The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1988 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ike's 2nd Term Decision Is a Matter of Conscience By JAMES MARLOW . ' Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Until he decides finally whether to run again President Eisenhower will be a lonely man, living with his conscience. Because his decision is a matter of conscience, no one can really help him make it. He said recently, "I could devoutly wish there were some method by which the American people could .. .'point out the path of my true duty. But . . .. people this is a question that first I alone must answer." It would have been easy and necessary for htm to decide against seeking a second term if his doctors, after their checkup this week, had said he could not physically endure another four White House years. They said the opposite yesterday. In doing so'they put the decision entirely up to Eisenhower. It is not unusual for active men like Eisenhower to ha^ve—a—sense of indestructibility. They can never again feel that way after a heart attack. It is piercing and tangible evidence of mortality. .No one who has ever had an attack can forget this: Result of Deterioration The attack was the result of deterioration in a blood vessel. Something in his body caused .that deterioration. So a man who has had an attack has more reason to believe that there Is deterioration which will cause another attack than has a man who has never had an attack. There was no reason for Eisenhower's doctors to think he might have a heart attack, up to last Sept. 24. Now, as he knows, he could have another tomorrow even though his doctors tell him, from what they can see, he could serve actively for 5 to 10 more years _ The uncertainty of the President's life, or any man's, was illustrated yesterday by his personal physician Ma], Gen.' Howard M. Snyder, who told a news conference: * "I thought he was in very good health just prior to his heart attack—I would say we were a little led astray in our estimate that he was as well as we thought he was . . . We don't know that he won't have another cardiac accident." For Good of Country That possibility, and what it might, mean to the country, will be on Eisenhower's conscience as he turns over the problem in his mind. He' has emphasized his decision will be based on what he thinks is good for the country. He doesn't think it's good for the country for a president to die in office or become unable to carry on his ]ob. He has said it is a , "very critical thing to change governments in this country at a time that it is unexpected." At the same time he knows that a man who has had a heart attack may never have another. Since that is a possibility he may feel that it is good for the country for him to take a chance on serving a second term. FIRST SLEEPER The first sleeping car in tile world was operated between Har rlsburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in the winter of 1836-1337. STARR GAZING Bj BETTY£ NELLE STAKE Courier Newt Staff Correspondent On Feb. 15, 1764 St. Louis, Mo., fm trade poal. nded It was established by Pierre Laclede Liguest and Auguste Chauteau and named for Louis XV of Prance. It Was under Spanish control from mi-1800 when it reverted to Prance, ceded to the United States in 1803 and was chartered as a city in 1822. St Louis today, as it was to 1764, ranks first in the world as a raw fur market, also as a horse and mule market. LaSalle made, first settlement in Texas on Feb. 18, 1685. Morse demonstrated the telegraph system to President Van Buren on Feb. 21. 1838. And by the way, the full name of Morse is Samuel Pinley Breese Morse. The first words sent on the experimental line between Washington and Baltimore (1844) were "What hath God Wrought?" The first real cure for dandruff was invented by a Frenchman. He called it the guillotine. From middle age on, everything of interest is either illegal, immoral or fattening. The celebration of St. Valetine's Day receives less attention in our country than in England or Scotland. Of'its origin little can be said, except that the day was so called for St. Valentine, a prebyter, who was beheaded under Claudius, the Emperor. St Valentine was first beaten with clubs then beheaded. In the church of Fraxedes at Rome, the| greater part of his remains are still preserved, where the gate Porto Del Popolo , was, formerly named for him — Porto Valentine. described them when Mrs. Ed tch-to cook. Expensive? Depends on if you ve got a cow. One pound of real honest-to- goodness butter. As good as I like Bee Young, you'll have to use butter for these. Cieam the butter with one box j of brown sugar, 6 cups of sifted flour, 1 egg, 2 cups of chopped pecans, va'uilla. Wash your hands good and knead all together. Form injo six rolls and wrap in wax paper and place in ice box for 24 hours before baking in a 350 degree oven. Watch 'em closely. