The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 4
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t»AGfi (AM.) NEWS ' l'HUKSDAY,'AU(iiJST 24, 'THE BLYTIIEVILLK' COUKIEII NKW THE COURIER NEHtfS CO., PUBLISHEH3 O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE5, Advertising Mi-nager Sole National Advertising Representative);-. Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Yorlt, Chicago, Detroit, St.'Louis, Dallas, KaiiAas City, Utllc Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered its second rla>-.s matter at the- pus; olfirc al Hivlhevillc, Ar- fcf kaiiuu. under act in" t'ongrcxs CX- 7.^.1. tobcr I). 1017. Served 0)' Hi; United Prtes. SUUSCIlll'TION RATKS By currier in Hie City of niyilirvillc, I'M per \\rck or $li.ftl) IXT year in nd'-'unce. By iiinil within a radius ol M inlli-.s. $3.00 |H-v 51.50 for six muntlis. 85c lor Unco monllis; by mail In postal roues U'u to his. Inclusive. W-5U per year, In zones seven mid elslil, SH).uU IHT year, payable in advance. . The Frkndly Spirit q/ (he Open Road Ono »l' tlic besl ways lo yoursuir Unit most of yum 1 ft'llo.v i'it- i/cns iiru, after all, prully frii'iiilly awl kindly folk is In lake ;i loisunjly vai-a- tion tour by miloniobilu. Such a lri|i will bump yini ill' uijiiinsl [illiiij; sUilinn i!iii|ilnyt's, jfar- HIVC men, inn k HIM UTS, liousi'wivus 1 \vln> have "Rooms fur Tuin'isls" on signs in front of thuir homos, lea room lios- U'.sfcs, lunch counler waili't-'ssus, uml an inl'tmlc variety of chunre aniuuiul- iince.s in other uulomobilcs. And nothing could be tmidi more .surprising, or pleasing, Hutu Iho way in which !>!' 'per cent of these people will turn out lo be man anil women whnm you arc jrliul In have for fi'llow-cwisilrymrii. Maybe tbc automobile luis brought' ;\ elunifo in our national chnracler; may- bo ihc people of this cminhy always were pi'etty iiici?; whichever way it is, there isn't nuy mc-tlk'iiiu much butler for a iiiiin than the -series of per.-onal uGiitiu.'ls that arise during an extended motor lour. .• Writers are fond of sayiiijf that Americans ai'e hurried , iliscourleous, irrilable, snappish and larking in warmth. This may be so, in i>Hices ; but the motorist usually enl siurv lo tell. .has it ilifYer- - You eair-'iravei Ihoitsanils oY 'miles williiinl lindinj;, fnr inslaiivi 1 , a HMing slalion man who diicsn't }vii out of liis way to bo helpful and obliging. You could usunlly write on a postage stamp the names of all the people at overnight stopping places who an; anything but exceedingly pleasant.' A telephone lioolh could hold all nl' the peevish or iii.illunl.ivu waitresses you are likely to enuounler. And if you get through a moderately long trip without em-ounlering a gnod many oilier tourists whom ynii would really like to know, you are far less fortunate than most. All of this, of course, is an old story lo anyone who has d'.me much viTOs-'s-comilvy driving, lint il is worth repealing, somehow; for it provides a whole-some and encouraging background for the day\s grisl of news, which now and then does get a little depressing. Read the day's record of our follies, our crimes and our passions, and yon sometimes are brought close to despair. Cet out and see your fellow countrymen as only a roving motorist ean see them, and you get back your faith. —Bruce Cut Ion. Useless Army Posls l-'or decades lite federal govermni'iil lias made futile atleinpts to cut down Hie