The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 24, 1934
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by the United Press VOL. XXXi—NO. 239 BLYTHEVIIEE COURIER NEWS _ -na DOPANT Mwra-Ai-ER o* Homier Afa ^ M> ^acSS^Ssi, ** X ^ •*-• " O HOME EDITION BlythevUlo D»llj New Blytheville OcurUr .Mississippi v«lley L»ader Blythertlle HeriW VILLE, ARKANSAS^MQNDAY. DECEMBER 24, 1934 |^^^ M ^_ — • ^^B ^. ^H __ ~~~ ~~~ ^ vivn-tai) riVK UtNTB PLANF CARRIES THREE CHILDREN TO DEATH BEJfWWir•Jffl'SU "t^S=^^—*nm limmi^ CBOB/ITDHPTrrm o™,.. s- ms M , ,,^«=^SSB^5*a=-^ "I.." 1 J?. U JA U J I - - T .., „, . * ullcs Umtnflvfl Ik IES Farmers on Relief > Rolls Will Get Opportunity to Support Themselves 'Two hundred farm families, iriany of them from Mississippi county, will .shortly be located upon an 8,000 acre tract'- In the southern part of the county which the Arkansas Rehabilitation Con>- orallon has leased from ihe I Wilson company. •'?'•. B. N. Wilson, county PBRA ad- mlnislratov, said Oils morning thai ultimately as many as 400'famil- ies may be placed on the" tree!,, All will be taken from relief rolls The Mississippi county tract, lying between Marie and the Dyess farm colony, was leased as part of n state-wide program designed to give farm families, now on relief, an opportunity to become self- sustaining. Tlie Rehlbllitatlon Corporation . has also leased 2 000 neres at Eai-le and thousands' or news in smaller tracts scattered over thc state. Half I'Voin This County Of the 8,000 acres leased near Marie 0,000 acres are in cultivation. The lease is for three years with option of renewal. There are about 200 houses o nthe land in cultivation. Present flails call for construction of about loo additional houses on thc cleared land and there Is a possibility of bringing the total to 400 as land,now m timber is brought into cultivation. I ; , About half of the "families to \K placed on the Mississippi county tract will come from tilts county The remainder will be from other Arkansas counties where productive land., is not available for similar^. pjrp«as.v, ; Details ot . the plan Binder ffhicH the "tract .will be op, ferated have not .-been completed but Mr. Wilson, said this morning mat a first class farm manager probably with experience In : both agricultural, extension and relief work, would be engaged as mana- tf m i ls P robaWe "(at the tract basis ° Pem - U ° n a ^-"°P The Lee Wilson company has given assurance, Mr. -Wilson said that leasing of the tract will throw out of employment few of the families wh oliave been Dec. , netat ^services were held nl Para- gotild Sunday foi S R Simpson,, former resident of. l'aiago\ild iiiKl Oscpola and foimei iftoieciiting at-. toniiiy or this Judlclil distilLt, who died ; hi, Piirt Wnitli, Toxas Friday, j The Rev. j Mihiaj 'laylor ' plEcopal mlnlstn of Memphis, of- lldated at the vivlc«> Iiilcinmit was made at Lynwood cemetery. Members of ihn l^ragould hiir served as aeiive and honorary pnll- bearers. [ A number of attorneys Irom' various cities nml towns In northeast Arkansas attended the ser-' vice;; nlllinngli a belated announre- | ineni ar, lo Ihe time of the rltei < prevented many from being pre-1 •cent, among them n number who ' liad planned to attend from Bly-' theville. Those - present, besides j Jiiemhw, of tlie Paragotild bar, In-1 cluiled John Cinnn, George Green-1 ' " ~ shaw and Jonesboro, Lake cits Coslon. A. P. Barham, A. ' W Young and L. C. B. Youm?, of Os- ~eoln. . ' • Archie Wheatley, .1. 0. Young, jr., W. J. Driver, J. T. GET SfE HELP Will Receive $43,000 in This scene at a """gal-Ianrefugee station might have been painted by Rembrandt. H portrays the plight -of unfortunate peasaals who BOMS v IV fa; f r;:ri^^s^' b rt ; i L's.