The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRII 9. 1931 RLYTKEVTLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKEt. Public Responds to Gaming Craze Legal Sanction Has Opened Way for Development of Huge Industry. BY PAUL HARRISON NEA Servii-t Writer NEW YORK, April 9 — The, world Is, going in for gambling in a vn way. fn countries where | race betting, games of chance and] lotteries have been legalized be- [ fore, the industry—and it Is an j Industry—Is rapidly expanding. I" i parts of the United States, race! h-ffck gambling.. once outlawed. | has been legally approved, and hi j nik'uy others H is openly countenanced. And In Nevada, of conrs : .'. Lady Luck now offers evfry sort ot temptation. Fo»r Statts O. K. BMC Bets • The pari-mntucl system of race belting is permitted in only four of the United Slates—Maryland. Kentucky, Illinois and Louisiana. in many others, such as Ohio, the "certificate system" of selling a mythical interest in a horse, and a chance for the buyer to share in his winnings, Is allowed to operate Mlh only occasional interference, in Caiifcrnia. such a system aclu- »Hy has been upheld as legal by the stain supreme court. In recent sessions of legislatures, parl-mxituel bills have been introduced and defeated in North and South Carolina, Indiana. Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York. Such a bill Is to be introduced in Florida early month. tn N'ew . YorX, where legalized gambling is conceded to have no IOIK chance of legislative approval,-pri- yale bookmakers do a thriving • business independently of the as-1 „„„, soclations or the Jockey Club, tlio French senate which would p'rmli wide-open gambling. Fur- llu'rmore, a during proposal has been mjule liy Fcvnnnd Morlelte, Municipal Councillor. for the building of a giant casino In Paris. He would Imve a luxurious imbllc Kiiinliig center and employ the ;ioills for public works. I Mrs. 1M Maker left Tuesday I for u visit with rolutlvcs In night Indl- Ncorn Punil* Will negro rupus niU _ . Compete tor Prize I I Miss Iris Oiienl visited Miss Gcr OSCf»LA. Ark., April 9.—The tnl(lc v ' >ss ' Smi'li'V. ' • In more and more .such scenes; as these is the w>rlu-wide craze for gambling manifesting Itself. At ih this' [op you see how English racing fans place their bets through booths \rcsemblin? the American part inutuel system, which already has ihc approval of four states. Sketched below Is a group of society ng the bank at roulette in cnc of the casinos which arc becoming more numerous abroad a well as In Nevada and off the southern coasts of Florida and California. ELffl IN COUNTY MEET! !imil School Pupils Compete at Osceola Field nnd Literary Events. OSCEOLA. Ark., April 9.-Cun- l.'.'taius from the schools nt Pc-ny Cilck-r, Unit Moon, Flat Uiko. Slindy Grove, Friwler. Number N'lir, Hatcher. Etowah, Rod Line, nirl West Kldoo Ime registered for; r-"ti(-l|;alirii In tlv? nnnual rural j r-l'ool meet to be held here Sal-' nr:lnv at the High School building, miller supervision of Miss \Villle I nwsou. countv superintendent of Schools, nnd Miss Winnie Turner, ru:nl school sujvrvlsor. ' Judges oT (lie literary and extia cin-rlciila contests will be members' ( the faculties of the Wilson. Lux- j ra. Burdette nnd Osceola High | Schools, and Snpt. George Doyle of j lie Osceola schools will be official! corer of the field nnd track con-' csts. > I Tlie events Include chorus, reel-' ntlon, girls voice, boys voice, pi-' .no. declamation, arithmetic, scl-, 'lice, health, spelling, geography,' i!s(ory, oral reading, language, sil- •nl rending, nature study and num- :ers, in addition to the series of ruck and field events. The Oiceola P. T. A. will have sandwiches for sale at the noon lour. pilze of $5 in cash olfercd by Su- i IKiintrndi'iii Crawford Green? o( j tin- Ulylhc'vitle schools to lliccljlil'i 'grille colored pupil of the cjiinly! I who miikcs the best t'.vo mlm:lv i [ talk In oral Lli)j.'.s!i coin|!llllcn j .