The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 6
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SIX I (ARK.) COURfER NFAVS M15U.S, l TIILE ft!! Where National Champions Arc "Made" 'Pacific King Always Wins 1 ' ..- U.S. Title' So Perry's! '-;•". HV i:ltSKIS'E JOHNSON' £-. ' SKA Service Writer £':. TjOS ANGELES—There's no use' :'•• for ine United States Lawn Ten- j i-."HK AiJOclatlon lo hold Hie men's i ''. 'national singles champions.:ip lli:s i ;. year! It nitglit jiifl as well hand ! i'-s trophy over lo Fred Perry.Kng- ',• land's great Diivls Clip star, null! j ; no-.v and save n loi of lime and ex- | •' pen so. - ' • That's, a prclly bold statement. :•")»;: records of ihe Pacific Sonth• • west Tennis Championships which j - 'me lo be held al the. l/:^ Aur..*'.s "/re-mils Club Sept. 15 to 25. pnnv ^ihal I'esry'.s viitually s cinch lo • IWL-ome llic I9W champion of llie ..United Slates. That is. ol course, -if lit; runs Hue to form. , ;'; Here's why. The Pacific Soulh- • -ivest toumaiiK-hi Marie;! in MK1. •Big Bill TiMfii won Ihe nun':. • -'singles Mile. Then he w.-nt <•&(',•'. ' -ajid won the nations) singles litL-. j "And lhal's Ihe way It has K" : 'ei ever since. Each of the Pacific! Southwest champions has won tln-( imlonal title ihe fallowing yi-.,r.' '"Here's the record: ~. Pacific Cham]) *•• 1927-Blg Bill Tlleltn. ~- i!i28—Henri Cochet. .'". IU29—Johnny Doi'g. — 1930—Ellsworth Vlni-s. "• 1931—Pillsworlh Vlt:cs. ;;• 1932—FK'd Perry. ,".' National Champ .,-• 1928-nig Hill Tildi-n. I323—Henri Coclii'l. 1MO—Joi'.nny Doc;. 1931—Ellsworth Vines. 1932—Ellsworth Vine*. 7 1933—? 1 1 How They Stand i SoHtlitm I.eaiue W. Li. Pet. | Knoxvlllc 34 'U .5M : New Orleans 33 24 I I Memphis 31 28 — xLillle Rock 30 2S Nashville 30 30 Birmingham 27 29 xClmitanooga 20 34 21- 3C .579 .514 ,508 THUK5DAY, AL'CL'Sr__2.i, I I Wnlly Bcrgor Hits Two! * N "* 1 «•»».___ Homers antl Brave's Winj *«n«ic»n i.»m ^ Over Cards. / .482 .413 .368 Divide I New Yoi-k HOOKS! art& SLiDES fy BILL dKfiUCHEH ''••Thi; Pacific lournament, i "Siu-i-il M^Ki-e's" linok : Ilnto!d Jo):n-cn, ih: nun Kid | Oleason utid In call "Sprsd Ma- I tee." lias turned uul what is 1111• doublccfly iht! basriiail j volume ever compiled. AIH! -.Ur.-i! I you K\)l; uver Ihe poncltTfii:.<. p;! 1 .• uf Information in tills u:'wi -i I "Who's Who" 11 l.i no!, huril vi im' rterstand win- Hie Kid culled ihe ! wrii"i "Hpccily." I In u few monliis Johnson, a^- oiie Qfisisted by llany Meily. a numljer HSWERS GlilM GOLF ART KRENZ* • iTic Irirgest In tlie. world, has .shown''<>r M">r's wrilfr.'i antl di-.-: men. 'such growth 1' it has now I'dmr-hus rolli'd U>::c-1hcr n IIII.M- hislwy 'to h! considered Ihe "Wiinb'.eilan °i -Ihi; game with pk-'. 1111:1 anil -of America." 'liili'hia-.imni cluim- skctchc.*, of i::e slur:: ;>! t-Jduy ;ind iiions of iiMosl. every nation have j ycslunliiy. played here in the last six years.: !» oi'-fr lo obtain nuuiuilc in- und lcii!'ii:imu-H olllcfals nre nnllel-fonnntl-n. johnsmi and bis .stair, 'piling an even larger list of slaro i working In Chlciign. Ksufd uml •for their seventh annual renowal '• edited thousands of (iiieslionnaln-s. • next, month. j The vesull is a lame ne.irly :i loal Several ouistanding stars already have been Ihietl up. They Include H. G. N. Lee, D.U'is Cup tlaubles stnr and the iliirrt ranking donbl?.-; pluj-er in Englnntl; F. H. 1). Wild?. all-Englfliul plate champion; tm. other Englishman. Edward R. Avory; Ellsivorth Vines; Lester Sto-f- :.tcn; Jack Tidbill. nn.llonnl intercollegiate elimnpioii; Gene Mfikti, , sensational )7-yrnr-o!d Los Angc- lull, uf 545 li.lijt.