The Times from London,  on September 8, 1866 · Page 12
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The Times from London, · Page 12

London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1866
Page 12
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12 THE TIMES, SATURDAYS SEPTEMBER 8,; 1866. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. (unnfi TtXatiKAMa,) ' PRUSSIA. AND BELGIUM. BKRUK, Stir. 7.t Tbe eml - officikl Korik GtrrnvM OauU of thia evening contains an article poa lha anU - Pnrssian attitude assumed by the Belgian pnw. Tha article say: "Tha hop that titer tha coodatkm of pesos) tha Belgian pnrt would be careful to treat Proatia with more coauleratioa baa not bean fulfilled. On the contrary, it ia proving itaalt to be a decided enemy to the national dereloptnent of Germany. The lleltrian prees wonld do well to take heed lest at some tore time it be reckoned among the ene - miea of Proaais, The journalists of Beiftnm fear one powerful nrighbmir, intuit another, and repress all national liberty in their own eonntry. Let them at last become conaeioat of the responsibility tiey incur." PRUSSIA. BERLIN. Sett. 7. To - day in the Chamber of Deputies the Annexation Bill was adopted by 273 against 14 to tea. Among thoee who roted in the minority were Dr. Jacoby and Ilerren 0 roots and Kappelmann. The Polish Deputies abstained from Toting. Subsequently Count Bitmark laid before the House a Bill for the incorporation of SchlewigHoUtein with Prussia, expressing at the tame time a wish that it should be dealt with by the Chamber with the least possible delay. The Prussian GoTernment hare confirmed the concession for the construction of a submarine telegraph line from the English to the Hanoverian coast, granted by the Hanoverian GoTernment to Renter's Telegram Company, and hare further con. ceded to the same company the exclusive privilege of constructing land lines which will bring the wires into direct communication with the entire Continental telegraphic system. The cable, which con. tains four conducting wires, will be in full work - Vig order by the 1st of October. FRANCE. PARIS, Sin. 7. Yesterday the Emperor went out hunting at St. Germ sins. The RUndard of this evening publishes a despatch from Vienna stating that the cattle plague baa broken out in Galicia, Hungary, and Moravia. According to news received here from Berlin the King of Saxony has accepted in principle the condition imposed by Prussia, that the military affairs of 8axony be left entirely under Prussian direction. 3 30I - .X. The Bourse has been rery firm. Rentes closed at "Of. 22c, or 17c. higher than yesterday. . RUSSIA. ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 7. The Czar returned hero yesterday front Moscow. The Invalid Hutu of to - day declares that the disturbances in the Caucasus have been entirely quelled, and that tranquillity is now everywhere restored. According to that journal the disturbances were caused by the circulation among the mountaineers of false reports set afloat in connexion with the statistics relative to the abolition of serfdom, which were being collected at the time by the Russian authorities MEXICO. ST. NAZAIRK, 8ift. 7. The Veassaseries Imperiales steamship France, with the Mexican mails, arrived here to - day. The France brings 400 passengers, specie to the T&lue of 7,S00,000f., and a full cargo. INDIA. (Br Direct Otxrlaitd Telegraph.) BOMBAY, 8ETT. 3, 3 45 PJC Cotton very dull Dbollerah, 2S0r. CALCUTTA, Sept. 1. Markets unchanged. THE ATLANTIC CABLE. The following telegram was received by Renter's Telegram Company, Limited, at 7 W p.m., from Mr. R. A. Glass, managing director of the Tele graph Construction and Maintenance Company (Limited), Sept 7 z " V A LENT! A, 8 nr. 7. " Following received from the Great Eastern at 6 1 1 p - m. : Canning to Glass. " Ship's time, noon. Let. 49 8, loaz. 51 20. Total cable payed out from splice. 69881 miles. Distance run from splice, G0GC miles. Total slack, 1523 per cent. Heart's Content distant 1148 miles. Weather fine. Sea calm. Tests perfect. 2io:r to rnoPA a a te cholera. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TUIE3. Sir, A statement has becu made on authority which admits of no doubt that the Cholera Committee of the Mansion - house has sent or assisted in sending a number of convalescent cholera patients to the Couvatesccnt Institution at Walton - on - TSuunes. These patients tako with them a certain amount of cholera infection or poison, and as Walton - on - Thames is init above the source whence the water companies take their supplies for distribution to the metropolis, it requires no great amount of acumen to estimate, nor ol susceptibility to - be alarmed at, the fearful consequences which may be the result of this proceeding. Yours obediently. Sept 7, " Q. THE CUOLXRA IN wamkq. TUX TOLCSTKIRX AND TBK DXLOUK TIE NATIONAL. Tha Joist labours of the Bthdaa Oummlasloa sad th English Volnsteer Committee hive resulted la the Usa of s tolerably perfect programme of tha procsediop st Brawls, tbe 2VI lost The Volonteers will be able to compete, ss ta previous years, st the nnUaary shootlag cf tbeTir Natioaal. 225 sactree (about CO yards), with the sun rrjulaUooi that applied last year. Bat tha class of a hooting which mora particularly appeals to our riflemen will be tout st Ion; ranges, now introdoced for tha first time in Belgium. Prists have been eflerad by the King, the Goveremeot, and tbe Garde Qvique, and oaa series U area to riflemea of stl countries beariag mQitsry , TO THE EDITOR OF TIIE TIMES. Sir, I cannot allow each a statement as I sea in tha cholera report of Tke Timet this moroin; to pass without requesting you to give it taj most positive coottadictlon. It is Skid that in the case ot maav of lha eooveleeeeot patients from tha Wsnping Ilospitsl who have been diseUarged there has been a relapse into the disease after returning to their own homes; snd it would 'appear from the eoqatrnctinn of the paragraph that this wss stated by the local committee, none of whom were present If it ware true that many had relapsed after being discharged great discredit would be doe to the authorities for sending them ewsj too soon, when there is ample apses sad means for seooeoroodation ; but it is absolutely antrus. One of tbe most striking features ia tha working of this hospital is the length of time that convalescents remain when thev can be persuaded to do so sod I assure, you. Sir, that all units la urging tha patients to remain ss long ss possible, sara when there is opportunity of sending them into tha country. Tha real facts sra as follows: Out of 172 patients sd - raitted to this data, one only has been discharged, and that for the reason given below. All tha others' who hsva left hare left of their own accord ; la the majority of eases after soma delay caused by tha express desire of thcae In charge. There have been five esses of relapse ; T. T., a baby, brought In with no urgent symptoms, taken away well, and three weeks later said to be dead from neglect. No application wss made to any medical man till the very last M. D. A cholera eaaa : first brought ia drunk by tha police ; went out returned, and left cured in 12 days. J. D. Cholera ; left the hospital cured ; brought in szain after four days, having been drank all that time ; finally left cured la a fortnight. A. S. Diarrheas sad chronic drunkenness ; left In three days, but returned no urgeotsymptoms; wss admitted and allowed to remain six days, when she tried to stesl off with aaotber patient's clothes, tiering suffered from nothing but debility due to drunkenness, she wss dismissed. T.A. A baby, wss taken away, cured of disrrhree ; brought back again very fretful, but nothing tha matter, and is still in the hospital. 