Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 24, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1891
Page 6
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have a cold Call and get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at RAISING- THE WIND. The Ntutc Revenue BtU Robx Ciorui- ties for the Benefit of the State' 'Treasury. 304 fflarket, Dolacs Opera House One Solid Week. Commencing Monday, February 23d. 10 20 30 Cts .Engagement of The Popular Dramatic Artists 10 20 30 Cts TH E MELVILLE SISTERS .And-their powerful Company of Players under the management of Sam M. Young. Producing on Mondy Eve, Bartley Campbell's Comedy Drama ••Divorce." Elegant Costumes, Special Scenery, Calcium Lights. MATINEE SATURDAY. CHANGE OF PLAY NIGHTLY. . Reserved Seats 30c. at Keesling's Drug Store. BU)» That Have Become taws. The following bills have passed both houses and been signed by the Governor: Mr. Han-ell's appropriating sSllO.OOO for the expenses of the General Assembly; Mr. Claypool's, legalizing the sale of certain lands in Fayette county; Mr. Bryant's, legalizing the incorporation of the town of Patoka, Gibson county; Mr. Leyden's, regulating the time of holding court in the Fifty-second judicial circuit; Mr. Sleeper's, legalizing the act of the board of trustees of Fowler, Benton county; Mr. Claypool's, legalizing the incorporation of Knightstown, Henry county; Mr. Fippen's, authorizing the Auditor of State to make a deed of certain lands to Luther A, Mottj.-. Mr. Ebert's legalizing the incorporation of the town of Hammond, Lake county; Mr. Oppenhem's, amending the act regarding decedents' estates; Senator Swing's legalizing the incorporation of Westport, Decatur county; Senator Hanley's legalizing the incorporation of the town of Pine""Valley, Warren county; Senator Holland's fixing the time for holding court in the Sixth Judicial Circuit; Senator Fulk's fixing the time of holding court in^the Tenth Judical Circuit, and Senator Griffith's, deferring the Fifth and Judicial Circuits. The only bill of more than local importance that has passed was that reorganizing the State Board of Health, which was vetoed by Governor Hovey, and which was passed over nis veto. Two weeks more' remain to transact business of general importance. None of the important legislation demanded iy the people has been enacted. CAMPHOR ICE For Chapped Hands, Face and Lip; made bv Colgate & Co. The 1 Grand Bazaar, FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street Welcome to All. Ladies $500 Reward. Dr. Anderson's English Female Regulating Pills are the safest and most reliable. Give them atrlaland-beconvli.ced. At Drug Store or by mall, post-paid per box $1.00,3 boxes l'or;S2,50. 1 Moka medicine Co., Toledo, O. Mention paper. feb!9d&w3m Tlie main feature of the bill is that which provides that all taxes collected from railroad property in the various counties shall be turned over by county treasurers to the State Treasurer and become a part of the general fund of the State. The success of the whole measure rests on this feature. The framers of the bill are so confident that this feattne will furnish the State all the revenue it needs that they provide for abolishing the 12-cent tax levy. Instead of increasing it .they propose to do away with It and rely entirely on the railroad tax for an increase of State revenue. This provision is characteristic of the Democracy, in that it is a mere make-shift. It does not discover any new source of revenue, nor increase the revenue by a single dollar. It simply takes revenue from the counties who will have to increase the revenue or local purposes by coming back on the people. It is a roundabout way of increasing the taxes on the people while trying, to make them believe they have been decreased. This provision would operate very unequally on different counties. The total valuation of railroad property in the State for 1SS9 was 166,241,532, but some counties contained a good deal more , than others. Thus Orange country had $171,005 worth; Perry county, §39,015, Union county, $172,870; Jefferson county, $181,51C; Harrison county, $150,410; Franklin county, $154,149, etc., while Allen county had $2,678,675 worth; Cass county, §1,226,977; DeKalb, $1,279,785; Elkhart, $1,263.480; Kosciusko, §1,414,355;" Lake, $3,858,445; LaPorte, $3,246,322 Marion, §3,078,368;N'oble, §1,282,455; Porter, §2,-720,094, and several other counties more than $1,000,000 each. It is perfectly plain therefore, that any rule which requires the counties to turn . over to the State the taxes collected' on railroad properyty will operate very unequally on the counties, and eventually on the people. Undoubtedly the State has a right to lay its hand on this source of revenue and claim for itself the taxes on railroad property, but is absurd to claim that this is revenue reform or a reduction of the burdens of the people. It will simply result in an increase of taxation for county purposes, and that very-unequally in different counties. It would be much more fair, equitable and honest to increase the tax levy. The whole bill is largely experimental, and this provision, which is the corner-stone of the entire measure, savors strongly of political quack- ery.