The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1933
Page 4
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_KtUDAY, AUGUST i>5, 193S SUSHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUR1EK NEWS PAGE 3BVEN ClASSIFEED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION r»t« per Un* roc eonteci- tive Jnttrtlrmn: ' (Hre lireng* woidi to • line) Ooe ttme per Uqe . ......... »0c Two times per line per d»y We Three;Ume« per Une per d»» We tiix time* per lia* p«r <|W .. 05c per line ... ...... Me cruise Me Ads ' oniered for three or times and' stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number of time*, the »d •ppeutd »n<J adluslment of bill m»de, All cusdfiea AdvertlMnt. :ccpy pereoni residing ' outside off b panted by be. city cub. 'RAW* acco ill- may be . easily coipputeil from ibove table No responsibility Kill be Ukei lot more than one Incorrect In .ertion of guy claulfied kd. .Vdyertlsing ordered lor. Irregular : laiertiaM take the one time ' NEW AND USED AUTO FAKTS JACKSON AUTO MBTS CO. I'iiooe « . 2c Ji9-3 WHEN EVERYBODY GETS AfORE I^ISUKE T1>IE 'Ant* Uten AII KIB«I* The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-D-iO PkoUfr«|>l» HUory oi AtlSriN,\Ti)X. (Ul'l—l>i\ Jaini's A. )Urn»s ypiilliful, prolossor of hlilury iind liiinnci! i\l Tomplc Unl | lied Hie University of TOKOS II- |biiiry photographing documents •UnrCSt 'li'i'l'i'lt with the Orange, AlllHiicv, roimli&l iviul Free Sliver niove- llU'lll.l. Is (iillcil n "brain (oo<l p ' lic- IMPLEMENTS . funn .strike Carload uf VY»loiis <iet Our Prices Hr»t I!)rum Produce Co. ' Across From Feet Office • 21c k PliUAdclphlu,. 'la •"' photo- 'cnu« It is enslly dlneMml nnd tlicrc- the ngricullwnl ninvM lurt tlic alomueh does not mnUc n heavy call on llw Wood In brain for the cllm'sllvc pix)With n tunU'VH lit; Is niuUnij u'i\-ss. record of docunirnln ilullnu ni-» ( | courier Ne»s W»nt Order Br«ujlU by Child Win Hea<H»e Alo TUHUJCK, Cal. '(UP).— '"'mile J)t>y," huge linmpihlrc boar filio "cc-Eliitied'i with Will Rogers jn- ' " " the ,1'in "Stale Fair," will Ills .own ice at the Turlock Ijelon I Camiciil late tills month. ';'££*• Tlic hog owned by Ueorgo -IPfaH of Emnhe, Cal.,. will be exhibited Hi (he llvcMock show to be run In connection with the festival. • . By Aliern FOH SALE UOUGAN CM'K on Norlh accond. Will SACRIFICE on uccounl ol bickncts.. " i5-pk-21J NotghlXK-'iico-.l OROCERY. lxj\« rent In town, aootl busing,-. Money talks. Make offer. "X" Courier News. '. 2apk2D FOR SALE — Electric Teakettle like new. cheap. Phone 030. tf 506 or 307 SALE FOR SALE —Four wheel traile with bed, suitable for any pur rx>se. Also 12 foot lightweight fish Crafton a 9ck9-l SWELL— V *S •BUT SNUFFY Avi fv\ c f ADDLE J IN IrV TANNERY TOR ] TEN DAYS 1 THEY WERE ," UON\E FROM A HOUSE-WAP.MIN'TH' OTHER' MORN IN' AN" THEY COME TO A STREET VMVW Wfrk TORN UT^ AN' STARTED TO AWAVUV.S ing boat. Call W. L. 169'or 465. Used • Trailers', -Used TrucKs and Used Truck-Trailer Bodies. If You Plan To Make Money- Hauling Cotton and Cotum Seed, Be Sure to See Our Trucks and Trailers At Once. N A R O K 5 JI A S T E U SPRING TRAILER, A-l Tir«, 5th Wheel, 16, Ft. Solid Side Body, Ready to Go ......... • U. M C. l!i TON TKUCK. Closed fab, Tires Like Sew. '33 License, Esccl- *OJ C lent Condition .... ..... *&•»«' NABORS MASTER SVKING TRAILER, Dual Wheels, 18 ft. S»«* SMe Body, A-l Condi- *1QC iiorv Complete .,..,...