The Times from London,  on December 17, 1883 · Page 12
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The Times from London, · Page 12

London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1883
Page 12
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12 THE TIMES, MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1883. CZXTRJ.L CJUMZKAL COURT, the U, (Btftn Ma. Jim at A. L. turn.) T Has ov, 43. a eaftala U the mrcvtlC wee It ted be Oat tr, will Ibe juris tee, of theAdajUe.ty, i r4r4 with (hcri ta call away a U p 0ed Um Deala and I tear thenar, W ea th U,!i mm, with Utol to tttfrdtl i - rarlter t4 AKJ. Mr. 1. II. Uwte, Mr. NeaUfi Wil , and Mr. I Mm atad! prtwNvUm J Mr. I .wood, Q.O., Mi Mr. Beeler w counsel (or th iWikn, The ee wo roe ot xdtUe paMU letperlanre. The Jefeadent, CruU Hot, vb lU t urof MrtitMmrfrlM (U DtaU, ffl U IU lUlUr ireJ(,tc4 ty Mr.M'ftride, a BUi - erner, of New. wtter - Ty. HtrtrHltMlhTlbc'JirUtt th utoi atlVrd from lh Tya for UW Udravith eTO.' coal and Urn J muh, e4 It UtendeJ to retnra with, oat end (rua ia wait. Ob lb llth ot woly tb vwasel arrived at II alloo and rrtaalo et Lihea tmUU.lySS. After the rJ ad 4ww t4 W di - ixwwd ef , a fweerel erro, eox allot, of lioaont. feather. trdttitllt. Uk.B U.fdk ttw iBttlMOtOBM wei oo of pnt rmity, I '" ed that the rt,o ot linse - ed. leather, eed briaUM, which. wa uiaured lor am X4t,t00, m of a irntirely wree aeeerip - two, and that wbrts tbe ehip Bltimttely proceeded to tea a altcBtpt we road by tbaddcadaBl'tarnnitacraaDil I art IK. ramose of tlefrnadint lb t.niL.Twr iters, Tbe chief taMlr. bewecer, w tetcd la kTH firm coa tray orders to the behaeti a, wh.eli prevented the ehip ociaf arecird. II wu fartarr alJr - cvd eat lha part of tlw rrotwutloo that tbadef. rlsat badfid oetitic bill trfla.llnt.whKh vie .aid to Lave rrttna! to Urjrr 5nouly otearfo Ximtk that aatually an buard, aad that alooa la tba allie( 01 tba rri t bad Mat la lb owsrr a drift for I WO wltu a trt Oa ' would taka ora of It for tim antil km ra - larooil. 1 k proaacoloo. aocUaJrd that Ual draft rapra - atitad a atm ( tnJ wbMa. It waa allafad, ln f ,ta tolld.fBUa aa aa ilaairal W hm taaaat aaajr lha hlpao1 to carry out the ohjorta of a tooio ray wbh ii aaid to tar aiUlaJ i UillU trlaaoar, is a ub - MHjutiit tutoHxat road hf Lira. - iU.Bd (hat U nooay Utuii(t to a rltoo ot bis and that ha iavl liwfiy aki Uaa oai) of lh ' rnatl to Uia cara otlt lor htauatUba nm rtrdlrmnth votaj. . . Mr M'J'rt'tr.lha owtrU tha Pnta, waa rallrdaaa witnrM, aud ivvraJ that tha mwl wa laurai frr CI? .WW. Ilia niaia d Iba raMl dixad thatca U 7lh U Ju) tba I 1 Vuit lei t tha Tjd boaod lor Lilaa wtUi a ra. fo of eoaia a&lcbrtnira) roanura. Ihey arnrodat Libau on lha Uthof Ju!T aa4 mnaioed until tha SAth. Ua tha 17th ot July ha taifa nitaioo with tha doTaiMlaat,wl told him ha waa gornf to Uke to a general cargo I or London. On the Slat of Jul they eommescad to taka in cargo, ah ch eama fiom the wareboiue in t at, ami waa ampt.a i into toe bold. The tt lot wat UoMvi, and witnrex told tba dalrnlant it waa radbUh. It waa not all li. but a mixture of different aorta of afuff. Tba retendast replwd that be eooldnot leU it, and ha nut take it aa ka could gK it. Wltneaa uked three shippera wbo were looking at the cargo being taken on board whether they eUiad tt ltnaeed, and they ftplioJ that thrydid. lhere were atot 3.i 7 qoartera of the linaeeJ. and witnrai tot iced that the laat 20 bag or ao contained coed linseed. X qaaLtity ot brisUr and featberi were uzt taken on board. tVitaeta waa (allying tha cargo a it came oc boe - d, bet the defendant Xo'A him to atop a the bilU of lading were all a gned. It waa tha canal ctutora tor ahippcr to bring liapiitate recoipta, one of whien wit - IW woold algn ana giro to the tneiebant. bat it waa not done on that teeaaion aa coca were brroght. The cargo waieo? pitted on the 2Mb, bat a there atJl retrained a apaoacnClled In tha htdd witneai atked the deiendaal wbather bewaageirg te cee about It, and he replied t oat be waa to be pail UM tor it aatbey had bo oi to til it up. Tha TeaaM left Libaa oathetaof Jnly.and ontt 58ih the w. - a (trericg down tha Kattegat with tha fckaw ligbuaip abeai. A abort tiae before 8 o'clock in tha evening tba defendant oaca from the ebart room, lha va beading noitnortb - wet, half wert, ana It wa about - " a ct e got mile from the skaw 1 gat. Tbe deiendaBt toa .ut nelnioian to aiarboard, the effect of which order nuu te that the atup'a bead wouM be ateered right on to the land. The beanaman obeyed tba order, at.d the captain toJd him to (Uady her aid to keep theahipin that directLm. lha ahip waa kept on that ennree lor 13 or 20 minatea, and it tba tad bueakeptin that direction a quarter of an bonr or SO minute longtr ahe would bare gvne atbore. Witncaa aaked the captain wbelbtr ha knew he wa patting the ahip aihore, and bo ttpUcd " WTjo ia t" tVitneaa said Voj are," and the defendant replied that there waa no fear. At that time, witneaa nH. tha defendant wa intoucated, HitntM ordered the belznaman to port the helm, the effect of which waa W the (tip waa kept ot to aea. The caain went tc the chart - room again, and at ten uinntee paatlOtney roondeJ tha (fkaw tigot. Iwo boor afterward, at ten Biinoteipait 12, the engineer reported that tbaihalthad broken, and be toUtOedett Blast, wbo replied that "the ahip raigtit go to ." A ateucer waa paaicg, and whnea thieer npaiocket. Tte Daniah captain ot the 1 earner caice onboard, and wrtneaa aked bin bow moeh be woold tow them tor. The captain replied l,000,and tba defendant aid he might ro to v" The defendant; returned to the chart - room, and witneu naked him wbetter be might be allowed to make an agreemect with tha captain ot tha other eteemer, and the del enfant replied that be wa qolt Ct to da It timaelf . The defecdaat went aft, and aome arrangement wa made. He told witneu to open the haicbt ai.2 to throw tha cargo orerhoard ; bt b repld ttt It waanacaa. a thaTeaatl wa tenor 12 mile irem land. The defendant aaid Keaer mind, I am working for your interrat," The ahip waa not in danger at the tune, and ia wilae' opinion there waa no neceaaity for throwing the cargo brerboart. 1 ta amp wa arcntaauy tcwea to Gothenburg, and in order to get the abaft repaired they diocharged aioM of the cargo into two lighter lying along - Ua. Xha eaigo diacharged wa caretully taUad miA replaced ia tka taueL .1 attain Cooper uba(aently cania from fJotd'a, and ia conaeqoence of what had trauplrad aooe aaoplea ot tba cargo wew taken. The renel oltl - Biataly. atar.ed tit the MUlwafl lXicka. After tte ahip arriiai 12 quartan of Unool wet taken by the ootnigtaei, who ratnaad to take any more. While o&loading, the defendant, ha bad been aahore, aaktd witLeat how they were getting on, and ha replied , aery badly, u they had rafuaad to lake any more cargo. The del eodant aake - i tha reaaon. and witnea replied lieeauae it wa a iwindle from beginning to end. Wlinet told him that be had aigned the Ull ot lading "all alran," and bad antedated them. The defendant replied that Lava bound to aign tha bill of lading clean " by a clausa In Ua charter party. Tha defendant added that It waa not a hanging natter, and ha waa obauently due barged. Tha wilcea wa croaa - cxetcbed with gTral mlcstesea by Sit. LooKWootiforlha purpoaeof tctucg thaaoenraey ot hi eridenee, and be admitted that when bafoie tha authorilit at Gothenburg be aaid that the captain wa ia a tober acd calm itata of - mind. Tba helnviman and chief engineer were alao examined, and ertleoca waa giren proring that the cargo wa inaured tor 1.41,1)00. it being aUegtd to have teen worthonlyba - tweea ,000 and 14,000. Mr. Iackwood, Q.U, addreared the Court oa behalf of tha defendant, aubtcitting that the crideece for tie preae - eptlon lei entirely tailed to aubttaatiete tie aerioua e barge made againat hia elteat, There wu not the alighteat aatiataetory proo.' upon which tha Jury could eoneeet tha dei eodant with tie aileced eooapiraey, or to how tbat he had mtaoded to ran the ahip aahore for tba parpoee of deTraading tba nBdarwriter. lie denied that tha draft for 1200 waagitea to tha defendant for the purport ota .bribe to induce h m to commit tha diabolical act of wreaking the ahip regerdleae of the Urea of those en board, and etavended that the de - eodant 't explanation ot tba matter waa correct. 