The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1729 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1729
Page 4
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certain Gentleman! who procured, eight Men j each ot 100 Years old, arid, upwards y two ofv tn&m to precede the Gorple, and the other fix to hold up the Pall v he gate to each of them va compieatSuit ot Cloaths,of grey Cloth ttim'd with biack, and 3 u in Money : He had a Limner to take a Sketch of each of their Faces, and they are to have 5 s. a-piecc morjs to fit again to compleat their Pifturcs. v Orders are given for ten iMen of War to be dock'd and rigg'd immediately. A MilltjVVomanV Daughter at Endfield was lately buried alive there: When ihc was going to be interr'd, lbmc People at the Funeral, thought lhe looked trcih, and taking a Looking glals and applying it to her Lips, they fancied tiiey, perceived a Dew on it as from Breath; but the cruel Mother mock d and reviled them, and fworc ihe ihould be buried, and Jo ihe was but this coming to the Ears of a near Relation, he got the Grave dug up, and the Coffin opened, when ihe as found with her Knees drawn up, and the Nolegay in her Hand bitten to pieces, iiruggling for Life. A Surgeon was fent for to bleeaher, but it was then too late. Feb. 6. We hear that there is a very .great Curioficy an4 Piece of Antiquity, lately brought over by aMerchant from Alexandria, being the Body of one of the Queens of Egypt, no w lying in the Coffin in which, lhe was buried above Ph'ijadelpb'a, April Entred Tnwards. Scooner IJolDh in, Henry Stile j, trim Cave Mar. Ship Samuel and Ann, Ibomas Glentw:rtb from Bt ?;., Scooner Dolphin, Richard FcriejVue, from Cape-fair. Entred Outwards. Sloop Rofcr, Jcf. Wil)n, to Barbadcer, V ilttaiti, James Dulcnn from it.Cbr'iflopber Elix. and Mary, R'nbard Evans lo Barbadoes . Trial, Edro. Styles to Jama'ua. V Scooner Dolphin, Henry Sti:es, to Cape-Mar:' Sloop Prims Hope, Fbotnas U'bartcn, to LUbwl w Cleared for Departure Ship Mar, Robert Deglijh, to Gijj'ccv?. Sloop Expedition, J;bn Cafely to Barlddei GOods lately imported from Ireland by Jcbn l?al-by School-Mafter, and arc. to be fold at his Hcufc almolfc oppoiite to Samuel Pavel's in Second-ft reet, Pbila-dcifbia, at Reaivnablc Rates. Sundry Sorts of A hite and Brbvf i Sbeetings,, f Shirting Cloth, feveral Sorts, J L Brown Linnen 3 qrs Wide, Dowlas, German-Serges, White and Colour'd Linnen Tapes fandry Sorts, - 4im ourxe vontea 1 apes, Laces feveral Sorts, White and Colour'd Threads, Number Thready Girth Webbs, Alfo fundry other Goods. 1 LAtely from Great Britain, Jcbn Hmfiavr, at hi Shop in Market-Street, oppoiite to the Prefbyteriaa Electing Houle, Pbhadetpbia- who fel's at the loteffc price, sundry forts of Merchant Goods, Bibles, Nevr-TeiUments, and other Books, with stationary Ware: TtttZ jboufand Tears ago, as fome Otthc Members Alfo binds any fort of Books neatly, at a reaionahle price Qt th2 Roval Society . Who have fcen it. kn0V7 And taKers 3alt VYater out ot Books, and Paper, fo as the bv the Hinoelvtihkki and Painting nnnn it, and ovc go inereoy, .cannot oe mucn pcrce.iv a5 y or , ;.rf " . . auo a nandiom larae Room to be let up one pair of btatrs that it will be eapoled to the publick View in a ttvj Days.. ; By private Letters trora ' London ot the 17th of Feb: laft, we hear, that ic was ftill uncertain vrhctner there would be Peace or War, but TO be fold by Tbpmas Foils, junior, the Plantation mm mwt 11 fc a t h. 1 ii tii BawK. 1111 1 i ir 1111 i iiii iiv & - m ti m & ui 1 a mr w Bridge, and Meeting Houfe in Weft-Jerfey, containing qoo Acres a jreat deal o cood EnzHfb Grafs Meadow. and others, about 130 Acres of Plow-Utnd clcarM, and that 22 bail Marge Men Of War were order- m good Enghfi Grafs, ra large Dwelling-Houfc and Bam, Cd tO be got ready With all poffidle Expedition. ,a;ge Orchard containing betwixt to and three bun- r . ii;- ur? ro ored grown Trees, which laid Place is well watered, land t Bolton, jiortl 14. We hear that 3 Regiments Wef. nf . ; Dnoiv w - f . . .ntarioB t;,itu Ot 50iaicrs trom Ireland are to De ianaca at in 4Milesof Delaware, where sloops Ho come, and in BoftOn in NciV-England. tne Neighbourhood of 4 or ; Mills, the fartlieft. not aboys . Wc are alio iniorraed, That.hts Majefty had .M" off, .which raid Plantation will he ib'd an extraor- . i i a- i o , . i -. dmary Pcnniworth, and Payments very eafy by 1 bo mas ordered the Attorney and bolicitor General to r.n. ':! ' ? 7 J 7 j appear at the Board Ot Trade, and rcprefent Likewife 200 Acres of good Land and Meadow, upon the UndutifuJ Proceedings of the Government the faid CrffjxrVivCrcek, by the iamclland. ot Bofion That the Lords of Trade very much -r. 07" r nr it iuftity and comnrend his Excellency Governor From the t:s? Gfcss for lelling all Burnet tor .not accepting -tne. binary in any otner JVay than the King lnft. iutions direct. Philadelphia, ith Infisint. By a private Letter from St. Chriftopbers, d:ed March 1. we have Advice, that Cape. Seth Hab.vcy being at Porto-rico in the Alfiento EmpiO, the Spaniards brought in there a Ship aha a Sioop, and made Prizes of both. The Ship was an Englilhman from Barbadoes, bound tor South-Carolina, and forts of Goods cheap. T-f II I lAn Aum C.,.rr l).,e- JL 2. Six Pair of H L Hwgeu 3. Seven Fire Shovel-Pans. - $ sl Greek and Englih Lexicon, a rr.'Cric-' yty, explaining every Word w the A t'w Tt p amentj 6 Switch for the Snake in the draft. i - ; 1 7. Monfieur Pcriers General -fJiftory of Voyages the sloon. French, from Bourdeaux bound to and travels. Leghorn. They have now out upon the Cruize 8. Capt. John Stevens's Spanifh Rule of Trade to Eight Privateer Sloops, and three more fitting the Weft-Indies. in the Harbour when he came out. V p. A Clock, that goes mil, to be fold upon Oedit. - PH I L A D EL P H I A : Printed ly Samuel Kdmer, where Subjections are taken in for: this Pafer, at Ten Shillings a Tear, and AavertifemenU wjerted at Three Shillings each.

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