- **''«' 18 FT. COMPLETE TRAILER BODY, HM Solid Sid«. * «"- t A HEAL ESTATE Will exchHiiEC 40. acres lilCll L for farm on highway. P. O. Bo 34, Holland. Mo. 23pk3 ISO-acres 40 cultivation on Erauc Jiighway'. Dally"' mall, fair In pravenients, large orchard, Ire range. Special bargain. $600.1 terms. 408 acre creek farm, 15 acres bottom. Trade. Joe Chap; Ravenden, Ark. 3pk9 FARMS and Homes, easy iw. inents. Ethel B. Thompson, Cc ruthersville, Mo. SpkO POULTRY POULTRY WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 10-ck-2 FOR RENT THREE room FURNISHED apar ment. 1013 Walnut. Apply Walnut. . . 2 5- SEE OUR NEW TFORD V-s \ ' TRUCES . ALL MAKES Jf)F .TRAILERS ft BODIES. ''U TODAV FIVE ROOM house. CHEAP. Good neighborhood. 916 Holly. Call O 25-P-X-30 ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men. close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Call 859-W. ^lodem 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly dec- crated, over Kirby Orug Co. Also store buildips adjoining Rosy Theater. F, S'i^ion, 120 W. Davis. Call ... - ••'•••^ *?.' 2 -x kS-25 Moleri) FURNISHED apartment: 'Itcaso'nable. 811 W." Walnut. Call 3\3'J.'- J "••'• '• - ' -23-ck-30. Aulhoriiert Ford Dealer Opposite Hospital BUSINESS DIRECTORY LXPERT Typewriting and. Adding Machiie Kepuirint;. U. S.' BlanX- «**• U6 E " RWe - ^"icl^l STORE BUILDING and resiicncs combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, CIO S. Laue. Ecc Dr. J. A. S.ilitxi. lG=ktf TWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 Walnut. 21c 1:0-21 For Rent—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. Trigidaire-Delco on'ly authorized -Frigitiairc - and • rwico light service. B. A. Miller, office' phone- 67-Jebidonce^4H Registered Spencer Corsctlere Jlrs. J. J; »»vis. rhonc 431. . 20C kD-2U a.RANEi& TAIMRS Hive your swde jacket and other Fall clotbni mifc new 1>y oor ^«Ul: cleaning process. tlSning Service. Call HI. "< £eT"us CLEAN and REBUILD jour FELT HAT. We are sure you will »kc our servvce. NU-WA. GLEANERS. Phone 180. UcM MODERN I'ivc Room Furnished doivnstairs Walnut. apurlincnt. 700 21c Atlraclivn bedrooms for young men, 518 W; Main. Call 309. 16CM-I6 NEWLY FURNISHED modern apartment. Vacant Sept. 1. Cal 1 l2-W. 18c Mechanic's garase in* buildint suitable for grain, coal or beer storage. Frisco siding. Sternbcrr Cotton Co. Call 21. 18c-kl8 ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix lo suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Nowr. .SPORTING GOODS JIHCE LARGB bedrooms. ULOSf . 1 IN. 310 W. Walnut. 29c'i8-2L, INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Sale | — furnishEd apartment -You 'will te surprised at the v , [ion Call m offer. Habbard Hdw. Co. 27u jjj..