'With respect to the many seafaring people of the better class whose deaths bare caused "painful instances of bereavement" there have been in all nine sailors admitted, men and boys ; three have died ; one left a widow, who hss been provided with regular work In my pariah as a mission woman ; one left a widow and child in Norfolk ; and one when brought ia wss so far gooa that nothing could be learnt from him. We have quite enough distress at Wspping. In tha hospital and out of U, without wishing to rely upon exaggera - tioa for sympathy. Tha statement Sir, which I thus desire moat earnestly to contradict is ooa that has gives much pain to those who sre working sealously la and for this hospital. It is particularly opposed to tha truth, and hss doubtless arisen from a mis - undsritanduig, or from an application to Wspping of something that may hare been said of the' East - cod generally. I sm yonr obedient servant SHERRARD D. BURN ACT. Rectory, Wspping, Sept 7. to thoee used at Wimbledon for the Swiat Carton prises, two yards square, with a boITs - eve of 24 Inches, ooeatiag Htur poiai ; a centre ot 48 iaches, counting three points, the outer couatine two points. Five ehota ere allowed at each distance, two sighting shots in aMitien. There will be no cusrge made lor entrance lees or sighting shots, but toe list of competitors will be cloeed oa the 2Uth Inst. Entries sre to be made to the Una. Secretaries of the Eoglish Com mittee st , ii, KasiogbsU - street. A apecisl competition Has been also srrsngnf for English Volunteers only, prises baring been offered by tha Beliaa riflemen who visited Wimbloloo last July, by the Chasseurs Eelai - reurs of Brussels, by the secoad lepon of tbe Garde Qvique of Brussels, and by others. Seven shots sra to oa crm at 4MJ ana XQ roc tree, regulation long CuQeM rifles, with Government ammunition slono being admiasi - bla to this contest. Tsrgets snd scoring sre to be on lha Wimbledon system, and the Hythe pusiuoo adopted. These prises must be shot for in uniform, 14 marks to be made st the shorter range to Qualify competitors to shoot st 510 metres, two signting shots allowed at each range. 1 Dera will be no entrance fee for this competition. The IDecisl Hluomnixl fur the entertainment of our Volunteers sra numerous, sad show that the Behrians are determined to repay, with heavy interest, the hospitality received by their representatives in this country last J uly. On Saturday evening, the 22J. there is to be a torch - Ugbt reception to the Volunteers at the railway statue, wneoce uey are to oa msrenea to tne uotel as uie. there to be presented with the eta ifaoaarstr by the burgomaster : the same eveniaar a rout ia to ha riven by tha Lite rery snd Artistic Club. On 8unday there will be an omeial reeeDtioa at the Tir it stionaL steMeeaases. snd a ball. Oa lioadsy evening a military eoncert at tha Zoological Gardens, and a ball given by tha Reunion Lrriiue : on Tuesdsv creator a ball riven br tha Sodcte de Grands Harmonic ; on Wednesday a fttt, illumination a, Ac. In the rardens of the Zoologies Society : on Thursday a State visit to the Opera by the King, when seats will be speaauy reserrea lor volunteers : on jrnday an excursion to Antwerp on the special invitatioa of the Gsrde Clvfane of that city ; on Saturday a public banquet and promenade concert. Tha South. Eastern snd Chatham and Dover Rallwsvs hsve agreed to start trains from their several metropolitan termini at 7 25 a.m. on tha Zii last. Special boats and trains wuiennvey ua volunteers rrom jjover so urn see is, in time for the reception in tha evening. Tha fares will be, for return tickets available for a month. 32s. 6d. Ant - class. and 22s. second - class. The Enrlish Volunteer Committee have had a by so means easy task In arranging these details, the aetlvs Honorary secretaries having anything but a sinecure in their respective departments. lieutenant Farley (29th Rent) hss Tinted Brussels ID la week to perfect ue prorramme, M.T. Bigroore (1st Surrey) having charge of the English sorre - spondenpe. It is tally snttdcated from tha interest manl leaieq y volunteers Iron all parts or toe country mat a mselves oc Cbolku i tbe HoftriTAUa. On Thursday night Harriet Hubbard, aged 23 years, one of tha night nurses in Gut's Hoanital, In the Petersham or cholera ward, died of cholera. During the whole of the progress of tha disease she has attended to tbe patients with unremitting seal, and has now, at the terminstioD of the epidemic, sad when there were only a few rapidlv recovering esses, fallen a victim to her rreat exertions. GMc Tbs Lite Me. Bclklxt Yotma. The mortal remains of this sooomplished and deeply lamented young rentlemaa, who recently met his death in descending Uont Blanc, were Interred In tne new rarnuy vault oa tbe north sids of tha rarish church of his native Tillage of OocUiam. on Saturday the 1st lost. The body arrired from Loa - dou eooo after 9 la tha morning of tha same day, and after having rested for a short lime at Formossvcottsge, the residence of Lsdy Young, wss conveyed in a hearse to Its lsst mting - plaee, followed by four mourning coaches. The scene at the grave was very affecting, the greater part of the large number of persons assembled to witness tha ssd ceremony being moved la tears. Fkacdulzxt Midical DiTLOXAs. The autho rities of tbe Royal College of Surgeons have directed tbe attention of the American 111 sister to a practice which. If not checked, may land to cast discredit oa the medical profession and inflict deep injury en tha public generally. An advertisement is Inserted ia soma of tha leading English journals containing this anoouncesnent t "Diploma (Sledi - cai) to be disposed ot, a bargain, it is supposed Wat many of these are in tha market, and that any person to dis - Dooed. whether he have sy medical knowledge or not may set up ss a medics! practitioner by tha purchase of one of them. It has been ascertained that the diploma advertised is from aa Institution la Haw XorK, mat it Is duly attested, and is signed by Examiners." A space for the name of the purchaser,' or any nominee who may be desirous of medical honours. Is left blank, so that any of the quacks who infest the metropolis, or any other person, may at once convert the diploma into his duly certified medical qualification, and do Irreparable misohief to tbe ignores t people who may be unfortunate enough to place themselves 10 his barns. The Wosxio - atE3s' Cosrauss at Gkxxva. - The seven British delegates ta this