The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1937
Page 6
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SIX; ; BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 1937 Let Easter Come, the Quins Are Ready! Just Look at Their Finery! Easter sunshine—or cloudy skies? Vvonne Is ready to greet cither, .with a : smile or n frown, think- : ing of the effect on her new .';. v, . Easier finery. Marie, who has pushed back her broad-brimmed Easter )ml to comb her luxiirlnut dark hair, IK cilso Intciii on setting in those last touches llmi will make the sprint; fashion imrndc .ax successful in Callnndor ns In Paris. As demure nnd sweet as the Rower whose rmsrnnce she Inhnlcs., Cecllc, even though almost entirely hidden by Hie, "isn't this a pretty frock!" gaily asks Annette, all bubbling over linilc 1ms twm«l n ribbon in her sleekly-done hair. What painter Easter millinery she is trying on,'is Intent that her with.glee at the frilly and immaculate dress which she holds up could full to bo inspired by so captivating an Easter picture of innocence nnil beauty n.s this little Dionne girl has contrived to .pre- to the ulorl camera. TURt hair be properly done, and gives it a lev last deft touches with the brush in preparation for the 'festivities of the Easter season. up proudly for all to see. And you'll notice that Annette Is trying on a real "Easier bonnet" as a candidate for her final choice to be worn in the Easter parade. •K:;',>• , : '.CHAPTER 'I • :;? j^LAT on her • slomach.'Martlui ^yV ; . Brilthiri opened the news- f.paper to" the;-help-wanted advcr: ;ijtjsements r and '-. began running n >niagenta iiait slowly down the first ^column. Betty Haynes, as blond .Jas Martha was dark, and as at-' .".;• tractive, regarded 'her cynically •', from the comfort -o£ the daven- •i-.-jiiprt. •":•:.'..' '...•.'.'.' .;'•'' . • '•'•-• -"You're certainly an optimist il '.;:you think we're going to pop right :-: out:and get'a job when we don't /ii'hriow-a soul in San Diogo," she .•_•'i told Martha; "Besides,: you'll . Scatch cold lying on the floor. • All ,' ; -jve'd heed'to make'bur trip com- .'pietc would be you in bed with ;:-influenza.",. : -.-;' . : :j; : j "This is the .best the •; world ; to read a newspaper';'^ Mar' • ; ill a ^ s aid; imp erturbably. "I ioun d ;; it out ''at the: age ot seven when I started to read the funnies." .'"::"! can't see anything very ;: ;iunny about- a help-wanted col- ; . : .umn." >j : : Martha leaned over on one cl- • •' bow -to.look at her companion. •;i "Want'.to. weaken and wire home ''-that we spent ;too much money -: on our vacation?'.' "I do not!" Betty sat straighter 'and her \yide blue eyes snapped 4 with determination. "We talked about a trip to California for so long that they practically shipped us ofE to stop hearing about it. Imagine -what they'd say if : they found out we were stranded! And I'd never hear the last oJ it from the family." / "Neither/would I,",.said Martha, returning her attention to the newspaper. "So the only thing to do is find a job and work at it long enough'for-the fare back home." *•*•'* «T ISTEN to this," Martha went -*- 1 on. '"Wahted—Two attractive, dependable young women to take Airspeed Trailer and small coupe up the coast for advertising purposes. Must stop in trailer camps and towns along the .way to allow inspection of the Airspeed Trailer and explain \ its advantages. . Apply in person to Arnold Sloss, 451 Atlas Building. 