11 point ai ont that tha bill of lading were written in German, which tba deCondant did not understand. Taking all tte dreumataneae into consider ail oa, i e : learned eranael ubmlttad that I be charge waa one which had no, and that teing o t ml a verdict 1b I aroar of nil client, the del eadeot. itc Jrrncx A. Uifurm, in aummrg cp, commented npon tha aeriooa rature cf ttie e barge eonta'aed in tha Indictment, and told tie jury that te must eautioc tbem against t! defendant being made a aeap!goat for otter persona, lbere eeemed little dealt aa to tba character of the rargo, but he drew the attention of the jury to the fact that there wu net tba (lighten evidence that the de - iendaot waa aware that a tingle polity of lnvunnce had face effeeed with regard to the linseed, tristiea, and fratbera which comtrmed the cargo abipped at Libaa. lM'rmg to the draft for i200 remitted to tbi eocatry, hi Lcrdsmp pointed out that the allegation on tha part tf the tTOtCLt:on waa that tha money waa giren to tba Ufen 4ant aa an inducement t wrick the ahip, but It waa fortfcejery toaay whither t tat aasertion had beta substantiated by eridence, orwbatbT the statement cf the defendant wa comet, and alao whether the redon given Ly him to the belmunan were given tor tba object alleged by the proseeutioa, or merely in a freak witbout any in - teaiioa to rta the ship tgrcjnd. The jury retired to conaider their verdict, and after deliberating upon tbe matter far a abort time In private, returned into oo.rt tha defendant Ji'd Gviltj on nil the charge. Tl.e detindaat wa Immediately diacharged. This completed the bnalneaa of the eeaaion, which were formally adjo - irned by frcclasetioa nnbl Monday, January 7. ma rintt uuluxn ur XXW BOOKS and KV KDITIOK8. ,TMialaalliaWMaaetaf ta hwt Hrss aaaataa. - lEOBOB KOUTL.EDOB and BOSS' XKW jr ; XM1K 1 atOCTnXOW - a'ktW - ! tit n7TUH s aaU laBa, stk f Ul ogst, aibs tia, MICIUTtti ANUkU) a jTramaUa roem. Ily iitittT waMwoKTil uixurtxuiw. wna nri XTIBY hOrr AJtXt'AL ht tM - I mm !, aWla, iTaata. JOlLBDal!!:v'liIt!loYi, axxcal tw L um m4 r cuKVXD KOOTUtoaM. r.naa. wita miWM aa4 It latt Caleaiad lUia. (84 ,ar f patiU - KrtiiTtiWSrTXXVll1lH. - m aasMmalsraTalatCfUt ROOTLKIHjV.8 KVKliynriUV XNNUAL for 1IM. MKalrAUVtA AMVIJtlTU. With lUaMrstlnas sa4 If falt - raa riatat, atutod at avtoan. (KrU wt rW - I J m1mi f Ma(54 t'aaa Taa m at las Bmrfbaaa at Ua Msoa.' - neU, (. Hi. ClUVXLUtUalsii'X'KXW fcWIt - la arvwa haalata. Nioiits wlrn3t!j'ciJ,B,nflMtT". Br joei. CUaJCDLKK IIARKU. Astaor t - Caste Itejtaa WIU Utwlaal l'r lUaswaticaa. Vaffritlkt la tha VaiUd autfiUai and lirlUsa Ootoelas. T XTKKI HO. - 1 tMCXiTiiilZi. la mwTtVaraUaTM aara. prlMaM(msd(Maas4iosiartU' ITIVERV liOV'rl BOOK. A compWa Knryeio. UMlia at fporU aa Aaraatawnta K4'l b, XIML'ND hoCIUIKlg. IHt Zdlltaa, WU M UaitraUae aa4 Oaieand l'tataa. Oaarrs Itaatbdrs sal . graaa ear. ta4 kill. A.VWOUKCE - Tbe CmsrsE Iimuii HAxima Ccstoks. Very few people bare an idea bow largo a body ot Ear pean are employtd ty the Chinese Government In the management of ita enstom arrvioe. From an oSidal list recently pnblisbed we leam that Sir Bobert liart,wto baa teen inspector - Gereral for mora than 20 years, dispose of tba aervirea of 087 European, ia addition to a atill larger Bomber ot Chines mjiefU. t - very nationality almost U represeeUd In tbi tody. The majority are Engl.'ah - men, lint there are many German and Americana, aome Frenchmen, nd a few Spaniards, Uongariaai, Dane, ltus - siar.s, and rortugoese.' Eir Bobtrt llart ia assisted by 24 commissioner and taa artink commlaii oners : of then 19 areBritiih abct(,ona of whom superintends the office in London. The ctbere art employed la different gra Jet of the service, Inclndjtg a complete and very roapetect medical ataff. The oatdoor ataff Is tborooihly organized oa the aropraa ayalero, and eaabera "Ecrapeans, divided Into tide surveyor, tide waiter, and examiner. The coast staff, which la employed oa board ahip, coaaist of 22 officer, eight of whom are engineer. Five engineon are alao included in the marina department at Shanghai. Tha harbour and Ugtthooae departtaaota are ale effl - cieotiy managed, and require the assistance of 71 Koro - peantr Tber are three apaeial steamers employed on re resae rxatteri nnd;r.the eontrol ot this departnvmt. Thar are the Ling Ferg at Amoy, tha Fat lioa at Cbefoo, and the Kna - batng at Shaighai. taeh of these vessel eerriee a feU aosaplament of European oSaara la addition to the commander." 'o oea eaa follow the work. tg of the mari - timeooatooa departmaat la China, witboat realiriag tba magnitude of too Kagnaa intereaU area ia tba work ng of tba Stat administrattoc, at tha aaase time that the pro - grea made by the Fakia Ootwramantf la HaYiaweon Uraigm matron baa bom Brock mora real tlua people art toateod t ghpa U aradst Iob, rUSSELL and COMPANY'S Haw nadi, eoit a t wlaasUia, ia akU be. rrW i6a T BIJOU EDITION ''VATmATVrV LIFE of CIItT. taab'rR4la twt ii, til Thl ahlxn m aa a4lHo tv tft st. Ths aF UlU aw, awaavtt la at, at s la bMutltaUf alM trrA aasd, ra.Utla, vbll U aa4 sbanalai apsaaraaa rsalaii II awsl apiiessftaK a a iVwUaasat Sea Vtr'V . tVetfUe at lU l:.lrlf W1iITTsit?i Ik rI" - 5s r, cW. rll Srs tl I. . ... a MIR LIFK and WOIIK of HT. PAUL. By the . Vn AKCtttr.AOO! rARRAR, UP.. r.lLH. AwiBMa la a - baaAsoais MlaaM. with abet Jfl AattwnU , lUustfsUnaa pwlallf tsratail tar la wort. I tout roloursd M. Osabt alas Ul kanilsnnwl nnd In aiwoooa, prla tl U. "' ' N rwxlri Ox alnth ilxxmst of' aHE EAUI.Y I)A Yfl of ClinisTlANITY. Br the V.a ARatPKAOOX FAKRAR. T.o totusj'S Astslra, aigia, I - t'a s'm bshad la mnrowo Madln,. prira ft ta. SoVri4I"Vlm?11t, pries tU.7"f milE OI.T TKSTAMKNT COMMENTAUY for 1 KSTOUlH RZAPERd. It WSHOP E1.UOOTT. oL lit awiaiBs 1. Kino Esttier. tf Kiihl Brf. Airrxl Rwrr, U.K.. rriaua ft AortrJl ; Zn. C. J. Ball. M.A., Hrf. W.B. fepa, Ut . K aitr. U U f - a edition. M radr. sitra crown TJt ran, elotb, fa M., TUB UHILD'8 DIBLK. 