The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 24, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE iCOURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ' VOL. XXXIV—NO. 5 BIythevllle Courier BIythevllle Dally News Blytheville Hefald Mississippi Valley Leader Bl/YTHEVll/LE, AHKANSAS, WHDNF/3DAY, .MARCH 2-1, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS THREATENS PEACE OF EUROPE SEEK fttO! Administration Concerned Over Spread of Labor • Difficulties WASHINGTON, Mar. 24 (UP> — Congressional iuithci itl'.'s revealed today administration leaders will jllfied. Believe 17 Are Dead In Flaming Bus SAI.EM, III., Mnr. 24' (UP) — Seventeen persons were believed to have been killed late today when a large bus burst Into flames after overturning on Hlgh- wny 50 three mites west of here. Four bodies were removed from the naming bus soon after the accident was discovered. Two other passengers who were removed were near death. None were Iden- TO VETO BRIE' DISTRICTS BILL, DtCL How £tuut Man Took Backbrcakmg Dive inset late this week to attempt to draw up a program of federal action with regard to Hie threatening . strike , situation. Formal announcement of the meeting is expected when President Hocsevelt returns to Washington from Warm Sprin?s. Ga. . Authority Is l>oulitful The conference is ex[>ecl:d to tiring together high authorities firm both conyfcss and the executive departments and may include leaders of Capitol Hill as well us administration spokesmen. The congressional source Indicated that exhaustive private study of HID situation Imlieaird that the federal government lacked power to initiate any action with regard lo spread in; "sit-down" strikes. However, hope was expressed that a plan might be evolved whereby the federal government might act on invitation by stats authorities. President in Touch :; Tentative plans, it was learned ccntemj-late enactment of icjtslit: ticn giving the president authority io assist stat;s in meeting the stiike threats. The possibility was suggested ''that this 'might lie effected through broader ar• Miration powers bill this was only a tentative prnpcs?!. .It was learned thr.t the conference, was''decided upcn after fre- Went ccmnvjnlcatioii • between th' . president/ih Warrii Springs and XdmlnlstiV.tlnn..Jendtfs--'ricrer-It was "'ill dcrs food to reflect gronirig 'fear thnf'thc lator situation might get completely "out of hand." At least 13 others were believed by firemen at the scene to be trapped in the flames. "There Is not a chance of those now in the Vus escaping alive," a fireman reported. The accident apparently resulted from a blown out tire. : Murderer of Little Argentine Child Commits Suicide in Jail J'UEN'OS, AIRFS. Mar. 24 (TJP> --Jorc Gnnc'do. confessed kidnap slayer of :, two-year-old Eiigchio Perryra Iraola. heir to a vbsl •attle 'fortune, committed suicide in .'ail early toilav. pclice said.' Guards found him hanging in his ..cell p.l 1 Dolores prison In Tiutnos Aires province when' thej changed shifts this morning. He had.: tied. one end of, his Denies Settlement Reached LANSING, Mich.. Mar. 24 (UP) —One of the persons present at Chrysler strike conferences denied today that a settlement had been reached. . The denial was made in connection with a statement by Rep I.cuis ,C. Fabaut (E;m., Mich.) in Washington that an agre r - mcnt had been reached and that announcement of it would be made after 3 p. M. John L. Lewis and Walter p. •Chrysler are "in Mindly conference and a spirit of amity prevail" in their attempts to settle a strike affecting GC.OOD persons, Gov. Frank Murphy said. . The •announcement was made through Gov. Murphy's secretary two hours after the chairman of the C. I. o. and the head of the; Chrysler corporation met at the same table in the governor's office to discuss their controversy. WOODSTOCK, Out. IUPI—The Bible is the best selling book in the world, but it is also "the book nobody reads." Bishop Charles Stager, Anglican prelate, of ron. told a meeting here. II u- T€U YOU B eY - BURNS Announces Intention After Public Hearing; Measure Invalid LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 24. (UP)— Gov. Car) E. Bailey at noon to:lay announced that he would veto House Bill NO. 521 that passed the general assembly, transferring the debt of seven bridge Improvement districts to the highway department. . ' . • Tile governor's action followed a public, hearlny on the bill that was attended by approximately too persons from all sections of ths state. The executive In making public his decision.