The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1944
Page 4
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PXGE*OUB IHK1LYTHEVILLE COURIES NlWfl :. . . ran COCKIER mm oo. <, - RW. HAINES, PuhlUhw :' SAMUEL, P. NORRI8, Idltoi ".' JAMXE A.' GATKN8, AdverU*Ui« !!&*•« w • Bete Nttloual Adferiian« •HiUut Wltmer Co., Ntv York, OblMgo, D»- tnit, AU»ut4, Uempbk. PUbllibed fitly Alternooti Exotpt BuzuUj ' filtered u second clan outtei tt the port- office *t BlytbeviUe, Arkaiuu, under act ol Oo»', 1817. Onit*a PreM RATES curler In the city of BlythertUe, lot p*r »eek, or 85a per, roocth. By mall, within » radius of 40 milt*, HOC per year, |2.00 lor six months, n.oo (or three month*; JS mall outside. $0 mile lone 110,00 per few payable In •drahceJ i , Further Adventures of James-Caesar » *'"?.. This is-.-another cliapici 1 HI Ihc bieaUi-takiiiif saga of James Caesar Pctfillo, as"yoii probably know by now, is mmtlfiil ot his own. Year in and year j out,' in spite of war and .manpower j iipedjs, .lijjjjjisjie.eji b.iisy dreaming: tip , new and fascinatiiig fields of omploy- ' me nt foi dues-paying practitioners of j the Atonal art. i Mr Pclrillo's zeal has occasionally i embioiled him with stubborn people | insensitive to his lofty esthetic purposes, but ho always wins. Today, un- lessl up happen to run inlo an im, piomplu barroom tenor, it Is practically j impossible to hear n note of non-union i music in public. i • It seemed that when Mr. Petrillo i succeeded in getting an unpaid and un- t spomoied symphony orchestra of high . school children put off the air, he had | removed all dangerous competition. .Butitheie still remained one serious I iivaliy which now threatens si strike j in t\\o major networks. j Jhe new trouble hinges on this delicate point: Is the arduous feat of placing music recordings on a tnrnlablc an engineering or musical operation? Mi ,Pc(rillo contends that as long as there is music on the records, the handling of them comes within his union's field He got the networks to agree with him (they long ago discovered thaf it's futile not ,to). They signed , contacts to hire trained, sensitive, due$-iuymg musicians jgp"this ;.clelicate , and taxing work at a more 12 bucks a ' datf. - ' - \r;;' . Buf^ the National Association of Broadcast .Engineers and Technicians feel tMt perhaps a man with a degree froni II 1 T. or Purdue can put on and take off records, and even place the needle in the right grove us part of their legular work and at no extra charge They're being a bit stubborn about it They threaten to walk out if a long-hair from the A. F. M. so much as lays an irreverent hand on a recorded singing commercial. !And there the matter rests at'lhe 'moment Our sympathies arc with Ihc engineer But, since you can't ignore past performances, our money is on Mr ] Petrillo Most of all, however, we are in- tugued vulli the future posibililics for the musician that the latest Pclrillo contention opens up. If n wax disc containing grooves which under certain conditions give off musical vibrations shoiild be handled only by a member of the, musicians' union, then the musicians' postwar employment problems are;;solyed.' , The piano mover will have to hold an A F II. card. A union musician will have to tide on every moving van to to handle the family radio and Junior's fiddle The boys and girls who sell ladies, phonographs, records, instrn-- BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS incuts and sheet music will have lo join up. And you won't catch us touching our portable radio until Mr. Pclrillo has passed upon our fitness and accepted our initiation fee. Don't Travel This is the third summer that the Office of Defense Transportation 1ms asked the public not lo travel during their vacations. And this year the request is more than ever scriou.s and necessary. Troop movements now loin! l-,f)00,000 a month. And soon, unfortunately, there will be a Iwo-wuy traffic when casualties start coming back to hospitals and homes from overseas. Furloughs and war business Irni'el remain heavy. Perhaps more immediately impressive 'than figures arc the promises of discomfort. Half of the country'}! Pullmans and a third of its coaches are in full wartime service. The rest are tarrying a peak load. So if you plan to «o vjicaliouing by train you can confidently expect some or all of tlio following experiences: You will have to stand all Die miy to your destination; there will be no air-conditioned cars; you will wait long for dining car meals—if yon get 'em; you will have lo carry your