Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 28, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1897
Page 23
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The -world Klmirti the perfect Hani MANHOOD > perfect Dmnt JJot EDUCATION. About 150 Japanese are at present ;dlCTt"orm' n . c *f.r^"" 0tp r";Tone!!«tudying ia different achooJs through', , but that ftmbtle and wABaderfnl force Jcaowa M SEXUAL VITALITY out this country. The will of the late Charles T. Wll- the mental tortures of » weakened «4, ihattered nerrei. «nd *»«fi-«. •enml power who c«n bs cored b/ oar Magical Treatment which m»jr 5a taken at home under our dlrectloni ft ft will p»y B. R. f»re »nd hotel blllil Tor thou wno w]«n to come here. If we Jail to cure. We have •ofree prescriptions,?rce cnre or C.O.D. falce. We •aye 1230.000 capital tod guarantee to euro every •Me we treat or refnnd every dollar you p«y n«, or lee m»y be d'.poilted In any btnlc to be paid c» Wntn a cure I» effected. Write for full partlctt'an, MTATJC MXDICAX. CO.. Omalia, Xett. LDDD POISON A SPECIAI TY 1 '""" 17 -** *»|Tfii»j*lf^s>»l I ondary or Tertiary BLOOD POISON permanently curedlnlStoSodaj.s.Youcanbetreatcdat InomoforBainepriconDdersamecaaran- 'Z'Jf/S?_ p l?, f . l ? r l ° 9™ s b e™ we wlllcon- enry, iodide notaKh, »nd still bavo acheT and palm. Mucoag I'atchcd in mouth, Sore Throat, Ulcers on «, . ' X£ p ? i .H e B * M - lir or Eyebrows fnliinc out, it l§ this Secondary ULOOD POISON we jtnaranteo to cure. Wo Boliclttho roost obiti- n»re cages or.d chaUeiice the world for a £S?n ^S an ?°f, curc - Tms dlxeano has always baffled the « kill of the inost eminent phys™ •tans. »COO,000 capital behind our unconditional irnaranty. Abgol uto proofs Bent sealed on •ppllcation. Address COO* KEMEBY CO* tlJJlI»,oulo Temple, CHICAGO, For sale by 0. M. Banna & Co FRENCH TANSY der, of Wellesley, Mass., leaves over $100,000 to charitable and educational institutions. The University of Calcuitta is said to be the largest educational corporation In the world. Every year it examines over 10,000 students. Mr. Nansen, the celebrated Northern explorer, has accepted tha Invitation of President C. K. Adams to lecture at the University oC Wiacocsu in November. President Andrews of Brown University, at Providence, R. I., has sent to the corporation a letter formally declining to withdraw his resignation And stating briefly his decision to withdraw from the university. A bill has received the signature of the governor of Illinois which puts into explicit form a principle not heretofore recognized. It provides in brief, that deaf children may be taught in the public schools, and the money for their tuition may be taken from the state common school funds. There are over 2,000 teachers in the rural schools of England that receive less than five dollars per week. Tbe schools are of two kinds, voluntary and board. The former are partly paid by subscription, and the reason people subscribe is that thu$ they get a school in which religion may be taught. Probably the first heir of an African throne ever graduated from an American college Is So-Mayou. He has just received his diploma from Cobb Divinity School, at Lewiston, Me., and during tjhe next year proposes to travel over tha United States under the auspices of tbe Free Baptist church, before returning to the Basaa tribe on the "West Coast of Africa, where ha will tevote his life to the welfare of his •ountrymen. O»t». •Generally and with the larger proportion of our crops we find it best to ban] up and f.'eed out in the barn and feed lots. In doing this so far as the TROLLEY CARS DANGEROUS- Chance* of Death. In Battle Eatinuted »t One for Erery 4.2OO Bolleta Fired. The statement made by a war correspondent in Greece that at one of •weather will admit we try to feed the che batt!ea fought OQ ^ xhessa]laa com fodder and coarse fodders in the front i er a mn went down £or every feed lots, feeding