The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 2-1. i<m Bl.YTHRVlU.R, (ARK.) COURIKU N'RWS OF SKIEIT ID PA OH THREE 'Continued from Page One) j picture, bu4 for as long as five plights afterwnrd. A general report on the studies I by Dr. w. W. Charters, also of | Ohio Sute. was approved by Dr. 'b'a jttit before his death in an I auto accident. Dr. Hibbni. ccni- Imciued vhal the research showed lihat many current films f 0 ""' 111 hand with a Jwith the teachings and standaids [h , tl . i| lcmca i I of the training of home, church, | d school. Tr.ey "constitute a vnl-1 N R A News To hrlp Ihe people of this community to understand and co-operate In _lhe national recoiery program this column "will appear dally or as occasion demands. Persons im- cerfaln 'flbmn any requirements of the President's Re-employmenl Agreement or other lea lures of-the recovery movement nro Invited to submit. Inquiries. lie, were .guests of> Ota Crump Mun day. Ullle Fny Andrew Is 111 (his week. Mrs. Alice Evalis mis the- RUi'.sl of Mrs. Bill Henson Tuesday ul«ln. Youthful Bettor Finally Collects Election Wager I HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)-Jaek Kelley Is only 10 years old. but he knows Ills politics. _, ,. . , . , , , , . i.nst November IK set a nclgh- Flve thou£and consiuner pledge business hasn't increased enoughjbnr Mrs rj-ivld whtlllrsev nnosu- cards have been received by" the (,i justify the additional expense <iveli svoiitd be • elected president Elylhcvllte N1M Committee' to Ix; hut I know It's only n mailer of if i 1( . \ v <m. MIS. Wlillllewy was used In enlisting every consumer I!:ne until this campaign will IM>- • • in BlyUieville In the President's,gin lo Iwve Ivcreasir.g effecl and iccovery program. A liinlled sup-.thru f will be all OK." And Hut ply of consumer nine Eagles is on'fellow has grasped the spirit of filed for^lw campaign' cntlyly. It's nn; nn- iand more.- ! ticlpiude that business will in» inrolih'. ot the cnctn up com-' ( ' Ul ° fc OVC1 ' ll| S h l lo sued nn cx- auilul "iltiec will be held tonight utl tf ' !lt t!l!U - " 1CM additional pay ti:-!r influence on children," m.j ^j^ "^™ e( , pa ° I< i' i J™ „,'„, n ° r . j Blue Eagle llys from every store HHibPii added. I rnim-ments for checking nvcry. 91 " 1 fru ' lor >' '» America, and when VmiiigEli-rs- Ilishly ImpressioaWe b!ue Eagk ; ( i' !s ,,| R y cl . (ll BlylhcVille. lll ° ImyiiK-. • public gels ICO PIT The studies Included sucli in-'dminu res' -veek "• •• • ,' ce nt into this movement—us it will l< resting findings as ill ass: Of 35.-!. Tlln ° ^',.,",^i,,,, '„„,,,„„.„;„.„„;, | most certainly do within u very Ml boys and girls between eight i nl 19 years old. each girl went to . ind ,. O f " employers •••ignlny' tilt I agreement and nearly two million few Jobs aheadv created, and additional thousands being made daily. Various estimates on the number I the movies 40, and each boy Jtlmes a year. Another check sliow- |f d that every week 28,259.000 young- Isttrs between five and 20 years old Igo t othe movies. The tremendous (potential effect on youth is evident. tests sliowej definitely that! i,, Blylherille range fiom one tyldren tak'j niovk-:, more scrbjis-1 bundled and seventy five io five Ilia grownups, that they arc j hundred. If eery listed nlneo nf '" ••-•--- j n Blylhoville added only of new Jobs which will lie created I will !:<• more than luken rai-u of by the Increased volume of sales. I When nearly half of the entire Population of a large clly like St.' Louis turns out ai one time to 1 view a parade staged lo promote 1 (lore real to them, and Ilia', their Emotional reaction is sometimes as l.tiueh as eight times as marked as li.iat of grownups watching the same {picture. 'Hit council does not aim at •(/.