^ 0-1'J BATTERIES WANTED TO SDV NEW FORD BATTERIES Rental-Recharging-Repairing 77 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 240 r 'your battery is weak call 633 [or quick battery service. We ell New and Rebuilt Batteries. Shoose-LHtle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iton, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arian 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 8-ck-0-8 "SALESMEN WANTED AUTOMOTIVE Have thai broken glass installed in your car while'.you wait. We cut ii-d install class In any .make car. Shouse-LUlle Chevrolet Co. S-lc k9-l RUSSETl ANDERSON In charge Chrjskr Garage V CW N«n»an Bortnjr Machlnt Work Guaranteed - - Phone MS • 25c k8-S5 Let us paint your car before fall. Prices are still reasonable on pstating »«<> •' bod y repairing. Wrecked cars, on r specialty. Shousc-Littl* Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kQ-l Bad ctrcujatton may Injure your motoV. Wb'll put your radiator in'sliapc'lpr a. srrall^aniount, We tepHr any liialce /of ' radrator Shonse-IJtlle Chtrr»let Co. . , 8-lc k9-l EXPERIENCED . man or with car to handle quick selling product here! Hall Sisters Shoppc. SIISCELLANEOUS Notice All those oniriR Banhrupt Sales Co., please call and pay same to Grand Leader. Aaron Rosenlhal •5ck22 HEM' WANTED SCALEMAN wanted to repair scale at 304 W. Walnut St. 25pkl When Cortez lanced in Mexico, in 1519. with 16 chargers, it, marked the first appearance of horses on Ihe • American continent since the Ice Age. Vitamin D. necc.ssnry In (lie diet to' urev'Diit, tooth decay, is 1 contained in spinach, cabbage, eggs, »llk and cod liver oil ' ' .-• lo tho Civil War. He recently vts OUR BOARDING FIOUSE ,-, WIY-E VS AWfcY, 1 THINK f Ll_ HAVE SOrV\E OPTUS BOYS OF TMt OWL'S CLUB OVER ONE N16VVT, k TOR A -DINNER OF YOUR VAMOUS \ HOT T5OCr3 AND HAMBURGERS ? WAVT? Kt60V" LASER M1OTU AND rV\£\.OUY— -BUT MO •ROISTERING ?-»-•• auS'T SlY. OF TV\E.V WER -THEM A COLLAR-THUMB p j . • pi j / i bile accidents in wnlch tiicy loso resit Ion of hazard," Sttclc sold.! rerjesinans Diamea tor ' ; Uielr'lives', nccouline 10 R. Edwin 'It is unfortunate the pedestrians. H»K n( Arrirlpnti; ' Elcelo. sctrelnry of the Connect!- cannot be bronchi to nmtcrstund i inn 01 nwwiucnia ciu Motor C |, |b t | mt lhcic ls [ls muc |, , •NEWi HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—PC- •• "it is to be deplored Hint P<A- ly on him for the safe inovcincnl' destrians are vcsponsiuiu for more (-ECUS think so little of their own of traffic us- there Is upon tho. than. 50. i»r cent of the nutomo- safety as to place, themselves I if a • molorkl." ' JUST'ANOTHER VICTIM! ( UOOTS AND HER BUDDIES c VOU ? . rXOOat \ 60 SMt WTO K B\6 Ht MK.K) CRY OF DISTRESS! WASH TUBBS WUt-! w£tl! WEtL! M>'RV OF L1TTIE . WHO CftM WlWft^S TAKE CARE Of ,. HERSELF. SEEMED M.L-FIR£D ANHlOtlS TO GEr RID , DIDN'T tx>, BUT i OOM'T TSuST f?H6W SOMETHING HAPPENS TKAT u CHAN46S THE BO^S' PtftNG — EVEN THEIR EMTIRE LIVES! COMt BM1K PLEASE. 1 — I THIMK 1 SPRAIWEO ^W AWXLE. 1 LIKE 'EM SOFT ' HELPttSS HE -01RL. GOES ONE WAV — CHARLEY'S FAULT! SALESMAN SAM (OV.O DO I e-UTeRincr via o HIECKLKS.AND HIS FRIENDS II- fHEY O.D, 1 DOM'T KMCW-BUT TH' TOWER MAS) WOULD t GOTTA GET BACK. AND GET MY OtM£ FOR WAUON'WAY UP HERE? I .COMT KMOW, BUT If. CW^Ei .FPOM i=HADY6lDE-rJEVE» HEARD Cf TH' RACE-AWYHOW, TVlET SAI& SOME&ODY WA& SKK,OR »JORT, ORlkl Ahl-ACaOeHT, AMD TO GET WORD TQYOU - 1 I 6UE56 THAT'S W4.! DIDWT THEY 5AY f SOM6BODY OR TU£&RM>HEJD, I DQWT WJOW WH1CH-I &U£55 THEV THEY GAVE SOME MAME.'f • A. &GV FROM PARADISE. IT fJON'T WAKE. ANY DIFF ERENCE- ; WHO? UP TO THE. LAKE WITH A .

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