—Indianpolis Journal. Ail Excellent Company. The Melville Sisters opened a week's engagement to a packed house at Dolan's last night and from the warm reception accorded the -initial, performance the company may be assured oi good houses'all week: This is one of the very best repertoire companies, play at popular prices, that ever held the boards here and includes some very good people. Miss Ida Melville is peculiarly pleasing in emotional parts while her sister Miss Rose .is a charming and piquant soubrette who immediately kicked and sang her way into favor. 'The support is strong, the work of Allen Demond, F. C. King, George E. Cadden, Sidney Hawkins, R. W. Powers and Maize Molyneaux being very good. Tl e comedy of King and Miss Rose Melville were quite popular features of- the performance. The play was Bartley Campbell's well-known comedy-drama "Divorce" and was rendered in a very satisfactory manner. To-night the new comedy-drama '•Jack o' the Mines" will be played. The people will not be slow to take aavantgo of the opportunity afforded by this company to see good'plays at pooular prices this week. Ladle* Have Tried It A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend," and would not be without for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, Druggist, Greenville Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. tol CLOTH TOP SHOES. CLOTH tops are again being accorded a eonsiderable degiee of popularity^ )th men's and women's goods. Cloth is superior to leather in every wW in both except durability, and ever, in that it every holds its own in some cases as against; some of the leather- used for tops. Cloth i s the best material for 'shoe tops I " the case of persons whose feet have a tendency to perspire freely,as the surpln heat of the foot as well as its moisture is allowed to radiate and transpit thruugh the meshes of the textile fabric much'more readily than though fhj leather. Good cloth is not materially affected by moisture,' and ex eels leather used for toppings in resisting its attacks. Cloth does nof crack, scale, turn or grow stiff and chafe the wearer. It is more comfortable and smooth fit than leather. It makes a handsome effect by contrast when used with leather vamp. It is more "dressy," and, in fact, as we said at the outset, better tot toppings than the leather generally used in everyway, providing a first-clasf quality of cloth is employed. There are cloth fabrics sold for shoe tops «•*"$ are not desi.able, just as there are^kinds of leather used for shoe s-olcs that ar not desirable; some being cheap and poor quality, for use in cheap shoes! and some being line quality and intended more for-appearance than weat There is a grade of cloth for every grade of shoe, and the best grades are mor expensive than fine leather. The patterns vary from plain black to fane figured. OTTQ KRATJS; MISS GRACE FULLER. She the WLJ] Be the Next Bride from Chief .Justice's Household. A third of the daug-htcrs of Chief Justice Melville \V. Fuller is soon to eater the matrimonial state. The young lady is Miss Grace, the eldest of the six sisters, who has proved as great a favorite In Washington society as she was among her old.friends in Chicago. She has been an able assistant to Mrs. Fuller in the social duties devolving npoo her as wife of the Chief Justice of the United States. Miss Fuller is a decided blonde. i. 1 MONEY TO LOAN, n any inm at the LOWEST rates, JPrtvass ftuidt only. Honey al way e Ixi hand. Jfo red tape or do- Uj. Internet, and principal payable In Logan*. port. Bpeolal arrangements KB tc psymoEt 0 ( prinolpal and Intercut, mode to suit tbe Tlsheeof borrower. Tor further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth . . street, opposite Court House. MONEY, General Insurance and Lo«n>. AH klntia at In- tnriuioe plsood In nretclasB companies. Endowment policies purchased. Bonds of gnretycL. , «nttcn for parties holding positions of trnn . there • bond i» required. 319 PJBABJL ST. S. M. Closson. MONEY TO LOAN! -ind Notes Bought In any som over $25 at leweel rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. declSd&wSm Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING-, FEB. 24. • : ' Fast black jersey ribbed hose, three pairs for. 25. cents.