130th Tbooaand. With ZX IllaitraUana Oaa of th - avt attraniTa rotax ta tba lmn lihrrr. aa4 a traa - a o( aellskt i the uMlBam ct tlx how olt llrastrawd Londoa Ntwa Tb Urifiaal XdlUoc aa brrar Dpf eaa stt.l ' bad ; etoili. fill 4rt. tl la Kowi r tii, shop adltloa, siotb, TTVT : half woroootk fJsTtd., CASSl'.Lt'S BIBLK DICTIONARY. Vith 00 IHnab alam. Oron 4W. tlM aafea A a o rararsaea It win bs tnnluabls both la tba stadaai sod te th tsacbar." Xda - FoU sTtHATTO and WINDITh'8 VEW BOOKS. J Us fr by fot ! ? - .Hrl THOUtUNlJ AfitUlOAL MAXIMA and II RUKOIOAL HIMM for 1NFASCV. Adolt Ufa, Middle A ,, aalll4Aa HvW. E. DAYIKS. lK.Cr..aa. Crawa tea.. U s eiota. la - t Tba book w m ahiah. sot aalr frau lu chsraaicr, eil s1m from Its pnra. abatd sad a piaoe amao tba hady books of err hnisaholl Uaaltfc. BEYOSD the OATK8. By ELIZABETII STUART PHELPS. Port lea, cl4 limp, 2s. U. "Tbs sIirrJath espmeaeae of a tmm wlioea principle la life It vas ta work wbareeer vnek was tabs foaad are writua aawa wtih a real. 1 7 as I eieWoa - s erklek fore aMBeat saaA la shea the tsiled nrs - Vetes ct tha other Ufa Inso Ueiae faota. - Pail Mall ilietta. OW th POOR I.IVK. Br GEORGE K. 8IMS. air. eiaitati the en: taas (4lxDdOB. lis .tstchea all th ainavu of this (Wn, sids or wa ft. uaraaro stenaes a!proprutir coa - pear Mr. Miae'e deeedptlooe ; end, terrible as both era, there Is every reeegsi ta betleee that tber are bf a Buaas axaf(eraUL A ULiina UAKUEN FAIR: the Simple Story of JA Three Bore sad a r.lrl By WAtTER BESAKT. Aathor ot M pretty .lory 1, tais roeUcellj - aeme - 1 no.fU All a a Oarlea Fair Is ap to the eery htch staa lard ftf Mr. Beeaot's DBmarrai storlas The book I sera to taurees vide aucU at reaJrra" 81. J.mee Oaretta. VI-AID ot ATttKNS. by JUSTIN M'CAktffT. iv I With lUnetratloas br F. Baraard. i eola at eeerr Librarr. Mr. al'Carthy has aaeraely la ear other etarr reaehed a sreel r battht of ihu reeaaDee thaa ta ita Tha Uf hi of ehlreiif plars rosed bis short storr. and Uttt U a vbol asrk far oat of th ras of ordmerr fictloc" IUy Seem. FRESCOESTTty OTJITJA. Crown 8vn.. cloth extra, :0s. Cd. The book is a eery charming one. These Frescoes are eminently readahla ; they are aoreis la i - etla The fine of them Is moat sSectleely wrtt'en. aad tba raarareatlmsare of thebrl.hleet and aittt'eet. the cbaraslarisstlon ot ths a!earast aod noat brUllaat IertT llercary. Cbatla and WlnJea plcaadOly. W. W CHRISTMAS BOOKS for BOYSi TTIRIEND3 THOUGH DIVIDED t a Story of tha P CaTallen aad Ranadaeada By GEO. A. HESTT. Eifbl tall - pars mnstratKHit. rraa ira., atom, price aa MIDDY and EhSIQN : or. The Jnnrja Sution 1 a Tela at the Malay PsalasaX Br O. MA.N VILLI FEtnC, 17 lUuetrattoos by H. Petharlas. iBperial Una, eloth, fUt eifee, price ts. , PROM OaMJT to OAPtAIS 1 a tale of Miliary Ufa By J PEROT Q ROTES. Llustrated by Stanley Berkeley. t'ron lea, elotb. prteei. PADDY FIN K: By the late "VfTatfl."KIITO - hTOX Stnt ZUastratioo. Imperial llo, sloth. (U adsea. not ta glHUMsH a Tale for tha Younciter. By 1IAR - L) LtlOH BETERXE. Qwiln. alolh slsnaL Slasustad. p - leaia td. . P'UNCIL By Mln E. a PHILLIPS, Author of " Caaahy, & Tall Uaslralet, Cries Ira, aluth slacaot, pnee 9m. td.. r p h ad Farraa, Wssbaoraar, SU raarsharehyard, Leaden. EG AN PAUL, TlJfCH, aad C0.8 LIST i TAMES 8KINNEltt a Memoir. By the Author ot With a Pretace by tbKEV. VXSUS R3 eftla deny trv. etnth, OSMIKIS ORIGIN of, IDEAS. Tranlated f rom the fifth Itallsa sdltlca of tha Kioto Battle BulT Ortfta deue lees. Toia t. saa il bow resay, ic. recn. TIHAitLEa KIN GSLKY t Letter and Memorie of J - Me Ufa Edited by his Wife. Larre omen lea, elotb, 7. 14.. milE DUALITY of aU DIVIDE ThUTII la OUR Theoloe leal Aesoela'a of Kim s Ooliete, Loud'. i ' l - t - AT - T. - LFvmr iwi ive eu., mUE LORD'S DAY, or Chrnttaa Bnnday 1 It I ratty, Hietory, end PerVatnal OhUsallaa. Bermoae by tha RET. MOtthm rCLLKR. Hi, Vwar of rt. Pattfs, East Itoeiaey. Hewind i'arlee. erova Iro alotat ta. TKAYEltS, with a Diacoum on TrayeT. Br I ths lela OEOROB DAW8 JW. M.A. Edited by OEORQX BT.OLA.Ut. London, 1. 1'aUmoirteritiare. R. MURRAY'S LIST i - W.lh Mara. J IHaslreriaae. and ell Klchlnea. Vallum Ira.. HT f pHE WILD TRIBES of th SOU DAM 1 An JL AOMmai ei Traeel aea nperl enusy ia wa Baa uoantry. Being l'enonsl Etpsrlsoo sod Ad'enlaret durlag ThratWIntai la the Boadaa.By P, U JAME8, F.R,0.a. SrpHE RETISION BEViWkD. Three Eaaay on (I) X K Creak Tell ; f!) Its Eaf llsh Tarsloa ! Weeieoti sad arfTitaal Heprtated aad Enter led iron thsQaarUrty etle. WlihsEeplytotheBiihryof aioaoMtat sad a lneserta - tim oa 1 Timothy, ti. 11 By JulLK W. BVRUOM, B.&, Deea ot With Ulaetratlnns. Medism tea. 1U. (d., THE Concluding Volume of the HISTOKY ot OREEK 8CTJLPTTJRE. PnEIDIAK and his aUCCZtdOIM. Br A a. MURRAY, of lbs British Kuacanv Tat I does to taa ofpbridlai. a WltTPortrilts Maps, aad lUattratiors Toet Iro., 7s. Cd, rpUE RIVER of GOLDEK 8 AND. A Naratlv of JL a JourDey throoth Chins ta Bonnes. By the late O APT AIK RILL, Aa abrid( - d edition, by K. CULBHNK BABEB. With jasBXHraaa introaaoiory assaycy wu. ii.x uiia, u.ii. LEOTUKES on the HISTORY 'of the EASTERN CHURCH, with aa Introduction an the Stodv of Eoclorisetirol llietorr, with ths Aolhor s latest eometlon. By A P. STANLEY, leie ueaa 01 wenminsrer. Heeoad sdilloo. tea , (.. mUB QUARTERLY REVIEW. No. SI J. Oort - JL teau 1 L Kdard Haeklne. Proeoet ot OrteL E Boatailem la Kn(taadl. Batot Tereie 4. Far Beets ot Commerce S. Merehal nreaud - . EorieeteetloU Ooarts Commbslon f. Trade Routes to China and French Occupation of Too au In 8. DlslDle&rtUoe. Loadoa, Joha Morray. jAJipsoir LOW, MARSTON, uia r : and CO.'S A Channlof Chriitmu Pmeat TTICTORIA, QUEEN of ENGLAND: Her Girl - T hood aad Womanhood. BynRAOE OREEyWOOD, Aathor of Oreeeaoad Leaeee, Haps aad aliehape of a Tear tn Earope, "nistoryor My Pets. "ARaoord ot Fire Tsars. IfwLtfe to iew tanas. - aa. w ita muetrauoos, crown sen. a :i i i . li CKYLON in l&O : iU Projrrea since 1803 and it Preernt Condition, sad tha Baoaross aaattlni DsTelopmrat by Ceiateusta. IUaetrated with Portrait ot Sir A, Cordon end all ths peel Governors ot Ueyloa. Views of Brmery, tiatlees, Aa. aad a lerte aad rpadally prepared Coloured tf sp shoaioe the districts under eauiemon ,en ,pe riaais wiunwq ry juna rawiveuj. medium tea., eloth, IS, . A Com rile te Manual omblaad Via at Surieoa aadTeaebar. By LEMKOX BROWKX. r.KC.S.E aarreoa aaa Aarel bernoa t the Eayal eooUly of Maaldana. aa, aad EMU, HKHXKE. Lecturer oa Vasal PhyslaOsT aad Teacher ot Vols Prodactloow "TfitWA'OLlTMI ot WKmS by R1V. K It blCKirUmHT" TTlkOM YEAR to YEAR t or. Original Poem and a. . Hjeine for ail loe Hnedaxi and Holy Dejt ot Ue Chareo. Itoxy, with red bordrrjioeeoloto, X 6d.; roae fUl, te. O Terms aad their Definitions. Ry W. CLABJC RUSSELL Loadon. Bee; peon Low. ataneoa, Baarla, aad Rirtaftea. E the RET. W. WALKER. Till flar,erawa trees. J by peel V 44, HB LIFE and TIMES of the REvfj O H N SKTWNER. X - A. flbe Po PrbwtL of Uasbart. Loanida Deaa at ananeee. atiwct - Taiiocaraia, - aa. Wttfe Ulaekra - tmas. K.& This aseet lateresUa hook wul he eaa ct tba aoet malar of tba seaaia. London, w akaOnrtoa aad Son, U3, Ptaca. 4J1T. W. ; alas at AUdios. and all Uhrartea. EtiTTa'r; iiOU.sEUOLD MaOaZLnB VOLUME. PrUe U M, eloth. A aomplet encroopa)dla of doaaestla lenaaeiuewei ay eaa niaoeee eewaonwee. mtoenM stay y Kosa Malboliead at tba beet that has seer apoaared ta any aetxlae. Baaautany Ulastrettd, Tn - traeUre, amasla, for week day aad Boaaay, It Is T - enilnaealy a book toraeary home. Ot aU Beok - ae'lere, re IeUa. Boa, aoa vo, LWitteq, MeMewie. aabiisbed. seeuad adltwa. royal IZmo. pries f.. eloth. rriHB HUMOROUS STORY of FAKMKR JL BCKP of1" Blateea BrjKPKIirS LAW BUTT. By RICHARD HARRIS, Aatba RMa mm immm - Ha waa abeiaoelv aaite aa no ta a good rastl la aaut ae sear was Daadj DUmucX - teturday Raviaw. rweeane aan Hoas. Ill cawo - ryena. uwion. kuper royal ere, MO peree, snU U Ooloond rieUe end aiaay Wood - awls, alls, .. TTVARM lNdEOTb t beina tna fiataru uirtory and JL1' Eeoaoeey ct tba laseat Iajarlaaa ta the need Craps at Ores Iktteia aad Irslsad, sad alee taaas whisk taf est Baras aad Uraaarles. wtla aaaaaaUonvtoe tbeti Psati acttce. By CVBH5, tMA. T01IN Y. SHAW and Co.' CIIRIBTMAB BOOKS. I The Merelaa fast, U say Messrs. abaw aad lie, bwe sasaa aftbe beat at taa CWWaeae aaets lals yeer.' miiTrKnnairFjTTrrtJ 'JL TIME. By XMttT a. HOLT. JUOWN vo., doth ettra, ara"ahlllinia eachl WrATlTIIOCMK t or, Seajdroa awn!arvaatA T aiavy at taa Reatwaaee. - latereotla alttarjwmhl ae We earrred mare aUraealeelt saa Ieetnstle.b7 Ua at eeoe la IhJ sharmins"ral4 rury." Edlaaanh pally Reetew, Tf "All Y flTBlLunDICBrjtTTfl jiED'and WUITE TATlOT:itYI350X7orI tlnUl h. Vlni li. 1 S. "XT'ala ct tha