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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York • 17

New York, New York
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

nrviTions iC WEKT 14TH R'KV-AB tJcMk WO old do tho wa.bln* trotting for a tin oil HQ WEST SECOND FI-OUlt-A KB 2 iOuxcttliU wouisn cook; will assist wilh washing Nil city reference. mWKHT S9TH NORWEGIAN GIRL Hood cook, wether aod iron-r; good reference. VTcwlw Fwo TIIIBO FLOOR. IS THB RKAK- A x'ArColored woman aa Bret date eook; city reference. Call for three w'KBr J0TH FIRST FLOOR ASjLgeaspateat woman Bret claee French cook; understands all kinds of soups, entrees.

same, cold dishes, thorough can lake entire charge ot kitchen; it required; Bret claae (Wit WK.iT JtiTH A BEbPr.CTA it LK COIX)RED ZOiJwomin as cook for a einall boarding honee or primie family; city reference. It. tRON. Q1Q BART MB KVPKCTARU FKRSON Aluai Bret claaa rook in a email private family. BART 54TH TOP FLooR -A RUTfCTA nnmarrted woman lo go onl by the day to cook vfUiotf wimh: unclerntRD'U her thoroughly; good ciljr reference.

O'JII WBsT S3D BEKPBCTABLR COLORED en pood plain cook anil to do coarse weening, an cook good city reference. east mth rkspkctahlb girl as wanker and ironer; beet city reference. 271L AV El OOH-A HOOD COOK AND no objection to boardere; reference if quired. RBHPBCTAHLB GIRL AS COOK Ot7 4 in a Orit claae family; willing and obliging; beet reference. Clll 6TII SECOND FRENCH LADT las cook in a private family.

Address. AV IN TilB BAKERY NF.AT, TIDY woman at treed cook willing to will with tha aud ironing; hat excellent 30 BETWEEN BOTH AND WW vlrl In cook, wash and iron; city relerenco. L'ali Mondor and Tuoaday. YOUNO BBRPBCTARLE SWEDISH, OIRL AS good plain cooli. washer Hntl ironer; bast reference.

Address C. box 202 Herald office. It it in rm at nt Ac. I CLINTON FRENCH OIRL. ly nrrtved.

chambermaid or to take care ot children; good reference Call lor Iwo dark GOUTKHNKGB CORNER MADISON RES'' reportable girl at chambormnld and wnltreat; heat city relerenco. t-Q LKROY OOlrtPTRV OIRL AB CAAMBEKDOmatd and seamstress, or aa chambermaid and waiire.t. Call for two vt. 1 1 WEST 48TH YoUS'it COLORED OIRL 11) Las chambermaid nud to with washing and ironIns; heel reference Iroin last employer. Call or address for two days.

KAST 2D YOC.VU GERMAN OIRL Ol' tdAOe ducatinn chambermaid and take care of children in a private Jewish family. EAST SRCOND YOUNG feOlgirl as chambermaid or to wait on a lady; la willing ind obliging; best city reference. OA Li 3D AV. (PRESENT YOUNG Ox vsgtrl aa chambermaid or nurse; willing and obliging; two years' reference. Can bo teen for two days 214- ST YOUNG speaking Wnrlish and Spanish and waitress or to mind children; good city reference.

a PJANK SEWING OR DRESSMAKING by the day; good operator on machine; wonhl elter end renalr; children's and clothing a specialty; city or Kiuntry. Call on or WINANT. EAST 12TII FIRST CLASS FRENCH desires work by day ot week In private families. Address JAFFIER 7Q WILLETT ST. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH GIRL I Oaa seamstress and fino Ironer in a Spanish or American bmlly.

lAO FORSYTH NEAR FIRST CLASS L'rfenperator would llko a few engagements in privnto kmilies, IH7 53D SECOND RESPECT. 1 able girl, not long In tho country, seamstress In a trlvste family can cut. lit and operate on Wheeler A Wilton machine. Seen until engaged. WRST 24TII F0CQI7KT PASHIONA.

bio Bra- class French dressm-tko Iste from Worth, to go out by tho day; has her latest Imported patterns. 10 4 AY, If BAR IOTH DRESSMAKER a few mora families by day or week; Is a good mtter and litter. IQSJOTH NEAR ISTll FIRST CLASS lOOmodlttt makes beautiful suits out of 18 yards of allk Br upward, by tho day or at her own home; out of ashion ami misfitted dr ases altered pinl to new; evening ind party dresses a aperlulty please cnll nntl see to sign. IllO WEST 20TH RESPECTABLE YOUNO fe-LOglrl as seamstress: willing to assist in anything; test city reforence. Call on Monday and Tuesday.

fitic EA8TSSTII AMERICAN YOUNG LADY seamstress; understands nil kinds ol sewing and imhrniderlng. or would assist in dressmaking by the wpek. 9.4-1 28TII ST. A YOUNG WOMaX OF GOOD 1 reference and character su seamstress and to take of children In a respectable private family. 1I'D WEST 871II ST.

ROOM FIRST CLASS fe? lOdressmsker wishes a fow more engagementa; cuts ind trims in all the latest styles; terms low. I HTH DRESSMAKER TO GO OUT BY J'tllh" dav is an experienced operator on Wheeltr k. Alison's machine; VI per dar. machines, t'all for Iwo dayU run sot. rU 3D EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER; Is'TEOts and trims In the latest style; goes out hy the lav.

1 SO. GTH I RKNCH DRESSMAKER DESIRES DO I a few more customers; first elass work and styles at ow rates. PERFECT FITTER AND STYLISH TRIMMER iVwIthes engagements hy the day. Address DRESSMAKER, box 300 Herald Uptown Branch ofBce. A LADY, SUDDENLY DEPRIVED OF HER MEANS, desires a position in a private famtlr aa noney no object; reference given.

Address EL1SE, llerald Uptown Branch office. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A FEW mora enmtetnbnts at $1 25 per day. Address C. Herald Uptown Branch office. FIRST C8A8S DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW engagements- ran cut and boys' suits In all no objection to a abort dlatanee in the country.

Address M. box 201 Herald Uptown Branch office. A A SWEDISH GIRL AS SEAMSTRESS AND DRESSmaker in New Vork can cut ami fit flint claas best elty reference Address L. box 141 llerald office.t A SllUATION A KESPEt TABLE Jxyonng wens at. as seamitresa.

ortohe a waitin-r rnnitl on grown up young ladles; can get th" best ot rrfrrsnre from respectable parties. Call on or address Mrs. W. SCULLY EnglewooJ. N.

J. AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER WILL GO OUT hy the day: trims In the latest it vie; operates on snv eewl og machine; elty reference. A' W. Heruld Uptown office. MILLINER OR- A-RTSTANT TRIMMER WOULD Ilka a p-tsltion In millinery establlahment.

Addr-ss K. box 171 Herald office. TITAN A ONE OR TWO ENTr uagementa to sew in tamiliee. hy the day or week can rnt and tit ladles'and children's sntts; can use Sinner's or Domestic machine: satisfactory reference. Working Vomen'e Protective Union.

38 Hleeeker at. 9 General lAotinpworli. battery place, a swkdisii girl to do housework In a small prlrate family. AUGUST A LARSRN. 27 IIKNRV ST BOOS YOUNG HVKOtlH girls to do generel liotiiewnrk; Americans preferred.

'459 WEST MCril A GKRMAN GIRL i do general bonsework; must understand wasiilug and Ironing. MO'-l AV YOUNG () girl to do light housework and take rare of children. I GREENWICH ST. NEAR 1TII TOP "1-floor. young woman to do general bonsework in a tinall private imily willing and obliging; city reference an letters answered! Ring three times.

1 -n AV BKTWERN BOTH AND 81 ST 1 A respectable girl to do general honaewnrk In privaio Ismily; beat city rclerooce from last employer t. A REM'ROTABLE YOUNG OIRL TO ASSIST A ladr In light housework and sewing; good hntne more ot an object than wagca Address K. Heruld office. Housekeepers, cCe. 9 COMMERCE ST (PRESENT A vonng American woman aa housekeeper; two years' reference.

fan be seen Monday. 67 EAST PATH BROADWAY, 4TII I vonng lady as hon-ekeaper In a gentleman's family; widowof Preferred, (fell after 2 o'clock. CLINTON FRENCH LADY AS or to teach ynnng children French best reference. IOU WEST 32D ST. YOUNG LADY FROM THE housekeeper for some respectable family.