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Of course you know to slice them or how else would you have cookies? Thin, too. • These will keep for weeks before baking, but if they last through the day after baking, you don't like cookies and coffee as I do. Ernest Hemmingway summed it up this way: "What is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after." All of the .animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it. A lot of folks won't throw away life at one time, but they will throw away a'little of it each day. It's a sign of passing youth when man begins to check up on his illusions. This was said by Ovid who was borr in 43 B. C. "How little you know about the age you live in if you fancy that honey is sweeter than cash in hand." Honiea words like bees, gilded and sticky, with a little sting. Definition of zoo: A place devised for animals to study the habits of human beings. It's the little things in life that worry us; we can dodge an elephant, but we can't a fly or gnat. Had you ever thought of that? I'll bet these are the best cookies you ever ate. That's how I Tr- be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant. 1 Abe Lincoln had a lot of dry wit as you know. One of the things he once said about one of his acquaintances went down in history. Speaking of the man he said, "He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then, when sentence was about to be pronounced, pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan." I guess I'm just an Ignorant so and so, but for years I had my own definition of a poet laureate. Maybe there are others'who are just as ignorant. So if there is, this information is for you and the smart alecs don't have to look over my shoulder. A poet laureate, I have iound out, is an English official appointed for life. The appointment is an official Playboy Enters Guilty Plea To Oil Stock Swindle Charge NEW YORK (/P) — Eobert H. Schlesinger, 38 - year-old playboy son of a millionaire mother, pleaded guilty yesterday to an oil »tock swindle. He had used $132,000 of the proceeds from a shaky Louisiana oil promotion to buy jewelry for actress Linda Christian.. The husky,, unmarried Schlesinger faces a possible maximum sentence of 10 to 30 years. He might get off with less by making restitution to the three men he duped in the oil deal. General Sessions Judge John A. Mullen scheduled sentencing for Woman Proves Plenty Tough OiytAHA tfl — White-haired Wilheimina Linneman. is a lady who docsn't-stand for any holdup busi- 1 ness.. She proved it last night. Two youths entered her small beer store and growled, "This is a holdup." Mrs. Linneman reacted swiftly. "I hit the nearest one right in the eye with a right swing," she told police. When her first swing brought a howl of pain .from one youth, the other bolted out the door, she said. The one who caught the punch dazedly started for the door but ran into it and couldn't get away until Mrs. Linneman had swung a few more times. "I was-so mad they could have shot me and I wouldn't have felt it," said" the small woman. "But I didn't notice whether they had a gun. "To think that two young punks like that would try such a thing. They should have been doing their homework." Cisco Kid Films Bring Suit SANTA MONICA, Calif. OP}—Gilbert Roland has filed a $950,000 damage suit against two film studios, charging the reissue on television of "The Cisco Kid" film series he made 11 years ago has hurt his status as an actor. The suit, filed yesterday in Superior Court, named Monogram Productions, Inc., and Allied Artists Productions, Inc., (as defendants. The movies were re titled "Chico and Pablo," the suit contended, and Roland's appearance in them allegedly hurt his chances to appear in other television roles. Dancer Seeks Divorce LOS ANGELES (M— Busby Berkeley, 61; movie dance director, seeks to end his 11-year marriage to actress Marjorie Pemberton, his fifth wife. He filed suit for divorce yesterday, charging cruelty. The couple married May 8, 1945, in Tijuana, Mexico, and separated last March 15. mark of honor, and no longer entails an obligation to compose verses on occasions of national importance. Now I feel smarter, how 'bout you? Or did you know? Packing the biggest power punch in Chevrolet truck history! New Chevrolet Task*Force Trucks for '56! A short-stroke V8 for every model! Higher powered, higher compression 6'sl More power for tight schedules and tough jobs ... modern power that ««ves you money every milel • You get plenty of "horses" to haul your loads in new Chevrolet Task- Force trucks. Power's been boosted right across the board in modern short-stroke V8's and efficient valve-in-head 6'sl Come on in soon and let us show you these great new Chevrolet trucks for'561 Anything less It an old-fashioned truck! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO Past Facts About New '66 Task-Fore* Trucks A V8 for Every Model* • More Powerful Sixei, • An Automatic Drive for Every Serietf • New Five-Speed Syn- chro-Meih Trancrnisiionf • High-Level Ventilation • Concealed Safety Slept • Tubelen Tirei, Standard on All Modelt • Frith, Functional Work Styling. 'VI ilmdard In L.Cf. modth, an extra- cm! option In all other!. Wpnonal at tara oat In a wUi nuiti ol model* 101 W. Walnut MIOM 3-4571 March 14. Harris B. Steinberg, Schlesinger's lawyer, told the cout: "He realizes the foolishness of his past acts and as a fist step to- wads staightening out his life he has to realize that he has wronged other people and to make whatever redress is possible." Flight Instructor Steinberg said Schlesinger, an Air Force veteran, now has a steady job as a pilot and flight instructor. Schlesinger's mother, the former Mona Williams^ inherited 12 million dollars in 1953 from her second husband, Harrison Williams. She is now married to Count Albert Edward Bismarck. She has long been rated one of the world's best dressed women. Schlesinger was the object of a six-month international search before he voluntarily returned from a Canadian hideout last December. At first he pleaded innocent to