[- ' When West bid a spade, Today's Conlrud Problem liere's pno Ilia! c<|i<nilil ereute »onte..lhtc'v:.:,v In your afternoon rcrdi clul). South In playing Iliq |uiijd at Buvqn no Inimp. Wcsi has to' bo. «1ii<>ojocl oiii>of-one of'Ills • elubs or tlio iiing ain].i|\l o! r.i:dcs. Cnn you v.-or!: 4>Vb?'e'j ::' ,-• ' VKJS ' *KQ'tO:i ' *K7 * K Q S 0 93 0 8 0 J 10 5 S A A J 1 VAQIli * A .1 . * A Q G 3 Solution In HMI issii: Bits oj Mostly Personal Ihe St. Bernard hospital of L'oro because of a .serious accident which occurred Christmas Eve. Robert B. uc King, who has teen quite III, is slowly,improv- Mlss Dorplliy Evans, of St. Louis- Is, the liouscguesl, of Mrs, Anne Stevens Potter. ' . . Mr. and Mrs, Ben Vliiyard and, (laughter..,.Virginia, ot Cape ol- mi.tleaij.'jMo., are guests of Mi and Mrs. Everett B. Gee. Mrs •Vlnpvd is a sister-of'Mr. Gee. JVEPJNESPAY, — .'•"•"— -"^MiV 'i/: "•c'vymgynt, v»vj!/iyini<jiy g$ ( ^^ This Baby May Be Worth His Weight in dold and llicy make Iho con- Tliis was a part of Urn Christmas _ program before' Hie closing of school Friday for the holidays A tthal lime tho teachers each had a tree am! treat for thc pupils who exchanged gifts The P>-rT. A and Sunday (.diool a ^ 6a } c a treat to PUP"!, and other children of the community Fuday afternoon al the school. To fc;il«rtaln Uub Mrs ifdgar Borum will enter. tain the Thursday contract cl«b Friday afternoon * • S Jfnc Cfmslnus Part> Mr and Mrs J p Holland en. AAKQ10 A Norm V A K J,3 2 *A ' AKS7053 A J r. 3 • if s G «KQ3 *QJ 104 3 bpeeine lead— J.K. Mr, and Mrs. Arch Gra'y''aim soil, Billy, of Pcoria. ![(.,- left lo- diiy alter a brief stay' here : ilm| In Kocloi-; Ark. While here (hey were guests of Mr. (ind M r5 ' c M. Gray. '. ",-• • The Iicv..aiui Mrs. acqiie' W. f'ylw, of ftirago'iikl, were guests of Mre. A. M.' Butt und family 1 for! ihrlslnias. "; - „• '. ' Mr. and Hfi's. W. W.'pepper returned to Iheir liome in Little fiock today .after speeding Christmas with their son, Stantoh. niui family, at Huffpian. Mrs, W. M. Williams Is III hi, her home on Kentucky avenue, from Influenza. - - ,.- : . Mr. and Mrs. Jlminic Lcdbettev and children, of Helena, who.for- merly lived here, arc visiting relatives In .the city until Friday ,.,„.„ ,„ ., ,, , ; — -' — l J. Nick Thomas jr., of Memphis, i?,f boniS nil, . NewE "S-|' spent Christmas with his par- S, if dllul «s, atews. plain cuts. , p inljlds, hearty soups, with only BV )VMHV u. „„„„„ NEA Service Staff Wrlltr How about n fine large, platter browned' com beef hash 'for —*.* "tvi llrtoil iur dinner tonight? If you're fecllne (lie way I am right now, ihefiug-i gestion will sound better to you! than-all the fruit cakes and plum! pmltllngs I could offer. Far there comes a time during the holidays when rich dishes pall many and our stomachs cry out simply be- cnls. Mrs. Earl Roderick, of Vincent. rk.j was tho ciiest of '••"• - t - L "Miss mo s. Mr. , -, . ^j mjU^RJ, WJlJi cheese for dessert (if any). Oysters are full of food' value til after a suit has been shown. Also,, as. the hajid \\'as played hi nnd now, when North one Dlds In spades, he tells his partner quite a story. First, Hint he lias up losers In spades; second, that ho has normal support foi his partner's Wrt nnd, most im- porlant of all, .he Is willing lo try for a slam. The I'lay Due to tho fact Unit East rtou- •Jtel North's club bid ana umt, North made a cue bid in spades West thought that hte safest open. "IB • wns tlio finglelon -kins; or eiubs. which Norlh won with lhc Before nUomplIng to ruff tho duos, the declarer must lake two rounds of trump, and now he should, lead the flvo of clubs. When W Plays (hi four spot, declarer ihould let the. trick ride, discard- lug u spade. 