Call or address. 4W11 KAST 50TI1 WIDOW AS WORKING fully competent; or to do upstairs work; first King third ball. WEST tOTII 81. (FROM 10 O'CLOCK UNTIL -A (oung oman as housekeeper In a widower's family. Call all the week.

oilo-bast wra BBIOk AMBRIfeUOcan lady at housekeeper; can nt any position either In nolel, boarding house or private tamllr: can do tho ordering. marketing or carving In either. Call on or address for two days, Mrs. Ill'HARD. Oil; WRST 3RTII FIRST WOMAN working honteke-'per, here the can have her boy (4 years) three years' reterene STII ST.

NEAR MONMOUTH. JERSEY CITY. DuUif. ft vonng American widow as working hou a-per do the enure work of a small lamily. Call on or HOUSEKEEPER.

A LADY OF REFINEMENT AND EDUCATION would like a position a- housekeeper; Is competent to lull charge private or nnhlic residence. lira lleraiil Uptown Hrauvh office. A LADY WISH 8 A POSITION A8 IIOU8RKHF-PEH; references exchanged. Address L. box 14U llerald I ptown office.

A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT HOUSEKEEPER DEsires a pr in private family, boarding hnate or Institution; understands management of linen room it willing to mokn herself useful wish the needle. Address box I (A Htreld other. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES A POSITION AS booe-gaeper In a gentleman's family. Address L0U18E DOUGLASS, llrooklyn Poet nfflee. ToUBO PERSON 'VOULD lTkE TO sAposltion as hoiiaeiieeper for a respectwhls gentleman or mmpsaiou to eUorty lady, highest relerences.

Address IB Herald office. A WIDOW. WITH NO ENCUMBRANCE, AS LIGHT housekeeper. Ad irate O. Herald uflire.

Awmuw LADY, MEETING kkvkkhi.s, would sarapt a homo for services rendered as boasakeepsr in a widower's family; children preferred. Address bINCBKIl l's licraid Uptown Braaah. (UTTTATIOWN lloutrKMDvn, aimHOUSEKKEPER'S POSITION WANTKD-BT A thorough. energetic middle aged American bold or Aral boarding honae. Address box 1WI Herald iffin HnTsKKEEPKR'S SITUATION WANTED BT A middle aged lady.

Protestant iu hotel or prtynte family; two Irmu present employer. Ad SINCLAIR. Uptosn Breach office. ROUSKKEBPRK-AMKKICAS. 33 YEARS AGE.

will Uo work of Email family; AdOrvm HARRIETT WEST. I IB lUraU U7XNTKD-BY A LADY. POSITION HOL'BSkerper to a (rrnllem An. Herald town Brunch office. TVANTKD-POSITION AS IlorSKKERPFeli IN THE Vf family a widow of culture rimer M.

HAJtTON. Pwl offlre. Boston. RY A MlDDLK-AliKD UKMAK LADY. IT French.

'or a jfcntiemAn wiih family: reference Letters 40 be directed B. Uerelil office. Lit uiiurrnieii. llO WEST 21TTII ST. RB8PKCF A RLE COLORED XI wutnun wisbon families' or ifenilrinetre crntR per doern.

foo wBsT Kiusr class (COLOUKin wUhet gentle 01 end aahuiB; moderate reference AUY. 1Q1 WKMT WTII sr. FLOOR, FRORT I'llcolowl women winhee or gentlemen's: gives full Atipfaction. iQo sv L-r iiffU a COLORED WOMAN TO DO XODgCMi. rmen'i and lamilies' washing at home.

WKsr So ST -A COLORED WOMAN W.S.IKS io I washing to take home. 1i 7 VUT in II si. A ROBPr OTABLB WOMAN 'r 1 to go ont br the day to wash Iron, or Iter own home references If required. west jut si FIRST floor, a respect. colored women wishes fontlemon'a or familiea thing.

147. Qllff WKgT WTI1 KEBPkoTAKLR COLORED man family or washing to do home. Call, for three on Al.LYSE WEST SKCIIND FLOOR. BACK respectable woman, good a few gentlemen', or family wat.htng at her homo.

i)()i bast sorff girl wants by the day good washer end Ironor and hooaerleaner: references2.Jt? I7T1I TOP KI.IIOR A FIRST CLASS wishes Indict', gentlamen'a or washing, good city reference- Call or addrc.a lor two daya COMPETENT LAUSJy'I'Tdreai In a prieate family two or threa days a week. Call on or addrci. II. MeM. OQ7 KAST A'iTH ST.

PEW MORE waahing; 7.r>c. doaon. Call all Iho week. Mrs. OA KILL.

I) WEST 47TH ST. REKPKCTaULK WOVAN do waahing and Ironing ai hor own boma; la eopab of doing up anything. t)-11 WK -T RESPKOTABLE coixjred lOwumuii as hiundress or chambermaid; will firs sailstaction. Cell for two days. 07u EAST 16TH CORNER 1ST RKM I widow woman wnnis (jentienien's or family waihinc, or to ont by the day; good citv reference.

Q6) WEST 2VTH ST KKsT'ECTABLK WOMAN Mime (T-ntlemen's or families' washing. Call or address LAUNDRESS. WEST 26TII ADVERTISER, MRS. ATI1ER. wants plain washing and Ironing; good 841m 55G 282, A EAST 48 I'll ROOM GOOD LA Tlfw rer.

wlahe. to gel families and waah' lngathome; good reference A 44U KaST 18TH kkspkctablis woman 1 like to do gentlemcn'a or families' washing at hor own house. Call or addreaa. A 1 rt KASl'-IhtTT RKSPECTABLF. WOMAN, competent laon Ireaa, wishes aome lamillea' waahing; tcrroa 7o per doaen.

A ttTH AV -A SMART, CAPABTK WOMAN 'iU-'would like to go out by the day waalilng and Ironing or lo do hotiaccleaning; will maUe heraelf generally uaeful; can come highly reeoirmended; or wnnld take the washing or one or two famillea at her own hottao. Call or adtlreea. jij bth 8 it cos 6 kloo r. ro t. a rr.

)ll woman lo go out by the dey to waeh. Iron or do houaeeleanlng. Apply for two daya. a iTn it v. -T a iTTv washing, either by month or week, at $1 a dozen.

Q7H broaFwaTy. nk a it istiT st-lacbs uonk OlUup nn-i mended; aleo fluting curtains at 75c. per pair; bleached, by Mme. HOWARD LIETZ. AV.

A FIRST Cr.ASS_Cfli,ORKI) lOdresa, to aaaiat in chemberwork no objection to boarding honae; beat city releronce. Call on address TRUSS. 1'tJOIJ AV. NKAR 74TII IToOM at 75c. per doaen.

Mrs. HOIDKX. "1 fT EAST 74TTI ST. (PRESENT J.O.krotelr7Teabyterlan girl aa nnrae; thoroughly the care ol a ynnng infant; refprencca. QO SOUTH AV? FRRNCII J.

wwornan. with full hreaat of milk, wtahea a baby to wet nur.o. Call on Mrs. IlARltE. 7TII COMPETENT NURSE TCI TOUn7? lehihl'on Proteatnnt; good referaice.

Call on or H. K. on Monday. WEST 40TH ST. t)Wanted by a lady, iltiiation nurae.

with a famllv goli to Europe, for a German girl who ap -akt English, or to wait on a lady. Apply Monday and Tucaday, between 10 and I. VJO BAST KID ST. (PRESENT XOt 'rellned elderly former'y a lady a nnrae and an excellent needlewoman, to do aewlng and take cure of an Invalid or one or two children in a refined family; a good innne more han high desired; beat reference. EAflr RR8PKCTABLE YOUNG 1 'woman ea wet Call for two daya.

1 ADELPlfi RKSPECTA. IO i hie ynnng womnn, wishing to return to Europe, hi nnrae. Cal or addreas. 36TII YOUNG NO rati aland the fatlgne of a aalaaworenti. deairea a aitnatlon in a family to take rare ol children or to do light work ronr reara' reference.

Call or address EAST BIST RESPECTABLE WOMAN. plentiful breast of milk, to go ont aa wet nnrae. WEST 41ST YoDNO GERMAN PERSON nilrre; la capable oftencblng German. WK8T iisT FRENCH WOMAN AS urae; la a com! aeamatroaa; goo i reference. KAsT IVirH RESPECTABLE VOI'Nti to mind children and make heraelf uaeful; best city relerence.

Call for two TTli COMPETENT WOMAN Afi I dren'a nnrae; nnderatanda the care of a baby from Infancy; it a neat aewcr; nine years' reference from last place. OQ7 WEST 33D IMMEDIATE KNGAUE) I ment aa lady's nnrae. Addreaa for one week. 7 EAST HKALTHYTi'OI'NO WOMAN i) as wet nurae; milk five weeks old. Can bo seen for two daya.

RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL AS UKaK ANT) aeamatrcaa: rtty or eonntry; la willing to travel and do the general work good city reference. Addreaa M. bom 115 Herald Uptown Branch office. Ac. WEST 10TII OVER THE FANCY or chambermaid and to sew; good reference.

Call on Monday. 'UA -2D NEAR YOUNG WOMAN brat claaa waltreaa In a private family; llioronKbly the riutick of the aitnatlon; can take a place; unexceptionable city reference. Call or address for two A COLORED GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS waitress sr el nur-e end seamstress. Newport Flat. 6-'' NORTH MOORK FOREWOMAN IN A I wirolcMle or retail cloak and enlt home; heat reference.

Addreaa or apply. I WEST 2 ll HIGHLY 0 girl as m.ild; la a good sewer and hairdresser and capable of assisting with nlllioeaehnld 1 I'lTII A YOUNG FRENCH J.UU!ady'a timid; prefers to triivot-, good reference. Address E. R. nin tnr Mm bt a rrspkctarle woman Jj go out by the day; If required.

I)i)A BAST FT. ONE FLIGHT, FRONT A 14 yearn, aa eepylei; nnderatanda it thoronghlr ') EASI' ST. FIRST CLASS SALES rOIady. ef long experience, in a l.ekery or confectionery understands her business thoroughly. Call or addreaa a tiii iri wanted to do at writing ot any description by a lady writing pl.iin hand.

Addreaa Mlas M. 4 ID AV AN EXPERIENCED LtDV's NUBSK; objection to the eonntry; best relerence. Cell on tMraea. 8- 5r5 AV. (R1NO TH1ED III.Li.).

A RESPECT? young widow lo wait on an invalid iady. or wnnld and waiting la willing and obliging; heat city reference. Call lor two daya htH av, NBAR MTH ST A REBPECTABLB girl of reduced rlrciimaianies would like in be a companion to a Udv. Call or addreaa Mias KITTIK PARKER. ill' A-i SALESWOMAN: NO lion to the eoentry relerence given.

Audeeaa. A TOCNG WOMAN, AGED si'LaKs GERXVman. wonld liae to engage to wait on a lady, or would take charge of children can sew city or reentry: no ohjertlon to travellin; in Europe; good Addreaa F. box 1(10 Herald efllcc. ji TnGLIsTi LADY.

AND REFINED, wishes a position trarelling unmpanlon. Address INVINCIBLE, box I4'd Herald Uptown office. A LADY WISHES TO MEET A FRENCH GENTLEman. who will rxchange French for English or German. Addreaa P.

II. Herald Uptown ofllce. a LADY OF GOOD EDUCATION. POLITE ADDRESS jVwrltea good bualueaa hand, perfectly honest and relln hie, (Icalrns situation in offh or to learn the tmaineaa In fancy store. Addreaa KhLlABI.K, Herald Uptown Branch office.

a TOI NG AMERICAN Lahv OF EXPERIENCE aometlitng to do In store, reatanrani, with family, or ilreaatnaker. or anything else In exehange lor a home; refertqeea. Addreaa S. E. Herald Uptown Branch office.

YOUNG LADY it COPYlSf OR COMPANION; would travel Addreaa Herald Uptown Branch office. YOUNG LADY AS GOVERNESS. COMPANION TO a lady or to trsvel; sneaks French and la sever tee tick; beat references. Addreaa bok 1H1 Herald Uptown Hraneli office. pkknFh ijtDY's maid, lately arrived.

would like to return lo Europe with a family beat reference. Addreaa LADY'S MAID, Herald Uptown hranch office. A lady wishes' a position as COPYIST OR some light employment to be done at Iter own residence. Addreas D. A Ilereld oGee.

CIOPYINO WANTED AT IIOMR, OR WRITING OP yauy description, by a lady writing a full, nlain hand MIn I Hi. Herald i pt. wn Hranch IADV'S MA A LADY, Foil "a VERf COMJpetent person; speaks three languages; would like lo I travel; has drat etty referetteei. Addraaa K. box ItW HtrM Uptown Sfsach etSsa.

rSP.Ftfl- CDBPAJUOX; Bnnfipil nkjrri 'nmf rafervnces RAY. Herald Branch roiifiox in' Storr or lTxkn ft room of a nr nurwrjr irovorni or aituallon. Address B. Herald Uptown llraneh office. YVrAXTKn.

A FIRST CLASS ATUUH. tome i B'ondwfty trade, make an with omo heinc in or nut the Htv heal reference. TRI 1- It. Meruit! I'ntown Branoli office. A LADY OK HKKTNFMKNT.

A POSl If tlon tmttnl companion or anv honorable orciipation: a good home rather than salary da tired; referc cc? Saw York IVt ortiro VTIOSS AYTEliFKMAhKS. fast wrw hkftxbd lady ok experience titlilni; frovorneae; for rrtinj venllnreen; tentimomaU. PARISIAN. A LADY srKVn.jt; DRSfRRA A PORITTOR aroaniienaia an inauranco In or Now York; cltv rc fa re immcdiatcl 11. T.

17 Krnn 2lal New York, A LADY TFliRORiPH ATOK DRHlflFR A allion in a ban kmc or mercantile eataliHahmont; arilMnc maWr heraotf ntfinl at aiuantieusla If dcaire l. INDUSTRY. office. Af' A RISIA LADY (DIPLOMP.F>. OOOD MfSIOIAX, more acholart; hlgheat Navtl' Uptown Branch afllea.

AmurKTI NT TB V(' FKENUfl ami tuqtif an eng igement; hi rioat roferem ea tJQVfcltXKSA box llornld L'ptnmn Hunch oltic. a srcxTKssKn. i.aiiy tkaciikk instructs ix JVhigher FntjIUh and French at her or tlif FipH'l', of neglected education confidentially in grammar, writing, reading. Addreaa TKACIIFR. West 2 )th at.

AX RKGIJff VIHITIXO OOVKRXKSR. OF WRLL attested abilltr and expeHanee. daalrea pttplla: mrniv Bn Latin drawing. Addrcaa ORni'HNK, box IRS Herald Uptown Kranch office. A YOUNG LADY.

COMPBTBNTTO TRAOf! FVQLIRH and at covernc't or companion. would with houaehold duvlea. GO KN KSS, Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY. SPRAKtNO AND WUITfNO PRRNCfl and Kngliah thoroughly.

excellent planiat. dcalrea a In a reaper table family aa governor! or eompatiion city or eonntrjr; moderate expected. Addreax, with terms. Miss box IftJI Herald Motown Brunch office. VGOVKRNBH8 OF REFINEMENT WILL GIVE three Itiatrnetlon In Kuglith and in oxchange for hoard.

IT is West at. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS CASHIER OR clerk fully core patent to fill any poaitlon of trust: writes legibly; good accountant. Address 'I RUST, Herald Uptown Branch office. A FRENCH LADY IS DBS I ROUS To HAVE KF.W ladles for French conversation; best reference given: terms moderate. Address PARISIAN I.ADY, box 200 Herald office A NORTH GERMAN LADY WITH RXI'ERlence In teaching, would like to moot with a family where she could teach daily for one or two fordgn and city Address I).

OROKFKL, HOI) 4th ae. FOREIGN LADY DESIRES ENGAGEMENTS TO flnlabing singing, French, fisritmn, Italian and English. Address Si. 8.. care of Mr.

Chriatern. 77 University place. TIT ANTED BY A YOUNG LADY. A POSITION AS governess to teaeh children; te? rns very reasonable; best references. Address Miss LOUISE, cere Post office, Brooklyn.


Sf. Hroiwlvay Hiifl Oth at. ACIIASCE-LEARN TBLKORAPIIY; DEMAND FOR rommeoee Immediately; low; dar i evenlnir. THOMPSON'S College, 'JO 4til Cooper Inatltute. A FEW LADIES OK OOOD ADDRESS CAN KIND genteel employment by addreasing J.

THOMPSON, box 5,612 Pom office, New York. A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS CHAMBERMAID: ONE who well. Call, with reference, at 21 Eaat 24th after 10 o'clock. A WIDOW LADY LIVINO ALONE WOULD LIKE A young Indr companion ot nppearanco and ona who la rrfluad end well edm-atcd: young lady preferred. Addr xa R.

C. 11., Lptown Herald office. A LADY OF REFINED MANNERS AND CHKBRFl'L diaponltlon, and having a thorough kir wlodgc of mtiaic, may aecure a dealrnhle home companion by addreaalng. with refercncca, COMPANION, box 120 Herald Uptown Rranoh office. FIRST CI.AS- SALESLADIES FOR and trimmed Herman prelerred.

A. P1SKR, and 2.23S 3d ar. A FAMILY flAVI.VO NO PRESENT NEED OF their chlld'a French nurae, dealrc a good place lor her. If. WELCH, St.

