New York Daily Herald from New York, New York on April 11, 1870 · 7
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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York · 7

New York, New York
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Monday, April 11, 1870
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Telegraphic news F no M ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD Spanish Reparation to American Ma rlne Interests. fliyrsian Special Negotiations With China Suspended. SPAIN. Reparation to American Interacts. Madrid, April 10,1870. The Spanish government has ordered the Cuban antborlties to release the American steamer Lloyd Aspinwall, and has promised indemnity Tor her (tetentloQ. The Conscription Completed. Madrid, April 10, 1870. In the Cortes yesterday Seflor Rivero announced (aa stated tn a Herald special cable telegram yesterday] that the conscription had been completed throughout Spain. The casualties at Barcelona in the tight between the troops and the people were not heavy ou either ide. FRANCE. tke Bonaparte Pleblecltum and the < ubiuet. I'aris, April 10, 1870. The Kmperor having refused to make auy concestlon relative to the plebiscilum, M. Biuret, Minister Of I'lnanco, baa tendersd his reclamation. No other MlnUter has yet resigned, but further changes are tumored. The refusal of the Emperor to yield to the demands Of M. Buffet and nia friends Is couriered a victory for If. Houhor. The Piirliaraeiuury Opposition. Par is, April lu, 1870. Hits Deputies of the left have decided to hold a fleeting next Thursday, at which the editors of Wrla and provincial opposition journals will he Invited. A manifesto will be submitted at tbis meeting, erhlcU, If adopted, will settle tt.e policy of tne oppoaition party with regard to the plvbtacitrnn. The newspaper organs ot the left centre express dissatisfaction with the Ministry, and say tueir party m the Corps Legislator will uoi support lu 1 he Strike at Lb Creuaot?Kioter* Puuliked. Paris, April 10,1870. At Le Crouzot the strike shows no signs or ending. Of the workmen who took part in the late disturbance* twenty-live have been sentenced to imprisonment for terras of from one month to tlnee years. Paris Tranquil. Pakis, April JO, 1870. Pans remains perfectly tranquil. ENGLAND. The CubiMft a Unit?Auierican Merurilin. London-, April xo, Wo. The London Obtercer ridicules Uie rumors or changes in tne British Ministry. The same paper, alluding to the quarrel of the British shareholders with the Erie Kallroad managers, says:?"Owing to the slipshod style of American Journalism nothing can be known of the progress of Mr, Bart's mission except from private sources." RUSSIA. tii? negotiations vv iru tniiin. London, April 10, is:o. It is said that the negotiations between tiie ltuselan government and the Chinese Embassy have been suspended. No reason is assigned for the intcrrnptlon. MARYLAND. Further Particulars of the Holler Explosion at Haliiinore?Fonr More Bodies Recovered?Ust of the Iiillod. Baltimore, April lo, lsvo. The bodies of the three mtsslnir neisons. the fore man. fireman and a boy, were recovered from the ruins of the sugar refinery at one o'clock this morning. and this forenoon another dead body was taken from the dock. Toe killed, whose bodies have been recovered so far, areseven, viz.:?.lames W. Duncan, wood oorder; A.Plnaall,wood dealer; J. Dunn,private watchman; W. McKenny, foreman of the refinery; James Oooney, fireman; Edward G!b->on. colored, wood sawyer; and R lley, a boy about ten years old. The work of removing the ruins was dlscoutlnued this morning after the remains of the foreman and (Iranian were found. The Coroner's jury at an Inquest to-day rendered a verdict that the deceased came to their deaths by the explosion of a steam holler, the explosion being caused by the insufficiency of water in the boiler. MISSOURI. Defalcation of tbe City Treasurer of at, I.ouSa?One Hundred mid Twenty Tlioiwand Dollars I.ost in Speculation-?InloruiHl lis. niuliiatiou Uoforo the illnyor. or. l.ocus, April ju, 1870. M. 15. SuaiiKv. the City Treasurer, was arrested last niebt on the charge or being a defaulter. An informal examination before the Mayor and other clty officers ancl the bondsmen, which terminated at a very late hour last night, has disclosed the following Information:?Jnst previous to the expiration of htaflrstterm of office Bosisky loaned $10,000 to a friend, which was not returned promptly, and lie raised money on his individual note and replaced tr. His note he took up with city luutls. fcubsequently to retrieve this loss, and by the advice or friends, he sent $45,000 to Helden A Co., in New York, for speculative purposes. Belden A Co. lulled, and the money sank. Cater he sent $175,000 more to other parties, and that was lost. He also loaned to A. K. Kweger, a man of some note here as a specula! ive IdiUosonher of tUe German school, and fonneriv a city treasurer, some $40,000, which Is said to have l>cen lost in stock speculations. Various other miner sums have been used 111 a similar way, the whole aggregating about $120,000. Mr. KuMski is a poor man, and his loss wu rail upon his bondsmen, lie has been suspended from office bv Mavor cole, and Is retained 111 custody tin;it a more thorough examination or bis accounts is mane. THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. llanqnot 'if the fn' in}' m tin- t'oiuiiieniHl Hotel iu Plillkdrlphi***'! lit liiMfngiiKlicd MolilierN 2'1'use ill. PHILAPril'lUA, Xprll 10, lsTti, Thojafdond reunion banquet of ihe Yocteiy of the Army of the Potoms" came oil last evening at the Continental, .about two hundred sat down to a splendid ie;u-t. General Meade presided, he having been storied as President of the soelotv. Generol Mlier.dan, hl? nrerte l essor in that position, Fat at his ion and ITcsldoui oraut at tiio right. Amonn ilie ilwUngulshcd ?uifilers present were Generals .-diennan. Kunxtdo Hobofleid, McDowell, Frankiiu. jngali*, Uoger, Patteraoa, Pleuranton, limit,' Parker, < udiraliuder, Van vnet, Meyer. Gov O. smith, Packer, Markhind, Cobb; rteereurv of w ar Belknap, secretary ot the interior Cox ami ex secretary of the Nary Boris, Judges llead, Cadwaliiirier, Williams, McKennan and Ibompsou. ex Mayor McMicliae), Mayor Fox, Jay Cooke, thorg" w. Child, Bound Dougherty. George Iioker. Governor auhiIii. of Texas; Governor Fatrchild. of Wis* orism: Joseph Patterson aud many other* were invited guest*. General Meadeannounocd ilie nrsi io;ist, -The tiealtli of the President," which was respond;-1 to nv (.oner*! Belknup. The army was next toasted, m wtilrh Genera! Sherman replied. Kx-Scereiarj Doric responded to the third toast, "The Navy." Seoretary Cox responded to Uie toast "to tlie volunteor soldiers and sailors of tm- war/' Danir.-I Dougherty responded to the to**' "to Penn?vi vanla." "The day we cet-tbraie. the surrenderor General Loe," brought out tienmat Martlndale. General Joehua Owens responded to llie lon.v to "The city of Philadelphia." The seventh toast, to "ibc rank and file, always to be honored." produced an impromptu reply from General Woodford, ot New York, arousing the greatest enthusiasm. The eighth toast was drank in silence to "Our dead heroes," to which Governor Pglrchlld, of Wisconsin, responded, other miscellaneous toasts followed, and a'mut mid?lgh> company dispersed, vw y ** CROION POISONS. A Tola ef Tribulations?Professor (bnndler ?n Croton Water Poison*. The annual report of tne Doara of llealtn, now in press, contains several chapters by i'rofeasor chamJler, cuemlst of the Board. An interesting synopsis is given below:? POttTY. The water supplied to the cltlsens of Mew York, at the liberal rate or slxty-Uv* gallons to each person dally, 1* collected by the various branches of the Crotou rlror from an area of 838 square mile* in Westoheeter, rutnam and Dutchesa oouulie*. The character of this water shed is a auQlcient guarantee of the purity of the water. The surface of alltclous gravel rests on bard uaureiman Knell*, and I* open