3'!'.° IST? ! s «'»l •>» Is perfect y iicnls ,„ j mve (he win one club trick. '' 0 so " 4 fw)m U!0 " tract - b usually, if a > you vith ,ihc len contract l^f ??" "'"^ ''"^ ^"mf ,^ay ^j&^^tt^j^ ,„ ? , a ?'5 '"" M°nrt»y evening Inciiided In lhc euesls fere members of Mrs Holland' on Tuesda\ Mr 's fnm- and ily and a family reunion at "Iheir home" Miss Freda Alexandei and Collis Woodfin Wed STttLE, , x niarr , a Miss Freda Magdalene Alexander oau ' oaughto, cf to ' Mrs \v nnd Mr r> of this moni- Eastwood Memorial ie^tvTVc 03 " 1111 ^ read the rmc s,*™,™ The nnd unde, liiarrijgc by hpr fa X k XL*™***."™** crepe and hls .many years or ,Vande!rbllt ' score without doubling. But, if you |0( ju. Wilson Society — Personal Qucnlin .and . Nc«-ell Jerome:, itiidcnls ut Col«niblR Military academy. Columbia, Term., are spending (lie holidays with Iheir parents, Dr. and Mrs. j. N. Jerome. Sir. ami Mrs. F. I,. Zanders will leave January I to, nmkc Iheir home in St- Loiib. Percy Hollowcll and son, Percy Jr., visited Mr. aud Mrs. Willis McElyca iu Porlaecville, Mo., Friday. Rev. and HIS. It. ,\t. LCWJ S and daughter, Anna Martin, spent Christinas with Mrs. Lewis' |»r- e'WVFtcy. and Mrs..\V. T. Mnv- .. vw lull and Ifoward I-rozier, of WesV M«nphls, nud George Fall, of C|»rksdnlo. atiss spent Christmas with Mrs Fall and Mr. and Mrs. a. H. Fmzlcr. iVfr. and Mrs. James Liggett oi Columbia. Temi., and Mr. and Mr*. William Csuley, of Sheffield, Ala., arc tlie guests of Mr nnd Mrs. S. C. Brandon. Jr. Miss Walter Dell Ringer led Friday for Duraivl. Miss., lo he ,"";•! *?"? or Miss Blllie ^ m ^ until today. Cone Murphy returned Saturday ic week that lW, a'nm,,^r"c7"' y e«rago" l bimv b ?*"***>* ™°"™ Possi- rc EiiMls of Mr ; ,nri M! t ,' ?" s ' . In a chowder, made into ' Mrs hnvk-' honie today. , Miss Mary Ardcn Galloway, of Chicago, left loday after spending several days with Mr. mid MrJ, Miss Mary Blanche Gay who' Is now employed In Chicago, spent Clirlstimis with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.' P. Gay ; Miss Mac Hatley, who is now employed in Memphis, spent '„","« Ohnstmns '" E<l - l -— • ' -- In IS, its salty, tang satisfies, Shredded cabbage with French' r sour cream dressing, carrot |o,raws, crisp .celery aiid new i onions and radishes make a wcl- (rorne rfiaiife [cam ' the usual sal- Apples ; done almost any my arc good desserts for such dinners -apple sauce- w|th srcaiu, apple he Mr. and Mrs. Kurl Kroger, o Oklahoma City, Okla., arrived Sun any nlfihl to snena a'week witl Airs. Kroger's parents, Mr. aii< Mrs. W. A. Black. '•• . Hemphlji left for his Home jn Little Sock, today after Of.MJKS n,.«l.i ! - '.V . " • •!' i> iB1raf «I fl'JS ? r °l 5 " ^^.""rt-"^ WfflU . and Mrs. A. O. Haley . - .... ill Iowa Oily, visiting the paresis of Mr latt. for a week. ~ Misses Louise Luttfell J a , Loiitsc Posey mid Perry ent lo Memphis lodajTfor several days stay sevrr, ,' icvcral days hunting do. , . , " uiurim;, r Militarj' Ijistllule, ul Tunis the guest of h)s for _.",„, ••> I1JU '"Other, Mrs. Anne the holidays. tln at Conway. Dr. James Fall urragc o their *"«Bllcr. Jiianiu, to wmis Dnk" »«rri 5 of Marked Tree/formerly wonv H " Cy ' Mlss ' Tho C01 ' c ' , " y v , n5 Portemcd in the prcs- "'. c .«. o' wcmhm of the Inunccli- wfll, ".h 11 ^" 1 Jon( * b °™ ycstcrdDy of L ^ Z , CV - J ' R ' P"' 111 - l>«lor tori nfr" ", 0 , dlst chllrch of J<>"cs- ooro, oinciatln. bfi ?, C " tlcll(lc(1 Arkansas college, Joncsboro. 71,c . Mr. and Mrs. w. M. Wallace „, t i. .".