- 1 said he was vetoing the measure! because it was Invalid and If made Into a law would Interrupt the .stale refun-Jino program. .Vest Signing The group urging the governor "> ?<°t\ tlin measure was headed by William Thompson of Balesvillc and Carlson Harris of Pins Bind, co-author, of the bill, Carl Wright of Onrdon and Dr. O.' [,. son of Mariunna. Thompson. In ur<Hii7 th» governor to sign the bill, said by doing £0 he would reduce the tax 'burton of property owners in the seven districts and relieve them of au unnecessary load. The speaker criticized the 49th general assembly which passed the refrndlns law. "Onr lawmakers of Ihnt time were outsmarted by (he, atlonieys -."repreyntim; the bond- 1 Crew Takes to Boats in Mid-Pacific HONOLULU, T. II.. Mnr. 21. (UP) —A radio message Iron) tlie Pniui- nmtilim line freighter Fijian today *alrt there wus n terrific explosion In the :fonvard hold of the vessel mid that Cant. Alfred Parker mid llic crew of 40 were force<l to abandon ship and lake lo the life boats. ..ocal Delegation Will Ask Governor Bailey to Sign Measure Fie aahed loo much Raj Woodb whose business Is leaping olf bridges, explained 16 his wife after lie j wns fished out of San pmncjsco Day, with n broken back, lie htul dived from Ibe Sun Franclsco- .Oakland Ba\ bridge—189 feet dovsn as shown bj tin dolled line, left. Center picture shows Woods In the football helinft which protects his bead In high dives. At light he has Just first, then a Jackknlfe, Ihen 'the water head first. Woods falbd lo straighten would Hve but never walk. Woods made a' similar dive from the Ilfiralmn bridge at Memphis last year. started his illve-feiH out. Doctors said he the other cloth sash, woni in place of belt holdsrs antl certain Interests of the '- '-•• •-••'• - '•' present day are moving heaven and earth to keep'.the bill from belli? signed into law," Dr. Williams sakU •.•'.The ..governor, ^before raakjjig known his final decision fp v'eVihe to his eronnd cell his bars, and neck. -. Gpncedo, a ranch, worker, wa> held-, for trial r for .murdering, tlie Chlld he confessed luring from Its -playground Traola ranch Because of front of near here. • the social and po- liliral prominence or'"thV. Iraola family and the fact it was', the first kidnaping of its kind j'ji Argentina, the case attracted iiitcnia- tional attention. When found the was .mule and, ll child's • body bore several bruises. The boy was kidnaped " ' "" and his body dis- February 35 covered in a cornfield "anch v four days later. near tliE Will Leave Little Rock About Noon Tomorrow For Colony LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 24. (UP)- Natlonal WPA Administrator Harry L. Hopkins is. expected here to'- night for a 24-hour visit with state and district WPA officials, it v announced today by Floyd Sharp, slate administrator. Hopkins will be guest at. a private dinner tonight attended by Oov. and Mrs. Carl E. Bailey and will meet with other state officials Saturday morning. The national administrator, will attend a meeting with district WPA officials Thursday and will hold a press conference. i Hopkins leaves before noon on an inspection trip of Dyfjs colony, accompanied by Sharp and other WPA officials. criticized Rep. Carlson Harris Ely-;Walker D e. m a : n d v s Gu=ranties Against Uiv- ionization of Woikeis' 1 bill for causing the bill to be oasscd in the house and ^senate after a similar bill,' introduced" l.rrtthe" seriate by Senator Hendrick's. Roweli, had been 1 withdrawn at the executive's request." •'• Unfriendly Backers "Some people who are seeking to have me sign thus .bill, while nctiu? in good faith, have .been taking advice from persons unfriendly b my administration." the governor said , The governor, however, told