Nlcholaa Hotel. KKOADWAY-LADIRS TAUGHT PERFECTLT whole art and eloak cutting, baatlng and ing "i FIRST CLASH SA LBSWt1M EN for suit department; a few lenrnera of good tlguro for aame. to RICHARD MEAKKS, 6th av. and IbtU at A. YOUNO LADY TO ATTEND A FIRST CLASS rake and confectionery; mnat understand the Aodreaa EXPERIENCE, box 122 Herald Uptown office.

Dressmakers waist and shirt none hut those accustomed to llrst work need apply; also un apprentice. COLLINS, 46 West at. IrtiRST class cloak.makers wanted to make: fine rloaka. U. ilAYWAKD, 46 Howard LfLOWER A FIRST CLASS llower branclier.

Apply to K. A. lilEsEN, 10 East 14th at. rbykral artistic trlmmars, for our Boston and New York estHblishtnent; 426 a week will he paid to the right partv and steady employment. J.

ROTHSCHILD.West 14th at. CALK Oand laney goods department; none bnt experienced hands need apply; reference raqulred. TAILOR'S Haaaar. 353 8th Teacher and lady, living near New Yorx, wlabee ae companion a lady of ednratlun and refinement, to whom a comfort able homo and mndernto compensation will be given a good knnwieilge of the French language and musical arromnliahni ere Indiapensabla. Address box Post ofllcc.

New York. Wheeler a wilson machine hands wanted. on men'a drawers; also necktie and acarf hands; no work given out. FISK, CI.AKK A I T. A HO.

As6 Broadway. EXPERIENCED MILLINER. IN. quire at 67 ar. B.

Wa.NTED-A Yum GIRL, WHO SPEAKS ENHIlsh and Fronch, to learn raillin-ry hasliiesa. Call 104 Weet 29th. WANTeD-A TIDY YOUNH HIKL FOR GENERAL housework, in a small private family; mnet bn well recommended. Call at No. 2 Wrat 3IHIi at.

TIT CLASS FOREWOMAN. ON I.AII dlos' linen collars and culls; a steady position for an able erson. EMIL S. LEV I. 44 I.lsnnnard sf.

FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. II Only such as understand their business thoroughly need apply, tor one week, at ARK'S New Hnnaar. av. H. WAIT ON AN INVALID LADY.

A Hfill liable woman, accustomed to nursing; must bring best cltv reference. Apply, from 12 to 1, nt 101 Weal 40th fifth bell. Ylf FIRST CLASS HERMAN COOK. WHO II understands cooking In all branches; must speak English and be well recommended. Call, with references, at No.

15 Weal A2d Monday morning, from toll o'clock. TXT FIRST CLASS LAUN DRESS AND II cbamborraald In aprlvato family first class city references roqutred. Apply Monday at Eaat si. TIT UIRL FOR OKNF. AL HOUSEWORK; II must ue a good washer and ironer.

Call on Monday at 0H1 Lexington av. STRONG, HEALTHY WOMAN 'HEitman or Scotch preferred) to go Smith and do grncral housework most be a good cook, washer and Ironer and willing to work; a good home and place for the right party. Cation or addroas Grand Brooklyn, staling wages required ANTED- AS EXPERT, A OCtOD OPERATOR ON sewing machine; bring sampie, before nino Monday morning, at fancr store 413 Hth av. Wanted kxpkribncbd cloak prrhsErT Only those who thoroughly understands their business need apply to INDESTRUCTIBLE RliFKLE t)OMPANV, 251 and 266 Canal at. CLASS HAND SEWERS ON FINK Isce goode K.

MEAKKS, 6th av. and 19th st. FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. USED II pi finest work; also a first c.lasa trimmer; ntnst have nncxcepilonahle reference to capacity. Address, after o'clock.

Itti West 23d st. NEAT, ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT girl, from IS to tears of age, to do plain cooking ar.d assist in other work; she innsi be willing and obliging and neat end clean In appearaore and habits; good wages and pleasant and permanent employment may be secured. Ad drees JDUKN'AL, box 3.11)1 New York Post office. first clash laundress, kxhliah woman, wants washing and Ironing at her home. Call la store for Mr.

olllffeo, Weet fittlli TIT APPRENTICE FOR MILLINERY; II a ynang French girl to make hrrself nselul in the dressmaking department. 1.166 Broadway competent saleswom an for our IT ladles' nndarclotblng department, WILSON A HKKIO, 771 Broadway. Wanted-a fi operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machino. Apply nt HERTS .1 Htsi Hroa.lway. waist makers, an operator on heeler A Wilson machine and an errand girl Mr.

E. LaWLKU. 112 West imi, at. PRIVATE FAMILY OF THREE, A IT good cook, washer and ironer only those who are fully competent and experienced need nppir Call Monday, bctore 12 o'eloca. with relerences.

at 26 East 46th at TIT ANTE FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS ON II and silk employment and good wages to competant bands. RoDHELS A UKK I St. 166 anil 1R7 stlt av. TIT CLASS SALESLADIES FOR THE II trimming departmsnt. tlioae thornnghly competent and having nna experience In promiaent stores are offered good salaries and permanent BLOOMS.

336 and .340 Bowery. AAI.ESLADY llAVINH A IHOKHI'GH knowledge of feathers, to take rharge of that department city relerencea required. Apply, hy letter or to at LEE'S, 363 6th av vv CLASH LADIES' II AI KDKKH.Ser; mnat liatr work; only witli ercncei nvad apply. 14th tt. Si vIO.XhoN.

A PRIVATE DRESSMAKINU ESTAH. Ilsliinent. a first class dressmaker to lake charge ol the wurkrueui. must Jiave dtv reference. Call between 6 and ta at.

It) o'clock at lOH Went DRESSMAKERS, TO WORK on ladies' and children's costumes: alao telloreaaea to oa iloika WILSON A UKEIG. 771 Broadway. HELP I CLASS MASTERS ON CUSTOM I 11 Only bono to merit I.OKI) 1 lAYI.oti, ttroAtifrajr ntice ovi it. IITaVtHII A Vol OK TRYING ITS I tniiit tk willtn iimfte er-illjr instil! it) the room. 1'njutro liter 11 o'clock Till IlrttitdlwAj.

it. sNIKU TWO Mi si I. illVl.lXKKH 4X1) i trim morn, mi BHITTt)K'8. Hth ANTED A ri.MI'KIKvr iemaiK lOtlUkllllPIR it In .1 limit be itlick wenrh with ticum nnd ncciiNtninid to t'OMTETKNT, iti lion Kilting nid tiilnij. UrAKTKU a Voi'M) WOMAN I AKHIHT A LADY ft mid u'u homn ti nlirht: noun but inviu; icfproncns itced cull Uuiott Miaire.

btiwven 1J A ax rTri IBS! Fa XT PQREWOM AS. km lt com ft intu oil ft rj-p of workroom; must bo thorough with permanent ftniitiou to the ri lit panj. Applr. Ih twoen I'b KOCH'S. Ih av.

anil joth At. XH I 4DY WANTED ri) F5 ON AND I mi it figura. Apply to Mnio. K. 1'INUHmX, Knit IOth vduNti no lkarm the tki a rm 1 uood AAlarieft iiaid when ijQullfled, Thial4.GUAi'll tSfaTMLVTlO.V COMPANY, "21 rurn row.

1 "7 FIRST OI.ASS vK A NTK 1.1*6 1 I hoim ninkwr will innke i to $15. A It A IIAM COM.INs. 4.1 Worth tt. or.A ll( IA II MH kKB $12 to $15 per week, with nteady work Ithroutrh the Apply it mice. INPKSTKUCIIBLK RUKPLK COMPANY.

2'A and i'uiihI it SITUATIONS W'l'KiMIALKx. MAX. FIRST CI.A>S I'DUK, WI-illTS ilLiiallnD. Addrni J. II Greenville, -A.

AGENCY AN AOTI VK, KDU'I'AT K0 Iiii.Ii>,'.. man of ir I address. with IA years' experience a. a eaii' asser among New York nierchanls and business mm AGENCY. 2 (I Herald office.

A YDCNU MARRIED MAN DRSIRRS A SITI ATION any is a clock initki br trmlo. Addroaa 0. av A SITUATION WANTRD-BT YOUVO MAN. 23 ol ago. at aiijrtliinic A ronipoaitor br trade aal ary no Addre.a box ortlco.

AdgTY'irvo man. i.atki.v i.andki), iiavinu kTvr cfporleuca in tlia liquor and grocery wi.hea in eithar; aged lit Addre.a leH tilli Jeraer Citv. AMOTIIKK MISIIKS a nlTI'ATIOX KoK IIKlt BOV. age 111; excellent rhnrarter trade prole, red: nu wagaa In year. 2(1!) Waal IMth at.

