The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1948
Page 10
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THURgDAT, 'APRIL M, 1948 BLYTHEYTT,LH (ARKJ COUTHCT food Committee Suggests Tips Conservation Aided By Using Items Grown in Community Since government, officials and ihose who arc concerned with pro- iuclion and marketing are engaged n an all-out effort to conserve !ood, the Cabinet food Committee uas asked homemakers to incltid on ihcir shopping list (he foods which ire available directly from each community and the processed foods ahieh are most plentiful According to Miss Ccrtnule Bond Home Demonstration Agent from North Mississippi County, celery cabbage, and lelluce claim Ihe top ipois on the plentiful food list Apples and citrus fruits 'are also In eood supply at the markets, and Eggs and dressed poultry relatively plentiful Dried fruits arc still in good supply and are recommended by the Department of Agriculture as B ooct foods that should be included on the average housewife's grocery list oaen, and which will do the 'most with the conservation program. Fluffy Dessert Tempts Appetite Bird KIluU "Bird nnting" !• an ornithological riddle. For rrasons yet unknown, mnny species of bints have been observed In the iieculinr rltiml of grasping mi nut tn (|i e lr bonk, mid rubbing It vigorously on their tethers. Tlie jierform- »nce has been nlvon u w nniue "bird antliiK." Gelatin Used In Stretching Basic Foods With the package that contains four envelopes of unfavored gelatin, the housewife has four wavs to make "extender" dishes that really sirctch the foods you buy Nourishing in Itself, unfJavored gelatin is all teal gelatin and (hat means It has a protein coutribur tlon to make to the foods whtcW It extends. Adaptable and amiable, mill the favorite flavors of (lie family, it's a combination that's hard to beat. No wonder so many good cooks consider it a staple lor moid- Ing a little meat, poultry, fish, fruit or cheese Into a dish that- will lerve folks clear around the table Jellied Chicken Sahid 1 envelope im flavored gelatine '.* cup cold wilier or stock i cups Hot chicken stock. teaspoon salt- cup chicken, sliced or chopped 1 cup vegetables, cooked peas, string beans, beets, carrots, asparagus, etc. '4 pimiento or green pepper. Soften gelatin in cold water. Add to hot stock and stir until dissolved. Add salt and cool. Rinse a square mold in cold water, pour in a thin layer of the liquid jelly, let stiffen slightly and decorate with peppers and other vegetables. Arrange the thickening jelly, chicken and vegetables in layers and chill. Unmcihl on a bed of lettuce leaves and garnish with parsley and salad dressing. Yield: 6 servings. Coffee NrswlrixSe pie for By fiuynor Mailclox NEA Slaff Writer April dinners enll for delicate desserts to brighten up the meal. A chilled n<'.s.selroclc pie, easy to make, is a lu.sciou.-; answer. CoTfee Nesselrode I'lc One envelope (1 tablespoon) nji- flnvorcd gelatin, l i|2 cups strong cold coffee, 1 1 : 2 tablespoons cornstarch, i;4 teaspoon salt, 314 cup EUsar, 3 eggs, separated, 1 cup heavy cream, whipped, 2 tablespoons brandy flavoring, 1-2 cup chopped maraschino cherries. • Sprinkle gelatin on 1-4 cup coffee. Combine cornstarch, salt and 1-2 cup sugar; add remaining coffee. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly until thickened. Cover; cook' 10 minutes. Add gel- itin mixture; stir until dissolved. Beat egg yolks; add hot, coffee mixture. Cook over hot water 3 luuuitc-s. Chill until slightly thickened. Beat egg whiles stiff; add re- Thirty-one slates require children to attend school until the nge of 16, four states until 17, and five Elates until IS. Named to EGA (NBA Telephoto) Dennis A. Fitzgerald has been named to head the food division of the Economic Co-operation Administration, which will administer aid under the European Recovery Program. Fitzgerald is now director of Ihe Department of Agriculture's Foreign iericultural Relations of- fender, f/avpr-rich '.,£, >!»' Sp wl$\ *. Yo« g«f th« fintii • when you buy Ever-Good ,» hickory-smoked h«m. ,« Ever-Good Ham lias real ,• iender-smoked flavor, real »• ham goodnest fhar make« »*- it a joy io serve, a treat • 4 to eat. * t Serve steaming Ever% Good Ham for dinner, •» and male Ihrrffy left-over J« dishes later. Ask your • dealer for Ever-Good !• H»m. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. Memphis, Venn. a fe*ttre iprUi» dinner. maining sugar slowly while beating. Fold into whipped cream wiUi tiraudy flavoring and cherries. Spoon into chocolate cookie pie shell. Chill until set. Chocolate Cookie 1'ic Shell Place scallopcd-edged chocolate cookies in bottom of 9-inch pie pan Pill spaces between cookies wi'.h cookie crumbs. Pour 1-3 cup strong coffee evenly over cookies an:l crumbs. Hake in moderate oven <350 degrees P.) JO minutes. Cool. Cut more cookies in halves and set them scalloped edge up, around edge of pie pan. Fill pan with nes- selrode mixture. Use one of the new pie crust, mixes for tills lemon pie. Easy and good. Easy Lemon Mnlngiic Tie Seven tablesijoons cornstarch, 1 1-2 cups sugar, 1-2 tea-spoon salt. 2 cups boiling water, 3 egg yolks, 1-i cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoons but- !er. 1 tablespoon staled lemon w-el. Combine coinslmch with suear •inci salt. Add boiling water anil t'ook until thick, stlirin K constantly. Add egg yolksl slightly beaten, into which a little of the hot mtxtur- lias been Wended; simmer for 8 minutes, stirriiif consliinlly. Blend n lemon Jul<:e, butter mid graleil lemon peel. Turn cooled filling InUj baked pastry .shell uncl top n-itn meringue. Brown lightly („ , nO dci'- nlc oven (.150 ,le e rees P.I lor about 15 minutes. Housewives Given Pointers For Cheaper, More Careful Buying A medium nlned fish ta »bout half waste, heart, tail, bone« mid fins. INsh steaks, of course, are less wiisle. only about 10 percent Compare prices of wholo fish wllh oilier meat prices. If H llsh costs 1'9 ci'iil.s n pound, Including wnste you arc uayiiiK about 58 cents u pound (or the llsli you uul. It's true that luncheon incuts nr« not us cheap as the least expensive slewing meats. Hut a ixnmd of franks, cost about Ihe same ns H pound of chuck. And the fnmks give you more meat Ior your money, Delicate Flam for HfftJW LIKE VEAL ROAST? from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN MAYROSE VEAL ROLL Roasl the veal roll on a rick in a shallow, open pan in a slow oven, (325° F.) to an internal temperature of ISO 0 F. if a m«ac thermometer is used. Or, since ihe time varies according to the weight of ihe roast, prepare the real roll in accordance with the following (able: Weigh T)m> 4 to 6 pound, , , 3>/, houn 4 to • povni, . , I h»*ra VEAL CROQUETTES (Yield, > croqutttti) 1 cups ground cooked veal roll 2 tbs. butter or margarine 4 ibs. flour i cup milk 2_tbs. minced onions SiflctJ cracker crumbs J up. ,,l, Mayrose f.ird Mike • white sauce of butler, flour ind milk. Acid tht veal, silt »nd onion. Cool. Ship* into 8 croquettes. Roll in sifted cracker crumbs. Heal lard in * deep heivy pin.. Fry croqucllcs in hot llrd until well browned. Drain on soft paper. Serve with hot spicy beets and other tart relish. Iftmi faenomitt , „„„,. MAYSOSE id,., neal prodycn, iue' n 01 Brand LoRb, Moyrota Bio.>d lOUli INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY Douule tli« number of rmllo- phone stations can be operated with out Interference by use of H new radio trnnsmltli-r perfected at Stanford University. line* Hure'i I«M . Pen hav* protein. If you <v s ni to keep our meat wrvlnj small M >nt IWB soup, spring green mul straining hoi, In old-country etylo -lopped with bologna or 1mm sausage. Cooked rice nniy lx> dry and riufly. wllh Mch grain standing out separately, or It may bo moist »nd packed together, if you want fluffy rice, boll until almost done, then let the )»n stand covered In « warm place so the rice finishes cooking on It* own steam. For rice that Is moist but mushy, stir rice Into boiling water In upper purl of double boiler, let It conic to H boll, and (hen cook over hoi water about +5 mlnutej, llghlly covered Uend Courier News Want Ads. Mod* fresh daily in our kHclMns from coatl to coat! I APRICOTS FRUIT COCKTAIL ORANGE JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE APPLE BUTTER TUNA FISH TOMATOES SACRAMENTO PEELED No.2iCan ALL GOOD No. 2i Can ADAMS LARGE 46 OUNCE CAN TEXSUN LARGE 46 OUNCE CAN ADAMS LARGE 18 OUNCE JAR ROYAL DISH GRATED STYLE EXTRA STANDARD NO. 2 SIZE CAN 25c 35c 20c 15c 10c 35c 2'»23c AGED « CHEESE Per Pound Wonder, Tastcc or HART'S BREAD 2to ,,25" Food Muster 1 1 ^\ ^% ^% BARTLETT PEARS N , n „ 34' HOOF Hormel's 12 Ounce (.'an SPAM *••*""• •-.. delicious ready meat Full 1 Vi Pound Can ! WHITE KARO SYRUP 20" Campbell's ^k ^^ TOMATOSOUP , for 29 c JJt Solid Pack S | ic-( , Gradf » A ,, BACON - Pound 59c TOMATO SAUCE 6° ?iiV?i t rV n .-.« !Kr.x^' c "'" '*'" s ™" SAUiAGE - - Pound 39< PEACHES 19' co. k . dfitni c Great Northern or 3 Tall Cans or (i Small ™ HAMS ' - • • Sliced 49^ r Slab Style BACON - - Streak-0-Lean Salt Meat- Frankfurters or WEINERS - - Pound 49* - Pound 35<f - Pound 44 Gerljer's BABYFOOD 3to ,23< Rring Vour Free Scmi> Coupons Here! Large Si/.e S« " SIRAWBtRRIB "~ ••I'orelhelM'agrnncelliiU i\Ien l.ove" 8-Pound Mesh Bag Dewey Fresh ^ S E™ OUQUET ••••"•* ORANGES - - - 35< White Squash - Lb. VtL 33° 10-Pound Mesh Bag Slicing Quality PALMOLIVE raly 14- GRAPEFRUIT - - - - 35tf CUCUMBERS - Ib. Del Monte Crispy Bunches Fancy Quality f! R S! ICE -25« CELERY- - - Ea.10< TOMATOES- - lb.25< CLARK BARS , for |3 C Jjl>ySiMforT.nd.nit» Fresh and Juicy Popular With All the YpllAU/ NHIIPCh . I K ] J£ PinCdDDJCS Ed 35tf «T;;;;;7o"v7^T" " F -^-T--"^- ' T.nd.rGreen PRINCE ALBERT ,, 1 «Mr • Yellow Squash " Fresh Tender SPINACH - Pound 12i< Asparagus - Bch.15? LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Low Prices Everyday

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