number of ils army posts, It supports .some ;)f>U military reservations in all parls of (he country, and a vast number of tlicm are of no military value whali'ver, but every lime the U'ar Department tries lo close up some of lli(:m political pressure has blocked Die nwvo. Now, it is repoiled, ['resident Koose- velt is going lo give tile army a new dial. The president hopes llial the army can consolidate its posts into a few major establishments. Such a move uiKpiestioiiisbly would aid both economy and military efficiency. Here is a reform llial has been on the horizon fr,r a long lime but which liar, never <[Uile come into actual ex- is I enee. It is to be hoped (hat it can finally be elle'.lrd. The army has spent enouj.'.li lime and inoii'jy on "foils" which il doesn't have any real use fur. —N. !•:. A. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Hurt as Vallee's Auto Overturns ~ THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Bankers and Ethics Senator James .M. Cou/.en.s of Michigan made a remark during Detroit's current bank investigation which deserves a good deal of consideration. "A lot of things happened in national banks for which no criminal prosecution can b<> brought, 1 ' he said. "Hut if civilization is lo exist and rely only on criminal law and not on morals and ethics, we might a.s well give up. The ethics of hanks here and otiisidc could not be prosecuted, but some of this acts were as vicious and as shameful as could he." Isn't, il possible Ihat one of the big things wrong with us in Ihe past decade was tliat we got to relying—in all walks of life, and not jtisl in the banking lield—too much on criminal law and not enough on, ethics? We let ourselves assume thai whatever a mini" could gel away with was all right. It might be morally wrong, il might be against public polity, hut if it was legal there was nothing lo be said— especially if it mado money for somebody. We shall not have a sound nalioual life until we get a new altitude. —N. K. A. IN THE EARLV DAYS IT WAS A GIVE OUT SU7VBS ANO THE MINISTER. ANDREW ELIOT, OF THE NORTH CHWKH OF 605TON, WAS GPVEN \ "V «•'••' \ \'-fV •• 1 « 1' ^-"^ f/W 1- Gongential Hip Dislocation Frequent Cause Of Lameness )!Y 1)1!. MOKIUS KAUar. Journal uf (he .»,.,„ . ., , r » M.dieal ..iss,ie«.« ..... anil «r llv- Bi'la, Ihc He:illli M:ii;,winc Not | 'I'hei'e aie various theories as to Aim-rii-an this cotidition, but the majority of exijei't-.i in orli'.opeiic suryery are convinced [l:at It is associated with difficultlcj, cf birth. Infrequently cWidr.n a'.v j usually the coiiLjenHai disloca- barn wit'.i dislocations ol the head j ij cn 0[ lbc |, lp r s nol diagnosed in of the large bone of the t!iii;!i up-1 u, c c i,iUl until il begans 13 walk, ward and backward from i; : socket j Then it limp.-, or waddles, without In the pelvis. '. ^ny p^in ^^ v.-ithont anly prece-- Tho condition is extremely fve- Ing injury o:- disease. Meanire- rtnct ill France and Italy and in incut by ti'c physician will demon- seme southern European clinic:; slrale the fact that there is a short- most, people are likely to cm 1 .' ivilli' enin<; of the leg on the side congenital dislocations o! tho r.lp ! which Hie dislocation has occurred. A paKseiiber i^ Iliuly Vallce'fi car when it overtimed at Virginia Beach, Va., M!«s Alice Faye. swalht-il in Ijioin i^e.s. is sliuv.