Wart of lha )0BIN TBEMAYNE. A Tala of ua Marian IV Ptreeeetles. la l J LU M at Hrarea. ta. T BOUtTTJAWlY of "WYN8COTXTr"tairof J " Tadof Ttmea U HiTWinTI. ROSE of LANOLEY. Sa. T VEUENAj or, Safe Tath and bUppery Uy - T wait t. BUOLIFFC - IIALjU A Tala ot tha Mat C1 Cee eery, ta. Story of HI Spaniah Armada. I. IMOGEN. A fitory ot th Mlatlon of 6LAutu - J. im. as. - TTiTaTIl)TiREn7frHAl.vE3T or, ila Annal U lT aWIWWI - aUa. rtriiAUOHTKlt i or. the Pollab - lae at lha PeaiL la. OI8TER TRCJSE! or, tha Era ofSt. Bartholomaw. Ca, iifATtMiNonnsTinRiOAXTiaNiJi V - fomM ufMvi twj r la Utmn. htw'i pnimioo. - ttlLUiMff Clf4W. " ' QKACE STB0BIirQiSBOUK3 'for "" BOTE WINNING an EMPIRE. Crown Bvo., eloth. Is. Aaotkev tree tale, wklnh may safely eennare lieett with Aaotkev tree uia, wklnh may safele sampara il u lae store ar L'tlee. told awettAlr aa St vaiaia ra sesrtilr reiommead. fell Mill (iesetta aaj aeltaa. i 1 OLD ao3 0U)HYT erTWirdTy7"r Other l)ay. y Oroea Ita. elsth, ta " A hero that bey sUl dsUjht ta. - t Jemee'e llaeetle. N L Y a TRAMP. Grown 8vo., 3s7W 0' SILVErDXCeTiEOTOBY :or, Thf OoWea LlnkZ Croaalre. BRAWOEORDtS. The Story bflSnjllairTloy. Croa tea, 3a. Id. " ' rfWIREB "PURITAN STORIESnfTlEY. X AttDREWREEtX Pries te, aaaa. AXlCfSURlDOE ol NORWICH. - A Talaof the Tims ot Cbarlei I. te. f DAVZNET" TTalaot the ReitoraUon. 6a. EbOAk NKLtHOill'E ; or, The Fair Maids of Taaatea. ".Theea eolamee glee a wond - rrally atear aad trat'hi tactara ot ial aad reiiftoas life la tha troablons time lav medistely before and S'ter th Restoretlon." Wstcbmaa. Is. fcTOMfi "STORIES. By CATHARINE SHAW. JL S wa era, aow, jr. eg. eaea. ' From . A helafuL sad rood. Mrs. fthsw noble boyhood, as well as te her tn repitaiica. la this lawsl aad bepinnin; to end briebt, w has added to ear delight la N.: O mfotii ehirminm of her trnkLa - wChrtsiiava. 3m. id. T ELLIE A RUN DELTA Tale ot Home Life. Sa.6d. N thelSUNLiaHT andOUT 0F"rr7A Year of X myUfatary. 3c ad. JILDA ; or, Seeketh Not Her Own. Sa. Cd. rpHE GABLED" FARM lYoonirWarker foftha J. Kin. 3s. Id. SLY a COUSIN. 3a. 60. "In onr azem rations amoae keens at tail we here not aome anoa a LetjEhtst Jewel thaa this." Ret. C U. bpurrsca la aword aad Trowel. " T0inESlLXT3sTRATliD by iTPYMl 4 Ui PLAY. By ISMAY THORN. With TS nina - t tratioes by T. Pria 3s. Id. W u. ei hone, lad Its e lata thonsaada ot h me ; tor wberersr It rs the' loaf aichts cs Belthar laauu aor vapraaiaaia Moaarxa iiauyiteTiew. IJUN "and FAIRIES. By ORACE STEBBDiTJ. 4ta, eloth ettra. 3a. Id. PINAFORB l) AYS. The Adventure of Fred and Polly by Wood aad Ware By Is MAY THORX. Cloth, U.U. oq YXl,Y FIVE : or, Ponie' Frolic in Farm and 7 Field Br ISMAT THORj. aoth. Sa ad. Bqnere. "A SIX YRS - 'DARUNtyrorTTrix in TowS - B jrV. 1SUAT THOBN. Cloth, eqoere, Je. Id. "Ita lUustrattons areesoal,tte little I rodoct'onO Literary World. IlIAlMKliS in our ISLiANU ciTOUY. Uf rTUIEFOSTER" SISTERS. A Story of the Great. JL ReeteaL Crowa tro, cloth ertra.Se. " Can bs blthly reouta snenaea ee e mi nut w ,iri, - nuiHwa. m a neveent TlWiill). An Engluh Miden of tie Seven - t r ternta tentary. t.TOwe gra, J, to. LADYBETTY'S GOVERNESS ; or, the "Corbet Chrentoles, 5c " One of tbrae enatnt old - world etorlee which the aathor kaoea so well boa to wiita." Leeds Meronry. LADrTROSAMOiVD'S BOK : or, Dawnini of Uht. Crown Iro., doth. la. mHE CHEVALIER'S DAUGHTER i"7AnExfla L foe the Trath. ta TORIES by EMILYBRODIE. Crown 8vo cloth, kj is. Id. 'etch, ' vrineAT5aNTT5irroiTT IU la en eerneet. thaaehlrnl stela A hook heartde en ha eeeaee - m ended for a rtrt e prneel aad ptoat, - ghrUslae. U. td. f OKCLiX JAUh. ana ma ritiJS.tua at JLi BIDE 3s. M. TtCLJS PREb'3 eHULLlNOt lU Trmval. and J adventures, Jt td. J adeentares, 3a (d. fEEf LIND31Y, trvlcARfa DaUOHTEIL 3C U. JgLSIE GORDON ; on Through . Thorny Paths. THE HAMILTON'S ; orTDora'. Choice, Se. Ad. "MIssBrodls'i sterlet fcsvs that tsroar of reikis Utneas teachtBf ahlch mskes thaa valuable u sompaaloa of tbe boma Coaireeaiioaallet UlfJUS Dy Lb 1. jUISAAJJSI a meet laterestlna story." Ooarl Clrsalar. n, rrvjT7TYr iii nrtf lartwem ,iaii . mi w. t r tux. uamuitui o Aiauuua i or, an Btory or, JL a Creel Eadeaeoar. Oroea lea. Is. UCA3IP and I. AStory City llyaway. Crown CTttEZ OirSLKS. ATla. Crown Sro, lU. li. AVID'S LITTLE LAD. Crown oro., 3. U. V(irBiroTnElt and XnrA'Cry iTom'tna JL lire I my. iiioitretea. smausrs, . sq DtOT - ndn Ell" TREASU RESrXTala.' Smalllvo: ' ts. Cd. Oas af the tales of poor children la London, of which wa hers had msay eiemples, hut none near, more patkslla, or mora ordinal then lh" Neareuforalst, 0WY0RNtTATaarr JL nnK LYONS' DEK and lu EIGHT YODXo LT05S. with IDastratloaa crown Ira, cloth extra, it, Aa gAllRlCEj or. nixOwnPanli. Crown iro., Bv " pICKLES. A Funny Little Ooaple. Square, Illu - h1W0 LITTLE TURR8 rorGattln Into MlacUaf. X Scull Ira, 2. Id, . J UDY or, Only a LittJeOlrL Square, niuttrated, TACK. A Chapter in a'Boy'i Life. Ca. " Wahar J seldom mat with a mora llfe - Uk portrait ot aa hoaast, ma Ij school - tor than thit of 3ack." - Ctjtsllsa World O TOaiESf o7"ELDER"GlllIl IJBK. - a H1UT CORNER, and HoW SHE TURNED 13 IT. By J. X. CON KLHt. Crown lie, sloth, 5a - Avery Islahad end iraeerol story forfirla.' Bek - was a eaeeeeefat eaaaa, and II eould be well tt athan would seek sue a us a she aonfkt If 'oooob form 1st. THE LIGHT ot the HOME : or, Mabel' fitory I Crowa lea, sloth. Is. - It ts a drflchtt - utol4 story, aad tt al be one of the moat nopnlarrtrla' book, of the Beacon. ataadard. 0UT"1N 50I)'8 WORLD ; or, Electa'a Story, Hy J.M.OOSKUX. Crown Ire, cloth, St. On ot ths most touehlnt tad eleeatlni stories w s hare read, from begtnalaf to and tha tale is eachanlini. Dally Reriew. MARJORIE'S PROBATIOlClSiapter from - a Uf Story. By J. R. KAVKINO. Crowa Ira, 3a Id, Earaest, t. and tender, these chapters will bles many mors thaa the heroine to whom they wart ortftntUy told. Elder girl wQl both enjoy It aad prolltby It ' JTEWTALES, by LAPV ITAPZ, Anther of " Oar Codes Bono - WILD HYACINTHS a Tale. Crown 8vo eloth sttra, . " On ot tha most useful book ot lu kind." Tha Christian. ca6IOETEEaXTATI6if V6I.VsUt - Cala with thalW: - ' meal Librarr. D ETWEEN - TTMES t Thouxhta tor Spare Momenta, D By IAT HOPE. Demy Hmo., la. At a Cbrbtmaa,. Xcw Tear, or blnhdsy preeent. It will be most aceeptabla. JlDLEY'S'BOOKa foT UOYST WALTER ALI80NTHlTFrieridrfarFoa hL L. RIDLXT. Crowa Ive, sloth sxtra.9a.ld. "Avery attracttee story of school life la Entlend. ertlh feliatous ..mwim cf the vsrytof charaetars ot boys. Konooaformlst. UR CiPTAlii' t The Heroes of Barton SchooL W H. M. "ABrat - elass book for boyt - Daily Rertcw. TiSn ETHREE CHUMS t a Story of School Liie. J. Crowa Bra.. 3s. Id. " How can aw better aommaad It thaa bv rariBj It l both manly aod rodiy T - fier. Q IL Spurreoa la word aad Trowel. ' ' ijUlET AtrtTREMETfT for C'HILTIXEW. DAINTY DRAWIN G3 for LITTLE PAINTEER. OuUlne bv X. Pym. WarraUvaa by CATHABIiTB SHAW. Obloae 41a., ortce is. Aaotbar doUabtfal book for tha thousands wbo eeloomed " rreUy ITijtejea." DRETTY" PI0TURE3 for LITTLE PAIN1 - A BRUSHES. OaUlaasbyT.Pyta. Karratlree by CATHARISTE SHAW.. Pries Is. "an euelleal Idae, excellently earried oat, sad SBderfnliy cheap. Academy. . - UORlES" byMriSTANja' LEATHEa i YNiiLE - NOOK StOHIBS. With nnmeron. ortra - Xtlonsr.yM.Irwt - Ja. Id. This ta deUxhtfnl : owes maeh both ts artist aad author ; full of hamoar, end will sertatnly dellfht tha yimntetere. Scotsman. - YACK and "JILL l a Story of To - dav." Small 8vo., J ta. M. " Cbarmlatly wrlttaa and fflaetawtad. Watchmae. ATla - AHbRU the"AIgIES78mairtvo., 2a. t J. "It deserves hlfr t - ea' - Bcoessaaa. ' THE 0AQElnLllffifilr ; or. LovVi Labour Not Lost. " 2(s betrr er more brltiitly nrUaea story eoald wau oa seaaa ta any oooa oc im neo. ncotames, rjlHEEE capUFBOYS' trtORtES. - HE EMPEROR'S BOYs. By ISMAY" TR0EN. wi Bvmrvas urastratKBt Js. Co. - tteutntrai teaaim at A. TTe hletoriee of the bore, se kCim Thorn has reodared toem. ara h'jhty sttractlva Wonaoaformlst. UBERT D'ARCY, The Youriff CVoaadar. By N, fjJtTB tikkud. ereh'i "tJTl M.A PAT OAIXWXT. Wish ntwatrataoas. ia. " Thl capital store. staaoerd. "Fan af evkmnf adientaxe aad aaraarase peells. Gunrdma. rniIE"ROilBER CHIEPi or. Too Good, for hi JL Trade. By rPWAED BCXTOif. 