The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1933
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Served by the United Frew TE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS , VOL. XXX—NO. 138 BlyttuTlUt D»Uj, Ntw. uiytheTllle -- • • • VaUty L««dCT, nlvtlu!Yill« Herald, BLYTIIRVIl.LR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1933. Authorities Acl As U. S. Wages Bailie For His Return. ATHENS. CircciM!. Alia. M HIP) - Eiiiilil.'l Insiill, i-e-fiiEK- h--:nl Dl ilu nntf iii'-ai Instill Ulililiis ->r- i'"nnk/ollon. wax ane:,ted loday al u e. rc<|t:f.':i of tin- Uniisd States u'jvernnient. Insult cam!. 1 KJ Europe more ihan u y<-ar "SO with his vast W.U'i prise In dl.1ii:iilly. lie was reported first in Paris, ih;':n he went to England. Finally he took icfiiye here where nt Ihe time ihf-re was no effective United Maw.s-Grf-eci: i-.xi.radition treaty. Jnsull's pa.wpoi-1 was declared - iiid by the stale department in •lunuary.' He applied for Greci: iitl'/fiishlY. refusing to return to this Unluil Rtaie.H. Fie was givc.i j.nnnlssion to remain here uniil 1(134. InMiIl on his urrest today \vus charged with violation of fed- trul bankruptcy laws. Insull's lav.-yrr'r, nought permis- :.:on to transfer their client from police headquarters to a nursiiiR Immc on the srounds of illness. Wa° Indicted June 1 'Mother and 3 Children AreJKilltd TliAVF.RSE CITY.. Mich., Ails 20 cUPj—A. mother and Her three children were killed near here loday when the automobile !n which Ihey were riding stalled on ,he railroad tracks'and was slruck by & Pierre Marquetl* yassetiijer train. The dead were Identified :K Mrs. R. D. Rich and her thre.t children of Traverse City. The names of Ihe children Uiid tw> women'ngers hi the machiu.: uho were injured were not lin- jiicilluli'ly determined. The engineer of the train said he .Sit-. 1 , 1 Ihe machine : tailed us hi.") !'i:r,mt)live rouiidect i, imrvr in Hi t'-acks : biil hr: hud Insufficient tline to slop the train. Crippled Ship Fighls- Way Into Port CHICAGO. Aug. indictment under Instill i UP) -The which Samuel arrested today In Greece was returned June 1. but was suprcs-scd. It charged violation of ihf bankniprry acl. A similar indicinient wsis nndf-r- ; [ood to have been returned i-^aliisi Mai tin J. Iiisull, a brother itnd a former official of companies in Insull's utilities empire which ccllapsed with many millions of otillars loss to investors. Martin Insull is now in Can- :ina. The rti-Eirreul marked an- cther step In the long and bilter battle waged by the U. S. gov- "imnent to force the return ol .Suiiir.i-1 Instill lo Chicago for trial. Little Doubt That State Will Be 23rd to Approv 0 Repeal. DALLAS, Alls. 28 (UP)—Ilcp»l ol the 18th amendment and les- glmtlion of beer were given wUlfl majorities in early voting "> 'lexas loday but the returns from ] traditionally dry strongholds wcva [ jacking, detracting frcni the optimism of rcpealists and beer adva- Houth Texas returns indicated a five-(o gtic. wet majority. UetiiTS <iom Houston, metropolis o[ soulii Texas, from CO suburban precinct-.were: for repeal, 3,624; against re- 357; for lioer, 2.982; against Arkiuipas lioy, II, 'Mis Story 'Of !? i n <\ Downliill Drift Has Beon Slopped ancl Motion Reversed President Savs. COLt.KOE CAMPUS, . N. V., Aiib'.'aO. lUPl •America's economic, tide ' hits nncd and we are on lilt' niigrnili' tain, I'resldenl Rnosevrli dcclnr- I today. Ills dedamtlon In nn. nddrt'.ss cllvcred lo ihousatids o( old rs aijd friends who fornml- The crippled Old Dominion liner Madison, which limped into Norfolk alter a. 24-hour baltle 1 wllh th hurricane. Two .sailors were washed overboard. I'ho.o shows fore deck uilb deckholi*! swept away by sea beer, 4.K. The returns from :!IJ other "=rn- Ihern Texas • precincts were: tor ipy*al 658; against 198; for b»?r 337; 'against beer 23. \V»l Sfinlimtnt Sirnng DAijI.AS. Aiif;. ' First Bale Sells For 11.75 at Auction today The flrst bale of: 1933 colton in Mississippi counly was auctioned C'ff lo A. R.. Weteukamp. bidding ior the O. O. Hurdaivay Cotton company, at 10:30 o'clock this mcrnlng. The bale brought.