Congress arrived in Geneva lets on Sunday evening, and were received at the station by (Tbe following appeared ia our Second Edition of yaster - a crowd of working - men who had assembled for tbe pur dy: - J (IXVTXE'S TZXXORA1CI.) AUSTRIA. VIENNA, Sett. 8, Eveto - o. General Frank, the Minister of War, has, at his own mjuest, been relieved of his functions, on account of the state of his health. He retires permanently with the grade of Field - Marshal. HUNGARY. PESTIL Sm. 6, Evexikc. The wife and daughter of Franz Pnlazky, the Hungarian exile who recently obtained permission from the Emperor to visit his sick daughter, sre both dead. Qis daughter died yesterday of typhus fever, and his wife to - day of cholera, Pulsiky is expected to arrive here to - day. All the persons recently arrested by the police for political offences have been released. ROYAL INTERVIEW AT BIARRITZ. . MADRID, Srt - T. ft, The Queen paid a visit to the' Empress of the French at Biarritx to - day. Her Majesty was accompanied by Marshal Itarvaez, the Minister of State. AMERICA. The Royal Mail steamship Cuba, from Halifax and Boston, arrived at Queens town at 5 a.m. yesterday, with 84 passengers and $16,642 in specie. She landed all the mails except those for Liverpool, and two passengers, and proceeded at 6 30 a.m. ; all welL Vil Roc ii c'a PpiST.) NEW YORK, Aco. 23, Evksixo. President Johnson, accompanied by Mr. Seward, General Grant Admiral Farragut, and suite, left Wahinton this morning en rtmU for Chicago. Great preparations are being made at New York to receive the Preaulent, and the Municipality will present him with an addrew approving his policy. The Philadelphia Municipality refusod to tako part in l"rcsid - nt Johnson's receptiosj in that city. General Grander officially states that during his tour through the Southern States he found no symptoms of organized disloyalty to the Government Aco. aa .President Johnson and his suite received an en. thusiastic popular reception at New York yesterday, and were entertained by the prominent citizens at a banquet at Delmonieu's. The President msde a speech, expressing his determination to carry out bis policy and restore the Union. Mr. Seward also made speech, in which he said that the press Cried for wax with Mexico, bpain, and England. He himself favoured all wars which the nation nra. and whs rreeted the arrival of the d derates with ' cheers. Tbe delerates were then escorted to the rooms of the Genera section of the International fV or king - men's Association, and regsled mere wllb a I rural supper, ladrines were also nroviiled for them. On Monday morning, about 9 o'clock, the British delegates were escorted br a brass band and with colours flying through tha principal thoroughfares of Geneva ta the place where the Commas wss to meet. The hall is a place capable of holdiOaT about a thousand people. It is decorated with flags. Over tha president's chair is the red flag of tha Geneva section of the International Working - men's Association ; to tbe right of this the Sure and Stripes,'' snd to tbe left the flsg of the Swiss Republic Telegrams were reoeived announcing that two delegates from America were oa their war, and one trora spies, ine opening ipeecnee were msde bv Citixen Becker (to German), president of the Ger man branch of the Geoerese section of the association, and bv Citizen Dupleix (in French), the president of the French or Romane branch of the Geoevese section of the association. Dr. Coullen, the President of the Chsux - de - r onds (rays da Vsnd) brsnch also spoke, and the Congress then sojourned until the afternoon. On reassembling, . Mr. Jung, watchmaker, of Northamptoo - eqoare, London, and one ot tha aeren delegates rrom lradon, was elected rresiaent ol toe Oonrrres. Junr is s Switser br birth, and speaks French and German from his earliest Tears. A resvienoe of ten years in London hss given him sn almost equal facility in the use of tha English language. Tha discussions on the programme prepared by tbe London Conference In September. 1STA. oommenced on Wednesday morning. Fesiass ix Liverpool. It has been suspected for some time tbst there were Fenian movements going on in Liverpool, but hitherto there have been no revelations of moment. A few days sgo, however, the authorities st Dublin sent two officers over to Liverpool, snd they st once placed themselves in communication with the local force. The result wss that on Thursday morninas body of police went to No. M, Salisbury - street Liverpool, a house kept by a sirs. Hieckmore. Hi men tbey were in searenoi were gene, but they found abundant evidence of the character of the late inmates, among whom were Hulled a, a Joiner ; Cox. a bricklayer ; snd FarrelL, s carpenter, all members of the Liver pool Irish Volunteer Brigade. In January last Farrell in trodueed a man named. Brooks, who hired a closet aod placed a padlock upon it. Subsequently an American named Leonard was added to the company, but they all managed to esrspe before the polios srrired. In Brooks s closet tbe officers found several bottles containing a strongly smelling liquid, which they suspected to be explosive. They large number will avail then spendi ng a pleasant holyday in Belgium. tha opportunity of Mi MURRAY'S LIRT of IlASUBOOaLt' for Tit A Ttt.T.RB3 : tHAPMAV aad HALL' PUBLICATIONS MURRAY'S HAXDUOOK ft TRAVEL TALK, m rmeh. tisnain, Ikatlaa, sad Easttsa, br the Use tt rsis U Ewrls t OMiON and PAUIHr Wit ai. a tT MURRAY'S 11AND BOOK - LONDON AS IT III aenwslsAs Golds to aU Ibe Slskts a4 Ublaoes at lnaarssS la tee ateUoyntis. HIIS ate? ilea, pal fa "i HANDBOOK - PAKI. - and Its EXVUuiXS apnL. nniA. s li ta euaa. nawe. m ini'h i sues i ir ann iss smvneiMi. WALKS, Vtw S6TU la s tew e.. i em. rTfZT. RAlOC&MOWELLt a Tale of the Xew Fnrest. av.P. BtLACKMOfts. AmSer mt - CUra Tears . I UXT JIARUAUKTs TUOUBLK. By a NEW V WSUTSJL EisissiiI tnm - AB she Tee sVst .ITURRAT's ATX EX VI sums at teterewi mesJ JSuCaKDT Jess evkifSsel. enrhs. Ke, 4 INQUISITIO PUILOSOPIIICA : being an Exs - asisMSiaa ss rrbaetssss eg ZaaS seal BesrHssa. Er M. T. W. "sid" 1 UELANTTT Wish auye aUa.saesk,Sa.saV. f URRAYs UANDUOOK - the LAKES: West - JL nwslsaS. CsnsserfcssJ. ae. The Xew TnseUliif sts rso la lata rulasM has ben euostrmcsed frcM the mat Ordaaaee am. sej Is the Bias enmUste esse ssiMlshed. mud will enable tbe psUestfiaa la - Lk'l . . r f URRAY's HANDBOOK XOKTH and SOUTH IT 1 Sfiln . kuunf llMiunsria. BaoiKlna. Utesit. Mssiel Strain. Canswthf. reeibmse. TseHy. wests, las Wye, he. MURRAY'S HAKDBOKltELAND : Dublin, Belfast, Dmol, Catwar. Weifont. Ovt. tiaaerlek. Wales - Beltsy Doners'. Cah LsAesefgulany. With Map, port S.O.. lu. , XTURRAY's HANDBOOK - KENT snd SUSSEX: 1" A Ckatsresrr. Done. Bumnta, Uhnraist, KocbaaSar. ChaSheaa. Wuolelch. Hrwhne.OMchslT, Werthlne. II Mtiv l - r. A nnyWUs. 