«111 \K uv.'iirdcil tomorrow evonln:; j lilt the close of till' imimnl cuunly | nrgro school and field me:! to b. 1 • held under sui<?rvlMou of ncsslc I 'aitce. county Jeans supervisor, a! Hie Mississippi County Tiuinlnn I school In Osceola. Wll i Thirty negro schools of the coun- Wlll ' !y n ,||| | w represented and contest will be had in arithmetic, spelling, history, licnltli, English, lui-J inslrumrntiil niuslc. At the evening session which will conclude th> day's progriiin, negro spirltnnls will be sung by a clronis of 100 negro voices drawn from schools of the county. Hciniun Prllchiud wiis the guest cl Miss Siidl-.- Whittle. Blindly af- li'inoon. Shail llsvil VMS tile of MUs 'I iu'lii'.n McGiuiUy, Sundny tiftcr- luxii. Mv. ulr.l Mrs. [Million Eubanks were guo.'t.s of Mr. and Mrs. T. WV, .iltll:, Km:d:iy. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ford McOarrity nimnuni.} the hill!) of a sou, en ipitl Mil. M:ss l-My linker visited friends in lilyllirvllli! Saturday nlRht. Vurtlb, Vor.v wlio is employed at \'cw Powder Gives Girlish Bloom Memphis spent lost week en-* wlih • his parcnU, Mr. nnu Mrs. Qharlie* Voss. Smith of Blythevllle was the guest of Hubert Whittle, Sat.- miliiy night. MliLI.O-OLO, Ihe new fnce |iow- <ln-, will ko;p your skin from exposure and preserve its youth. The i nrw Fri'iirli profess hy. which It is ' iniulc makes II stay on longer. ! i\:n -nil smooth! r. nnd will not cloj Miss Piiy linker 1ms returned i Hie rnrcs. Us spcclnl tint. l> home nfter n wco'ss visit with her; youthful. Mn llnHness or l.rlft- slsliT In Missouri I Him with MKt.LO-Gl.O. Try this Mrs w. n. Rcvlll visited Mrs. ] new wniidiThil luce powder. | Hownrd White. Sunday afternoon. ! —Adv. 15 Sandy Ridfjc all its forms permittcJ. to foreign soil In search of unmo- Fr&m q uat ter slot machines to tested gaming. If he has money which governs racing in the state. racing poo i Si j ror h chuck-a-hick, ! enough for an all-night tilt against In states where the pari-mutuel bla j k j nc (. &n & craps to faro and : the wheel or the cards, he may be system ts used, however, racing j rou i c tte, • "you pays your money taken in a sleek speedboat to a commissions are taking from 5 to : and 8 per cent of the amounts placed and claim they are able to offer larger purses and get better horses than associations with no income Lotteries Make Gains ! Every big legitimate sweep-: \ floating casino* beyond the 12-mile are • "mil. operating quietly In | Off-Shore Gambling the resort cities of Florida, butj Several of these vessels, luxuri- {ates . your C h 0 i ce ." gamblln? houses they still loom small in compari- 1 cusly son of volume with the establish- fitted, hive operated from es nler. actually a mor or less independent little state, t draw tourist patronage away fro the French. France, however, has taken th Ifad in making betting easier an gaming tables more accesslb' Racetrack betting long has beet legal there under the pnrl-mutuel system, by which the government [I t^ 11 mlr J»D>1 + rtf thn flmn1!nt<!!l I AM SO HAPPY— my SKIN is now clear' Read Courier News want ads. very b p rin S.S.S. in famed for ih nullity to huilil nnu strength in tin; blood— tliekinil that HKAtiSso-cnllcd skin trualilcs. Every spring countless tliousnuds lake this jmrefy vegetable (oin'o so that they may have a clear pkin mill (.'renter resistance against Infection and disease. You, too, will wiint to take S.S.S. for this very ronson. Select Hie larger size 119 it liolds double the (I'jnntity and rc|>r«!2i.'nt3 u prico saving, o 3.8.3. Co. a It e S. S. S. To n i c Y OU'LL icaicely mlis tkl« "until cfunct"; yoJ en i ctrUIn hippy day'. you will h*vt S2500 etih In hand—money that comei like a sift. It will do some won- d^rful thlngi for you and yours. Send tlit coupon today for fully informative booklet with payment ichedulei and their utured reiulb.- 203,000 HiVESTORS INVESTORS SYNDICATE FOUNDED-1694 \ ,. •.YIKVK.LE, ARKANSAS « MMNUUI.M £J WASMHOTOH LttAHOUS MMNEA.