3. Id. " Caoitatly wrtttaa. with mwch etraaity sad i altocetaar a stroa c story la which keallky XAXAArOUUJKS, poat free on ap "W suaaaatweve tion. JOHN F. r.X.a RAD BURY, AONEW, and Co., 8, 9,10, BoararU I stre ee, 1 UAbllUIlY, AONE vVTwd UAS "OOTIltS, lUaatratad and otherwise, for PraaenUtlon EOfiOE DD MAUni?3 IMtAWLXUS tj - KOLIdiT SOCIETY at HOME. UOCIETY " nCTUllEi, from I'UNUU, 7ARTO, jrilt Hre. price two a laeeneMr pre. ' Mr. IX Meaner sketches at mast I sheet daeeec aaal te taw, Th volaat Is aaeeaserw Itse aaetar. , . . I fees, may ae aasansat re ed ' these erleksd wards, faahloaahla aad sieMiaer are taaa wba waat ea kaaw daseiaiea. af SMal lloae sad Itse kaeter. by what Thaateiay sailed ' theaa da se them te a seme at dash - ace whan eHberwte sal alMWhar they aaald aat be likely ta meet, - - (laity Kew . riUXftLEriCTJOELWfimTT vy 1IARLE3KEENE, QUTTPE01 plCTUlllU of OUIi PEOPLE, from Mr. QUU PEOPLE - tBlbTteaiBTnearlytM Picture. CllAELEa - mfcH PIoTUREi of OCR PEOPLE. IOURUNDRED' ILLU8TRATI0NS7PHnlr4 ." ia Ud aad Black. S 0PER ROYAL QUARTO, Gilt EdraaTTraeTone I ainaa sad, a half. Per tboec waa bee ta eoeunenlea wlta "l.'u?1. '"'"v hir. Charles Keeae s rot me at skeeeaee. f ebaise y ! fhir Peopl' will bs awetaai soars at ti(hl. . . Th Isnth thev rales Uaeet aaeer a stis behind R : the satire, ceee whs It sarreaehns aa low eeadf. Is eeev 'ree f - m any ta at at swaeasssncaailrsssaf had taata. It prat were wee Wed e Ue reat alraarewhieh Oorreople' hare made la eao.1 maaaers sad 4 taete wiihta the are - at eeatary. It ikl be aU ceded y a cam - farlsoa ef eoleme at Udnfa stetchss wtih that la which Mr Mailj.'j'd." ab - - - tors felieiw apeaiaea af h a wot k. VjICTUK,f - LI anTCnAlUCITC ENGINEER3 and MANUFA0TUR1CRS ftt ALLPXaiOh nULBJGWTfTS ETT, and Oo. (Limited maker of ia pATlOT - milUUUO IRON T1lRE.Pli00i, pROSCEJtlUH ' CUETAIN, rpUIlEETlrD U fTXN D S K ETC n KS, from Ih. . Ifkl14feva s Vf ttVrtlt IN FIVE FOLIO OHLONOVO K DU ader. I a aw ealama. (a sloth eilra, prtae J ia. Ia lew Mia ,ol times half mnriona, E4 4s. la Bee Mamea, cloth, fill alee, l7 each. vr pESClLLINfis from P UNCUT YHH PORTRAIT of JOHN LEECH, e 7:.. " - euuuia in usvia - rnorooco, price I t) CI 11a Sd. The elaour sa I freedom of Mr. Joha Leeeh'edrew Inis. the parity of conception la hie deaiens. the ruael rharm ot hamoar which end re 1 tne srttet to a worit - wide ranee rf ad hirers, are freely exhibited ta this s les of volumes. There Is ampls - tore la team of amusement and sajoyment which aerer palls, but whlu may be returned ta eeeio sad acala wtth lacreeeed apprastalloa. The vart.tiec of ear aortal life the Innocent follies of our ham .a nature the eltra.a eartee of hahlta. are eeatly at.r1red wtlH a spirit so tsuisl aod kindly, sad tru h sppareat, that ta tare a oeer th Mtx ws (ratafuliy reeotnite tba happy poem of ths artist, sad drtlfhl In ti pictorial treasure, be hea uiaathcd to ua "YOHN "LEECH'S SPORTING PICTURES! rpHE 11 AND LEY CROSS SERIES of 8PORTINO rriUK tiPOkTdMAN S CovlPLEfE LIBraRY bI X. mcaiHwrt, YjjTnAlib - COLOURliD ENuRAVINilaand A THOUSAND Sf 30HN j7EE(3HSbe.t i a. a a etc ft r.n oa ootj. FIVE VOLUMES, medium 8ro., larm margin, in 'oth eitr price 3 Ua kalf storocco trary haadsumel. panelled hualUf aiivamests. 4 15s. g EPARATlO'OLUMES as under. In cloth only. ANDLEY CRtWS: cr Mr. Jorroek' Hunt. taoy Sketches on Wood sa t IT Steal Easviriats. Prtot 1 PONGE'S SPORTING TOUR. ManrSketche aa wood and 13 steel Easrsrtaia Prlos 14a. SK MAMMA ; or. the Richest Commoner In Eoiland, Many ttsashs ea Wood aud 11 Steel Lc(rtr!ari, H S LAIN or RINGLETS ? Many Sketches on Wood J3LAI M R. FACEY ROMFORD'S HOUNDS." anfrartar. mos lea '21 Steel THIS inimitable serie of - volume is absolutely, there bata aothla approeahlnt ta them la s'l the wide rants of mo lent or indent uiarntnre. Written hy Mr. - urtees. a wsll - kaowu CMntrr icntlsmsa. who was naaaionataly dero'e I to ths healthy apart ot fot - huntint. and (tftad anth s ksen siHr t of m.aly hnroo ir of a Rah la sfaa time, tkey eboan.1 with In d - cts redolent of mirth eadjoyity. The art let. Mr Leech, wee luia - eir also sa suthusiest In the sport, sad has reneetcd ta his Ulestratlooa. w th Inrtlnctiv apDrecUlioo, the roIUckiaf ibeadoa at tba aathor' storica " 01rc7)TTNTRY. Prie. i txL g PORTING SKETCHES. By Wanderer." VVTHn"T0ri)URED PICTURES and many It ILtCSTRATIO.tS. ByO. Bowers. IOHakD DOYLET 5fE.S.and BOBlWBoN. Ikalehes of What Tkee Haw and Did l BalHnm Oe ear, awltssrlaad. and tha Raiaa. By RICHARD BOYLE. any .te, sua eq - ee, pnea ill. ANNERiJ nJ OUMOMSof ye ESOLVSHk". Wltn Eztreete from PI - 1 Di. n. WKWneVAT. LEIUK. New edition. wlth sdllUonat PUtee. nil edfee, price Us. Id. IjUIRV TALES. Br MAR K LE M ON. With V lUsjlreUona by Elohari LlofU sad a It Bennett. Crowa lr&, tilt ed e. pnee Is. TTTCII tRt) DO VLB1! nXUST RATIONS. - IV Tbs qualm minuteness of aheere stion which dleUnrtlahea the tliary of Mr. eeranel Prpya has heea happUr ImiUtedha Mr. PcroiTsl Uifh, whose " Maooera aud Castoma of ys Xstlyshs " of ths preeent day sis described wtth featls rsetness aad a ooalcl shrswdnees at hnmenr wbieh hrea.ha lha eerf atdrlt of tbe honest diarist. Mr. Richard Doric's drawls. Ulustratles ot the "etlraeta, aa iraaed and dsileats fancy watch hats fir en ilume Eirnioysr SUE distinctive feature which hara secured for the . HAXDT.TOLtTME EDITIOVg their WMnlieil nines an. baadtnea, Ufhtaea. sal sitittla Snteh. Th fnlnmce are printed with sTse cars ea a An paper, sad their hermonlnos completeness commends them to persons seen of ahe moat reused teste. frulbi HANIiWgcro 2i A, slaeeat Uttls volames. each oatalnlif k omplstc norL ER thl. lfATTBY.'VOLUME EDITION "ofthe O WATRRLET WOVCL8. and aiHa haw dlSerenl II la from ail the ethers which here been lasued hitherto. The volumes are oaly halt th tit ef th smallest of fr rrtous edition, sad they are so par ia colour aad eery la Is uiturs, bolus nearly opaqna, poeasesinff a aTfoiy aarnisnea sun tea la pictorial bindlnt. wlta enameUed case. Price El Ha Id. Orlmeoa cloth, colonred edaes. In slecant ceee. Price 3 Sa. Preach morocco, ettra ftlkfilt adfee, ia atmliareaee. Prtcs 1 11a. Id, . Ths csss whan eloasd mtainrea no mora thaa I Inehst la wtdlh. lu incnes ta isnyiq, ana s inonec in octant milk HANLV - VoLUME SOOTT. Novel, and JL - Poewa complete, iQNTAl NrNfl "airthe - WA VErIGyoTeXS, V and a complete collection of Blr Welter Saotrt Poetry, master U detect UttI volames ot hl(h siterosl lalsh, aacloeed ta an artistic ceee, meaeanac only 9 lachee la ertdth, laehee la hetf rts, sad 3, locbee In depth. The poetlee! eolamwc nrs adorned wtth froatia pieces aad Illustrations rstirseantatlrs ot ths beet known Reottlah canary, or of plsce which th rani us at tha post has mad famous. Is Ceee, I Is Cabinet. Crlmeon cloth, ettra fit stJ 101 Enamelled hoards .. CI f 0 French morocco.. ., 4 IT 1 1 Pins elota.. .. .. 110 Turkey morocco or Rneals I 10 0 1 rrraeh morocco., .. 