-i. wllh 101) h.ill- lonr jlliistralLcns. to lelall :it S3. (NuxtQii H:|!iii.shim; Cu.i Nights and D.iys In the publication, nil t!:e famous players nf [he m:ijor leagues, officials, cnni'ii.w, trainers, umpires. Immortal';, sports writers, slnlisll- cians and others collaborntrci. Dl- reclion of [his tremendous wo:'k by !« player who holds live Southern j Johnson in 5i!cli n way as tn bring California titles, and Donald Budge. il k> ll 'e presses a R",v moiiliis a[- .Ulilled States junior champion, j'"' the job was conceived must '.Outstanding woomen plr.yers also! have kept "Speed" on his toe.s will compete, thi-ough many of ilip wee morning A feature of the tournament \vlll ''ours of n hot summer in Chicago. •I'll" Miiyn hi'Wln'ra, William :unl I'liinli.:. MII- famous Klill- <;i:n.\s in Hiicln-Kier, Minn. crsTAvrs ADUI.PUIIS. Kins (i! H\vtili'ii M [ttH-1 IIJ2), was Ifiiinvi, ns 111'! f.tou nf llie North. Tli." l..ul|:i: I): llial of Ihe (jlltb Sicinrrs OK inajiir li:;ii;iic clubs have .1 book valu:- "f i:nrc Ihan $50,000,000. loliri-an lins |>n( his 26 years ol linuiioMiiiia with 'Jail players lo u i.i>>ndi<l u.s? in this valuable new reforciii'e and aiithnrily for tlie fans. The parade Is complete. Storied be the appearance of Jiro 3atoh, Japan's No. 1 Davis Cup plnyer. I characters who mnrehiv:! lhrou;;li and Uiree teammates. Satoh dem- ! baseball's early yrars— nndhournc.j onstratej here last year why he is j n "sic nntl others— are stetc.'ed to. ranked among Ike world's grealcsU 8«Hwr with mortem heroes of Ihe players by beating Ellsworth Vines i diamond. All Ihe colorful old Imls DID YOU KNOW THAT— j All dial the horse: =[?l oiu of that world polo series in Clii- cni;o w,1s bruises an:l onts. . . . yei they sly thc'iionics are f!0 per cent of the biuile. . . Jack Sharkey ns champion fought once n year . . . now tl'iil he is no longer n big shot lie has decided lo fight Uvlre a uiont:: . . . uuiybe the moral Is: When You're Not Important You Have 10 Work . . . The ancient grudge between Nick Alt,reck and Al Sitorht has readied llm poinl where they do not sneak to each other lit all. . . . During the Wcilil Series lliis may reaeli the point wliere they will inke another punch nl each other. Tin' New York Yankees fulled ui lake iidvuninuc of a chance iilti on the Washington Sfna- ycMi-rdnv v;lir-n Ihe Amerlciin c divided a double header the IX-lroii Tlifcrs. Tile Yanks lo thn Cleveland Indians in- niitl dropped slliihtlv further Iji-himl In llie priinnnt chase. 'Hie loading Giants of ihe Na- Ir-aKiic v:nrc held Idle' by in. the Si. I.ouls Cardinals !os- n' in the Jlost^n llravi-s in llie i!v tTifno played. 'I he- KtiiiXlnrs dropped a 'i to v I •.'iiiHii to the Tigers hut turned )!fs In the .second name lo ujn, 'J Ui /). Tojntny HrLdires vested Al Crn'.vder In the tiiienlng rlni.-l, the Nals lo soven scatter- •cl hits. The winning run was] In Ihe ninth inning when Itrid^e.s was pushed across [he iilale :ifttr lit hud tripled. Tlie Tiuer hnrler also drove in the i-iM run. In the second game the Nnus garnered 13 hits to win l)e- liinil the pitching of Sk-warl. Mar- 1,111 v WHK ihe losing- Iwlrler. The-Yankees dropiwd lo 2 to 1 iX/;l/jmi '10 (he Cleveland Indions. CTl.'WfHrown limiled ihe Yanks 10 six st'alteicd hits while the Inna!(ed to collect nine, off Philadelphia Boston St. Louis ....'. Nallonal Nf.w York . Boston .... Pllluburgh' . Chicaiso St. pouts ... Philad.elplila Urooklyn ... Cincinnati .. 