-n here tieiny can iert from her Virginia llcntli hotel ;r. she lett for New York, Mits Kay?, a sini^cr En tho Vallco crcliesira, ynlTeied a heatl u'ouud n^- ^LO*C» loe. About 10,000,000 persons in the United States suffer from impaired, hearing, many caws being due 'originally lo common colds. Cattle, buffaloes and ih: genus "Bos". Drs. Debenham and Brown of the University of California ica! School performed the unique blood transfusion on a p who had been injured In an automoqllc accident. NEXT: What turds fasltn fireflies inlo their tests? Depression Miners Found Little Gold But Health SACRAMENTO, Cal. jprcfsion miners may have netted who flocked LO the moimtahJ uan Bold netted less than capita riiiving the past year. Some counties reported the I IUP)—De-! CIOgc " whl t« collar" miner ll(J 'only S20. j a fortune in Improved health, bull Old motion picture fihns arc sold «' far as cash income was con-i for the silver which can be recov- A person who has filed his | . .. . i papers for naturalization corned, their efforts were largely United Stales must be w , m valn - days of getting his final pap There are more than 30,000 lakes | A state . division of mines report; be eligible for civil cervlt n Florida. revealed that the hundreds of men' illations. It Ls also conceivable that disease of the bones may be associated from the emulsion them. The youth of my generation was denied m- lonnation und allowed lo live in :i .secretive world, while Hie children Df today arc told cvcrylhliiB they might vvi.sli to know. —Dr. William J. Mayo, noted smycon. (hint with club-feet. Vm eer'.aln reasons the condition is much more frequent in women than in man; ! with changes in (lie tissue which nnincly, nbDii; 88 to 12 ', \v r rrt. | will make dis!u:a(ion easier. Although the mirtitidji tj.-i-u I known' for centuries, it Is-inly with- | Unl:« jomcthlni; Is done prompt- in the last 50 years that its exact j !y f-r children wlio have this con naliirt 1 tm.s tn'en established. 'I't^rc ' [!Ui.^u n! blrtrj. they are likely to was little progress, made "in its co:i- j t= disabled for Ihe res', of Ihci trol, i-.stt-cvcr, until tilt! last i5 '. live-.*. They walk only with ih years, when methc;Hs were di--cov- j greatest of dilQcuHy. lurching an ered lor toiuroiiin:: Ihe csnUilioii] wadrilini;. by what is cnlicd, closed inanipulu- 1 f-'or'.uintely. it lias beer. lound lions. i possible by inanipulaliou— or when --- I mani|>u'.:iti3n falls, by . Eiirgicai j oivcriiiwn— lo help most patients. It is believed t::at manipulatiDns .'.hculd Hrst lie attempted in all cnsos under 10 years ot age, ana i tvcn m older people if the join! i and the structure are sutficientlv I loose. i With proper treatment c! this characser and with .suitable care aficr Ihc manipulation, from 50 tc 75 per cent of affected may be bcneliucd. Love €V€ fe? A vlnWr "^ S£C*'C- 'At | bat, try as live might, she was not bled a litllo when 1 able to persuade George Bliss to I join thu came group. Agaiu 11 • The moving pictures need mcnT inoveini'iH. nioie d]'ama, nwi'o inn^ic, instead ul .su mndi lalk. —Mury Pichfortl. CHURCH EXCUSES lly GPO. W. l'.:irltam nAL>i:il. ndrnl. lie iplnvcri In know rtlic 0 thfy Ucrn (he mrtr- 1 icvcrsil nionflm. A* j .Mnna Allen who interfered with , Eve's pU\Tis. It seemed Miss Allen lohl fovtuues. At the time bridge I.I.:.,,- ,,l i; u-k VI. Ml. \m,i:.