«. ,»r. i\i. >VHIiaC and daughter, ML«s Maxine, arc '.pending Ihe holidays al Vina, Ala., thc guesls «. Wallace, of Mr. and Mr. nnd Mre. ,0. E. Moore, ol Grenada, Miss., arrived' Friday (o spend ihe holidays with • their a»<l Mrs. Ralph Robinson, and Mrs. Moore's aunt, Mrs. Gso- Hcrron. : Hale, of Fayctlcr .. a " H C Cannon and aiia M Mrs Marlenc Wilson of Cal'?"», C'ty. Miss, «ho has £11 visiting her m W p wihoit, c Saturday «uh Jaus 81ld a .. - - Beall, vvlio 1 attend'; iiif S?^?.^.. 0 ' A.alx,ma, 1C "frri-!cd spend the Miss juanila Bonds and Willis Harris Married U3PANTO, ATk the AkMr. and f Lcl>ntllt> ' )lu murriagc of Mrs. «"their " ,.,,.—^ lfl y n'Slit al 'the Memis Baptist hospital, is unprov- M- sril S <U ^ Hs P»«™»fe Mr. «ld' '">"»e Monday. Sll "'" 0)>S ' wt " nlcd is P «ic t0 Eu"t' U of CWS '- -° f Sl " LOUiS ' Myrtle Bourland, for several d'a"?' Mr nnd ,M,- S , H Highnil have "; s 'heir & Kili Mre v , m ;wves of Chicago, who thc Broom is Mrs. \ Farm Fronr^Lee Wilson icrc tract ot land in eul- ot w»i\ n mi dislanc e northeast ?, "' y i' e !." c '. tas ^"«»scd hand. ' i Ietllu ' f *s'e at KnoA-vjile, ived hoine Sunday for a week. «ir. and Mrs. Lawrence Bums of Sprmgnelrt. III., 'are ' snendlng » few clays here ns gnesls of Mrs Burns parenis, Sir. aiid HUB. Ha r , ij Huiiib. ' /' , «'l, 0 ur,derwcj)f an "lid son , Memphis' last evening and Mi^. Beiuiic Bcrll " ot Paiiii, in., are ,. • *, ii"-, 0*1: visit„-. " rs - BcrlleWs parcnls. Mr and Mrs. William Lang, fay Jackson, of Columbus, o. r thc i^ iu —• v "- 1 "". ui ^ominous, £.iway ucst of niMw * for PVanlc nl ho i V "° ^''t-'^i- DJ &ir, .Ttirt i\Irs . 1 i.. J ; Crowclcr plans lo rctum °'. Louis tomorrow after surtui i>* Christmas with his fainlly. Barnctt were In Memphis lust R. K. L. Wilson ••MMt £1 iF ; v MO nricc nf <i K n nn . c ..? rl< ? Kl •*> Parenl.s n > . • «"«uatic(iUJl ' JMvOlVllV* H° U P T*S? " riCC ° f <««K company has soM thn i . ;""V" Company Im 5 «>'d the Iraet to Mre. n. w. Wylic. ; ^;e hundTedTtho^T Koreans C °" nlry PCO le cTnl n «»l consular .;-•, -"•)»• uu rcgisiratio easing or owning l ands " cw empire. 'These «OT ? gi C (i_ ihemselvcs ; ac Manchuria tcrrllory. . - or. offi- regislration from in lhc Koreans W.' T. Earl and Mrs. Mrs Clitrles Blcdsop, of Mem- liquid ... Tablets Salve - Nose Drops Checks COLDS and • FEVER First-biy, Headaches In 30 Jliuutci «L, L - |n Alc , ""Kill for Earl Carroll'., MI. aim Ml . s W1 || iai Mcn ; I- d aud daughter, Mi w Grace and .son. Bernard, spent ycster- dflV f]l Tln^^i.l . - , Jl.0kt.l- irk., with Mrs. .:...-, i'."viu.% Mr. and Mrs Mc?»'ri» T'"" cld ' aml !KMI >'- x™. '1"'?"" «!"•">«> ">«c Because apple ;pic': with cheese' or of-the many apple pud- pudding, poor man's bread puddings are _ .j, 4 too. Also, meals 'of - this type arc cheap and easy to fix. an import- nut, consideration, »l this season. Make the corned beef hash with canned cornea beef or use the beef left from-a,'New England boiled dinner. : Corned "It Happened One -Night" Tops Thomas' List ot 10 Best Films BV KAN THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD—For over a. week f have been putting oft perhaps; the most unpleasant task of-j the year—that of choosing lhc 10 best pictures - produced a Job! In 1934 Utcf Hash The only satisfaction 1 gel from it If that it pleases my ego, us il docs that of any critic. OI course, I'll find many who.dis- agree with me, but so will others —and that's a comfort, too/There are more in the; same boat with I me. However, the Job has lo : be done, it'o here goes— 1—"IU Happened One Night" ' ' In my opinion tha outstanding film of the year was "It Happened One Night," directed by Prank Capra .and corslarr[ng Clark Gable and- Claudettc Colbert. By' no stretch of imagination cbiild this picture be termed figantic 1'lircc cups chopped .coined beet, 2 cups choppecl.ipb.ld.. boiled, polj-. toes. 2 slices ; -'onion,~*l-2 cup bolN ins wsiler, 3-. tablespoons butler, 4 eggs, •( teaspoons butter, 4 teaspoons minced parsley, paprika, ••i teaspoon pepiwr. '• . chop onion wjth meat- and 'potatoes. If ypii use 'a chopping bowl, chop meal slightly before adding potatoes and onion, then chop together.