The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1729 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1729
Page 4
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it hear that a Quantity or Half-pence will be coined at the bad buntd the Soles of his Feet to male him tell where bls Tower, of tuil VN ciht, to prevent the Country being Mcnej lay, cut off bis Head with a Salre, and rifled bim ; impost upon by light weight, the Vetfanls in bis Nelgbbhttbotdnct daring to appear in auc uua p 01 i-mcoin navmg neen at Law with Kings . ois defence, tcr Want ct Arms attack tbole Villains. oueage, in uamDnage, has gain d jhis Caufe ; they Eighty fx of tbetr ices have teen fehed. and will them, upon the fbcrtly be executed and tbe Heads cf four nitre have been .laid the Bifhop carry'd to Belgrade, being HL'd ly , tbe Country People, t wsom toe Magistrates of toat usy oaa jposntjid. rewards. I . Philadelphia, l$th Infant, j We have the agreeable News to acquaint our Country-Readers with, that our H I Ci H X i'ou.trev-Ccmptcr hayirR been out ot fown in .Honourable Governour has GracioulJv condt?- vy miu lur. uavn me prcicnc weeper, anarnr, iccndcd to palS an Act tor TllUtV Thbulsnd i hite-cnappil i urn-pike, iHr. Jewries-being about 10 unas .pore Ot i Yards behind. the Company, a denying his baring a Power to vifit Comprint or a iingle Pcrion ; and it is Will f ilit it next Ionth. v e near; ror certain, that leveral Tobacco Merchants the' Government to take off the Prohibition upon the lhippd Tobacco, as being detrimental to their Commerce. ,. ' .s . .' . :7;' LauY Saturday in the Evening Mr. JefFeries the Keeper ot tne Paper-Currency, which' Acc, Koruc took hold or his was read publickly Yeftcrday. Horfes bridle, and iea him down a little Footpath out As this extraordinary Goodnefs of hiVfO- ; or the Road, and oemanded :hh Money. .; Mr. Jeffcries mVR did more than ordinary affect the Pub- xuvii a lame Hand, and not being lo expeditious in the rn , c . . J, le.ivcry as was expected, the Kugue thought he had been llihcr hereof, CYCn intp Tears ot Joy, io tis ear-Unwilling to pait with his jfconcy, and told him he ought neftly hop'd, (confidcring the GKEA T Omfititnt rxiot to grumble he toil two Guineas and hair; but fayed made againft Faper-Cufrencyut-JiomeJ ic Will " t11-" 5 lhc clu?I ' fill every ' confidcrate Perion with the utmoft loobinrt him Mr Jcffcritss Horfe got away, which was n . ' T1 . . - . Wlopt at the Tuin-pikc. : ) Relpect, H onour, Love and Obedience to ' HlMy V i apcr hai (been publilh'd here, to prove Mr. Kin- his Council, and that-all our Party-Fcuds srfi Clergy man entirely innocent, : who ftood in will henceforth vanilh, and all our Strife bs ;.the -iilory with Hates, which Hj?x(tho a great Villain; tQ i A zfKft nnonnrh. tn whll a : t aiterwards conrelsa before ie'vcril reputable Perion, who l0 attd .aiWt One another , then while O- , have given their .Names, in the Pubiick Prints. Some tncr Parts arc under the ChattilcmcnC ot Hca- few Da) s aa Hales erupt down dead in a tit qfanA: ven, as Teveral now arc, we ihall Houtiih under popiex) vin the ' i reis yard in Newgate. JrurtherParti- the Bieffing of Providence, .aa4orinrIy. :!"!; V remarkable and Worth 6blcrvati- jeverai Ciuutics m Pngfahd, rre appears to ne abcut nine- , by all, that during this late Scarcity ot Mr tj five tbjajsd ferjmj icnfinea. leveral Gentlemen of the LaVs!jliave prev . .. t r r n t .