- 11.15 i c nts. A premium of $10 was awarded lo the 'successful bidder .by the Elytheville Bo^rd of Trade and o live dollar premium was given the bidder by the federal compress. R. R Ashley. Number Nine luriner. wtio brought the first bale nf the 1933 crop to the glnncrs, received $75 in merchandise premiums. The bale, the first in the county \vos ginned Monday by the : n-rnbf-ig Gin company. Other bidders nn tin- cotlon ir. :u!dlllon lo the- successful bidder ttvrc Elmer Palton, Jock Trt-mu. Ltoyd Stlekman. Louis Applebaum r-i.d Harold Slernberg. B. G. West ;,cted as auctioneer. Male 'of Texas.ill one Lime '...dere'd dry^'voted loday "on oi the 18th amendment and there seemed little doubt but. it *oliid be the 23rd state to repudiate netional prohibition. Local option elections were held In 183 of the 255 Texas counties. KK-ven counties were without dry Government Lifts Hog Buying .Moratorium At Chicago and Omaha. WASHINGTON. Aug. 2G (UP> — The aErjeliihiral adjustment al- mmislratiou _ today nicdifiEj , £lj.- i: on repeal ("Sperislon of Its emergency ho? market program by ' ordering Chi- and Oniaha to resume pur- iOPi — The De Solo Once Buill Huge Cro^s On Indian Mound Her I .OS ANOpl-Kft. Aug.- 2(1 itlPi — AJI II old Arknn.'ii.s boy nl.o itilcii-hlki'd his uay Imlf May umv, Hi,' country with $500 in i.ohl in hl.s' liui'MI wns 'held In |uvi'iil|.' Imll iijiliiy whlli' u ihor- li InveMlKUlion wns imnii* ol Mury ihul In* hud dux thi 1 ns irom Ills jp'.uiilhUhcr's h-u's. In Kprlugdale, Ark. Hlva 'IhiiU'li \MIS iim"j|f-il n^ !'!• b.HKiiini'd with n I'lerl: fur .1 Wcsdiv Hi> MiDwnl ik li.iiidfiil nl noiil ruin:; In vfi, $111 mid c illumination-. Soil). 1 dated us :i.r'tiiit'l: us Ifi-IO. This Imy inli rolliv he li'll his graiumuhiT's vllli $MK). NVIic'H iinvsird lie tuc y welcomed him home jo ounly, wns the flrst distinct bull- sh statement ho. has issued' since ntcrliiK the While House .MiirclH. CommcnllnK on the drive of tlu> f>\ to boost wages, Increase, pur- imshig ixiwer and send Idle mll- lons again bade to employment he president observed. "It Is true lial we are definitely • successful "ils inn-pose and that the .,.niilll drift has definitely Untied and become an upward , suvyp." Mr. Roosevelt swung Into • his iddre&s with amusing ' anecdotes of his early political life th Duchess county but-turner} quickly to the serious problem of Ihe ml- mhilslrullon's eftprls »l economic rcliabilllallon and the responsibility of the people lo the brond program. Ihi! revolnllonury liuingrs since March •! he remnvk- i:.| thnl "U L; the flrst time In our hislcry that Ihu nallon as a whole urn! i»ganllcss of party has tip- l.iovnl ol draslic chnnges In Lhe r.iethcdr. and fnruis 'of fimcllons cf government without destroying " Ihu basic principle. 1 !", inhabitants had been tn r ss r.hijih Ferdinand Soanish c»olorer. planted • his and those living there at - this time have annual frights on the .—. ,--. — . l]mp nave annual ingnis on uiu mmmolh 50 fool cross, the «£t| s ,, bjca of Qroug hts at about the :tirlslian symbol erected In Ar- ^^ ^^g^ of u le year Lfl "- as - . ' ,.._. '^.e'.