AKIItST MAN I'llnli WISIIKS A aitnntlon in a private family or reatanrnnl. Call at I5d Weal Slat .1. stkivTiTd (lit HEAD aITKK TV IIOTIX, club or rr.taurant, thnrottghlr cxprrlcnceil and highly leeoininendod. Addreaa STI'. A ill), box 14.1 llcrald L'p town uflier, I A YOUNU MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS keeper; relerenco enn be obtained Iront la.t Call ai I2U Kaat llouolon.

or addraaa UEOItiiR IOYCR, box IMP Herald olBee. 1)UTLEil Oil KIRST CI.AaS A RR fapiTinbie Protaataat jrniK man: whi go to wBiblaytoi or any purt of the United Mate, if required; boat reference. Addiaaa BUTLER, Herald Uptaarn iirnuch aBoa. k-ITCATIilN WANTKD-BT A YOINO MAN. TO xrarork round a whnlcaale honae; willing to work reaeonably lor a winter'.

Job. Addreaa, for two U. K. box 1 IH Herald oflice. SITUATION MAX, ACCUSlumcd to waltlnK npon a gentleman, bolel or prlrate laniily; beat ralerenceo uirnn.

Addreaa S. 455 7th ar. A STKADY, BOHKR YOUNO OERTT man a altunnon or porter; goon refarences given. I.KWIr. KMKKY, Brooklyn (L.

1.) 1'oat office. AS KTKWARO IN A 1IOTRI, TT or on ateamiiiip; II) yeara' axperlene good carver; ean rnrniah flrat clasa roforaucea aa to ahilitv and general character. Addreaa or call on C. M. FARIt, PH Thompaon at.

IS A MTUATinN Ah ABOVE IS A TT privaln gent'einen'a family; la a I'roleatant. two good ehuraeter; country preferred. Addreaa JAMES, Herald office. A i'OSniON AS COOK AND CAlVvF.K IN TT a reataiirant. Addreaa, for threo Quya, DUNN, 182 Chatham aquarr.

YV SITUATION AS PORT Kit. TO CARE TT lor building, make llroa, 15 yeare' reference. A. 11., Spring al. a baker ok haktey TT cook in a lintel or reatanranl: can lurnith the beat of rch'rencea.

Call on or nddreaa J. VV. I.ANO. No 2U Knat 18th two doora Eaat Broadway, In the Ice eream depot. A NTK I) IIY A YOUNO KNOI.lSHJdAN AND TT wile, aituntioni In a goi tlentan't lamllr; man to make hiniaelt generally uacfiil; underatanda plain gardening, the enre of poultry and dairy, and ean drive IT required; wile aa chambermaid or waltreaa; married three yeara; no children both can glvo tlrat claaa rclerencee.

Adilrcaa K. Herald office. A NTK SITUATION AS WAITER IN A RK1TT vale family, by a reiDectabic colored man; flret pihki re'erence. Apply to Mre. UAhltlET BUKtJAX.

145 Woat KM rear. A RKSI'EC fAHI.K KKK Till HEAD TT conk, a aitiialbin In a private family; good recomtneudatlone Irom Inal place. Aildroaa N. 14!) Hleackcr at. COLORED MAN, A SITUATION TO TT attend furnaroa.

K. AJOltS. lMtf Woat 2tlth at. MAN WISHES A SITUAIICIN IN a KITCIII Jf to make hlmaelf ueeful: can conk. J.

855 Dcliaib Brooklyn. -VroUfTo COLORED MAN wishes a situation as waiter ar dnwer. Call on or nddreaa 0. 215 Waat al FOR INFORMATION THAT Wlf.l. permanent naylng poaltlon anrwhare Ad MANAGER' box llii JlerulU otUco.

CEEHKh li SAI.KSMKA. TKonc mar A Expert and Accoiintunt, M72 I'earl office box 2.R4M. A. STERN BROTHERS, Btli av. And want a firat clasa inan buyer for their hoajary department, only nno thoroughly potted lit that branch and naed to heit city trade need apply -WANTED.

RY A sm.TIIKil.NEIt, Willi A GOOD a aituation with a clothing or boot nnd a hoe bonae; reference, prreent bouae. Addreaa TKAVKI.l.KR, llerald offire. It IK NCK BOOK KEEP ERRAND ACCOUNTanl dc-liea to na anareiime; liouri to anit; haa a Ileal knowladgo of general buainoae. Addreaa li. box 1'oet oflico.

ASiTUATioNWANTED-AS TRATEIXINO SALES, inan In drag or notion honae; good retareiice. Jtc. Addreaa S. TUTIIII.L. Orange, N.

.1. AYKKIIATIM STKN IIA I'll liTs I perlenee, tranaerthea with type writer, which he lurnlahea, or hand aa dealred, wantr employment for all or part of hla tlmo ae corresponding clerk, a'mannenala or would make hlmaelf generally naritl In an offire; eoed referencca aa to character and ability. Addrusa X. Y. box 5,710 I'oat oflice, city.

a YOUNO MAN OF KINKTBBN DESIRES A uosi. In a wholeaa'io honsa; willing, active and a good penman; wogea amall; beat reforeuca. Addreea CllARl.ES, BIO Welt 52d rt. IN RKFINKRy! AN rienced panman. Addra-a, qualHIcationa, box 3,428 Poat New York.

KKKI'KR WA A PRIVATE DRESSmaking aatabllilimcnt; tlia hert refercneea required; alao a flrat clasa aaleslady. None but those who are thoroughly competent need apply at Muie. DOUGLASS', IS East 17th at. A' YOUNG MAN lis AE LITE) A NT a SITUATION S.mth or Weal; haa liad two yeara' experience In general merchandise and ia a good aalcauian ran keep hooka salary expected. $10 per wrox and hoard.

Address, for one week, A B. box Herald office. A' FIRST CLASS IK Id KKK I'K R-U KX (: PtVonT ble rcferencaa required. Addrcse hex 228 Herald officet FIRST GLASS SALESMAN FOR llosIKKY BLOOMINHDaLE av. BOOKKKE.PEK WAN TED-DOUBLE ENTRY; MUST have had a long ar.d thorough experience and capable of keeping the mnit Intrieate set of books: mutt he very correct lignring and a rapid penman; also anla to tarnish highest referencca iroin former employera as to eapnctlv.

Iionesty, Ac. Andreas, giving nnnin, age. referencea, r. it. a CHerald a (Sea C' tToTHlNli SALESMAN OK EXPEKlENl'K WANTS sun itlon; permanency mora of an object than salary.

Addreaa V. boa Herald office. DIIUO CLERK, THOROUGHLY COMPETENT, JUST had charge, witbcs situation; relnraiicas the beat. Ad or DltUtsOIST, 8th av. rvivh iVx.nvassing salesmen wanted 2.204 3d corner 125th permanent poaition for good naiu at good wagea.

Apply, after IO A. Monday. Five or six live cany arm lng salesmen can hod p-iaitiuna at 3d liberal Inducements. Call after 0 P. M.

SITUATION WANTED -BY A TIIOKOUOII Ill's i KSS Oyunr inan as bookkeeper, saioman or elerk, at mnli rate aalary. T. P. care U. A II.

Ilnlaon, 214 Waet si. WANTED ONE ACOUAINTED WITH aalt trade; pocket hualnaaa a specialty give reference and salary expected. Addreaa L. box 147 Herald nffi e. SALESMAN WANTED IN DRESS GOODS KPART" IIEaRN A (toN, 775 Biiradway.

ritllK UNDkR8IGNED SEEKS OCCUPATION 1 larm. whore he can And nsa of bookkeeping and eorreapondenco also If nercsaary; ha aeeka deviation from a city life; salary not much of an object; respect able parties, with small household preferred, aie only solicited. II. 50 East 34th Nuw York. rjiliK kmckkrbdckkk, wallack and English Walking llala are the leading fall stylet for gentlemen prica $3 50 and the finest Silk Hat manufactured, $7.

SHATXE, Broadway, comer 13th Wallack's Theatre. I mo "COMPETENT. LICEXSKD DRtfoI i gist. 1. years in the business, soveral years' city axpe1 rfence, hlgliest city reference, and Engllali and Geiman, wishes a permanent situation, or would make arrangements as rebel clerk.

Address EXI'KUIKNCK, lie-aid Uptown Branch office. 117 ANTED? BY A VOGXO MAN. A SITUATION AS TT cnrrc-pondent; writes shorthtnd and understaiida German willing make himself generally nselul as eopyiat or nlherwlao Address box 158 Herald oflle. Young man. a position ar hotel clerk or assistant bookecper: It willing make hiinsei! generally ueeful, at moderate (alary.

