The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1933
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United Pre*» VOL. XX,\—NO. -1S7 VI THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPER OP NORTHKAH1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . DtJljr, NMW.. BlytbCTiQ* OowtK. V»U«T uxlef. Btotfaetlll* Htftll BI.YTIIRVI1.L.R, ARKANSAS. PlUDAY, AUGUST 25, 191}! _SINGJLEJ;9PIES FIVE CENTS} FORMER LOCAL MAN !N COUNTERFEIT PLOT Atlantic Coast Hurrictine Takles 47 Liucs IN Splits Storm Passes Aflor Cans- inn Estimated $15,000,000 Property Damage. New Cabinet Aide By rnifed A known death toll of VI and inoneny damage estimated at $15.- rino.coo were caused by the hurricane which swept up the Atlantic from the ttopics. cutting a path across iix states and today had diminished into a low pressure area in Canada above Lake On- itprio. A United Pi-ess survey placed the dead at: Virginia 10, New Jersey 8, Pennsylvania 11, Maryland II. New- York 3. and District, of Columbia 4. More than a score of small communities, principally along the Maryland and Virginia shores, still were isolated and it. wa s feared the death list would mount when communications were restored. Streets in Norfolk, Washington and i Philadelphia were flooded, thous-j ands or acres or lowlands in all six states were under water. hiRh- wajs v:ere ruined and the crop- damage will mount into the mil- • lions. ' i : Norfolk, the worst hit of [he cit-j. les in the hurricanes path, P»t| ' % fPO men to work today to clear upj Blvtheville Man S Effort to debris from Ihe streets. Telephone) lineme-j were at work restoring! lines to neighboring beach resorls, many of which were ruined. Tu?s! rescued about 40 passengers ol tliej Chesaneake Bay line ship. City of I Norfolk, which went aground at Soiir>d; t . 50 miles from ^ f w C.O^I ' ' ' It All Measures In Kxlra Call " But One Pass Before Term Ends. BY BOYDEN UNDKKWOOI) United Press Slaft Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Aug. 2S. (UP)—With all but one major piece of legislation contained in the ipv- ernor's call completed, ihe evlraor- dinary session of the forty-ninth general assembly adjourned, and today Its members were en roine (o their homes. Although beer anj light wlr.cs were legalized in Arkansas fo rlhe first time in 19 years, there was iio i display of enthusiasm on the part ' of citizens of the stale in general, for more lhan several W3ek.s beer has been sold openly in U:e larger cilies ol the state—in bottles; on tap—at popular prices. Brewers and dealers made no gifts of beer to the governor as he signed the beer measure yesterday; tTiere was a lack of ceremony. Stories of "free samples" at the eapi- tol were erroneous;; at least your correspondent could nol fin-J them. Governor's Rill Hfffuf^d The governor's pet measure—tne one to abolish the stale ba.nd ol education—was the only piece cl p.- 11 r> L TI major legislation contained in the Otir Up 1 robe UnSUC- governor's call thul met with di-- cessful at St. Louis. |.^rtnJS.V** nate ' dofe '" wl lhe b '" „_, ,„,.._ „, „ . _ I Many of tt.ose voting nsainsl the ST. LOUIS, Aug. 25. (UPl-Tr.e | bm cr / ntsllded , hat ,]'„ h-g^fo..^,. fatal, shooting^ Monday ol Mrs. ., has no r , , lt to , a - bm whl( , h . Flcreriee Oourley, 49,year, old 31. has tef!ll refcm ala , ni! ^0^* Louis, widow, was a rlefir case, of ' oihpi-s mirt sulcMe'ahd is closed™ far as po-1 ln -New side to SwrMur Daniel C. Roper is Urattan Keraca of Mfs- »onn .above), recently appointed Ar.sitsrain .Secretary of Commerce. " co aie concerned," olllclaU of th city said today. Opened On Walnut Street! A police capialn in the precinct in which Mrs. Gourley lived when her body was found fatally shot was quoted today assaying lhat a brother of the woman had eorne up from. Tiie Superior Coal mi't Mining conmnny Inc. is openii coal | yard In this city in the bulldhiK Mb, ,, .» T, " 1 , ,' across fro mtl-e Chevrolet MotorP l5 ' lh !! vl ! 