71 J URRAY's HA5ooi5:URREY aad IT i H AMTS sad ISLE ot WIGHT : Klacstoo, Crordoo, Belraaa. UMSKUeu. w inenssts r, MOfrthaeiesne. FrwlseKietn. nitu Mse, loalsn Is.!, MURRAY'S HAN liiiOOrv BERKS, BUCKS, sail OXOX : Wladarw. Eauo. Keadiss. Arleabory. Uietvlse, Jest read, wl' - h Msp, Sra MURRAY'S HANDBOOK GLOUCESTER, HERErOTtP.aM WORCTHTERSHtKE. With X ra sra, 7'.dT, T URRAY's HANDBOOK WILTS. DORSET. ATX es1 bOsIERSET : Sslisbsiy. CUnpeaaasa. Werstoath. Hher - poroe. weus, Betn. Hruent, Tsantnn. SA. jos4rss4r, n also, iwassw., f URRAY's UANDliOOK - e)TAKl"ORD,DERBY, lTA snd Lr.lcreiTT.RSHlBE. MURRAY HADM(KTk b'tVON and CORNWALL i Ksetsr. rlfnenmbs. TJnanB. Sldmonth. Dewush. TstraaMseth, nrasoath, Diiuaaun, Torewar, lemaiiseiua. Trora, ratssoiisji, ae. SBIP NMWS. LITKBPOOU Sarr. T. wind. x.vr. Arrlrai. - Tha lfetronnus. troas Bt. JohnJTew Broaswick tbe Ariel from Ptepse - the Dotuee, from Cadis the Ulsonore. tnss Mlrsmlcal tne tssMnan. rrom new Yon toe vsnetisn. troaa Aieianane. Mailed. The JssialU, far Anited oa the Sth The M. L. Bl - fcl. tram St. John. Kew rVunssick the Gloria, from Afehaasel the Rlnaieeder. from Rr - telU - tbe Jeanh. the ' ln, sod the Teste, Iran Pooaarea - tbe ttotnde, fncs Iiilai 11 aUladeetMSth. - nMStabonhaath.f(W TtlMa ISr Ttlnntimi far Talpantho - the CUisodeo. fnr Lima the Western IMle,far La Union - the UbMas, for Ceha - he Iissa, foe Valnarmlsn Che tMln. for Kie - soetre - the sairsl. fee ifcuarle the taore, lue asptnwau - - tae u. KMr - tll foe Psraanthiiesw (sg the roct. - TheOeouiark. Tbe reoneytvsa'SA heoee, has arrived stXew Tork. The Lafarstta, rtoo, Krw York, has antral a BessS. The Ssscesjis. BMkse, bee arrresd as slalte. for Alexandria. The larlMhla. freta I mission, baa arrived st Uaachunc. The saperaaee, from vrUeslBrtoa for this port, was ahsadonel eg arrived M TLra Sentemhsr A Tne nerj ueas naa am Tea on toe aorta raraieoa. UBATEXEiro. Ban. 7. (Br Tauanura). ItVam UofiTal I bjs. Wind, RTf.'J tide, hits water ; fresh sod Use. Arrived. Tbe Ooa Dotlna and the BernsrI Chstle, both from flasnasi Ihslleeere ateraotd trass Bsebedoas - the riaaoers, from Doaalrk - the Heveaoa, from Verriaeea. asli. - Tbs Sir Ko6srt TL lor DuntL - t. Js sj. - Wlnd. S.VT. UdVlflrt hoer'a ebb; wmtlisr. fuva. T SO a. m. Wind. IIW.; ude, low water ; wssihsr. 1st Arrived. The Yosts, trace Odessa tbe Missus, from Faaree. Bailed. The PlaaeS, for liesaharlthe raathsr. toe Uoalorae - tbe Oossasodora, for Iros - tbe Hereas, for Xsw Tort the Arties, for met Kaisl - the Alexandra, tor Cochin the Vanes Erjaon, tor Portland Bay. DEAL, Ban. 7. Nooa. - Wind. W fresh. Passed. TheJIIneTTs, tram Xatta for LoDdoa., Wbvt. W.B.W. aoahorad. The OnwsTsnee. from KeeUrsbsrf tor Swansea the dee LaJssK. from tooderUud for OeTie the anaveolr, from Loadoa for Oaeo the Ben Nevis, the Boveretra. the James Oackow (of Ipe. wkohl tbe Anna at UsoeQrl the Oroerr M Kxeterl the Areadla (of Traml the Alma M Tetemntoaibl. all tram the aorta tor tha west, atf p.m. - Wtnd. W, trash. AsKboeed. The Aetma, from loodoa for rort'h'atal the Plato, from Seeder is ad tor rarsmariho tbe Young Louise, from Shleda tor Jerssy. Passed. Tbe Dragon, from the wast tor lomlon. TheJeile.tremJareuiteBotteTdem.Jate H. liltlE Tbe CUtoa Belle, from Akrsb for Queeoslown. Jtuj Si. 77 a Urge Arovrioao shrp from Reneooo. 101 dsrs oat, samedaj. 8,E.; The Bed RldlDf liood, tram Loodoa torHonkoni. Aax. 1,15, 94 The Erat!, from Cardiff fnr Rio Jansiro, 49 dars out. Na S.19S. third estlrmTitshini peodaot, from T.ond,i for Karrschee, As.U,MNt5 VT. UIOB WATTB AT IAXD05 - BTUD0E. ThisDar. I To - ssorrow. Mernhtc.. .. U mm. after 1 1 Morale .. I rein, eftar g Arteraooa .. ii rata, alter 1 1 AtWnono M nun. alter THE TOTXES JXSCTI0N. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir. The Rev. W. H. James, in his letter rmblished yesterday in TJU 2 istei,is mistaken in supposing that I have gone to America. L It is quite iramatsrial who eras my companion when I called cpoa Mr. James to solicit his vote, but I adhere to my impression given in evidence last Uolonel Dawkini was with tne. 2. It Is quite immaterial whether the conversation turned on Mr. James's " monetary affairs" or Mr. James's sccount of an old election to anouer county but 3, It is material to confirm Mr. James's statement that " he did not give me the slightest reason to expect his vote" after I had frankly told him that it wss not my intention to resort to bribery, but i rather think my friend and eollearae. Colonel Dawkinr,wss more hopeful of Mr. James's vote than myself. 11, Belsixe - tvinare, N.W, I am, sir, yours sincerely. Sept,; BEDFORD PIM. Ait other Steamboat Coixisioir. The Suffolk coast, near where the recent catastrophe took place, hss been the scene of another fearful steamship collision, result - inr in the less of the Boss D. Msnzles, a powerful iron screw collier, I the property of the General Iron Screw Collier Company. The Roes D. Mangles, commanded by Captain Broom, was on a voyage from the Thames to the Tyne, to receive a cargo of coals, and between 1 and 2 o'clock on Thursday morning bsd reached abreast of Orfordness, a few miles to tha southward of the spot where the Bruiser snd Ilsswell steamers came together, when another steamship, which afterwards proved to be the Bvhope. a larre screw collier, coal - laden, from the Trne for London, wss observed approaching. What course tha re spective vessels were pursuing nas not correctly transpired, but from the way in which tha Boas D. Mangles wss struck it would seem that she wss keeping a port helm when the collision occurred. Tha two steamers n eared each other, snd the Rybope's stem caught the port side of the Ross D. Msngles just abaft tha main rigging, cutting into her hnll fearfully. The shock is described to have been very severe, ana, coosiaenor toe nature oi ana znisosp, it is somewhat providential that there was not a greater loss of placed the bottles in tubs of water, snd so conveyed them to i life. It was quickly discovered that the Ross D. Msnrles the Dolioe - etation. Detective Seaife. in preparinz somo to was fast fillioe. and the Rvhooe speedily backed out of tbe be sent for analysis, spilt a qusntityon his clothes. It j sinking steamer. Some of lbs bands of lha Ross D. Mangles almost immediately burst into fiamr ssd Scsife wss ' managed to acrsmble on to the bow of the Kyhope before severe! r buruU Tbe police are very reluctant to give in - 1 she got away, aad others took to life - buoys. It is stated thst formation, snd it is neuerea mat tnev nsve grounds tor wttnin nvs or six minutes slier sue was struck the Koes V. carrying their investigations further. Hence their desire I Msngles went down in deep water. Tha Ryhope, as soon for secrecy. I as aha 'got clear, put off boats and pioked up the hands S i r iiT Yearlikcs AT Dokcaster. The nnra - which hid not sneered ed In rettinr on board of herl snd on her of first - class yearlings to be submitted to the racing the men bring mustered it wss found thst a fireman wss public st Donesster during the ensuing race meeting will iir exceed any former vsar ; ami so numerous are the commissions thst Messrs. Tstterssll, the well - known euctioneers, hsve received, thst It hss been found necessary to appropriate a large paddock in Dorse - fair for the accommodation ot tbe numerous lots, aiessrs, separate Thursday will sell a Whitfield stadofyesrliogs - Jar. tiamson a, atr. " - ". tr end other Iota. Tne auneeoay - s aaia wui - - r