•nsorship. and is the first to ad- |mii, ihat some movies may have a relaxing and even beneficial ef- lect . on children. It, has no idea • it preventing children from going h'l the movies, for it is first to ail[mil t' they n-i!] go anyway. Nor has It any idea of dcmad- |in>; that all movies be reduced lo level where they will be suitable llor nine-year-old children. Its work Ls largely facl-finjing. In ihe be- Jlief that after the fact? are dis- |elosed, (t will be time enough to determine w;f?ai changes, if any, Slagc No Problem The movies have never before subjected to so careful a [study regarding their social inliu- lence. It. was never necessary to (make such a study of the stage, raause il- has been definitely (shown that stage plays in general have little effect on young eMl- :en. Youngsters just don't "get lem." But they understand the ovic.<r, and they remember what, they see there in almost as great retail as do adults, the testa phowed. To the task of finishing these |':dies of the social effects of the «s nqw copies the man who been for -i4 years the presid- genius of America's world(famous Harvard, Dr. A. Lawrence owell. one new employe the total of new jobs would exceed two hundred. Local evidences of the effect of tl'.K campaign arc becoming more numerous and noticeable. Reports coming lo Hie committee dally arc lo the effect that Ihe increase In certain businesses has already been so substantial lhat additional help '.'.'as necessary. One man says: "I only had lo get one part ttme em- nlove and am working him on the NRA in that city it-s ail exorcssion , of the interest and with whleh Ihis wonderful plan of President, Roosevelt's is lieiin; re-' celved, by the nation. Just that fame spirit, is being re«iblcred throughout the nation. In b!g cities and small, and in the rural «-c- llon's. Jusl ye.sterday, two farmers came to town to' buy some groceries. Thev started Into one pluce of business when one of them noticed Iliat there was no Blue Eacle in Iho window. On noticing the absence of the Eagle, lie .said to to bake him n blueberry pin If he lust, Mrs, Whltllesev could .smear his fare wllh It. Jack wailed eight months for the Uuelxrry H'luson lo cullei'l his _____ _ ........ Blytheville Lady Is 1001 Better In -Every Way .M:'.s. .l.-imos lliiahlc To (Id ny lOlief' Until She Hf- Kaii Tiik i n g (ily-Cas; Neuritis. Slomiich 'I'm- uble (Juit-kly Citn- Hayti Society •— Personal , - the other: "Wall a minute we forty cents per hour basis and he don't want to buv groceries there' is earnlm; about, eight dollars a|.i lrlt r ,,,, ow , lo .,, n . t cv ,.,, htm . „„ ,,' woe*, t-nd that's just eight dollars; Dlllo Eat ^.. . niars Ule , , s more than he made before lhB; camnaifll is ,, oim , lo te s ,, mK , nc( i NBA thing started." That may by , he buying public, and tha" sound liken small thing but it is wha , nbso i,,iely guarantees its very essence of the campaign | success -put additional people to work.]' j,^ lhrce (1 Iema| M increase Ihe pay rolls and thus ,.,,„.-., lln wf<k Yesterday's papers pin-clming power of carrifjll ln (np cn ,, nlrv „ <. 0 * ](:l ,-. the community, stale and nation. I oyDlam.lion of th» p-'onosilloi ' It Ls actually astonishing what Ulis new Gly-Ciis will do In I lie most .stubborn cases of stomach, k'c'ney, bowel. l!lood troublc.s und Hienmalism. Muny ))lytlievilh> pro- pic now ii-all/.',' how fo:uiii:iti' I liny are In having Oly-Cas Ijitroiluccil l-.crc us iiiuiiy Imvc found It jus', tl;e mcdlelne lliuy have bwn n;cO- g for years. "Ctly-Cns is «o womlcrlul I 'ri: It v.lll help eveiyone like it :i> me," :aid Mrs. Tom Jnmi.:i. increase tile stale Anolher man says: "I had lo get two new men in order lo comply v:ith the forty hp.ur per week max- inumi.I put Ihem to work at the thirty-five cents per hour rale. My parlmcnl. While here Mr. Baker worked with the highway department. Messrs. Felix Kyle.. Leon Scott and Miss Gladys Green ot Canith- ersville and Miss Eurie Burris attended the wrestling match at Bly- tlievlltc Tuesday . evening. Mrs. p. X. Schumacher, her daughter Annie Laurie, and son. Jerry, were in Cape Girardea^UjSal- and what hari lo be done by the em- plover. Next week, comes the examination of Ihe record of each Krrron »-ho is displaying ihn em- lilem. After that — Ihe consumer cmnDaiin. Let's be sure to lie ready for both. Pecan Grove News Mr. and Mrs. Hanlev and family of Yarbro visiled Mr. nnd Mrs Will McCauley Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lai-son' Crump an- TO.M JAilUS Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mites entertained a number of out of town Jricnds with a bridge paity at their ome Tuesday evening. TJ:e guest list included Mr. and Mrs. Burl llnderwood. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred ptepp. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Geh- J-ifT, Mr. nnd Mrs. Gordon Nance, all !>f New Madrid, Mo., nnd H. G. harp of Sikeston. In the bridge frames high score prizes were given Mrs. Gordon B. Nance and O. H. jehrig and the low score pri;:- Ivent to Mrs. Burl Underwood and |l G. Sharp. The Young Womert's Auxiliary of Baptist % church had their meet- Ing at the church Tuesday evening Vilh 10 of the numbers present Ind two visilors. Hazel Mitchell Ind Margaret Sfanfil. Mln Clara fiillum conducted the c'evotional waving as her reference 1st Riilb 1-19 then Claudia Marshall offered prayer for the Christian Workers in 1'alestine. In a business session. Irs. Horn Bush resigned as sec- ».ary and Miss Mable Alexander « elected in her place. The them. '"": evening's program was "The |and of the Word." Ross Baldwin O f (j a!}e Girardcau |-as here Mciiday visiting his pnr- Inls. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Baldwin Ind his sister. Mrs D. O Slater • Scottie Julian of New Madrid was liere Monday nnrl Tuesday visiting In UK; home of Mr. and Mrs j M lilies as the guest ot their son ba- |1d. Walter Mills, son of Dr. nnd .Irs. M. C. Mills of New Madrid also fere thi* wojl: visitin-r na- Miles. J Ray Ram c! CWc.i?o v,a<; I I'hurfday visiling friends an:l Iniding to business. 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hmlglns of foncord --verc guests of Mr. ani •Irs. it. L- Msssey Tuesday. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Adcock cf Icrtaseville wore here Monday vis- Ting Mr. ajid Mrs. C. B. Ccrnsto:k (tr. Adcock is Mrs Comstock's bro- r. frs. Jake B3rn?tcin and dau?h- Mlss Either of Caruthersville |nrt the fonrt.T's amil. Mrs. II. larchmcr of Oklahoma City, Okla.. |crc here Monday visiting Mr. and Ren Bafkovitz. JGerakl Yates of Portagevillc Monday attending lo business. I Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wiiitner and vn Robert spent the weekend at f-ecerlcktoiin. Mo., with their oar- jits, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Whltner ' Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rand. Ir. and M rs . p^ed Baker have ivcd !o Sikcslon where Mr. Bak- ivill work with tli; hishw.iy de- nurpose of reorganizing Sunday School. Mrs. Robertson and son, Calvin and Douglas, Mrs. Ora Brooks and Mrs. Sarah Robertson of Moon is socndinn the week her niece. Mrs. Ola Crump. Half with urcay. They were met there by'-Mr. and Mrs. L." M. Easier of Cobden, III. -Mrs. Bosler is Mr. Schumacher's sister. Jerry accompanied his fiunt and uncle home for a two weeks visit. Mrs. Schumacher and daugll- ] ter Annie Laurie visited with Mrs. Dan Sanford and daughters Missss I/!on, Daphna and Inez, who were formerly of this city. Miss Mary Blanche Grccmvell of Biloxi, Miss., who is here visiting in the home of-her -brother. Konnie Greenwell, vjijted Father Mistza- glc of Fredeficktown, wiio was formerly of Caruthersville. Trig Sanders made a business trip to Memphis Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. T. J Baugh of Bell Flower. Mo., were here Friday night visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shrader while enroute to Hot Springs. Ark. Mrs. C. S. W.iltner of St. Louis who has been here visiting her.sis-1 Blvlhevil!e. ter-in-law and husbani. Mr. and! Mrs. Nfaude Springer Mrs. Vic Sfgler has returned home, j Ester Springer and daughter, liet- Mr-j. M. T. Baldwin and daughter Miss Hazel were in Portagevills Monday visiting Mrs. Baldwin's IIID- ther, Mrs. A. J. Tnomas; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Mnssey s|»nt the weekend in Donlphan. Mo., with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ma.'scy. The Messrs. Massey ai'e broJheis. agt 76. 