—Golden Rule. . ...-,-A fine assortment of clocks in oak, ..marble,and .iron—new designs.-' See them, at Ben Martin's-. ' • v Jam.es Shinn denies that there is a boom started for : him for-Marshal. He T-sai'S,'he will be .the next Treasurer of Logansport and that George Hoffman can't beat him in che convention. They Will be Soldier* Bold. Lieut. French, recruiting- officer o the 19th Infantry with headquarter at Detroit, who established a recruit ing station here two weeks ago, has /received many applicants to join the regular army and quite a number havi passed the necessary examination, bu thus far but three have enlisted These are J. Albert Liennemann of this city and Mai-ion B. Thomas an d Floyd L. Thomas, of Burlington, al three of whom departed for Detroit on Saturday to report for service. They will be sent to Mackinaw where they will be put on garrison duty. Lieut. French and his men will probably leave here the latter part of the week and will go to Mansfield, 0. Itis expected, that several other men who have passed the examination will enlist before the week is up. The terms of enlistment are reasonable, the duties not too. arduous and it is perhaps strange that the ranks of the standing army should lack for recruits. The G. A. R. memorial services in honor of the late lamented Gen. Sherman and Admiral Porter attracted a large crowd to the rink Sunday. Post Commander Rodney Strain presided, Rev. E. S Scott read a scriptural lesson and offered prayer. Judge McDonnell and.Judge-Chase read brief sketches of the lives, of Sherman and Porter, respectively, and the exercises closed with an address by Rev, Dr. Putnam. Dealii of JLenu ieffert. Miss Lena M., Leffert died at the borne of her mother on,the West Side .ast night at half past eleven. Gam blerx in Court. Yesterday was an exceedingly un- proStably day for the local knights of the green table, and the members of the sporting fraternity went around with very dolorous countenances. It was gamblers day in the Circuit court and the entire force of long fingered gentry was there to plead guilty to the long string of indictments returned by the grand jury. Fines were assessed without regard to the feelings of those affected. As there, were several charges against some the fines ran up to a pretty notch in some instances, and John Condon's purse strings will have to relax considerably before the entire amount is settled. Among the familiar faces, each a more or less anxious look betraying, were seen Alf L. Anderson, Frank Jones, Will Scott Dick Richai-dson, Cy Farrell, John Keller Al Richart, Ford Campbell, Mil 1 Kramer, "Kit" Morrow, 01 Miller Schuyler Myers, George Parish, Charlej Grinup, Ike Johnson, Sam Apt anc Frank Green. Fines ran all the way from-$10 to $50 and the aggregate will turn a pretty penny into the coffers of the State. Judge McConnell was grim and unrelenting and his decisions dealt the heaviest blow the gamblers ever received here. MISS GKACE FULLER. affable in manner and very accomplished. Her affianced husband is an officer of the army whose acquaintance she made after her advent into society at the capital. The date of the marriage has not been" announced. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods; Slaughtered and Cured by ], I 1 W. C. KOUTH, Logansport For Sale;bv Leading Dealers. If If our HOUKO la on Fire You put water on the burning timbers not on the smoke. Aad if you have catarrah you. should attack the disease in the blood, not in your nose. Remove the impure cause, and the local ffect • subsides. To • do this, take lood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier, which radically and perma,- nently cures catarrh. It also strengthens the nerves. Be. sure to get onlv lood's Sarsaparilla. 3 Gratifying 10 AU. The high position attained and the niversal acceptance:and approval of be pleasant liquid fruit, remedy Syrup f Figs, as the. most, excellent laxative :nown, illustrate : the.;.:value -of the ualities on which its success is based nd are abundantly gratifying to the California Fig 1 Syrup Company. Try Hoosier Cough Cure, eodiw Struck by' a Tram. BBADDOCK, JPa.. Feb. 23.—Miss Annie Quinn, of Eazlewood, and John Hughes, of Ben-wood, W. Va., celebrated Washington's birthday by coining here to visit Hughe's' uncle. \Yhile waiting- for the return 1rain Sunday night they stepped off the depot platform for a stroll along the 'tracks. They had gone but a few steps when the Philadelphia express thundered down upon them. Tho girl was instantly killed, her skull being- frightfully mangled. Hugheshad both legs broken and mangled, his skull fractured and was injured so badly internally that he will die. ^ Going to Hunt Ducks. WASHING TOX, Feb. 23.