supporters of the bill if'his refunding program carried Itself out as expected that toll bridges in the state would be abolish;d within thu next two years and taxpayers in bridge Improvement districts would be reieved oi their tax burden at the 'sams time. The governor, in recessing the public meeting, said hearings would be held during this afternoon on a bill prohibiting radio stations from accepting programs on liquor ad- KtNNETT Mo —Die Els Wa Dry Goods companj s big shir: lory here,* Kennetfs'chief Industry closed"'last week to ; av%rt B threatened "sit-down" strike; yvill not be reopened until officials of the conv p^STiy'tiie fl'suretl that efforts to unionize the plant's employ3s will not. be resumed, civic leaders have been advised by.officers of tlie company- : . • : : .-.;.• A survey'of. th^ attitude of factory workers, business men and other citizens Is belli;'taken to determine-what action;VIr any. the community, can take to prevent loss of the industry, •.which employs about BOD < parsons, ' most.!/ women and girls.' /> : Confer at St.. Louis J.. C. Weiman, president of the Kennctt Business and professional Men's Association, and J; Two Are Killed By Alabama Torino Today OZARK, Ala., Mar. 24. (DPI—A tornado c.ut a half mile wide path over the countryside three miles j west of here shortly before noon today, killing an' ageij farmer and his wife, and damaging homes in the area: vertisements . and Thorn liquor'' law to amend ths increasing the state collection on out of state win; to 40 cents a gallon. Truck Driver Accused Of Reckless Driving "Deadl me Nominations Passes; Only Two Offices Uncontestecl The to ; nie "deadline" for candidate! In order to have llicir names printed .on the ballot for the municipal election has passed and BIythevllle electors will find an even dozen seeking municipal offices on April Heading candidates 6. National Grange Head Claims ,'Grass Roots' Farmers Oppose Proposal WASHINGTON. Mar, 24 (Ul'l — National p.rahgp, dcc'rifctl, t'odayi that 1 the'"grass roots" .of America i opposed' President' Roosevelt's jud-j Jciary .program' bcc.msV.'tt ^threat,: encd to inake 1lie~sup'rcmc'?coltr "political." ••.:•: -'•*'* ••••'•"'. , "We oppose, the change because of the danger of niakhij tin court political and because after all it Is no solution of the farmers' problems," Tiibcr told the senate judiciary commlltte. He asked that the sections of the hill alfcctlng he .separated lower court the supremo court from the general recrimination pro- the group are three. for mayor, Marlon I fe'r"" 1 _ _ _ _ Williams. W. W. Holllucler and G. lim >n hill, "president bf'ihe" kVn'iictl LI- H - dear. Contests arc provided largcmcnt of the suprcni ons club, returned'yesterday from I'or all other offices except the i rartlcularly In problems 'with officers of the St. .Loi'its- at which It's all right to volunteer ad- vl-e proUdin' you happen to know what you're talkin' about, but tr.kin' it on an average, you'll find that free advice is a pretty poor quality. My Uncle Hcd had a bad habit of givin' .advice about everything. The only subject lie was really "up" in .was farmln' but if lie saw somebody tuniii' a piano, repairin' a car or ninnln' a .steam shovel, he could only watch 'em so long before he had to tell 'em a better way lo do it. Not long ago. he came here to ; ee me and I took him on his nrst boat ride on the ocean. I Bought at last here was" son I'""' that he don't know anything "tout, but pretty soon, a storm "'< »s and the boat started lo roll a "« Pilch .so bad that the p.isseu- Bcrs began complalnin'. The Capt«in explained that 11 was a cross wind and ho couldn't keep the boat from rol n,,. | ikc n , at . Unc i c llod spoke up and says "Well V 1 tc " J*a, brother, the boal'd nde a lot smoother if you'd keep her in them furrows!" New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 24 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. • open high low close May 1396 H04 13% 1403 July 1383 1392 1379 1391 Get 1327 1342 1327 1340 Dec 1318 1335 1318 1332 Jan . 