^i ( Slavic fury, the yomiester has to lake his milk from a beer stein nl? Highway Continuations Paving District One' and Curb, utter and Storm Sewer District One of Blytheville will receive approximately $43,000 in 10-year 3 >er cent bonds under • the new nghway debt refunding law , it las been announced by the state refunding board. ' " Districts in ownsj in the -to .the. amount, of about 56 000,000, representing payment 'to he. districts for pavement which s ; n continuation 1 or (!ie -state lighwny system. The bonds will over tiie amount ov.'eil by Ihe districts .when proyisftj^ was made the legislature:^-tti: reimburse hem and. not the'.' total amount impended In paving .the' highway •onllnuatlons. • • . • Pavement'in liie districts cla'ssl- 200 cities and state, will receive eludes Division street from Ash - - Cl) arid Main to -Walnut the past yearVlFosTo';- Then," will fn'f ^/X D ~' V ' sl °"' east ' t0 ' the - „ _ , ...UKJU «l 11ICUI Will be absorbed In other Lee wtlron undertakings. Soil Is Productive Most of the tract at Marie Is a r i?J« , he!U ' y typs ° r soil > offering dlffcultles under some weather conditions, but tlie Lee Wilson company has- operated it with' consistent success over n period or sevcral years. It produced an exceptionally (me cotton crop nil, crop under the ne\v rehal program enrmers who are placed o nitre tract will be required to raise their own hogs and chickens and otherwise conduct their operations lo make themselves self- sustain ing. pavement (Highway mast n.s big o.s he. Attorneys, May/Take;,Ga<;p of Slayer of Four to Federal Court / ••' j PINE BLUEP, Ark., Dfc/24 (UP) —Mark H. Shank, sentenced <. : to die for poisoning a family of four wasTcfiised an appjal by Judge T, p. Pavham in circuit coiirt here today. _ A petition for an injunction forcing s. -I,. Tpdhunter,--stnt- prison superintendent, to hold it! TflOEVENUE Corigressipnal Leaders See Increased; Revenue Prpm Nuisance Levies WAStltNGTOri Dec. i 24 VtUP)--- Congresslonttl ' "leaders : expect an : - Spirit.of Christ Still in Little Town of His Nalivily BETHLEHEM, Palestine, i> c , 24. mm mill •qimrrd's inn! IHo world '. economic dlslrcisj of • iw'Mx'-'forgotfen here. Ion 1 Tptnl Value of This. Year's •Crop Below Tiinl . of j.nst Year's ; By M. 1^ illlOWN (l/hitcd Press Plminclni Writer) NEW YOniC. (UJ')-Colton futures prices Hi l!)34 rose to (lie hlsh- eat iivernge In throe yours, while American cotton exports declined alwilt '33 1-3-iier cent and the crop va)iie, cicclined lo (he smallest total .line* : 1022. prlqes pracllcnlly stabilized above 12-crtit [Kr pouti:) •lending level of the Agricultural . Adjustment Administration. Spot at New York rose to 13.95-cenls-ln mlcl-ycnr, (he best, since 19SO, bur an early low orio.-ts cents cut nverage lo nround 1235 cents. In in.13 . the average- pride was S.OS cents; 1H-19S2, 6.4-i c?nfe; In 1931. 8.SG cents, ami in 1630. 13.58 cents. ' : ..., Value pf tl 10 -crop was nround $625,000.000, compared with an ap- prokhnatf $075,000.000 In 1S33. liu-gcly because the crop declined (o OTl.dOO bales, ngalnst 13,041,000 bales In 1D33, and the smallest since 1932. : Oovernmcnt payments to • fanners under contract totaled about jm.OOO.OOO, - ngninsl $113 000.000 In- 1933. .. .