pasture or woodland, with few swain pi. No factories Hue the streams, which are liable to contaminate the waters with refuse chemicals, aud no towns or large villages eaist anywhere In tbo district to pollute toe waters with sewage. A recent survey of the water-shed has indicated Qfteen points at which dams can be erected for tbn oreatlon of large storage reservoirs, whose joint capacity would he 67,0(10,000,0110 gallons, or a supply, at the present rate of consumption, for 1,000 days. On* of these danu. 650 feet lnug, Is now In process of construction at Boyd's Corner, In Putnam county, twenty-three miles from the mouth of the aqueduct. When this dam Is completed It will flood an area of Soil acres, and the reservoir thus produced will contain ?,1560,206,607 gallons, or a supply for titty to tifty-flve days of drouth. LEAP IN THE WATER. On this subject Professor Chandler remarks:? The attention of the Metropolitan Board of Health having been oatled to the frequent cases of chronic lead poisoning which occur In tho city, the chemist to the Hoard, O. P. Chandler, was directed to Investigate both the Crotou water and the varloua hair tonlos, washes, Ac., with a view to discovering the probable cause. Accordingly eiaminattofls were made of t'roton water which had becu in contact with lead for different lengths of time, under usually occurring clroumstances, of which tbs following are ?IIW loauui 1. A gallon of Croton water from a lead-lined cistern, In which it had stood for several weoks, was found to contain 0.n6 grain of metallic lead, J. A gallon of water which had remained six liours In the lead pipes of the chemist's residence yielded ( grain metallic lead, a considerable portion of which was risible to the eye, In the form of minute white spangles of the hydreted uxycarbouute (FbO.HOi l*bO,OOJ). ft. U'uter drawn from one of the hydrants of the School of Mines Laboratory, in the middle of tne day, when the water was In constant motion, yielded traces of lead. This water roaches the srhool through about ltO to 160 feet of lead pipe. These results Indicate tbe source of many hitherto unaccountable casrs of lead poisoning, and are or a character to alarm tbe residents of Mew York, and to lead them to adopt precautionary measure* for protection agaiust this lusldtous cause of disease. Many hare already introduced as a substitute for lead pips the "tln-llned" or "Icad-cucased blook tiu" pipe. t.'erlainlr no pains should be spared to Impress upon servants the importance of allowing tbe water to run for a few minutes before taking It for drinking or cooking purposes, especially early In the morning, aft *r the water has stood all night in the pipes. The habit of filling the tea kettle from the holler, or or using water from the boiler lor any purpose except washing, is very dangerona. Experiment Mo. 9 explains a case which recently occurred in New York. An elderly, gentleman was completely prostrated with paralysis or palsy. Els physician at once suspected lead poison from his symptoms, and Instituted Inquiries which developed the fact that the patient had been using wheaten grits for dvsuemla. and that tha first dutvlnt the nmk In lbs morning bad bean to soalt them preparatory to boiling them. She ha>l therefore uted dally the water which had stood all night in the pipes. The occurrence, of a considerable portion of the lead-in experiment number two, In suspension, Instead of solution, is an additional argument for the use or the tllters, though It will of course be useless to employ them unless they ars frequently reversed, that they may hi; cleansed. BROOKLYN INrELLl&OCE. Anthony Calahan, while slightly intoxicated, fell into an areaway in Union street, at a late liour on Saturday night, fracturing his skull by the* fall. He resides ut No. 55? Columbia street. The injured utan was conveyed to the College Hospital. Officer O'Shaughnessy. of the Forty-third aubprccinct, arrested James Lynch, a tailor, forty-live years of ago, on complaint of til-rick Ryder, who charges Lynch with assaulting Mrs. Ryder. The parties, it appears, occupy apartments in the same tenement house, in Conover street, near Sullivan. On Saturday evening the tailor was engaged In examining a cage In wnloh was a canary bird belonging to the complainant. Incautiously the door of the v?fc<= niw iqi? upcu auu hmj uuu kui uuif nuu was soon "ou the wing" for parts unknown. Kxplanai lou was demanded by the loser of the leathered songster. A quarrel ensued between Mrs. Kyder and the tailor, when the latter, us allotted, struck her with an Iron bar, inflicting a severe wound upon the cheek, aud injuring her about the left arm and shoulder. The accused will be arraigned lor exaiuiuatiou beloie Judge be.mar to-day. About half-past three o'clock yesterday morning two young men, while laboring uuder the influence of bad spirits, were standing at the corner of Hicks and l.uqueer streets discoursing "minor topics" of little interest to a sober individual, wnentheir angry passions became aroused aDd a conflict ensued between them. The parties alluded to were Michael Dowd and James Urogan. In the heat of the scuffle the latter drew a knife and cut his antagonist with it in a most shocking manner about the face and heart. The murderous weapon entered tire mouth on Ihc right side, severing the upper from the lower Jaw entirely to the ear, aud catting the left ear almost entirely oil', surgical aid wits immediately summoned, and rue bleeding and disligurod maii was removed to the l,oug island College Hospital by oiiicers McKeon, Keuglinau aud o'Shnuphnessy. Officer bouohno arrested tirogun, who is a laborer, twenty-two years oi age. Ho will be examined beiore .Judge Helmut' Hits morning. The Breelau Building Association, composed or Herman mechanics, met yesterday aileruoun at the Uymnaslum, ac the comer or Llvlugsron and Smith streets, ror the purpose or discussing tuoir plans for me building or a city adjoining the property or A. T. .Stewart, at lleinpstcad Hiatus, I,. l? said city to be called Hreslau. Tito society H ootnpoBed or f>0u mcmours, each of whom holds an interest representing rrom fMu to $i,000. Yesterday they elected tUo following named gentlemen as ofBcers:?!'resldeui, Frederick l aclis; Vice-President, Mr. Stoiiz; .secretary, >Y. Vnigt; Treasurer, Richard 1?. Plate. The treasurer's report allowed tiie total receipts to be $5,loo and the expenditures f'jStf. A question was raised as to me security or validity of the bonds given by t tie trustees, when it Was decided that tiie President should look Into tac matter. Tiie Cortespondiusr sccrciurv announced that he had received a letter from ?lovernor Hoirman, who consented to lay tiie llist alone ot the proposed city, ft was resolved mat the ceremony should take place on the all oi May. Alter the appointment of a Committee ol Arrangements, the meeting adjourned. SiATt PfliSDN MATTERS. A Itail-ler l? EwnpliiK t'onvicl*?Ofltcinl J>e? capitation. At a quarterly uieeilngof the Board ol Inspectors ol .state Prisons, held at sing Mug Prison lust Friday, it was decided, among otoer improvements, to erect a stone wan twenty icci mgn around ine main j prison building and workshops. 'I nis is intended i as a measure oi increased security against the escape ; or convicts who may (as in the case or .lefflprson I liuight) cut loojc lrom their cells during the night time. It is proposed to commence the wort; name* diatelr. The inspectors also removed rbo remaining live renuO' officials who, fhrougii courtesy or i he Hoard, have hitlierto been allowo t to lviam their positions, thus leaving the govemineu'ai lorce of Hie (H i.