•until quite line. ,If you Ube a food, chopper, use the coarse knife and put Wat' and potato through alternately,-putting onion . Hi rough wllji meat. Mix lightly nnd add pepper and boil- Ing water with butter melted in it, Pack .iii a wcllrbuttered casserole and make four depressions wjth the back Of a large spoon Cover casserole and bake 15 min- in a hot oven HDO degrees P.) Remove from oven and care- :nlly brca'iC an egg into each de- gression. Drop a teaspoon of bul- ter on each egg, cover casserole ana pake 2o minutes longer,at the same temperature. - Remove from oven and put a wreath of minced wrslcy around each egg. Sprinkle with paprika, replace cover and serve from casserole. . If you arc serving corned beef hash for the family evening nicnl choose z full-flavored vegetable; ~ n ,,;; such a, cauliflower. bnBte]s j8taW.^_. = Is "Thc .Thin Man," dtrdctcd 'by >V. S. Van Dyke and with William-Powell as Miss Loy's co-star. Tlic . plot in ' this . ujrq re a'llv • is secondary to the fad that it gave both Bill ai\d Myrna their rtrsi chance to play comedy, roles; And how they played them! " 5— "One • at r. . •• . Another surprisfc 'hit wfifcir sets' a place oil this list is Grace Moore's "One Night of Love" Victor Sclierlzinger directed this stage vehicle in several years- thanks to the direction of Sldn»v Franklin. 8-—"The Gay Divorcee" /Ginger Rogers and Frcil Astnlr>- firab most of the eiory for brih»- jng 'The day plvorccc'v into'this list, then- excellent dancing bciiig one of the main features ot the film. In addition, however, the picture contains an abimdancc of well-balanced _cotnedy. Mark Eaud- nch was the director ^The ^Count of Monte trislo" Monte Crisli)" among the ' 10 Irama, a,s ^"W^e&iM °f * •aeserycsfRS'.'-JJlace ai 'Ipurtnve fi^:-if~ •-^l=--.Ls ri n ' ,' 0-*KI'*"fi Ulllfllii, J[ft well as the .excellent pcrfoVnianccs ot its - two leading characlers Robert; Donat and. EUss'a Lai ' -•-.-• viwi.i.ituigci uirccica mis nuuurt. uonat and Eliwa TanHf film and did .a remarkable job Doliat is new to this^countrs but' \vlth an actrp.ii: whn iwi/^A v,^* ™ r itiic «!«. - ; ^vnniij, UUL with an actress who twice before had been a on the screen. the e The outstanding, feature, of e picture, aside from Miss! Moore's beautiful singing, is the fibt IJjut its teclnilQUe paved the way for brinsing grand opera ••" to the Ecrecn. And Moore's singing ' was matched , by the ac'tin" of TulljQ carnilnati. Between the two they Jeff nothing to be desired 6— "The House of Rothschild %&&% ; ^.^ rstral ?'V:.. c »;l.: T ' le . «™ sc >?. Rothschild." terlalnmcrit created by brilliant aircctidn. aria 'superb acting, it will stand for some time as a hard picture' to beat. 2—"Broadway Bill" Caprp is the only two-time winner among,the directors this year, his /'Broadway Bill" "also Betting a ' place among the 10 best films. And if .Ije'had made a third-pier hire, it probably would be in the list, too.. That's the pace lie is 'setting these.: 'days. Burner Baxter and Mynia Loy share acting honors jn tliis picture, which not only is entertaining from start, to finish, but also contains the greatest horse ! race I ever have seen on Iho screen. Tim Life" Colbert, and Loy -..., ..I.IXILO uuimriu, <ilm bOV divide the honor of being the only two-time .winners among