-.., : . production declined sharply, through operations of Ihc Bankhead Act and the summer drought, (he ca'rryovcr was only slightly changed from the 10,000,000 bale total of .a year ago because of the drop In exports, Hfielgn production rose to 13,568,000 bales, a new record high. Then, loo, -the -government lofln pmn created a tlghtVspot situation in the South, the price of American staple rising 'n'bove parity w llh Jorclg u g rowths; ,> T;htoi v Amer- .can exports dropped 46 iivdunj 5,760,rX)0 balrs. compared with 8,426,000 in 1933 and' ah average of 7TO.OOO bales in the four preceding years. This year's world :rdp was '.oHImaled' at'', 23 200 000 . . ,. . -, ,.™,,, ,,,,, b(ll *s" a decline., of less than ; 3.000,- mcrease'of.Elx to tei'i-,mi!ll6n flol- " - bale3 tomparfri wlth':.i933. : ; lars next, .year', jn'r"income from • T1 - >e ?overnment '. pool absorbed nuisance levies due to'su'fetahtlal ! oa "''- co - tto n : ; which, .ordinarily business. Improvement: it-developed |S M >««. gone'Int - -' • • " " tl)Q Bi'oUo,- knoll for'a brief n,o- I'wiil of prayer m tlio lime-! 'W't.i»n.M»^'^,i° rtf «o l i h . ; tffi' Z' H-b,.^ peace or anolhor Christ- Jort,« coldness of «&£ Pllgrltus from the four corners of the earth I'alhcrcd to worship Prince of Until midnight nnd long w j,\. n . lm;y will press forward for n bri,.r ...... , mid Snvlor of Bllmpso of Ihc erollo whcrn Mu. Mn.AI..d. H-ho was horn in a nmn-jSoi, of Man Hut sSw the llghl of wr In the hills "because Iherc was W lit by dim levelrl .10 room-for them nt the inn." which throw „ « ( fl ptow The (jrcnl to Indicate of the ov , , pllerhn; ancient pnlnllngs am frc;, ml e ro W !n K | Ilia metu) slur , , - - f - • - r,i~«jjij, ...i. .mil,, .jnu t'wumzoi desire for "pence on earth, good door, reading In I.rilin will lo num." Tnilv, (here wns iv " ' Jlncoiidl In room for mnnv of them at ihe 1m,, licrc or In Jenisnlem, and many foimil ncconiodntlons nt hotels In Tel-Aviv or ' For the const, first," lime, millions Mmy die Virgin, Christ born." "Hero, of Jesus tlio . , u ,ro,,gho,,l_U,e wrtd who have 'three «1« mc inn ceremonies start at mkl- "Wit (4 p. ,„. CST). When they nvo. flnlshert, the pilgrlDis, under Hie same ature tliii enon B h lo Christ's not . been, fortunnle make, tiie pligrlmae. .„ „... birthplace wllthear the coreir, u ,.les In ihc spacious, raftered church of the Nativity. In the center ot which stand'.the Sacreil Oiotlo, built on the', legcmlnrv spot of the niBiHrer.' Wireless will singing' of 'the choir ...... „„.. rlnr.lng of the bells of adoration lo'innny"lnnils. , All dny .there was an unending stream,of pilgrims from Jerusalem In cenllirles aftsl 11; nnd on nmlcbnck. 1 ,..„ limes, tumble-down cars and horse vehicles brought them nlong the paths trodden through centuries Into wide roads. - r-Today they sped In modern blisses and shining, molor, cars along two wide, macadam roads, wire-fenced nnd elcclrlcally lighted, leading sli-nlght from Jerusalem to . B.qtlUehem'. remained the lilll town was crowded today with pilgrims from nil over the world. They came by thousn nds — Abyssinia n Chr is tl a ns, Anglo-Saxons, Armenians. Rolnnn Catholics and Innumerable olher ftcls worshipping Christ, dressed in., n .. inyrla{| of-'colors niiothei- year the ine able pence nr —'"••' -' ' ...... V.I>»UB. pence to llirlcs aftsl they cnme «'ool|Goo(Jfp!lnwe < - VV/,'11 ' M I n nmlcbnck. In more recent e " OWS Will Make Tlieir Distribution Early Tomorrow But the spirit sainc. The tiny . ,. ... ,.. ._ , - liimcs, nnd spcnklne' 'as, 'many /angunges,,os were heard in the Tower of Bilbel. " ' . v All hoped to. be admitted to the Sacred Gi'btto,. bill :'it . Is so' s'm'all that It barely holds' sjx pepple. at a>.titne, soUhdtMnany if them inay be -disappointed. ', , • , • ,; ;:Tri the 'church -'there was n hush' ' ed .rustle of 'activity.. as the '.pit- today. -Predictions of, an Increase Were! e <?. th ? P 501 controlled about "iia'per Child Will Divide His Years Between Parents