The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1937
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, 'MARCH 2-1, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Stronghold of Open Shop A 1 Organization Rfforl at Rw- cv Rouge Is Scheduled {or Summer. UV Wlf.US TllOitNTON NEA Service Staff C'oriTspaiiitcnl DETROIT.—Some Ilinc in tin: lale summer or curly fall, the "irresistible force" of John Lewis' unionization, drive l.s goin« to meet thc "immovable bony" of Henry Ford's rugged individualism. fiefore this happens, a hlt> job of "consolidation" und orynni/a- lion must he clone. Getting lO'J.OOO men lo sign uutc;i eard.s in thu wlive of sitclown .strikes, and ean- veitlng those men into a dues- inlying, disciplined union nre t\vo different things. Before Ihe "Fort! Next" slogan becomes a reality, much organisation work miLsL ho done. John Lewis, perhaps remcmber- hif; Ford's one-time propasnl lo "yet tile boys out of the trenches by Christmas," has said that Ford will be on the dotted line uy Christmas. Local union leaders on the spot say the active drive to get enough members to approach Ford with authority will begin this summer. John Brophy, Lewis' right-hand mon in Detroit, puts it this way: "OrganmUion at Ford's is inevitable. Now that organization is Ihe spirit of the time, the tempo of ioJav'.s life, it i.s idle for Ford to think he can build bulkheads around :i single motor company that will keep out the tide. "That tide is rising so fast and so high thai it will cither break through or overflow any bulkheads he can build."If Ford will only employ the same Industrial .statesmanship or intuition that led him to discard his mou- 1 ! 'i 1 \vi.en it \va outmou- cd, then we can hope that an otit- .moded labor policy can he discarded us peacefully and easily. But organization is inevitable." THli OTHER SIDE Against this stands Ford's long lecoid of open-shop operation Ford's long record of struggles against outside influence of bankers, or even of government through the NRA. Agaimt it stands Ford's recent public statement that laborers Miomd never join unions" because they arc selfishly. run by leaders by (.international bank- Ms \t\ the interest ,of monopoly. Against it Ms Ford's present weapon—.a ^policy of watching: cicsery every''strike settlement in the Uetioll urea, anil .seeing to it that the pay at Ford's in' any classification is at least as high, and when possible, higher than men have been able to obtain by strikes anywhere else. ' Against it, too, stands Harry Bennett, Ford's erstwhile chief of police and present personnel manager, running, union leaders say, Uie most ruthless spy and policing system ever .seen in industry. Union organizers like veteran Bill McKie will tell you that Bennett has devised a vigilante system or 70CO men within the Rouge plant, made up of straw bosses and specially favored workers and trained lo spring instantly to ths aitl of plant guards nt thc first sign of a sitdowii to throw out the sitdowners. Bennett simply laughs at the story and denies it completely. He denies just as completely rumors that the Ford "service men" or : plant personnel, police, and watchmen employes have been augmented train 41,0 to more than 1000 and denies that there is nnv patroling of the plant beyond the absolute minimum of watchmen required in any plant as protection against fire risk. That a new screen of heavy wire mesh la feet tall has been installed some 18 inches inside windows of the plant along Miller avenue is apparent to any passerby. This is the approach to the plant nearest the main Detroit I!?