1 " Betty swung around and set GOOD GARDENING This well-planned garden is a splendid example of proper arrange menl of flowers, from Ihe low-growing blossoms in front lo I In fall ones in back. ce r ta '"[y "» opportunist if yon iltinlf We're going to pop r'iglil out am! get a job Wicn B>c', 'don I WOK a soul in San Diego," Belly said to Martha. ± Besides, you'll catch cold lying on llic floor."' both feet on the floor. '-'Mart! What a break that would be! It would give us a chance to see the test ol California, and the North- West as well." She stopped uncertainly. "Do you suppose there really co«M be a job like that?" ' -~ "Get your hat," said Martha. J^Ve're going to find out" • Arnold Sloss 1 office had no ante- toom, and when the two girls reached the fourth floor ot the At' las' Building they found a line ol more than a dozen women lined tip before the door of No. 451. - "We're a couple ol tardy birds," whispered Betty, "and we'll never get the worm." "Keep your chin up," Martha told her. "If we can only get in there I've a hunch we'll rate. The ones we've seen go in have been! 'singles.' And he wants two girls. We can tell him that we've known each other for years, and know we can get along. That ought to be ' important to him." "I only hope," Betty said prayerfully, "that we do get inside. That dizzy-looking platinum number in front o£ the door now is the type that could sell a male Ice cream In Alaska." But U the platinum blond had impressed Mr. Sloss he wasn't, apparently, going to let her know about it today. For the line did move on—and eventually Martha and Betty, found themselves seated before a big mahogany desk. Arnold Sloss was fat and round and slightly fed, but he owned a friendly smile. * # ~* "WELL," he began a little ivcar- ** ily, like a man who has gone over his story many times, "I'm interested financially in a company manufacturing the Airspeed Trailer. No doubt you girls are familiar with the popularity of thfl automobile trailer. We think we have the best trailer on the market and we want a couple of. young girls to take one up the coast as an advcrlising stunt. It sounds easy, hut it'll be real work for whoever gets the job. The pay is $35 a week and expenses for the car." "That would ue^satisfactory," said Martha quickly. "And Miss Hayncs and I would like the job. You see," she added, "we've known each other a long time and we know we can get along together.'' he watting line, "The position is aken. I'm sorry—and, I thank you for coming." Betty whispered T to T Martha, "Let's take the stairs. I don't feel like going down in the elevator wilh all those disappointed gals. And I wish you'd pinch me on the way down." ~ ~ Sloss nodded. ~ "That's a good point, all right. I rather like the appearance of you two. There've been . some lookers in here this morning that would altroct attention for the trailer—but they've becn.kind of flashy." He gazed nt Martha and Betty in turn. "Yes sir, you two ought to sell trailers or I'm a Chinaman. One blond the other brunet." Sloss rcachec for a small pad o£ paper. "I'm going to send you down to see Mr Carrington. He's Airspeed's advertising manager, and he'll give you an advance o£ salary and expenses and an itinerary. And naturally there'll be a little drivin; test." As he ushered Matlha and Bet ty. out the door he vnnounced t< went immediately to see Mr. Carringlon, the advertising manager. Using the address which Sloss had given them, they found him in the back room of a small shed on the outskirts of the city, near Balboa Park. In the shed stood one ot the Airspeed Trailers—a veritable land yacht. It had cushioned seals which made up into berths for sleeping. Thcro' vas n cabinet which included n vash basin, and a shower com- lartmcnt with a small water tank ibovc. At the hack end was a iny stove and sink, with shelves or cooking utensils and dishes. Carrington's first move was to nvite Martha to take the driver's eat in his own car which he at- achcd to the trailer. Carringlon tlicn explained the railcr's features to them, and gave hem a package of printed folders. Oddly, he looked very much like Arnold Sloss. But he was ox- .remely cordial, and seemed de- ighlcd at Sloss' selection. "You ought to start out tomorrow," lie [old Ihem. "We want to lie plenty ot time for the tourist s son. I'll have a new light coupe here ready for