the hay and straw in;- flve shots g^ is purelv an(J gimply the barn, says N. J. Shepherd in Ne-j rldjculoug The most woaderful snarp _ braska Farmer. But it is often the: ^00^ in the world, which both case that during the fall wt will have Gre€ks aaA Turka „„ notj could not quite a long spell of pleasant weather and the stock will do fully better during the day running the pastures or fields than in the close feed lots. We find in many cases that it is a good plan to shelter at night, but to give a full run during the day In doing this we find it some advantage to haul out do such frightf.il execution with their weapons. The old belief of Marshal Sale that it takes about 125 pounds of lead and 33 pounds of powder "to put each of the enemy in the long trench" still holds more or less good. At the bloody battle of Solferino, the calculation is made that 700 bullets were fired corn fodder and feed in the fields rather j f or every man wounded and 4,200 fo» than to haul everything to the bam I eacn ma " n k ni e d. This is a higher rate and feeH out there and then be obliged, t j, an thac a nowed by Sale, but it is so to gather up the manure and haul out. ! f ar beyond the Grecian war corre- While there Is hardly any question but I spondent's statement that comparison that there is some loss in feeding by | would be absurd, scattering feed upon the ground and ' that the manure will not be scattered as evenly as would ordinarily be dona when thrown from a wagon. But generally there is a considerable saving MACHINES FOR BREATHING. WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IBREGULAB PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co,, Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. Station. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. LMT« for CWc«go*3:15 a m:*5:30 a m ;*1 :25 p m •a:OOpro;'4:SOpm. Arrire from Chicago *1 :00 a m :*12:SO p m ,*1 :00 p m: *1:-«0 p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD ASD COLUMBUS. Leafe for Bradford *1:15« m;r7:40am; '1:K pm - t4:80pm. Arrive from Bradford *3:00affl; t!0:SO am; •1:20 pm;t4:15 pro. KIWER DIVlglON. U«T« f or Kffnor t8:M a m; t9:00 a m- t2:OB p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Rffnor "7 ;S» am; +1:08 pm; 12:46 pm; 8:90 am Sunday only. HICHXOND AND CINCINMATI. Lvare for Richmond tl:20 a m; t5:30 a m: *1:10 p m; +2:200 m. ArrlTe from Richmond "2:66 am; +11:00 am •l:50pm:+ll:»pm. IMDIANAPOLI8 AND LOUISVILil. LMV« for Loul«vllle *U:55 a m ; *1 :05 p m. ArrlTe from LouUville *3:05 a m: *1:55 p m. J. A. MOCULLOUGH, Agent, LogaaBport. led. POINTED PARAGRAPHS. It often makes a man hot when you tell him cold facts. The use of mourning envelopes does not render a person liable to arrest for blackmail. The wise man doesn't wait for fortune to knock at his door; he goes out to meet it. About the only difference in a saloon and In a cafe is in the prices charged tor drinks. Some statesmen art self-made, but the majority of the politicians are ma.- chine-made. Some people go without what tlhey want in order to get something they don't want. W you start on a journey and forget to take an umbrella with you it's a sure sign of rain. _ Anthony Hope, the author of "The has been < in time and hauling, so much so that ;t will more than overbalance the loss, ji doing this, however, care must be taken not to continue the practice so ong that the stock are exposed to cold or storms, or it is a good plan to feed out. in the fields when the ground is so eoft that the stock will tramp it up. But by avoiding extremes the labor may be lessened and time is often an Item on the farm. But few sightseers at the national capital find the patent office the most MIXED PARAGRAPHS. Th» peanut crop in Kansas yleldf *bout 150 bushel per acre, worth 40 cents a busheL Germans and Belgians are the greatest potato consumers. They eat p« head 100 pounds a year. The Salvation Army has at present flve principal stations la Germany— »t Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen and Konigsberg. L Russia is said to own 30.000,000 norses, or nearly one-half of the whole number in existence. Most of them belong to the peasants of that vast empire. Gallant Bandit (robbing a young woman's jewelry)—I assure you, miss a diamond ring on such a lovely hand is absolutely superfluous.