1<; :._ A , r >:.? n(t ';!",'. on West Walnut street.' to stir the crueMlon governor's call a5 II'was h- sued In a supplemental call Ihe day the assembly convened, | A second extraordinary session of j the legislature v'" within sly weeks, be convened -United Press learned, fo:- Hit- purpose of enacting a new bond lefundlng bill to H. N. Swrarauen IF temporarily in charge of t-e business. A. P. Dietrich of Cape Oirardean. brother-in-law of the woman on grounds he ha<! blood on his hands when police arrived. This wus ex- Mo., gei.ornl malinger of the com- j ]>lained by the .fact he picked her pain-, which at=o ha« a buslnsw in j "» ° n ^ hs . flo ° 11 .' igld . ' )ut her bod - v thn Missouri city, will spend n part °" ' 'i /• lmllc ? * m £, or his time here. I At ' he , " nu ' ,<" c tall >' was dls | covered two notes were found in lake ng measure which already has cost, lie .state more than SG.OOO, anil whirl! has been declared a fflilure iy the fact ue\v negotiations were •pen°d will; hcltVrs of mava lhan I |J. Paul Wilhelm ill i Will) Sleeping Sickness I Wu<l hns Ix'i'ii iiwlvful lu-rc ;ihul J. 1'iuil Wllliclm, .-,011 of lhe llnlr I,, i). Wllhi'lni und Mrs. Wll- lii'lm of this oily, hus liceii stricken with the ninliuly known us tlrvpmi! sli-kncM und Is norlously III al his lioini! In Klrkwood, Bl. ] l.miLs county. Mo. \vn • ii r" i 01 • nis iiondllion wns very ^erlo^Ls Whipped Into rinal ohapc.m noon FOR IS Joncshoro Man, Once LdX| cal Salesman, N o'w-l Wanted on Charge Here;! Clilef of Police W..C. Craig' ot L Jonesboro told tlic Courier Ne'ws'l this afi;moon Ijy long distance tel-r - C;,,L ' .' ,„ p ".; j TVic umiMiiil malady Im kpreiul] r 1 """"-', l!lllt "• •'• Cain .of .loufcs-;. . DuDiniSblOn 10 nCbl-l,.,,^^, ln , ni , st ^,' M lm , n ', |boro, who loday admitted cliurges,I I" connection with actlvillas^'of a;l coiinlcVfeil money ring hi til? !tK| slntns. formerly lived in Illylne-il vlllp. . ... r. :i --. n den I Roosevelt Today. I WASHINGTON. Aug. Sfi. (UI'l- A revised code for thn tuition'? retailers, Intended to icgulule ndvcr- Uslng, coiii}Klltion, wages niiil hours of 1,600.000 stoix's einploylnij (hT million persons, was put Inlo llnnl form by tlie mitlontil recovery ml- ministration today for submission lo President Hoosevelt. ' Applying to all but food nnd druu stores (lie co:lc WAS'.lUci'i'd'nt- Iho | conclusion of hearings last night, j A 40-hour work week was prescribed for employes of stores hitherto Sa hours u neek ov less; from 5U to 00 hours » week, and a in or more hours per week. Minimum wages of $14 a week for. 40 hours work; SH.M) a week for hours I IT; a week for 4U hours YUIS provided fur In cities of more dnm 500.WX) population. The scale .whs fixed at $13 to $14 In cities between 100.000 and f>W : 000; tia to *13 In ellltii beUvt-eti 25,- Cnln wns a snlesmnn for electrical cnulpmciU here seyerulfj years nuo. The .s'-nrtft's office" Is' I now holding a warrant for lili ar^'l rest on n forgery charge In coil--1 nccllon with a WO check on Lon-1 U. S. Department of JllS-j Mocre - wcl1 k»wnj«ckman' ntgro.; | I'lcm CuUly MEMPHIS. Aug. 25 (UP)—B. J. : Cnln, :I7. of Joiifsboro, Ark., nr-' reded yesterday by federal ngcnis and jiollce on chnrges of uosscss- 1 Ing nnd passing coiuitcrfclt. ?20 bills, pleaded guilty today upon before U. S. .Com-. | ... ...._.. Sam Friedman and \vaa In n formal ret|iie!,l [or Hi: extra-1 liouiul over under. $,1,000 boild.-'.