900 South Lilly St.. Hlythe-! ville. respected locitt lady who has lived In this city lor the past 53 jcars. "My stomach was In a ter- liljle condition, felt like a rock In the pit of my slomcch after eating, iiidlgcition was awful. And was so nervous 1 could hardly hold n cup. of water to my mouth. Evervbodv \ s invited to "meet nt!' rlncp yenrs ne ° ""'""» altackeil !,„ me and s'ctlkd in my neck, head and shoulders. Couldn't raise my left arm I was so crippled ana sharp, stabbing pains continually. I had .taken lots of medicines but children. Mrs. West Tomlinson I ^^ ^ itl mc " ttl0 or "° good—but- and Mrs. Matlie McCauley attend- ifly-Cns was rtiflcrenl. When 1 ed the revival at Half Moon Mon-i'^Sati taking it 1 was soon con- duv night. '.inced il wns jusl the medicine 1 half nounds. w v as born August 19. t'iljid to meet n Lone Oak Sunday morning for the should have had years before. Ihirly days Ircatmtnl did more for me than anything 1 had ever Mrs. Ixtfs Tomlinsoii of "Blythe-!'akt-n before In my life. I am ville visited her sister, Mrs. Ora I now enjoying the be.u health I Brcnks Monday afternoon. jlinve had in years, relieved of that Mr .and Mrs". Larson Crump lint] i awful sull'ering and again ficl like their cuest Sunday the latter's grand mother. Mrs. A. J. Wilson and son. Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Wilson nnd children. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robertson nnd sons, Calvin and Douclas. nnd Thurman Wilson of i'iy real self.' Ho it. goes- Gly-CBs-cominsics to \vin more friends every day and holds them because it gives real results which are lasting. Gly-Cas is sold by Kirby Bros Drug Co., Main at Bro:id«'ay. nnd and Mrs.! by all leading drug stores In sur- •:ounding towns. —Adv. Feels Real Happy After She Lost 29 Pounds Of Fat "Al the end of Ins 2nd bottle of Kruschen I'm happy to say I'm r inus my superfluous 29 Ibs. I never had a hungry moment and I .'ell Letter all Ihe time I was lak- .:i;- them—much tno:e p?ppy and 1 lost thai lo^gy, sln^gi>h feeling in the morning." Frcidn Parks, Xi'w ilnvrn, Vt. A trim, slender figinc, new cner-! 'jy. glorious health, \oulhful ac-' I'vily. elenr skin, bright eye.s—all i Ihi'sc splendid resulis a half lea- spoonful of Kruschen Hnits first th:ng each morning in a glass of and I YOUR DOLLAR buys MORE The New GOODYEAR PATHFINDER One jar lasts 4 weeks and C05ls a trifle at any drug store the world over. Money back if not sr.Usfied. But prelect, your health --make sure you get Kruschen. —Adv. 3G-7 Today the best buy for the leastmoneyisthe new Goodyear Pathfinder. For years "the quality tire within the reach of all," the Pathfinder is now stepped up in mileage, safety and good looks. It hasFULLCENTERTRAC- TION— 20% thicker nonskid tread—stouter body cord that gives under road shocks, doesn't heat up, prevents blowouts, stands hard knocks, runs out a full long life of trouble- free miles. Be sure your new tubes are quality Goodyears, too. Lifetime Guarantee •UC-2I ~<M G.OS vCO-1!> . G.5'3 5.00-iO . C.75 30 .v .1!i . 5.55 Othrr ilt«i prlt<4 in pnptrlltn ALL FULL OVERSIZE GOOD/TEAR SHOUSE-LinLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark. PIG6LY WI66LY SLICED Picnics (S) Pound PEACHES *'•• .oaf UK- l,nc. \l-rn. Ityc Htc .:<H{c 17-iw. I.oaf •WliuU- Whciil Tomato Juice Mnxwtil llotise 1-Mi. (.'.'in - - - 2(ii' :!-!-!;. C;tn - - - Tile Ciinovu Lb. Can 26c inialinn nr «JC .L'f. lie; .Mn:ilii3 SARDINES PORK* P & G Giant Ssze 7 Bars Pure Cane Limit 10 Ibs. Country Club or Libby's Large Ko. 2i Can. Each PEACHES Country Club or tibby's Large No. 2£ Can, Each 12'c

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