Address T. P. Herald office. YV A I 1 It A VK i ,1. K'S PoSI FTtrN To GO Vf South In any line; Is a good salesman, and looks after It; Kansas, Kentncky, Tennessee and Mississippi; but will go where.

Address K. U. tlarold Uptown Branch office. wltboal delay. ACANTHI IN HIE MIMING Koum i A MA fscturlng hoii-e, a thoroughly competent and i is twill gent stcnogr ioioe correspondent, who writes a good business hand and Is laiuihar with commercial latter A lull unity will no nttuidcd to ilia rlwbl nisn to make hiineeif a good position, hut lie muat be prepared to wmk lor it Address, giving relareiices and staling nnd el.

peelatlons in regard lo salary, IE box IHj Hrrald udloe It AN I I he IDE I MUYKK )M I EM I It' toua and wool ena; man of axpvrienca and first clasa record In the trade. Addreaa boa 1X3 Herald other, staling experience and ralcrai-caa. PIHKT 0LA8S CLERK POK A UEO" eary itora. Apply at 502 tfth dr. t'l-KIlKM AID AALKAMKI.

A fiOL'TII KRN KR, A situation la fane; goods; ret Wenco A I. Address A Harsld vv anti-d-a in anv business, by man of good p'-nmau. Addre.s W. 11. box 1.0X1 fan office, Nr? Yum a A I.E.

WjXK AVfl UQDOR hnii.o en experienced and trustworthy salesman and In the oinM well n-roiiimruM. Oarman preferred Address IlKLI A Ml.i- datum A. A 1 "iAl.K-M TO TRAVEL SnF'TH and 1, an article- in ualrersal di raand Tboa- who ran l' wrTtks Briar, wild latter: one who la eruuioved and can lions: r.Yx'i'V a day or -vailing CuRKF. .9 Mara Id i.ilic. NTKO UKXTLRMAN To TRaXSLATB IN English a lirrman prof' rrod Addrrar, In Iha tarn languages.

I ilE 1ST. Herald office. W'AXTKI) -HICST CLASS CLiMK AM) DRESS talesmen -ioti? nan I apple A r.o IrOII, Lrnnd and Chryille its. I i I I- A Vol IN ENTRY DEPARTMENT ol a ariirie good- house stating in applicant handarritTng. bus York nffiee.

IVAXTKD CROCK F.KY i.V Ml Mi NEED apply but those wn underst md the business Aildieaa It. alalliin I). YIR8T I v-s FLOOR WALklRt must hare ih or. ujrli exptirit nro unn he able in satisfactory references KIIHICII A 2B7 anil 3111 ath ar. ANTED- ItV lilt I'll I'liKK AOi 23 an American Pharmacy.

en J. 1,. 233 We at at TLTANTKD-IN a LAMGK RETAIL FANCY' noons house a class velvet talesman; only ihnao ii nngltly qualified and bavin- bad rftt experience need adI niv ANTH.D-TW'I KillsT SALESMEN FOR elinika and stills liberal inducements In parties who loroughly understand the trade and can furnish satisfactory city rcloroncea. .1 .1 i JtlllNSTo.N, av. nth and 22d at.

ASM (11VRN ItV advkhti.m:.. for rmi a Aral claaa salesman or "Kent. thoroughly familiar with linena, white or fancy goods. largo with Jobbers; would take poal tlnn in reai eetatr otllra; nnih-ratanda hnatn'-bk ttioroiiiriily. Adilroaa SANKIIKI) Herald nflire.

COACHSIEN AM) HAKDKNEKK. i WITH A I AMII.V a alien ua a yardrner uiMiaratanda Kreenlioiiaea. veiretanle itarurna, tr. ea, irrape vinaa, Ac nlan and Ankiuscare of Addreaa Hreenvllle, A I5U1CH.MAN'S SITKATKlN WANTIiH ISKINOI.p7; iinderatanm (lie biialneaa ttiomuirbly will be iranerally Iiaeiui; very beat rcfercncM. Addreaa 0.

box Herald ofiire. A COI.ORBD man DKAIRBfl a altijatlnn aa cmmliman uood city cull for two dnva, WILLIAM. U'kl 7th aa. A BY A YOl'NO JTLraan unrlaiHtandN his busiiu'Ri; in not afraid of work gwd city Call on or oddrran C. lift nr.

A s. POAOHMAN, BY AX BXPRRIBNCBD cldlit yenra' beat city reference. Wett 4-itll at A RCTPBUTABliB TODNO MAN (SINOLB) WI8HB9 ii it ion coach in an tliorouirhiy iimlcriitaiida ho ire nn i in a ace in en i ol horrea, bariteMa nnil carrlnirea; la atricfly aoher and nblljrinjt; llrat rlan rltv raterenre. Call on nr nddreaa. Inr two daia.

I'. Idll Wett 33d at. Asm A I ION AS (IA KHKN KR, Id III 1ST an htiirlialiniun yrare' expertenr In thia country wafiea mmlerato. Addreaa U. H7il llr.

a Iway. A fiKNltiRMAN' WANTS TO FIND A SITUATfON ii coachman, whom i can recommend aa a good, reliable man. careful driver and und. r-iaud? lioraea thnrouirhly: w111itiar to mnke hlmaelt yenrrnllr undul: will for renaonable wncca aa lie wanta an eiiirnffetnoiit. Apply to Ilia lato employer.

ltOllKKT tiAlK, i Kendo at. A OAIMIKNKK. FROM OKXIiVA, 8WITZRRLANDl rnmllinr with culture of bolbnuaea, priinlnir fruit treca, wiabca a plac. Addreaa F. box i-t Herald ollico.

Aqrntlrman or rmrbot and oood addrbm can aecure a lurrallre and permanent aituntion aa convaaaiiiK "Kent for the eit.v eood referancca reiiuialte. Adply at Isl Pearl room II. A kkspkctabiTh" makkTrd cocimk (KncTilnii) I.atoly arrived, doalra omplorm-nt; man ua coachman and wife aa chambermaid or eeunutreai. Call at Caitle Harden. AN AND tIROOM.

HENTI.KMaN, up Ilia wiahea to procure a ailuation tor bit coaehtnan.wbo baa lived In Ilia prearnt place 11 veers Iia can biirbly recommend. Addreaa liLLlOR SMITH. Martin A Smith, 30 Wall at. CTOAOUMAN'8 81 I'llATION YOUNO man, who tlioroiiHIily underatanda the caro of lioraea, luirnea- avid canlaicva; elrlctly temporate and otiliicinu; lias ennd rnferenco from laat emplover. Addreaa I ox ltifci Herald L'ptown Branch oltioe.

CTARDKNKK'S si TO ATION A toonS flrat class floriai; xrape. fruit and liost veooiaide trrnwer; alto nmierstandn the caro ol irant'emnn Glirheat relcreni'OH Irom prerloua employ rs. Addreaa JOHN BOSS HARD, care of S. Brown. Iv-op, Kerxeti Point.

N. J. A tko-a hood, ktrady MAN (ORRMAX OR Sootch prelorri di In no to Florida sa irardetier and man or nil work; inuei be wriilliiir and underatand veyoinblAe, Bowera. a good plaee tor the rlirht man. Call on or uddreaa SIM Brand Brooklyn.

atatiiiK wairen. ArOCNH CO I.I IRP.I) "MAN WANTS A CITATION AS J. roaebman or porter; can irlvo claaa referencca. Addreaa C. rare of Wroodoiibroka.

lilt oib nv "HELP I'KD? AIiK.n. 'lioBOKKN A Ks'kY Lcltv; a good thinic lor Induatrl ma aRenta. CAMERON A BURROWS. A IXiH STRIOfS OKNTLEM AN, WKLL ACQUAINT In Now York, can And ronxenlnl and romiineratlvo omplornieiit liy calllmr after II on Monday nt room 20. Noa 2H3 and 2H3 Rrinidway.

Naw York. A riiANck-LKARN TEUKC.RAPHY; DEMAND FOR operators; aucreaa iruaruntei-d cnmnioTice immediate terina low day or evenlnir. THOMPSON'S Oolleire, Jl)4tli opposite Cooper Institute. N-ASSISTANT TO OATALOUUR A SCIIiNTIFC library; a iltnr band, experletiro In tbla work and kiiowladice of French and Herman desirable. Addreaa cnl.

atatliiir iiuaHllcntiona and price! SECRkTARY. box Herald office. AKTRADY. RKLIABLK WILLINO TO WORK and capable of aulicltlnx ordora. can Dud employment at HH Hit It at.