-i lice Makes Fovmnl Request of Greece. WASHINGTON, Ann. 25. (UP)-Tue depiirlineiil rf justice (<Klny asked the exlriulkilon from Cirecco ol antimc! liu.ill, ullllly miifiiiale. The extradUIOji impers. pit-paved <!ltlcn of Insull. were presented to Ilic driiurlniciil of stiilc for .snb- niKslon throii|;h diplomatic clutn- iiijls to (lie Greek government. "If the rcmicsi (for extrir.'ltlon Is granted." tVie department of Justice said, •'Samuel -Iimill will liu returned to this country inv.l will lages ol fewer than 2,500 all will l)e Increased from June 1 luv- els by no! less than 'JO |»r cent,.lf : It does not rctjuirc more limn $10 ! n week, A dllTerenllnl of $1 a week less for workers In southern cities retained, i from 'the room, one addressed to "J. VV. j-^j • C1 , r n * ' e ruuin, unc uuurt-ssea 10 J. vv. l,lOSinf} OtOCA' / nCeS:and Mrs. Misstelley. Bx 75, Blyllie- A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel 1 20 1-4 18 3-4 42 1-2 hrvs^er ............... 47 Cilies Sen-ice ........ 3 1-8 ' Coca Cola ............ 95 3-* General American Tank 38 3-4 General Electric ..... 26 3-8 General Motors ...... 341-8 International Harvester 42 1-8 Middlewest, Utilities ... 1-2 Montgomery Wnrd ... 27 7-B New York Central ... 41 7-B Packard ............. 51-4 Phillips Petroleum ... 15 1-8 Simmons Beds ........ 28 l-t St. Louls-SanFranclsco 5 1-2 Standard of N. J. ... 39 5-8 Texas Corp .......... 25 3-4 U. S. Steel ........... 58 1-2 | ville. Ark.'j and the other to El| mer Bonner. her brolher-in-lav:. I The notes were .signed "Florence" ' ond said in part. "I am going to kill myself tonight I cannot stand the burden any longer." iT it EHEflP Muscle Shoals Head Says U. S. May Compete to Force Low Rates. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 25. (UP) — Cotton cios'ed very steady. open high low close Oct. ..... 952 969 952 965 Dec. I ---- 918 989 974 987 Jan ...... 990 999 984 999 Mar. .-. .. 1000 1018 1000 1014 Way .... 1021 1035 1017 1030 July .... IMS 1048 1040 1044 closed quiet at 955. up 25. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 25. (UP) — Cottcn closed very steady. open high low clos« Oci ...... 9*5 963 945 962 Dec ...... 971 985 969 984 Jan ..... 980b 990 931 992b Mar ..... 1010 1013 1010 lOlOb May .... 1027 1029 1013 1029 Julv .... 1038 1039 1038 1044b E|XMs closed steady at 952, up 25 Chicago Wheat open high Sept. 87 1-2 89 1-2 Dec 92 3-8 93 1-2 87 1-8 SO 3-8 88 t-: 92 of the Kills refund-1 towns, nnd doing extensive damage lo iironrrty nnd slil]>])lng,' Is n\n here. Aixivc, Conneclsna :ivetni!- In Allaniie. Cily. N. J.. ciir Iraliic was paralysed and basements (if liomra and hotels were nrlecl. I;elou, 1111 niitomoblli- criislietl bi'iienlh a heavy tree np- ooli'd by (lie 50-mile gnlc wliich sli'uc-k Hem]v:teiid. Long Islnml. 90.000,000 of IV.r AiknusU: l.ilghivny | ibligattons. Would Tip lip Funds Penn'-yh'snin. Nevada and Con- ncclicnt—stales which have said hey would bring suit against (h? slate of Arkansas, unless highway Jonds they hold av; pal'l—wsrs av WASH1NGTONT. Aug. 25 (UP)— Tlie government's power policy wa. announced today, revealing tha the Tenne.^see valley authority nn rier certain condllions was prepar ed lo compete with private inter ests In the generation and dlstri billion of electricity to protect th public against unreasonably high rates. An official statement by Director David Lilienlhal of the T. V. A. said the government intends first to make cheap power available throughout the Tennessee valley basin and reserves the right (o iro outside the region where the public interest Is not adequately protected bj- regulation. The rule of "the lowest rate consistent with sound financial policy" was set forth as a guiding nrinctole fcf private power companies. Municipal