\ "I (til- iil 1 u j* b i it n MAKYA rliM, nnO knu was announced Bliss found his hand being stroked and a softly purring voice coaxing him to sit down and have- his future predicted. Bridge was a poor bait in tlie face of that, Kve thought, as she ivalehcd the by-play and tried to help Arlcne. Arlene, lovely in velvet of deep Iris blue, kept j Mic couple and had to I rplIE gncsls had gone. Stum by the lireplace and looking ] wistfully at Dick, Eve said "Love me?" inn a brmtonc, iwt i dilliTcniT. --David Aiinre Bcinplc MrPl'.c CICDIU-V. llultoii, ai- lini Is The lline 3ns cntnc \\~\\cn 'ho iiiilinr.s will have to learn lo brwc inntim! ri^iHTt fur OL'.L' a not tier's problems. —Ailolpli Hitler. OUT OTM WAY \m By WiMiami T MNT BT*&GG\M . UOOPLE "eUJT I CAN "BURN rAY 1HUMB BbTTERN HAX.f THESE -QN-RBYQUE GUVS CW ) ; \ AtW/XVS SAsY—OR WAS COOK HWW&UW3ERS KN UO1 TXXbS? \ > SHW<tSPEKRE?-OH WEU, \ff ) \ UTTLt A MAfeTER \S 10 --AH-VA-TMKT thtit cl'.ller the ' ( i.-.|v:s vcloped a flare f.v. leading matters rr :'i-. ; s or not icul preach.':.-, nf bin lovers of tin- •-;>.- n of the Feed of sir:!. discontent, and «;•,< leaders leave ll-.e thy surely will ri<> \-.! no longer pays leave hatred in tr.eir i-.c.uts other. have sc two tnen : the gc,-rel ighl. sowers hatred and Iheso two '. r. which ll'.cii -slay i-. :dends. tl'cy and i:"whbors with Hon:r their "'"»' rc f" 1 ^ij^i*' than -100.000 cojiics -. roster's "Old folks were fold. WHEN T HMD USE.r> TO COM& TOR M\Lt<5 TO CURL fAV SA.NDVJIDfct'i? ^AbACV ASTW OTHER. toUVS BUT I UAVE A KNACK-^TAXE V. 0 '•;£ y-xs_& I,'.TO ? l&Vi'f resident and cabinet l-Jefi 6-s British. Washington P. c buriLtlif?capjtoi GENIUS OF- THE SKILLET My .son-in-law and hired man have teen roadini: p.ipcrs again so they rcpnrl ami have been tclliin; me of a church row irwl Is goincr on iu some tar off place. They that they have a congregation lull 5|)lil off as they call it from chinch and an now again ivided ami llial neighbors and nds nnd perhai':, families are livirtcd atul full or h.ilc for each othrr. All because tvrv men who claim lo be rcpivprniing liic lowly :arcne who at one lime went ibout on earth doiii;: i;o«l. tench-i llic brotlii'rheod nf man and! noiiisiiiii!; mankind to love one; mother. Of course, a man ol my :uowlr-d?e ami Maiiiy does not | find il necessary :u read papers and I seriously do 1 ..:-.: ;[ llicy read j it as llicy fay or lli.i: it is as they) -*:ay. My expeiieno :.s a clnnch; manager and Urivnv: -::n a-chinrh- fcr a numbrr of y, ,,rs as rlimr- j of the board r:i ikes :ne feel Steamship Line Sets New High for Proper Garb KAN FRANCISCO rUl'l—Clothes ir.n.v. or may not. make the man, hui officials of tbc Matsou Navigation Company ar.rt Oceanic tiLc;inisliip Company are convinc- cci proper yurb hns much to dir uiili efficiency of its slewartJs. Chief steward 1 ; have become soa- Koing fashion plnte.s nnrter new company orders. Here is a sample of tutorial "regulations": 11.01 ninq. dark business s'.iil; innch- nji. striped trousers, mornitig f cutuuay > cual imtl vo'.st. plus v m;; colhir and black lie; eveii- :r.u. t'jxrclo or full rircss. The travel line even mnkc.s a out of romance—!n trop- "!.ovo you," dednred Dich fini| holding her close. "Nice party?" asked Kve, • pliiiB liis hair with her slim tin: "Good party," he agreed kissed her smooth forehead. "Then you don't mind abbnl li!."™u-.TTf".i™""i-"i!-"!".i'.^'"t'.I.".' lantlaiics, do you dear?" "l^hcy'rc niuc, or conrsc. ( be re led offcn that it was her i ul<ln ' 1 know * m inlcl "Icd lc 'turn lo play 'them and I wundercd just I ., -!,.'