you. And I suggest you get some touring outfits, if you haven't them already. You know, leather jackels and boots— maybe some shorts. Our idea is to make trailer traveling as smart as yachting—lo 'sell' the idea ot buying and using a trailer." In the slrcct car on the way back to town Martha said, "I'm still suspicious. . Where's the Airspeed factory? It seems to me that Sloss and Carrington are moving pretty fasl." Betty groaned. "When you die and go to heaven you'll pull Saint Peter's whiskers to see if they're false! They've probably made only one frailer, and won't make more until they get some orders. That Carrington talks a salesman's language — and all salesmen arc a little crazy, but perfectly harmless and nice. You're seeing things in the dark. It looks like a swell job to me — and it looks like adventure ahead for little Martha nnd Betty." "I'm game to go through wilh it,' 1 Martha replied. "But I'm wondering what kind of adventure it'll be." In another half hour they debarked from the "help-yourselt" elevator nnd walked down the hallway to their apartment. A slender young man was vainly at- '.empting to unlock their door. "I'm afraid there's a mistake," "Martha said. BY DONALD GRAY Couiicr News Gardening ( . Consultant H is no easy task to make up an order of flower seeds by rending the alluring seed catalogs. The description of each plant is so glowing that It is hard to find lip'w high the plant grows and whether it belongs in front or in back of a flower border, . To help the amateur gardener the following li$t is suggested. It may be used at the time of ordering the seeds, and when the plants arc put In the ground. Dwarf Growing Flowers, C Inches lo 1 Foot High Distance Apart in Garden Name and Color (inches) •Agcratum (Dwarf), Blue ... c California Poppy. Various.. 8 Dianthus. Various 8-10 •Lobelia, Blue !.! e'-io •Myostotls, Blue nnd Pink.. 6-8 Petunia, Various 9 Porttilaca. Various '.'.'. 4 'Snaudrngons Bedding, Various g •Sweet Alyssum. White ... ' G-8 Torsnia. Yellow and Lavender g-15 Verbena, Various n-18 'Will grow in partial shade as well as in full sunlight. All others need full sun. .Medium Growing Flowers, 15 Indies to 2 Feel High Distance Apart in Garden Name and Color (indies) Arctotls, White 12-13 Aslcr. Various 12 Dabybrcath, White 8-12 Balsnm, Various 12-13 Browallta. Blue and While.. 6-10 Calendula, Orange 12-15 .Modern Painter Nasturium. Scarlet Yellow.. 6-8 Phlox Annual. Various 10-12 •Salplgolsis. Various S •Snapdragons Medium, Various 6-8 Stock. Various 12-1 Wallflower, Yellow. Red, Purple .: 10-15 "Will grow in partial shade as I well ns In full sunlight. All others •iced full sun. Tall Growing- Flowers, 30 Inches or Over Distance Apart in Garden Nnmc and Color (inches) •Ageratum Tall. Blue 12-13 "Balchelor Buttons, Pink, Blue, White 12-18 'Butterfly Flower. While, Rose, Purple 12-18 Cosmos, Red, Pink, White.. 12 •Pour O'clock, Various 12-24 HelWirysum, Red, Pink, Yellow 12 Larksour, Blue, Pink White 12-15 Mnrloold. Gold Lemon 24-36 "Nicotians, While R«I 12-15 'Snapdragons Giant, Various 9 Sunflower, Golden 18-24 Zinnias, Various 18 •Will srow In partial shade as well as In lull sunlight. All others iced fun sun. NEXT: Color schemes for flower gardens. HORIZONTAL I, 5 Artist pictured here It Too 12 Silvery fish 13 Vigor 14 Preposition. Ifj Chum. 17 Cot. 18 Female deer. 20 Quantity 22 Half an em. 24 To impel. 26 Either. 27 Din. SO Soap • substitute. 32 Cow-headed goddess. . 34 Banal. 36 Charts. 33 Snaky fish. 39 To acquiesce. <! 1 To decay. 42 Go on (music). 43 To skip. 44 To pull. 46 Morindm dye. 47 Cabin! 48 Sheep's bleat. 50 Butter lump. Answer (o Previous Puzzle 52 Destiny. 54 Compass. 5C24 hours (pl.>. 58 Like. 59 Strapped shoes. «1 Myself. fi2 He was by birth. C3 He rates amon£* Ihe '-—i of modern painters.' VERTICAL 1 Father. 2 Perlaining VT Alps. 3 Consumed. 4 To hew. 6 To receive a school diploma. fi Yon and me, 7 Aperture. 