78 10 tS 47 03 CO Gl lil 57 59 50 G3 43 70 44 71 Pel. .Ml .095 .512 .500 .4!)! .471 HASP.7EBURO. P.l. >UP)- eampalgn 10 beaiillfy Peiinsyivnn! r la's highways resulted In ( | u , ..' moval of 19.21'J advertising ns^ fr ^ '-- "- rlght-or-way alcn !? '" L | lc frcn, the W. , cs 65 C2 62 . C4 48 G4 « C5 44 72 Two Games Last Nielli With Pebbles Winning Second. The Llule nock Travelers and, Chattanooga Lookouts divided lu p o g'ames bst night. Th-> Trivclers won IN- second C 10 2 afl*-.- the Ixiokoiiis look the first 12 10 0. . The uirmlngham Barons defeated ihe league leading KnoxUlle .412,Smokies of ihe Southern circuit 3C4-at' Blnnineham j-eslcrday by a I score of 9 to 4. I Tlx> Smokies took an early lead but the Barons got right In the t-l?hHi t inning when they scored six of ihelr nine runs. Aheinathy of ihe Barons hit for the circuit (luring (he hectic eighth inning. .White of, the Barons was Hit win- Pel. .013 .5S1 ,539 .539 .538 ' '.429 'J™l Thursday & Friday MAT.—10-2ffc NITK—1()-:)<)<• BEFORE I.KIT ARM <;AN UF BENT, iuiT NOT AT IMPACT, S^S Al address llic left ami .sliauhl'i , lx cntt( ,,., In; 4l,,,l 3 m with the chih repn- ;ii' alis •„,.,„ scntliiK one conlimions shalt. Thel ]tllfrinB; , Tlle ltMalv .. two 1;111LS v,( re ECored In ihc fourth inning. The Chicago While Sox defeat- id llie Hasion ftui Sox in . iwo [•.ami's al. Chicago. The While won 3 lo 1 and 12 to 1. Dur- limiled the Red Sox to four !uts In the. second same aflcr Sam ?.j had held Ihem to three hits in Ihe opening clnutglcfl The White Sox giilliereil 15 hlls in the j.'nond Runic nnd seven in llie first. Kress hit for the circuit, in ihe !UM Btimc. • 'Hie Piston Brnves rode to vic: iwy on' the big bat of Wall'y Berj ! J ,,T in their Bnme with the Cavd- j iitnls. The Braves made but four I i:ils off Carltlon and Johnson i IJ'.IL i\vo of the blows hajipened to ' IK- circuit, swats by Berger. Both v.rre made off Carlrtnn. Ihe first In ihi 1 firsi inning with two on base and llic second in the sixth s,v b";r TV 51 i akc tri""^'^ ^^ ^ *•"« club back lo play Us part in lhc! bl]l k . ccpjnB them KMcKi:i _ W at- Today'j Games 8o»tfctrn I^acnf Nflshville nt Memphis. Birmingham at Atlanta U games). "hattanooga at Litile Rock. Knoxville at New Orleans. American I/rum New York'at Cleveland. Bosion at Chicago ,2 games) Washington at Detroit. Philadelphia ut St. 1* nln» pitcher and Habb the loser. The Memphis Chicks irimmed lh( Nashville Vols 6 lo 5 al Mcm! phis. The u'iiinlng run wxs connt,- [ ed In the lentil inning when Cuolo tripled ad counted on Hamtl's hit. Bolh teams began their scoring late, (he Chicks counting four of their runs and the VoU> five of their counters in ihe scvenlh and eighth innings. Kelly was the winning pitcher although he gave up' 17 hits Reid was the losing pitcher, relieving Brillhearl In lime lo pilch the losing innings and several othc-is. ' Pittsburgh game's). Cincinnati at, (two at New York (two games). Chicago at games). Brooklyn E>hlladelphia >LIM SJUMMERVILLE and ZASU PITTS IN OUT ALL NIGHT St. I/nils at Boston. swing. -' . At llic lop of llic swing tlie arm can be slightly bent ns 'is common in the ease of ihc upright swig- ers. lint before Ihc ball it hil it miisl again li;,ve straightened,. Both arms should be fnlrly straight at impact.. "Butter Dance" Brought On Suit for Divorce EVANSVlLI-b, (UP) — A 11 straight sels In the quarter fin-i of whom the boyi in ihe b.irk ruum j London issue.. Besides, s-,i- lik e to read, siicn as Hill Unnovan. wiisibands. which '•butler dance" pin on by John Nfooie, Avondale, led to