1320 1334 1319 1333 March 1322 1334 1322 1334 Trial of E. G. Terry, accused of reckless driving, lias been set for Tuesday morning in municipal court. Terry, who lives In Joncsboro, was aitestcd by a revenue department officer after he allegedly re- conference company at they were informed' that it Is not the policy of the company to permit unionization of- any of its plants and that they would suspend operations at Kennett .Indefinitely rather than allow the organization of thsir workers. The difficulty here started two weeks ago with brief "sit-down*" in various departments, which weri ended with th; restoration of NRA wage scales. Decide to Close riant According to comnany officers, however, unrest among workers continued, handicapping production at the plant, and the decision was until at a fused lo pass his Terry, It is understood, "claims an ainbulanc-. to truck on Hlghwaj 18. did en. not hear the ambulance's sir- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. 24 (UP) — Stocks strengthened today on hopes of early settlement of the Chrysler Spols closed steady at nine. H63, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 24 (UP)- Pros]>ects of settling the Chrysler strike and apparently general Improvement of labor conditions brought strength into .the cotton market today and futures closed 55 to 65 cents a bale higher. May July Oct Dec Jan March open high low 1389 1397 1387 1376 1386 1375 1326 1330 1326 1327 1339 1327 1326 1339 -1326 1328D 1338 1338 close 1396 1386 1338 1339 1339 1340b Spots closed steady at 1436, up eleven, strike. Trading lagged but short covering was induced 5 reports of progress In strike conferences. A. T. & T 1103-8 Anaconda Coper ... 62 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 96 Chrysler —. —126 1-4 Cities Service Coca Cola , Gen. Am. Tank General Electric 57 3-8 General Motors 63 5-8 International Harvester 104 1-2 McKesson '. 15 Montgomery' Ward 62 1-4 N. Y. central 51 1.4 Packard 10 3-4 Phillips Petroleum .... 54 1-2 Radio 11 i.g St. L. & Sail. P 4 i_a Simmons Bed 54 Standard OH N. J. .... 70 Texas Corp. ..'. 571-8 U. S. Smell SB U. S. Steel lie i.j zonlle 7 3.4 reached lo close the factory the management could arrlvi permanent understanding with the employes. Workers arriving at ths factory last Pridsy morning were greeted by notices, posted at ths entrances, to the effect that the plant was closed "unlll further notice." Pay checks, ordinarily distributed at the factory, were mailed to tlie workers, and it was learned that some, reported to be leaders in Ihe unionization movement, received checks for "services to date" rather than for the regular pny period, indicating that thsy would not be reengaged if the factory reopens. -The local unit of the Ely-Walker company has been in o]icration tor 13 years and has twice been enlarged. Tlie city of paragould, Ark., only a few miles from here, is now;building a. big new plant to be used by the company. regular first ward term, J. L. Guard, running for re-election being unopposed, and city treasurer, Jack Finley Robinson being without opposition. Three candidates seek the third ward aldennanic post. Including Estcs Lunsford. the Incumbent, Damon McLcod and W. L. (Jacki Homer. E. p. Fry and Jesse White arc contesting for the vacancy created in the first ward aldermanlc p'osl formerly held by Mr. Williams who resigned to run for mayor. Floyd A. White and John C. McHancy, jr. arc candidates for second ward alderman. Tom W. Jackson, retiring alderman, not being'n candidate for re-election. Warmly praising (he Itoosivelt administration for Us farm |-ro- Taber urged a constltu- nmendmcnt Instead of tn- thc supreme ccurt. atlect- ing state rights or centralization of government. Tr.ber presented his views alter Hie committee . heard President Harold Dotlds of Princeton University characterize Mr. Rocsevclt'.' plans as a "scheme by which lie hopes to control the opinions of the court." Simultaneously two senators advanced proposals to replace or alter the judicial plan. Kcnatoi Carl Hatch mem., N. M.) pro- pored an amendment to allow the number of supreme courl justices to fluctuate between nine and fifteen and Senator Burton K. Wlicclcr iDcm.. Mont.i advanced a model bill designed to end child