Apply alter A. M. HOOD CANVAlSKK 1IN a workly panor. HM Hrennwlrb un stairs. AHP.NTS WANTED BTRRTMfHBRB INTRA.

CoFfeo and apices heat plan offered. Apnlv to the HRK AT AMERICAN REPUBLIC TEA COMPANY, HI Barclay at New ork. CO PRTRNT BOO KK F. IKK AND CA8IIIF.R with $3.1100 wanted in a prolltaldo manufacturing concern: good referentea required. Addrasa U.

box Post omcr. -WANTED. IMMEDIATELY, TWO LADS. WHO puttl together lock oornor boxes. Inquire in box factory, i 8 Norfolk New York.

BlIV THAT CAN WRITE; WaOER per woek. Address RANK, box IBS Herald officii. TJliV WANTED LKAItN THE DRIUI BUSINESS JApply at OSMUN'S Pliariiiacy, 13 7tb nv. LETTER IHiuKS -LETTERS WRITJ and copied without ink. pencil or conjing Agents wanted.

SHI I'M AN A Hty.i Broadway. JpolT WILLI vM CULLKN BRYANT'S NEW WORK snporlor canvassers wanted by FORD A 27 I'ara place. I Iflirr PORTER MIDDLK-AOED MAN. Jtn take charge of a downtown alnro, put up cooda. do errands and make himself gonerelly nseful; must show strlcily Orst class record as to ability and boneatv.

Address II. box 229 Herald office. IVR MEN SELLING Korea a Letter Copying Ink and Ro.ik; no proas brush or water rrqnlrari. EUREKA MANUFACTUKiNU COMPANY, 50 Kradc at. OURB WANTED EVERYWHERE TO to tamillrii, hotclft and (urge ktock In the country; nnallty and terms the beat: eouutrv avorekeopers should call or write The WELLS TP.A 201 Pulton Clinrrb end reenwlcli.

New OPRCIAL INDUCEMENTS -AHENTS NOW Is TOUR ttlme to make money. Apply lo iha CANTON TEA COMPANY, I4S New York. Tea salesman terms at HOPE 1)2 Pearl St. YOUNO MAN" AND WmffllAN TO make himself gonerallv useful end easlat In waitingtho wire to tike charge of dining mom Apply at 432 as Monday, between I i and 4 o'clock LIVE MEN. HaVTnO 8H OR $4 fur outfit.

Call. In forenoon, at Mo -'94 Broadway. WANTEIl-AN KNERHEflO CATHOLIC MAN OF good addrria to sell mv now "lliatnrr of Ireland" and fne lino of prayer bonks on weeklv Instalments; highest mnimisaions paid. THOMAS KftLLY, 17 Kan-lay WVaNTED-AN INTKIXUSKNT AND NEAT t.A about IB years oM, to muse himself generally osoliil' Call Monday, from 3)f tmi at Broadway. MED A YOUNO MAN OK ADD rine xeept Ion able liahlts.

quick and correct nt fig urea end good penman. Apply at eatmiiiaier Hotnl. ALREADY TRAVELLING IN New A ork end Now Jersey to sell nn commission the Chemical Product the Flro Extinguishing Lienor Com pnnr; lire Insurance agents and those engaged In taelorr goods preferred Addirss tmx ollico. New York Wanted fNTKiZfolNT agknth fVjr the sale tr of new hook capital rrqnlred. Applr el the office of 1)11(1 Lh 178 Fallon Now York.

for one floor. U'ANTED A FIRST CI.ASS OYSTER AMI ORDER rook, none Other need apply. At RADCLIFF'S Oyster Ileus-, Ills (till av. A SMART BOY, NOT OVER IH years TT to help In a barrinnn. 43 Hreat Jonoa st.

referrneos warned. SMART BOY TO DO ERRANDS; MUST Tf he willing and not afraid to work good eliy re If nice required. Apply between Hand Iti A. at 2u East st. irAJiTKII A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN.

t-imad to work, one who understands iinokaceping; must be well recommended. Address, glungngo. relcrenevs and nnsn redairad. K. I Di lloreld office.

WANTED A PERSON. PRACTICAL WITH All, Kinds of cellar work of wines Ac n. no hilt tlios- thnr nglilv eompetent need apply. Arldrass giving full iniormntton and references, P. A box Herald office.

Vl' HOLE SALE AUKJtffT IN THR states and anada lor Lohh'a patent dried milk foods N. W. LoBit, l.augley Milk Food Works, Lom don. 5TO LRARN THR TELkOKAPH BUHL good salary paid wh qiisllffed. TELEUKaPU INsTKUirrlDN COMPANY, 21 I'srk row.

A Wk CLffElt TO "CALICO XVsltuatlon. Address I)IK CCTTEiR, llsrsld office. A PRACTICAL K.Mil.S KKIt DKSIKKS A SITUATION; a good machinist, and Is competent to lay out and direct work. Ac. Address box 147 Herald office.

HOY, AHF.D is, WISHES TO LEaKN a tradk I Address 1). DUNN. i haihsm square TCI mi MAN. WHO l- A FIKsi i Lass Is desirous of obtaining employment at such or an, light work thai would be permanent: has lte? rears' rerrrenee fmm last employer Addreaa. or Inqaira off' SIU6 (4..

Brook a. Y. THK TRADER. a fKWfimrK'A A mmr rbemiai or metallurgies! works not pariiealar lunation; reference given. Address ANALYST.

Herald itr tueli offloa 1FTILD SlTlf ATM IN I ED MY A clerk: A I draughtsman axperlenred in making an e.i luistea. keeping Ao seven years' experience; salary mo.I. Address BUILDERS' I.I.hull Herald WISHES SITUATION; UNDERSTANDS Ae fin tilting anil plumbing; tn give roars' reference. office 4KM NT AN 1 SHIKT rlJTTIN.i TaTJoHT IN A V.I pr ii'iicnl and artlitlr manner anil la anon qn tn till flrat positions. BuiiAKDUa.

4D East What. I i tKTKD ATOMED To CLutlB ra ami fine cutting die. Apply at A atch Works i tlv, J. SITUATION INT8D BY a Fi.Kvr OUU WOOD Olurneron il kinds oi job arork n.iimtara, newels. Aa.

i.r n.oi..try. Adurrse 11., Ilerald Uptown Krsuct- ntlice' CHI WANTED DEMlONEE AMU kTMrangliismun. Address DRAUGHTSMAN. Herald office. oifl A THIN Was I Lit BY VN I- I-It glaenr: capable ol taking charge nf any nr land eni(itie tn tell nial oy tr-de.

Ad-irss. P. Ilerald office. 'I'" PR1N rbK)C -A ioy. VEaKB AT TVPK skr ting neatrea a place to ttnUh tuna.

Addrasa (JLF.AN FlIOIlK, linx I 17 Ilerald u.Te knpduyInu pki.ntkkn.?wantko! Th3 chart of or employment Iiih'o and Job or newspapet office, bv Jo printer wiii i.ike lu printing: refer ence. Ail lrea? pox 4.74M I'nat office, PHINTINti MACHINE 1 competent w-rkmau in Fiiigiaud lur liaat illustrated books on Admin' or line platen. Sand full purticula a wage, ml teatlmoniala to K. Had i.lon itotel, Blriiiliigliam. Ertglaud.

Ur ANTE 11 -TWO tltii.ll A Mil CASK "MAKKKtC i "II ill M1DDLETOX BMP. 8. 10 Maiden lane. ANTED AKK1 i MAKERS. gf a.

WIN Mi A Dl 8m cigeiottes. 1 Essex at A KI? AN MAN TP llANtj vv window shades, lace ciirliiiita, ciirnicoit. Ac. Apply tn iipiiolK.ery department stlEl'FAKD KNAl'P, Utb IV, rI KsT TAIIjOML Til WORK ON ladiea' clinka, non" but the heal hand, need apply. W1I.SON A liKKIti.

771 Broadway. CLAHS WOKR 1,1 Marion, Jeraey City, AIM KUTI.kKMKYTN. rNr fiLCi r'K ASIA ISK. NOI' EN I A lUtT vee. ileum plitcer ciuutne fainiim da ehaiobra on bonut deiifanta.

alia a lie bonnaa rccominaudationa. S'adroasev penilmit deux Jnora an n. lit Clinton place WATCHES. JKWKLiRV. tvt? At W7 corn tT)i iftf atehea, Sllka, I.acek and Perannal Property of every deacriptlou bought ami sold, latent netroiiaieil.

JAMKh V. MATIHEIfa AN EXI'KKT IN III A MPS IIS, r.N'IllENTlKIBIJ wllli loana. ran have room and cotupenaaiion ful oeca.iotial npprataenianta. WATCHKS, Herald offlca. AIiVANCKS MADE PN 1)1 A Ml INI is, WATCURB autlraly confidential.