.,, , ,. ,, you were going to use fur monc I George tihss had always fell that I lib was i sympathetic nature and i Kve ' s " 1: " lncr frozc - K|M| Ila1l1 . an affcctiouat,. ilfsimsilloii. but he je-Micctcd tins. "Ill pay. for tlici| had not realized liow much he ! slle ""swcral flippantly, craved eijiiipanionsliip until tiiis | "I'm afraid you'll have to. K\| soft-voicod blonde girl in Chinese '.answered Dick frankly. "Yon red ehW'un laid him so. miss |thc car needs ovcrhanlins anil found l-iiusclf conliding lo Moaa i ulamied to lisVe it pointed, loo."| Allen some of liis inuenuosl j "Thut's a good idea. 1'vo ltionahl-5. his likes and dislikes, ashamed of that car for a .k:.l H(»A AI.I.V.X, <hr lie ^rhcr. diKllkri her nrul In to t-:ill*r rrouMr for hpr. Mti- nml l)[rk ln\ll< nt\rral frlrnj-. In n Xcw Yrnr'« party nl il.t-ir ii|>:irmif nc. Sh.irtly lirfore M>W <:<> »\ WITH nn: STOUV CIIAI'TEU XVI I7Vh] cupi>ed her ham! over the "- 1 u-iopjiono and turned lo Dick, tier shoulders drooped. "Dick." she stud, "it's Momi Mien! Slio cays her buy friend jeven his Unvaried ambitions and't lirlng hur and i-lie wauls me fnturo plans. It icipiired only a .o r.:-nd soiiicono lor her. What! fc«- arlfully-pul ([itcslions on her bill leal or semi-tropical waters Ihc chir[ stc-v.'ards dou. day^lmg whilt ll;>nncl suits by day avfd appear in icculattoti navy incss-jnckcts and d;csi i:cnsers by light of moon, j Htad waiters and their aasi.slant.s I arc equally a s sartorially perfect. 1 tell her?" "Tell her tu sUy ;it IILMUC." Dick inswcrcJ wiili iwiukliiii; eyes. [•;vc, ncrvoiiS and lived, plcailei] lie lliouglit she read it all lis liand WUh Hie greatest re- ancc he rcliiiriiislied hiu place jolly Mr. Conner;--. siipcr-s:ilcs- n a stasu \vhis|iGl" for him to drive jmtin of electric appliances, r.vr for Miss Allci:. "She says it's ! I'm Hliss remained wiibin ear-- | • lily ia Iho IfO lili»-k. linrlillK. and .^livl of Miss Allen ami could not j be enticed far away, although she ! interrupted. "And Micro's uiy iiiduiri in .liiiiiiiiry." IMuk "cut sides the iiniount I will halt) lo offend her tor office rca-! .oad." WUh a slims lie asrci-:!. 1,-iler .ie bad ample up|Kirlu:iiiy I') rc- -.rcl the tlcci' J io!i. lit- SLII waiting n (tic recL-nllon ro*»ni uf the iMiaid- .iis hnti.'c v.licro M'i.Ka Allen lived ;or wlial soeincd linur^. However. save out fur the Inturc." "Save — Kavu— save! If 1 hit </f niiincy I'd .suL'tid—s spond." Kve answered, "i dun't | have to s;vvo all Ihe tinJ "Well, yon may «<jinc day." D| read the palms of l,;,if or those is - .vercd. "And ; I^Ciiuoel . .,.. ,, , . :.saviai^ now you will IK atilef he others, sbe I'™""^ 1 '- Iswnd-speml-ilictid later. 1', ,!,e wonld read ''the ,,c:c, lime." j^ ^ my ^ r We|L •lieaveii. the rent is iiaid ar»> i:i.J ^J.MIYA was csujrted liy her, , !ul „, cu||r , e jt w .,, nol - "- tiaiH-o. lo whom she had tram ! |.; vc ] IM \ ,, Iu .,,i t | lc money. Aml| c-:i;aKed for a year and a half. Kvc : ,i r;i | crs ,]„ not ciialoniarily r- .vlicn she limply tamo diiun liic fnugul herself likini; tliis yoim^jrurnilurc to hlrani;«ri until it .inii-i Hick feli-hi» Sfl^vame iaslanlly. xlic knew it uas .hccn paid fur. Hcm:e it was u)| .UK. Sli-> lonJiCil chihllili'j and hrr lltcir pl^iri Unit after marriage , |.; V e to , lliy Uic rent from her ol •i.illid blue eyi;? lifted ill an inno- .Marya shuuld ^ive np commercial |«alary. Ami her entire chf •uil! c\!ire.