own hag- gage; your train will likely be. late. Think it over and you may agree wilh the ODT that for ;i wartime vacation, there's no place like homo. View* Reproduction In this column ol editorials from other oewspnpcre doe* cot necessarily mean endorsement bat is an acknowledgment of Interest In (ht iubjcol» dismissed, The Fascinating Mrs. Roosevelt To one of the more noisy fii'Ovips of administration critics, Eleanor Roosevelt is an Irrcslst- ably fnschmting womnn. They simply can't sjet her off their minds. Wlinlcvcr .subject s under discussion, these critics never fall to bring up the President's wife und her doings, In fnet or In ^crmnrd.. / . . ,, •• Example: At n liousc committee 'Mealing" whose subject \vns bluck markets, one of the statesmen under her spell, Representative Clarence J. Brown (Rep.) ot Ohio, arose to make n gallant avowal. He snld: "Mrs. Franklin' Roosevelt's uso of gas has done more lo prejudice people against the Bus-rationing program than anything else I know.'' Her use of gasoline has been shown to lie Limb of Ihe average A card holder, but the critics don't slop Ihclr discussions of the subject. They never slop. Suppose there is n mention of Cnrrlbcan bases; one of these critics Is sure to remind all within carsliot that Mrs. Roosevelt recently visited that nroa, and to suggest, that her motives be looked into. The Pacific? She went there, loo, and the critics still resent the trip. The fourth Icrm? "Eleanor wants to stay In the While House." Race relations? They say she delights In keeping them stirred up. And so will) any other Issue: they think of the First Lady, and never get taiy farther. The devotion of Ihc critics lo Mrs. R. Is touching, bul it's becoming noticeable. Why doirt they bring up some rcnl arguments for n change, just to show they aren't wholly captivated? -ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH * Sd THEY SAY We are getting tlrcri. Everybody is liretl. They want to get back to peacetime and their regular jobs. But the hardest part of our work lies nheart.—WPB Chairman L'onald M. Nelson. * • • There can and should be a' peacetime use for all the factories built, for war production. None of them need be idle and there need be no idleness anywhere after the war—Henri- Ford. ' SIDE GLANCES Wl BYKCA'Sflivlct; IKC. T. M. CEO, U. 5. PAT. OIF FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1944 "Those pigeons have got the racket!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson. TO PUT AN EDGE ON A STEEL KNIFE, YOU GRIND IT OFF, " Says W. N. NORTHROP, , "HIT THE By Ann Pendleton 1 The rcol-li/c aduenlures of a society flirl uiJio jjocs !o tvorfc in a war plant. * * * IT'S A SMALL WORLD XI PURIOUS arc the Teachings of Coincidence's well known arm! It is a lamentable thing, but I have never got over an unfortunate proclivity for making occasional reckless remarks which it may take days or weeks (o explain away. . ' As, for example, Hie time when, aftcr'drilling out the fifth consecutive bad rivet (all five, one after another, in the same hole, I mean), I announced brightly that I had thought of a new invention, that I would draw up the plans, drop (hem in the "Suggestions" box, and gel the $100 Bond award. There are drill-motors that run, not by electricity but by air pressure, as our guns do. Why not invent a combination machine, op- crated on the endless belt principle? R-r-r-roo—put in (he rivet; r-r-r-roo—drill it out. I was working with Kitty and with Grace, a newcomer unfamiliar wilh my menial lapses, She looked al me in bewilderment, looked at Kilty, who had done me the honor of grinning, looked back again lo me. "But how could 11 do both?" she asked (jroteslingly. I explained, eventually, that I had not meant it seriously. This, as I should have known, only made things muddier. Why, then, had I said il? Exaggeration is not recognized. "Oh, Lord, t've been tooling around with this for five years!" I exclaimed once. "Did you work in aircraft afore you came hcreV" was the baffling answer. . * * * .AND there was the lime I de*•*- clared that my great ambition was to get fired. We were working together, t Kitty and I, and I was in a dis- gusled, "Oh, to be anywhere else" With all that background, to bo. working in the shop! Mo wonder, said Personnel, I was dissatisfied! * * * '"THIS took a liltlc clearing up. It was all a mistake, I de- dared. I was quite content, sorl of mood. Things had gone I A splendid attitude, Personnel wrong for Ihc pasl hour. Culling salt '. Splendid, and showing a ;i rivet-head for the third