labor and provide Accepts Pastorate of Second Baptist Church The Rev. Howard King has accepted the pastorate oi the See- ond Baptist, church and will divide his time between this congregation and the New Liberty church is also pastor. He of which he will , prcacii church every at the Blythcvillc other Sunday and at the New Liberty church Ihc same number of times each month He Is making his home at the parsonage of Die local church. The church, which lias been, without a pastor for several years.' FlYe Box No. 1776 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, Mar. 24 (UP)—Hogs: 7,500. Top 10.35 ' ( l 170-230 Ibs., 10.15-10.30 ' ' 140-160 Ibs., 7.25-10.00 ' 1 Bulk sows 9.50-9.75 Cattle 3,000 Steers 7.50-10.35 Slaughter steers 650-12.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 7.50-3.75 Slaughter heifers 6.25-10.75 Beef cows 5,25-6.50 A Mississippi county delegation will [tpnear before, dov. Carl B. Hailey;at.a hearing In Llltle Rock tomorrow lo urge the executive to approve Senate Bill 332, designed to relieve prc-.Martlncau law highway districts from the danger of action by holders of road bonds not exchanged under the slate's highway bond refunding program. : Owners of anoul $180,000.worth of Mississippi county rond Improvement district bonds refused to cx- ch.inge Ihcm for tlie new bonds Issued under the stale's 1033 rcfnnd- hijl act. Scnalc nlll 332 would au- Ihorizc Ihe .state refunding board to Issue road district refunding bonds to the districts In the amount ot tlie district bonds unrefumlod. The districts then . could cither ncgor : (1at(j .an exchange dlreolly with Ihe bondholders or could sell Ihc refunding bonds and use the t)l'" : coeds in oliecting a cash .settlement, i ; :. Holders of refumlln<< bonds have objeclc<l j :to the ^in, \\ p hlch .wo^de^ signed priirmHly .for llie bc'ifpjlt o' Piilaskl county road fll$trlcui'n6v threatened with'suits by lioldsrs o' inirefiirulcd 'botids, ami as a resul' thc/i governor called a hearing h<v fore, deckling 4l )0 " his action wills respect lo llic! measure. Thc'malter was discussed yesterday at -a special meeting of. Ihr BIythevllle Chamber of Commerce, attended also -l>v J. II. Grain of Wilson and G. 13. Scgraves'flf Osceola. and Rep. I. W. Crawford; C II. Wilson. J.' Mcll Brooks and C, M. Buck were authorized to pre sent the views of liic chamber to (he governor. Hearing also will be held lomfli-- •ow on Representative .Crawford'* 1)111 to permit parl-rmilucl belling on county fair horse races and some nembers of the local delegation cx- lect to appear In behalf of thai ncasurc, which was sponsored by .he Mississippi County pair association. Italian Dictator Enfagec] j by Tuin of Events iri, Sp.nin * '" i f \ Tly l.OUIS KCKMLE | Hulled Pi ess C.iWe IMilor, I A ciisls even gravel than the one i threatened by the Ethiopian war In 1925 confionted Europe today !' Mussolini lh cnriigc.l by the; turn I of events The Spanish loyalist government Is meditating nn appjal j lo the l/jaguo of Nations That vould force a meeting ot the conn-, :ll. Mussolini, sill! smarting uwfeir ho Miiclloiis Imposed by llml tribunal dining the Ethiopian • wai. would icact In n way that.might liovc disastrous to European re- altotiR. / Into Ills speech yesterday in which he said the Italian pcopli lever would forget sanctions—that i ic would nol let them—can he load threat that he \ylll take dcclsl\c~ icllon If Ihc lyagne and the powoi'. back of (t stcu Into the Spanish situation. v Hi Ilain Is \Vonlcil The revcises sufferc<l by Ihc Ital* ans at Guadalajara have stun? Mussolini and Ihe Ficnch haves' rubbed salt, Into hli hurts by mui- jnuilng in au audible aside lhat, tlin vaunted Italian mllllaiy - machlno aftei all Is not, \vlmt it 'has been cracked up to be The scilousncss of the situation Is emphasised by authentic uoid from Paris that Mussolini has called In his ambassadors from \ar[- basis for other omtc legislation, social and econ- Number Eight Child Victim of Colitis Lec Ellis Hurt, five year old son of Mr. and Mrs, Charley Hurt died at I2;45 o'clock yesterday at the family home In Ihe Number Fight community. His death was attributed to