4 14 I TittET IaHDV VOLUME - sc'OtT"" poetry: Boeca elefaat tittle volames la t ease. THE POEMS are a oomplete oolleetion, incladinir thoes from th novels, as well a th Ballads sod other pieces front lha Mimtrelif of the Seotttah Border. Tbe Botes are added from ths Author's Edition of IS JO, rerlrsd Yj h' - adt. To perfect the pieaeaees oc tne eojuoet a snen a - cenpure ssinioir ie preniea aa the vnlasis cootatnlni th Lay of the Last Miaavrel, rear lis ta 0W Hoc tne icaaiBf la&aents la tac me or ua ssinsvat rvat. Cloth, (tit edges, la a late Price 12s. M. Xlaaaat Preach morocco, (III edree. la aaas. Prtca gl fla. Vellum and (old. silt edsee. In a case. . Price 1 17s. id. Best morocoa or calf, mee 3 17a ca. ri E" ILAITdy - VoLTImE sHaKsPTT3 elr rant little Volumes In a Cans. r jnHIS cloioe MINIATURE EbfTfON of SIIAKs - A PXARE ta la 13 votnmee, 32m o. ataewaod contains tbe srbole of theplera tie Ponne. and a Olorssry. The rolamec are printed an a ellfh'lj toned psprr of toe quality, wtth a asw, clear, aad elerut type, on a pace free from notes, and the text has been srraofed from a close companion of the most trnatworthy editions. Kothlac could he prettier thaa this diamond elition. The paper la toned, aha type Is er irltety beaatlful. tha teat Is Hhsk'peara. par eteimple. It It. beetdes all these, a eery me at ot ahaepcaw, as the result ot a happy thou(ht moat chennlacly reeiixed. Eitrt doth, Itma, red edree. In s oral doth caee. PVc 1 la Preach morocco, silt edxss. In clarsal eara Pree 1 Ha id. Oanaaa seoroosatllt edfee. Is elefaat ceee. Prloet 12a 6d Veilam sad old(rery ehastsl. beat inorocso case. Price lis. Id. Beeood Rossis, oak esse, msllairal ssaunta. Price i 3s. Tor try morooeo, Umn, (tit sdfee. In ease. Prtca 3 Ua. Red Rnaaia. Han. silt edaec. la easa Prlra 4U ISa llAJUk - VUL.UMlS iJllSLH. eleven elegant utete eoiamcn so a ceee. m X VOLUME BI RLE oeereeary other edition which hac heea printed reals tn thle that the reader oaa take an joet that oarrionlar portion ot Bcnptors which b deetree to read, and make It his pocket companion, la tha Haady - Tahama Bible leffblltty aad portability are both atlainad. A Petal larre. clear, and easy ta reada voluma te smell that its wel(ht eaa scaresty bs tslt ua ettraotloas which hare sot, sp Extra rleth. limp, red edt , la a ease, prlos 1 Is. Preach morocco, limp, (tit edfee. la a ease. Pries SI lis. Id, Persian morocco, Umn, (lit edtes, in eese.Prlee 1 12s. Id. maoth calt limp, rail adrra. (a dam aaas. Price 3 lis. Id, Turkey morocco or calf, dftwjlodrcc. ta case. Price 4 as. fJIH - T A HE moat cztandra DICTIONARY ot INTORMA - TIOW. HE LARGEST and CHEAPEST WORK of the aina latoa autjatt LsJUUaOk. COMPLETE LIBRARY ia itaelf. TN IJ handaome QUARTO VOLUMES. With Co r - jl ptaia Atlas, la extra cloth, at nr and elrt - aol. Prle10I0. I th best halt Rossis, for the library. Price 11 13a EUNCH. In oomplete et. from it commene ent, IMLtolSSL M haOl - yearty enlamea, cloth, plain cdees, 35 14a. in yaeny Tninmee trwe - wea etoae, (ua avt(aa, JUS Zs, 0V J qnsdrupU ro lames, half bound, gill scrrc, 21 lis. Wbeln7Ttlad'.Tthi WEW PRlNCE'd TilEATUE, v . J U. JPllll'W, Earj, Y.i, Arcljitect. liUNNtllT'd IIVDIUULJO L1PTS 3 Uet.SEl'f :v UPl'd. I'ru, Jleutl. atMalbottrsf XJ sad Aavateedaia Ethlbitioot lele ateltn. CCATlK," B UN N ETT. and Co. (Limited 1, rnBoier aad Pauadere. S3, Qacwatreet, Cbearclde, and R.Utsaa pi ass, UtfoMatreet, Loe4on. W. peoen..eniaa tad eetlatetee free f nilE TiailHNlJClFFr? nXHT Pattotraa, X XXWTiirf. CUAMBXRa. aad Oo., Urnfeed. I n th TmniNCLiFtirifAyoB'tbrovtM ar X slaaal abaes Bsetaed af belo 1 the hat BJatasa saoet ee reelect aoaiuoa foe the wmk te atteed to their eon testa, phi renal Me arra(w naeat aarnalu af all ee bdns aa la aeceaid lae aee rwaairlae lea arauktt aa I. while they eaa oea set aat at enter, they saa he reew J leted wit tee ntatoet elect, aa I th semateiaet eoej eaa he seed. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD MEMO - Jut Li U si. Uth . irt k, ret te thVaatVee taeeavMC taraad at fswerra tret aad eases ail taeea ie the deafer el waesr safeties i which are hi ear toesw tac atlrkaeew searec talsaM : - fartaar. list "If aay talat, heeeeer reail aftafae teatSTtaiie U aaeacs as well a ethev e trees of driaila ea la Impart ie asniaaiins eelseiee at water la twwwr at acesaaaalae aieeaas C sad. anally, thai II Islmpartaat fnTtha fMtrTu yei a t whiab thK Msmarsadaat refers i (arded ss wseted - Talc last ssrarrack I ae.jeiyl, lasjisaaaM a eeeu laearred lee Ue ee - Ie set evaas se re. r - e nwataru toe sataraar (a - Can I SSVt Maisll taeeeaemaae . rtflH LAKC ftTT5WJn ne and'?th JT,.ay.V. X " Water is the a at earrler ct the laf eetlea ( c. It Is Ue weaee te eklek ws mast loo. Par water sleoaU be es4hu at eilMeeoee. bat thl I cspaaially aaaaaeary la went weather, par ester ka ears la he eUaleed from scleral aueeer ' ' rnUE DAILYHEWsrii - July, lKiU i - " London la 1 atiil lrry ea spiled 'ilk water from apeej atreaaac sa posed as' ahaJcraje mfeeatee. E0OAt7l'uItIjlT10t5'of flAmy P - Thtt the water sapply shall ha darlred fraet sack atari a sad eaeeeyed laeportef the Medical Ufnc ef tha ttry tjcmaatlT TT U iropolbl to mat any tort of artlmaie iTTSi JL. aumasr t area aaaaatiy aacrtsseei m vswaaanery tl In sErlsa se sail seed water. Report at 0asrwa ea Watav lev ply, aueaoy ea Ala. U71 rpHB IU. Hon. DR. LYOy PLAYAlR, H.P.; X P.X.8.. said si s yshus Bteellss. Attrwl J, 1IT1. that we lad O0 REMEDY AGAINST" IMPURE WATER. Messrs. Vewtou. smbers. sal Oo. rsanmmaoi taa Ihoraee DURE WATER most be taken from a par SOU res Kea(a vlU (reel eosSdeaee ae the ewst afflrlmt. el re pie. and eeoao - W irklth Ilia Than if ml I q - ha lad ' ' tn akln(raa(s seer Isrseted. la a ferv abort time th .coal .! " ntmm eeuu aca ocma arvtsvvaa mat euataavl. tu,c.S?'cZ iAUTlON.fTOoraidornT7f3i5 of lay ha had pact tree aa Prtry CoaaaO. Joha Biaaow. LL.D.. PJL.I "llaaaaathatse taecd will defray its soct. aad, tyrespeetlra of this aaa sonuara or ana stacaee saaaia lasare Thorn - distinctly uadcfetood that tha deasereaa qua lltlec at drtaklaa wa sun's Iroaworkt, near aha Acid i a at thatr braac satshllshmcat, 4T. are act chelated ky Ike sddltioa at else ae aptrtts, tusaeid - raour, eaieia. M4 u ueii taf "" - . i tR. HERMANN WEB,R. P.R0.1Phviriei m onUtmT JL" the Oermaa Bcspital. Loaeea. deeerlbes APOIXlJl MR. PUNCH'S CoUectien of ALMANACK8, from 194 J te ISS0. With unwjeerabls PWurea sad Character Bteacaee - wiq aw a qrifaa ana cenaeome volames, price te. M. each. Aiui i at uu ATURS at HOME. Front the French of tn turniu oautikb. RATURE at HOME. LUtutrated by Kari Bodmer. N AT USE at HOME. Bnper royal quarto, in a eery (se Vodlna. (Pt ed a, price 1 lis. Id. NATURE at HOME. From tha French ef TKEOrtTTXE OAl tER. Wtth tne baxeeaUd Wood Pa. (rartara aad Adornaeeale am aeerty eeery pace. csMmisanisd by t douhls i paia Plates, saowked ea aaeede. llleat rating ikaam aad sa - dents la forest lit end scaaary. by KartEodmer. Tniiln TfnlriTT IniT n1 tSi I I sal lfl ITraTarlt liael T n Ureal Uearts - etreet, Weetmtastcr, I, where the Thoraetiae Raafc and smaller ren(ee oa the eeine inttnaipte may be eeea m c pare Ilea. RANSOHE3. HEAD, aad JEFrERIES, AetIcuJ - toral Eariaeers, Ipswish. and 1 Oraeee h ere - e et, Loe cow. pA30MK.PmTAllCT,dTuCTI0I, V Plaed aa t Tertl - el EOI.NEA RAN30.MBV THHAHHINO MACIIINEIIY tndOORX MILL. ... RA.V30UE.4' IU0 JTanT" WOOirT' COUDTJrfor ALL COUSTRlEi sad' 1 1 LA HANSOMEM RAKES "and" HAYMAKERS. tUestratal Otltloaaes poet free. CAMUl!tS0N and Co., "AirictiltDraTEntineer, 0 Banbury. Oioa - WIVTER MACiUMER. to th farm ; Oarf - ae,'a Taraip t.etUra. ta Price liale free, ureal rsdactiM la arte of Pme Uresa Meeere end Reapiai; Manhtnee. ViPAasa nEXDhY, uiceiten - PLouoirs; Uarae II Ma, Onrn tMlla, Root Pulsate, Cat sUeakaas. Cera Crnahere, Mils Carta for hand or horee. Railway Milk Can iiiIErioT)CIU EKsoJf.' and iV - sTEIM E.VOIXES and BtllLkKa se - l MILL CEaR1.NO. 01OlKR0D.i5RIEKS0N , and Co. - 8U0AR 1 ESTATE sad rJCPISERT FLA VT aad KACIUXEBT. 