i - - - - . first catalogue, the yearlings of the Boytborp stud Lord ' nsnal lights reeuired by the Admiralty reguUtioos. Tha Scarborourh'Z Mr. J. Scott's. Mr. Wright's, Mr. Newton's, ! "ynopa, which has sustained serious injury to her stem, hss MrTstephWn's tUth - second atalogue, the Mid - ; om up to lha Victoria Docks, Had lha Re. D. Mangles dletou - one - Row, Mr. HewiU's,Mr. Graham's, Mr. Morris's, ; 'JTrif L !?U!'' "7 l"f lie tor Usvulaoo a, Mr. Kobertsons, ana tne iioo. ... ..u - , 1 - s - , u oombe's. The first estalogne on Thursday will embrace Mn Tears eogsjted in the coal trade, running the Tstterssll will both sell in missing. He was seen on tbe deck just before the ship foundered, snd it is thought that he perished with the ill - fated Teasel. Captain Broom, who wss on tha bridge of the Ross D. Mangles with his chief mate, sustained some serious internal injury. The Ryhope eon tinned about the spot for some lime, aad then proceeded on her course to the company. It is said that both steamers exhibited tha lata P - rl tJ ChsaterrWd - lha Sheffield - lane, and Mr. Cooksoe's ; aod the second tha Fairfield stud ot yearlings, at. t in - required, but rerring to the refusal of Congress to admit the Southern representatives he did not Sir Tstlon Sykas's, Mr. Merry's. Mr, 1' Anson's, Mr, Win - want to go into the field with one ley and was a S. - jT'UoTii:. Mr. little impatient to have the lame leg mada right. John Oeboraa, Mr. f Unison, Mr. Simpson. Mr. Parker, and TK - V. - YrV Stabas" Senate hare Dassed a I ol grstlernea. In addition to Maasrs. Tattersair. axten - - - - - . .iM mIm ni ir r Tin riiiaisssii - - - " - iwsm Johnsoa, ef York, have received in portent commissions. Adelpki Theatre. - Tb Adelphi season will lersnlaaie this eveaing (Setordar) with a performance for thelstewntaf Mr. and Mrs. Billiagtoe, Ihe programme eonsiete af the Seriov iauatt7r, an set of Orrot .Basic, la which Miami will be played by Mrs. Billinrtoa, aad the bcr - lesriu BUhu. nil is tha firs benefit that Mr. and Mrs. Billisgtoa have taksa ia London, motion of welcome to the President. Several Re - pnblicsm Senators have violently attacked President Johnson, accusing him of officially sanctioning tbe asaaasinationa and niaasacrea in New OHaans, and declaring that his policy would cause another ciril Ufa." She was upwards of 500 toes register, aad had been s. Tha first estalogne on Thursday will embrace Mn Tears eogsged in the coal trade, running between Earl of lrbs veariisr. and loU of "".e Trn VorU i" the north. She U ej - f km,.Jum 'th. h.rn.M.Une. and Mr. reported to have been insured. A Gaixast Kcsctje. One day last weelt, a gentleman angling in tha Doe, near Orsndholm MiHs, beard a scream ta the mm lade behind him. Ha immediately rushed to the spot, and seeing a child disappearing ta tha etjjrat, flanged fishing boots and aU, into tha stream, from 13 to 5 feat deep, aod caught tbe la 'eat ia his arms. Throwing it over his arm, ha found to bis great surpriee another child dinging to it a little girl hanging lnsemib'e to her brother. It was with much difficulty that tha preset est ef lha poor children clung to the sleep wall of the mill lade till sesist - aaea srrrred. uapptiy toe cnuorea, although taaetisible, M Jasl readv. wlta ste. east seek. URRATs HANDBOOK YORESHIHE. rU BRAY'S HANDBOC Mu5 Mshoo Ancklaad. BtoeaVeL. IlertleeooL wie - oa - Tvl. atornvta. TraveaocBh. CnMSraa Amavth. Ae. PNOLIHU A'J OATHKUKALBf - With 110 Ulastratloas. vols, ansa Sva, Sts - MTJBRAY's HANDBOOK BODTHERN CATUEDRALB i Wusebsstee, Bellsbarj, Xsetsr.WaUa. Rocbee - tar. Osntertwtrv. aad Ctik - hvater. f URRAY's HANDBOOK EASTERN CATHE - UA DiUIH ! Osford. IVtvraueiiarh. Ely. Korwteh. sad Ueeum. With evTUssaratlosat eosti.o.. Its. Af URRATs HANDBOOK WESTERN CATHEM DRALS: Bri)aol.Gl..oor.t.HrTTfov.y)rCTtCT,sol Licfaft. Id. With H lUastrateeia, eost tvo.. U. W., HEREFORD 31 URRAY's HANDBOOK CATHEDRAL. With rhoMrsti... t s. aTsT: URRAVs HANDBOOK to GLOUCESTER CATREDRAU With UastrsUoos. post Sva. Is. sa.v rpeedOy reeorered. aod are are glad to say that the gentleman who behaved as (sllaatly was a good aM soldier CapUia Kin sear, the adjntaat of the Abrrdeea Tolas teer ArtiDery. Attrian Jarcnuu. 'IT URRAY's fjpilB 00NTIKEN xTEeT HANDBOOK CATHEDRAL. WORCESTER Af URRAY's HANDBOOK of TRAVEL TALK. ATX VTlth Man. nussivo - lus URRAY's J1ANDBOOK HOLLAND, BEL - UIUaL XORTU OERXAXT. and the RHINE to H WTTZfcH - With Mesa Dust I To.. lu, ATTJRRAY's HANDBOOK - SOUTH OERJIANY, a the TIKUU BATAalA AUSTBLS. STXKIA. 11LJ OAKT, aod the DANUBE, from CLM to the HLACK SKA. i!aj With slue, post lvo K, MURRAY'S HAIUJBOOK - SWITZERLAND, the ALMofgAVlir, aod PIEIIMUST. M With laD sad rlaoa. lra.v - Is - URRAY's KNA13ACK GUIDE to SWITZER - Wlth Dlsatrattona, S vula. post Svo. Ses., URRAY's HAIJBOOIC of PAINTING, 1TJL TheQrofssndIrlehgchonls. By Dr. WAAOES, v Its Slapv puss sva, 10s.. MURRAY'S HANDBOOK FRANCE and the riRJMEH, HORaCAXDY, baUXTASY, lbs ifRCTCH a, usurnut, sag rwiT airway WnO MatfX Ms - fsrsX. k. URRAY's HANDBOOK PARIS EXYIRlJIta. and iu With slap, Ivoh, prat M, Jfts.. (S,f UKllAII HASU11 ATX DBOOK 8PAIN and AND A - Ll'HlA. RON DA. ORJOIADA. riTimmi UALL1CIA. tee sutewjun, ana AjtitAttiji. With si sa, post tvei. kv, M URRATs HANDBOOK PORTUGAL LISDUX. and With Maps, BasttvollT Tt 1 URRAY's HANDBOOK NORTH ITALY. ATX riEDafOyT. UODRIA. MlLBARJJl,VISErlA. FAIULA. stUUmA, aad ROMAIINA. Vlth Ms with Msps. posslvo.. lus., Tf URRAY's HANDBOOK CENTRAL ITALY, xiA tiUtxa. xusviauis, rtAJKBjiuE, tne UMbRIA. end the FATRIMOXT of ST. FTCTER'a wita atsp, peatsvok. St., M URRAY's HANDBOOK ROME EJTT1ROXB. and iU With Mao. post .. 10s.. MURRAY HANDBOOK BOUTH ITALY, two siciLna. xatojo, ruMrxn. bxrculaxeum. aoa tmutius 31 URRAY's KNAPSACK GUIDE to ITALY. fURRAY's UANJB()OK bVPAINflNO. The ATX I MURRAY'S HANDBOOK SiClLY, PALERMO, MEMKINA. CATS XI A. SYRAOUeE, ZTXA. and the RUISi et the uatsjiit Ttarm. With Maps. Bust svo. 17" Af URRAY's HANDBOOK GREECE and the i - TX MURRAY'S HAliDOKioVPT. the NILE, ALEXANDRIA. CAIRO, sad THEBK8. With Maps. vols, post Iva.. StA, URRAY's. HANDBOOK SYRIA and PALES - vTatt Map. I sola, post Svo, Ms.. Al URRAVs HANDBOOK - TboMBAY ATX MADRAS. and al M DEN With Mara. tmttvuL. lii URRAVs HANDBOOK SWEDEN, MARK, and XOBWaT. v itb Map, pnx Sva, ta. URRAY's KNAPSACK GUIDE for NORWAY. URRAY's Willi Mao, port Sva, i&s., HANDBOOK RUSSIA, LAND, snd POLAND. FIN M MURRAY'S KNAPSACK BYRON, An edition of Lord ByfonVPoetlesl Works, printed ln a oompect form teg the ass of Travauers. yy O k KS of TRAVJiLS: - Third ahum. Woodeab. Dost Iva - Ta al - A RT of TRAVEL: or. Hints on the 8hifts and Coorrlvaaees avatUble ta Wild Countrlea, By rUASCIS UALTira. a: Third wstitMCe, iiis9wo vm MANUAL of 8C1ENTIFHJ INQUIRY, Pre - f the Admiralty. Feo. Ivo - V. A MONTH in NORWAY. ByJ.G. HOLLWAY. vriulUiisumUusia,Ivoia. r vo Ms.. "COPENHAGEN and the DANISH ISLES durin. a v iwo isarr ttfeMeeee. 