-. C mnnv Arrinnc hpincr Vrnl1rTh a ariinfl- hm .Sniin iihM.f M At. AA A? A rnili RciTld Stitch . . . . ' ir?i?&b,Zl acdt Cty 7l dcrs Cto thr. evcrlaftmg Honour be it ' ensng etber Complimcuts, fys y lbit it was owing to bis and that the Number ot Writs on th jhajejifs cenjummate wijdtm and prueut tboice of bis have been confiderably lefs ot late th : ;W(rw, tbatmaeatprentjogiijicusae. ftant Times when Money was more PI Ibat tbe molt potent Menarcbsywbo jtmcrlt aejpis a tbcir J Vvvifltf. e, now oumott jucd so laem jcr reate, anawno tbrgreatejt Su jmtjficn Ycgd tbe Inter effu'n cf almtfi all tbc Courts in Europe, to prevail with bis AJajeflr to grant tbcm wbat tbej dejpair of ever attaining bj tbetr own Pew- c er er Addrets ibat b s Mfltj s well concerted Meajures oaa gept a J turope tn,supcn and in a ucpenaancc on btsRej'clut'cns for tbe it three Tears pafiand by tbe fame Potter' be mivbt uen tbem banim c tor lever at Tears to cone, and ibat in tbtmedn iime. tbeir Nation was en- ricbed oj tbe Spoils of tbe mofl frmdale of tbe Maritime Powers. He t wltnies witb tbofe remarkable Words, Let tbetn cont nue to coajt of tbeir Invincible Squadrons, and 'Eravcrt rf tbeir Sai.orsbileTour Majefij, by lout fage Ccndu&i .can dejtroy Utb, and attain jour Ends without- ftriking a Blow, or expofing tbe Life of tbe meanest of four Stsbjehs Ibis Lajt Vart metbinks might have been ; 'fpCTd for in my Qpinicnyit is rather a Demonftration of tbe TtafbneCs and oby of tbe Adverjdrits be fpeaks of y than - tf bit MafcJlyUWifdomv A Vienna, Fch 6 N. S.Tbey write from the Town calfd The Five Churches m .Hungary that upon tbe tb In-Pent four Rafcians belonging to tbe Band o Murderers who itfr unparallc.rd ' Cruelty ajajfmated James Ferdinand JsLTii,xBtjhp of Semendria in Servian on tbe.igtb of Sept. ; 1727.: were broke a live upon tbe Wheel. Tbe. Bifhop being then at bis Country -Seat, tbey entered bis Houfeabcut 10 '.'ct ffi&hts to tbe Number of 50 or 60, where having HlPd er wwnded mcft of bis Heyduques, tbef broke open the ' t J)otrs -of that Prelate V Apartment, kill'd bis Valet di ' Cbambre, forced tbe Door of the Chamber into wbisb tbe &fof was retired,' flot him in tbe Tbigb, and after they Entred Inwards, May ; i$. ; Sloop Tact, Benjamin Hoskin, frcm Barbados Experience, Sam. Caverly, from TurLs-ifli Brig. Doipbin, William H ite from London., Sloop Samuel, Benjamin Todd, from Turks(Jflc'.t Entred Outwards. h; Snow Rachel and Sarah, Nick Garland to Jamahc. Sloop Tace, Benjamin Hoskin, to Antegca. ' Brig Bottle, Tbo. Crowder to Melfcrd Clear'd. v . Snow Alex. & Ann, William Clymer, for Lisbon. Sloop John & Eli. Sam. Hopkins, Maryland Catharine and Anne, DUnkan Murray, Virginia. Ship Jcbn, John Ball, to Antegca. A D JT M R X I S E M E N T J. V Ery good choice Loaf-Sugar juft imported to be (bid by Samuel Kcimcr, at two ahiilingsper Peund,and cheaper by the whole Loaf. IN MMcrry-flrcet at the Houfe of Alderman Carter is a School ereSted where Writing,. Arithmetic! both Vulgar dnd Decimal, with fdme Parts of the Mathempcks, nd alfo the Latin Tongue will be carefully taiignt Dy mc wf J PHILADELPHIA: Printed by Samuel Keimer where Stibfcripions are tafon w for this Paper, . at Ten Shillings a Tear, and Advertifementt ihjertcd at Three Shillings each. "Tl 1 i A t K I A U

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