1 BfERiyDimiE10N7rIdnCoTl I PIXED PLAXT of sit deeennttoaa. Isslodlnr Tunuslas. Cranee. as. St Oeortc a Iroaeaaks, M ancneaaer. aad a.Weetmlaetee - ahamhen. London, o. W. Uvmerod. Uncrsoa. aad Oa bars th lancet aceortmcct ua ths trade of pal teres ot Spar, Bert, Mitre, aad i iyeeie, unnat ruii a, an l tinims. tnmEYPoltTABLJri - OLKEs, J to So h - i jobeTTTertIOaL EyfilNE3, 1, to iSLp. ROBEY - s" TaT1tfTXEd" ENOIiJE .the ttooey), apeciajy adapted for Eleeurle Uthtinf. KOBEt aad'Cv.. Clobe Works. Lincoln, and 117, CsaaMMtreet, Lmdon. CeiaWucs, aa,, oa sppJIcatioa. Ill R. nd P. TURNER'S (iMwicIFSpedairties. I - J. PORTABLE KTEA.M Evutvavf Vertiol ftaaem from 3 - h.p . Morttal fixed Steam Eo(inee, InreehiM Maealaary, Cora and SeeU Craciien. Cora f'.rtn lin( Mills. Uoiee lears, sad 1X1 Caks ltreaaer od still and Ar l.Vtal Mao are Mecninary. Miaiau 31Atjril. titk for liULO, (Jopper. Uoei, and Rock Salt. Chemical Mannfsxturere Pleat aad Ua M .c.lticrv. Lccacoacr atesi Rati PtaeL Enaiaen nt eeere rteaVrtntlnn aaa frowec.ft. DaULlail aad Co.. t Hetens. isncaeiura. an to JfARUt slaaal whev as ess not k acre at nORMANnEk!L (pealtint ol APOLLI. XJ XAJUI NATURAL MINERAL WAItX rater Ie It a - the k icaal tyse ot partly." THE PRACTITIONER yv ihat APOLLINARII WATER Is - ahealately para, retrssklaf, aod Sereeatie rpHE MOftNINO POST rtfmto APOLLINARLI A. ATEIt as welcome aafetr aad (hesfjat PRKlJa3E,Ai,AVllR TJnml, ,t APOLLIXARI WATER " s deil shlel heTere ea aid tw dlteataoe ta tha drcpeMie. Dlt J. MARION SIMrJ date thai Jf AR1 WATERls wt aaly a latary. but a UPkLNOJ iron, . bEEP E0CKV rJOURCl - KJ Leaaon Medleaf Racnit , reaaa, aoo aetnerai weaee neeiere - aaroaeSMma nreet Rreaale PoLLlNARls AtliUL MLWERi - POLLINARIS may be bad at ail hotels, reel rente, end mineral wetee deelerV akroayaowt Oreat BrHeii i POLLTSATHTS Ka t TliAf. tT V WATER. yNUAL sALB TJW MILLIO.Vi AFOLLINARI3 COMPANY (Limited), IJ. Ra - r - na - rtreee, ty?odoa, g W, ol, 1st sorters. SK FOR riSr - o7a"t.. t IEbIi iJOtlPAS b liiTRAOr ol MEaT. - II The aolr wea. weeraated (eaaisa by Berwa LleMr. T IEBIO COMPASI'S BaTRAUI ( A Oealloav ilamersea lafeetor aad law - orlced cwncsitwe tha ssarket, with mia'aadlat tltlee, labels, sad eortralu of the Use narow pwi juiaeti maea taeiea wpoe neetnf ana COM P AN V 3 EXTRACT ot MEAT. fc Oenulaa oaly wtth ttnslmll ot Pane TlstK(f stiaaaeia He Li - Mr. t IEBIG Xi !C.R t APPLEBY'S COMPOUND ENGINES, with Cotlmea'a Voire Uesr. lira - 1 Prix. Parte. 1571 TPlKuV'S pate it r& O'ILe its. APPLEBY, BROTHERS' STEAM - CRANES aodOVERUEAD TRAVELLERS. P1LEBY. BROTHERS. Eiigeer; Eaa t Jk ijTrffB Til. fJ"S W, aPaWaa - slaftt, Za.VA. V51tTIcAL ENGINES (Speciality). 1 to 10 - p., Pilrd ur Portable . Hortloatals. ail citcc : Baetns Machlnrr. E. .1. UlNULKY, 11, Wueea VlufrjrweUeet. idoo.aU. Bead tor eTelitrtie A. VAUX HALL DONKEV PUMPS, the Best Boiler Fearieri and Pumu for raisinx water, are manufaotared h ALEX. W1LV..S sxd Oo.. kniiaeers. VsnUail Iroaworka. Was worin - roed, Lonibm, W. lUuureted.aad prtcvd eatalosae iet free. h It Ah" UN G. H. HIND and bONS. Nottingham. O (wo 1) Urec Inca diara.. turned tru to bitwnrth s faurse, at 1. a - w :wt, et Noitiashaw ; Londoa stores. IZlUackfrtsfs - raadA. rnHE ASIliiUltY RAILWAY CARRIAGE and X IHO - tCOVtrANY lUattedi, Upeaahaw, Maacaeeter. htaaa - tactarsrs of KAiuWAX VAaKiAtfeo end WAU03fa, Tramway ajars, tri i eora. r, 'ete enq laatea rtse riaaa. an. f IAHK BIRMINGHAM RAIL tv Ax CARKIAOB X cad MTAtJOX CXIStPANT iLlmlaodl. BateUwiek. seer Btrmtas - ham. Meant ecturere ot RAILWAY CAR&iAlisla aad WAGoii iremuara. iroqeoes. wnee.e aal Axles. caewasS. aa. DAlLffAV CAUKiAOE COMPANY la bias lei LIEBIU OOMPASyfl EXTRACT of MEAT - In nee In most hoetaotde tn naoot the kmcaoes. JINAHAN - 3 LL WHISKf. KINAHAta'a LL VVHImKV. The cream ol Old Irtea WnfekVae. KIN A HAN'S LL WHISKV: - Pare. mfld. and allow, dsliacas. aad vary whol seams, TTsliwaslli rewoss Aeudcd hy the profceaoa.' V Exhibition. lfTI : OwaUa ExaiMtlos. USS. tha Oaid M.i MkUI Pari. Oaid MedaL U ARNARD, BISHOP, aad BARNARDS. Norwich. 03. tL 63, an.I "5? aTRE: HEJLn victgetx 'LOW COMBUSTIONTOVES. or Conntrr Pare rVe Oretee taneelaTIr adenSed foe Bmrarne eaaheeefae emokeleee coi. Vide laaeay et Arte lco.icolo. Low .jew fofs. SPECIALLY pATRoitTZEb by u. tba O PRIXCZ ef WALEA TB'ESE8T0iVE3 can be seen burnlnt: Mt - racit coal, coka. end cor neaael tnlead steam coal ee the ah e eytdrees. C1AKVED WOOD atd MakBLE SlXSt&G - PIECEit h. (Teas earieay. YLLUsTrATEL) LISTS irea upon application. A RCHlTRGTS' DESIGNS for such work esttntated X. for free ef charre, sad oe ty eieoated la the beet soealUe styia TENDERS, Cm - b. Fireiron, Dog; Orate, and rery f i - i. - j. sear Birmlufham, Manufacturers et RAILWAY ad eiUU.11. I'raaaCars. Iron - or., aa. .aiHM lJtilO - 0 TRUCK and XQMESTTO ART FITTINGS, aa apolfedlb UtiaxstausanjauM arsinaea. nanouraoie menooa. rsrta , I M ne aad rentlleiioa at itwsltlns hcasas krtnalnteil sad ". JiTsnVV!!91' ; fiutad ot Uccbotocet eoUccatoaTsuts for stoeas, hearth. t.ju vrrKcut amueuraj, uiiiaa bat, maker af BOILERS, Gatnoldm. Girder. B. - idj. Btaiidings, Roofs, Ten a, boau, Wsrons, aad sit kinds ot structural Irou. LUHLKI, .ircee. wort. JEsdE TILDtH rceewl tree - aa. wt - m - .n TUL'KLKD FLAl'r - Manufacta re. the PEAR - 13 BlTiRON.of all iie and daaenption. i made only J3 hy WILLIAM BAR HO tV a aad BUStS, BloomheU Iron Woass Tipton. ataoTordaaira. Ail Imitations of trade marks ere fraud gleet. 03PELOA& IRllN and 0ALVANI2ED IRON jf aat WIRS OOttPAMT, Oalvaalxcd tna kLaeifaetnrers. Works, riirtoe aad vrotverkamptaa, Htadardehlra aal Umaaouaa, Londoe, si, Export otBea. 113, Uanaen ettace, iraalea. E.U. HILL and aJIlIUS FAT EST OONTINOOUS IltO.f PEXCIXil i ILL and SMiltt'ri PaieNx RlVEtLtaS XX ic urdlea LJ1LL and SMITH'S FIELD and - NTRANCE AA aS OATf. Wlrs Xetla(. ke. ILL ana SMITH tJ IkOaWoI , OelTas lied and TOHN BELLAMY. Urnif street, Mlllwatl. London. ft WROUGHr.lRU.V TABES aad U18TEsUa, Oal Psistavl, of rcrv deecrtstlon, auli tod the I arc eel Worts ia ths trade. CROGGON tnl Co. - IKON CHURCH and HOUSE BUILlirBJ, 300. tipper Thsmewtrect, Itdoa; a ao Uref pool and lilaarow. lroa Taaas sod Usterna THE PRl2EBRtCK.PrM,nSSTR)nn TTJe MAOlItMEt. - JOKN WUITEIIBAD aad Co, albert Weeks, rreaaoa, Loaenire. luuawetea pneca caaaiaxaec cet acpucea.on. IMPROVED I'OrTaBlE BKIdE. DlUCt i PITE sad ROOriXO TILE hLACRIXtRT. wtth ImeroecJ CutUntS Tablec - E. FACE sad Ca. Victoria and Bedford iroo - worea, netuoro. Alao rioo, a., narrows. bcos , Ree a. oea, aad xsise stuia, aa iiinstrstai priced cateiofge aoet tree on appticattea, CI UNPOWbK iL ThVvltrTous - Ma C JTI N Eh and I PLAJfT foe Its PHODOCTION eaada ke TAYLOR sad CHALLK3, Perwent Pousdry. BMralaxhaja : also Miat MarMaarr. rpANN nit. aim LEATHERMACH InERY X for lbs maaofactore aad aalshlM at Icether. - RL'XUAM aad BitOWXS, Eoilneera, ExeUr. En(!aad. EsUh.labcd XA. LOYD and LLOYD. WROUOHTHIRON London. UrerpooL aol ktaoab JOSEPH aIrT3 JOiTEii and FITTINGS in WROUUUTIkOX, Works, Tiptoe, staSordahlre. Eeery dcaertp. t ion. Plain or OsieMlsed. Boiler Tuhas ta tna and ttsel. Bonaa Bars, TsMrrapa Poles, BlfSai Rotfa Lar(s Tabes ap to 13 leches diameter. London offlce. 