17 hdhai - b SASSiar, With Illastratloos. I vols. wjstlvo - Sla. CiWEDEN and GOTHLAND. By HORACE K7 HSKSTAT. With lUnstrmtuns. SvoJlas"" UERU and INDIA t an Account of Travels while a. txklertlfi By C. MARK r KTTERS, from ROME to FRIENDS in ENG. sj lawp. bt Bev. J. w. Bumiow I vols. Duet tvo l&s QIX MONTHS in ITALY. By GEORGE HIL - lllastraujaoe, erivs Jvo - let., A TOUR through the ITALIAN VALLEYS of the AHH aod the Rumaotie aad less treqaeated - ValS ol Sorthera fieojDoot, ot itev. a. w. am X vols. Dnst Svo L&T. f EMARKS on ITALY, made during several visits jLUy rroro isit - es. uv iswl BKlit uri ni.'s. T Illostratlona so Us.. HE BRICK and MARBLE ARCHITECTURE of NORTH ITALY. ByQ. E. STREET. r.H.A. IllisKratkitia Dost Ho - lav. THE ALPS : a Narrative of Excursions and A seenta. aad aa Aeenvmt of the Orieia aad rlierjoaMoa ot electees, L jua.i 1 1 ffi'su. r.rt.B. UlastratioBa. Dost eve - let - ICELAND ; its Volcanoes, Gevsen, and Glaciers. M. ByCreaair. FORBES. Fourth edition. lUvsaeattons. rasa Svo.. a. T ETTERS from HIGH LATITUDES : beins - some IA Account of a Tseht Tovae to leetalvl. Jan Majen, and Bntta - perfen. py uea uutrtsi.i. Seventh edition. Plaaa. Svo - lav. ;INAI and PALESTINE, in Connection with their 2 History. By Uaeoa TAJ Lai. Illsatratlons. cost Svo - Ta td - TTISITS to the MONASTERIES of the LEVANT. T or noo. aoprrfM viusfcxrj. Jaeatabad.lvat.sastel. ' 'KETCHES of RUSSIAN LiVK Edited by ) . HESRT tioS - LTT. Jet pahtiseed. sapee rersl a, with peaa THE PROPORTIONS of the HUMAN FIGURE, aandlac to a Jtew Oaaaa. For arasrleal eaa. Bj W. W. Ck. YVT - i VTW rt Cw HleeeArfi. mUAVitLS ia FUAXCH aad GKHMANy taUrX 1 and 18. meewSla a ea T - vare Iva the Eaawaa. USt IVle SUM tha Mawetavai "f Kwiiiisa Tarter, frees b" Moaarawrna Er IXVLtrtHVilt. at W nt - Tsaeels as dmUZhT. ioe t.tlaea fc.valWv - oy lues 11 smell 1 1 loffcao at ease - hava vjeteavsMsl aer saaaes lashers, 13, tinmt Msrws - tVvVes. IT'IKLD - MARSH AL Vlecoont COHBXrlMERZs X? MEMOIJta aad WEKXHrUJDtSCE I fres tu - - reaera. By tae EX Re. Ff AST, Tl I COM g gaVTS W. W. UULL1A - A a ila as sad rn f r - .TJira Frfta edluoa. 1 tola, ma K. LOBA DI ROMA. By W. W. STORY. EASTERN ENGLAND, from the Thames to tha Hasabsr. By WALTER WHITE., vl I INTERNATIONAL POLICY. 1 1 Kaedaad aad Franea. By FiWarkk flarrvjoa. JL - A. a intiisa aoa tea nea. ntt misaj . :a a, A EesUad aad ladia. By E. H. Fswhve. M.A. A fnrt sad east Chtaa. Be J. H skVJava. bLB. a. KojlABd aad Jepea. By Charles A. Oioksnsv BJL I. BAsiaavtaaa tne L'aervutasa tsasaanmaa ftattoa. B.A. rTTirolfT8" x caRLTLe - s Eavays on the By TTssn TJU TVoRKsT THE PRESCH BEVOLnTIOS'. A Hiatory. 1 Si TROSBTJiiLTU fl vola erowa 9vol. Oa. "TTLTVER" CRT5MWEXE7 EETTERS sria vr srasciua. with EaeveaSMaa. ayiHUBasvAsi,iu. ilHtVES of STERLING and SCHlLXER. By AJ THOH AS C A RLTLX. I eat, erewa ava aa V CRITICAL aod MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. V J Bv THOMAS CARLTUA 4 vakv v a a les. 6.OART0K RESAKTUS and HERO WORSHIP. O ' By THOMAS GARLYLE. I vol. erewa Svo. Sa. 6. I ATTER - DAY PAMPHLETS. By THOMAS lA CASXYLE. Orewa Sva. as. TTi iHARTlsM and PAST and PRESENT. By Kj THOMAS CARL TLX, 1 vol erewa Sep, la IJiARANSLATiOSS of GERMAN ROMANCE. rpRAT X Br" 9. 7 1 LH ELM MEISTEK'i V T SHir sod TRAVELS. Trass r THOMAS C ARLYLE. I vol , Svo - as. APTREN'TiCE he THOhtAa CAK, LTLE, t vole - ervwa Svex, las. . ia U ISTORY on RrlDERlCK the GREAT. By X S THOMAS CXXLVLX Wllh Tie basis ssnl alssa. S vest. Aeesv Sveu third edlaVra. O. flilAXllsJSB UlUhli.'i S'S YVOttAVbl L, UlUKWIUa FAPiUlS. Br M. DIC'XEXS. a PlsUS. J TCls. poM tv", lt CWe "IMoq.5 2.7ICHoLAS NICIvLEBT: Br XI DICKETH. MPIaave. 1 vols, post Svo.. 18s. Cheap edttloa. sa. rjTBA' .YELS in EGYPT. Nul Land. By IKBT Sad M A3 SttLs and the Holy Post Sra. M.S1L, pORTUQAI, GsthEasnu. Provinces. XXf AkTIN"CHU22Tl ATX vols, post! lewtt; t: srciiARLEs . u 1 u a r - T ej natss. x vols, post svo. J By CHARLES DICXEXS. Ivois. postSroUs. S9 rial vs. Dost Svo - ISs. Chsao edttloa. Sa, U CURIoSlTVSrlOt.and Reprinted Pieces. ..inlet eaa at the anal, I eg Kaslstsfi aveanaa. 1 si a asost iuuisbst wore.' LA tlesat Mam rrtHR 8 FO BTS HAJ sad BATURAU3T fas larna, aad rioter teas tseavy. ca maiur r.ava - a. - Ta tae Enatsa.a seat ae fsneila or ere uuHiao all est Ma KM avnve sen vslsahe. FVlrt. Harsl aad hlarSen. .Ml.n a aw aoTU, ay tne saisea - tae st sue ef n arise J. IwaiT as tu'M ausranav. ae a eaat. RACUEL'a SECRET. By tbe Author of MThe m MMSee wf Martea.' HareteosI IBeesets. pa laihsra. It Oseaa 11 BaK&.JfSW X .TiJ. Vewmer.Ulv: " THE wife's" ERItOR. By LADY BLAKE. " t - dr WaSe Is a peiWvH aad aUeenS avftsr. The - STsVa Arree la aa Intsvi iiar sanrr. - Frsr A eeastal aeeeL Bvfeeiaej hvat boos Letr Btase kas wrtttra. - - Joha SW1. Harsl sad fa - T peaasJeis. IX, 1H w WaHe' - li - sli ,t .Vow nsylv st all toe tersrva al v. THE MOTHER'S FAVOURITE ByS. RUBS ELL WHITXIT, "Ths, aoess Is a fair elsasple ef the I I as meeea theoxarasaef Be PM toiae lastef Heaveve.' varr evtervvttec storr. TktnWfan,MLi .i,Mj vlvstrv tlrso." - - MnrniBZ AdTsiilsn. Herst sad nlaiSen. liititliasss Set Uea MseaewoacTt - ssrvee. ' ' rW 'NOVEL. wtheAathoeaf - JoeaaadL - lw. J - l. a L, SWORTIL Re X the Aatbor ef "Joha aad I." - Dr. Jsca," Ac, A haurft. lei tses, errussi with Orp farilac. It cawvae hy ne aleeaea, east aeowa by s pathos."IarsBtea Xrwe. " - tt se th - r. ae a - lisswl a an aavreha ewrr enareerar has aasa aaadasd aa eSUL Pt Hews soil tlsett. fmhlUtmn. XEVfTToVQ, by ta. lease J tLnM mmi kse Taral sow svacy st atl the Dorariea, la J vest. LORDS and LADIES. By the Aatbor of Mar. ism and see BridaseaaSIs,' Ae. " A sso isi aowt. That: ploa a taoroaraly srvfaasl aad Is wersed eaS with avaobbeaveeT sa4 shaU. Ta. eharacUsa see esietailr draaa. ra SomS tm sa I i.n.sar eae fnr hofrUj tuae. - Btar. Harst aad Oa Sew, aahlsehsealitieeaS Msrfvwsli ewtt jMpahlhed, erewa vvn - 7s. tL. REMINISCENCES of a BENGAL CIVILIAN. By WILLIAM IDWAJUeV Xso,. Jaate ef Her Malasirt MstB iTawsefArra. faarth. Clee. aadUa. 4a. 1' eahill. J RtCHJ Cheep edition, as. STJARSABY kni)6E and HARD TIMES. By u cbas Dicsuuia; Flatse. 1 vost Dovt Sva - Ms. Cbeaa snitSTo. as. saa Ja. so. oCjKETCHi 11 eOPlaava. ?. ILAVJUl TWIST. xfTUJ W poetveL,at. BPalet CWp sdltloc. 3a. tJ. iy UHABUSS AllCIhlaA 3. livo - sa. ENS. ItoL 13 at Flatse. Ivies' 'post tZs. He. Cbsap editloa, ia. sTraAVlb CdTFERFlELDT By CHARCES YJ DICKXXa. 49 Plaast. Ivnla. poet Sve - Iea. Cbsap eoitleae. ia PICTURES from ITALY and A MERIT AN a. BOTsa. By CHAJtLEB DICavESB. sm nslss. neteeOL. , at 11. IF LrLAiv. UUUaii. Iir littoa. laSd. sod 3s. td. 3LEAX HOTJ8E. By CHARLES blUKENST AJ alFlatss. vols. pnettve - lav.tClssaaitioa.Sa lT"rTTTCKD0RRiT. BCllAftLEs dICKEns: B - J nates. 1 vols, post Sva.. las. Cheep aUtloa. as. 13. - CHRISTMAS BOOKS. By CHAS. DICKENS Vq IXFlatea 1 vol. post tvo - Is. Cheap edition. 3a,M. 14. A TALE"TniJClTiES. ByHiRXEs XI muaaja. isnatee. rostsvo.ea, vneap eamoa. un rkat KXpEiiTiaiOiJs": bt citas: VOTDlCKEwa. v,ht natot Post Iva,, as. Cheap edltleo. 3a, td. ioTeHrLDTlIl StO RYoTENllLAN D. By CHAS. " aVlUsVUIfl. rtim v.Tviv aevtx rjsV OB E ET BROWN I N G s P O L iXMML Works of robErT brOWJJLSO, L 3vols.fep.tva etb edition, with Porwslt, T3a, M. .Y1iaaLaTIS PERSONJB. By ROBERT X - F BROvryiwq crewa sva. ss. sc. XwELECtlOKS from the PoETRY ol ROBERT ET BRowwnra r. Svo.. is. B. hoW81J((l'i POEMS rOOET .CAL WollriS oi E. B. &R6WNlNd. 