—The president expects to leave Washington probably the day after congress adjourns. He will go to Maryland- on one of the branches oC the Chesapeake bay where some Philadelphia friends of his havea country housj arranged as hunting headquarters. r lhe president will take his gun with him and-will spend several days duck hunting. A Cnmopo, for Instance. "Don't you think it is time for Miranda to learn to play on some musical in' strument, Edward?" asked Mrs. Sharp of her husband, as the notes of their daughter's voice floated in from an adjoining- room. l: Yes," replied Edward, with conviction, "I do; but it should be some loud instrument to drown her voice."—Louis- yille Journal TRY FREEMAN'S "HIAWATHA,"^ The Latest Thing out in Perfume. - ' Freeman's PM, WHite and Brunette Face powderf FOR SALE BY H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist,! 418 Market Street. - T. CINCINNATI, Feb. 23.—At 0:30 a. m. the east bound express on the Baltimore & Ohio southwestern railroad ran into the rear coach of a local passenger train, west bound, at Remington station. Conductor Gallagher and. four passengers, all ladies, were severely injured. l>Icd at the Ago of 101. SPARTA, N. Y., Feb. 23.—Willis Clark, aged 101 years and 24 days, died at Snarta, 2v. Y., Saturday. • Mr. Clark was one of the pioneers of the Genesea valley and had been a large land owner. When he reached his 101st birthday he was in fxill possession of all his faeul- ies. ; Thousand* Died oC'liiiUiehza.'. AXJJA:NT, . N. Y..,' Feb. 13.—The eleventh report of ,tha State board of health contains a record o:f its work during the astyear. Tb:>mj-,t extraordinary oe- urrence during- tin w,ir was the out- Teak of. th.'.' epidemic of mjlucnza, to which o.O111 ili-utu*. aro aUril.nted, Enpepmy. This is what you ought to have, in fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thousands are searching for it daily, and mourning because they find it not.. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent annually by our people in the hope that they can obtain this boon. And yet it may be had by all. We guarantee that Electric Bitters, if used according to directions , and the use persisted in, will bring you Good Digestion and oust the demon Dyspepsia and install instead Eu.pepsy. We recommend Electric Bitters for Dyspepsia and all diseases of Liver, Stomach and Kidneys.. Sold at 50e. and Sl.OO per bottle by B. F. Keesling Druggist. to22 Tliroiigli Sleepers to Kansas Cl'.j via. j Wafoash Idue. ! Commencing February 18th, the Wabash line will run. through Pullman and Wagner palace sleeping cars between Logausport and Kansas City with two elegant reclining chair cars (seats free) already on this train. The "Cannon Ball" passing Logansport 3:45. p. m., arriving at Union depot, Kansas City, the following morn- ing.at 9:20, makes it the most desirable and fastest in tbe terntory. 21tolO The of the will meet at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Pratt, corner of Tenth and Market streets, to-morrow • (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Supper from half-past 5 until 8 o'clock.' A cordial invitation is extended to all to come and pass a social evening. A Lady In Teias Write*. My case is of lOng- standing; has baffled many -physicians; have, tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that relieved uie. Write The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particular--. Sold by Ben Fisher tol iroosi«r Financial ^traits. INDIANAPOLIS, 'lud., 'Feb. ;24—,. governor, state auditor and state freas- urer have perfected ; 'a loan of $300,000,' with which to pay the interest on the" 1 state debt. annual meeting" of the ladies Baptist Church mite society, Both the method and results „_„.,„ Syrap of Figs is taken; it is pleasant" J and refreshing to the taste, atfd>actt J gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses' the'sys- tem effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Fige is thf ; only remedy of its kind ever pro' duced, pleasing to tbe taste and. ^c-, • ceptable to the stomach, prompt! jn, v its action and truly beneficial mats ^ effects, prepared only from the most;" healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend at to all and have made it the xaost popular remedy known. >r$ Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and &1 bottles by all leading- druggists. Any reliable druggist Tvno . may not have it on hand will pifb- cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. substitute.. .Do not accept' .any CALIFORNIA HS SY&JP Cffi. • SAN FKAISQISCO, CAL? . I I LOWSVIUI, KV. NEW yORK,~N. !, ,< For sale byB. F. Keesling ind all drnggtetei

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