-on ejtclusivciy democratic. i TK: FtSKWfi O'JtSHON?UETTefl FnflM SSCHEU3Y FISH. [from the Kusfport (Mc.)Hentinel, A|iril c.l. T he question ol tne right oi our fishermen to lls't I fur herring at the Magdalen Irhiiuu having beeu 1 raised, (J. H. r>vr-r wrote to lion. Hamilton Full, j secretary of state, in relation iu it and received the following reply DrriKTMrsi' ?r Si.vft,) WAHHl.Miifl.l, Mw.'il is!, is,I). ) i To On4si,ks If. Uvrn, ?iq., Jiattport, .V. inu: Kir. Your letter ut Die Uth inctwot, suiting if your clt.asna h?' ? tin- prirllego ol aen'inig tlieir vusr.iU i? the .Wag. siuleii Manila for herring, has lireu recelvsri. iii ii'ply, 1 havt? to atnte tout, pHncimit to l.,e Ural j mi' tii.r of ilse convention belnrreu die I'uheU Stales huU tiiooi Britain of to" liUili of Outotier, t8ls. the iuliabiiAiiU ot l.,ik mutiny are alloirri tti# privilege of tvl.mj tub of every I gind on the Miorce of tb* Island! reiVtred to. As that article it nii.1 Hi iiii/ inrce cami.ii nu i ipiue . n il nny unu?ti I aiilhuilt* VTi'l with tin-fi"? hik! full rirn he o Ills mirilegt* ?hlcn 11 i-unier*. 1 ?>d, ?lr, your icivsik, ji.VMit.To:, i i-it. 6?E*K IK THROWS CAUL. Information was giveu at Voliio Jleudttu.'irtcis in Newark, N. .1.. last evening. thai Hit* bauk of the Morris Canal, at a point near >u-?ex avenue. In mat : citv, ha?l broken away, t hereby obstructing imvluatu'ii. j-'in innauly tiutre wan ? large rower near t tie i point of nre.ak.ijre, whereby t he water escaped with* i mil occasioning any setious damage. IHEbRANlC NEWS ITEitli. 'I lie wlioloaale boot uutl shoo eniablisliiuout of i.yluau, Page A to.. Wabash avenue. Chicago, wui aatiingeU ii.v tire on Saturuny nlalit in the extent of : y 16,000. 'l ue wholesale grocery house oi I orsyili ,y : Co.. ^outh Water street. OUleago, also took lire, ami \v it J iltmntr.xl Ira 1 . I* f'VfPUl r.f ClU ll.t.'l. i Tli" Breaker or K. sihtbiaii A Co., a! Mahanu.r city, I I'a.. wus destroyed by tiro ?u KatiMdor niacit, K-'iiv Willi all the ma. nnu-i v. Tlie lus* i> estimated iti $inj,tiG0; insurcu tor liiMfln. u? new sixty horse power engines, just erected, wore destroyed, 'i'lie Are nun ttie work' ot ait iacendlaty. Tli" large steam tannery in Aljeutown, l a , owned i l?v Mf'sn. Mtir-er, Keck .4 Co', wae hurued to tlie vn?Mint yesterday morning. The tlie ih supposed to nave originated in tli?* engine room. Tlie ins* t? u?w e-nnnaicil til finni |IV>,0W to $.*00,000. IT tlie hnlce ami vats mi*.* spoiled ttie Ions will exceed Uiase ligcree. The Jos? is supposed to oe eoyereU by insurance. In the Johnson murder, near Syracuse, three arreals have been made, tine of tncm. a young man named Ceorge ('a ry, eontesses having killciLJotmst'ii, but. save It was done In a quairel. nreuutstances show Uint the murder was premeditated ami that robbery was me object. i lie other two persona under arrest were at Johnson's house on Thursday ! evening shortly before the murder, aud were there[ tore euipected or o >nipilctty. The murder was the J most brutal mat has pccurted in this vim oily ut I many yearn. OKK HKRALft, MONDAY, WASHINGTON. The Cuban Question in Spain?Minister Sickles and Ueueral Prim?Consular Affairs in Paris ? The Cherokee Land Sales. Wamhinoton. April 10, is7o. itliuUtor Htcklea anil General Driui?The Cuba QumIIok. The latest official advices from Minuter .sickles predicted a stormy time lu Spain. General Sickles, It la said, expressed the belief that events were rapidly progressing to a crisis and that some im. port ant movement eulier on the part ot Prim or his opponents must soon be made. Semi-official Information la to the effect that in the midst of all the troubles i'run and Sickle* found time to talk about Cuban affairs and the chauces of some agreement with the United States for the purchase of the "ever faithful isle." Prim Is said to huve bluntly told General Sickles tbat the permanent subjugation of Cuba by Spain was not considered probable, and that he hlniscif stood ready at any proper opportunity to come to an understanding with the United States, but tliut at the present time, while Spain was troubled at home by Internal dissensions, and while the Cubans continued to dety vi et armia the power of the mother country, the serious opening of negotiations for the purchase of the island must be regarded as impracticable. This is simply a repetition of the assurances and declarations made by tne Spanish autlioriuei to General sickles shortly alter his arrival in Madrid. Consular Affairs lu Paris. The Secretary of the Treasury has addressed a letter to Senator Sumner transmitting a communication from John lilgelow, formerly United States consul at Paris, concerning the report of General Sifll'lMncr r**lotivft in ihn lactam hw him perly (or tlie use of the consulate, and the transfer ttiereor to his successor. General Starring Is tlie ageut of the United States to examine consulate affairs, and Mr. Bigelow complains that In the former's report there is a most loul insinuation agaiuat hltuseU and Mr. Nicolay, who was one ol Mr. Mgelow's successors at the Parts consulate. The allegations and implications are that while at Parts Mr. Itigelow toot a loug lease of an ofllce for the cousulato la the name and for account of the govern men i; that in the course ot time the lease advanced in vatue; that the city of Paris, having occasion to appropriate the premises for public purposes, oorn-' pelted Mr. Nicolay to remove the consulate uud ptttd one or both of these $3,ooo damages for the six or eight unexpired years of Mr. Higolovr'a lease, which $3,000 one or both of them put into their poclcets instead of paying over to the governuteut, as General Starring sayB they should have done. Mr. Uigeiow sa.ya he did not suppose there was any pet sou in the United States consular service who would deliberately convict himself of such a gross ignorance oi the laws relating to the installation of consuls as Is betrayed by General Starring. The consul at Paris is, or at least was riming the period of his consulship, allowed $600 a year lor office rent. He (uok such an office as he pleased, where he pleased, within the business part of the city, and payed what he pleased for it, but exclusively upon his own responsibility. The government had uo more concern wltu the conditions of Ills loase than with Ills debts to his tailor or his butcher. If suitable accommodations could bo found tor $600 a year, very wen, If not. it was all ttie same to the government. The Consul had to pay the diifereuce out of his own pocket. Mr. Bigelow says:? When the triplicate system of Invoices was Introduced, in 1BG2-U3, the business of the cousmiite was so much increased that 1 louud myself unoer the necessity of providing for it more spacious quarters, t was fortunate enough to had very desirable apartments for the sum allowed by the government, but ( couid not nave u tor a shorter term than twelve years. Though I Knew t should not remain so long In Parts; though 1 could not know whether the location 1 hud chosen would suit mv successor, or whether I might not oo left liable for part or nil of the rent whou 1 was on the opposite side or the Atlantic, and be compelled to look up a tenant under great disadvantages, I took the lease with all Its risks, and transferred the consulate to No. 79 Kite Itlchelieu. When Mr. Nicolay arrived I suggested to liuu tuat he had better allow me to assign my leaue to hlni, as l did not care to be resuonsiole for the rent of the office alter coaslng 10 occupy it. He occupied tbo p:emises, however, until i hev were appropriated to the public use. The city of Paris awarded me $3.i,oo as indemnity for Hie interruption of my lease. I pcnoiau uwumcii ii""i/" i %v( nrnrnuj 5 IC* port is ajcensure upon die course pursued by Mr. Biaelow and Mr. Nicolay, which dors not appear 10 he warranted by the lam set forth itt Air. liigeiow'a loiter." 