> '"The chief.,seeing the.'klnrt of Jaws and sale of beer- if it, is lepaliaed. will- be permllled Sept 15 without, a test of local option. Wets' and drys ended (he campaign last night with a series of radio broadcasts and street corn- CL . .-me'etmgs. .Senator Morris i-'heppard. .author of the 18th iiiiieiidnienl and dry .leader, closed a o.OCO-niiie auto lour campaign In Lallas by speaking before an au- c>:ence of upwards of 3,500 ]«r- EOIIS. Sheppard has spoken 48 limes in the past 25 clays, often c.r!\ing .300 mill's between speak- of pigs Monday. Previously the government had declared a "moratorium" on purchases of pigs ancl sows because all markets had been Hooded. Be- ^hiuinbr uexl week, farmers must iccr-lve. permhs before sFiippina hogs. At the same time pickers at about 15 • additional livestock yards were notified .officially by Hie' agriciiliiiral adjustmenl art- n.inislralimi lo begin purchases of pigs and sows at. prices under the. Iceman's Foot Crushed Under 300 Pounds of Ice Chrlslian An. account of hnw DeSoto, .j(isEl?'!lnDi river ai the present site of Ihe cltv of Memohls, and nnrthwnrrl th'pneh 'He l.e" itory now embraced'by Crlt- lenden anil Misalsslppi count'es. Is confined in an nlcl voln nlfl . '-^i- n"rn"lilrnl and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas." published In 11189 bv the Qoodspjed Pub- li^inR company. The fnllowlni; exceprts from the men the .Spaniards.. .f erf . rd lhal thelr'Ood 'must biT greater Ihan his, and asked Do Solo lo petition for rain, that the crops might be saved. Th'e Indians had rohttminlly engaged In prayers and incmitatlons. but heaven entreaties. seemed Dscnohi '.Meeting Endorses Control Program; To Urge Acceptance. I.UXORA, Ark., Aug. 5<i.— Favoring a compulsory ralher limn a volunmry plnn for 'Ihe reducllon ol next year's cotton acreage, MIs- sls-hini coiiulv dirnAirfi will sem n large delegation lo grccl C. A. Cobb, Cotton ndmtnlslrator. al Mn- Bliml Bank |Vlesserigei's ; With '!Vnr Gas and Seize Money Bag, I1KNVE!?, Colo.. Alls. M lUCl'-r T;vo daring buiullUs loday bllncli-d ! thni? mcsM'ngers nf the Untied SluU-.s Niilloiml bank with lear (;ns, smilched a black bag coh- liilnlng $36,000 In new currency, end sueciied away In a small coupe through hcuvy traffic o[ a busy J downtown street. '. j '•'•• The robbery, the most ilaruig I since that of Ihe .Untied 8lul*s.| mini leu years ago In which 1200.- I'LO wus taken, occurred as . ] three bahl: messengers I'jiilc In a small" coupe from the itdcral reserve branch bank' to I ilu: U. 8, National bank. ' nichurd linden,' driver of the! messenger's machine, was. thnad-' u.ig his way through traffic. Suddenly In front of him loomed a Llg truck which apparently 'i flailed,' Bcdcn started tO:.b> up the car lo get -around when a dark coupe bearing two nieh j pulled up alongside of him. -A moment later the bandits Jumped | out and one \o[ them shouted, | "Let them have il". The olherJ cnatched a fountain pen tear go* gun from his pocket • and snot, tho \ fumes inlo Ihe messenger's' auW. I rliinnn on August- 31, al which lime they will recommend and urge Ihe adoption of- a modified •"ic-tii'Cnt iilnn for cotton reduction In 1933 Instead of the proposed voluntary reduction plan. At a mceliUK "liere yesterday a rnll sysiem loilny. Baker Wilson in First D i. t Purchase ot volume form an ' s' n ilie expedition's progress thru IhK section: . "Ferdinand DeSoto, the fust. governor of Arkansas, and his es- <•"'•!.. landed f >) A-kan^-. ^houi the laller pnrt of May. 1541. The ex- I'fjlitlon pnssed tlvrnuah the prov- !