A four-year-old boy will spend six months with his father and months with his mother every a dMisf011 Circuit E ' Kcck " cre Saturday lf,?i» In * , ,' ' in a. habeas corpus Jiearlng.' (J r ?', was elven.lnto the cns- '«ly ( or his lolheivw. E. Tucker, ,M , ; m:xi six montl « a n«r which he will nv ft with his mo- V V re ', 5?erMc Lou Harris ' to lie followiiiE six manure and alternate between father nnrt mo- Iher thereafter. ' Both Tucker and his former wife have remarried since he obtained a Missouri divorce some time ago. No question as to custody of the child arose in the divorce proc;»dlngs. Tucker recently Instituted the habeas corpus proceedings In an effort to gain custody of the boy who had been with his mother. Holland and Barham represented cd Tucker nnd Claude P. Cooper wa " counsel for Mrs. Han-Is. Moore Appointed Coach at Louisiana State , La., Dec. 24 '—Bernle Moore, track coach ","" n; « isla <it football coach in '."urge of the line for the past IS). No other districts in this city are eligible for aid under tlie' acts Tiie amount, in bonds, to be turned over to' Die districts here (m effect, one district) Is relatively small compared to the amount majiy districts in other cities will receive because the local districts hnd |) ecn organized nnd taxes paid for n number of years before the refunding pro°ram «'ns provided, leaving onlv (he remainder due on the highway be refunded While no definite announcement has been made by commissioners of the local districts as to their plans it is probable that an effort will be made to sell the state bonds given the.districts and build lip a cash reserve for the districts No immediate benefit to tlio tax-' E re , is ! lkoly ' Tile ''"'nets si'm 'our years payments nt (they districts to pay" 0 "ut7. ' wrve is realized . have about four years pay Bllf t ', Blythevil If .sufficient s rom the nrfhndtap. bond terial reduction bi - the torn will likely be made ast »o years or so of payment but is considered hardly probable «»l an inuuedlatc rcduct on iu axes K-III b made, evsn if tl e are successful ui •e stale refunding bonc! f Little fxsslbillty " oldcrs " time. ° distrlct bonds (rt thlii Is at this Is enler- bonds will exchange them ' ! . since the be paid off a short time and the dis- i 5 ,7," lts to dole. record of Santa Visits Lepanto School, Receives Gift •->w* OM^JVI idieimtni lolinfrl 0*1 i • •«••>-. <_u«^ ft cju-. _-, • f . ,. ,. • v " t; 1 -* nnity. hearing ai™' ra, 'denM ro f, ?Plte the fait - lh(it '"'« ''*,"' th ?- av ? of Am>y the court. .denied gasoline tax ha, been .lowered ami-"' 0 ?? co ton - - • '.: . '. • •Defense attornevs annm,nr»,|. (I ^ : ".'5.. clleel: -. tax . ""'oiimtically : ex- M 1 :'^ '', : ^."! c :. "PWSition devel- If a stay Is denied * — •—.......,.>.( ia (ttrniea attorneys ror the condemned lawyer said they will lafce the case to federal court. Blytheville Good Place to Stop, Woodruff Reports o. It has been n foregone conclu-l s * tlon ' ""sumption of - American . sum tne nuisance taxes which ex- Plre June 30 will: be extended ail- oilier year. Likewise various auctions provided for In the prts- law may he swept nslde Reb-l° r t'n c?n»»..