01 these lie presumes (ieneial starring was ignoraut. The C'bcrrtke* r.suid Nulc. The House Committee on iudian Aifuirs has made a report ot the arguments on the subject of the Cherotee neutral lrnda of Kansas, to accompany the bill reported, declaring all sales null and void, and providing lor the return or money paul to any oillcer of the Uutied states, lh pursuance of any assumed twos, it being asserted that the title Is in the United states to said tract or to any part of it. Jauies 1". Joy, lu hU argument, says:?"The bill assumes that the title to the lands is in die United Siatcs. assumes that tne anctcnt treaties with the Uheronet's are void; mat the recent treaties are void; assumes that the conveyances to rnc are void; cuts through all the securities which the railroad company has given to obtain the money; makes valueless every dollar issued us security upon the land. Aud we have dealt w itu the United states in good | laitti not only under these treaties, but uudcr tiie htw; have invited theni to build Hits road: have been seduced to build tnls toad: and imw this very government is asked to declare every transaction as utterly null and void, and the security we have given wholly worthless. Tills Is the way wo are treated if | this hill passes." W. ft. Laughlin, as the accredited tie egulc trorn the oigoiii/aiion originally known as I tao Cherokee Neutral J-aud League," afterwards I (hanged to the "Neutral Land lloiue Protection Corns." and also informally, hut actually, reprc. I senting as he docs a very large number of settlers | not members of thai organization, says, in reply:? i The pretended purchase or the Cherokee neu i trul land was not made uy any "railroad company," inn oy Jauu-s F. .loy; and in the supplemental treaty of June to, ls?>s. not tne slightest lntiniaiion can be toutid that the purchase was tnado oy or for the heneiit of a "railroad company." A law authorizing A to buy a piece of land uoes not authorize It 10 t buy it. a sale to ' James Joy" j? not a ame t'i it | "railroad company," and I insist that tlie contract j which is contained in the supplemental treaty is the l onlr evidence that would be admitted in a conn as i to who me purchaser wa?. and thut tm assumed i conveyance of the mud from Joy to a railroad comi pauy can hnnu toe ori|?iiiui salelohiut within the scope of that law. it the sale to Jov was valid lie might at any tunc between oat" of his purchase and thai oi Ids attempt to convey it to the railroad company (nearly or (jure a year) have made any other disposition of it he ?aw til ; and uo person or no company could have hm.imeu him. Hut tue se:tiers on the Cherokee neutral lands ts.ive a full guar! a nice tor their protection m the Urst section o! the ' act i'.sctb will h lixcs iu? rommence.iiieiit ol the I company s right i to have rhc lands a itlidrawn from ! sale uy tue Cmted states ami Irom homestead and : pre-emption settlement a: the time "Wlieit the Ittio iM.l.l:'! ! <10'1 I1* UUIIUMVi; . ,vl( j.M|, v,, j t ic x.tuip .ict prcscriots i!j?? conditions uu the tuifl II ruent ut which the Secretary of t lie interior shall ; withdraw certain lauds trout market. 'these condi' lion* have not bivn lutlilied u|> to the present time. ; Mr. ,tay'? disingenuous a> tempt to convey me tinI predion that lie wan to lose lie had paid on tor i laud wt i he shown in in true color* hy vcterence to I tlie bill itsotf, which provide* in term* for the re | fundio? oi ?*'I inoiiCT.i paid to auv officer of Hit I I uited States or any party, umier au? of trie a* ' aumea treaty arrangement*. Tb* lingu* Cntncas.y Corves jwntfrnre. Tim trull* aiKiut Uu- lingua Cataca/.y letter rcwd iiig Mr. Fish turns out 11 he tine:- some one wish iittt to geH'atacuzy into trnub e with our Secrefan of State twaed a scries of letters purport 1112 m havi tieen written hy ttcneiat lguauef, of Ittt-aht, and Mr ! t'.iiacj/.y. 'I'ne letter from Ignatiof wits written a : though lie liud heroine i'rtiiic Minister 0 I Kussla, vice T'rince (tortschaitolT resigned 1 and the answer to Ignatirf t>v tataca/ ; alluded to In* predecessor, tforiactiaicofT'. tins .1! , ouce showed the bogus character or the correspond i ence, winch was based 011 a rant that never had cs I latcuce. A telegram reached this country some tun 1 ago that GortscUakofT had resigned and tieen sue oeeded by General Igualtet, Uui U proved untrue The forger, how ever, waa not aware vt me rea. *nu anon, and ?<> cum united the blunder <>( writing letter fr >o* ift^idet t<f ^avav*'7 ** V^u^'v If*at^ APRIL 11, 1870.?T1UPLIS were Prime ^ln,awr- Th? ?"PPo?ed letter or rataeasy to Ignatisf w~ w fu" of aln,s* of Mr. Fish, ami a copy was supplied th? 8eoreUrr, who, on a Might investigation, came to ?J? OJ,R'iu?lou tUat tlie eutiro correspondence was bogus. Arctic EsplaralloM-VieiVH of I>r. hv/''1 '',e Arctic Voyager. s As previously stated tn my despatches Dr. Hayill appeared before the Couimittee on Foreign Relations on Thursday and gave ills views relative to Arctic exploration, the question being upon the propriety 01 appropriating $100,000 to aid Mr. Mall. The doctor, alter explaining to the committee bis discoveries and the general features or Arctic geography, advocated a full investigation or the scten- ' title problems Involved. He declared himself in i favor of a government expedition, but confessed iliat it writs not likely to be of any linmediute practical use, except to science. Tue expedition, be said, oelng of necessity a nautical one,must be commanded and oillcered by nuuticul men, and tbat since Its operations would be wtiolly beyond tlie regions occupied by Esquimaux experience with tliosc people was not required. As for food, tills mast be wholly prepared at home or at winter quarters, since the region to be traversed wal, so to speak, a desert, iuto which Esquimaux would not go. Biuce an ox{ edition could not possibly be tilled out thts season lie saw no occasion for Immediate legislation, except that It wouid give a whole year tor preparation, an auvauuge not to be lost sight of; but ne favored the reference of the whole matter to the National Academy ot Sciences, which begins Its annual meeting in Washington on Tuesday. As for an expedition In his own behalf, he disclaimed any intention 01 making u personal application at the present lime, owiug 10 the tluanclal state of the country; yet at some luiure day he proposed to lay his plans before Congress, and he hoped to see well equipped scientific expeditions tltted out, not only for exploration ar the North but at the youth Pole as well. If an expedition Is to be fitted out by government it should be oqnipped In the best manner, so as to* Insure success and redouhd to the national credit. Dr. Kane and hiuiseK had done (he pioneering. Wc want no more meagrely prepared expeditions. . SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac I'or Notv Vorli?Tilia Slav. Sunrises ft 28 1 Moon sets....morn 3 OG Suu sets (J 3ft I Higli water..morn 4 11 OCEAN STEAMERS. ftATK OK DEKARTURB-t KRUR SEW YORK KOll TIIB MONTH OK Al'ltl l? Str'im'r, | Nn * | D'ltiiur'lon. j Offin*. Idaho April IB... Liverpool 29 Broadway. A ivl'?titi* April IB... Loudon 85 Broadway. Vllle de Parla... April 18... Havre 58 Broadway. Eiropa April 18... Matgow 7 Bowline Omen Oily of London. April 18... Liverpool 18 Broadway. Main April 18... Hreuien 08 ltroad at. Oityof Baltimore April 19. .. Liverpool 15 Broadway. Nevada April 20... Liverpool '29 Broadway. Now York April 21... Breinan 88 Broad at. India i April Jit... OUsgow 7 Bownng (Jrenu tlityol Waali'ion April 23... Liverpool 15 Broadwav. PoiiT of hew loan, april io, tsro, ARRIVALS. Rfl'OKTBO ur TUB UKittl.O -H'KVM YAOIIPJ. Hteamaliip Nevada (Br;, Green. Liverpool Marnli 30 via Queetiatown Slat, w th mdie and 1140 paasenitera, to Wllilaiua A ituioa. April 7, at 3:15 I'M, lat 4J 08, Ion 84, passed a lour mailed London steamship. bound eait; Bin. 9:S0 AM, lat 41 85, Ion 80 56, a bark-rlBgad Cnnard atearaahip, do; aura* day, 1J-.30 I'M, lat 41 28, Ion 81 54, steamship Minnesota, do; inlu 1:3tt I'M, lat 41 08. Ion 85 07, exchangednight signal* with a t'inard eteainahlp, do. Steamship City of HnUlmore (Hr), Delamotta, Liverpool and Ijiieent'.owus, via Bolton, with ind*?, to John O. Dalr. Steamship l)a Soto, Morton, New llneon* March 31 via Havana April 8, at 5:10 KM, with mdte and paaaengera, to Livingston, Koi A t'o. Steamship United S'atet, Hlanrhard, New Orleans, April 4 and the bar AM of 5th, with nidau utid paaaengera, to Kra ieric Baker. April 8, lut 84 20, Ion 75 40, spoke achr Uamnia (oi Ma?'hiaa, Mo), from (lalveiion for New York, Steamship Herman Livingston, flieesman, Savannah, 81 hnura, with tudae aud paaaengera. to Livingston. Kox A Co. Hteamaliip Tenneiaee, Chichester, Charleston April 7, with mdae and passengers, to H 11 Morgan ,k t'o. 8th, at 13 AM, lat 87 18, Panned brig Krontler (ot Portland), from Havana tor New York. Steamship tVni K Clyde, Morgan, Wilmington, NO, 67 hours, with mine and passengers, to J Lorillard. 