The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois on April 14, 1933 · Page 6
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The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois · Page 6

Jacksonville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1933
Page 6
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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1933 fFTE JACKSONVILLE DAILY JOLRNAG fAGKFIVP: Marlon Wcstfsll of Valley City was «mont thr Thursday vipttora in the city. DONT TRIFLE WITH COMMON CONSTIPATION Kellogsr’a A ll *B ran Brings Relief ConstIpation get* Its grip on a person almost unaware*. It often «tart« with such little things. Headache«. Lirtlessne«*. B«d complexion. Unpleasant breath. If unchecked. It may seriously impair your health. Fortunately, you can avoid this danger by rating a delicious ee- r«al. Laboratory test« show that Kellogg'« ALL-Bean provides» two thing« needed to overcome common constipation: “bulk” and vitamin B. All-Bean is al o a rich source uf iron for the blood. Biological tests demonstrate that the “bulk" in bran is similar to that in laafy vegetable«. Inside the body, it forms a «oft mass, which gently elaara out the intestinal waste?. Row much better than taking unpleasant patent medicines. Two tablespoonful« of All-Baas daily •re usually »ufftrient. Serious case«, with every me«!. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. f Get the red-and-preen package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg m Battle Creek. JUDGE WRIGHT URGES ELECTION OF DEMOCRATS Stand By Roosevelt and Governor, Say« Speaker at Meeting Last Night Judge Walter W. Wright spoke luM night for an hour at the court house i on Jacksonville's problems—what the city must do If she wants to free her- j self from debt and keep up her head --and at the same time urged the election of Democrats to the citj offices next Tuesday. Judge Wright talked U» an audience that taxed the j 1 capacity of the circuit court room. ? Pointing to the fact that the state edministraUon is Democratic, and that /virtually every municipal election this spring has resulted in over* whelmin* victories for that part}.. Judge Wright s«id it is not difficult to figure out where harmony «ill prevail. A city located within a short distance from the state capital, such as Jacksonville, should be in perfect accord with the state administration. the speaker declared. He Nicked up this assertion with j an example of how the state admin*' it rat ion helped Jacksonville a few .••ar* a;*o by Appropriating 1204 000 as its share in the south side seaer; project. Such action was the result of harmony between the adnitnuMra- * ions. Judge Wright said He believes th«t Jacksonville will go much further toward solving it* multitude of problem« during the next few years with a Democratic administration ( The continued swing to the Democratic party for leadership was cited b> the speaker. Evidence that the trend in politics is not waning wax TREES Shade Ornamental Large Assortment. Home Grown. HEINL’S given by the result of recent election in St, Louis, «here for the first time in 24 years « Démocratie mayor was elected which brought out 77.2 per cent of the registered voters. Fourteen aldermen, also, were elected. • This crowd tonight i.* showing the same old pep and enthusiasm that prevailed here last November.” Judge Wright said "It proves that people are at last taking some interest In their government, and are ready to step in «nd take a hand at «electing officials pledged to good government and economy.” ( noper Introduced. Dr T. R Cooper, the party’s candidate for mayor, was introduced hoon after the meeting opened He was applauded by the large crowd, as well as the other candidates seated together in front of the court room. Sherman V. Ooulta«. county chairman. called the meeting » ' order at 7 30 o’clock. He said the outlook for Tuesday N election ha* caused a rise of optimism among «11 Democratic workers He added some words of instruction to the workers, «nd then presented Judge Wright. Judge W’right said in part: ‘ Jacksonville is on the eve of another election for mayor, an election