ownership was dealt with In the assertion that "the rliht of a commnnttv to own and operate i'.s own electric plant is undeniable. Where the public and prlvat" Interest conflicts the public Inter- and maturities, wliich is for wo years by the passage of n bill >y (hi? legislature. ' The bill was parsed as only a state can slip n state, and if Ar- :ansas were sued, tand lhe attorney "rnerpl of Pennsylvania made no bones about saying that suit would be brought, unli-ri Interest on ihe bonds that state holds is paid) then, all the Arkansas highway revenue wouH be tied up; first by fed- eial injunction and later by a IXT- manenl Injunction until [he cast •as seltled. This would mean that maintenance on Arkansas highways would be abandoned until the suit was settled, and a consequent loss in revenue from tourists. A talk fo the lions? of representatives by Gov. Pulrell brought about the passage of the senate bill which would permit school districts to vote a continuance lax to refun: bonds. The vote was 55 to 23. Wetl- OF .SE1SMFOI IOTTBN15 Treasury Secretary Indidrd at Chlriign CHICAGO, Aug. 25. (UI'l—Bam- Two women arrested with Cdin were released utter bclnu qiie«- UnncMl. They ; were Bllliu King; '32; and Mabl 'Nprrlfi, 25." . . ,-,-;,;... MEMPHIS' Aup. 2S. tup)—Fed- eral secret service men nn-1 Mom- j phis (HiHecllycs are contlmiln? tiijjr • lnvi-jtlg:illnn, Into the acllviliss ot ' a counterfeiting ring which- has spread u largo immbur -M fake" S'iO bills over tjio Ivl-slates. ... : A man an'd two woin;h wjre ar- vr.iterdny, but tils announced lo<lay. !, Pcirce Cilv Is Now ,„ ,, t r ' 1 , o. (UP)—Tills rs ot LuiTCncy In-jlown, fol . fl0 years known as Pelrce Government Finds Farm- [Revolutionary Government ers Have Lived Up .to! Agreemcnts Splendidly, i Designates General cclion for February 20. J Congress was declared to be dls-' ! solved. est must said. prevail." (he statement Chicago Corn open high Sept, 51 1-4 52 Dec. 57 57 1-4 low claw « 3-4 51 1-8 55 1-8 56 1-2 All iccoimt-i and records, it continued, must be open to public Inspection and must reveal details of costs. Lllienllinl revealed lhat the T V A. eventually intcnCs to servo al least one city of more than ?.V>Of>o people, probably Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta or Louisville. nesday's vote wns 18 to 56. The continuance of an audit 3 the Arkansas highwav department records was voted by the house. The bill permits the audit commission to complete the work it smarted more than a year ago. Under the bill $20.000 can be expended. Conflict on Rftallers Under Ihe fcecr bill the department of revenues is given $19. SQt\ with which to enforce collection of ic beer tax in the state. There is a conflict between the federal nnd Arkansas classifications or wholesale and retail beer dealers. Under the federal law wholesalers cannot s?ll less than five i... Ions of b?er: retail dealers more than five gallons. Under the new Arkansas law retailers are allowed to fell 16 gallons; wholesalers more than Uiat amount. Thn administration met defeat on the $6.500 appronriatlon to UK World Fair exhibit. GOV. Putrel In a letter lo the chairman or NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 25. lUP) HAVANA. Cuba. Aug. 25. (UP) — — Wllli the deadline for destroy- j Cuba's revol.illon.iry government ng of cotton passed at midnigrl | agreed today to wipe out the ves- night, . indications today were : tj g e s o f the Machado regime ns if that southern farmers had lived , n had never existed and to call a up to their acreage reduction pleclg- | general election for Feb. 20, 1934. cs 100 per cent. ' Re]»rts gathered on the New Orleans cciton exchange yesterday! The constitution enacted • under were that destruction was jwac- j Former President Mnchado was or- tically comploted in all cotton slates j dered nullified In favor of the basic and would be over before trc end constitution of 1901. or the day. Approximately ten mil- All provincial and municipal ex- lion acres of growing plants had | ecutives ad legislative offices were been destroyed by midnight In the ' declared vacant, as were all 'su- most revolutionary price raising prem« court posts filled after May program ever adopted. Federal agents were reatly today lo go Into Ihose fields, eonlractel but undcstroycd by recalcitrant nrmers. and plow up cotton In ac- ordancc with contract. The planter would bear the . expenses of ucli. Indications were such dras- Ic action would be necessary In only a few scattered cases. flation in Statement. HYDE PARK. N. Y., Aug. 2f>. (UP)— Prospects of ciineticy Inflation us part of the lulnilnlsLrntlon'.s' j economic recovery program faded i to'Jay wlien President Roosevelt and ] Secretary of Treasury Wooilln overhauled the fiscal nffalrs of the government. "I am nol resigning or Inflating." was the word Woodin sent lo newspapermen by Stephen Earlv. While House secretary, as he prepared lo dcpnrl for Hyde P.irk after reviewing not only ijovernuicni credit and maturities, -bin Hi" public works program as well. in connection wilh the public work? expenditures Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Woodin discussal olans for the treasury to participate in fi- • - f . —. March -will -leave/mb- piorhlng.'.tn I (jv.utlon two 'men <.\vho -have bjeh m-resltd in connection wlllv tha' iuji-.l tlvllies of lhe ruig, Tlie.meri."are.| 1 D. u, Uscamp;- farmer- .slierlft---oj ; Iiidependencs county, and p. Ii CITY, Mo. (UP)—This t y ; '.^ ? "'° .- :. • - "Tlie engraving -'was done, but /ar from perfi City, lias decided ID put the i b:foic Clly. Men people suellcd it wrsm. usurer yet.' but I hop:; thaVmy j 11 Ip to joncslwro will result In more airests." Favored Hunters to Seek ' , 7 -. Bull Elk of Idaho Mirpnsc nancliK; the 53.300.000.000 program. The treasury desires Ample onpor POOATKLLO. Ida. (UP)_A select Hi-ourf nf 160 Inmleis will bn liermltled to Invade the Pocnlelb game preserve Sepl. 2S to hunt bull elk having at least two pointed horns. 'Tony' Drexeli II. Eckcr. stnte game warden. . e ald hc N would ITC?|VC nppll-' callous lo Join the hunt, from boiiR flilu Idnho resldeuls havliis regular iinine licenses, until Sept. 15. On Sept. 20. 150 names will l:r> drawn from lhe applicants, who will be allowed lo join lhe hum. Ench will be required to pay a . ............. _ .......... „ tnnlty (o time Us cooperation with ] special $1[) license. The hunt the public works ndminiMratbn. . cciuinuc until Oct. 5. wilt 'Squirrel Hunter' Hani Pnl To Keep From Breaking Some Law AITO Sines, youthful resident of the. Bl; Lake bottoms northwest '•"mstnncos were Just Ihe kind to! 20, 1929 when Machado began his IIH! Bl? Ijakc "o" 0 " 15 northwest cct an Innocent man in trouble, second term Htllf Moon - harelv escaped oncn Tie had ftarled nut ?n,iilrre] hunt- President De "e.sncdes, head of the revolutionary goverment prepared lo sign decrees carrying out the decisions at once. Copies will be posted throughout the country today. The decisions were made to return the nation to Its pre-Machado statits and begin afresh from there. Explains Proposed Code For Cotton To Board Walter Turner of the Arkansas admission of vloliutne more than;lnt! about two hours before the Former Jonesboro Woman Dies In Memphis Hospital MEMPHIS, Aug. 25. (UP)—Mrs. Hazel Edna Thompson, 32. nife of B. P. Thompson, grocer, fcrmer i Cotton Association office at" LU- res!dent of Jonesboro, died at St. .tie