—Fliegenda Blatter. "So you are the music teacher that answered mj T advertisement?" "Yes, sir." "Well, sit down here and play a couple of duets,, so I can see what you —"E io."—Answers. In a wickless night lamp just out a cup floats on *he surface of an open oil 1897 " OCTOBER. Su. 10 17 24 31 Mo. 11 18 25 Tu. 12 19 26 We. 6 13 20 .27 Th. 14 21 28 Fr. 8 15 22 29 JJ 231 30 Xs'fo" to deliver readings in this country under the direction of Major J. B. Pond, j commissioners have decided .„ _ When you know the temptations ot ( every torse owned by the department Chlcago Times-Herald: If yoa must He, do it artistically. A business lie may be a pretty thing to look at, but unsafe to handle. Can a man be a good deacon In a •church at the same time a good salesman? Where does the lie come in between business diplomacy and outright falsehood? If yoa lie to a customer and ths clerk knows it, has the clerk a warrant for falsifying to you? Is a business lie ever justifiable? 1 would like to hear from some of the experts. I know of lots oJ ihem. A great deal may be said about tha advantages of always telling the truth. •Can anything be said on the other side? I know a youngster who said: "Dad licks me when I tell a lie. I want to grow up so I will have a righ< ts> totf lies—same as he does." •"Weil, Golightly, did you have any fun wearing a red lantern on your wheel?" "Yes; about fifteen men thought I was a drug store and chased me tea blocks."—Detroit Free Press. In Warren, Pa., tbe druggists propose to close all their stores except one on Sunday. Each ft the stores will have a Sunday in turn, while the others -aril! give thcjr employes a rest. A oovel idea, in vacations has been lopted in Boston. The firemen there are allowed annual vaOations ; and the to send interesting point to visit, yet there is chamber, with a burner tube in its cen- probably no public building in' Washington about which have centered so many high hopes, so much ambition, keen research and hard study. The patent office, indeed, is a sort of Mecca for the inventive genius of the United States. At the time this Is written 562,458 patents are here recorded, and an examination of the models of them, preserved in the cases, would occupy the etudent for at least a year. Among the oddest of recent patented devices are two "breathing machines," one by E man In Bullalo, and- the other by a Brooklyn physician. A machine for breathing may at first thought appear to be superfluous, and even ridiculous, yet both of these contrivances are of benign intent. They are designed to preserve life, or to resuscitate suspended animation, ae in cases of drowning, choking, or a sudden failure of the heart's action. Physicians, as is well known, often attempt to produce artificial respiration by extending the unforunate person on the ground or on the floor,' and alternately raising or lowering the arms. At best this method is unpromising, and it is to render such artificial respiration more effectual that the two inventions above-mentioned have been sought. players, iheir emotional their general lack of sound sense, the' number of decent folk on the stage seems surprising. Beautiful Maud Hoffman will return nature and I out to country every year. pasture two weeks They had been drifting about in an open boat for seven days, and had almost given up hope, when the look- —London Tit-Bits. from England as Mr. Willard's leading' out cried, wildly: "A sail! a sail!" lady, in Henry Arthur Jones' "The The only woman passenger looked up Physician." She will play the role anxiously: "Oh, is it a bargain sale?" which Mary Moore created in support of Charles Wyndham. Ellen Terry's daughter, Edith Craig, has been appearing in the one-act play, "Journeys End in Lovers' Meetings," which her motber was seen during Quince Rerald: "In the arst six months after the Bland bill became a law (February, 1S78) the government ptrrcha.fct;f no less than 17,325,701.99 ounces, at a cost of $21,057,390.17—an average cost of $1.1747 per ounce fine." • Correct, and every ounce of silver that the government purchased under the Bland-Allison act is now doing du> .nother; so it is easier to be an honest" man than a knave. It may be truly said that no man does any work perfectly who does not enjoy his work. Joy in OM'S worh Is the consummate tool without which the work may be done Indeed, but •without its finest perfection. It. is said woman loves courage In man, that he may protect her. No; she loves courage which makes sacrifices. She loves heroism. She loves protection, but from a aero's arm. II is the virtue, not aer own safety, she loves. To know great and inspiring men •who have surpassed us in our chosen •work, and also others who have lighted which we shall never enter, to make us both loyal to our asked Count"Tolstoi hTs^opTnroTlbout there are toree hairs from tfl e prophTt : advance"^ th'e wheat'rnaxke*. wer'dls- | ° WD ^^ and s >' m P at]leti c to oth- •'-* " • - — ' ers. It will encourage modesty without diminishing energy, and will ena- WORTH KNOWING. The value of an ox In Egypt about years -before the Christian we last tour of the, firing company in . tra was one lcat ° r silver—about 140 the United States. grains. . ^__ ^ ^ The editor of a Russian paper has In the new mos( 3 u e at Tripoli, Syria, i to a higher lerel, following the great ty at the rate of f 1.28 per ounce in the form of money. You will observe from this that the government has lost nothing on its silver purchase. Let it coin what bullion it has on hand now and .vit it out among the people and thus make & Itttle more profit. John M. Palmer says he Is In favoi of gOTernment by Injunction instead of anarchy and the musket. This is the same John M. Palmer who.when speaking to the Pullman striker*, said the men were justified, as they had by their long service gained a proprietary Interest in the plant in whicli they wer« employed. ter, which extends down into the oil and brings the fluid near enough to the top of the tube so it can be ignited and feed itself through the tube. A German has invented an apparatus to "increase the comfort" of persons in railway carriages and on bosrd ships consisting of a back rest supported by a strap, with loops for tha arms and a net for the head, the whole being suspended from the ceiling by springs. •In a recently patented cycle steering mechanism the ball-races in the head of the machine are slightly depressed In the front and rear, so as to guide the wheel in a nearly straight line by Allowing the gear cones to sink into the depressions when the wheel is straight. ScCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREk -fS. CHICAGO. THOUGHTFUL OBSERVATIONS. The promoters of progress should never forget the result of experience. Truth ig mighty no matter how old it may be. If any one speak ill of thee, con- eider whether he hath truth on his aide; and it so, reform thyself, that his censures may not affect thee. We must He fallow before we can produce greatly, and we must enrich ourselves inwardly before •' we can spend generously in creative work. The true strength of every human soul is to be dependent on as many nobler as it can discern, and to b« depended upon by as many inferior as '.t can reach. A fresh mind keeps the body fresh. Take in the ideas of the day, drain off those of yesterday. As to the morrow, t is time enough to consider it when it becomes today. An upright posture is easier than a stooping one because It is more natural, and one part is better supported by FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. I. & P. and L. m. A .TI. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 have just t«en completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOV, Owner and THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers'^] Excursion. Ticket Agentg of the PenoBylv«n!» Llnei wlsl furnish Information ro^arding Home- Seekers' Excursions to various point* in th« Northwest, Wegt. Southwee 1 snd Bnutb. It will pay to inve«tifc»te If you contemplate* rip. Apply to nearest Penngjlvania Line Ticket Agent, or addrets W. W. Jtichardion DisJ rict Ftsieo ft? Ai IDI, lodltji 111 /.f,Jj a Kansas Cltr Star: "People wh'o havt ' been looking for the price of corn to go SHERIFF'S SALE. THOMAS A. SPRV Vg. KT. JOSEPH W. JONIS, , the music of Richard Waguer "Wag-! Mo hamnjed's beard. They were given ' appointed by the drop of several cents ner," Tolstoi replied, "is a decadent' to tbe 3Ultan - and are kept in a golden that occurred last week. Corn in Chi»ho replaces imagination and isplra- ion with scientific tricks." Julia Arthur has a play by Robert box. Russia has some of the greatest fish. erles of the world. Millions of poundB' »O, EAST BOUND, I If T tnt Softon Urn (tMllj). ......... 8:33 «. n !»ltm»ll (daily) ............... „ ......... »:4S ».n Atlantic Kx.dtlly eioept Bun. ..... 4:» p. n WBBT BOUND. PMfflo to., dally except 8unday..lO:l« a. IE Kanias Cltr Sxpresi (daily) ........ 2:40 p. n, \ Fait Mall (daily). ......................... 8:1S p.ir I It. louli Limited (aurjr) ............ 10:34 p. ir ill mrrm» DIYUIOK, WIBTUDB, lOOAWdTOSt AJTD CHILI. W«8l BOUND, •o.» ........... ---- Arrirei Ho. 87....... — ,...™.Arrivei •ABt )OUin>, Mo. M ---------- . — Leavw ............ „. . „»;« a. tc «uchanan called "A Nine Days' [ worth of flsh a re taken every year from <Jueen," which is founded on an inci-' tne Vol S a . the Caspian and the Black dent in the life of Lady Jane Grey. ie * Bhe will use it in case Mrs. Burnett's "A Lady of Quality" do*s not succeed. ....... _ g : so a. IL ,.»_..$:30 p. u. . «0»»4 p. VANDALIA LINE. Tim* Table, In effect Sept. 2S, 1897. TnOci Leave LocmBftport. FOR THE NORTH Jfo. 8 ----- ................................ _ 10:38 ». m Jfo. 8.... „,..._ ................ -,._ ............... S:3ti p. m, FOR THK 8ODTH. Ho. 21 ............................................. 7:05 a. m. NO. S .......................... _ ................ 2 ;25 p, m for complete Time Card, giving all tralni and (tattona, and for full Information u to r*t««, through can, etc., J. 0. XDOIWORIH, agent, Loftantport, or • 4. TOKD, General Pauenger Affect, St. Loult. Mo. & w. Time Table, Peru, Ind. BoUd trains between Peori* and Sandusky sad Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connections to nud from all points in the United lutes and Canada. AJUUTB SOUTH BOUWD DIPART No B Indianapolis Hrp daily 7:10 a m U:»amNoJ3 " Mill Jk Kxp_H:38 » m (dally except Sunday) Ko JB Indpl's Sxp «i Sun.... J:M p m >:!• p m No » Pas*eng«r exeept Sun Ho lUBocbMMr local arrlT* :45pm ezfwyt Sunday, HOHT8 »OCWD. m No *4 Detrali tap Xz Ho 1*8 Aceosa czoept Bun... 1:45 a m •DOM act rum sortt 07 P»ru on Sunday. tktk*« ntes and^*n«ral Infonmaaon'oaUl at, L. B. * w. POINTED PAP-ACRAPHS. A bad epigram, like a worn-out pencil, has no point to it. Compliments on a tombstone mlgbi !>• properly termed epi-taffy, Marriage is an eye salve that restores the sight of blind lovers. Conversing with a man who always aurees with you is about as monotonous as talking to »n echo. The girl who tries to imitate a man Is idiotic, but the Imitation is often y»ry flattering just tha same. Some men are never satisfied to remain at the bottom of the ladder; they In Paris the chairs In the squares and ord. It seems anomalous to see corn selling for lens than 20 cents a bushel while wheat Is worth r* arly JL" Keep up your courage. As yet you 4re only in sight of the cemetery. Walt gardtns are let out to visitors for a i un(!1 7° u commence to walk through trifle each. From this source an in- i lf< -.