that everyone concedes 1« one of the most Important in a number of years All ritiarns should express their interest by voting Tuesday. With public apathy toward matters of government prevailing for a number of years it is a wonder that any efficient men were placed in office *‘A peculiar situation exist« in Jacksonville. caused largely by the bank failure. Conditions have developed th«t make it serious In 191» the city*« credit «as entirely wiped out Anticipation warranta were ittued from year to year. In 191» the elty owed 1131.000 on floating indebtedness. There mas no adequate m*«ter supply, only a few wells out on the north sKSe The citizens ftnauy took the emergency in hand and the it - ENTER STUDENTS IN SUSl £ FRANKLIN MEETING SSTS&jr« m S’ST m S» £ Wrlfht .nnouneed .»■ li ta«rta«i thai "iRht the list of student« from th. enue eaoh year. It 1« important that " .v,, it should be maintained for the bene- iRouth Jackson gi*»(. h m fit of the city and it* people This election is of local Impor who have been entered in the PV«nklin grade school invitational literary and PHI ALPHA GROUP TO HOLD ANNUAL OPEN MEETING Alpha society of Till tanee *for several reasons. The“u^e I .*** nois College wUl hold tu eight? ha-s eomr when if our government u "JJ •* •«* f‘«hth fnn,,1f1 th s ^ to succeed the cost of taxation must rv*nt* w111 ** held Saturday. Several ning in the society rooms in O come down. The great eat tax burden comes from the school district, road district, county and municipalities. If you want to reduce taxes, follow the old adage and start right at home. Ptollow President Roosevelt and hts economy program, which is now sweeping the nation back to normal conditions. • And while talking about economy, the people of this city and state have town« will participate. B*fcher at 7 45. The entries are as follows: First on the calendar of sor;>»t Humorou* reading—Lout« Ander.« open meetings, Phi Alpha will pre- Betty Barne«. 1 vent a varied program as follow*: Dramatic reading—Ruth Thomson K*> ay: Sieber Qod Must Laugh Ailleen May. I Dvcluimer Erickson. The M . Oration—Evelyn Coon*. Charles Who Was 'Man and Whitlock Girls solo—Marv Mary Barber. ___ Boy’s solo— Riehsrd Schlldman every^reaaon to be proud of their Billy Doyle. governor Already he is living up to . *olo-M«xine Pennell. Mar- his pledges to reduoe the oost df J Axe- .. _ 4 .. _J ___ Mate grr^mmmt. Since he assumed Chorus--Mary Cause. Marjorie SSLwI office in January the coat of Mate ^nnin*. oia May Armltagr. Beatrice ¡©JJ* administrative government ha* been Lu!* R™ch‘ JJary ”ur8t 55 o?^Sd S^mir reduced U 000 000. and the reduction J £llw*n fVu> ? L rilh8t rl »ill amount to 110.000.000 before fix EmilJ* Row Nichols. Vina ^ • H ™*}\ *2?,, , , J Mather*. Ruth Lumsder. Pauline De- *Pn- -f c*'1 and Walt man will handk Extetnponaer Meeker. Ellen Smith. Civilisation.'' Reader; Cecil Oiffen, Burying an Int. Orator Hess, "The Plan of Plans." Contrary to popular habit on the Hill, the debate is not intended to b* Apparel Second Floor Waddell’s HATS— HATS— HATS- You’ve waited till the last minute? . . . Don’t worry Ï .... Our stork is complete in t*\ cry detail .... Hat* to top off any costume .... New arrivali» in the latest mode.*i that subtley flatter every woman . . . Chic styles in turbans, dip brims*, Watteau«, sailors . , . and in all the color,* of spring .... in all headsizes, too. $1.85 Other« U MH Jacksonville’s Fur Storage Headquarter« A Sensational Offering of Better SPRING COATS Ascots! * Capes! * Bows! You Easily Save $10 Try to resist them . . . you who like lot- of fur ... a little ... or none at all everything your heart desire in this ex- cuing new eoltection of leading fashion« al a prier! Now Reduced to Smola-type fabric«, unfurred! Removable capes with fox, errr* ine, kolinsky! Schiaparelli’« tucked »lecves! Lanvin*» **hor»eshoe shoulders of fox! Ascots of galyac, squirrel, kolinsky! Gray, “dawn" blue, navy, black, beige. New Spring -Dresses Heie also is a SPECIAL .... We have taken a group of our regular $7.95 and $9.95 DRESSES and offer them to you at........... Really Smart CAPE EFFECTS JACKET F.FFFECTS All NEW SHADES • All Size*. ìk k* n