a divorce suil Iried recently in Sii|>orior Court. In llsling her reasons for wnm- swlniniing )>ool in j ing the divorce. Mrs. Moore said als of the tournament toh also beat Jack Tidball nud H. W. "Bunny" Amlln. English sen- i exandor. are there in the lies] satinn. in rive sets. The little Japn- $5<MKH».Wi) Sp^rl nese ace lost to Perry In ihe. ... final. i The story ot baseball is traced In Sponsored by the Tennis Pulrons'' tll(1 new "Who's Who" In nu Inti- Atsociatlon of Southern California, i "i at e. human way. from its intep- the tournament was organized in i li °n to ths present day wl'.en llie 1926. In 1D27 the association broughl, forth Us first- great effort, with Big Bill TiMcn, Francis T. Hunter. Mrs. May Sutton Bur.dy. Manuel Alon- i so of Spain. Miss Kca Boinnan of; Holland and Mrs. Molla Mallory i competing. : As the tournnment grew, olher! great players graced Ihc local' courts. Including Miss Belly N,il- hall, Mrs. Lawrence Harper, Ediln j Cress, Johnny Van Ryn, Wllmer' . AlliEon, Berkeley Bell, Cliff Sut- j ter. Sidney D. Wood and f\ank; Shields. Tills year's tournament, as! in the past, will be played al tin t.cs Angeles Tenni; club, llie larg-1 esl hard court club in llic worll. quiirrel her kins of Ihe Uards also hit for circuit, the Detective 3.2 Keg Causes Damage Suit OAKLAND, : Cal. (UP) — Explosion of a keg containing 3.2 be*r caused damage Chris MlneH, Oakland cafe proprietor at $30527, according fo">Ilne«'s suit agulnsl the Golden West Brewing Company. Mineff charged the brewing company with ' negligence in placing Ihe beverage "in a defective keg." He wos injured In the explosion. His hospital bill was $102, and the Lasso Saved Drowning Man From Ocean CHICO, Cal. (UP)—A fisherman la.-i.socd a drowning man and pull-1 ed him to shore at the mouth of '— thVpictura'in'which the Ru.ssian River, according to lh«iBcr«Bn's famous fi lends of ihe hero, C. A. Miles. "!ovebfrds"flytoNiao- ! Miles was fishing when he saw praFalla—ANDHOW! •a boat caps!/* in the- ocean near, " j-by. T\vo of the occu[>unts escaped.! | The third, apparently. daied, was being carried out to sea when Miles east his line around drowning man's shoulders pulled him to safety. V A N D v v Shotgun Blast Ended Exciting Checker Game SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—A debate between two checker players and two "kibitzers" angered Patrick Driscoll so much he broke up the game wllh a shotgun blast. So Driscoll the and City Puts Dependent Families-on Diet| NEWTON, Muss. (UPl—Newton's! city welfare recipients have been put on a diet. Because welfare allowances were not being spent efficiently by the recipients', themselves, a modified «... AFTER. cost of rep'aJring damages to the commissary plan has been adopt- bullding $111. but he asked $30,227 ed by the welfare department to In his suit., • eliminale shopping for food. Thus, aid recipients have their, choice Frederick II received his sobri- of three balanced diets weekly. qtict of Frederick the Great after I and one week each month.' a 'spell Ls death. rial diet' list. A\UNIVERBAL PICTURE p»- Jduc»d by Catl LcommU, Jj, Directed by Sam Taylor. Prc- Krazy Kal Kurtnon Comedy — "Thrown Out ot Joint"^ with Harry. Sweet. players had admitted when the him arrested charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The sliotsun wielder said the players and the persons telling them what move to make made so much noise that he was kept An opcn-alr •s colored rubber • thai after a family , -- five varied ac-1 husband smeared butter all over