time, • vel '5 r fine patriotism. Bui hadn't I Kitty had said, as one might say sometimes felt that there were that perhaps the moon would fall, fielti s in which I could be more that if we kept on like this we'd useful? ' both get fired. "Oh, wouldn't it 1 ![od I thought at all of going be heaven!" I exclaimed. I m t° Drafting? It had been loo much even for' Il] a rush and a happy torrent Kitty, who was accustomed lo me. i lnc P la » was laid before me. Had And, worse, H had been over-' * ' ead in 'he Plant paper that Kerry Kraft was picking candidate.? and sending them, all expenses paid, to a Technical School, '""to take an intensive two heard. I knew the remark, so extraordinary, so revealing of a somewhat unbalanced mentality, , been repealed up and down the ' months' course? ' lines. Thai it was making its way) * didn't, I said modestly, think up the ladder from Lead-man to "'at I would have much talent in Foreman to "Super" I did not Dr realize. What lay behind the sum- QmiJn? in !o work one afternoon, I was told to reiiorl to personnel, mons I could not Imagine when, When I had finally convinced Personnel, Personnel had yet another proposal. Wouldn't 1 like to become an Inpeclor? It is very curious how things come about. Had 1 nol thought- 1 lessly jesled, had nol Personnel I been inspired to look me up, I I should not have got inlo an argument wilh Ihem, and I should not finally, have made an appointment to see, and convince, Personnel's new High B OSS| one Mr Warner. I Newer to Kerry Krafl than I, he | was, according lo Wing Tips, a "top-notcher." Nothing al ail had prepared me/ to find in the James K. Warner of Wing Tips' snappy article a pleasantly hare-brained fellow named Jake whom I had lasl seen some years ago, when he and 1 were both engaged in the •• •••*>• ...,i>f,."^ "inju, i.iivi i WMIC uuiii uiigageu m me coming in lo work one afternoon, happy pastime of keeping our- I was told to report to Personnel. --'•— -— Perhaps they had thought so unhealthy an altitude an indication that 1 must be an enemy alien; whatever the reason, Personnel had looked up my records. They had made Hie discovery that I could read blueprints, that I had once known something of inathe- malics, that I was that wonderful thing, a College Graduate. How I had slipped through their fingers Personnel could not understand. selves connected with our horses as we charged through the Touch- and-Out of Ihc High Ridge Hunt Show. . He got it out first, but the words were in bolh our minds: "What on earth are you doing here?" It is nice to know that I am no longer set apart from my lellows. Now I, too, can have my Sunday dates. (To He Concluded) ' A CACTUS PL ANT, '' HUNG UP IN THE OPEN AIR BY LUTHER BURBAMk, Bl&AN TO GROW WHEN TAKEN DOWN AND PLANTED -f. ffAKS tArr/t. NEXT: What Is Ihe driest stale In Ihe Unipn? a Marine." She'll be 18 next mouth. * * * It's usimlly (he Indies who refuse lo remove llicir wedding rings for film scenes mill, instead cover them with flesh-colored tape. Ditto Alan Ladil.. lie covers Ms with an oversized signcl ring. 4 * * Off again on auain marriage of cowboy star. Don "Red" Barry Is on again. * * * . . When David O. Selznick completed "Since You Went Away," he (lifted each of seven stars and the featured players wilh handsome leather holders for the script. All have been hesitant nuout telling U. o: s. thai the script,.which he vrote in record length of more ban 300 pages, will not fit the tolders. • In Hollywood BY EHSKINE JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent Exclusively Yours: Frcdrtc March .vlll uc starred In Producer Lester Cowan's film Broadway hit version of "Tomorrow, the "The Princes and the Pirate.' Sam was on-the set while a group of pirnles were pelting Bob liopc tomatoes. World! 1 ' He'll play the role of .. inlrt-wcslcrn professor who takes on the job ol reforming a 12-year- old Nazi. * * * Ironic note to wire dispatches (hat former Hollywood writer I.lcut.-Col. Berne Lay Jr. Is missing after a Liberator raid on Hitler's Europe: he wrote Ihe motion- pic- lure "I Wnnlcd Wings." M-G-M has canceled plnns for new Andy llnnly picture, apparently hcin;; reconciled to Mickey induction into the Army the! laughter landed . . . _ the track. You'll recognize it. It's the afler he completes vet." "National Vcl- Paramount will refihn the cnd- i)B of "And Now Tomorrow." Sneak preview audiences flooded (he studio with letters saying that Alan [.add didn't kiss Lorctta Young hard enough After all these years Sam Goldwin finally makes his screen debut. At least his Inimh docs in Out Our Way By J. ^jj/j/j j~,: ,'.