9th, oil Kenwlck's Talan I, spoke achr Mary Muiikiu, from Naitau for New Vork. Hteaneah'ik hlsvar*. RlaLenian. Rinhmnn/i #lil? ..i Norfolk. wftb nuisa and passengers, to tliu Ola Dominion Co. Steamship John Gibson, Wiutere, Georgetown, DO, wltn inrtse. to Phillips A Brown. Steamship toliinleer, duties, Philadelphia, with mdse, to .1 liovillarit. Hark Karensbou.-na fHr), Cooper, Hlogo, December 5, IBK.s, mdse to order. Maper, teed a steady NK monsoon to Tava Island; entered baulta Straits December 23; passed clear out of Stitida Strait* January 3, 187U; live day* lu these straits, with light wind* attended wltb frequent severe si|iialls from S1V and heavy rains; light southerly winds fiom thence to lal 11 9 8, Ion lift 63 K, where got the HK trade wind on .Ian 8; paused the meridian of Cape of GootI Hope Keh 7; strong gale from 8iW: light SSH; breeze fiom I at .14 till S tola'. 29 20 S, where was breamed two days; got Sit trade wind lit tat 22; very light throughout; crossed the liquatnr Msreh 4, 111 Ion 28 13 W: lost the M-l trades In 1st 1 !H N ; got the N K trades In Isl 6N; fresh breezes to tat 18 80 N, where we lost them; light northerly and variable wlnda thenoe to the Island of Bermuda, which was passed on the 27th ult; thence to block Island strong winds from SKA' to NNW; Hindi Island to here light airs from WSW and cslnis. Spoke the British bark Rilbsinan, triun Yokohama for liostou. lat 2 Ml S long, 22 19 \V, March 2; American ship Thomas Dunham, from Liverpool for New \ or*. March to, lu lal 27 31 N lone HO ltd W. Hark Soil Doo Uloi la (NO). U'lenauilt, N'ewcast'e Feb IS with coal, to Punch, Kdye le Co. Kara Rebecca, C'uruuud, Llescjang, Matanzas. II days, with sugar to Waydell A Co. Sal ed in company wltb the hu'K Aiiiiir iroop^i.r . nas novo o nays norm or Jlatleras, wiili light hallltiig winds. Bark. Clara (NU), Probst, Hajim, 13 days, with sugar, to Rubins A Co; vessel to V gcliwoon. Was 8 day* north of llallcraa. with light N an 1 MV winds. Bark Atlantic (of New Haven), Dlckersnn, Barbados, 17 day*, with sugar, to H Trowondge.'s Sons. Ha* lieeu h day* N or Hat'.eras, with light wenter.y win I*. Brig <1 U Lincoln, Merrluian, Havana, 11 (lay*, with sugar to SI aster. Urlg Lavinla Br), Douglass, Matanxas, 10 day*, with sugar to Kranlc 4 Usher, vessel to H J He Wolt 4 Co. April 1, lat !6 o, Ion 71) 20, apotio liarlt Caledonia, We-t, froui (Jalvestoii for Liverpool. IIan been 7 pays north of Uatteras, wttn light wind* and calms. ociir Henry Le i'.lance (Br), Harris. St Martins, 18 days, with sugar and salt, to Hoyd A lliticken. Had heavy KW wind* On' the last Id days; lias been S) days north of Uatteras. Sehr Annie Arm*den (of ProrfncetowiV, Rnngs, Cardenas, 11 davs, with molasae* to order, vessel to K Crowed A Co. Had strong westerly winds up to Ilatterae; lias been 6 days north of that point with tight moderate weather. Suhr E I) Shaw, Shaw, Jacksonville, 12 days, with lumber, to muster. Scbr Mary Mankin, Tyler, Nassau River, Kla. II days, with lumber, to master ; lias been 8 days north ol' Hatleraa, with light winds and ealuis. Sehr Ilattlo, Carter, Satilla rlre.", tla.J days, with 'umber, to L> C P.lpley. Sehr Only Son, Buteh. Body Island. 3 days, with part of the cargo of lUo steamship Eagle to the Coast Wreoklng Company. Sehr Hiis'le Wilson. Ward, Plymouth. Nc, 8 days, with lumber, to master - la hound to New Haven. Sehr i'ltautourit, Handreu. Norfolk gor Proytdence. Sehr Ann Tumor, .lones, Norfolk for Providence. Sehr laaae Hinckley, Randolph, Virginia. Sehr Susan Jane, Collins, Virginia. Sehr Chingornra, Uyder, Virginia. Sebr Thos Wluana, Morgan. Virginia. ,-elu'.lotin Tw?y, Intnan, Virginia evhr Qertriide Mcwes, Smith, Virginia. St iir William Henry, Van Name, Virginia. N, hrS i> Helen. Howell, Virginia. Sehr Sarah I'm vis, Jones, Virginia. Bel I It I- Sawrer, Soper, Virginia S, i-r Kirsrtloni Warden, Virginia. S.'i r I) B Stpelmau, HeulI, Viiginia Sehr l.evlua, Delay, Virginia lor liardner. Me. S, hr Ahiulalnr, Thompson, Virginia for liardner, Me. S nr I' W Alton, j?n??, Vii"i,ila for Boston. Srt.r lluvld Currlo. Pau l, V ugitila for Kalrhaven. Sehr A (j Ireland, Town'anl. BaUiinorH. rv.n >1 M Freeman. llowe, Baltimore for Providence. Schr Ij II Hall, Hathaway, Wilmington. Del. K in' Mary Jan j, Ktronif, l>elaware. hi in-K I, Aiianii, ffobbina, Philadelphia for Koeton. h. iii Florida, Mysoair, Woodbrldke lor Hoalon. I'mki'iI Till-.hihIi Hull time* HOUND Aourti. Bteainahlp Aomnnet. Rector, Sew BeJfor.l for New York, Willi mdaaand oaaionucre. to Fermi ton a W n't. Ada Heiberl, dale, tJiouoeatar, t dajra, for New Vork, with Dab, to ft Crowed a Son. Nclir Win K .Mangam, '"haee, New Bedford for New York, n th oil, to llaallnga A t'o. hthr Hot Cony, ?. Pi ovldenee for New York, hi'!".' K I. Stmtti, ?. W ickford for Lb/.abciimort. h. rir Joeeph Hail, M iller, Connecticut KHei for Sew York, h 'ir II ft Colllne, ID !?. New llaren for New York. Kvi '.yn, Bi:r^''f. h'.am oril for Sew York. S.'hr F Wei win, , < ooi ftpiing for ?IUabetbpoi t. rh'hr Sarah Falconer, Wlaou. Boiilbport for New York, hi iir t oriielitie, J'ratt, Deep Hirer for New Vork KOi ND K\8T. Krlir Florida, Metca.'f, WooJbrltee for <'?mbrh(|je|i.itt, Sr'.r ifc'1 Ma.', Ward. Port Johinou for Providence. tii Iir H Wanton. t'rowcll, Port Jolrnaoii lor Boa.on. i S.'i i Sylrtaler lle.e. ttoleman, Port Inhuion for l anntoii. S>'br iloietta Kibn, Mi kioif. Poil .lohtiaon for WidU.ei towu. s-hril'r Win K I'owert, Cr.nby. Port .lohnaun for New Haven. H hr A1*?ka, t'lei k. tt'i/abfttiport for Boston, ji. br N yi.aon, t'oain. lillzabetbport tor Fall Hire '. Schr M I.'.lit. K' vnVin. l'.lt/?hathpoii tor Nawpo t. ! S -lir Samuel 1' Go.lwiu, WaWrbory, Ell/abaihport for . ' Stamford. t tulluo, WonVn, r.'ualieihport for Falrhttsu. T r-chr.f Marsh, Hniilh. lor J'rort icnro. ? S?'hr.I T Owen, , Hobokoo for I'rovtdonce. h<'hr K K l'otler, Ellsworth, N'atr for* for Bridgeport. . 1 Hcbr II Y Ely, Niokaa, New York lor Brlds^por". | Wfihr Esquimau*, Brings. New York for lMghtnn. i Schr Harsh Maria,, Navr York for Oyster H*v. f sckr Whlto Hock. Hnuuell, Ntw York Oktr rtootbpo t. , .S<-hr Senator. Kllilinghura. New York for Haiuo it. [ tb-Jir Mall, Holmes, New York for ilraenwieli. , Hehr V Karklaw, Holmes, New York for t>r*enw:-h. Sehr Hart, Mo Sam*. New York lor Uretuwictt. Wind ai sunset .-E, t'lesli. aklmnilil \al,<?. p . TS? itr*nii'/t|> Dc Sot'i, Oplsln Mutt in, <if Mrtva Lit ! tnfklon, Pot Jt Co'i Ol.l Ma* tn H*T?tm. art i?ett ?t tUU por y??tfr<lv. making tU? run frutn ttitti'.t in tltn rtmttktW; ' quick Hu\? of !t U*y? ami H ho trt. 'fat pMl weak protrnJ to Itft l?r aming Ut Jrf ilotl 4 4<Pupln liitu intatr prrniodni.' it. i 'IfcMOkwjti JuUd.i4t' Wliw?iugt,.>?, ><*, wttrM** S11J&T, ??))! >a ' br the balance iKt foot at fin* (treat oe Meo-iar Uat far eiaminatiun Hoe wee towered the sflit tl?T Tlie propeller Ttelle, IMU U?n?. of the Uo?t?W frr line, w?? raited by the mammoth balaoea dry doofc near tie loot of Hike at reel on tfednedtUy laet, for lue pnpoee of baflu; her wheri UiaJ. Tlie itcauMlnii Montgomery, 87<i tone, of (U# Black Star line, belonging 'o K'nnel SltirgK, was ra iril on Hrlday :aet on 'be , ?