The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1953
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1958 BLYTHEVTLLE ( ARK.) COWlim HBWI PAGl THSM Armistice Won't Settle The Korean Problem By JAMES J1ARLOW WASHINGTON Wl — A Korean armistice would not settle the Korean problem. Peace talks begin when the shooting ends. Haggling over peace terms may make the 22 months of haggling over truce terms look mild. An armistice is not peace, even • though men stop dying when the shooting stops. It's a temporary cease-fire, supposedly until a final peace settlement can be worked out. f . Representatives of the United.Na- i tions and the Communists agreed long ago they'd begin discussions about a permanent peace within three months after the armistice went Into effect, if they could ever agree on an armistice. When an armist'ce- begins the U. N. troops and the Chinese Communists would not suddenly turn and walk out of Korea. Each side would withdraw one mile from the fighting tront, leaving a demilitarized zone of two miles between them. And there, presumably, they would stay until peace was agreed upon. Neither could clear out before then for fear the other would suddenly resume the attack, flow long would that go on? It's anyone's guess. The U. N. probably would con tlnue training South Koreans, even tually letting them take over the forward positions. Other D. N troops could then withdraw to sup> porting positions in the rear, jusi in case. Both Agreed Both sides also agreed long ago that with the coming of an armistice neither could thereafter bring In more troops or build up its armament, although each could rotate its troops and replace beat- up equipment. If the TJ. N. found the Communists cheating and building up strength for a new attack, again it's anyone's guess what the U.' N. would do. But the problems of a final peace settlement are greater than .those which bogged down the armistice- talkers for almost two years. Here are some examples: Should Korea be left divided into two by the 38th Parallel, as it was before the North Koreans attacked the South Koreans in June, 1950? The Chinese Communists and their North Korean allies could hardly settle for anything else. To do otherwise would be to accept at the peace conference a defeat which the U. N. hadn't been able to inflict on the battlefield. But would the U. N. and Chinese troops have to withdraw from Korean soil, once peace was signed? The Chinese might welcome that idea. They could withdraw just across the border and be ready to pour in suddenly at , Adenauer Leaves For United States BONN, Germany W1 — Chance lor Konrad Adenauer left by plan yesterday on the first leg of h Journey to the United States confer with President Eisenhowe and Secretary of State Dulles. The 17-year-old chancellor tol newsmen Tuesday he expecte these talks to touch on U. S.-Ger man relations and the curren Moscow peace offensive. It will b the first visit of a German chan cellor to the United States. HEALTH BONNET-In keeping with Italy's latest fad—"Vitamin Hats"—p r e 11 y Gudron Henkel, a German visitor, wears a light brown straw basket weave hat adorned with real purple artichokes. The hats were shown at an exclusive fashion show in Rome. Ford Truck Seat Covers & Thick Air Foam Cushions Both tor only 16 Ref. Price $24.50 ni.ii. ssa^n I'hiJJipsMnwriiompany V,ii..iiii.L»imi.i.'Hi.» • i* 300 Broadway Phone 4453 any future time. Withdrawal for the u. N. would mean clearing out to Japan, .at least. If the U. N. and the Chinese withdrew, would the North Koreans and South Koreans be disarmed? If they weren't, they might start war on one another again and the whole thing would start over. Withdrew in 1949 The U. S. withdrew its troops In 1949 from South Korea and the North Koreans attacked in 1950. But neither North nor South Korea Is likely to agree to being disarmed. And if the.TJ. N. withdrew from South Korea, what assurances •would it have that the Chinese or Russians wouldn't secretly build up the North Koreans for a new sudden attack? Meanwhile, the United States, which has paid out so much in lives and money to protect South Korea, would hardly agree to withdraw and not rearm the South Koreans well enough to stand off a new attack until help came. And the Chinese Communists might want some guarantees that the U. S. would not only not encourage Chiang Kai-shek on Formosa to invade China but that It would stop military help to him. That the Chinese would raise the Formosa question seems pretty sure. There is a tricky little symbol—"etc."