«« or ft lars<1 l o. winch cmbrac»d of . Rparliff. Mississippi Countv Area "The Tndlanr. Itod as a rule Hrd for the Well Brothers Cotton, 'at the nrnroorh of DeSolo. thouen - Baker Wilson loi-al .-ottoi agreeing lo Ihelr request, the great cross was erected upon n high lOomimied on Page Three) -To Discuss MuneUry I'ollry NEW VOHK. Aug. 2ti <UI>) - Krcsldenl Roosevelt probably will confer next week at Hyde Purk v.hh Montagu Norman of the Bank of England,;ls Douglass, Li'dgcl director, and Dean Ache•,on, acting secretary of Ihn Ireas- ury. the United Press iMirned today. " - .'"'.-• , : --'~V'. '"••The 'infererkc WasUhaL iV U., S. inuney policy .would' be the center .if dlfcusslon by these representatives of the two great money paw* cts. with the posslblllly lhat thej vould consider forming an Inter- j national pool to si rcncies of both com representative farmers of the county hundred from all went on record us approving what Is known as the "Smllh Plan." u mcdifled ulloli'nenl plan worked out by 6. O. Smith nf B!yt!icvlllc, regional adviser to the cotton division of ihe agricultural adjustment administration, and-Instruct-. d delenates I o,-present :Uie plan As the blinded messengers fought their way out. of the car • the ' bandits snalched the satchel, Jumped in their own machine aiid srwd down liie street. . .••;•• Witness:* declared, that- the bandit machine bore ft Nebraska license. . • Sleeping Sickness Not Jack Robinson's Illness No. Jnck Finley Robinson, youthful oily treasurer, uoesii t have sleeping sickness. H? hus wen ((iiite ill from mulariq fevrr rut is nn\v much improved. The report was spread lasl r.K'.ht thai Mr. Robinson had contrj';tiJ il e disease which is sweeping St. Louis and we've IK?;- bus' 1 til day denying the report. Dr. 1. R. Johnson, city health olficer. ssicl there was no sleep- tii;; sickness in Blythevtlk -in flatemenl Lwhed today. WILSON—C. R. Dnvid, of Man- .l:i who is employed by the Wilson| Ice company, hail his fool severely crushed late Thursday nlgni when a 300 pound biock of ice fell on il. He was alone nt the ice plant, when th eaccidcut occurred and lie ice could not be removed mill the nlglu watchman arrived. i-mpanv of Mcuipms. uiaa<- fli-st purchase of 193'J colton here -esterdaj 1 when he bough! a bale from Am ginned by the R. D. Hughes Gin j CIFVI!. i company on South Broadway. | of wlmf Tht bale, weighing 595 polf.ids.; ty. 'n-ron7;> were grown by N. J. Jones on | on a bndee ihe B P. Guy farm near herc.|"oon reaching few were killed and some token prisoners. Three day s lonruev from Aouixo was the province of CIiFTii. included within the limits nf whnfls now Mlsslssinpi mini- New York Cotton Boyon was crossed hastily constriirte^. !he first Irwn of The colton was Stonevilie uty aud : sp!d for lOc. t»r pound. "With Iw'o bales already ' -. Castiui manv men anil women wre canturcd. and Ihe nlace plundered. There was another town a A Nazi' Defy of Dollfuss Rule NEW YORK. Aug. 26 (UP) — l ton closed firm. open high low close 07li 977 960 961 997 D99 081 988 1009 1010 991 991 1024 1025 1007 1014 1039 1040 1026 1030 1054 1054 1042 1046 Oct l>c Jan March May July Hpcls closed al 9SO, up 5. quiet. New Orleans Cotton\ NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 26 (UP) — Cot!cin closed steady. open high low close 969 9«9 956 959 992 994 977 981 1000 1000 1000 1000 1018b - - 1007b 1037 1037 1026 1028 1052b - - 1041b closed at D52, unchanged Oct Dec Jan March. Mcy steady. Chicago Wheat open high low close. Kepi 89 1-4 89 3-4 88 1-t 89 1-4 13ec. 93 93 1-2 92 92 7-8 fi'nd. sold, including i*ie first tali 1 I reduced "hi the county vvht:li was sold at ptihlii 1 auction this morn- nig, the start of the annual mar- 1-tl movement ol cotton in the 'iBrgcsi coltun producing county in ? world has begun. :-;ext woel:, cotlon men say. will I robably ie? a stemly stream r.rly cotlon irom Ihe sun territory. lage. containing more d" p ellhi"s. TTere the Britain's Robot to Show His Tricks mile ami u half away. Al Inst Mi»v cnme In n Inree Indian vil- Ihan Snnnlnrds kinrtly received by Ihe In-Iii id^ntifvlno Ihe |.