*OUS HATS REBUILT time to time off the California and'. takes 11 per cent of the amounts ments in Cuba, where gambling is' riorida coasts. The proprlctcrs of | placed. Now the Paris Mutuel Ur' conducted under Btak^s, such as the recent one onj the Grand National Steeplechase, I ' •.-.^ brings a renewed demand for lot-19» n ™ ndl15 - tery tickets. In this country.; uauu-1 where lotteries are illegal and therefore removed from any offi- c'ial supervision, hundreds of small! pools are conducted on practically ( everything "from baseball scores to quotations on bank clearings. -j So prevalent have these pools j and "policy" games become that tlie New York Stock Exchange recently made a vain effort to curb, them by Issuing its daily totals ofj sales inbound numbers only, thus! robbing pool operators of a widely-1 distributed dally number which [ could be used as its winner. The r U. S. Treasury Department at Washington also discontinued issue-,of the daily treasury balance figure to'prevent its use in similar games. ' ' Imaginary Tips Newspaper cartoonists have been badgered to death by readers who ima^ln'd that their daily "strips" container^ some sort of tip on the; lottery winners, and popular radio] stars have had to be most carefuli of mentioning numbers In their' broadcasts. These were quickly snapped up by the gullible as tips on lottery .winners. No fancied tip is too wild to ensnare the hopeful gamblers who play the wildcat,] thfe Irresponsible pools which flood' every city with their tickets. Ever since this country began to .manifest an interest in foreign lotteries, such as the sweepstakes on the English Derby, and on the AgUk Caliente Handicap and the Grand National, there has been a \ large traffic In spurious ticket- 1 ;. ' Thousands of stich counterfeits * have been sold on the Canadian Army and Navy Veterans lottery, to be decided by the English Derby on June 3. Only in Nevada is gambling In state auspices. cne ship resort publicly, announced ; ban, or betting off the course, has in cafe s and th-ir intention of moving up the I been Inaugurated. ' Under this ar- Much the ^^ 5 it- ! Atlantic coast to an anchorage oil! range me nt, bets can be placed In obtalns between the small Atlantic City where the winter sea- ' state-controlled booths in cities leasure resorts alflng the south- son ended in the south. I throughout the country by fans era ^^ Q£ Ca | iforn i a an d t nc O ver on the French nnd Italian who cannot attend Hie races. Ainerican . ov ,, ne <t resort at Agua Rlverias, keen competition is! Fr.ince Oul for Share Calicnte. I promised for the sucker trade. The Since the war there has been a •1)111,11 is not always necessary Italian government is contemplat- • ban en casinos In the vicinity of for the southern tourist to cross ' ing the establishment ot a huge Paris, but a measure now is before Just in time for Summer! N.Y. 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Tfllte Kruschen every morning— It's th& Httle dully dose thit does it—If not Joyfully satisfied after the first bottle—money back.—Adv. G6 | 2 for $7.90 \. a#s iS$M \ rv- W THE NRW WO-PEE-CO From now on through the Summer no woman can have too many dresscv Heie's a remarkable opportunity for supplying your requirements for the season. They are 2 for $7.90 . .. when you see them you will want to buy half » dozen. These dresses are all clever, new styles. See them in our show windows .. . see them in our Dress Department... and don't wait too long! J. G. PENNEY CO., Inc. We Have Just Installed The New WO-PEE-CO Hat Machine The Last Word in Hat Rebuilding MR. W. O, PEEBLES, Factory Kxpcrl nnd Inventor of the Machine Will Ifc At Our Office To -Regin 10 DAYS DEMONSTRATION Wednesday, April 15th Send in your old hats nnd hnve them cleaned and rebuilt - - they will look like new! 220-222 W. Main Street Phones 180-730 Phones 180-730

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