*ni?Uork, forue pnrpoee o? intjiullog a new propeller. She It alili up, The rtiip i.arlbaidl. HZl tone, hntx lu Myatlii, Ct, In IWO. sod owned t>7 Calf in Atlame. waa taken on the euMtier batIt UUP drw ?ln?ir Afiti.e.ino .. ft. ? The ship X H Palmer, 1124 torn, owned by M?un A A Imw A Bro, *d? mined by the name dock an Friday mat, for 1 nee led repair* to her sheathing. Hha la Mill up. Tli* brig Henry Trowbridge, 172 ton*, ait raised by tb? r aoctloual (look foot of Clinton street on Tuesday last, and A lowered Hie nest day, merely having a few repair# executed. | The bark Uarld Chapln, MO tons, built in Portsmouth, NH, II In 18o'W, was raised by the same dock on Wednesday last, to * receive a suit of yellow metal sheathing and oilier repairs. K The schooner Porlo Plata, 105 toot, of at Thomas, WI, waa J' raised by tbe small sectional dry dnelc between Pike and Rutgers slips on Thursday, and received needed repairs. In The brig Water Idly, 104 tons, built m Port JeU'erson, was raised by the same dock yesterday for repairs to her bottom. ti The pilot boat James W Rlwell, and sehoouer J Ponder, Jr. ni were raised by tho sorew docks at thn foot of Market and Pike slips during tbe week. Tbe tormer received general repairing, and the latter was patched >u her bottom, wnioh the ?| jagged rooks of Hell Ual* bad badly used up. O [ The ateamer Heury .Smith, aehooner Benjamla, .143 tons, in and elevator Transporter were raised |iy Merer* Kogarty It l( Co's sectional dock at Red Hook during the psst week, for V general ropalriug and painting. The barges Ware, 2&S tuna, and Philip Pa!*r, 200 ions, oc- it cupled Dean's railway, Red Hook, during tho week. They were recalked and thoroughly repaired. The aehooner Annie 0 Sterena, 214 tons, was on tne aame u. railway, hnrtng her bottom painted, In addtlton to other ll' | work, as wore the schooner Argue Eye, 314 tons, calked and q bottom painted, and the steamboat City of Norwich, whtcb d received a new shoe and bad ber bottom painted. L I Since last renorta nf aimtlar arrival, IUa ataantViaala O Cft I ? Pierce and other* here towed from place* up the Ilodiou to Jj pier* on lb* Ea*t river, barge* Saruuel A Nolen, J Duryoe, .1 s Casey, S Hawley, A S I'erry, Milton, P S Cramer, Lewi* Ko- I' berta, J It Snyder and Washington ; alio the oanal boat* O n Buacomb, Lone Star, Mau-of-War, it W Adams, C W Blake, ll K U l'atcbco, Helen, A L Sweet, C Warren, New Hampshire arid Mohawk. All were laden with lumber. C There has been little more decency observable about Coenties slip during the past few days than has been expert- * enced for month*. Some bright morning th# roughs that II congregate about that pier will And, to their utter a*- ' louishment, but not amusement, that pedestrian* have some ? rights thev ar* bound to respect. Do any of our delectable polico olllcer* ever paas that way? ^ The number of passengers, cabin and steerage, that ar- n rived at this port for the six days euding Saturday from ( foralgn ports foots up quite a respectable Ugure, The ves < sets that brought them and the ports lltay hailed from ore as ! follows:? ' KrsseV. Wh?r* from. JfuotOrr. \ Steamships- i Idaho Liverpool 'i6"> , City of Antwerp Liverpool 88* , Vine de Parti .Havre. IJu , Catubfta Liverpool f,Ob Ailoin'mtnla Hamburg 88!! . The Queen,... Liverpool 178 Kali Kee ...Bermuda "3 Kuropa Clasgow fc'J7 , Main Bremen 708 Missouri llavauu *> Ploueer Havana 4 Atalnnta ....London Mil i lleury Chauncey Aapinwall .VKl t Caledonia Ueitoa, Ac 43 Ships? American l/nlon London.. 43 H Chi istcl Kieineu K"> C. 11. Marshall Liverpool 318 )d Harks - ? Montezuma Martinique I p Sacramento Lotndo, WCA 4 ? Lamplighter ? adit 8 % Victoria ...Bremen 5M Brigs? 1 KIi*a Thompson I'urto R'.co - i Burl hagua 1 Schooners? i Adello Trinidad .1 King Dove Alligator t'oml, Ja H ( Total 6,8V?4 'j Marlua Diaaatan. t Bark JCii.ton?'The folloirlng la the report of the loss of '' the bark Mihon, Capt Clark, abandoned at aea on the iMlh I1 ult: Sailed from Kagua March 21 for tjueenatowu. Nothing [' of not* occurred until midnight of 24th. having Just i cleared Strait* of Florida, when a gale aprung up from uorlhward and eastward, increaaiug with a heavy and con- j fused sea; abortened aall and atood on atarboard tack ; on i morning of 26th found the veaael leaking badly, requiting all ' hand* at both pump*; aoon the leak gained on pump*, and ( by aoundlng found that water had reached ground tier of | augur, veiael commenced Hating atrongly to windward, t canted by angar washing out, and, although blowing with j grout violence, waa forced to carry a preaa ol canvaa to keep { the veasel upright; blew away Jib, forelopmaat atayauil and t foreaail, waahed away bulwark* and everything movable , about Ueeka, stove boata and twiated oil rudder bead; on , the ?>th gale abated, baullng more southerly, but no abatement in leak; veaael Hated to starboard to that dead lights of t cabin were flush with the water, and onlv one pump could be used on tliii account; crew completely exhausted; It waa | concluded that the reasel wai now pail redemptionaud that she must soon capsize and sink, and that she must he abandoned; saw a schooner steering NK; set signal of distress; * veisel proved to be the Mary E Van t'leat, of Camdeu, Cspt donee, who sent lite boat, with ( mato and two men, taking away from the bark seven men, i and leaving the master, two mates and three men on board tor second trip; time about 7 PM and very dark. After two ? hoora' duration confused eries were heard between th i res- <] els, apparently a* If In distress; iio boat retumfug to th* t l.urU.11 P M it Mr* I It..I !-? I... been unset. Tbe remains of a 14 foot boat woro shove,I over the side ami pulled for tbe schooner, reaching her sMrs, all 1 hands leaping luto her main chains, as the boat filled and ? was airept astern, swamped. 'J'o Captain Jotius tbe master, nlicers and crew of lbs Milton owe un everlasting debt for rescuing them, IIS souls, from a watery grave, and for his uoblebeartedneas in doing all possible to make them comfort- p able, all being perfectly destitute, saving nothing but vrbat t they stood in. (Tbe Milton was an A1 *4 bark, 668 tons register, bolll In New York by Win II Weld) In 1858, aud owned by | Topper A Beallia and others, of New York. I j Brio Mahv obaiit (Br), from Havana for Portland, was spoken on the 2d Inst, in lat 3W, Ion 73, by tbe brig Walthain, | at Holmes' Hole, aud was sgaiu seen on the 7th, with loss of ' uatubooin. ' Brio PotNBITT (of Boston), Auderson, from Boston, , bound to Malun/as, wss lost on the a uist near Crui del Padre. I Brio Piitmp I,ap.r*Hrr (of Providence), Crowe'l, wss Insi tin miles oast of Sagua la Grands, i'iew carried to KagU I by llr brig Criuo. MUrelUnraiis, We are Indebted to Purser Walter Pym, of the steamship j Herman Livingston, from Savannah, for his attentions. Our thanks are due pursor O I* Jackson, of steamship Tennessee, from Charleston, for favors. Whalemen. I Arrived New Bedford April 7. hark John lfawron, ] Wicks. Atlantic Ocean, St Helena Feb 11, with 970 bbls so | oil. Kent home on ihe voyage 7tl bbls sp oil. Spoke, Feb 2(i, lot 12 S, Ion 12 W, brig Mercy Taylor, roster, Holmes' Hole, I 3110 sp, 3)0 wli. Spoken -No date, on wbale ground, harks Benj Oummlngs, Hal sty, Nil. lllo sp; ( hauiploti, IVorib. l-tdgartown, 40 sp do < wh. lull H, In the Stralti of Snnda, liark Adeline Ciibba. Bab- J cock, from Singapore, of and for New Bedford. MpoMu, Ship Alaaka,"Small, from San Krancleco for Liverpool, Jhii '27, bit 21. Ion SiA'. , Ship Crest of the Wove, from Liverpool fur Baltimore, April 7,1 at 89 2d, Ion TO 3',. I Bark Fortune iBrl, Koud, from New Orlaana for Liverpool, March 25, no lat, Ac. I Hark Annie (reported Am?r>, from London for Brisbane, i Jan 'JO, lat 411 S, Ion 125 K. Bark Argonaut (NO . SteengrafCg from Philadelphia for Bremen, March 19, no lat, Ion 7o. 1 Brig Marv (Irace iBrg from Havana for Tortland, April 9, lat 84, lo;i '.8 tend wax aeen on ilia Tib, with lo,? of main boom1. Foreign I'orfk, Aiiwkup, March J??Arrived, Hertha, Arantten, Philadelphia, Sailed 27th, Alexander, Ahnfeld, NYork. AT.OKbluaa, Feb 28 Arrived, Carl, Haa?, Tarragona for N York. ktlriiicuitavkn', Marcli 24 Arrived, I'bland, lloljlex, New Orleans; Ohio la). HaXse, Baltimore. , BkOOWFRBBAVKN, March 25?Sailed, Arnold Booingor, Htaenken, NYork. Kokhf.aux, March 36- Sailed, Comtene Duchatel, llupoiit, KewOrleam. ' In the road* 2Sth. Dannehrog, Hanse, NYork. ! Cott'KH, March 28 Sailed, Norderia Uronijiug, Hcltleeen, ! Ban Franclaco. _ _ f . .. .. ! (JARDK.NAH, April i -Arriit i, urn I. ei .Hurlin, r.aioil, i | Poitland; 8<l. achr Vulture. Wi llAmi, Saraunah. Sailed March 81. brig oeoige llarrlv. French, Matters*: I . ?