44, Uueea Vlctovia - atrect, H.Q. Tslechoae 2f a. LTIt, iRfL?CTOIfS EKCTRIOafOTOR andAUT(T - V7 UATIO BATTEBY aaa be lied ta say aewio mschtaa In tea auinutcc Ooa chart at th battery accompUahcs alhoasaadytrda at aesrla aithoal fames. amelL heatoe dancer. Bnaeil ktnaore fneae . In machines, lath as, daottl tad other diuia, orxaa blosnafc tan, is. GRISCOM'S ELECT RIO MOTOR and AUTOMATIC battert. for family see toe machlaea. stl Isu Kted sad dalleered to London. Motors of ail sites made, frara aa to 10 - horss power. lUnstrated prtae hat asd tall Inform atloa supplied free by post oa application to 0. R. HEAP, ueaeral Euro - peen Arena, x, rieosiaynra, Busviaac, ttaou - itreea, Loadon, E.0 ELECrfRl0LI0imNO. - Oc5ii.Utr Initallation asaadcr. OTTO OAS ESOl.tK. with Dynamo Maehlac, It) laraadsscsul Leaps. Wire. PltUnra, ka, fee 170, sellable for billiard rooms, & CKuSdLRir, BfUIUtd tl.lm t Manchaelar. aad 34. Poultry. London. Ea QTTO GAS ENGINE.' Many improvement. fTTO OAS EXJIN to 10 h. p. QTTO GAS ENGINE, Over 10,000 in rue. OTT6 GAS E - S'GLSE. 166 tofcO per cent, more power then other enatnee fro same aaetity ef ree. Sola ajakers. CROSSLET, UROiHERa, tLlm.), Ueacbeeler ; Loadon. riLERica Patent1 ga eNGINe worb oP to it STEADINE'"5neqTled loy any other ensiiv tmeilnr one lxnitiott si each roeointkml. Kolc maken. L STERNE and Co. (Lira.). Crown Ironwcri - , - GUarow - U yiotode - cbambera. Wtmtncter: aad Pteia qtolBcee and Show Rooms, 40. Cacnoo - etreet. Londoa. til Q AFES TKe 6lCKE&"PATfcNTr for "BanTter; try Jewell a, Mercheatc aad lotssetosel Oeatlem i. role Msaufsctarers. P. WHlTflELD and Oo., Mater of tV aad B(ltr Proof Sates. Ea, (iiford - etre et, Blruttntham. Price lirte free. Vf EARS and STAINBANK - CHURCH BELLS. aij wtta nttmft and Pramec. Estlmetee aad plana en epallea - ei imaurj vaoiianeq. ujc xai,wn5aonapal roaa.mdoe. FRESH WATER FROM 8EA WATER. JfORMAXDYH IMPROVED PATENT COSOEXSERa. (oa. ran teed to yield, per one ton of coal, 29 toss, ee 4.&90 (siloes, ot fresh water, clear, cold. bai(ht lootlnx. atreeabla, aad eottal In taete aad appearance to tba best riTer water. Ail si sec, from IX to X0 (allow per day. Par yachts, ships, torpedo boam, or land station. They also prodacs water ot shore quality wbea worked with (rcaey ateaat man tha mala boilers of stcamert, aad, at earns tuna, supply freeh water for feedlaf theaa boilers, so as to preeent sosleenoeittaf fat them, tha total production of been water betn 75 tolls per cent, more laan the bower ateelt eoenmed by thaa eendeesert. Apply w a. ..ormeooy. v,Tiaosn - eo as B'aasoa, eictovia taoeas. iiOtKioa. ABYSSINIAN TUBE WELLS (Norton FaUntL LEORAXDaadSCTCLirr. Artsslaa Weil Esraaasa aal uoaaracaoreioeiarfe water sappilac, 1JU. aniu - ro' E5RY HOPE, 55, Lionel - street, Blrngr xaraoraseg is H TJ ENRY HOPE, HORTICULTURAL BUILDER Jt - JL aaa HOT WAT, a.HiUI,tll. Rtftrmvca, Ewaa tanstlan, twu Whltei U - placa. . ENRY HOPE, WIND aad WATER PROOF CABEME4. Books of cWn ea appttcaalea. SILVER MEDAL of the FISHERIES EXHIBI - TIOS swarded to ARNARD.BIiiUOP.and BARN ARDd. Sorwien, 203. 81. 93, aaa Sri, QUENC JORWICK - S BAKING POWDER For Bread. gORWICK'S "BAKIX 0POWD ERFor Cxa. jgORWICfiTS BAKXNQ POWDEa For Patry. JgORWICTAiaSO POVTOEil - ?op Kata3, DR. DE JONGH - S LIOHT - BROWN COD L1VKR OIL, leconUeaa blr pre d by thirty yeaee' madleal easeriaaac Ie ha tba poreet, tha moat palatable, tba saoet dlfratibie. and th oaly 0od Llrev Utl which reduce the fall suretfe ad seta ta sviasuaptice sad diseases et tha sheet, throat stfeetlaoa. ( secret deslllty, waatloa d cT children, rlcteta, and ail e ialoc dleordere. t. P etra, P.K a, wrltee : - Ha Seer ctl caa he procure d," Cv.OraaeUla, P. R. B wrltea " Mock more neJatable lhaa las sate oil. - Dr. Edtar Shep. pard, Klnf a Oolleee II o pa lei. wrttee : Ua tha rare ai eel lance ct hstaf wall bom aad eccttnilslcd hy stomachs which reject tha ord aary otla Dr. Proeeer Jamea, Loadoa Mospttat, writes - "Coatase the whole et the satire terredieeie at the remedy. Dr. Slaetalr Ooe hill, OosenaiMioa Koepltel. Vratnor, wrltee :u Ie tube alar aad tna varum, forms at stnmona disss a a, sncsaacec tree tee tharasaaste saoaoy tnae aay M O.. wrltee: nffeesloae af ana aaroas aad lama. - Di Ueeprtai, wntea - - Very aaarei la eases or enroale sowaa. aad sapee dally ta naeI dlsisaa cm plieeeed with eooenei vuoe,' J. J. Pope, Eaa, el - eT Bartwaa. Army. India, writes : - r tec at CT.ryecca reach a nllablesnd veJuahe remedy ; ea thai esq sol be too widely reeornised. nau eoir ra caaeaM tm Is. sd.: scnte. t ed. : eras, te. t he nil chsmtcl am ixaeee, AiaaAJt, HAKroiUX aad ua, TT. Bwaad. tag. stsject egBewtgta one 4 solely me extra a at. rER BRAVAIS. The mort ecaciou Tonla. A wms at stnmona disss a a, sncsaaass tree tee tharasaaste set ether sod lies U. Btv O. Duoeea Gibe, Bert. : a A remedy at (real sow ee la tha waaamaet at maay Can tiae. Ii-R BRAVAI3. - A London Phyaidaa wriiea - "Isle the best pr )e oa at tnm I here me wtah. FER BllAVAiS at ha all the nod eiecta of f wtthoat Its leeonreelee . rfitt li UAY Aid. Pure iron and oxyraa without actd. ' . tlRAvAlS - f tot a patent raedleina. a parrecuoa ct taa preparstioa is its sola ree 17 ER BRAVAIS. Taateles and neither ttaia nor A' tnJurec the teeth. pEii BRAVAIi - Tta"7iy ky iUr.a. ,ijt 1JRAVAIS. Uoe not eoaatipete or dittuh . - Aedl etlon. XnER DRAVAIi - Inrtlatl X weekneec FEll llRAVAlb can be taxrn on ntv tad alias readily with say liquid. e in all of pntriT EZR BRAVAIS. "The neareat approach ret mad to lh foi la whlok boa cxlem U th blood. - British Medical rati, March Id, 1177. FER" BRAVAIS. Prepared aolaly by rpodal appae rata st Raoal Bra rale Manufactory, AsnleVes. Bear rtfa T?ER BRAVAIS. Sold by alTChemiit in bottk. I? taa table ceeea. with aeteatd e ceee. ore complete. X aad ea. cee. rampaia wtta aewc aa c jIXNEFORD'STFLUID MAGNEiilX INNEFORD'S PURE FLUID MAGS K3 LA. I) I) uSKlioitiPtl Pikts ELUIb MAtiSh - - aA; for Aditray "f tha KVm aca. iLi ID iUo - taU. I INNEVoRD'S fbKE XJ tor Heartbnra, tor Hcedecha. DINNEFORD'S PURE FLUID MAGNESIA, tor flout, aod Indirection. DINNE FORD'S PURE FLUID 3IAONESIA, safeat aod sacet featls apertent for daOcaae eceetiteWeea. ladies, anil draa, aad talaats. Ut ail t - bem aaa. OCKLE'S COMPOUND AXTIBIUOUS PILLH - 10CBE'3 PILLS Free from nterenry. t c Q0CKH73 PILLS Mad of prxreti drnxa. OC 73 PILLS For Liver. OUKXE'3 FILLS For BUa. ' lOCKLES FILLS For In dlfeat x. 0CKLE3 FILLS For Acidity. 0CKLE3 FILLS For Heartburn. C QOCTS PILLS. In use aJihty - three year. ClOCKX - rS COMPOUND ANTIBIU0U8 FILLS j - in mm at Is, JA. fa. td - 4a. fA. II. and t lata atthty - th a year vw O, Lwndea. H UNYADI JAN 03." The PUNYADI JAN OS bet natural H UNYADI JAN OS Aperient UNYADI JANOS Water. London Madlei J a wa. I JJUNYADI JANOS." Oar a and p lea. I UNYADI JANOS - aott and U a. tear, acetssnrs. H MITHM PATENT DREDGERS, the etIeet, kO ah aneea, aad m t e9deet Tre drers made, ar (tted wtth a ' TT ? aar 'B"U TS..,7iSr ttaj 1 vaieee. - - Pro. ewe Xaashaa. et ereeaat dacd(ars. Sole makers, CLARE. BUXSETT. aad Cev. . TT UNYADI arfmraee. eta tjw eaoca as, ajnei apeeney aieuue, a i aw eei. .. J (Limibd). Coa - "V RN AM ENTAL IRON PAVILIONS and COR.' - . - - - liark. TVoh Ka'.. lUkTlna, Ka tta - w. retlwas. Ac Plan a aad eatlxoesra lor 1 Chnrrbes aad ; I I uNlADI ATTLARK, BUNNETT, and Co. flefanitod), HydVanllo Eartaacm e4 rcwejacre, asisssaa saa as. w saa su. to th H UNYADI JANOS." Has farariably fooa ana . ye a eocceee. - P Tbwaaw . Barrla. - - f UNYAXJI JANOS. lnvalaa for W tea and txtoorea. bat H UNYADI jL03. " I preecribe thK - Pt ureacyw a iaoa Wajvhe f. TTUNTADI JANOS. A a aal. onanary. a XX (eatia ae O UNYADI JANOS - ia . . . .p i , a .v. atr r.iv lyeerjol. IT t erdree - . LeU.alae iloretreet, Boae - 1 11, - IJ iJ"iA2T " Vr s llhantw - chi bes yrw - etr j P Koart De , JJl Ki - US CiOMP AlUmat Ike "''l'V?mC aaa Tk 33; sMrWaallsw Tatt. swt. Oak e W lli - sT brUom at i asd Uto st as. 1 dbaa. E.C: Maaimsstsr. Dwsie - chi ambers. Marketat reet

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