eight counts covering a $330,000 swindle. Yesterday, he was allowed to plead guilty to two counts, covering $170,000 of the total. $30,000 Apiece Schlesinger got three men to invest in the Louisiana promotion by telling them the deal was so good that his mother was investing million of her own money in it. Richard and John W. Herzfeld, Milwaukee department store owners, were taken for $30,000 apiece. Robert B. McCulloch, a Los Angeles auto dealer, first gave Schlesinger $120,000 and later followed with a check for another $160,000. McCulloch -stopped payment on the check after Schlesinger, had invested $13^,000 of it in jewels for Miss Christian, former wife of actor Tyrone Power. The check bounced and -a big Fifth Avenue jewelry firm, Van Cleef & Anpels, demanded that Miss Christian return the jewels. At first she refused, but later returned them for an undisclosed settlement. Schlesinger fled after his indictment last May 26. Actor Weds PALOS VERDES, Calif. l# — Actor Russ Tamblyn and Venetia Stevenson, a model, started their honeymoon today by leaving for Sioux Falls, S. D., to appear in the premiere of his latest picture, 'tThe Last Hunt." Tamblyn; 21, and Miss Stevenson, 17, were married yesterday in Wayfarers Chapel. Are All Cold Remedies Alike? No! 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Main Blytheville, Ark. NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN LEACHVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby given that the annual school election in the above named District will be held on March 17, 1956, for the following purposes: To elect one director for a term of 5 years and two directors, each for a term of 3 years. To submit the question of Voting a total school tax of 50 mills, as set out In the District's budget, which includes, in addition to 30 mills for operation and maintenance of the schools and 15 mills previously voted for payment of bonds now outstanding, a building fund tax of 5 mills annually, beginning with the taxes now being collected in 1956, which was voted in the 1955 annual school election for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of a proposed bond issue of $36,500, which will run approximately 20 years, to be issued for the purpose of erect- Ing and equipping new scnool buildings, and said 5 mill building fund tax will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal and interest of the proposed bonds are paid in full, with the provision that the surplus each year arising from the building fund taxes, after providing for principal and interest maturing that year and the next six months' interest on all the outstanding bonds, may be used by the District for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M and will close at 6:30 o'clock P.M. on March 17, 1956, at the following polling places in the District, to-Wit: Leachville City Hall. GIVEN this 13th day of February, 1956. BOARD OP DIRECTORS, LEACHVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. By NORMAN BAILEY, President, And LOUIS WEINBERG, Secretary. 2/15-22-29 According to legend, the early Egyptians ware first tu mlupl me wedding ring to symbolize the taking of vows. Fast, Pleasant Relief fo COLDS' ACHES Best YOU Can Get.../f# MATTEA Do As Millions Do...Make St. Joseph Aspirin Your 1st Choice 200 Tablets 79* • 100 Tablets 49* - 12 Tablets 104 THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 The Finesr in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY Double Feature —AND— Also Cartoon win PHILIP REEI> Centrally Located For Easy Shopping Kevlon otu 'J / aLenel HI-WAY DRUG We Give Top Value Stamps Prrntij Holder, Ret. Pharmacist A MfT. Charlei Hnifilon, owner Main at Division "Phone 2-2019 Attention: Rental Property Owners Of Blytheville and Nearby Towns For quick action, if you have rental housing available, please call the Blytheville Air Force Base Housing Section at the following number and give information such as the location, number of rooms, rent, etc., on the property: POpiar 3-3931 Extension 791 (If you call before, 8 In the morning or after 4:30 in the afternoon, call POpiar 3-3931 and ask for Extension 462). The information thus given will b« immedlatply passed on to families moving here who need rental housing and may enable you to have your property occupied quickly and with a minimum of trouble and expense on your part (This advertisement is published as a public service by The Blytheville Real Estate Board) We Buy Ear Corn FARMERS SOYBEAN CO. "Nome o/ Sudden Service" Broadway & Hutson Phone 3-8191 Far ichei, paint, cuts, brultci, burn, coldi, headachei, blt« and tUngt, trj Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available at your favorite dr»« conntcr C. O. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. PAGE rrvs zKOCKVILLE, Neb. (M — Mrt. Fred Danker has had unusual success wi' h flowers, her latest triumph peing a cactus that has been bloomltiS 'or more °>» n tw » months- At one time It had 340 blossoifl 6 in addition to numerous buds. Mrs. Dunker attributes much at her suc cess *° black coffee. She feeds !(• to her P' an 's at intervals Head Courier News Classified Adtx Northeast Arkansas' Mo** Popular Theatre Wed. & Thurs. at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES" Starring: >JACK PALANCE »SHELLEY WINTERS In Cinemascope and Technicolor x —Also- Special Attraction! 24 HOUR ALERT" Starring: Jack Webb And the Officers And Men Of The . U.S. Air Force! 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