< hr Kovai Arch, Arcklna, Sagua; April I, brig* KmilvCon,er([(Hr), Hatleras; A M kniunl, K night, N 1 ork ; MI.B I 1 (Bo, Hatteras; Londoner Br;, Noberti, .Work; achr Abbia , 'i hatter, I'arker, Matters*. 2d, bark Krne, A?liya:iiaau, ! | Vn?cn?town , brlgn Redwood, (Je-dimr, Boitun ; J Blckoioic. | ; lleuley, I'biiailalpliia; scitia L Perklni, Perklnv, Matters*. | Onwaril, Honoker, do. CiCMPUKtiOH, March 8"! Arrived, brig* Liberty, N Vork . I | Antilles, Boston. i Sailed April 1, brlgf Amelia, NVork; Velocity (Bri. Barrel, j Philadelphia. ORAL, March 28 Sailed. Anzelluiie, Bnrine, Bo*!on. I linaiilarsa, March 28 -Off, Yarmouth, Kavmoiuj, New Or lean* ; Mandilla, Haker, do nrm.iN, March iW?Arrived, Phateaubriand, Rollier, San 1 I'mucUco; Nabemlah <?ll>*on, Smaller, do tiniRAi.'iAR, March It)-Arrived, ciirl Vane, Jan*. Leghorn | | land cleared for Bolton); 3'Ub (laledonla t*>, Ovei.stjne, , Palermo (and cleared Uiat for N Vork Ilki.vuRT, March k'6 -Arrived, i'?tliarliie, krendt, H ou- j we,shaven and NVork . Pallkdlmn, Frank and. do. do. Havana. April 4?Arrlved, atanmiblp Libertv. Reed, New I Orl?*ni; barka Sarah Ollmore, Clifford. NVork; Revetone, ; Bati v, St. John. ,1 B; #th. barka Annie MoOray, Cardiff; I Oaillih, Ol'.kav, Newport; brlga Ottawa (Br , MaCdonatd, New i i Orleans: Fidelia'Bri, Yoim?. Boston. I Sailed let, ecliri Plllzabelh, Taylor, Mohila; 3d, Ma tha I ; Ma ia. Mean, Saves; t <1 Buahnc'. Muyo, Falmouth via I talbarlan; 5th, AT Randolph (Br). >: erne, tlapa Hatteiae <!.n rarOOI., March if?Arrived, Bntia.) tpieen, Savannah ; I*tli, t'olonlat, Benion, do; iinbljn, Nottingham, N s io k , j Fe b, Radlinlrl, do; 7.1ml, Woodworth, Mode; .loharuie'. k ockgeter, Pew Orieau*. 8?ih, Peggy, Muclla. , Ualyeitou , Biliamiia, Kerr, New (?rl?a??. 'leered 28ih, Atlantic, YacRbiOD, Philadelphia: Sur.oiua. I llawe*. San kVanrnco. Kut nut 2Kth, Yumurl. Cochran, Hoitou; Colorad > i? . Williams, NVork. | oil the skurrlea Still, Ltmorlok. Laii, Mira'uinau, from I. i I eri >i ror r>urio*n?. l.nMiDM, March CJ Km out. Cyc'ono, Korbm, HiHmi Fin? ikI .N York. I l.oMio.tPicnSY, ApnllO?Arrirod, tloamih.p An^i* t Hr , . Craig, N York lor <J ??aow. i.11>t'.<>n, March3k- Airived, Marlauuo lro, Hautci. Pliiiv ' dHnhla. M w^lttLtRR. March 28 Hallrd, Alblcore, IVmro, NYo't M ataxZAft, April 3 ArrWod, Vairki 0 jmniudoit tMp .m, Niokli?,Niw York; Jai WolihlBri, Ball*. do: K IV Urlf. I ! l.thi (Br), Druniinond, do; ichr Cor* Ktta, Ti>rperA for'., laud , 80. bark Kularpriia (Bra McinloiU. Haltimor',, ' Hailed lit, barki Jaa KltchVak. ??w Yoi k , 8 W <|ol brook Polity*. do; brim Wm t^rWiotigb (Br), Hallo/ai; Bonii., k (Hri, hlxilt, Raltlmoro; ichri Kuima L Port** H??rk, 11 t*r*i, Prod Ytoh, l>*u?, Now York; (Mm I>*lt, IV;**, I'bl.aJoipUik; Willi*, fttaploa, Halllutoia* V II Ke/uoili <1 0'O^t HaWtfju (Br>. Wj.uio, ro?)l?ua, *1, V T ^ - M En?; iJMM, Hai> *rk Acuta. tfotfM, , ihlpE|#0^ foatLANU, Marnh ?t -Off Ht _ . . 1'iMinsa. tr.nii N?w Vork lor Vromsn usury cooks. 1'i.yjioi /ii, March M Oil'(bo KM/otaM, ,i,im i'ltke.Taud, .Now Oilsaiis for Hreuisn. uT?" Hut JaNciivt, Kobi? katlrti, Johanna. Hoietf. k- Uot' Km*a:,a, IT?SalloU, bark Restlau, BuuttW, on. ,"1 .lac;!), Msr< i. i>i Aril.rJ, sctar LyJik H Cols' (H*>? lorn. NVt. T*sii. Maivh M-Nalirl, B T Loos II, Lsorlu, PWladsl1 ibis. Tbi-ii?ai? (Port KpalnV March ?-<rrl?Sil, brl? Mary, Inghao.St Mary*i nnr, a?Vr Lucy, Wl llumi, |K?roao#lQa; K "I'''! - I ^' ia Huidu K Struul, I! immttuJ. at 1 ii'tmai . oltta - " ... IIIUU, Hull uiau, Tort* Klcu. Amtrlou Porta. rtOMTO*. April 7-Armed, bark Elizabeth (B/. Campbell, 'once. Mailed Ships WAPatnphell and Susan Ulncke, bark* A*- , hndvl end Sicilian; brig Arthur Iiggleso; end from the uede, eblp Star or Hop# , barke Wuop, I. t Miocker end K A tennedy; brig* It M linker, lease r?: ,cr end Mary Stewart. Htb- Arrived, brIk Surprise (Br I, Me;, t'urecoa; sehiwKed* ngion, Gregory, WiUnlugion, NC ; erhr Theodore Dean. Philips; Idaho, David, and .1 W Barllelt, Harden, baltimflte; Seaman, Me-uinm; A D Huddvll, Long; Manilla M Wearer, fnever; M V Cook, Yalklniibiirg; O K -fmllb, Harrison; eiKluekeai;, Wyalt, and K M Coi. Case, Philadelphia ; C ' mee, Smith; II M Read. Cobb, and t'ol l.ddy, Day.KlluheUP :>rt ;<"arria H SyolTord,'lhoinp?on , VIckelmrg.Mlgulna ; Own HlDda, t'lendenla.and Seorglaua, Plvraon, Hobokeu; Perils jn. Reed, Jersey City ; Snow Muualt, ttobluaon, Mew York. Cleared Bark Anna WaUb, Cootuta, Mew Orleans; briga nuaiantln (Mr), Doane, Western lelauda; Premier, Mi bomaa; acbia A Deuike, tJonee, tlalveetoii. II .1 Key- 5 ond, Ellsworth, Washington, DC; J Martin, Enter, PblUsVl'led?RhlpJ W A Lorenren; brig A MoNalrn. Pill, A M?Arrived, bark Nellie rvnwlok, Halleit, Htkyra Le lo , brtge Ann Elizabeth. Havllm, Kntrra Leone; t'LUIaow*! h (Hr), Tucker, Meaalna; Capnera, iilaurhard, Magna (not I leoluegoa); ecbra M S Lewie. Lcwla, Baltimore; R Venue- I an. Hiowue; Mary Rllev, KH?r, mid A M Aldrldge, Welter. I hlladalphla; J Williamson, Jr, Corson, do; Ospray, 0?ow- ] iy, do; i'iiurul). Klfltchsr. ttlitAbithDort! Flight. t,r?4r?ii* jrprua, Wail; Convoy, French; tleorge, ferry, and 0 Cobb, fiineoy, Hnboken ; Huuw Siinil!, Robluaon, NYork; Ifeorita, Donovan, Portland via N York; K Nlcxeraon, Kick*!' in, fort Jobnaon. Cleared.-Steamship* Athsmbra, Wright. Savannah; wtt- ' mi Lawrence, Hnlluit, Baltimore vtit Norfolk; bark Altulra oouiba, Wilton, Hagua: brig A II Curtis, Merrlman, C ardent; achre Ce If et In A lion.trick, (IreeruUtw, St Domingo; Lot- } 9, Taylor, Baltimore. 10th Arrived aleatualilp Marathon, Liverpool; bark Axl% otlanburg; brlga t II DIlHngbam, Palermo; Slmoila, Lon-' on; Orlou, fort ao frlnne; Sullivan. Matanzaa; Ueorge men, Savannah , arbva M'-Ula, funce ; Emetine, do; Mary oulaa, Hi Marie; Jean While, Jac.niel; Ralph builder, Sevan ati; Annie Leland, Clemuegoa; Windward, Maunaaa. Also, lilpa Mary (loodell, Shields; Sagamore, New York ; barks ? loonier, IJottenbiirg: Troeat >ra, Mmine; brtge Lewie I, .fillers, do; I'nlcorn. Surinam; Euiellun. Arroya; Cltlxen. 'orto Rico; t'eylou, I'urdeuaa; Scotland, Hague; fori, Kaltttore. < CHARLESTON, April 10?Arrived, sloamahip South Caro- j na, KYork. Hailed-Steamahlii Manhattan, NYork. KERN Ah DIN A, April {-?Arrived,aohr D Talbot, Anubury, -> Ibarleeton, FORTRESS MONROE, April 9?I'aaae.l in for Baltimore, hip Aatronom, Brcmcrbaven; lirlgit I) ?: C'liapiuan, MaUnai; John llrirlitman, from Mammilla; achra Mary K lank*. Margie Marttun, J Taylor, and Win C Chapman, rom w eat Tint lea. Also paaaod In, bark Herntamta, from Liverpool for Alexndrla; HOLMES HOLE, April 7, AM-Arrlved, brig If Meana, 'racey, Kilgartowu for NYork; achra Frigate Bird Hri, loan, fonce, fit. for St John, NB tand aailed.); J K flnanona, Coon, < 'otult fort for fhiladelphla. Panel by, bark John II Pcaraun. Taylor, Ragna for Botnn; brlge Kmelina (Br), Kaundera, Arroyo, I'R, for Boaton; latrera, Hlancbard, Hazna fordo; laola, Col Una, Sagua for lo; Ella ( Br i, Martin. Matanrae for do; A MB (Br), Hatouutain, Cienruegoa for do; Edwin II, Kennedy, Savannah; - lira Anna Leland, Bennett. Ctcufuagoa for Boston ; Mary Yhite (Br), Lehlitnc, t'une llayticii for do; Theodore Dean, 'Unlike, Baltimore for do; Boetou, Rich, lloboken fordo; . j ..u<t.knHvj ,? [Ur naru , jniintai vnlader, Towtnend, I'Llle lvtiihiu for Salrui; Julia Marha. I'll. Klliahelbport for Machlae. I'M -Arrived, brig Cyclone, Nevena, C.udeaat for Boalon; chr Raven, Parker, Providence for Calaia. Puaand by?Hrlge J II Dillingham, tannin, Palermo for loaloti; Kaii<-lio ( Br', Burke, nud J VV Hpencoi, Hopkine, ieiifui-go* for do; Sullivan, Parry, Matauaae lor do. Balled?Hnhr J E Simmon-. Hlli Arrived, liark Daring, McDonald, I'blladalplila for 'orllaud; hiig Kodlnk, Downing, S?