I awake most of the night. He McOlnnity, Wadclell. Jots ;m:l Al-1 cording to Die lime of day; nl-|tlie floor and ihen dnnecd on it. I claimed he discharged the gun "to i mutants iiri 1 thus emibled to know | In another fit of temper, she'scare Ihem." Ttie. complainants If any bather is slaying beyond, .said, he tore down a stove pine i charged DriscolL mid al them, but his Ihi'M. land poured Die soot into the beds, i missed. • You and Your Community Benefit from the MEMPHIS Sstan <*ard Oil Co. of Louisiana's Labor Policy lOlIM) - TIU $1.50 METAL FOR COLD Tiur Omul fur CO I>a>s 4:SO A.M. | 8:15 A.M. 12:M I'.JI.l \1 l!air-F:up Uncle Bi!!ie ? s Tourist Camp & Cafe — Highway 61 South — Schlitz, Cooke's and Kingsbury Toasted Sandwiches and Hot Dogs Old English Kitchen Style Uncle Biliie Sii-ndy work and fotn\ wnjtf-*. Mnney h> s-tK-ntl in llie roiniiiniiil>. The innnry (hr^r prtiph- ^ll^l(l in ihoir rniiiiniinUu^ f-oini'5 from iho cif feoltne, E*«o, Kj>oluui>, Alias Tiros and other pmlnrti. . .#7,000,000 Tn.vrs rollrrlcrf for Stntf-*, 1932. mttrr Ihan . .' .#29.000.000 fVvfrrnf Tfjxrx rnllrrt- fil f""' }"!>•< 1932,10 July, 1933 more ihnn fS,000,000 Ttta l»eiHift Performance Standard Oil Comjia Louisiana and Assi»Companies mtiinlttin and spread p.mploymi'i Moro tlian 45.000 ••in: of the Stamford Oil ('.:: of I.ouiHiana and :i.--o. coin|ninio.H ran hi- lirtlc. /ens in ihfir comnuuiitS*'. rausc of thi'rtt 1 lilirrnl I.ii. policies. For more t}ian a yrar tlie !i-ilay week has hr-rn completely in operation throughout the orpniiization. Thousands have l»c«-ti kepi at work :iml I urge nnnilicrs taken from llu- ranks of lite unemployed. Time for reerealion. Good wages, too—ns good or heller tluiii Wages |iaiil in the 1-oniniuiiily for similar work. During the period this policy was extended throughout their organisations, these companies :I|M<>!<;><• nl millions developing Kssdluhe, the only hydrofincd motor oil, and Essolenr, a mnlor fuel •« superior to i-nsoline that it« eoiuposilion is prolcctetl hy U. S. I'uU'iit Pending. Try Kssolene—give the Fuso sltilion man your patronage. STANDARD Oil, COMPANY OF LOUISIANA • STAM).M(I) Oil, COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY STANDARD OH. COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA • COLONIAL BEACON OIL COMPANY, INC. Copt. 1MJ. E».. IK. 63 TEARS OF PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP Qtmtl ^. Today's trains anJ automobiles demand bodies bniit for speed . . . comfort . . . and SAFhTY. In rail- road transportation, one of lln: largest systems in tlir country in planning the railway train of the future, adopM «ht »ame idt-a ujed in the construction of the new Ford V-8 ... a super-train of ALL METAL. In automobile transportation, Ford Motor Company has already set the pa« with the ALL STEEL WELDED BODY. Siecl can b« welded into a strong one-piece whole. But wood and ateel can never be joined' into one. That ii why wood and wee! loosen . . . become noisy . . . \vliile steel is free from squeaki and rallies. Wood warps and rots . . . crushes under strain. Steel remains intact. Under severe shock it may dent, but it never crushes. Steel i» SAFI;I ' ^ Th«t is why motorilt* are demanding not only the faster, smoother performance of the Ford V-8. but also «1* SAFETY of i» all ittel welded body. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Main .& Franklin Rl.vthevillc, Ark. 1'hime 810-S11 WILSON MOTOR CO., Wilson, Ark. C. B. WOOD MOTOR CO., Ltixora, Ark. ^\v

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