irate*. Msrdell Massey months is up. Eleft Democrat*. '•fV»r these reasons the people of Jacksonville should go out and elect the«e Democratic candidates because j _ , Track Entrfe« they represent a party that is keep- vault—George Elltot’ ing it* pledge* The opposing can-1 Ballard, didate for mayor ha« an elaborate 1 ow hurdles—Charle« Johnson platform I'd rather have a man who Kfith Hopper. Harold dant promise too much I d rather 50 y*rd <lash— Billy Dojle. Jay have him *ay a few things and then Reeve. do them while he'« in office. That »« worth more than eight columns o2 platform in a newspaper * You are acquainted with the candidates for mayor. Dr. Cooper has ren Masaey High Jump—George Elliott. Harolo Schtldmar. Stone, suitable for «teppinc stone« or rock garden«, $4 ton delivered. Smirl A Gibson. Phone 1948. aewral years. to be a man of character and uprightness *niey say that he .« . • old age to run thr euvs business. It ? Shot put—Richard takes good old common liorae sense tJe?se Templeton. It taken a man who can listen to I —good advice, and not some hard- a ------------------------— headed <>ic fdto« who can't see far ahead or behind to knoa that h<r has made mistakes. ' If the * * )te will stud” the issues. v.ei'r’ facts and lend the.' help in i Jacksonville througn this cr.*. ric-d it will result in sn me." ling victory for the Drmocisuc candioates n x* Tuesday.'’ Judg« ,_Wnghi coounent#d on the effielenev of the police and fire departments H^ said lhat the Democratic party ic pledged to | these departments at high «tar.dard * We don't want e\en Tom. Dick and | the question. “Resolved that Class At- Theme^-Joyce "schildman, Ralph ** Optional in all Colleçes The argument will center around the Meskeljohn plans and the new systems adopt»d by the University of Chicago and Columbia University and the cradual spread oi those »rrangements to the smaller colleges throughout the country. Although the titles on the first part oi the program indicate very little. they mill be productions of n fviio is .»*. well as ai>ropos nature, anc i. coiviuer.*b> amount oi good fun i.nd hi.mur will oe brought m 'Hi< las, speaker on the first half win deliver *n oration lhat is entirely in- 100 yard dash—Lloyd Croner. Ralph Carter. 220 yard dash— Lloyd Croaer Bm Pennell. ________ _ WÊl ______■__ Relay— Doyle, Elliott, Penntll, Croc- been a r^firtf'n’ r>* Jack.v r.1he .or | * . „ «muwi m»v ^ rmirwiy in- He has ahoan himself Bro«d )ump-George Elliott, War-. %lth lht Oood prlday spnl* John E. Mellish Famous Maker of Lens Is Freed and principle, and will climax the v no; uffsir wan his well considet eo and very timely remarks. Ah hough the meeting h « eolief? lunctlon. the affair will be open to The public in general, and the pre* dent and secretary of the society hav expressed the de«ire that the «udience iiiCiiKie a he«vy spnnkling of town people. Elm Grove Geneva, 111., April IS .—UP —John ‘ E. Mellish, of St. Charle«, 111., termec — .......... ■ ..................................... r a genius by alienists *nd described rim Grove, April 12—Mr and Mrs by many scientists *s the foremo«' m»n Msvnard and daughter. Velm* lens maker tn America, todav wa* >,pent Sunday with her parents M- frPed 00 hJs omXi ^«d to go to Call- \nd Mrs. M F. Bnimmett ne«r Or* fomla to oontinue hU work. ie«ns, Mellish had been in the Kane conn- Several from here attended th< .. .w, . MU most of the time since Bep- funeral of Mrs Margaret Middletor ” *. JJJT ifi tember S 1911. as a result of charges Wednesday afternoon SSl-jr i ill »h# mad# »«ainst him by the 15 year old Mr and Mrs. John Welsh «ttende £1 osughter end his wife. His ease a birthda- party for John Whalen at meeting presented all of the candi oates and «aid a word in their behalf Thear includi John Phillip«. never came to trial and was oontin- hi* home Sunday evening, ued from time to time Mr and Mr W. R Flvnn visited a: Through «nrangement with Bute's the home of Timothy Flynns on* !Z 2 II ^ttonw OM>t« CMt«y_uw O0«m! mnuil rcc«* C Alter of K.W our- r nd qxnt S .r - iilSL .VaKSi C*urcuit Judge John K Newhall today day with relatives in Jacksonville cand.datr ^Ph r'-*df th# continuance