-l T, ».... ._ ^ >Un -l' on o - Amer -H? tto " tledlnetl -l»erc nnd abr oad. consumption- of all kinds *"' : ' ""'' ...... ; 'of cotton field slightly above the ;J 1933 total, while American ilsige ,U growths dropped some 1,000- bales. When Harvey T sports columnist" of the Tribune, spent a niahl a tcl 1 ways and on taxes the if the of order. Woodruff, (means- sub-committee Woodruff, ' saltl today. Chicago ri111 ''sold he favored continue '" a night at the Ho- nneo of the present admission la\ soul a week ngo he ™ lc and believed the canitil slock accomodattons to his Iss »e and transfer' (axes be congress takes such steps Emissions tax would be ,. -- -'s back only three ivlth baths." "So here we are in Blytheville the hotel litllo light, Lutheran Church Will Hold Special Services I a little engineer is see r pulled of Missionary Slain in China Held an Ohio Pastorate LIMA, O. (UP)-The Rev. J o tarn, 'American missionary.. who, KM " Jd by thc Oull<1 to all children enrolled In the schools On Christmas Day there will be on early morning service at B a m. at which time the pastor, the 111 - -. " ------ ........ ' "'•' Oils early service, which Is CALENDAR YEAR COTTON DATA (Compiled for the United. Press by the New York cotton Exchange Service. Latest figures partly estimated on the basis of current data). (In-thousands of bales) -CONSUMPTION U.S. U.S. Foreign All Exports . 12,011 13,265 24,930 5750 .. H.502 10,749 25,251 8420 .'. 13,222 10,027 23,249 8894 .- 11.737 11,227 22,OG4 6870 .. 11.008 11,583 ,23,189 G 44(1 .. H.79I 11,301. 20,092 7,527 PRICES OF MIDDLING SPOT AT NEW YORK (tVnls p«r pound) High. Low. Average 1934 1933 1932 1931 1930 1928 1034 .. 1933 1932 J93I .... 1830 .. 1920 'Estimated. 13.95 11.75 9.20 11.35 17.55 21,65 10.45 5.90 5.00 5.50 S.45 17.00 12.32' 8.63 0.44 8.5G 13.58 19.13 Oldest Woman Dentist In U. S. Chipper at 97 POMEROY, o. (UP)-t>t. Amy ;; hale y- old "t licensed demist. In , «ie United States, has just ele- meetng with increasing popular- t"ted her 97th birthday onniver- n • Ity> thcrfi be. a ratllo LEPANTO, Ark.—sanfa Clans helped Legionnaires spread Jov t. -— amid 450 school children in the!"I" c ' 1 " rc1 '- '» «l.x grades of the iW™? *™ ^ l , . . -.. hfa Kite, W as slain recently CQ5t at 9:3 ° «• m. from KLCN. Propped up by pillow* In her il »10t« V,1Mjrlti a t~*. _____ ,. . J R*Vflfr*t t'rtrtnl ,^l-_ ____ , . _ \,~A •-,„ ...,.^. J H 111 ""-^ ] " "I 1 . • .*-»«•• H-VCKIIJ • — "• "t- HULII ii-ui-nx. i ~ • —1*^1.1* m/ uy unions ]n iipr Chlneje bandits, formerly was Several vocal solos and a message, l^d, Dr. Whaley received corn-rater Of Mlr« MMrlT,. t.1..-^ V.,... "Tllp n>lrlc* rvf »^\.-I..._--.. _.... > 1.1n»«, : ^ V.UJI5I.H. , pastor of thc Middle River Chris- 7 lie cllrbt of Christmas," will be tcliool by giving each child n ba» filled with fruits and candies: but only one little seven-year-old lad thought of giving Santa rural district n i fcilturecl - A cordial Invitation | extended lo nil. ent. a pres- „,. , r rom I93 '. (o April, ow - . 1935. when he left for china. three years football '""e s " amed head « hl "*» hi. cm-!! Uscd Aul ° lo C 11150 RabbH «U.nb. on? ^ -^^S^ser 1 " (UP> When Santa opened he , Louisiana Stale Captain Law- hIs .Bernard "Sunny" Bindiivsky. "sunny- averred that l.e (houglu It would be a busy day for Santa nnd he might need It. n 17 1-2 pound Jack rabbit a hslf mile Ir, "is automobile and then ran over the animal. The Jar caused him to lose control of his car which embankment, damae- wg the rndtstor and fenders • Firemen Repair Dolls, But Balk on "Dressing" Them ASHTABULA, o. (UP)-Flrcmen here. Joinin? m t| lc S p iri t of Chvlstmns, found they could repair dolls, If need be. but couldn't Qualify to "dress" them. The fire-fighters asked women and girls to volunteer in the dressing operation. . - ulatory messapss from friends In all parts of the country. Chipper at her afce, Dr. Whaley retains her intsresl in all.current events, particularly politics. No Paper Tomorrow There will be no Issue of the courier News on Tuesdav, December 25. PLEfl f| PESCE "Disperse, 0 God, »AD People Who Want War" Is Pope's Appeal VATICAN CITY, Dec. 24 (UP) —Pope Pius matte an eloquent appeal for peace today In responding lo the Christmas good wishes of the college o sembled in the cc "If there were someone who a victim of suicidal or homlcidaf mania nnd hence was desirous of provoking war our appeal (o Ihc Almighty would be: "Disperse, o God, all peoples who want war. "Several statesmen during the year have said that an Increase In armaments would give Ihc best assurance of peace. We n'ish that ivere true. "We want peace," the ponliff continued. "We bleffl peace, peace, peace, peace." The pope spoke for 20 minutes in response to Cardinal Granite's Tlie Cioodfellows, (heir campal B n for contributions carried lo a successful conclusion, were biisy to- ilny packing tlie baskets which will be delivcrct! tomorrow mornlnr to between 350 nnd 400 fnmllics-mosl of them with boys ntn|. girls who otherwise would be missed by o'nntn Claus .this Christmas W. J. WimilprllBh, genernl chair- mnn, reported Mils afternoon that last minute B |f(., hnd brought the cnsh fund to npmwiimUcly ma Lnrge Qiinnllltcs ofi food, ctothlnB toys. v »ml. other. njctchnnulsc were also girei).,.. - . ,'.-•--•; •. ...,-, Pncking - of the' bnskeU,'"; ! encli «Ur! contents lo fit' the particular Sm - , l n° - rnn " ly ' lo - :wj *"i " «ll go. will/be completed' loulglit find,, a.1 7 o'clock tomorrow morn; ing/, ton tmcks, use of .'roiilch' lias beep; contributed: by local business "" 5 ' ^ m stn ^ '-.'he : - Each basket win.coritnln a >uh- stnntinl quantity of meat ami staple Groceries, together'with'-fruit candy nnd other articles appropri"-' ne to tlie sensoji. Contributions to the fund no' previously .acknowledged, follow O, W. ; Affllck, American Legion Auxiliary, R. D. Hughes, o W Voilmer, £5 each; H. 'L. -Harp,;$5' in merchandise: Bernard Qooch toy H. Welch, $2; filbert Huffman, Mr. FKzslmmons, T. N. Simpson Quality Shoe Shop. Jim Stovall, $1. Courthouse Is Closed but Cupid Need Not Fear ^Here are local directions for Mr. who, while por- Amcvican Pilots and Five Pnssongeis Down in Sea Oil Mexico Ky United Prfss 'Pour mintioii mhfortiiiies'tovli ihc week cml left seven persons (lead ami teien others apparently last at tea .A pilot nml three children, his passengers, were killed 2j miles north of Mountain Cltyv Nevada; when, u, plnne crashed on a snow covered mountain side. Searchers found .the wiecKage today Apcar- ently the victims, en route -'-' Mountain citj for Ihe wore killed Instantly Two American pilots nnd "five isscngeis Here last seen clinging inii» WrC 5 lv " Ee 0|k oil al >-P lfl ne "5 miles at sea from Mazallan Mexico. Seemingly there was no hope j or tfieh 6 urvl\al Pilots Noel Bullock nnd Parker Abbott and'thelr five Mexican passengers left LO- Pnz. Lpi\er Oalltornia, for Matat- i'l. f 1 '!?" 1 '' A searcllln s Plane sighted .them Jesterday in a Dik- ing .condition The pilot .was hot equipped to land: on water • "" .Russell higgs, nn v airmail pbo'j, died In .the wreckage of his plane neni- Siii\brlgiit, Tenn The plane left . Loulsuile, Ky, Saturday Bf- lernoou nlid was found wrecked yesterday. A young amateur flyer, Thomas Olrard, and n friend, clnierice JJroz, were killed Sunday when their plane crashed in a wheat Held near St Louie iddress of Christmas Vear's wishes. nnd New Crimson Tide Arrives for Game at Pasadena PASADENA, Gal.. Dec. 24. (UP) —University of Alabama's Crimson Tide rolled Into Pasadena today to meet Stanford New Year's day In the annual Tournament of Roses football game. T\vo thousand persons greeted the Alabama football players, coaching staff and rooters at" Ihe railroad station. 