-.. • ' • come of 150,000 francs a year ig de- ^rived. ' : selves. A Chinese paper estimates that th» Tlctlms of the plague in Foochow ihit year will not fall short of 40.000. CURIOUS FACTS. OB* of the severest penalties t» which criminals in Holland wert la ancient times condemned was to be deprived of the use of salt. The leaf of the cocoanut tre« Is nearly thirty feet long. A single leaf of ' the parasol magnolia of Ceylon affords j shade for fifteen or twenty persons, i The number of sheep in tbe world Syrnp from Sn(t>r Be«ti. Report comes from Germany of the invention of a process of manufacturing syrup from sugar beets, which haa »ot heretofore been done, on account of refractory elements in the juiee. The new process was Invented by a German manufacturer, who has obtained patents in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland and lately In the United States. This process, ft 5« claimed, reduces the manufactesfer's is estimated to amouDt to 550,000,000. •gyrup (if.the beets are bought at »«-» w*j»,.i,-^™v~— fcx^ >*j^tvuAdb |,v WWUjUUW.VW. . , - inn Of this number, between one-third an« i * pj .. ton > ^ d leaves * nly 10 always try to get farther down. A man gets very little credit for what he do«s in tfc* world, but h« gets lots of blame for what he doesn't. When a man has a reputation for wisdom he can say foolish things and ' mor*. hi, friends applaud them as sarcasm. N6 man or - VSniill of ^ humblest If you want to see tne smartest, cnt- j «>rt can really be strong, pure, and art and sweetest baby that evtr lired, I good without the world being better J«t get any mother to show 7OU *„. ; ter lt] ^^ ^^ bein * Mped It take* the arerase woman about and comforted by the very existence twice as long to make up her com- of this goodness.— Phillips Brooks. one-half are believed to be Merinos. ™ uue - The *™ tjau made fa **? best in the markets, as to quality aad A remarkable tree grows in Brazil. tast and contains, according to thr It is about six feet high and is so lunv official anal Is o£ a German gorem . Inous that it can be seen on the dark- > t chemis , and esper t, ^ mjurioui cat night for a distance of a mil. or I gubetances what e T er.-Er. plexion as it Hind. does to make up her A generous man can use sarcasm— It is the scorn felt by a true nature for Some of ns have more ups and dowas what is base; but a sneer has always this world than others, but when w* a vein of the ignoble In it, and a sneer *.t to the wmetery we will all b* on , at a fallen accomplice belongs to na- a dead level. man isn't always to tor tur«e of the lows*t grade.—Dr Her. RULES FOR CLERKS. Here are some maxims for clerks that I have studied out In a long course of business: Keep your eye out for a soft snap. Find, rault with your place and sal- «r. Be as snappy with customers es you dare. Don't do a thing outside of your prescribed duties. Don't do any more work than you are paid to do. Threaten to leave when fault Is found with you. T*U your fellow-clerks all the things /ou hear against the boss. Believt) that the world owes you • living and act on that belief. Be the last one to come In the mor»- lEg and the first to leave at night. Never do a thing which you. can shove off on a fellow-clerk tomorrow. Always keep a novel under the coon, i ter to catch up when the old man la out. Wide Tire L«rUl»tto«. The extent to which the value of Vide tires has come to be recognized la flhown by the fact that during the last John thinking more of his tjrpawriter tha. | M . n do M* make th.tr tone. he doee of his wife; he oan dictate to typewriter. nn- ' of yon, twrUcUf or tJrlat Ms* happy because they tare genius; but , has n^^a oat <rf hig new story, "Tlui tb«y have not •nougfl genius; j a nlnd and MBtlmeaU of a higher j ordw would md«r 'thm capable