^z^— __ * SOU CAM'T BLAME THE OLD 8oys--'TAlM'T LOMG AGOTXATALL TH' FIRST AID VDU GOT IM A SHOP VWS A. BOTTLE OF IODIME AN'A BELT POLE TO HOBBLE HOME ON.' EGAD, BARTER .' PRIZE TOHMOH5 6LOWM UP LIKE BERLIN/ TUiSK COLONS' OOOtO MUROctt.' OH, VJHV DO X Hf*/E TO LlVf NiE-iCT POOR. TO A OSiE. ?>')CTr\ x Vx t WHAT'S THIS. A SWEDISH MASSAGE OR A. BEAUTY PARLOR? MEDICAL, OPTICAL DEMTAL CLIWIC WHEW HE SEES A NEW W^CHIWE TH1MKS CORO:KL W6 C*M SIT CHIROPRACTOR'S CHTHEY HAD A CRUTCH, AMD CONCILIATE; CAGE TlLU LKBOR DJxV. KEEPIW 'EM FIT, His thunderous on the sound laughter with the * * • • FLOOD OF TECHNICOLOR Slant pulling IHI those dark-col nrcil fihisses. At least one-third o! (he films for 1941-15 release wil be in technicolor. Credit Direclor William Dielerli with the most romantic but un romantic closcnp ever devised fo movie. Ginger Rogers and Jot Gotten arc whispering sweet noth Ings' over the soup course in i •ccnc for "Double Furlough." Joi looks shyly down. The cnmcrt moves in for a closeup of th soup, which retlccts the lovcligh In Joe's eyes. Maria Monlez has )G changes o costume—and not a sarong in th lot—for "Bowery to Broadway." Ii the same movie. Andy Devinc for . fakes comedy and plays n Father Devine? prics A lot of Holl.nvond's glainnrmi Army wives have discovered th wcrfcinj: end of brooms anil oilic ilomcsllc gadgets. No one luu I (each Dorothy McGuirc how t scrul) floors for her hole as Kati XolitTl ill "A Tree Grow.s in Brook*> For a .year she's bmi livin at an Army air b;«e in Arlion ;is Sirs. John Sunyic and rtoiug he o\vu housework. Phil Hnrris ivill a new movie. "I Leader." l;o starred Love a Ban couldn't be th Every ilelnil of flic work is slowly, perfectly done with modern equip^— ^ ment. The best materials ami leafhers used. Only highly skilled operatives do the work. If you want lonsr additional wear wilh comfort'—utilize our service. OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service HARRISON AtlTO FARTS CO. 517 W. Ash Phone 2552 D. P. L. 14 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to V/a Inch Staple Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 Sec EARL MAGERS Dell, Ark. Phone 635 ''NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me check-up without cost or obligation. RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP 309 E. Kentucky Fhone Spring und Summer T U ,N k - U P Save Gasoline ... Save Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. (Jhryalei Dealer Tartu & Service IZ1 W. A»h Phont Z1ZZ WELDING! Acetylene Welding * Electric Welding Cold Welding Best Equipments-Best Machinists— Best Work Delta Implements/ Inc FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZHH Cheaper Than Bridge l.umljcr Osceolo Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 681 Osceola, Ark. story of his romance wilh Alic Fay, could 11? Georgia Gibbs. singer on th Jimmy Uuraule air show is abor to sign a movie contract. Kritlic Canlor is havinc rensor ship trouble wilh Ihe lyrir.s of 1 yonir, "We're llaving a ll.iby, My j Ha by and Ale." They cul him off , the air when he warbled the tune i on ;» television broadcast. I New switch for writers: M-G-M has hired Boolh Tnrklnston and Carl Sandburg to wiite two novels. After publication, they'll he produced as motion pictures. "11KCKY THATCHER" AGAIN ' Aim Gillls, farmer juvenile slar who played Becky Thatcher In "Tom Sawyer," debuts as a glam- or girl In "A Wave, a. Wac and Wt FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE VOU AlONE) STEWART'S Drag Stor e M»lu * Uke rhuui Ittt, Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blylhevillc, Ark. SUMBIEK CLASSES in PIANO - ORGAN anci VOICE I—Schedules now bcinp arranged Mra. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A.. M.S.M. Former New York Organist anil Teacher Wrifc fllrs. Fowblon 1101 Cliickasawba or Phone 2019 Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M. BURN ETT Degree From Accredited College 1010 Hcarn Phone 3270 Try our "Own Made" I). Oie Hickory Inn Acrow fr«ro ni»h Schtfll BOWL for fun and health! HILL'S and GEORGE'S HOWLING ALLEY v 120 N. Second WALLPAPER Reg. 22!£c Now 15c 30c I.ighl Fast Now 20c 36c Washable Now 24c HEMILTONE (Soy Bean Painf) 2.40 gal. HYKLASS Creosote White 2.50 gal SOUTHLAND White . . . 3.00 gal DUTCH BOY White 3.50 gal' CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square—210 Pound 5.50 square E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service

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