>lnces vis- 'd bv Dr-Ko'n In Ihe Um1l.i "I aw Mississiopi coutilv. it ;|ble lo nretend ti malh- • i-mnllcrl exnrlness. but it seems . rlear Iliat the first larjje lown : 'iciriied. in Mav. 1S41. was al or nf i- v^'"it. is now known as 13ar- fleld Point.' Believe Abductors at Denver Got Wrong Man DENVER. Colo.. Aug. 2G 'lUPJ — (Jlion the illbjipixihilmenl -of ab- .luctors in learning they had taken the wrong person depended Irclay tile solution to the. strange -N. R. A." kidnaping here, police tilieved. The only clue, lo the :li5?.ppearatice two days ago o Bernard BlttMinun. 2.8. departnien slue buyer, was a.crudely"wrltlei note postmarked yesterday n Cheyenne, Wyo.. Indicating a kid The note read: "Your nephct is O. K. Von will hear froni u l.iler. N. R. A." The note wn.s soul to Airren Tricfus. general manager of ihc. May company store here, nnd ntp'heu of Ihe late David ^ay. founder of Ihe May chain of department stoics and mlllionn'ro philanthropist who died In 1027. Bllterman is not o relative of Triefus, but a business prolcp;. Authorities believed that the abductors snatched Ultterman In Ine California Autoiits Have Own Air Cooling Syitem -LINDSAY, Cal. (UPl'-^Tliere's no nicd 1.0 -swelter while driving .In midsummer heal, Mr. and .Nfrs. A!!en Jack, of Lindsay insist. . Here's their recipe: Put a large cake ol Ice lu a pan lieslde the gear shlll lever; open O.o. cowl .ventilator; close all windows cxxcept one at the rear, and i-.'i:\e that one but nn Inch. . • The air drawn Into (he car through Ihe cowl passes over the lee and Is cooled before It filters :',s way out the window, they explained. They claimed they coutti reduce Ihe temperature Inside llielr car 10 drjrcfs under thai outside. ' ' b.-lief they v.cre setting a wealthy nephew nf M,w. Five Day Princess Helen Jacobs Is Winner Over Mrs. Moody Today . , FORREST HILLS. N. Y.. Aug. "After recruiting themselves two 26 (U p,_ He | C | 1 Jacobs ol Ucrk- 1 ilavs at. this village of Casqui. DC- . cley Ca ,^ (hc rtcfcll[ |i n g champion. Mur, lnc .(.L, (UP) — Brltain'si Solo's Spaniards proceeded to "CK, unned lhe tc nnls world loday by '•ipsfer mechanical man, "Eric the 1 chief lown of Ihe province, wmcn dLfs , atlng Mrs Hc | en wills Moody Robot" is to be exhibited at, thC|iiraenrs lo have been situated in' f gnn Frvnclsco B . 6i 3.5, default, forthcoming Crntral Canada' Ex- th» same neighborhood, or as is „._.„,-,, fina , mtltc]l of the 1933 tm? .ilbition al Ottawa. Slar.ding little higher than an ordinary man. Eric— one of the only two mechanical men in the world— weiglis Ihrce and a halt lor.s. Without any human aid other Ihan Ihe voice, the robot stands, or tits down, by word ol j command, smokes a cigarette, fuc-s a revolver, answers simple puc. c .iions. reads from a book and coes other amazing things. The. robot was Invented by a woman. M rs - Cecelia Holden, of Britain. belioved. near BlvllievlHo in Hie ceimlry knov/n as ChicXasavba. Is hi«h. rlrv hnrlv nf After being exhibited at ihe Ottawa exhibition, Kric will be taken on a Canadian lour. Ancient Nebraskanj Uied Prehistoric Animals . laud, now inhabited by about 3500 "•rlt'.'lrlous. thrifty people. Near rlie bf'-oii. and a short distance fi-nm Tihtliesvllle. Is an enormous -'ificial rnound. ' ^ nmn Removed From llonnrt ••Them are no hills In Ihe river bottom below Cape Oirardcau. and . !