oi the rharg» Har<».d H .r.e! spent one day la for the duration of good behavior on week in St Louu the part of the iens maker Judge George Dmgeldein «nd family wer* Alien had original jurisdiction in the callers m Jacksonville Sunday after­ case noon Mellish win r© to Callfomis to Marv Welsh spent Friday afternoon aork with a friend vhoae name wa/ at tlv* home of Timothy Flynn and family aard Roy Con lee. Third ward anti Harlsr. WiUtamaor, Fourth aard The meeting drew the largest audience that has attended a Democratic meeting during the city Sex era i conferences of workers in the v.rteus prenncts were held after the ^ main session EASTER LILIES CHOICE PLANTS 50c and up. HEINL’S \fr« Charles Taylor was « Winchester shopper tn the city Thursd«v LOST — Radio tool bo*, phone 1205-X. Reward. Call HUrrj Currier of near Woodson called cm Walter Fearnevhough Sundty afternoon Orville Maurer and Willie Flynn attended the Sale in Woodson Fridav R R Ragan of Jacksonville eallecs at his farm here Sunday. SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY Latest Arrivals ior EASTER at WADDELL’S Easter Jewelry Raster Novelties in Costume Jew. elry Ear Drops Neck Chain- Bracelets and Clips to match— PneH 50 * $1 Easter Bead Purset Bead Purses latest design*. F. ter cf'lor» — adds class too yo«i Faster cost um f $ 1.00 Leather Purses for Easter Parad.. New arrivals from California Skin purses, moire lined, pUu mirror «nd purse. Red, gray &£•“*:...................$2.00 Sp«cl«l Fabricosd Purse; «tv lec to meet fashion* requirenun. All dainty spring colors $ 1.00 Easter Kid Gloves Easter Silk Stocking Specials Fine gtige. full fashioned chitfon, made of selected quality dull twist >ilk with covered foot and reinforced toes. Very sheer and clear. Picot top with run stop plcot belov welts, cradle sole, French heel*. The quality you expect to pay 00 pa.r for— Sale Price pair $1#10 Pufl showing new styles tn «anted colors for your /\r| Easter outfit ........ Ksyser Fabric Gtoves All n«w spring shade#, 59C Pair up Second Floor Easter Lingerie Silk Slips — Complete line of tailored embroidered or lace trimmed models, straight bodiet or California tops — peach, white A A and flesh . . . . <PI •Vv Kickernick, the new kind of underwear that fit> the body -moothly. A*U to see the Kickernick line bloomers, stepins, skimpy scamps, combinations, moderately priced. Outstanding values in rayon underwear. Complete showing of 50c New Arrival Easter Handkerchiefs garments up Ladies* plam lumautched Unen «sptM-t alee, solid colors |A. Also, new print patterns IU C Special. Armenian hand wort lace edge, fine linen. 25c quality ................... 15c WADDELL’S nullum .....I HI. ........... ■ Swing Smartly into The Easter Parade In Ward's SHOES $ .98 One i$fim G*i»re! Opemf Oekmli! Ties! TStnpd Sandals! OoeScraps! With cut-oats! Braided kxdicr .; buckles . . piping . i perforations. Caban, cotm- neotaL, Louis and Jr. Louis heelv Vaa#r# Ijestben! WCjdmni Rlark pctrot. Corotan beige kid. Black kid. Black ka/foc. Black call CJhaff beige kid. hloe or grey kid. Wanted swes and widths. OBLDREt^S SHOES ] $ ].00 Black patent ootgpiaa Patent, log cabin cotoe and black cadK grain feather plain toe btocheea, Nro-tooedark «mokecur* fords with rubber apuft outsote. Shars 9^4 to 1% iiyito 2. A MISSES^ SHOES 5] .49 Pwetrt ooe-^crapa. h^ or brown elk erelertiesL T -«traps with ctn-oata. patent straps with poached wamp amftpxar- ters. Twro tone bluchers with rubber soles. Snea 11 y% to 3 . GIRLS' SHOES 5] .98 I em that $2 wffll Vwy pai ■ ent ooe atrapa* or 3 eyelet oea. Light brown elk sports oxfords with rubber or leather aolea. Sires 4# to 8. BOYS' OXFORDS $ “1.98 Black calf l**tb«r iocher oxicorcU. Hhaaki- ly made on a Goodfear welt with a medrom toe and a rubber he-el. Sixes 1 to 6. MENS' OXFORDS $ 1.98 II *ou don't bmr? aa^- thing else for Eascer. bow black grain calf leather oxfords. Rubber or leather heels, medians toe, Goodyear welt construction. Also smoke and tan calf grain leather oxfords. Sizea 6 to 11. Prue* quoted in rein »ill t»e increased i«> mdude lilmou »aies las. MONTGOME RY W ard & Co.

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