8 Russian mountains. 9 Eskimo house. 10 Negative. 10 To torture. 17 Few in his art in his lifetime. 19 Self. 21 Railroad bridges. / 23 Dower ' - property. 25 Tree. 27 Nothing. 28 To halt. 29 Sea eagle.' 31 Organ of: hearing. 33 Ocean. 35 He died in the South Sea 37 Blue 39 Folding bed.' 40 Peak. 43 To buzz. 45 Soft plug. 47 Stocking. 48 Curse. 49 Turkish commander. 51 Gentle. S3 Rowing tool. 5'lHurith! : • 55 Sprite. ' 57 Aflirmative.' 59'Soulh Carolina. CO Tone D. The young man straightened The Netherlands have 2259 miles ot, railways within their boundaries • • , [ -j,' For better sight, a light should h| sufficient, nnd evenly dis- In 1934, there were only 16 true tornadoes in .tjic United States, as |ih sW hi l'S33i suddenly, looked at them and then at the number on the door. "I'm frightfully sorry," he stammered, removing his hat. "Apparently 1 got off at the wrong floor. My name is Gerry Meal and I've just moved inlo Ihe apartment on the next floor up. Please forgive me." "It's quite all right," Martha said. But when she and Betty were inside their apartment she added, "I wonder if it is?" Bclty looked at her. "Mart, what's wrong with you, anyhow? Three hours ago we didn't know how to pay the rent. Now we've a job nnd a whole new addition lo our vacation. On lop of that we have a look at the handsomest stranger we could find outside ot Hollyvvood-^and you're kicking!'' "All riglit," Martha laughed. "Forget it." Then: "Did he say his name was Neal?" (To 13e Continued); A healthy fern plant produce: about 45,000,000 snores, .each cap si)Ifl ot producing a new plant; Cnlliopsis, Yellow ... Clarkla, Rose White 10-12 7-9 Distance Apart in Garden (inches) Name and Color Daisy African, Lemon While 12 . 18 'Godctla. Purple Rose to White 12 Heliotrope. Violet " 18-24 Kochia, Foliage '.'..". 24 •Lantana. Yellow Orange! •Love In n Mist, Blue ... " 'Lupine Annual, Blue .... 'Lychnis. Various '. Madagascar Periwinkle Rosy White G -1 Mignonette, Pinkish White.. G-8 24 12 18-24 .12-18 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR GENERAL LAND OFFICE AT WASHINGTON, D. C., February 23, 1937. Notice Is herc-Dj- civen that Eusene E. Lotvcry of Blythevllle, Ar- kanras, who, on March 2, 1933 made Section 2289 R. S. home>d entry LIHIe Rock, number 023205. for Lot 1, Section 8. township 15 N.. Range 10 E., Fifth Principal Meridian. Arkansas, has licit notice of Intention to make three year final proof, lo estab- .Ish claim lo the land above described, before Miss Carey Woodburn, at Blythevllle. Arkansas, on Ihe 28th day of April, 1937. Claimant names as witnesses: Charlie Collier, of Gosnell, Arkansas, Jesse Franks, of Gosnell, Arkansas. Vernon Jean, of Bly- Ihevlltc, Arkansas. Vester Brooks, of Blythevllle, Arkansas. D. K. PARROTT Acting Assistant Commissioner. 3-10-17-24-31 HANNA FUNERAL HOME >: A beautiful and sympathetic >J >! service at moderate cost. X >; >; Ambulance •t; Service X 111 N. 1st Phone 58 Bridge Painting Steady Job SYDNEY (UP)—Forty-two men arc spending six years painting Sydney Harbor Bridge. When they finish it will be time to start ail over again. TERRY ABSTRACT & RRALTY CO. Abstracts, Land] & Loans E. M. Terry, Pres-andMgr. I'fionc617 BlyUicvillc, Ark. Faculty Must Quit at 70 TOLEDO (UP)—Compulsory retirement nt 70 of all members of( the faculty of the University of Toledo has been provided under a new pension plan. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE SIAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 "If Have You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? While. Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires Willard Batteries RoaJ Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SERVICE Call 633 For Pcompt Servko Tom Little Chevrolet Co. NowContracting Bean Acreage for Spring Crop BLYTHEVILLECANNING CO., Inc.

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