of «•%—jror4*worta. Sadie Martinot and Harry Conor -will play at the London Garrick the role of Billings in "Too Much Johnson." Emelie Melville has beea engaged for the comedy act of "Bimbo of Bombay," opening the middle of September. William Morris and Mary Hampton ' twelve months the legislature of near- will be the principal players in. "Un- < *f 8T6I 7 state has been aakai to pass a *er the Red Robe" whM It gow on ! l^U providing for their compulsorr tour. j adoption. The state of Ne* Jersey haa E. B. Wlllard haa secured the drama- ' * lra * d ? adopted a law of thlj kind, and rights of tbe play wWch Hal Cain* 4t *• re *P^g the benefit la the coontrj. With widi> tires In use, ertn the pra»- «mt country road* will Improve: for such tires strre as rollers to mak* thr roadbed compact instead of eottbM deep rats aa do heavily loaded wagooa CD narrow tlrta.—Ex. Byyirt-jpofa judgment and decree and order of etilfl Issued ou a judjnnent rendered in tiie Cafs Circuif. court, of Indiana, on tbe 23d day of September. ]£97. and to ire directed by tb« clerk of said court, I will offer for gale. at p >blic auction and outcry, to the hlgbogt bidder, at the floor of the court house, in I,<w gansport. Case county, Indiana, on Saturday, the 23d Day of October, 1897, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. of §ald day, the rents and proflta fora term not exceeding-seven yenre, or the following described resl petato. sltuatnd In Caso county. In the state of Indiana, to-wit: Lot number ninety-two (92) in John F. Johneon's hiversifle addlt on to the city ot r.ogaoB- port, in CagB county, m the eta-e of Indian L And in case the rente and pronto fail to bring the amount demanded to satisfy the Jndirment and decrte aforesaid with interest and coiits. together •srith all aeej-utajr costs, I will at the game time and place, and in like manner as aforesaid, offer for gale at public auction and outcry to thehighestbidder.au the right, title. Interest ana estate in fee gimolo of Jo«enb W Jones, John Myer.lda JJones And Abraham L. Jones, In the above described real estate, or so tnuch and such part thereof as may IMS necessary to fstisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid, which Is In favor of Thomas A. Spry, and ap^togt Joseph W. Joneg. John. Myer, Ida J. Jont g and Abraham L. Jones. Said real estate will be sold without relief from valuation or appraisement laws of the Biateof Indiana. CHARLES w. BOJTBTJBO, Sheriff of Case County, IndJina. Cbai-lep E Tabcr. Attorney for Plaintiff. September 28,1S97. Sept Z*-d<w. -THE— WABASH **++*++++++ "California'/lyer." Qulcke*t and best servic* to CALIFCBN1A it now offered by th« WabMb HaL'road, If connected with tbe AtckUon. Tojxk* A Santa F» Kail-war. Vtwtibuledsieeplnfoanthrough co lot Arnreles without change, matin* twenty- me hours better time from Bt Lotiit than any other line, and correnpondlng time from other tnlnta. Por particular* write to anj WabMb ticket igent, or to C. 8. Crane, fGeneral Pa*teof*' tod rtctot Agent, Bt Louii, Mo. Forr**t ACJMHBOQ test beta added U ocsspaay encaged to •npport Mi»i» "lea* of the Hen. Horac* Chapman, Democrat!* gubernatorial candidate for OHo, tm said to hav« a remarkably big voice. JL irominent Ohio politician said recenUr hat nc one could confer with Jir. Chapman, because "his voice could W heard all over the state." >ost: "The w»y silver it sliding dow» •111 would make one think that it was) trying to keep Bryan company." There are thousands, nay, , , * of Republicans, good Republicans, toe* aad they voted for McKlnley.wh* shaf* la Mr. Bryan's silver opinions, they «f« honest in their belief- _ hare they ever deserted their colon, Tola cannot b« snid of aQ Who «latm |sj ft* Rapublicans. HoDdrods of preetooi lltUa OOM owe tbeJr li¥«i to Dr. Tboaaaa' B». leetric Oil, tbe sovereign mm for croup and ail other tbroftt or long dUeuea.

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