<s I? highly orohnble. ChlcVa- sawba was the locality where Ihe tc,wn of Cssdul, chief of the Cas qhlns wns situated. It was on the Chicago Corn open high low S«pl si 3-8 51 1-2 SO DM i7 51 1-1 6S 1 close 51 6t 1-4 Tb« tupprewed tinis or Austria JI»T« found * new ' to give Tent- to' tnelr feelings Whea poster* iliowlni Cbancetlor En- telben Dollfun were displayed to roat* inpport (or tin Dollfuss goteroment, Ntiti defaced item with Ur ana «MI and awaallba Mkktn, H «kew> la ihli photo mound just mentioned where c-Ma erectnH his ?ren( cross fitly fret In height. As a clrcumslance ter.ding to confirm this view, Mr .loseph Fasstt. an old citizen tho county, stales that a large vrcoden beam was taken from tha ^ ' ninund a few years before the late O'NEILL. Neb. (UP)—Belief that! (Civil) War. the ancient inhabitants of what is now Nebraska may have tamed ihe huge animals of a prehistoric Sp*nl»rts Royally Re«1ved '•The Spaniards were received o this lown in a very, handsonv .'ia nnd employed them-for'work manner. Thf Cnsloue. attended b\ is exprciied by Ruth -Leach, 17-1 a large retinue personally eav war-old amateur archeologist. " " ' "'" Her theory was promi>led by the discovery of an old, stone jtliem a formal welcome, and thei ournament. Miss Jacobs was. leading 3-0 in he third set when Mrs. Moody lefanllcd. Jus', after Miss Jacobs i-un the third game of the final el Mrs. Moody Walked slowly to he umpire's chair, whispered a 'i'W. Words and walked from the court. The crowd sat in silence ivhile the umpire aiiuounccd. "Miss Jacobs wins by default". This was the first time In the .ilstory of the women's event tha a finalist has wilhdrawn. Mrs Moody's only explanation for th unpiecedenled action Mas 'VTj legs eve mil". of such proportions! "oorj quarters conducted Ihem Into the town, grated by where they —" ' ' Several Bales Are Out oi Fields Near Basset BASSETT, Ark, — Several bale of cotton have been picked aroun Basset t Th«. first bate In this sectlo ws.broughl In by a Mr, Busse living on e. IK Wilson farm op W»d- for but five nay« .to Princs 41 Slrigjnano doa Francesco C»r» den (above), oil oelrei*, i«§ «n- lo Mr. ,, tlon .when 1 lie comes' to next Thursday. The plan calls for the determining by the secretary of agriculture of a safe yield for the south as n whole-'nnd Its subsequent allotment first lo states, then to counties and finally to Individual irowcrt. The plan would be enforced through the 8lliners .who ^•otild- be prohibited from Rlnnhiff cotlon for farmers not supalled with permits or In excess f of their oe'rmlt allotments, and would be further enforced through common nrinlers who would be legally liable for Hie transportation of cotton not officially labeled by the glnners. This plan. Mr. Smith said, In discussing details before the racet- 1m? of farmers yesterday, has the advantage over any voluntary plnn of reduction, that It reduces bales nithcr than acVc.s and lhat It calls for the participation of every farmre. Any voluntary plan, he pointed out. would always allow n few 1 farmers lo profit al the expense of the majority. C. W. Afrtick of Blvlhcvllle was lamed chairman of the new coun- y organization which will push every effort to secure adoption o! the Smith plan and George Doyle of Osceola wns named secretary. The organization passed resolutions expressing thanks to Mr Smith for his recent efforts In behalf of the cotton fanners in his official capacity as regional