-s!oll us she slipped her|nrl in order to paint mure ambi- I K |, 0 uld have applied . irm throiiiib his and lri|ip!-d n!i>:i:;!(iiiiisly. liny had Iiruuglii bis vio- hiccpiint at Ilixliy's that month.I ,n her dainty, tplkc- hcjU lc I,!. Ma and played selection- from scv- M u ™" ifilcr ' ' j cral OI 'T' S ' ' MnryK ' iri viotcl the one hiisV which Dlekw, Tim other g'iciils' bad all arrived i""! 10 - fmll "l "rencly whenever Ma ;„„.„ ,,.,,.„ r 7, r g ivc ., her. She'v when Ulcii and Mona rcai-licd tlio'Slancc swept, he-rs. j ;n Mr3 ',, rooks nm 'i c jp|iilucii t ili.ii-iiueiil. Kyc.luiil liocn furccil lo j IJefore T2 o'clock Kve and Dick j wiilioul his knowledge, she rrt-civo Uicm'alune uml l):ik taw;served ll\c hnffct supper and llic! K] , cnl t | lc m(lllc y Dick had g llial slic was displeased. Moaa had sseals formed cozy sron;^ uboiii! !lcr ror ih c real" She arraii^cdl scored once more and Kvc rcsvlud the small tables. Moaa Allen, bow- ip- ty oric .(onrlli of tbo atnpunl el not W lorsc't I!- " lever, mamiBcd • a Ictca-ictc wiih: v ! rok , ]llrillc u ic mouth frotu r.iil Ihurc waa no lime then tu " UsS nl a ''"^ lilt)Ic fur l ' vo - salary. Kvc wa* fercpd 10 lr; Eii-c lo inch tiioilsbts. l-;\c turned A discussion ol cunciit eve nit Mr,<. iiruoks' discretion, ycl i.i lier otlier-gneaU iind &u:mlu to|aro;e around the supper iMlilc.-|was often uneasy when sbo c. lift the icbira'lui wb'ich they seemed laud live was prcml of her well- Isidcred Ihat the landlady mlsht lo feel nl being together socially j Informed husband. Dick who thor- jadvcitcnlly let UlcK or ">me after a long period ot purely busi-luughly read lecbiiical n-.aga-Seise know what had happened., ness ronlucl. 1 Their dlffldence soun,zinea each itiunlb. had- dclinilc Iconld only hope Mrs. !3rooks iri yielded ;o tlie oliarni of their sur-iknowledge of scientific develop- keen her secret. rmindiliBs. however. Kvc had made nienls s'.ill in Ihc formative bliiec. Her acc'outi'. »l "l. xt) v's rcmaii Ilio most 1 ol llio spacious living! Tbn wiHI, jojous ucal of New a problem. It lv:ls 'urluriat* room. Tall while cathedral lupcrs i Year bells cut In on their convcrta- -her that Dicl> I'* 1 ' " ov<;r aaf-" 1 furnished llio ooly lllunilnallno. jllou. lovoty. d"! \iotr mantel was banked »llti evergreens and suow- rlcs. At each ead stood one ct low brass candelabra that were ...uc I'rtatlss' wedding gltt autl ilshlcd baybcrry caudles rilffuEci) (rasvanc-e lli.rous'iout tin) carryIIIE Ilia spirit of tlm Imlldityo. long store* tdlil »«r« la progrcsu. oi Ar- lcuc- assumed tin ICfdciiUin here "Happy Ycnrl uliat became of her carolDgl.' everyone far since her marrUse It hta.ti^ cried out at once. Then Ibcre was i»ll she could accumulale t» silence as they paused 10 listen 'for licr trousseau. lo Ihc shrlcklus blast:; of [aclory I would uorcr want This, to»,Dick lo knl whittles. Some where a caimoij .since lie stored her father's went off luto the ulglu and Moun |sloii lo s,o\us Into debt for fin Allen arose and called unt. "Uu ' Tills was January, 192>. U • with tho daiite!" : well for Eve Ihat she did nol Before Dick could dial Uic radio .what Ihe year ahead had lit s and Dlek, of Ilia lo a tullable umnbcr Mona «aa In for her diijc-ishorl s ebcortcil [uiarrlngc. ' avnij aud tliey vie JJ ly- Lalci UU33 »ould Vrlif U tl| her home and Ai kuo's smile ucrn- 1 tl'o

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