™, lvhcre - tl] e riot of 1932 took Pre-Easter Service at Nazarene Church There will be n siKcltil prc-Enslor service at Hie l-'iwt Chinch of Hit Nimirene Wednesday utjlit wlien the Hcv. rciiplin D. Heasley, pastor, will preach on "The Seven Ultsr- nnces of Christ Upon the Cross," Special music by Ihe choir un.l a solo by Nobb McCnllar will also fi'iilmo the icrviw, 10 wlilch Ihe inibllu l.s Invited. ' Enstcr morning wore coinplcle<| nt n mooting ot ministers nml of Blythevlllo churches last Sunday afternoon. Men, women nixl young' people ot all denominations nre bclns Invited lo nttcnil the .six o'clock wrvlw, which will bin [;-uliiii':l with ory:ui music, spaciitl .selections by. a union choir and a brief si'i-inon by the Hcv. Cnrroll Cloyd, pastor of the First Cliilsiliin church. Kail Snyder Is chairman of Ihe servlu 1 and Miss I.aulsc Doby/m Is .sucri uuy. Law Miifllos ,n;r-'FERSON CITY, MO. (UP)— The Missouri legislature hns np- |)iove<l a bill deslaiipd, Its [.pou- sors said, "for relief of residents , living near laVes and - rivers." . Th« measura' .rc'mlrcji motor boals'Mo be equipped with mufflers, Clcvvliiinl's Tactile Owtieil <Ul>) — Will Hold Union Sunrise Servico Easter Morning ' Plan, f<ir u u^n sl i,,r, 5 , service 1C1%= of „ 'b^'"^^'"^ 11!™^^,^^^^^ CONNEI.L3Vll.IjK. KarU; K. Shiuik, Jr.. owns n ! reel used by Cl rover Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Cold Millions have found In Cnlotnbs a most valuable aid In the treatment o( colds. They taku one or two tablets (he first nluM nud repent the Uilrd or fourth night K needed. How do Calotabs licln Hllurc throw of! u cold? Fli:,t,'Ciilolnb3 are ono of tin; most thorough and dc- 1're.sbylerinn church on 11<> Eric Ilnrliur. ! Uio eerm-ladcn inucua (mil loxlucs. Second, Colotnte are diuretic to th» kWncyj, promoting the elimination of cold |)ol£ons from Uie blood, Thui Calotabs serve tho double purpose of n purgative and diuretic, both ot which are needed la Uio treatment of colds. Calotabs nro quits economical; only twenty-flvo cents for the family package, ten ccnU lor Uie trial uackauo. (Adv.) 'Ihe "hot corner" of Hit Ford Motor Company's nist plum at Hlver Rouge, Dearborn, Mich. Here the main roads' from Detroit approach the plant, -incl near here there was bad rioting In 1932. All plant windows facing Ihis road liuve recently been reinforced by heavy wire screening. ; anti-handbill ordinance." he says. ' dramatic gesture that will win a "Only we enforce it here. And ' quick victory over the traditional you'll find that anyone slopped Ford position, once the union li loni passing out literature here ready. All union leaders are las usually been doing more than agreed that an open shop at hat; he has been disorderly umething." That rord "Ecrvic'j men" have [id a hinul In settling some of he labor disputes in nearby parts >.:mts supplying material to Ford, here seems no doubt. The great Souge plant, despite Its glass fnc- .cry, steel mills, coke ovens, foun- 1ry, paper'mill, rmd cement plant. Ford's would be continual danger to their position in other plants, and that therefore it mast be overcome. Like an island In a tumultuous sea Ihat rises daily higher, the great Trotters Coming With Stage Show at Roxy Two former local musicians, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trolter, will appear In a stage show at the Roxy l heater here Sunday with a troupe lor well known radio artists in-! higher and c "" IIng thc Jewc! Cowbo >' s Ford plant.! Mr - ''"''oiler, who started his crouches defiantly in its ha/e of sl "K |n e career here n number of ago us .11 protege of the Lions clul). Is now featured on not independent. spotlight as soon as the p'esent | Stallfl " WREC III Memphis with With 80 plants in the Detroit | wave of sitdowns subsides. Mrs - 'froltcr as pianist. She is irca makintj parts or supplies for', I known to the radio audience (is ~ ' union leaders like Waller! n -in • r , .le;salyn Payne. smoke and murk