colitis, following five weeks illness. Funeral services were held thL< afternoon at Number Eight cemetery. The Moss Funeral Service was In charge of funei^al arrangements. uui European capltiils for a rcpoit on the tiend ot events. It Is fnrthci emphasized by Britain's op2n uneasiness lest n stotm break, emphasized by the. cUorS 5 ; of officials to persuade the unc0i1- sored British press to»")ay off!' MIK; ;ol!nl voluntarily. * French Aid I.oja|ls|s , 'They also feel that the fact that 'I Ficnch cominnnrting offlccr^nnd a newly developed deadly laench aij- tomallc rine played a largfe pait In '.he loyalist suctesses Is no comfoit to Italians. v „ Ai'othcr Important development " Is Italy's Intention ot reaching a- mutiml agreement wllh Jugosla\la- Austria, which has been friendly with Italy, docs not like tliat, and •nndwlcl-ed between Italy and GCi- iinny. maj tuin to TYSnce. FOUND LOVE IN A TRAILER 7 inds No 'Basis Foi- []},_/. Charges Against Range.c LITT1,E ROCK, Mar 24 (UP) —Jack Porter, chairman of 'if state police commission todny. timatcd that langei Stcele Shan-' jnon of Pine Bluff would be- fe'- | employed on April 1 ^ Shannon was dismissed one week ago with Rangci Earl May Porlcr. a siatehouse \lsitor lodajC refused to discuss May's case but said that. Shannon \yas dismissed because reports 'that last summer he collected funds to be'used> in the unsuccessful gubernatorial lampaign of Ed F. McDonald. ' \ Two hnesligators. woiking on Shannon'. 1 ; iccoid for a week/ linve failed to find any vtrace of the officer being active .in 'Mo- Donald's or anyone else's eam- oalgn" Porter said. "Under these conditions I belle; e that the commission will return him lo his place in the clc- oartmcnt.' Youth of 20 Enjoys First Ride on Train is planning lo carry out a complete program of religious activities under the new pastor. The Rev. Mr. King was the Mississippi county missionary of Bap- list churches in 1033-34 and has been more recently pastor of the Wells Chapel church at Etowah. Window Breaker Fined Allan Lcdford was fined S15 on a charge of maliciqus mischief and $10 on a charge of public drunkenness in municipal court tills morning. Ledford was said to have broken a. window In an Ash slret store. ----- -- -,- Bill Bailey was fined SIS on a Cutters and low cullers 3.15-4.16. charge of public drunkenness. Guards Liberty Cradle PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—Fire box No. 1776 stands In front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Twice a year the alarm rings, but it's only a fire drill. City officials want to know how quick the firemen can get to the shrine should a fire break out. Files Divorce Suit Mrs. Mawdlc Drye has filed suit in chancery court against Frank Dryc, asking a divorce on the ground of indignities. E. E. Alexander Is attorney for the plaintiff. Little did happy Martha 'Brittain realize, as she jsped north from San I Diego in her modern '.trailer, that she had em- 'barked on the greatest jadventiire of her life. Nor .did she know that, at the lend of this adventure, she would find the kind of love and romance every girl desires. Watch • for the absorbing new • serial TRAILER ADVENTURE Begins Today On Page G BLAIR. Neb (UP) —Robert O'Hanlon, 20-year-old CreigUton j University law student, had imer ridden on a train until the other day. He was sort of proud of .his rec- ' ord, but when he decided to spend I a week-end with his parents lie found he would' have to take '& train in order to reach Blair from Omaha. An 11-Inch snowstorm made highway traffic Impossible. v After three hours on the train. Bob hopped off the coach and said, "Well, it's better than walkfn'e.' WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy,, colder, probably freeiing in extreme northwest portion Ipnight.. Thursday generally' fair, colder. Memphis and vicInlty-^SIiowers and thunderstorms'with colder 16- hlshl. Thursday fair and':.much colder. The maximum temperature here yesterday v>as 75. minimum 39, clear with .47 of an inch Rainfall last night, accoidlug to Sam- tiel F. NorrU, official weather 6!>server.

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