—in the agreement the U. N. and Communist truce teams agreed on when they said peace talks would begin within three months after an armistice. It's contained In a paragraph which says both peace teams would discuss "the peaceful settlement of the Korean question, etc." What else the Communists might Include under "etc." Is limited only by their imagination. HE WALKED AWAY — A midget racing car driven by Rudy Tarditi of Stockton, Calif., flips on a turn during a race at Walnut Creek, Calif., but Tarditi walked away from the wreckage with only bruises. The accident happened on a curve. The racer wound up botton side up with Tardtti pinned Inside. This picture was made by Russ Reed, Oakland Tribune staff photographers, taking in the races on his day off. (AP Wircphoto) Committee Gets Power to Examine Tax Returns WASHINGTON (/P) — President Eisenhower yesterday gave the Sen- ate Commerce Committee power to examine income tax returns in a move the White House said was aimed at New York waterfront racketeers. This was believed to marK the first time that the White House has empowered the Commerce Committee to look at income tax returns. Other congressional committee have been granted the privilege. The Commerce Committee, unde the chairmanship of Sen. Tobe (R-NH), Is looking into charges o racketeering and political influenci in the dock areas of New York Clt; and Northern New Jersey. Black Patent with Black Nylon Mesh. Blue Calf with Blue Nylon Mesh. 1 )o pretty for llASTER and so becoming on your foot White Calf. Black Calf. Navy Calf. Red Calf. Navy blue calf with eggshell trim. Lipstick red calf with eggshell trim. Black patent with white trim. •You're sure to find the smartest finishing touch for your. Easter costume—in our wonderful selection of Red Cross Shoes. Do hurry in. See how proudly you wear these graceful, new styles. And see, too, how beautifully they fit. You look so pretty... feel so sure of yourself in VS% r Thil e"**t >"•' w emnKlkn xhatna K/l* The American Natianat Kal Cm ED •HOES America's unchallenged shoe value $ 8 95 to $ 12 95 ; lAJeAWrooK 6 ! FAMILY SHOE STORE 1312 W. Main Phone 2342^ Council to Study Method of Aiding Needy Children LITTLE ROCK (/Pi—The Arkansas Legislative Council tomorrow Is scheduled to start a study of the best method of aiding dependent and neglected children find those Involved in custody or dlrorce cases. The study w,as one of several assigned to the council In resolutions adopted at the recent General Assembly. The Council also Is to consider a proposed survey of public education with the view to possible further consolidation or reorganizations of existing school districts. Another task assigned it Is a study of the diminishing sub-surface water level in the state. The Council was asked to make recommendations to the 1855 General Assembly on this matter. Still another investigation is of the best method of financing operations of the partly constructed state Medical Center and the proper manner for admis-; slon of charitable patients. The Friday session will be the first meeting of the new Legislative Council except for an Organization meeting before the Legislature adjourned. Sen. Tom Allen of Brinkley Is Council chairman and Rep. Charles; Smith of Crittenelcn County Is vice j chairman. LITTLE LIZ— The fellow who is waiting for someone to give him a chance has a lifetime job, ®ww The defendant, Marrha Williams, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Johnny Lee Willlnmn. Dated this 25 day of March, iMi, Geraldme Llston, Ctwk By Laverne Ball, D. O. Claude P. Cooper, atty. for pt*. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litem. 3:2«-4i2-9-l« Race horse owners of the United States receive more than $50,000,000 ui purses annually. Now Many -Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH. a pleasant alkaline (ntm- aolcit powder, holds false teeth mor« Ilrmly. To eat and talk In mora comfort. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasiy taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor" [denture breath). Gel TASTEETH *\ any tlrvig nvore. WARNING OKDF.R In the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Johnny Lee Williams, Ptf. vs. No. 12,330 Martha Williams, Dft. REVIVAL Now in progress at the CHURCH of GOD of PROPHECY at Manila, Arkansas Everyone invited to attend. Services beginning at 7:30 REV. PAUL LAWRENCE Pastor REV. 0. G. LODGE Evangelist $2.75 W«ekly 8 DIAMOND MATCHING BRIDAL PAIR DREIFUS mm.- > 'tfft&ffl K50 Weekly 12 DIAMOND MATCHING BRIDAL PAIR

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