17 Tlhertltiea. I vols, tcp. , portrait. Bat. 2.T AST POEM8 : Poems before Con&tu, ic XJ By E.B. BROWypro. Fcp. Sea - Ta 1 A UrORA. LBIgH s a Poem. By E. B. BROWN - ATL PQ, Tthedrtlon. rep. Svo.. 7a L A SELlicTIO.N' from the POETRY oi at B. V BRDVrXIXO. Crova fvo - wllh aew eartnlt aad ansvavW efOasaOoldllOa td. J K W IiUVLat - Al r iHAKDoi. By 0UIDA. Second edition, J vols. jT THE BAR. By CHAS. COLLINS. 2 vols. QERISE. BywHYTE MELVILLE. Third edition. fpllE BELT0!? EsTATH. By ANTHO - Sx' X TROLLOPW. Third editloa. vote. OHADOWs of DESTINY. By CapC COLOMB. Q Ivow. ' R OS E WARN. By C. SYLVESTER. 3 Tola. P ARNORTH. By THEO. KENNEDY. 3 vols. CONSTABLE de BOURBON. WORTH. vela. By W. H. AIN8 - rjw. E MAN OF HIS DAY. 3 Tola. T AND AT LAST. By EDMUND YATES. 3 vols. TTTHB GRAHAM ES of BESSBRIDGE HOTJseT M DTPHOItouttt. Bf Jt - tsArruau - wmitnKAP. seota. JOBERT DALBY snd his .TROUBLES, rosStvo,ts, WORLD of Deary Svex, ebwh. sa - S of PAINTING i Be RALPH XICHOLBOSr WORXUM. Seorvtsry. XtUnoal Oallary. With tanwrai Ithaerarloas. rrHE EPOCHS of PAINTING t s Biomnhical X and Crltiosl f - wr oa PstTrllnr aod Palnt - rs of n Tlns soj Seond ediUoa. roval Svo - etoth. as THE CHARACTERISTICS of STYLES t an Intro - dnetloa to the BAsslyot the History of Omsmsntsl Art. By XX. SUiLT DSL, wrte very rnanj iiLffvtvaiiiia ROYAL CONFECTIONER. ByCE. FRANCA. TEI.L1. With aauewiias CVdoaesd ITlseaistlima, ToL T.. denry I To - TJL. ENGLISH WRITERS: the Writers Before Chaeesr. With sn rvro,iv gkptch of the Foar Fartods of Eorlfcvh Utseatara. By HEXRT MoRLET. Vol U. wffl ha ready M Io rasde. a ehseDer editlaa. srtoe is - stnth. diia - i I t ISS MACKENZIE. By ANTHONY TROL. lyors. "It w the auoa ot lertuny, issiisl misss and eon - waw, wblcn assess OS tn faplat wersSsrsaeat shovead Jsetrtady. a cheaper edltloo. Is I wX aetj. eo, veiea Its, elota. wttb a inastrstlooa ZAJT YOU FORGIVE HER? By ANTHONY TROLLQPE. JaatDabUahed.saawapcrsdlrinei. la 1 vol, price 12a. wrta 39 ITlastra - RLEY FARM. By ANTHONY TROLLOPE. Fifth ao.1 aheaper aditlat. In I vol. poet Svo. elorh. price Ss.. 'ORTH AMERICA. By ANTHONY TROL - ntVl etttinn, rrcm tvo, rloth. priov t - rTHE WEST INDIES and the SPANISH MAIN. JL By ATIHOTT TROLUIFE. Cbeapsr editioo. la 1 voL, with niiatratloos by " Iliil." dam y Sea, UTTRELL of ARRAN. By CHARLES LKTEK Kovj ready, price (a. Dot Svo, etnth. wttb Froatjeoona 1 OHN LAW, the PROJECTOR. By wTHAU - fj BOOS A ISS WORTH. Jpablhe4eavaylvo..j. ay. A DOFTION Tcrsos ANNEXATION! with Re. XI vssste aw the Xrveee KARATAX XAXSUK. rlaade Bauth. Eller. aad Co.. SA. CbrahilL Java paUlahed. anee la, the FUTURE WATER SUPPLY a LOXIXlX. Bv QBORUK W. HEX 1XS M 1, 1 - V . RICHARD HAMARD. Macs. last. CK. Wttb Map. ' Sir RiJIiiklCa; VlUauMloo.Ns UliiUeilCAL hi AJ". irta tU Vsvrat Kanv:eilee auesvty 'Are, GEOLOGICAL MAP of ENGLAND and VWALBH. By Sw UODlJtlC'K L MCRCHUOB, ril - T. sl. ueujasiataeiBCD,atteie by H Itwaes, Iwusuauy eoaoaredah Ue vartoee foreistKasa. f hi sheet, la : ewsaated aa rm - sre bt rasa, Ia mo lvrauhUav H Lnaone, t. Stealovd. S. fhsrtTe - a The PROPHATIC FEKloLo : All. w4 - .L - aa. - Ia voia. tvTarn CI Ke - ciocj,. the arth edrtaoa ef HOR APOCALYPTIC - ). By the Rev. E B. ELLIOTT. ltaueTvo Charts of tbe Apicejjvtle Fvrlsoa. oovertblc "a A II. IXS. sad X ether Eurraviees ef Cutta. Msdaav to. The late air Jaassa evevbeaa tm ha. - Savers em ,.1, , 71 Baseraehy. thue aesu of Uu. wark - The Here, It hi is - bTtheKev. X. & itiht. s.urk ut prrstowal karalac atsVausasa. salty, aad alseost heaiachiDe; fcaarrvst. Loodoa. toevvr. Jackvea, aal UAiUilay, at, r.svt street. l.ine. atLht b. fCXt - lT PRErARATI.S - Ia m lv, IU ia C CONDENSED NOTES on SCRIPTURE: tmat J OetUaes et IK Beresoua ea Tettt fmse Uaaveie to ' - irhre By the hue Rev. E. BICXABSTETH. Rector of VTsUoa. baaevT JSaoo. aod HallMar. K rbemi Lood - ia. 1 the RX - tThToNoi the CUUkcffEa. - la post s - ooi eiuheC T7IVENINGS with the ROMANISTS i a Series ot AJJ - Dtscoaiioos on lha atala potate at dltfereaoa. By the See. w HOBART SETMOUR. M - A. Seeley. Jaeksoa. and IlsUlaaf T i n - - ! - i"i Itri jsiil Flaare. nnceV - THE HORSE: has Beaaties aad Defects. By a - Knoalac Ui with a tew Hiate to Irapansoeel . chasera. Lnodoa. WUllaai Tarfc rnerat - UBA Cheepside. A new sod iraorrrvai editioo. Ivot. etoth. 7a MJhalf rail. KING'S (JOSEPH) INTEREST TABLES, ealea - laled ai 6 Bar arot - eihfhrllne at eae ejaaco the huns soy aava frost 1 to OU : are! ladvaaerax ay kavsdreda) to AXUS 1 aad ley " iaseiaw to JUC.1MU, rrasa eae day to JU daya Alsa Monthly IirteresS Tablaa trees one avasta to 11 atoctha, Ysarb; laaa. raa Tahlee froai eoe year to 1) years : aad Oirsaalasiss Tiliss. eahr birlM enseesasasea aw aoade bneabx er eokt, sad ea Ssatins aceaaata. calonTatvd at rates front oowairhta per erat. to S par cent. With s sew UbU showras bow tbe eslealsttnaa hi this beoS saay eastty he assds Ss eshlbls the tree hilaisl ea say aresstpal sasa. at tmea sa. sstrtsr per evat, to 10 per seeA - aad la hi - . e foreira saoaeye, stasspAAa, lessdaa. Prloe la sat, hnseds In . H.I WARNEs NEW USEFUL BOOKS i rish.SBdHawtoOoukIt. ByCWattA Gararara Plala Ralaa for the BtaUe. OssBsaoaBheOvaf theSsa Ho,. a CoauaiaiSea - Wdeotthegw, Hbora. Tsptshlas. end HewtoOrewTheet. riowere ead te Fw.arOarden. tieeloa. Frvdeeirl W.rae are! Co.. BvdfordVetrevt, W f the X EW Lr. fTait W klTEB. - Knee I... elrea awns rvMTET rftHE COMPANION LETTER WRITER: aCota - X aleteOeide to OnsrarpceeWara ew aU Sabiscw. WUhFontoot AddTavA Frtvate erCnraomiisl. By Oae ef taw Cenrslsrs at " Tha Kaoaarv wttsta esrvss. uoa, Fleoessts werae aad Oa, I 'TWorth he Veht ke iL' - T' la.SA.VSpo. reratsss ld.1 fTVHE MODEL READY RECKONER, X ajawselas st 1 - Ie. aad esaadineT to BXOOS i gTselsst eairvrfT sr land, above lixn laasravt and Onaimisana Tahlav Cbvea Wsaae Tshlea, Beak et Eettead Reese er Pi mil, as. s - reosrers wa TVSRA tree ead Oct. bvdford .ut. W.C. tlr impreved editiuee, prtee la. each Inrwlase flT ELl s NOVELS and TALES j BeasisttaTeaiaee Sv 141 Tswstia The Yeane Dale OaiauTel FlaraloC Ahror Tlvlaa Gr - r I Itioa. London, rredsvVt Wame and ne - BUord iti ut, rc. ttCTUbuVe .Ew LkrfUlt WkfTEk. - !. up. 1 Osa ROUTLEDGEs ClERtJlXL LSTTE1. WKITER. Edited by P. L. SIMMOMDa. Georye In alsrtes aad Bona, the Broadway. Ladeale - hlU. The OAKDSX and tlx. COUNTRY - la erewa sva.. sloth fat. ! U. OUR GARDEN FRIENDS and f6ES. By the Bee.J.a WOOatLA. AS Ihie Mate ot year the gardsea are overran with Insects, snails, worts grabs, aad ether dsstiujsiiel ass aetvaaasl ernpe ot fralts whOetbe jmieg seeds of III issue Save ast gaiaedthearwlneja. Iathlswork an pnsssssart at a eweean. a Sekt a arsarn hones, or even a lew plan la hi a window, .will leers to ili I a rash bstweaa the notions creatures and tbrae ahieh encbt to bee Junil end tluqiat - viaven. who varee the snyoothnew sad legvJartry at SVW lane, wUl Sad this work hrrahuhla. Ceoraw Roealedea sard aW Taa FISH CULTURE. By FRANCIS FRANCIS.' Beuuud e'ttloo, greatly enltfyed and Inprwved The aaly vavjenf ooa the hrved!rsr. reartor. feefibir.errjevrfTar. soatlwietaanc. and eaanal lieslen at at frseh - watsr Sah. tn tseav. rivers, ponds, with aooonat and esplanevney piatss ot every kind af apparasen Deodlous review of all vsrtnateee faibetVe. Ash enoksrv. Sal aaeola, data. As. Ueo. Bnatledce snd Boavt, Tbe Eeoalvs, Dr. LAXKfcrf ER on the PRkVAlUXa hf IbEMICv - U im. I9S nseval id, er by pest seeva vtaerpe, tHOLERA; What It Is, and How to Prevent It. By EOWIX LAXXSTTER. MJX, r.SX Oeorpi faethjaas and Sana tbe Browlwey. I.tgr - hlH. STAXDARD IIXlTKTItATED tU)raoy - v,tt!i, 1 YOU ATT on CATTLE: their Breeds, Manameotj and Dlseaase. By W. YOU ATT. With ITlastrutoas. St, ToaarteaRheva. ta. t Taaatt en the llaras. te'srast noota t an or Brewing, is. Hirapkln. Msvsha:!. and I ILUJHTBATKD tl.tlflsll hrt AY. - tlth edition. TTTITHERING's BRITISH PLANTS and FERNS I TV aeonretoHsnit - hnoknt the BrrUsh Flora. Revwdawte tarred hy W. M ACO ILL IV RAT. LL.D. Fen. Svo, erevkatdy Glea, tratsd. Ka. S.L W - ettn. Mrvil. sl Co - an n m,m Tavtleaatd. he apastalaariwaaliet, to th. Lnvd. of th. Adva'rattv, XAUTICAI. ABTROXOMT. Elchtb aanest, Sva - Ila St IDDLEs TREATISE on NAVIGATION and BCOTTs FDUCATIOXAL FIRST BOOK.ev.Xew sdrrena, BRIDGES ALGEBRA. Reriard by ATKINSOX. With Appendix for Competitive EiaenfnaMnna. Is. KeytoBrtdre'aAlswbra. V 6J. I CrMoc'.Msrsl rhiloxvJry.'A, Parkvr'a Enelish Comwsetioe. la I CVaoeka Astronoasy. la Kelth'aUseottheohas. la. I Conestnrk'sHEMrMtraa la. Botany. BrXD. HebIra,K.A. Ia I Teroev's ErerJbet Oreesaser. laid. Hobtva'l KrtUdl PUota. la I Faley - a Hnrsj IWhaw. K KoUrs'l ("heieatry la I Milton's raredaa Use. Is. Wsapkln. Marshall and Co - Ivlatlonrvv' - aaiKevevt. The best, sen nrfatat la trpe. on good paper, and atruuslr btvaad. Centaalna tbewrttlnoof theaea pooalar aethove of the day. " Of the many cheap edlreone and leorhMa of worts ot Setksv, there's anna which hettvrdeserve the sltsnatve aapport which they tensive at the baade otthernbllethsatheaariathi ooarse ot hwaeandar tbe sftleot tha SmUc Llbrarr of rVtioo." The aaoovr of vohiiM slreadr pablUil ia this (one Is shoot one hndnj. and tbeybesrede the whole er the works bv CToawles Lever, foar by the Aatbor of John Halifax.' and essay ethers weUkaowa to res iWsot worts of awMen. Is sodMon to the Ulaeary merits which the worse pnsi In thinmlvia, they jnsinil to th. rva.W toe tm - ornl alr.ntsne f o - Ibc rented ta clear end ex - eeUsnt good naper.dlglng to thta rws lit vary materially tree eonse of the cheaper lerarat, whicb fall topieeea la these ousst ot reading, and which so anrely try tbe eyesight, eerwrially at those who er - si'iawt sit to read In raBway eserlagva. Observer. jiew Tulnaiie reoeatly nabllabsd I Dnetor Thome. aathoay Trollops. The hUaJarnvea ef naOyoluraav - Aathosy Intlopa. LiDdisfam Chase. - T. A. TroUopa! Barbel Ray. Anthony TroOopa. ' Lattrall ot Arrsn. Charltn Lever. ' La Beata. - T. Ailolpbas TrnlVipa. Tleiiliiiliei Oniae Lever. Beppo tbe ConscnjA - T. Adolphns TroOona, Woman's Ranensn. T. W. Rootnsoa. Dsap WaterA - Aana H. Drary. Mlsiipiaenlatluit Anna H. Drwry. i uourr jtogo. w erve steivuMt, nen ot the Svaa - Cantali I Waald be a Geotleasan., Irkm sashe s Hatbaei. Aatbor at - Jabn HAafax. Head et the Family. Aatbor of - John Halifax, The waaaaeoy t sa Irwa Taaa, Mrs, av c tiau. rheOgtlvVa. Aether cf - Joha HAlitat. flsntlressn. Ycemg Bao - sav - Mrs. TroOopa ADega Rue: er. a Life's B.msess - Cbarlee Lever. MeeritoTVaeF.aaUdleratFortejaa - Oua Lever TheCoaasoleoftheTewar. - W.H. A te. The Oaty Child. - Lady Ssott. Milnmneia H iiaaS yar. - AUat Xeteysra. Xew ready, a h.aovr vditiea. prkre St.. H"th. IlhavtraaaS. fISS MACKENZIE. By ANTHONY TROL. iTA LOPE. - It Is tje aaiovi ot fartiliry. roaitihtrassa. end ana. snmmste clcisrauas. which nukes as In FHier wiiaitn leant s .sa I bv the same Aatbor. arkw la - re - tar. rMssrda. DuctoeThume garhel Bay - TheMaeJerraotsot BsthvalOraaV Lnadon. Chapmea and HaQ. The cenwa sat b t nevvle pabli.hd. pviee St, iSctare beesda. t ELECT LIBRARY of FICTION. New volumes h3 ler Aaravt, RarvIRT. By Aarbnoy TroUopa. He WewldheaOentlemu. By tbe Aatbor of - Handy Andy." Llndafara Chsea. By Thoeaa. X lrotlupa. Baeeat!y pnUbhaL Vattie.aatray. Bribe Aothur ot' - treva. aWal. The Mentaraaota By Anthooe Tmflone. Doctor Therae. By Aatbnay TroLlrre. D p Ws'en. By Anna H. Drary. Charrle TborahCL By Cbarlre Cta - te. naseVsansr. Hen. w, Hnuwea. Wrioeton - By Cbarwa Lever. ! BenpotheCiawirlpt. By Thotsaa A. Trollnoa I Msstvrof tbe Heaads. By SoretaSnr.' .TseohB.nirtvvi.the Jew. By Mary Hewitt, I Tbe Half Messrs. By RereABne Jewsherr. I The Yoaaa Hitrea By Mrs, Troltopv. I ' Loailon. Chapiaan snd Hell, and sa.i . - tywArelVr.. JeT..htWwd.xrwSEBllof KOHOOL MAPS. ! TAP of ENGLAND and WALES. Sue, 3d Inches I .IX by:acaU.aiOattoaa tacb. Browtn(tawrabSlvepopals. I t - a of IS. varion.citl. towns. tsitkoravtvllJiastvatar i iaesvalary isi rss nastiise. esrenopal seaa. eonatil end ansae vswse csilweys,ae. Mi lawsa I ep eenvto and loUer. earenhsi. Ua ! llsa'Alrios. aW broMhvM:seala, hjill.safcca. Shwe. I lag the ertorsldlvheoeeef the Cane Cnlneiy.artvinaelaeeasawatose. , t )vTorujfll - .iuiWe In Ceevrsl Africa. Moeaeedaa eaavastow ! vnllsr. varaJshsd. Ut S rra.iil.te Htl attheaisia si.lmt.i nlenllassl awtar - MlT aoclety lor Proeootlng rArtalaa Kaowledee saay be aMaiaed at She Twerarfaorava, Tl. Oveat Qwevtiatit. Una e rawAeUs, W.C.: A Royal Fsnheage. X.C: 4S. PWeadflry. W. Wkh I OUBBLES from Ue BRUNNI XJ By sa OLD MAX. .as, Of NASSAU". Wtth ISastrstint. two. Its, RITIBH COLUMBIA and VANTOUVER Peat tvo,. na. M, mHX SYRIAN DESERT. RAMBLES AMONG J. the WILD TMyaMot the DEaTCRTS ef BTatlX pTEir MlTkUAV. AlhemarUtrre,. OartUaal rale : sn HMorsvei BovaL W. H. Aasrecrta. Oaa af rbaev - Cheriea Lever. TasOrrtsas sad Calah raid. Mrv. Ollphaet. Kalharvaeaad ear Sm its. - Lsdy EssOy rDnsoaby. stsry easnasa. sun. tejsi. Ad mi naf eOevar Veavaaa. - BsnenftheTiTlsie Tidas MiBa. Sun ilafOasatlSh). Cl nltiai Jewahvary. ' nesS1aerealaBeeeL - Mnt,Oera, . Jeeoh IT Iti a. the JewMary Husm. " ra - - 1 1Tr"1i ! Sar Jaar Casie. - CWVss Lnar. Mas. Mstosam - ISto. Tisflaaa ' Oarerede;er. Feariry Prtda - atrv. TreCovja. QHAPMAN aos HALL.. 193 - Pie? School, Ordlega and rvn - ral IWernea Isiperlal loava, IS pa etoth. red edev. lea. Sd. : ball aiiaausa S - rrUIE STUDENT'S EN d LI 3 H D ler! ONABY. trcii ,ftirjoB OGILTIE. LL.D. With ahowlSMWeed Engrevlnga "A w wsIms toearb eoaroreaveaaree dlrrlsnary tew the karhsr eases af amrM tsileala. eereraUy prenared, waB iimllt and paaehrhed as a vere atodeseAaariea.ataasndCaera vrrTMiaaialslliworx. , . . Ha who rvtae sn B wtfl tordrt vvar Srai armeerf asWaawa. - - Dairr Xewe. "A aery vneeehee eel sa4 aty hrtsaded tor Ik tl a. g n - ana whioa, 1 line sM I Thaea - fstalsttw evs2L - - ienw wSWTaataat. - vVeweTlaMaTJtoa , IM vBeUmTeeeyefvl ""Ol asarnvnjammj a hsvsa - bv fahylisi6ira aad aaaaaiha as U save and sdissiml Dr. OsflvWi iamr Dl The OpayeyesVaaexva a"ngthni Dvevaaeawy ana r - iimii ejlnL srr Jesva taravaa, adaasast to the hsat saadavn asaaa he Baa XirivlaaianWeed. Lareaevo - aVaav Tkelmi iratl Daottonarv. yWheX f i s - jukeailary.liuae. li'r f A Isvsl ltm Hlrvtiayw

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