Rock was here Wednesday Joseph's hospital last night after ' ' a fortnight's illness. She Is survived by her husband and Ihrce daughters. and explained the proposed cotton code, now bcfoie the federal government at .1 meeting at Ihe Bo.ird of Trade office. one state law before he had given the munlcinal court thn benefit of his "squlrrell hunting" expedition as his defense In n charge of possessing n still yeterday. Oespllo Sines narrow esonnes from other illegal nets, accordlne tn his own tcstimonv. Municipal .Turter C. A. Cunningham ordered Mm held ^to Ihe grand Jury under S5W) bund on Ihe felony charge of po«esslne a still. Members of a sheriff's raiding | oarly found Sines nnd anothpr man stnnrlinR nl the site of a "nail still wnrklnir a. hand numn. 'he ji.nte evidence showed. While 'he officers were closing In on Sine* and hl<; comnanion another WEATHER Board of Trade Adds Commodity, Stock Service raid, having been led unfortunate Iv by uninformed parties to believe [he squirrel season ^-r>s orK-n.. Tlowever though he didn't realize' he was so lucky at the time. Sloes with the helu of bis dog couldn't get any squirrels. After hunting about nn hour the young faimer met up with a flraneer. also Etniirrcl huntlmr-ln the woods. Tl- n v hunted together for an hour riVotit any luck. Unless you to call it Hirk 'uossum. when Sipes' dog got a But Siocs didn't want the 'possum. the season not bcini! open, so hisi companion said that since it was already dead, he'd take it. Coming un on a deserted outfit state commission indicated that h< favored Ihe measure and that I cnme within the purview of his cill In as much a-s the money was to ccmc from tte beverage fund. The house defeated the senate bill appropriating this money. and Saturday, cinity: Partly and Sipes started out on a nutli ClOiltly tOlll?- t. - - . HUM OLI^VI jiciiieu out u[i u "HLJI Memphi.- nnd vi-| The Blythcvllle Board of Trade] In the onroslte direction. Sipes cloudy lodny niid]»as arraiiBed "" - - .. of officers locatinn a still seme distance away, fired their]" mt -looked like a still, a short dls- p'in s rapldlv calling for heln. At!^ 11 " ( rom ^ ls ho:ut! ' Sipes and the sound Pipes comoanlon bolteri: hls unknown comoanlon. being out one side nf the thirket ln! thlrst >' alt " n cmi !' !<1 of hours In which the smsll still via located (ll e drink. stopped to pump a They were In the midst of their Despite the reporter! opposition of v ...w,,u, HAL,) ,,:,..^. ...... the John F.jrushcd rleht Into Eddie 13. David.'drinking when thr-v heard mm- his mother, Antliony J.Drexel ird, Saturday. IJtllc change in lem-1 c 'ark company for continuous wire] dcnul.v shrrlfr. who wilh Sheriff fire and saw the officers approach- ot llio wealthy Philadelphia f«m- peralure. I'enotls on all commodity securl-! Clarence Wilson look him into Ins;. Sipes' newly found friend, etc- Hy. eloped *lth and married.Mlss. I tics and slock markets in conncc- rustodv. His companion escaped, clarinsr he mlglu pel in "hot \ra- Helen'A. Howard (above), of At- Tho maximum temperalure here lion with its daily cotlon market They broi.oht Sipes to Jail here ter" over the dead -'possum "sold l«nta. at Waltella, S.-O. .Drexel'a yesterday v-as 91. mlnlnnnn Gl, - —' ' .... ... ...•_. . .. - n .^tK A « i»--*_^_._.i .. ».— ,. clear, according to Samuel K. Nor- tt 1 ;, r-" n rts. and accused him of possessing the out." Sipes moved off "in the other "'other Is reported to bavo rtc- Thc wire .service will be a new! still. I direcliou and right into the offl- «»«d hla marriage to ba "very official weather observer, | feature for Ihe local board. j But according to Sipes the clr-leers and liard luck.

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