adviser, . and unqualified approval o Ihe Smllh Plan for colton reduc Hon. Efforls will be made lo secure a large attendance of Misslsslpp county farmers at the Marlanna meeting Thursday to urge adoption of the plan, and announcement was made that farmers desiring to attend should get In touch with County A?ent J. E. Crltz of Blytheville or S. D. Carpenter of Osceola, .wrio will endeavor to ar- rtnge transportation for farmers not driving Ihelr own cars. Sleeping Sickness May Keep Public Schc-61 Shot .ST. LOUIS, Aug. 26 (UP)—Public schools may not open here Sept: 5 when scheduled if St louis is still In the throes of the worst epidemic of slecpins ;!rkness In history. Thirlv-lwo deaths and -I'.orc Ihnn 250 cases of sleeping ss:k- ni.-ss have been reported since July 30. Three more fatftll'1-v ;v?re added to the growing .'ist \efterday. First Wohun Beheaded Under Hitler Regime MAGDEBURG, . O«rrflahy, Auj/l 20 lUP)—Mrs. Emnu: Tjj»r%v; a •\ldow, and • two 'iccoropliefs, 'wire • l-ehepdcd ,a' «n. . . .... ... The ..accomplices t we're \ Btrndl' ind'pUo-'PtetschlK, ivers. Mrs. Ttilem* was th*'. fltirt : .| woman .victim ' of : Cntftiellw Adolph Hitler's:revival &r.tne,ax« as an tiistrument of executidh. -; The condemned yere beheaded" 'n tlie ettrly motntnj. A preacher •nd 12 witnesses and ofllclal* coked on. . The executioner^wi* I '.imaskcd,. but wore" black' iobea.;' On tho scaffold with him wer? tup Goinell Revival Meets ; With Increasinj Succew The revival being held' at Ooi- I nell with the Rev. Harmon' Holt I In charge is. achieving splendid:] success according to leaders ofitije " "' movement; There will be an all day.srarflie tomorrow beglnhlhg with Suicl^y^ school at 9:45 o'clock: and'sermon nt 11 a.m. Dinner will be,served at the arbor at 12 and at'8:M o'clock, the Rev. R. S. Rusblng^Tpt preach. The young people's meet- Ing will be held *t 6:30 p.m. arid the evening sermon is to begin at 7:45 pjn. . •-.-' -.;,.^ Stacy Abner, of Lawrenoeburg, -Tenn., will be' In charge of.. tfis niualf next week. . ' -•'. -''.".' "• Governor Sifnu Bill .; :7 For Big Lake Preserve LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Governor Fulrell yesterday signed 15 .bins pnsjcd at the special session ol the general assembly vhlch ended »t noon Thursday. He previously, had ' signed three measures and bu » half dozen more to sign. ,/ .".;.. Among those signed by the |ov- ernor yesterday was the' house bill which now becomes Act No. B, in- tioduced by Little of Mississippi county, which provides for llfhment of a fish and game'.ril- ugc at Big Lake In Mississippi county. . Copenhagen Crowd Roan Welcome for Lindberghs COPENHAGEN, Aug. 26 (UP)— Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh received an uproarious^wcl- come today when they landed to ihe cheers of thousands.;at RoyaJ Dock in Copenhagen harbor- Pavement Leads Throttfti Blytheville to Chicaf* —: '— - ....*'.. CAPE O1RARDEAU, Mo.—TJi*' entire paved road on Route 146 Lelwcen Cape Glrardeau and Anna \IK been opened to traffic. ^- t The bridge at Cape Glrardeiu 'f now the only crossing between St Louis and Memphis with ptv- c.l roads on both sides of the :iver. it 'offers world fair tourlsM tn e'1-paved road (Tom Texas througb Arkansas . and. .. Blytheville on Highway 61 to Chicago. : ' '. WEATrffiR ARKANSAS'— PirUv .cloudy to cloudy, and somevhit; unsettled tonight and Sunday. ; • . Meniphfe «n4 Vicinity — Partly tonight and Simday. Hot . !hal she concluded lhat U. must have been drawn by some liugo teut The Lindbergh's for whom the nounc.ed her Intentlou to seek an

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