123,456 Bales Ginned In County Until Dec. 13 There were 123,456 bales of cotton, counting round as half bales, ginned In Mississippi county, from ;he 1934 crop prior to December 13, 1034 as compared with 133,044 ftnrl ~f » ~ . ' "" ™'"P«'ca Will 133,644 i ° Collrlcr Nm ' s balcs " of tlie !9M cr P ginned prior «V»ve thdrilo December 13. 1933, accor^ng Chester c. Danehower, cotton bo J >o'W«y for census bureau 'Mississippi representative for ! considerable traveling about during thc holidays. "Oo not bo dismayed because the county courthouse Is closed today (Monday) and will be closed Chrlstmnr, Day (Tuesday), county employes are two-day holiday B. M. county court clerk, will be e at his home, 1217 West sh street. Telephone 5S2-W." "While It may be rather difficult to hire Mr. Matthews mvay • +4 !>!(• In South ATLANTA, Dec 24 (UP)— Violent death ended the Christmas plans for nt least 44 persons In the South ovcl the week, end " yiilU^Press silivey showed/20 UJcd Ih a«tonioblleTnccldenls;*/our committed suicide, fl\e were mur"-* dercd, .and n come under -'miscellaneous deaths' classification C. B; Holt Suffers Btdiitf;' in Automobile Collision ./••'•"",'•. i ' " /J-y '•a. B; Holt w 23, ^insurance salfs- niSh, 'was jeiereh/ b'rufsed scst6r- clay -iviiile his wife, ifrs. Arinle Holt, escaped Vfith minor bruises when their cai collided «ItU an^ 'other -cm, din en by Preston Matthews, at the Davis anil Franklin streets Intersection nt ,noon Sunday. , j .The force of the Impact lurried' the Holt cai ovei oh Its top, tittrp Ing Mrs. Holt out but pinning Mr. Holt, within Matthews was vfg, hurt and his car was only slightly damaged The Holt, machine s"as considerably damaged. J' Mr. Holt underwent examination' at Ihe Blytheville hospital. Apparently he suffered no fractures; He was removed to the home of his wife's parents, Mr and Mrs Simon P. Lee, wheie he was resting fairly well todiy Firehoiise Chimney Afjre s As Firemen Return . from his Christmas tree or a big turkey dinner (here arc ways of doing Just that. And preachers, magistrates and even Mayor Cecil Shane (better pass him up though) are eligible to do their part," Attempt to Assassinate Greek War Minister Fails ATHENS, Oresce. Dec. 24. (UP) —An attempt to assassinate Minister of War George Kondylis was averted today when explosives, inserted In R book said to have tsen sent as a Christmas present, failed to explode when the package was opoied. Men Refuse Work for Fear of Losing Relief the flrchouse ablaze. Henry T Bachelder and A«in R, Boardmon had to leave the fireliouse blaze and extinguish a fire that was more Important lo them. • The roofs of their automobiles became Ignited from sparks from the chimney. Texas Co-Eds Play With Historical Dolls AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—University of Texas co-eds are piaving v.nh dolls—historical dolls ' Recently they gathered pn e\- hlblt to please the most fastltilpuJ child's Christmas wishes, but none of the lojs beloneed to Santa Claus. It s-as a display of hlsto'l- cal dolls of the Southwest One was aged more than 15a jeara Several. approached the octo'ena- rlan class. WEATHER reported he walked up nnd down thc main street here for two hours failing to find a man willing to be hired for work. He said he asked n score, but that they all refused on Ihe ground that a small Job would . rain this a^ and tonight Tuesday unsettled, colder In northwest. Memphis and vicinity — MostV fair, colder tomorrow. The maximum, temperature here yesterday was 60, .minimum 34, clear, 'with 01 of an inch rainfall endanger their relief siatuses. The durhV th e night; contractor did the work h(mseIf,| S anmel F. Notrtj,'

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