on the banks of i the River ilver Rouge, ft will hold the | Illolls t>U Slit as soon as the p'esent, llfm Reuther. head of the west side ccal, believe .it might be possible to shut Ford down even without penetrating to any great eslent Jt.' Mi" houim iilanL DENIER' 1'KEJUWCE ! Special Service for High School Si i .Icisalyn Payne. With the Trot] ters will be their little .son, Billy, i who docs song nnd dance special- 1 Another artist to appear with Thc Hcv. Chester Swor. wilo li them W J M bc Kny sl(vr> i, er al<led conducting an evangelistic meet- as ft " Swu ig singer." Jord's are affiliated'only with the be es P eciall >' r °' r h 'g» scl1001 ^»- f James Wright of "Uncle Jim and general west side headquarters, he says. Union buttons are iiol allowed at Ford's, Reuther says. are not attending ttu cotton Pickers." dents church elsewhere this week. Other features of the service Bennett directly coVitradlcV wil ! te the/youn E people's choir, this, claiming employes with vows " lldcr the dfrcct:on oi.Alvm H«if-i of union dues buttons may be man jr " ani1 thc ntter " scrvice i seen in the plant at anv time, m ! le 5 ; olln S ^^ Hcpartment ,m,l that they incur no penally. !" U ' e form of a firesl(lc ctltlt | EemietV also denies any preju- m wh . lch l' ractlcK - V01UI > problems | any preju- lice against union, men, air Ford's. !Hc,aays the A. F. of U and .Me- KEEPS ALL KINDS OF Thitl morning, the Rev. Panic's Education' Society unions, S»'or spoke at the high school a- .vith many members in Ihe power i>!unt, tool and (lie departments, '.mi mainlEiiftnce staffs, could, if ''cy wished. co:uc closer to shut- iing down the Rouyc plant than '.lie UAW. fieutl-er. the organizer charged .'.ilh penetrating Ford's is n former Ford employe. He has no personal grievance, lie says, for ie was a foreman drawing $4000 it year. But the policies lie had .0 enforce against men under him. specdttps, relentless efficiency s.andards and the like, led him to take up union organization, Reuther says. He became a So- iialiLt, and was graduated from Brookvvcod Labor College, the Kiirvard oi the organized labor! movement. He hints at some sodden, melo- on "The Power of SUFFERERS Thornton Sr Minor Pile Ointment relieves Pile pain and inflammation quickly. Developed through 59 years' experience at world's oldest rectal clinic, this wonderful ointment is now offered on Money- Back guarantee. Sold by Kirby Drug Co. Main Cut Rate Hi-Way Cut Rate LAW ENFORCED" it must be kept in mind that rS £ or ^ !>lailt at River Ho "e<= i' not „ Detroit, it is in Dearborn, n city domliiatetl bv the vast kcc» t'i 18 Ptanl W ' 1!lr ' c «WW> Keep the cars rolling off th «i» Y line at a diLy pace When u n it cd A t ' members. jubllllnl at , •Motors settlement, tried to f ;iv b K r, ° /° 1X " S " " they were .slopped by police squads at n, e bor( ,er between Dearborn and Detroit. They Ind ^'"tribut^lhcm to s ,,ch c m- their way from work, tell you. Bennett also laughs at "Practically every town h (hey this MTTON SEED . & P. L. No. 11 Per Ton F.0.1!. Number Nine 2nd Year From Experiment Slaliou "imolli Brown Soy Beans t'riros Reasonable C. LANGSTON npHE b.g, beautifully s t y |«l 193? Studc- -L baker Dictator six is Inking them all on .. . evciy List one of the nine other 6-cylititier cars-even going above its price class. and showing them all up. Down close to the lowest in price, its Fram oil cleaner end gas-saving automatic overdrive enable it to equal mid often beat lowest priced cars in operating economy It's the world's first six to offer the automatic hill holder plus fcatliir' ° d ' ° brakcs ' " the worl(i ' s o"'y six with door, that close I Phone 111 BROADWAY SALES CO., Inc. Blylheyillc, Ark. Week-End Specials I'a . 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