WILLIAM in.IMA>, 114 room ft. ELKPANT SET PK i A ItVKl) CPUX77 inge tor heel Sacque; alan lor tale. Dure Pallory and old hngland (illuatratedi, haiiiLomely botind. Ad KAN I), herald Uptown ofilce. A I Ills II UP A I) WAY.

21.ST eVA? Wntrhoa, Jnwelry, Silrarwera Pura, Cainel 9 llair Nliawlx, tuoielit and mid. Loan, negotiated. At huh BitPAiiWAY, ppppsifF ITnT mondi. Watoliea, Jewelry, Silk, bonrht told. Loan, neyotlnted.

JPIIKKT J. ALAIJY'S AND A tik.NTLKM ANNS (loiTE Match and chain for sale: alxo diamoud Ktuil 1 3-g carat. Apply at KIM it. American watch. ea.

Jewelry, Silverware. Valuablet. bmixlit and ex changed; Loan, etlected; derided hargaint In Walcliox. KSTaB'LISIIKD J. II.

11A Kit I N11EIt. Dealer, Broadway. A LADY II a YINU SPMK PINE DI AMONDS AND aim a Seal.kln Sjt, will ditpoae id them far below tticii ya.ue, aa the withe, to return South immediately. BKOWN box Jit Ilerala office. A lady kkduckd in cikc cm stances, havino mine him Diuninml.

ami wishing to realDo will cell th at a great aaeilllce If di.poaed ol at once. TKMPLR. TONrlinx 'JIO Herald office. At undo ypi: vvu.i; kin!) a larch aaanriment ot Watcliea, Cro.iea, Stud, and all kladaof gold ami coral Jewelry the tame bought. LINDO l.JHr Kroadwar.

Heavy case hold knolisu patent lever lor tale. Addrea. OROESBBOK, Herald office. LINIIU AND Nock t'halna, Hraceleta, gold and ailver Wntchek Silverware. Opera Planet, Ac.

Money on diamonds, diamonds, Watcliei. Jewelry, Silverware, tlamel'a llalr Shawla Seal Sarqnet, Sllka, bought, and told back at a vera tmull advance. OKO. C. ALLEN Jeweller, Broadway, near UMth at.

''rPEMPOKAItY WALL MONEY A loaned on Dlantmida. Watchua and Jewalry; tame bought anil told. AfCHEH itEPAIKKD. BY FIRST CLASS WORKM C., I.IBU Broadway, near k'Wh at herald uFrowli 1 for ladiea; branch Watenea, Jewelry.

bought i LI.VHP BROS. EtKOI'K. PAU. WINTER STATION' Sea.on, October Admiranly altuated at the foot oil the I yrenaea, viewa of the niu of mountain, and valleya; climate mild, temperature pleailng, Ireedom from Uitfii windN; curative And ellevintive of all dineaeeai fur of mlnerAi wnteh In the vlcinitri opera. concerte.

baUn. oiubE. rendesvoiiM ol tportumeti; tux huutiiiir and polo three timet a week horet racing once mouth, at leant; cricket, exruraioiiB; hotelN, housen ami couifortaote apertmente at roatoTielile priron; rtvo hnplish churclie? and clmpeU lonnntt'in Krmie at the ollice of TUnion So 7 Cnrdflier-i STOKA UK. A -HTOrtAffr-WRsT SIDE' Hudaon 77M Oreanwleb at. ami III Ahfiicdon iquard and aafe keeping lor fur nlture, baggage, trunk a.

ornn menu, rnrpi'ts, tlieatrlcal properties; ronifii and wares every deNcrittttnti received dav or niflit; no pa rate rooms tn uny oldest (established hiwest in rate, most aa rommoduting, axienaire and reaponaibia eatabllahmant it -uun I ETADiiAKT, Owner and Proprietor. Offlca iludftoii st. Abingdon A KAL 8 IN) AUK A it KHOUshT'oI Piannt, iiaggaga, Ac. Inapoetlon Invltoit Bioailway and 47tli at. MP ROAN A BROTHER.

PropHatoro. STORapK WAIIKIIpUSKS foe PUitNI ejiure, I Haggago and Merchandite. it runma. flieae Brat ciaaa wareboaae. have mm teenrlly, lower rate, of and lower charge, foi tiorage than any almllar eatahliahment.

In.pectlan lit ti il KlirnTv t'rn promptly attended to. II. RKILLY A SH. Jim and KM il inNun at. L' MILK BTORAUB WAREHOU8B8 .1 lor lute keeping of furniture and of overr kiud 108, Sad ne door from nv.

CTOBAOB FOR FI ItMTI KK, PIANOS. MAOOAUE tTAc teparafe lowest elevator; watchmani 8oN. Commerce (JTORAHK I plastkrkd Rooms and lofts" for Tliirniture. baggage, carriagoa. Ar? liw, nil and Last 44th at.

Political PoEfKSrC Campaign CampaLn Kqii'pintoi. hqnipmenta. cinna, organise at once, that vietnrr may ernwu your efforta. ear nut Impe.ingCuntlnenial Hat and Cape made of blue and yelluw, with ailver eagle, on Full ol i consisting of llat. (or Caps) and Cape, (any rolor and style), with patent double swing tina loreli and Stick, furnished to rlnha at factory prices.

or come to headquarters. Wll I II. Al'o, ItrimdMray, Now Till: LAltoTtlNli MEN INDEPENDENT CLlTFUi the I wentr flrat Aurinblr diatrlct held a rooting meatlni on the JtHh iutt at the corner of at. and Jd av Thl rhair wae taken at o'clwk. Titer ludoned the wholi democratic State ticket; alao William II.

McCarthy tor durman and Joseph Fallon for SAMUEL MEN Ffkldetit. P.Tkt.K Ward. Secretary. Ueuiuni Wamo, 7 ASTKDLOLT 4 STUOLOUKK. LISTER.

KIM 8TH AV oFND FOR eireit nr. Addre.a all letter, to Post office box 4 H'9 New York A ttkn idin. know THY deeitnt! 71 impose, I upon nv Ho to I Ml Weal 41 at at tho living A I'DMTIOV; UREATKST BUSINESS aV.Clatrvoyant a Mn. MISIKK. Law aults, loaoao.

nam. tiera, iiamei in lull; uniiao. Koc. to goals tl tojt-'. corner Jtith at.

Sattaliction given. A I.A BLANCH. THE UREaT, UNRIVALLED (tin Clairvoyant. 102 Weat 31st neat A WONDERFUL CHILD, (JIPTED WITH ShCUND A TTENTION ON BUSINESS 71 enemies, lotei-a. ahaeot love, inarrlaga end death; pay refused unlets satisfied.

SHJ Sih nv. KIN'flHI. Clairvoyant, EUROPEAN CLAlRVoV VNT TELLS NAMES 4 fallows likenesses 2.V:., to $1. loO West 2Mb at. Mrs jI daneokth.

mahnetic PHYiiciii and C.lairvoyant, llki Wast York. DB Id YTHBB UIVBE RE LIABLE CONSULT -ions bii.lnem, marriage, Mje lu iiiagneiir treatment 11 East 12th near 4tk av. COLLINS. A KBLIA HUTaND- TEUTU ib oeaonent. 273 tith now rpKI STWOUrilV CONSULTATION on evkkyIiusl i riess and Magnetic No.

1.290 Broodwsv Jlftih room .1, HV AU. MIDWIEprsTlifflTIsM). NO. 4 East .1 Jil first door from av. Advice free.

A IaF; BOAKI) AND nursing. 14,1 Charles bet. Washington and WtK LL EE MALE COMPLAINTS CI RED BY 7viir and Mine DYKE. 47 (Vest sc. near "lh ae.

Advice free pair ladies; hoard and ml and Mrs. BOTf. 188 West Mil. A DR. AND MMK UKINDLE CURE ALL, FEMALE whatever the matter.

142 Weal 48th at. A "HSKIKk. Bt.SlDENCE 138 ucxr l.ttxin rtoti at, CitMnout. CwNSUI.r on all female Dr an I Mnie BUTT. ISM West 2lRh St.

EMERY'S NEW METHoi'; SAFE SURE and quirk ail caaea. advice 13. Ka.t Uth sL I) )U WMITF.llk.AD, 02 EAsT NEAK SO eomplalnta safely treated for $25. VfKS. LYONS, FEMALE PHYSICIAN.

CUKkTaLS ir4complaints; no enre no eay. No. 4" at, SUCJjESSH'l. CUKES OUARAM FED; ALL CASKS Oby Dr. or Mm a.

WEST, 45 Bleacker near Broadway..

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