~ua for Motion; aohra Irar (Hr, liort, l'ori da Said for do; Hallooti, <'lay, KUtaethporl lor do; OH Walton, Adamt, Philadelphia for Nanicket; CJcorge S Fogg, I'alnn, Hoatoii for Tangtar. i Alto armada aclira Annie A Rich, Arnaa, Matanaas for ! oaton; Kdltli May, Hlgglnz, Wellileei for Philadelphia. 1'aated by Brig Kraulc K Allen, Clark- Baltimore for Poftind; arhra Cree<-eut Dodge, Hatch, fort Johnaou for Boatou; .it-tie P Stlin|<eon, Slirauton, lloboken for Sclera ; Amelia, oat, Norfolk for Newburyport; David P Newcomb, Freeicn, Welltleet lor Tangier; Octau Igueen, Newaomb, do foz l Fork. HAM Balled, hark Paring; hrlga Cyclone, II Mean*, tutllnk; aclira Vigilant, for NVork; Heaven, UUer (Br>, lulloon, C. H Walton. i Injiort Hark Hornet, walling order*; brig Monica; achra Irleu Hailing (Rri, repairing; (leorge S Fogg*, do. P.M Arrived, bilge Walthain, Hammond, Havana for Boron ; E 1' Ktvell, Lawrence, Ratna for do; aclira Win Walter, Scull, Philadelpbla for Hoaton; Clara .lane, McAltop, doboken fordo; Emma A Digging, Ryder, Boaton lor Rapinbauuoek River; F. Blnnlckaon, Wlnauure, do (or Pbllalelphl* (and aided). Htli, 9 AM - Arrived and aaUert, alilpa Sagamore, Pickering, rVork for lioalon; Cleopatra, Donne, do for Bt John, NB; nig Nuevltaa, Track, Baltimore lor lloalou ; totira Arizona Br', Sinlt.i, Matanzae for do; lielea Mar, Nickeraon, eorgetowu, DC, tor do; Elizabeth Kng'lth. Crowall, Balllnoro l.,r dn: Win A i:n,idtr ?nlu >nd u a I. M--i ilarta, Philadelphia for do; Mall, Llnecott; Cloero, Connnt, mil K 1* <'Lane. Collin*. Iillr.abrthport fur do; Boston, Hliiriia, Hobokeu lor do; Leader, Holbiouk. and W H Sargent, largent, l'ort Jobueon tor do; Lake, Mill*, NVork for do; la* M Vance. Philadelphia fordo; Haiti* Roat, lllrluk, do or Portland; H M Tyler, Stanley, l'ort Johnauu fur SaUnn, :*i>rlo Rico, Wentwortb, Kil/al>*thD?rt fordo; Vanilla, Ka on, Baltimore for Bangor; l/llve Arcrjr, Oott, N York for "iirtaiuoutb ; Delaware, Snow, Hll/abethpurt for do; Nallia. Vndaraon, N York fur ; Margaret Kalnbart, Hand, Ho?on fortieorgatown, DC; H A E Coraou, Browur, do for Phlltdalpbla ; Cbaa Shearer, lli^gine, Saloui for laugier; Jo* I* tinea, Ho3<-r, Vlnalb.'ivsn lor NVork. Alto tailed, brig H t' Swett; sctara tleo S Vogg. Edith Mar, A'ra Wallace. Clara Jane, Hturna A Htjulna. JACKSONV1 liLK, April X-Artkod, *chr C S Edward*. Joraon, Charleston. , Cleared Scbr Maiy Slowe. Rankin. Pbiladetpiila. MOBILK, April 4- Cleared, altip Kipouudcr, Inine, Ualealon. * NEW ORLEANS, AoriH Cleared, ship Stratford (Nori, >lien, Peuaaeola; bark* Johanne Marie (NU>, Uuitare, Bre iipu; Kgeria, Btarrnll. (b-ooa. 61 It Arrlvad, aleamahjp Hanover (SO), Mlrubock, Bremen ia Havre and Havana; aliip Maid of or,pan*, Houitoo, Arrestau via Mllford ltavcn. Br low, coiulng up, tbip (letyaburg, iroiu Liverpool; bark Lipauto, Bell, from AntCleared?Ships St Lonlt, Hubbard, and Alicia, Stewart, favre; Envoi lut (Kp>, Cmahclla, Barceloua; bark Slab1,a, in I, Lartlen, Queenatown fur ordor*. bill?Salted, HioHUitblp Victor, Calee, SYork. bill Arrived, tt'iamtblp Bienville, NVurk. SotlTinv t ar I'aea, April A -iitiialde, waiting fur fair wind >i tall, ibip Thus UarwarJ. On tbe liar, bunnd out, ship laden NORFOLK, April 6?Arrived. Hcbrt R Maaun, Ulbton, {York; Irit. Oilllln, Hampton Hot It; It P t'llnoe, Purvler, SYork. PHILADELPHIA, April K Arrived, lirljja K'l/tenia illal), Jenfanta, Palermo; Rli/.t llrnrieiia, Dahnit. Aajtia; K A Heruard, Rood, Mm an rut; achraCW.Vay, Klmoiev, Trltiltad; Will B Thorn**. Wlnamore, ClenfutgO*; M A rnlioia, Koiie. Malau/aa. Below, ?blp Julia (Br), M ounce, from Uv rpool; brig* I/a, t'rmn Sag.ia. Branch, from Cleiituegoa; icbrt Nellie Starr, from Pouoe; Hen H alii day, from Peaaauo [a . Tlioa Clyde, iroin West Indipt. Cleared Bnrk John Wllllatneun (Bn, RnbeiUon, Gibraltar Ill III Ill-Id , ui |)( IIDW d i "'11 1 If 1111*111, IUIUI nynu , euui r Voiing, Richardson, MaUnxas. !lili, AH?Aniveil, ships Centaur, Kottor, Liverpool; Airo ?. (Mr), Utley. Ardrosaan: built liunb.ody ilir , Packet, Liverpool; brig Si Peter (Mr, Leblauc, Cardruai; tobr I. Blew, Kuokaiuw, Boston. Lkwib, l)nl At the breakwater Dili, suhr Crinoliue, from NVork for Haltlttors. SAVANNAH, April9?Arrived, brig Harry Stcwarl, from Baltimore; achr I* A NVork. Cleared?gteamshlpa WrbaMet, and San Salrador, fur S York ; Ihlp Clara Murir, Liverpool; brig Adelaide, Sagia a Orarnle. SAl.liM, April 6?Arrived, tcbr Jobn Oriflltb, Coombs, llinaaii, WkI Cu.iH of Africa. TACfl ION, April 6-Salled m lir J l? Itois, Paul), NYr.rk. WII.WINUTO.V, NC, April 7 -Cleared, nel.r. (J U Bent, lu:(li, .V York ; ./na (lakes, Makes, Car lunna. Wli Kt'URH, April # Arrived, euhr hdivm S, Smbh, ?!l/ab?H>pf?: I. Died. Ka-suit?At Morri*aiilK N. v.. on Sunday, April LO, M ah\, ti'.ii i. irf ilic laic ?loori?e O. ihiti-uurti, iu am li >ear of lier nge. i (in rouuves and friends of the family are turited to Httciid liio funerat. from the resilience of lier souinaw, ijnvv. W. SUliuiau, I'ouitli street, Morri? iiita, ou iuesUHv afttruoou, at iliroe o'clock, witlidtil further uoiice. [/ 'or Oilier lit ill lit ,w M'jhlh Pthje.\ A Tliirl" nr n Villanoila < onulei teller fa II* wbo oilers MOCKA- ?? - (IK1KN TAL* ' KKAM at a leas pi i e *12 p?r do/en, or $181) (Ml net per gross. One or Ins depraved rsecals wbo baa auceeedrd In pa inlng off a quantity of (be spurious ?i.?T ha* eluded an anvst by con resting hlmse'f. i bit unttropiiliuit swindlerI* known as a pe l.*1 In *oap. and was, until dlscUargsd, a clerk in one of die principal drug lm ion in the city. It it only a valuabla and popular preparation that tempt* lbs counterfeiter. liOl)RAI'f'S ORICNTAl. ('KKAM for lbs rompletlon, acarrtljr any advertlalng. la universally known to bathe nul* pure and harmless preparation for the skin ; it la recommended Iron* lady to another, and Is well kuosvn to be nee from lead or other mineral anbIinn'-e. To be bad at Dr. (KICK AI D'S ('Spot. 4i Burnt trrst, and ol rtrulable druggiate A.oFapcnackriil'a H ?? K?(iiblL?h*??iil in one of (be Ian tuiaika of New Vork 'rsde Kor a diiarter of a i-.l.ri... have been miiu.nailed in alecanc* and qualilr. i'll# now *|>rini l?< ? tor lhill od? rj.iro to i lie in*: y trltirr.uht of lfi:t rolarari mav.if* 'iir*r Trinity nlnu :!? ii not b? trr im.?? lbnn too nine lap*! of latin on lis .fataao *tr?*t. \i Co1<l Prlct'?,-'l'li? l.nrut'Mi Amovixkmii In tli# r ir o: B?o!t ti.,1 shoot, for l.trllea, ilsnl *m*? ton t'hli ill on. ?( I,. t. HltOOKS Tin* I* til* 1 tr(*tl Un? In lht< i ilj, \.'i Uio?>lvin?, o|'| .tits Hi* MtirmpoiiUn lUnol. < ro?t rj unci Ion. Sut.rl sh >?* ti? i |>rlr?. I " ?* lUnolt Worm* mil INntplea nu I hit. i..# i? i'liRltVii comudom'. ANO l'ivl'1.1. kl *tOV. i j? t Ur ([(jlaia. lis., it ( v.oaa *tr#?t A.?Tliia l? Pi?? 4 omilry. Art! II' People Ik* to naa hatir vo onn? to ?po?IUoiit lull of illrt ln?# it r'.itlit to J., an. lint *ii;?rm* .|t?i when I'UAl.tlNV VlltLlA, nr. SAl.Vit.flON *ot{ 1IIK lIAtH p#;itionl. a* act ami tileattnl <-?,n ho oMuiuict at evert droit ttony h'jti* but tli* oiii?Sa*u wii: um *uv other. So.'d'br ilr i^nt., OltltrioroA ViirWitUsd llakr l> > ? .?Snt?t ml *p|t #d *Vb;%* Ig uo'l tit?tp factory, !C.i. Atlor Ho no. Or. Pii'.^r*! ItUemuitlir Ifnmrily, 701 Ilrnotl? Cyv.i^.iiBtlc t entirely o< reg-Mable logredlouta, *n?l vtrtt,*u'.?A * p?. mmaul curs. t??ti.l for circular. *** Alff Vimr MrMirrnt-^umurn lartlt*, who un<I?>itai>d lh? Apply ?* W I ill AM HIBKLKR'S, *,4 Ki..?Uw?y. V; l?% ??. K." ?*???? ? l?ry anil Hard. Ik?? Y"l To V\ *? imginn ?irf?t. ^o'.J l.jr ??r?woor?. r llhi'<iniiiil*iNt hi'mltiliii Ar.-~f?a* u?r? . UVAI'V.- I.I J < HASSAN, on Ifo'1 I??? ??h. V Iriii *'? I lintiafithlr W'Wher I'roli mi '"?:.||J||? ( ..Iiiihi. l>ito<.t*r? t?f Itw lis. Nlib'U ' J I YNK'S KM'I'I TORAS r n curi?. If fi tfully liiiu>'i*rcd. i >ld iw??hOT. i K??nl Havana laMirryo-wPrt^aa i?Htd In U?>14. I Inruraiaettxt furbished. The h iihui (or l>o>tbl<x>M I ?j4 .U llndl t?l' lt.i <i ?t"l [ f ay i.yit * < 0. i? yf^i a,**, v. r.

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