ihe •players, a distinction • not gained I by a single male star. John sprouts or cabbage. For crisp sal-! v ~"'~ -.:--•*.... nn,,. LJI mm ad serve stuffed cctciy and add J y '., °" e of " 1C l!lost Powerful nun i~ , . . -»v»« nTlfl flflHllrr m> n « l 1.1 apple snow for des-wrt, One Apple Snow cup thick apple sauce, vhltes '2 eggs, few grains salt. Tlic condition of Harry Bailey ind Harry Brown, who were seriously injured In an automobile accident recently, is better today. Both arc yet at the BlythcviUc lospital. U. B. Nolcn, who \vas iko injured, is at his home oil West Walnut street. of [in most Life" is In this ., „. lllv . luuat ijowcnui and daring ever brought -to the screen, she shares acting honors with Louise Beaver and Frcdi Washington, colored actresses who give magnificent, performances <—"Tiie Thin Alan" Mynia Loy's second production Utah has live mountain peaks,' Sach more than 10,000 feet above — vy 1 - ' ~'i'i«.€ „_„ „. iviyijjO(*JJJIU, starring George Arliss and directed by Alfred' Worker; gets sixth place because of its stupendous Production- values, as well as its powerful theme. The story of-(he Use • of Europe's foremost, banking house 'and' the perseculioii of Jews, it is a stiiTiug drama which gives Arliss an opportunity to "go eo town" in his own particular style of acting. '—"The Barrels of Wimpole Street" • Classed as one of the most beautiful love stories ever written, "The Barretls of Wimpolc .Street• was so finely, acted and directed that it turned out a box office smash in addition to being one of thc year's best pictures. Norma Shearer, as the star, gives one of the best, performances oi her entire career. And she's ably supported by Charles Laughton iind Fredrlc March. Without a doubt this ptcturc approximates f»e stage play more clowly u, R11 any other screen adaptation of a if this pjcturc -is a sample of his t.' he won't be able to appear frequently i,, f, hc mim . too ,, c Considerable'- credit, it'ocV'miiSl • to -Director Rowland vV.'EiVi for H '. the story. 'r, 1 - >,-- lO-'The Pursuit of -.Happiness" btarring Prancis Ledercr and with Joan Bennett, Charlie Bu»Bles and -.Mary Boland "The ., ------Bt tlJC i'Ul ~ suit or Happiness- turned oiif. to ° rlllosc Art 1 ee -,ts. And tor plenty of reason, Dircc^ toi Alexander Hall coaxed 'sSma remarkable performances out'' of these players and, by doin^so turned a fairly ordinary story" tnto which will be for a long time. bered Several shown u , lt certainly have been of -arrant a p) BCe among best," outstanding ?™. I!" 8 ,.,"* 116 Private fill" and However, th . ... -—•,..,vi* ui)i,i;a ^oieiy to Iilms produced in i hc United States. DEEP coins I<re3opcd b? pr; dicing doctor WHAT 5HCDDANSSAIVE Ssceetcn apple »'l)flo hot. sauce to taslc . o , )c SB . ( than wanted lor table use. B Pi , 088 whites until very sup on a Platter'with a wire vvhiskl bca i,w *"•.. p * r l"'chilled «S H«V,. i H ' rTa " K !'" -Heck, I nauisburg. a coustn.>iu ,j — 'I iHONE FARM£RS;BANK ANNOUNCEMENT- Mr. Clifford Joync-'r is now connected .with our Sales Department. . _ He will appreciate an opportunity to acquaint you with the new inor T~\ ' i T T .^ mirf ii^\v • l»d& Ford V-8 cars and'trucks. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Atidiunzed Dealci} arc you going to do with that GIFT CHECK Might we suggest one of our GOOD USED CARS HERE ARE SOME FINE BARGAINS '33 Chevrolet Coupe :..'.'.. $395 '33 Fofd V-8 Tudor :..' : $395 '33 Chevrolet Coach ....: .' $365 '32 Ford V>8 Deluxe/Fordor , ; $345 '33 Chevrolet Coupe .....: $375. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized i : Do'iilcrs

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